Purchasing PC Otome Games with Benefits from Amazon Japan (WARNING!)

I purchased RE:BIRTHDAY Song, a shinigami kareshi (Soul Reaper or Death god boyfriend) themed Otome game. I heard it was going to have a patch soon so I thought, hey! Why not buy some more Otome games so I can keep supporting the industry? So off I went and checked the game if it was at Amazon JP as the game is old and I’d rather get it fast.

Anyways, while I was looking through the listings… there was a Regular Edition, First Press Limited Edition and First Press Limited Edition with Amazon Tokutens (benefits, in other words).

During that time though, I was kinda out of it since I looked at the listing at 6AM and just took a peek at the Regular Edition and the First Press LE with Amazon benefits. I was like OH WHY NOT~ How about I get the LE which has more shit and get the set of 2 large bromides too!

This was what the LE was supposed to come with :



Amazon Original Tokuten :



English Translation courtesy of Google Translate :

★ First Press Limited Edition
1 Normal Version Game Software
2 Setting information collection
3 Drama CD “The Death God of Death”
A drama CD that depicts a sweet moment with a character connected by a game.

★ Amazon Original Benefit
Large format bromide set of 2 L size using CG stills!


Anyways, this package was kinda cursed from the get go lol. I’ve had problems with the shipping address Amazon JP sent it as (AGAIN, their fault for constantly typing in the wrong address even though all they have to do is check my damn account for the right address) and problems with DHL. It was nothing major but it was still annoying to deal with.

Anyways, once that got fixed – all I had to do was wait for my package. Finally, it arrived some time ago. I opened it in a hurry and I was like… huh? Is.. this really it? Are you serious?? This tiny ass box? I had to cross check the sticker code on the outer plastic packaging and made sure this really was the Limited Edition game that I ordered.



And then it dawned on me that the 1, 2 and 3 numbers on that description is not that I was getting 3 Drama CDs, 1 Game CD and 2 booklets! I was very tempted to bash my head against the wall (don’t worry, just an exaggeration haha) for not looking at it in Japanese first THEN got it translated on Google. Anyway, I was like okay – fair enough…. but.. where the hell’s my supposed “Large format bromide set of 2 L size using CG stills!” Amazon original benefits?!

I contacted Customer Service to let them know this and so they told me it would take up to 5 business days to investigate this issue apparently. So I was like okay.. wtv. They got back to me only today to let me know that apparently, the one who packed my parcel took it upon themselves and removed the bromides…! LOL ‘Cos apparentlyyy they can’t ship the bromides internationally or some BS. If they’re not allowed to ship it internationally, then why the hell are you putting this up for sale for International Customers to purchase??

Next time, please put a hold on the damn order and ASK YOUR CUSTOMER if they still want the effin’ item if something happens to be missing! If they had told me this, I could have purchased the LE without the original Amazon benefits for half the price! YES! HALF THE PRICE….! I paid around 5,000 Yen more to get that damn LE + benefits which is over $50 USD!! *cries* _(」∠ 、ン、)_ Though to be honest, I didn’t even know that the 4,800 Yen price tag was for the LE. I thought it was for the basic game… or seriously, I have no idea why I didn’t check all the listings okay! It’s hidden and you have to click on each price to see what it’s for. Normally the lowest price is just for the game so I didn’t bother looking at it I guess…. I was tired okay?! ;3; ahaha.. I’m not THAT desperate to get bromides for that much more of course…. but, they didn’t need to know that.

So they were like.. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!~ But how about we give you a 1,000 Yen coupon then!!~ And seriously, I was this close to saying something like, “(Smile) Oh my!~~ A 1,000 Yen coupon…? Awwww… Well! You shouldn’t have!~~ Well in that case, how about you take that coupon and shove it up your– (censored)”.

Anyways… it seems like they gave me a choice of : The coupon OR if I want the bromides, I’d have to get it sent domestically within Japan. I have no choice but to obviously get it sent to Tenso. So… now I have to pay even more money to get this to me. Arggg!!

TL;DR for this is that DON’T purchase anything from AmazonJP that includes “Amazon Original Benefits” unless you seriously don’t mind risking that you might potentially NOT receive it. You should always check the other listings first and only buy it as a last resort if there’s absolutely nowhere else you can buy it from. Heck, even used & most likely even complete sets at Yahoo!Japan are starting to sound way more appealing to me despite the wait now.

Dot Kareshi I – Densetsu no Otome

So I ordered the 3 games from Amazon.co.jp which probably cost me about $110 CAD with tax altogether? Which isn’t too bad I guess. However, I didn’t realize how short these games actually were. I did have a lot of laughs from it though and it was entertaining for about 1.5~2 hrs, lol. Didn’t really keep tabs on the time unfortunately but if I probably wanted to be quick about it – it’s definitely possible to finish it in 1.5 hrs easily. There are patches for it so I just decided to get it. Why not I guess? Support the otome game industry! ( •⌄• ू )✧ Anyways, the only problem is – I didn’t realize 50% of the value of this set purchase is actually the Drama CD. I was under the impression that the focus was more on the game but it was pretty much equally split between the game and the Drama CD so in a way it isn’t really too expensive if you think about it.

However, no one seems to have translated the Drama CD online. ಥ_ಥ So I can only understand about 15%~20% of what the characters are saying so it’s useless. huhu~ If anyone knows where I can find all the Drama CD’s translations – I would be super grateful! I tried my hand at self-translating but it was totally awful, LOL! Σ░(꒪◊꒪ )))) Even with some translating tools *sigh*. I don’t want to trouble any of my Japanese friends too to look over it. Ugh.

Anyway here’s a couple of pretty CGs from the game :





I seriously don’t know how to get rid of that return button so oh well. ┐(´-`)┌ In Dot Kareshi I ~ Densetsu no Otome, I suppose my fave would be the Magician (Mahoutsukai). He’s the first photo after the intro text, not the one near the title. Yep. He’s super hot. ヽ( ・∀・)ノ He complains a shit ton but the stuff he complains about is just so funny. All of them are perverted actually but I like how the Magician is perverted compared to the other 3 – it’s a lot more enticing to me somehow. The second favorite would be the Priest (Souryo). He’s supposedly Do-S but I don’t really see it? I mean, he has a sadistic streak and an oresama type but I don’t think it’s strong enough to be flat out called Do-S lol. Apparently there seems to be some kindness in him but he is still a corrupt priest, ahaha! I normally used to like the main guys but I don’t know whats happening lately. A lot of the otome games I’ve played – I seem to gravitate to others now. I still have my share of liking a few poster boys but it seems like they’re all cut out of one mold lately. They’re seriously just not very interesting anymore. It’s like the writers are like “Haaaa…. Poster boy? Ugh. Boring. Let’s just go with this, this and this. That’s it. Now, let’s gather around and brain storm for the other guys! Woooo!”……  ( ̄^ ̄)

Speaking of the sprites though (not the CGs). They don’t look as nice unfortunately. Not sure why. ^^;; I guess they hired someone else to make the sprites and someone else to draw the CGs? Or maybe they just like drawing angles more? I dunno, lol. In certain angles the sprites look pretty good. But face-on or head-on it’s not as great.

Anyways, I really like this CG a lot. I just love the angle and all. Also, I noticed a lot of the MCs actually have small boobs. Is it because the VNs targeted to males mostly have big ones? So in Otome Games they try to make it smaller? (・∧‐)ゞ No idea, lol. It’s not even the “in-between” size. It’s always small or huge.


Anyway! Ughhh this guy is just way too hot, LOL! And I liked the angle of the MC too. It’s actually somewhat refreshing to see a big boob-ied MC lol it’s been a very long time actually. I’m a bit tempted to make my own MC-chan and give her a boob size that’s in between. (*‿*✿) Like in between B and C cup? I don’t like overly big ones though as it messes up the type of clothing she can wear, lol. I still got the other Dot Kareshi games to go through so… I need to install the others lol. Anyhoo! ‘Til the next blog entry!~

Otome Games!

I find it so funny that I installed WordPress just so I can blog about my current obsession. I’ve heard of otome games since a long time ago, but I’ve never thought much of them. I was even thinking like, what’s the point of dating simulators? They’re not even real. And it never occurred to me that it is way more than that. There’s a story in every game and I’ve been missing out! Though honestly there hasn’t been that many titles that were translated to English. This genre was only getting more love starting last year.

I would like to make a post about each game I’ve played so far and my thoughts about each route. I don’t know if I will go as far as making a post for every single character and whatnot but I definitely want to talk about it. I just completely finished Amnesia : Memories (good endings) and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely too impressed until I racked up the courage to finish Ukyo’s route. I was so scared of him that I had to use a walkthrough just so I can avoid getting any of the bad endings. ^^;; Yeah I am a wuss, haha! And that was when I actually appreciated the game. It just all came together and I even discover more things about it as time goes by. I was just blown away by Ukyo’s story. T-T I feel so sorry for the guy.

I would now like to talk about it some more so I will now put a ‘Read More’ link after this if you don’t care about spoilers and you’ve finished the game (ah, and one spoiler from Nameless).