I find it so funny that I installed WordPress just so I can blog about my current obsession. I’ve heard of otome games since a long time ago, but I’ve never thought much of them. I was even thinking like, what’s the point of dating simulators? They’re not even real. And it never occurred to me that it is way more than that. There’s a story in every game and I’ve been missing out! Though honestly there hasn’t been that many titles that were translated to English. This genre was only getting more love starting last year.

I would like to make a post about each game I’ve played so far and my thoughts about each route. I don’t know if I will go as far as making a post for every single character and whatnot but I definitely want to talk about it. I just completely finished Amnesia : Memories (good endings) and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely too impressed until I racked up the courage to finish Ukyo’s route. I was so scared of him that I had to use a walkthrough just so I can avoid getting any of the bad endings. ^^;; Yeah I am a wuss, haha! And that was when I actually appreciated the game. It just all came together and I even discover more things about it as time goes by. I was just blown away by Ukyo’s story. T-T I feel so sorry for the guy.

I would now like to talk about it some more so I will now put a ‘Read More’ link after this if you don’t care about spoilers and you’ve finished the game (ah, and one spoiler from Nameless).