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I don’t know why but I’ve somehow gotten into a mood where I really want to play mobile games despite being burned badly by Destiny Ninja 2 (Ran’s Route). I found out that you can pay for certain routes of your choice in some mobile games and you can even check out the first chapter for free. Then before I knew it I got hooked. Somehow my brain is just stuck in this mode where I really want to just read fluff stories. After playing so many depressing, heavy, intense or fucked up otome games, I just wanted a break from them – lol. I’m even worried about checking my credit card account as I been playing quite a bit already. =_=”’ Ugh. I just did and it’s costing quite a bit now since I played tons already. e_e;;

Destiny’s Princess : Thoughts (SPOILERS)

Okay.. Let me start this off real nice.. but WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with this game!?!?!? I mean, SERIOUSLY! What. the. fuck. I just did all the endings and scenarios and I am seriously dying right now, lol…. To be honest the only route I liked was Date Masamune’s route. It was strongly recommended for me to do Oda Nobunaga’s route last because of the spoilers, but after finishing it, all I wanted to do was just to claw my eyes out. I can’t undo or erase my memory of this game. I can’t. Just can’t! What the hell were these people thinking? I mean, seriously. I feel so bad for the MC. She’s actually alright although she seems to get scarily attached to the guy she ends up with. And I can’t say much about some of the guys as they pretty much pulled her into the worst outcome possible of their “story”. But Nobunaga really takes the cake. -__-; That was the most fucked up route ever. There were reviews about people hating the obscene amount of rape or something? But that’s not actually what bothered me the most while playing this game because in a way, I didn’t really consider their “advances” to be rape.. I mean, they need to be actually having sex for it to be rape right?! e_e’ The only time that happened was when the MC wanted it anyways but just didn’t feel it was the right thing to do at the time cos of their situation. It’s not that she doesn’t want to do it with them but more like the guys seem to like doing it at inappropriate times and/or places (except for Date Masamune, where she practically begged him to “do” her quickly JUST in case he wants to go back to his world. With Hanbei, the poor guy didn’t even get to do much with her except kiss). Anyway I’ll be writing more but will have to put it under the “MORE” link below as it will have a lot of spoilers.

OzMafia : Kyrie being a pedo

One thing I would like to discuss is this thing about Kyrie being a pedo towards Dorothy. I think the reviewers who said this are reading wayyyy too much into it. ^^;

This is in Kyrie’s point of view when he was talking about Dorothy in the grand finale and why she is so important not only to him but to everyone else living in that town.

“When I was dull and faded, a young girl named Dorothy brought color into my future.”

If you are in his shoes, a person who has done this for you would really become a huge part in your life and would become an important entity (unless you are a freaking ingrate..). It’s not just that he was able to think and remember, being given a brain has opened his whole world to so much more things! Also, imagine in Axel’s case as well. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to feel so much emotions after being given a heart? Axel also received “color into his future”. It’s almost like she gave them a chance to have what they never thought they will ever experience. Yes, because she invited them on her journey towards Emerald City to meet the wizard.

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