Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC Walkthrough – Zen’s Route

ZEN’S ROUTE – Christmas DLC Walkthrough

Overview : So here it is! 😀 Finished Zen’s Christmas DLC route yesterday and I was dying so I made quite a bit of mistakes here and there… haha…. Sorry about that. I tried to fix what I could find. Umm, I unfortunately forgot to list the areas where the story branches off. I believe there were 3 in total? Or was it 2…? I seriously can’t remember! I was only able to write the last one in right before the Christmas event.

Supposedly my route should have gone from Zen > Yoosung > Jumin > Jaehee then 707. But since I’m impatient or I am not sure if I want to spend on too much hourglasses to play, I will most likely only do Zen > Jumin then 707. Just giving you guys a heads up.

Please READ first :

  • Do not combine with other walkthroughs. You have to use only this walkthrough from start to finish for the Christmas DLC or I can’t guarantee that you will get the good ending.
  • There may be mistakes in what I typed but it shouldn’t be so severe that it’d be hard to understand. I’ll fix it later on so please bear with me and just ignore them for now.
  • I binge played or did the entire route straight through from 12:25 AM to somewhere around 7 AM. I don’t play real time or follow the actual times. I’ve never played that way. I pay for it in HGs. It only cost 50 HG total to open up 2 days worth of chats so I did not want to wait around. Please keep this in mind. It’s why I marked times in maroon to let you guys know what time it was for me when I was playing it.
  • I’ve confirmed that phone call times MAY shift around. You can no longer rely on walkthroughs 100% to make or get the calls (perhaps maybe except for the ones that only happen right after the chat). I don’t want to be held responsible regarding phone calls.
  • As Cheritz has mentioned in their release post of the Christmas DLC, some chat, phone, text answers or options may differ from person to person. This, like the phone call times are things I cannot control if it’s randomized. Just do your best to pick a similar kind of answer as what I’ve indicated there and you should be okay.
  • This is just for Zen‘s route. I will work on the other routes later as soon as I get my internet back and I can continue playing and start Jumin’s. >__>’

Obviously, since this is a walkthrough, I will mark the content as potential SPOILERS. Please do not click on the “more” link if you do not want to be spoiled. Likewise, if you visit this page without the link and you see other stuff right below this, close the page immediately!

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Spoilers : YES.