Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC Walkthrough – 707’s Route

707 or Seven’s ROUTE – Christmas DLC Walkthrough

Overview : Please take note. I did not start playing at 12 AM like I did for the last 2 routes. It should be very similar to the others though and shouldn’t matter too much. Also, please remember to read everything I wrote carefully. ^^; I know it seems long winded and annoying, but it’s to make your game play smoother.

If something confuses you, don’t be afraid to ask. I’m assuming everyone who has played this game so far has more or less an idea how this game works. I’d recommend going over my walkthrough first and see if it makes sense to you before jumping in to play. Everyone writes their guides or walkthroughs differently so it’s important to take note of that as well.

Please READ first :

  • Do not combine with other walkthroughs. You have to use only this walkthrough from start to finish for the Christmas DLC or I can’t guarantee that you will get the good ending.
  • There may be mistakes in what I typed but it shouldn’t be so severe that it’d be hard to understand. I’ll fix it later on so please bear with me and just ignore them for now.
  • I binge played or did the entire route straight through from 1:24 AM to somewhere around 5 AM. I don’t play real time or follow the actual times. I’ve never played that way. I pay for it in HGs. It only cost 50 HG total to open up 2 days worth of chats so I did not want to wait around. Please keep this in mind. It’s why I marked times in maroon to let you guys know what time it was for me when I was playing it.
  • I’ve confirmed that phone call times MAY shift around. You can no longer rely on walkthroughs 100% to make or get the calls (perhaps maybe except for the ones that only happen right after the chat). I don’t want to be held responsible regarding phone calls, please. :-S
  • As Cheritz has mentioned in their release post of the Christmas DLC, some chat, phone, text answers or options may differ from person to person. This, like the phone call times are things I cannot control if it’s randomized. Just do your best to pick a similar kind of answer as what I’ve indicated there and you should be okay.
  • This is just for 707‘s route. I’ve done Zen‘s and Jumin‘s already though in the previous posts.

Obviously, since this is a walkthrough, I will mark the content as potential SPOILERS. Please do not click on the “more” link if you do not want to be spoiled. Likewise, if you visit this page without the link and you see other stuff right below this, close the page immediately!

More under the cut.

Spoilers : YES.


Walkthrough for 707’s route from Day 1 to 11 – Mystic Messenger [Luciel, Seven]

Overview : Okay! MAN! I had to replay 7’s route to make this walkthrough. It took 2x or 3x as long as I would have just played it normally. I know I missed some parts where I should have indicated where the game branched off and where the player needed to spend 50 hourglasses, but oh well. I think I estimate to have used 300-400 hourglasses in total? There were around 3 times where I just let it load though but I think in the end I still paid for most of it now that I think about it (or might be even more in the long run) since it takes 5 hourglasses to unlock each chat that I missed, LOL.

Please read first :

  • Do not combine with other walkthroughs. You have to use this from the beginning or I can’t guarantee that you will get the good ending.
  • I may have most likely missed some stuff or have typos. Please bear with them as I slowly fix them over time. ^ ^; I know there are text message answers missing from some days. I will add them later when I have time.
  • I will not entertain comments that question why I chose a certain option. Some of them I chose on purpose as I needed it for my call or chat history log.
  • Be prepared for the characters reacting more hostile with you because I chose some really strange answers, LOL! I made MC-chan sound like she has lost her marbles from her crazy mood swings. Ah… the things I do to get as much phone and chat histories. Also, sometimes I do it on purpose to balance out the amount of affection I think I had with each character.
  • I broke a lot of hearts along the way and yet I still got the good ending, which proved my theory of it being okay to be breaking hearts as long as you balance it out (which I think I did or at least I tried to).
  • I didn’t use any other walkthroughs whatsoever even from when I first played and of course in this one as well. So I cannot answer anything if it’s not something I’ve done here. ^ ^; And even then, I hope I can remember so I can answer your question, LOL. Don’t be afraid to ask anyways just in case I could.


Mystic Messenger Quick Tips (NO SPOILERS)

Everything you need to know about the game if you don’t want to use any walkthroughs or detailed guides that would give away too much about the game. Please note that I am only giving out TIPS, this is not a full fledged guide, I’m obviously not going to go into so much detail. I’m only giving you enough to be able to get through it mostly on your own. You’d have to figure out the rest by yourself.~ If you want more detailed information, this is of course not the right one for you.


I’m sorry. I will no longer answer questions about Mystic Messenger. I’ve already answered a lot and I think most of the major ones have already been asked by someone else. Please take a look at the comments. Though be aware that some people who commented have mentioned things that are considered spoilers so read at your own risk. Thank you for visiting my journal and good luck with the game.~ Please seek help with a walkthrough if you’re having too much trouble. There’s tons online.



Hourglasses : This is in-game currency used to unlock the next day (if you don’t want to wait), deep story mode, outgoing phone calls, opening missed chats, etc. Recommended amount of hourglasses for binge playing is around 2,000~3,000. It depends how you play and if you’re using any walkthroughs or other guides. Don’t buy it all at once though as you may need less.

Gold Hearts : You can receive Gold Hearts from selecting the right answers from chatrooms or texts. You need 100 Gold Hearts to exchange it for 1 hourglass.

Colored Hearts : Each color represents one character.
Jumin Han (Purple)
Jaehee Kang (Yellow)
707 (Red)
Yoosung (Green)
Zen (Silver/Grey)

Note : I’m not crazy (and you’re not either! lol) but I do see white hearts sometimes. It’s significantly brighter than Zen’s hearts so yes, it is white for sure. Not sure what it’s for and it doesn’t seem I needed it to unlock anything? No idea, lol. Don’t worry about that too much though. I doubt Cheritz would tell me what it is though even if I asked them, lol. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Broken Heart : You will lose -1 affection in the color of that broken heart. Look at the border carefully and you can see whose heart was broken. Sometimes, you may need to break a character’s heart to get affection for your chosen route. I’ve gotten quite a few broken hearts (maybe around 1~3 per entire route and I still got the good ending) so as long as the color of that broken heart is not the person you need affection from, you’re all good. Don’t worry about it too much. Just don’t overdo it of course.

Guest E-mails : You know you got the right answer if the tiny arrows (those 3 arrows below the guest’s avatar or icon) turn green. There are 3 because you will be replying 3 times and you need to get them all correctly if you’d like to be able to successfully invite them to your party. Open their 4th e-mail and it will be marked as “completed”. If you failed, the small arrows under the guest’s avatar will turn into an orange arrow instead of green.

Guest Invitations : I recommend you to at least have 20 confirmed guests to get a high ranking when you finish the route. Also, if you check your guest’s albums and read their summary, you can get 1 free hourglass for reading.

Guest E-mail Failed and Completed Invitation Status : From experience, I received a Green colored “Completed” status on the 3rd response and it seems they still went to the party. You would know if you got ALL the answers right if the Completed message is Blue. If it is Red, obviously you have failed inviting the guest. Failed will be in Grey and it will appear when you get the first response wrong.

Endings : There’s 1 Good and 2~3 Bad endings. I’ve never done the bad endings but I assume that as long as you are able to invite at least 20 guests (I heard 16 confirmed guests were alright too, but I haven’t confirmed that myself) and you reach the day of the party – I think it’s usually a good indicator that you are getting the good ending. There’s a different ending if you are not able to invite enough guests unfortunately.

After Story : These will unlock when you finish the good ending of a route. It is meant to be read after the day of the party and is the epilogue of that route.

Secret 01 & Secret 02 : Read this when you finish the entire game’s (hopefully you listened and played 707 last, lol) good endings. This is meant to be the true ending and it will explain and answer all the major questions you may have had throughout the game.


This should be able to help you get the good endings without the use of any walkthroughs. Please take note that you need to be careful of using other guides in conjunction with this one. My tips may not work well with other ones.

Short Character Guide :



Zen – He’s the easiest to handle. Just be nice, pump him with even more compliments and bloat his ego even more, lol! Of course, don’t invite any cat-related guests. Always take Zen’s side whenever it involves Jumin. As for Jaehee, she gets very protective of Zen’s career. It may get a bit grating but just hang in there. Be firm that you do know what you’re doing and you can handle your own relationship with Zen, but DO NOT be mean. Do not keep accusing her that she’s just jealous all the time. I think I only said it once or twice at most that she seems to be jealous. After that, I chose options that would keep the peace and not split up the group. Don’t act all nasty or like a crazed fan as well, lol. Invite all musical-related, artistic or actor groups to the party.



Yoosung – You need to take Yoosung’s side all the time. He hates V so you have to use your discretion though and not go overboard with hurling insults at V. Try to still keep the peace within the group. Which means you will need to keep telling Yoosung to calm down and be a bit more rational about things. “Keeping the peace within the group” is a must in every single route actually. Do not act bossy with Yoosung at all – let him decide for himself. He’s a huge Masochist and it would be really bad if he starts listening to you about everything. The biggest hurdle he has to overcome is to stop depending on others and be too hung up about the past. His bad gaming habits may get a bit annoying but just try to be patient and be supportive. This goes with all issues within his route. Also, be sure to draw a line between yourself and his other object of interest. You are unlike anyone else in this world and you should not be compared.



Jumin – Be nice and LOVE CATS, as if that wasn’t obvious enough, haha. Keep taking his side and ignore Zen’s pleas. I know it’s tempting to escape but don’t unless you’re planning to get a bad end. Be extremely supportive, patient and help him through the route. Invite all cat-related groups. Scold 707 for “abusing” Elizabeth the 3rd. Say nice things about his dad. Flatter him every chance you get even if it seems ridiculous. Don’t act like a gold digger though. Be careful ‘cos even if you pick those options, it still gives you hearts. Be supportive, but don’t let him walk all over you either if he starts to cross the line (you’ll know what I mean when you get to Day 6 or 7). Never leave him or the apartment without his say so.



Jaehee – Take Jaehee’s side every single time. Teach her that the world is not just about “working” and that it’s absolutely wrong to think that she has no choice or say in anything. Help her build her confidence. Be mean to Jumin and tell him off whenever he is being overbearing. Her route is pretty easy I think. Just try to keep the peace and be a nice girl. Don’t choose things that could split up the group. Encourage her when she starts showing interest in other things.



707  – Just choose answers that seem nonsensical when you first start the game. Always take his side. Don’t tell him that you really can’t understand him as that would break his heart. Let him know that you’re interested in him everytime he jokes around about you becoming his girlfriend. Be nice. Actually listen to what he’s trying to say and analyze his words. It takes a while for him to open up and remove his mask so you need to be patient. You have to keep reassuring him of how much you care, love, acknowledge and appreciate all the work he does for the RFA. Invite all the guests that seem really weird or crazy that he himself recommends you to invite, lol. He loves cats so again, invite those guests. Reassure him that there’s nothing wrong with having different sides to him (not just the fun-loving side) and that you’re willing to accept him no matter what. Don’t do anything that will alienate and destroy relationships between characters. He is a bit more complex actually but don’t lose sight of the goal. Balance your answers and don’t be overly negative towards anyone else. You can choose a couple of options like that but not too much.



Okay. I know that the tips I gave may make sense to ME but not to others. But! If you have any questions or if there’s anything you don’t understand, please ask me in the comments below. There’s really no point being nasty and insulting. It’s absolutely pointless and unhelpful. How about you just tell me what I’m missing or if there’s anything that doesn’t make any sense. Then I can probably edit this entry to make it clearer or explain it further. I’m looking at you! ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ You know who you are.

Mystic Messenger Route Recommendations [NO SPOILERS]


I’m sorry. I will no longer answer questions about Mystic Messenger. I’ve already answered a lot and I think most of the major ones have already been asked by someone else. Please take a look at the comments. Though be aware that some people who commented have mentioned things that are considered spoilers so read at your own risk. Thank you for visiting my journal and good luck with the game.~ Please seek help with a walkthrough if you’re having too much trouble. There’s tons online.



Hello! So you’re wondering if there’s a play order that would be perfect for this game. I normally don’t look up anyone else’s play order as normally I don’t really think it flows that well most of the time OR it doesn’t seem to matter all that much if I follow it or not. BUT! I was REALLY lucky to have played the game in the, dare I say, PERFECT play order. Yes, this is regardless of whoever you’re interested in. I think this is the best way to play this game if you care about the flow of the story.

Especially if you have the VIP package, I seriously recommend playing this game WITHOUT a walkthough. Please know though that even with the 1,000 HG that Cheritz includes in your package, it is actually not enough to finish the game if you’re planning to plough your way through or binge play (like I did). I think it’s only enough if you only wanna casually play it and unlock chats you’ve missed. Recommended amount of HGs for binge playing would be around 2,000~3,000 HGs.

You guys who bought the VIP package have enough save slots to do this without much trouble. Honestly, it really matters doing this if you want to have the FULL experience of the game. It also feels very rewarding and exciting when you’re not sure if you’re going down the right path or not – and you complete the game without anyone’s help! Just don’t forget to SAVE, SAVE and SAVE. I recommend saving at least 1 per day (or you can have more if you’re really worried) starting from Day 5. If you’re still unsure, I wrote a blog entry here with some very generalized tips on how you play each route and get the good ending without giving any spoilers (YES! That means that I will not be spoon-feeding you any answers, ok? lol). Honestly, the game is fairly simple so it’s such a waste to buy the VIP package and then you just use a walkthrough. (´・-・`) It just takes away the suspense and excitement when playing the game.


Route Order
: Zen > Yoosung > Jumin > Jaehee > 707

I’d like to state very short reasons as to why it needs to be played this way. NO SPOILERS! So you can be rest assured.

Zen – He is perfect to play first as he is a great introduction to the story without giving away too much. He is very friendly, outgoing and also, he has… less personality issues so whether or not you are into the more angsty stuff, it is better to play this character first to get it out of the way OR have a more pleasant experience. His narcissism may blow your mind away but there’s really more to Zen than just that. So just relax and have fun playing his route. Don’t take everything so seriously!

Yoosung – To be honest, I had a really tough time going through his route. It was pretty heavy but I seriously can’t imagine playing his route any further down the list for several reasons. Personal views aside, he is great to play 2nd WHETHER or NOT you will enjoy his route. First, is if you do end up liking him and not Zen, it would be perfect to play him after as there will be some reveals in this route – but not enough where you would lose interest in the next ones. Second, if you do end up not liking him – it is best to get his route done and out of the way at this stage. Playing him any later tbh will disrupt the flow of the story.

Jumin – I know this guy is in the deep story mode but can you believe that Jaehee’s route actually has WAY more spoilers than this guy’s?! Also, it is an ABSOLUTE MUST even if you’re going to not follow my recommendation that you NEED to play him first before Jaehee because this will ruin the character in anyone’s eyes. This route in my opinion was interesting but because of such strong kdrama elements in the end (and afterstory), I became very disappointed. Just giving you a heads up so you won’t feel the same way as I did.~ Knowing beforehand lowers the expectations, lol. ╮(─▽─)╭

Jaehee – Okay, okay. I know what you are thinking (if you’re not into friendship, yuri or girl x girl). Trust me, I thought the SAME way. What the heck is up with the friendship route?! But listen to this, this is by far the most positive route in the entire game. You NEED this fresh of breath air after the 2 heavy routes before this. I ended up putting this as my 2nd favorite route after 707’s. If you love 707, he will be around the most in this route too. I flirted with him as much as I could, ahaha. So, HAPPY DAYS!~ Also, this HAS to be played right before 707’s for 1 major reason : IT HAS THE MOST SPOILERS out of all them except for 707’s of course.

707 – I know how tempting it is, but DO NOT ever play this guy anywhere else but in the last route. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but storywise he has the most reveals out of all of them and definitely needs to be played last. I won’t say anymore as I want it to be a complete surprise. o((*^▽^*))o


So~ There you have it. Don’t forget to read Ending 1 and Ending 2 in that order. You need 140 HG to unlock these 2 endings. It should be able to answer all your questions you may have in these ones. If there’s anything you don’t understand about the story, feel free to send me a direct message on Twitter and I can definitely tell you my thoughts on it. Keyword : my thoughts. XD So it’s just my interpretation of what happened.