Love Marionette Tune – Mimosa (Translation)

Lovenette Tune Mimosa Translation
ラブネットチューン Type-02 ミモザ
Seiyuu : 中澤まさとも – Nakazawa Masatomo
Release Date : August 24, 2016
Purchase : Amazon JP


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OverviewAndroids (Artificial Intelligence or Humanoid-Robots) are slowly being integrated into the world. It is now becoming normal to have them around and even have one in your own home. A company developed a type of robot which they named them “Marionette(s)”.

These robots have their own personality, so each one of them is unique. However, something went wrong and some of these Marionettes were deemed to be defective in some way or another. The staff decided that they needed to be disposed of. Having known their impending doom, the Marionettes have decided to escape from the facility.

While they were on the run, they meet a young girl. The young girl felt great sympathy for these Marionettes. She decided to take care of them and live with them in secret. Will their meeting lead them to a brighter future? It all depends on this young girl…

Finally! 😀 I am SOOO excited ‘cos Nakazawa Masatomo is one of my favorite seiyuus ever! He has FINALLY branched over to fluff CDs. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a REALLY amazing R18 seiyuu but I think he’s wasting his talents if he doesn’t try other genres! I’ve always thought he was very special and I could tell right away how much he really gets into his characters.

I was surprised he does not have just one, but 3 fluff CDs now! His first one was for Mondai Food (Otomate Records still, not Rejet) Vol. 1 for All-Oil Shake but yeah… that one was a bit of a doozy when he switched personalities. I decided to post this one first. Wanted to post something sweet for Christmas. 🙂

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The future of Otome Games

Yesterday was a very big day for otome fans. For the first time ever, a major localization game company, Aksys, has announced at AX2016 that they are bringing in not just 1 game, but 3! Those 3 titles are : Collar X Malice, Bad Apple Wars and Period Cube. I am definitely going to buy all 3. I don’t care what other people say about how mediocre these games are. I still want to support the industry and encourage them to bring more titles to the West. I have heard of some people complaining all the time about why “idiots” (they didn’t say this but they might as well with how condescending they’re being) are lapping up all these blah game titles. It’s not only that I want to support the industry, this is also somewhat another type of advertising to lure MORE people in to even get interested in such a niche genre. The more fans there are, there would be even more chances to be able to recommend others to play otome games. Right now, there’s barely much otoges to even tell people about! It will come to a point where there will be a ton of games (well, a ton compared to how it’s been, lol) that will be localized for all of us so that we can start to pick and choose what we all want to buy. Since *SHOCK* we actually HAVE options now! (/sarcasm) I mean seriously, even amongst the games in the Japanese otoge market right now, how many of them are actually even awesome? Those are few and far between to begin with! So I really don’t understand this attitude of looking down on western fans for buying anything that doesn’t seem to “meet their standards” when it’s not like everyone’s even swimming in fantastic games to begin with whether or not it’s been localized.

I believe this is when the sales will start to matter and these companies will look at the figures and start being way more selective. They may not give a crap about how fans may feel but they will of course listen to what we are all willing to buy if a certain title doesn’t do well. They’re an effin’ business. That’s pretty common sense. But one thing that people seem to constantly overlook is that we still need to increase the fan base! Lots of different titles are needed to lure different types of otome game players. I’m starting to get extremely irritated by selfish players who have no problem reading and understanding Japanese, can play wtv the hell they want and yet say this insensitive shit. Not only once or twice but in every single time lately whenever some game gets localized that doesn’t fit their standards. If you don’t want to buy the local games then fine. No need to keep repeating yourself over and over. It’s extremely annoying. “Ohhh… these people can’t read or understand the Japanese otoges so they have absolutely no choice but to buy this worthless piece of shit games. What a pity. They’re just wasting their money. Boo hoo. Too bad they can never know the greatness of such-and-such titles.”  No matter what you or we believe in, one thing is clear : You’re being effin’ selfish! It’s not like you are even going to buy localized games! All your constant complaints are completely unnecessary! I mean sure, you can talk about it a couple of times, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion after all, but fucking hell! Show some restraint!