The future of Otome Games

Yesterday was a very big day for otome fans. For the first time ever, a major localization game company, Aksys, has announced at AX2016 that they are bringing in not just 1 game, but 3! Those 3 titles are : Collar X Malice, Bad Apple Wars and Period Cube. I am definitely going to buy all 3. I don’t care what other people say about how mediocre these games are. I still want to support the industry and encourage them to bring more titles to the West. I have heard of some people complaining all the time about why “idiots” (they didn’t say this but they might as well with how condescending they’re being) are lapping up all these blah game titles. It’s not only that I want to support the industry, this is also somewhat another type of advertising to lure MORE people in to even get interested in such a niche genre. The more fans there are, there would be even more chances to be able to recommend others to play otome games. Right now, there’s barely much otoges to even tell people about! It will come to a point where there will be a ton of games (well, a ton compared to how it’s been, lol) that will be localized for all of us so that we can start to pick and choose what we all want to buy. Since *SHOCK* we actually HAVE options now! (/sarcasm) I mean seriously, even amongst the games in the Japanese otoge market right now, how many of them are actually even awesome? Those are few and far between to begin with! So I really don’t understand this attitude of looking down on western fans for buying anything that doesn’t seem to “meet their standards” when it’s not like everyone’s even swimming in fantastic games to begin with whether or not it’s been localized.

I believe this is when the sales will start to matter and these companies will look at the figures and start being way more selective. They may not give a crap about how fans may feel but they will of course listen to what we are all willing to buy if a certain title doesn’t do well. They’re an effin’ business. That’s pretty common sense. But one thing that people seem to constantly overlook is that we still need to increase the fan base! Lots of different titles are needed to lure different types of otome game players. I’m starting to get extremely irritated by selfish players who have no problem reading and understanding Japanese, can play wtv the hell they want and yet say this insensitive shit. Not only once or twice but in every single time lately whenever some game gets localized that doesn’t fit their standards. If you don’t want to buy the local games then fine. No need to keep repeating yourself over and over. It’s extremely annoying. “Ohhh… these people can’t read or understand the Japanese otoges so they have absolutely no choice but to buy this worthless piece of shit games. What a pity. They’re just wasting their money. Boo hoo. Too bad they can never know the greatness of such-and-such titles.”  No matter what you or we believe in, one thing is clear : You’re being effin’ selfish! It’s not like you are even going to buy localized games! All your constant complaints are completely unnecessary! I mean sure, you can talk about it a couple of times, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion after all, but fucking hell! Show some restraint!

Genius Inc.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve played so many otome games already but unfortunately the games I’ve played from this company just didn’t do it for me. The art I guess can be prettier (or colored better) than Voltage’s. However, as always, if the story falls flat, no matter who they hire to make their CGs.. it’s still going to be boring. :-S I’m sad cos they actually try I think… though there were so many typos littered throughout both games and especially in Otoutou Scramble (Younger Brother Scramble). Yeah don’t know what’s up with the name, lol. Scrambling to gain the MC’s love? ahaha *shrugs*

Typos galore. Lol. Also, I don’t know why the Undine’s nose is so strange looking while the rest are alright.

WTF?! lol The Undine said this to the Salamander when he was threatening to burn him to a crisp. e_e”

Fan trying to ditch the party to be with the MC. Cute blushing face tho 😀

The image up top is from Fan’s route in My Elemental Prince. It actually got fairly good reviews on Google Play when I searched for it. I have seriously no idea how it did because the story is quite shallow. While the pacing is not terrible, there just wasn’t much substance to their story, romantic development and I even feel I didn’t really get to know the characters well. I mean, I can get the most generic traits that they showed in the route but it just wasn’t enough for me to become emotionally invested in them. As you can see, the CG’s are quite nice actually and even the in-game sprites. :-/ The 4 images above are from Fan‘s route. He is a Fire Salamander who is next in line to become the “patriarch to be” or the head of their people. He had such a blah story to be honest… I mean, he is really nice despite his temper but the story just made me “zzzz”.

Faster Updates

If anyone has noticed, I actually don’t tend to update this blog very often. It is a bit harder to keep writing too many entries when the reader(s) reach is very low so I will just update this whenever I feel like it. SO YES! I didn’t abandon this blog. If you would like to check out my Tumblr and/or Twitter, I update these a bit more often than here. Judging from my last post, it’s pretty obvious that I’ve been stuck in Voltage hell for who knows how long. If you check out my games list on Tumblr, you can see how much stories I bought for each character plus all their special sub stories. D:

This month went by in a flash actually. Lots of things happened and it’s not that much longer until Mystic Messenger is released! Super stoked! A couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to just pay for EMS shipping. After waiting like almost forever for the registered airmail package from Japan, I didn’t want to take chances and wait for like 3 weeks for it to arrive. D’: I’ll go insane! lol. Also, I’m really hoping they can release the game for iPhones by the time my package arrives!

If you’re wondering where that image is from, It’s Scorpio from Star Crossed Myth. This is a CG from his Sequel, which was kinda heart wrenching as they couldn’t touch each other. They had to make do with kissing this way with the glass between them. ;3;  When you start his route, he is one of the most aggro characters I’ve ever met in an otome game, lol. But, my tsundere senses were tingling and of course, I was right as he turns out to be one of the biggest tsuns ever. He curses a lot and his reactions to so many things are just HILARIOUS. The more you know him, the more you realize that he actually cares and feels much more deeply than what you expected as it’s a bit hard to get past his aggro-ness sometimes. He is also extremely sensitive and observant, it isn’t a surprise he turned out kinda warped because of his past. Though honestly without this character, it would seriously mess up the group dynamic. He is a type of character where you just take it or leave it lol. Some may find his extreme abrasiveness very annoying. However, I was surprised to know that he is extremely popular actually. Good job bb. <3 Speaking of Sequels,

27201113654_d2ff252d83_oAurgh!!.. that.. face. @_@; It’s mesmerizing and too cute!!

Leon actually has one of the best sequels in the Voltage games. I normally am kinda meh with him, though I still ended up buying all his routes anyway, but I’m glad I did because that Sequel of his is just gold. I also liked the Musings on Love, though not nearly as much as his Sequel for sure. After that route, I was like, “Ah…. Leon really DOES love the MC…*sniffles*”.

Look at this blushing Aigonorus! He is way too cute! ahaha

I just played Aigonorus’ route yesterday and he is sooo precious! Such a cutie! I can’t wait to play more of his routes when it gets released. I really like his character a lot actually. He is usually sleeping a lot. Remind you of anyone? Yep, Shuu Sakamaki from Diabolik Lovers! I seriously did not take any interest in this guy JUST because he reminds me of Shuu! SERIOUSLY! DX ahaha.. I tried out Ichthys’ route but it just fell flat for me. They seriously did not do this character justice! Speaking of characters not being done any justice. OF COURSE the Aquarius zodiac, Huedhaut, gets kinda shafted. e_e He is apparently supposed to be extremely smart, but I just don’t feel it… It’s like he is just deemed to be intelligent without much of an explanation as to how or no background stories about it or anything at all. I mean, I know they mention scenarios from time to time explaining about how he is just sooo smart, lol but I’m just not convinced and it really bugs me somehow.  7/3 Welp, let me correct myself. My assessment was only based on the Main Story + Epilogue. Yesterday,  I decided to just buy the other routes and it got a whole lot better from there. He still unfortunately is not a favorite of mine though. He is extremely popular on Tumblr, however. XD I don’t know about anywhere else. I do know Leon and Scorpio are the most popular ones right now on Star Crossed Myth. I played Zyglavis yesterday as well – he only had 2 routes available at the moment. And let me say that I actually didn’t think I would like him much! He turned out to be similar to Ichiya, but a huge-ass stick in the mud and a more naggy kind of Ichiya, LOL! I have kind of like a love-hate relationship with Zyglavis but he ended up winning my heart in the end. 😀

Anyway, I’ll end it here for today. Will come back and talk more about other series. May continue this, may talk about another one, who knows. XD

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