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So you are interested in knowing more about Mobages but you don’t quite know where to start. I wrote a long reply to someone I talk to fairly frequently on Reddit so I will copy paste it here and edit or add more lines. This is just a general guide about Mobile games. It’s not detailed enough to really talk about all the mobages I’ve played.

Hmm.. First things first, I don’t know if I would recommend Mobile Otome Games (mobage) as they’re a whole different style of writing and themes than Steam/Vita games had to offer which most people have been more used to right now. I would say the Shall we Date series has some collaboration with Idea Factory and is probably closest to the games we are used to. However, so far, most of their games I’ve played are… really serious? Draggy? And is a lot more story/plot heavy. Prices mentioned below are in Canadian Dollars and may be a lot less when converted to USD.

Voltage games are more into slice of life type stories, they’re shorter and may be boring to someone looking for fantasy themes. However, you definitely won’t skip on much content. It’s normally new in 95% of the routes. Except if you buy the guy’s POV routes which is only necessary if you’re a completionist and want the bonus CG, video or wtv lol. Also, because it is a pay per route, it can get quite expensive. WAY more expensive than buying a game outright. Voltage games can run you up to probably $15~$25 CAD per season of 1 character. And sometimes, a character could have up to 2~3 seasons. :-/

The “Shall we Date” PAID series I guess is a bit more forgiving. 1 Character could be around $6-$8 CAD depending if it has a main story + sequel together and they generally do not have a lot of “seasons” like Voltage games do. Generally there are about 3-5 characters to choose from. So I guess it is fairly close to how much most games cost on Steam or on Vita. OH also, more importantly to those that love VAs – there is no voice acting for mobile games. One of the games I played just now (Scarlet Fate) doesn’t even have a BGM =_=. Didn’t know about it until I paid for a route and checked their FAQ page and confirmed it really is like that. So far all the other games I’ve played at least has a BGM.

From my experience, Shall we Date generally has a lot more chapters than Voltage games. If you still want to check out the Shall we Date series, make sure the icon has a white border around it and not the red when downloading from the APP store/Google Play. I accidentally downloaded Destiny Ninja 2 with a red border and I ended up paying an insane amount of money which I don’t want to disclose how much cos it was ridiculous. I slipped up and purchased a lot of “game currency” and I didn’t realize to first check how much each route required to be able to read without stopping. Lesson SERIOUSLY learned the hard way. LOL

2 bedroom story : Chiaki Yuasa

Omg.. I don’t know.. He is my favorite guy in all the Voltage series of mobages I’ve played so far. He is just so perfect imo. >___<;;; *dies* I mean, obviously not everyone would think so but he is just too much my type it’s not funny. Love everything about him. Normally someone who gets as jealous as often as he does is plain annoying but he doesn’t rage and get physically abusive with you. He’s also quick to understand the situation despite that. I don’t know if anyone irl would ever be like him though. It’s the first time I really wished I was with someone like him irl. ;////; Darn you Chiaki! I love how quick witted he is and how he is so cunning. However, that part about him being a genius in a lot of things he does is too much of a stretch, even for me. @-@ He is so capable that it’s just not real anymore lol. I wish they toned that aspect of that character a bit more. I mean, I know it’s just a character in a game but giving him more flaws wouldn’t hurt. 😛

Mobile Games

I don’t know why but I’ve somehow gotten into a mood where I really want to play mobile games despite being burned badly by Destiny Ninja 2 (Ran’s Route). I found out that you can pay for certain routes of your choice in some mobile games and you can even check out the first chapter for free. Then before I knew it I got hooked. Somehow my brain is just stuck in this mode where I really want to just read fluff stories. After playing so many depressing, heavy, intense or fucked up otome games, I just wanted a break from them – lol. I’m even worried about checking my credit card account as I been playing quite a bit already. =_=”’ Ugh. I just did and it’s costing quite a bit now since I played tons already. e_e;;

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