Mystic Messenger Quick Tips (NO SPOILERS)

Everything you need to know about the game if you don’t want to use any walkthroughs or detailed guides that would give away too much about the game. Please note that I am only giving out TIPS, this is not a full fledged guide, I’m obviously not going to go into so much detail. I’m only giving you enough to be able to get through it mostly on your own. You’d have to figure out the rest by yourself.~ If you want more detailed information, this is of course not the right one for you.


I’m sorry. I will no longer answer questions about Mystic Messenger. I’ve already answered a lot and I think most of the major ones have already been asked by someone else. Please take a look at the comments. Though be aware that some people who commented have mentioned things that are considered spoilers so read at your own risk. Thank you for visiting my journal and good luck with the game.~ Please seek help with a walkthrough if you’re having too much trouble. There’s tons online.



Hourglasses : This is in-game currency used to unlock the next day (if you don’t want to wait), deep story mode, outgoing phone calls, opening missed chats, etc. Recommended amount of hourglasses for binge playing is around 2,000~3,000. It depends how you play and if you’re using any walkthroughs or other guides. Don’t buy it all at once though as you may need less.

Gold Hearts : You can receive Gold Hearts from selecting the right answers from chatrooms or texts. You need 100 Gold Hearts to exchange it for 1 hourglass.

Colored Hearts : Each color represents one character.
Jumin Han (Purple)
Jaehee Kang (Yellow)
707 (Red)
Yoosung (Green)
Zen (Silver/Grey)

Note : I’m not crazy (and you’re not either! lol) but I do see white hearts sometimes. It’s significantly brighter than Zen’s hearts so yes, it is white for sure. Not sure what it’s for and it doesn’t seem I needed it to unlock anything? No idea, lol. Don’t worry about that too much though. I doubt Cheritz would tell me what it is though even if I asked them, lol. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Broken Heart : You will lose -1 affection in the color of that broken heart. Look at the border carefully and you can see whose heart was broken. Sometimes, you may need to break a character’s heart to get affection for your chosen route. I’ve gotten quite a few broken hearts (maybe around 1~3 per entire route and I still got the good ending) so as long as the color of that broken heart is not the person you need affection from, you’re all good. Don’t worry about it too much. Just don’t overdo it of course.

Guest E-mails : You know you got the right answer if the tiny arrows (those 3 arrows below the guest’s avatar or icon) turn green. There are 3 because you will be replying 3 times and you need to get them all correctly if you’d like to be able to successfully invite them to your party. Open their 4th e-mail and it will be marked as “completed”. If you failed, the small arrows under the guest’s avatar will turn into an orange arrow instead of green.

Guest Invitations : I recommend you to at least have 20 confirmed guests to get a high ranking when you finish the route. Also, if you check your guest’s albums and read their summary, you can get 1 free hourglass for reading.

Guest E-mail Failed and Completed Invitation Status : From experience, I received a Green colored “Completed” status on the 3rd response and it seems they still went to the party. You would know if you got ALL the answers right if the Completed message is Blue. If it is Red, obviously you have failed inviting the guest. Failed will be in Grey and it will appear when you get the first response wrong.

Endings : There’s 1 Good and 2~3 Bad endings. I’ve never done the bad endings but I assume that as long as you are able to invite at least 20 guests (I heard 16 confirmed guests were alright too, but I haven’t confirmed that myself) and you reach the day of the party – I think it’s usually a good indicator that you are getting the good ending. There’s a different ending if you are not able to invite enough guests unfortunately.

After Story : These will unlock when you finish the good ending of a route. It is meant to be read after the day of the party and is the epilogue of that route.

Secret 01 & Secret 02 : Read this when you finish the entire game’s (hopefully you listened and played 707 last, lol) good endings. This is meant to be the true ending and it will explain and answer all the major questions you may have had throughout the game.


This should be able to help you get the good endings without the use of any walkthroughs. Please take note that you need to be careful of using other guides in conjunction with this one. My tips may not work well with other ones.

Short Character Guide :



Zen – He’s the easiest to handle. Just be nice, pump him with even more compliments and bloat his ego even more, lol! Of course, don’t invite any cat-related guests. Always take Zen’s side whenever it involves Jumin. As for Jaehee, she gets very protective of Zen’s career. It may get a bit grating but just hang in there. Be firm that you do know what you’re doing and you can handle your own relationship with Zen, but DO NOT be mean. Do not keep accusing her that she’s just jealous all the time. I think I only said it once or twice at most that she seems to be jealous. After that, I chose options that would keep the peace and not split up the group. Don’t act all nasty or like a crazed fan as well, lol. Invite all musical-related, artistic or actor groups to the party.



Yoosung – You need to take Yoosung’s side all the time. He hates V so you have to use your discretion though and not go overboard with hurling insults at V. Try to still keep the peace within the group. Which means you will need to keep telling Yoosung to calm down and be a bit more rational about things. “Keeping the peace within the group” is a must in every single route actually. Do not act bossy with Yoosung at all – let him decide for himself. He’s a huge Masochist and it would be really bad if he starts listening to you about everything. The biggest hurdle he has to overcome is to stop depending on others and be too hung up about the past. His bad gaming habits may get a bit annoying but just try to be patient and be supportive. This goes with all issues within his route. Also, be sure to draw a line between yourself and his other object of interest. You are unlike anyone else in this world and you should not be compared.



Jumin – Be nice and LOVE CATS, as if that wasn’t obvious enough, haha. Keep taking his side and ignore Zen’s pleas. I know it’s tempting to escape but don’t unless you’re planning to get a bad end. Be extremely supportive, patient and help him through the route. Invite all cat-related groups. Scold 707 for “abusing” Elizabeth the 3rd. Say nice things about his dad. Flatter him every chance you get even if it seems ridiculous. Don’t act like a gold digger though. Be careful ‘cos even if you pick those options, it still gives you hearts. Be supportive, but don’t let him walk all over you either if he starts to cross the line (you’ll know what I mean when you get to Day 6 or 7). Never leave him or the apartment without his say so.



Jaehee – Take Jaehee’s side every single time. Teach her that the world is not just about “working” and that it’s absolutely wrong to think that she has no choice or say in anything. Help her build her confidence. Be mean to Jumin and tell him off whenever he is being overbearing. Her route is pretty easy I think. Just try to keep the peace and be a nice girl. Don’t choose things that could split up the group. Encourage her when she starts showing interest in other things.



707  – Just choose answers that seem nonsensical when you first start the game. Always take his side. Don’t tell him that you really can’t understand him as that would break his heart. Let him know that you’re interested in him everytime he jokes around about you becoming his girlfriend. Be nice. Actually listen to what he’s trying to say and analyze his words. It takes a while for him to open up and remove his mask so you need to be patient. You have to keep reassuring him of how much you care, love, acknowledge and appreciate all the work he does for the RFA. Invite all the guests that seem really weird or crazy that he himself recommends you to invite, lol. He loves cats so again, invite those guests. Reassure him that there’s nothing wrong with having different sides to him (not just the fun-loving side) and that you’re willing to accept him no matter what. Don’t do anything that will alienate and destroy relationships between characters. He is a bit more complex actually but don’t lose sight of the goal. Balance your answers and don’t be overly negative towards anyone else. You can choose a couple of options like that but not too much.



Okay. I know that the tips I gave may make sense to ME but not to others. But! If you have any questions or if there’s anything you don’t understand, please ask me in the comments below. There’s really no point being nasty and insulting. It’s absolutely pointless and unhelpful. How about you just tell me what I’m missing or if there’s anything that doesn’t make any sense. Then I can probably edit this entry to make it clearer or explain it further. I’m looking at you! ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ You know who you are.

Mystic Messenger Route Recommendations [NO SPOILERS]


I’m sorry. I will no longer answer questions about Mystic Messenger. I’ve already answered a lot and I think most of the major ones have already been asked by someone else. Please take a look at the comments. Though be aware that some people who commented have mentioned things that are considered spoilers so read at your own risk. Thank you for visiting my journal and good luck with the game.~ Please seek help with a walkthrough if you’re having too much trouble. There’s tons online.



Hello! So you’re wondering if there’s a play order that would be perfect for this game. I normally don’t look up anyone else’s play order as normally I don’t really think it flows that well most of the time OR it doesn’t seem to matter all that much if I follow it or not. BUT! I was REALLY lucky to have played the game in the, dare I say, PERFECT play order. Yes, this is regardless of whoever you’re interested in. I think this is the best way to play this game if you care about the flow of the story.

Especially if you have the VIP package, I seriously recommend playing this game WITHOUT a walkthough. Please know though that even with the 1,000 HG that Cheritz includes in your package, it is actually not enough to finish the game if you’re planning to plough your way through or binge play (like I did). I think it’s only enough if you only wanna casually play it and unlock chats you’ve missed. Recommended amount of HGs for binge playing would be around 2,000~3,000 HGs.

You guys who bought the VIP package have enough save slots to do this without much trouble. Honestly, it really matters doing this if you want to have the FULL experience of the game. It also feels very rewarding and exciting when you’re not sure if you’re going down the right path or not – and you complete the game without anyone’s help! Just don’t forget to SAVE, SAVE and SAVE. I recommend saving at least 1 per day (or you can have more if you’re really worried) starting from Day 5. If you’re still unsure, I wrote a blog entry here with some very generalized tips on how you play each route and get the good ending without giving any spoilers (YES! That means that I will not be spoon-feeding you any answers, ok? lol). Honestly, the game is fairly simple so it’s such a waste to buy the VIP package and then you just use a walkthrough. (´・-・`) It just takes away the suspense and excitement when playing the game.


Route Order
: Zen > Yoosung > Jumin > Jaehee > 707

I’d like to state very short reasons as to why it needs to be played this way. NO SPOILERS! So you can be rest assured.

Zen – He is perfect to play first as he is a great introduction to the story without giving away too much. He is very friendly, outgoing and also, he has… less personality issues so whether or not you are into the more angsty stuff, it is better to play this character first to get it out of the way OR have a more pleasant experience. His narcissism may blow your mind away but there’s really more to Zen than just that. So just relax and have fun playing his route. Don’t take everything so seriously!

Yoosung – To be honest, I had a really tough time going through his route. It was pretty heavy but I seriously can’t imagine playing his route any further down the list for several reasons. Personal views aside, he is great to play 2nd WHETHER or NOT you will enjoy his route. First, is if you do end up liking him and not Zen, it would be perfect to play him after as there will be some reveals in this route – but not enough where you would lose interest in the next ones. Second, if you do end up not liking him – it is best to get his route done and out of the way at this stage. Playing him any later tbh will disrupt the flow of the story.

Jumin – I know this guy is in the deep story mode but can you believe that Jaehee’s route actually has WAY more spoilers than this guy’s?! Also, it is an ABSOLUTE MUST even if you’re going to not follow my recommendation that you NEED to play him first before Jaehee because this will ruin the character in anyone’s eyes. This route in my opinion was interesting but because of such strong kdrama elements in the end (and afterstory), I became very disappointed. Just giving you a heads up so you won’t feel the same way as I did.~ Knowing beforehand lowers the expectations, lol. ╮(─▽─)╭

Jaehee – Okay, okay. I know what you are thinking (if you’re not into friendship, yuri or girl x girl). Trust me, I thought the SAME way. What the heck is up with the friendship route?! But listen to this, this is by far the most positive route in the entire game. You NEED this fresh of breath air after the 2 heavy routes before this. I ended up putting this as my 2nd favorite route after 707’s. If you love 707, he will be around the most in this route too. I flirted with him as much as I could, ahaha. So, HAPPY DAYS!~ Also, this HAS to be played right before 707’s for 1 major reason : IT HAS THE MOST SPOILERS out of all them except for 707’s of course.

707 – I know how tempting it is, but DO NOT ever play this guy anywhere else but in the last route. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but storywise he has the most reveals out of all of them and definitely needs to be played last. I won’t say anymore as I want it to be a complete surprise. o((*^▽^*))o


So~ There you have it. Don’t forget to read Ending 1 and Ending 2 in that order. You need 140 HG to unlock these 2 endings. It should be able to answer all your questions you may have in these ones. If there’s anything you don’t understand about the story, feel free to send me a direct message on Twitter and I can definitely tell you my thoughts on it. Keyword : my thoughts. XD So it’s just my interpretation of what happened.

Nade Nade Another CD Yandere Akuma-chan ga Yoshi Yoshi (TRANSLATION)

Nade Nade Another CD Yandere Akuma-chan ga Yoshi Yoshi Translation
なでなで CD ANOTHER ヤンデレ悪魔ちゃんがよしよし
Seiyuu : 増田俊樹 – Masuda Toshiki
Release Date : July 15, 2015
Purchase : Amazon JP

Please help support the voice actors, artists and company by not downloading the Drama CD online. You can also buy pre-owned drama CDs at discounted prices at Yahoo!Japan as well. You can use Amazon Japan, shopping service agents and even forwarding services. I’m more than willing to help teach anyone how to get about doing this so feel free to ask me.

Note : PLEASE DO NOT REPOST. Linking to this page is OK, but don’t forget that you cannot distribute or copy the actual translation. I commissioned Saki of to translate this and she did a wonderful job. Thank you so much!~

I am planning to keep posting the translations that I’ve paid for here so please do not copy and paste this on your website or social media.

Overview : Despite the title having the word “yandere”, it’s on the milder side. The Akuma (demon) in this Drama CD is indeed a yandere but nothing over the top. It had less 4-5 star reviews on Amazon mostly because of the name apparently being a bit misleading. So I suppose people who like hardcore yanderes will not be satisfied with this one.

As usual Masuda Toshiki was able to bring this character to life. The small personality shifts in his voice acting is very subtle but you can definitely feel that he indeed is a yandere despite being extremely happy-go-lucky. I think the story is pretty light to make you feel comforted after you listen to this CD. It’s supposed to give you the same feeling as if someone is patting your head.  My one big gripe is that the sound effects they used is pretty exaggerated so it may even seem a bit comical sometimes even though I don’t think it was meant to be. In any case, this CD is actually quite fluffy and happy happy. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

To go to the Translation, please click on the “more” link down below.


After School Affairs : Kenzo Yasukawa [Rant/Review]

Spoilers : Yes.

Okay, please avoid this post as I am going to rant about this route and if you are intending to play it, please steer clear and avoid this post at all costs. I’ll start with the introduction to this character and all the spoilers or my rant will be under the “Read More” cut. Please be aware of this. I am not responsible if you click on that link and get spoiled especially with me even indicating that there’s spoilers in this post. ┐( ˘_˘)┌



Okay, first impression of this guy on the 1st free Chapter was truly a great one. He’s funny, cunning, clever, a gamer and has a very interesting way of thinking. His outlook on a lot of things is something that I would even agree on without protest. The first few chapters were great. That was up until a certain thing has been “confirmed”. At first I thought it was only said to throw the MC-chan off from finding out about the truth but it turns out that it was ACTUALLY the truth the whole time! I was somehow waiting and waiting until the end (which is a bit stupid but I was just in so much denial I guess that Voltage had this type of route in an Otome Game) that hopefully I was just wrong, but nope! Just to let you guys know beforehand, this route is a CHEATING route. There is cheating involved! This is enough to make me feel sick in the stomach. And now that I unknowingly participated in this type of route, makes me feel really angry. There’s nothing I cannot stand more than cheating when it comes to a relationship. That’s just the ultimate deal breaker for me. More under the cut.


Long time no see! … or blog.

Well, I’m actually very disappointed with that CG of Ichiya’s as that was pretty much the one I was looking forward to the most. (●´⌓`●) It seems like the second season for My Last First Kiss is definitely going to end soon. I think the only ones that’re still incomplete are Takamune and Hiroki. After that, Season 3 won’t be coming til next year. Uhuhu~ I hope the wait wouldn’t be too bad. Actually, I just realized it’s not that far off ’til the year ends.  I have less and less time before I have to go back to school again. (๑º ロ º๑) I seriously need to make a basic plan so I can follow it somehow. Can’t just blindly decide to write stories and draw without any schedule whatsoever. My goal is to become responsible, be able to do things by myself without anyone or any deadline prompting me to make something so I need to be a bit more serious about things.

OK! I just finished Hidetaka Sera’s route in After School Affairs and it was amazing. So, I decided to try out Kenzo’s cos why not, it’s the only route I haven’t played from ASA. It started out really well. Kenzo Yasukawa seemed super funny and interesting but then it got to this one thing…. SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT HIGHLIGHT IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED HIS ROUTE!!! It turns out he was dating one of the students. Not only that, he was such a weakling that he would go with whatever the girl says just because the girl saved him from getting chemical burns. If he’s seriously that worried about it, his family is freaking rich and he could have just paid to get her to have cosmetic surgery! His family owns a freaking hospital for goodness sake. Basically, this entire route is pretty much the MC stealing the guy away from her student. I was UTTERLY DISGUSTED! I am so enraged cos that is one of the very things I seriously cannot stand. I don’t care if the teacher is having illicit relations with a student! It’s their problem. But in what world is it okay for anyone to cheat?! I can’t believe Voltage made this kind of route and I happened to fucking play it. They pretty much had sex before he even came clean to the student and broke up with her. I don’t know if he has actually done it with the student, but the point is… THE GUY CHEATED and the MC practically welcomed this with open arms! Fuck! I’m really upset. I know they’re trying to be different but this is just distasteful! They practically ruined the character and the route. I feel really sad and I can’t believe I just played a route like that in an Otome Game!


I just can’t believe it. I’m just so disappointed. Anyway, I guess I’ll need a day or two before I can go back to playing ASA.. I’m just glad I finished Hidetaka’s route before I played this bastard’s & the bitch MC’s story. I’m really appalled by this route. Boycotting all this guy’s routes. I don’t care how much better or how funny he is in all the other ones. This is just utterly despicable for anyone to do. I’ll write another entry I guess and end this here…

Dot Kareshi I – Densetsu no Otome

So I ordered the 3 games from which probably cost me about $110 CAD with tax altogether? Which isn’t too bad I guess. However, I didn’t realize how short these games actually were. I did have a lot of laughs from it though and it was entertaining for about 1.5~2 hrs, lol. Didn’t really keep tabs on the time unfortunately but if I probably wanted to be quick about it – it’s definitely possible to finish it in 1.5 hrs easily. There are patches for it so I just decided to get it. Why not I guess? Support the otome game industry! ( •⌄• ू )✧ Anyways, the only problem is – I didn’t realize 50% of the value of this set purchase is actually the Drama CD. I was under the impression that the focus was more on the game but it was pretty much equally split between the game and the Drama CD so in a way it isn’t really too expensive if you think about it.

However, no one seems to have translated the Drama CD online. ಥ_ಥ So I can only understand about 15%~20% of what the characters are saying so it’s useless. huhu~ If anyone knows where I can find all the Drama CD’s translations – I would be super grateful! I tried my hand at self-translating but it was totally awful, LOL! Σ░(꒪◊꒪ )))) Even with some translating tools *sigh*. I don’t want to trouble any of my Japanese friends too to look over it. Ugh.

Anyway here’s a couple of pretty CGs from the game :





I seriously don’t know how to get rid of that return button so oh well. ┐(´-`)┌ In Dot Kareshi I ~ Densetsu no Otome, I suppose my fave would be the Magician (Mahoutsukai). He’s the first photo after the intro text, not the one near the title. Yep. He’s super hot. ヽ( ・∀・)ノ He complains a shit ton but the stuff he complains about is just so funny. All of them are perverted actually but I like how the Magician is perverted compared to the other 3 – it’s a lot more enticing to me somehow. The second favorite would be the Priest (Souryo). He’s supposedly Do-S but I don’t really see it? I mean, he has a sadistic streak and an oresama type but I don’t think it’s strong enough to be flat out called Do-S lol. Apparently there seems to be some kindness in him but he is still a corrupt priest, ahaha! I normally used to like the main guys but I don’t know whats happening lately. A lot of the otome games I’ve played – I seem to gravitate to others now. I still have my share of liking a few poster boys but it seems like they’re all cut out of one mold lately. They’re seriously just not very interesting anymore. It’s like the writers are like “Haaaa…. Poster boy? Ugh. Boring. Let’s just go with this, this and this. That’s it. Now, let’s gather around and brain storm for the other guys! Woooo!”……  ( ̄^ ̄)

Speaking of the sprites though (not the CGs). They don’t look as nice unfortunately. Not sure why. ^^;; I guess they hired someone else to make the sprites and someone else to draw the CGs? Or maybe they just like drawing angles more? I dunno, lol. In certain angles the sprites look pretty good. But face-on or head-on it’s not as great.

Anyways, I really like this CG a lot. I just love the angle and all. Also, I noticed a lot of the MCs actually have small boobs. Is it because the VNs targeted to males mostly have big ones? So in Otome Games they try to make it smaller? (・∧‐)ゞ No idea, lol. It’s not even the “in-between” size. It’s always small or huge.


Anyway! Ughhh this guy is just way too hot, LOL! And I liked the angle of the MC too. It’s actually somewhat refreshing to see a big boob-ied MC lol it’s been a very long time actually. I’m a bit tempted to make my own MC-chan and give her a boob size that’s in between. (*‿*✿) Like in between B and C cup? I don’t like overly big ones though as it messes up the type of clothing she can wear, lol. I still got the other Dot Kareshi games to go through so… I need to install the others lol. Anyhoo! ‘Til the next blog entry!~

Diabolik Lovers (More Blood) : Shu and Subaru Sakamaki

Well, I got this game sometime ago and honestly I have a hard time even going through it, lol. I decided to play Shu first as he’s supposedly my favorite but having played his entire route – I’m honestly quite disappointed. x_x I really feel for the angsty parts of his route but there really wasn’t all that much to it in the end. I couldn’t really connect to Shu and Edgar/Yuma when they were kids and I just found myself speeding through it every time there’s a flashback. I seriously wanted to like it. I really did. It just wasn’t happening, lol. One thing’s for sure though is that I really love Shu’s voice. (*゚ロ゚) That was the only solace for his route.

Oh also, one nice thing about Shu’s route is that he wasn’t so back and forth with his decisions. Once he decides on something then that’s it. He doesn’t keep crapping around and disappearing and whatnot for days on end randomly like what Subaru was doing. Also, he wasn’t nearly as violent as Subaru. There just wasn’t that much happening in his route, that’s all and I just wanted more. To be honest, I didn’t know that the game was mostly full of perverted scenarios of blood sucking and going to school. The only progress in the story that you can get are the monologues, chapters 7 to 10 and the epilogue. All those chapters are very short. I would really love to find an otome game that has a nicer balance of story and pervy stuff. I know people are going to roll their eyes but Voltage INC. at least got that down pat. Even if the route or character turns out shit, the balance is still there.

Sakamaki.Shuu.full.1353560 (1)

Shu is seriously super hot though. Love his character design. (●´□`)♡ The only thing that bothers me the most about it is… why are the ear buds not in the right place?! lol. I don’t understand why it’s drawn so low. I know I’m being nitpicky but I can’t help being bothered by it every time I see his ear. LOL Σ░(꒪◊꒪ )))) Anyways, I still have other routes I should be doing but I don’t know if I can play all of them. I seriously can’t stand Kanato’s screaming. He flips out almost every single time I see him. I already found Subaru way too overbearing in that department so I can’t see how the heck I can handle more childish tantrums, lmao. Not only that, he makes the most unreasonable demands too. I honestly don’t know how anyone can stand it. TL;DR for Shu’s route is that I don’t know if I can even say it’s great in Diabolik Lovers standards, but at least he’s eye candy and his voice is so nice. Same VA for Hajime Saito from Hakuoki too. *sob* I seriously love it too much.

OH LOL! I just remembered one of the endings, I forgot if it was Manservant or Brute but OMG when the MC knocked him out, it was hilarious as fuck, LOL! I was laughing so much. It was a fitting ending though actually if the MC is way too sadistic, ahaha! (*・▽・*) I recommend you to do that ending as it gave me something to laugh at after, lmao. If any ending was worth doing, it would be that one for Shu’s route. Though maybe there’s something wrong here if I’m playing a Do-M game and I enjoyed the Do-S route, LOL! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ Bahaha! I am so evil.


Hmm… Where should I start with Subaru? Uhhh.. Okay. I have to say that in the very depths of his heart, I suppose you can find some gentleness and kindness in there. But shit, this guy was seriously way too violent. I had the impression he only smashed walls and broke things but he was actually fucking violent towards the MC! Nothing life threatening of course and I understand what he was trying to do (dissuade her from going near him or being with him out of fear that he might end up killing her). But fuck, seriously, this guy is not THAT much better than anyone else in the Sakamaki house. The only reason I was still able to finish the route was that he really was trying regardless of how violent he was being. However, all that constant shouting and screaming every time I see him was getting really annoying. Not only that, he was so indecisive that it was driving me insane. ( ಠ .ಠ ) I understand how he was in such turmoil over what he went through with his mom but seriously?

Anyway, the only thing I liked about this route was the ending. The guy finally manned up and stopped running away from every single thing and decided to face shit. It was really nice to see his mom apologizing in the end and that alone was way more feels than I ever got from Shu’s route. OH! Also, what the fuck is with all those slurping sounds when he drinks the MC’s blood! What. the. fuck. LOL! ( •᷄⌓•᷅ ) He seriously sounds like he’s sucking it up like soup or some shit. When I first heard it I was like – Uh.. are you for real?! Are you seriously for real?! I have to listen to this slurping for the entire route? Haaaaaaa… fine. *sob* I have to say that despite all this, Subaru is definitely the sweetest one so far and you can tell he was trying really hard to stop being so violent towards the end and that he actually even feels bad about it. Anyway, after all that drama, there’s still light at the end of the tunnel with this guy at least. ヽ(。_°)ノ TL;DR for Subaru’s route is that just be prepared with how violent he’s going to be. Be patient and I guess you will get rewarded for it in the end, lol. He seems to be the most loyal and sweet so far. I can’t say anything about the Mukami’s yet though just to let you know as I haven’t interacted with them much yet.

Mystic Messenger delays

I really need to get some of this off my chest I guess so where else that’s better than on my own blog? lol. (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ) As you already may (or may not) know, Mystic Messenger’s release date has been pushed back so many times. And as I’ve written a couple of days ago, they finally released the Android version. Even if they’re only releasing one version, it was obvious that it was definitely going to be difficult in case there were so many issues to fix. It may be that they would like to make sure they can give their 110% to one mobile operating system for now before releasing the iOS version. Welp, lo and behold – definitely up to the brim with server problems and bugs. Today marks the 4th or 5th day of its Android release. They are working hard to fix them all and have been constantly updating the app. Okay. Fair enough. ( ´△`) It definitely is better to concentrate on one at a time. But what I’m taking issue of is that not just these 4 days, but the only announcements that’s been made really for the last couple of weeks or so has mostly been just for Android. The only one bit of information the iOS people were given was “wait for 2 weeks because that’s how long Apple needs to approve the app” and THIS bit of info – I will discuss below.

It probably didn’t help that I found out that Apple only takes 2 days max to approve apps. ( ಠ . ಠ ) Ummm… Okay. I guess they didn’t want to be upfront that they have either not finished the iOS version or that they’re putting enough time to make sure the Android version is stabilized by then? Or maybe they’re still working out the kinks and it’s taking longer? I have no idea. It’s not a big deal if they are a bit more upfront about things. I just want to know so I can stop speculating and have something official from the company.


My Last First Kiss : Review


Game : My Last First Kiss
Company : Voltage INC
Platform : Mobile (iOS)
Spoilers : Yes/No




[Main Character’s Name] is seen confessing to Hiroki Eniwa, her first love and was completely rejected. Her childhood friend, Ayato Hidaka, who she has known since they were kids comforts her and tells her that if she doesn’t find a boyfriend/husband in 10 years – he will be the one to take care of her and told her to stop worrying. She wakes up and realizes it was just a dream she had of the past and then goes to work. After many years, she saw Hiroki again at her workplace who is now working as the Assistant Director of Kokonoka (a famous confectionary/chocolate company). After work, a few of them happened to meet up at Conte, which is some sort of like a pub that they all love to frequent. Everyone was there except for Takamune Kitami and Riku Morimachi. [Main Character’s Name] sees Ichiya Misono first and as usual bickers with him as soon as they meet. Next, Makoto Morimachi and Ayato Hidaka shows up saying he was there because he was picking up some photos from Makoto to submit it to his agency for some magazine interview or something.

They were all talking about how Riku has now come back to live in the same apartment building they all used to live at since they were kids. It was only Takamune that was not living around their suburb. [Main Character’s Name] suggests if Takamune still hasn’t transferred to another team, she could try to recruit him to their company’s soccer team so they could kill two birds with one stone. That would be to unite the gang and Kokonoka can also benefit from it since the company is looking to expand their reach beyond the food industry.

So she tells Hiroki about her idea concerning Takamune and they both go try and recruit him. On their way back, [Main Character’s Name] and Hiroki make small talk about how everyone else is doing. He then asks [Main Character’s Name] more personal questions about her love life and even asked her if she was interested in anyone right now since she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Since they were on this topic, she thought it may be a good time to confess to him once more seeing as she felt the opportunity has once again presented itself. Meeting her first love again and all after all these years. Unfortunately, to her dismay, Hiroki just puts on a fake smile and says if that’s the case, then how about they go to a hotel and do the deed? She was just about to turn him down when Ayato has spotted both of them, overheard their conversation and told Hiroki off.

Of course, [Main Character’s Name] is really upset about what just happened. But Ayato called the other boys to the rooftop to join him in cheering [Main Character’s Name] up. They start to run out of alcohol and [Main Character’s Name] offers to take some of what she has from her apartment and bring it up to the roof for them to drink. At that moment, someone hugs [Main Character’s Name] from behind while she was waiting for the elevator. You are then to choose which guy you are interested in dating.




Ayato Hidaka

Overview: Has known [Main Character’s Name] since they were 3. He moved away when they were around 16 years old because his parents received a job transfer. They’re such close friends that they are practically like brother and sister. They have a strange relationship where it’s platonic but at the same time not really normal between 2 friends. Because he is extremely fickle, as soon as he becomes good at anything he quits just because he’s bored. The only constant thing in his life has been acting and his friends. He is arguably the most popular out of all the guys within the game because of his career choice, outgoing personality and outward appearance.

Personality: Overly Protective. Extremely attached to [Main Character’s Name]. Leader of the group. He is the glue that holds everyone together. He is very well-liked by everyone he meets and is easy to get along with. It would actually prove to be difficult to stay angry at him. Constantly teases everyone – he doesn’t spare anyone from it. Loyal to the people he deems important. Knows [Main Character’s Name] inside and out. Quite fickle and is constantly teased for it. Has had quite a few flings and girlfriends that do not last long. Very devoted to acting and loves learning new things that will benefit him in his career choice. Is direct with what he wants, but at the same time is not very straight-forward when it comes to emotional problems or issues. Ayato is unfortunately not a very strong character in the series, though it may not bother other people – but if I were to be unbiased, it would have been a lot better if he had more personality. There’s really not enough to the story and character imo even though he is very sweet. To be honest, I have a very soft spot for Ayato. I still buy up all his routes and I still enjoy reading his stories. I do like his relationship with the MC – but there’s really just not that much going on compared to the others when it comes to being “exciting” and “interesting”. For example, I really don’t like Hiroki but I still scored him higher than Ayato because there’s at least some plot and character development between Hiroki and the MC.

Career: Actor

Main Character’s Personality: Very dependent on Ayato. Actually, both of them are quite dependent on each other in different ways. She is his anchor where he feels he can be himself. Has a very strong bond with Ayato. So strong that everyone acknowledges it – even Hiroki from the beginning. As soon as she sees him again in person, she automatically notices physical changes in him that are quite attractive to her but didn’t know what to make of it. Would just about do anything for him. Not a strong character in this route but she has some moments as well. Feels too comfortable around Ayato and because of that, she has not made much character development throughout the story. In S2, she made stupid decisions and was a bit annoying to me at times. Though even with the many flaws their characters and relationship seems to have, I still enjoy their story. They’re like the “true” boy or girl next door type out of all the other romantic interests, lol.

Story Rating:

Season 1 – 6.5/10
Season 2 – 6.5/10

Character Rating:

Season 1 – 7/10
Season 2 – 7.5/10




Ichiya Misono

Overview: Although he lived in the same apartment building as everyone else, he doesn’t go to the same school as them. He went to a private school and even to cram school right after. His mom is constantly forcing him to be the best and excel at everything. On his description, it said that he is constantly “Making fun” of [Main Character’s Name], but it is actually quite an understatement. He is practically [Main Character’s Name]’s archnemesis, lol.  They could just not get on with each other at all. He usually expresses great disinterest whenever the entire gang wants to get together. The strange thing is, despite the protests, he still goes anyway and hangs out with everyone. When you are not playing his route, you probably will see him at Conte most of the time. If you see him anywhere else, like a gathering of some sort, it is probably because one of the guys asked, forced or tricked him to come. When they were kids, they had a bit of a misunderstanding that strained their relationship even further. Out of anger and frustration stemming from family issues, he locked the rooftop door so [Main Character’s Name] couldn’t go back inside the apartment.  This unfortunately led to some sort of traumatic experience for [Main Character’s Name]. So ever since then, [Main Character’s Name] feelings towards him just alternate from hating him and to being scared of him.

Personality: Very abrasive and always insulting [Main Character’s Name] with every chance he gets. Very business-minded and very determined to have his company succeed. Believes that every relationship should be an equal give-or-take so it would benefit both parties. As long as everyone wins, then why does the process matter? Confident. Logical. He is calculating, though it is not entirely for selfish reasons. He always wants to make sure that everyone wins in the end and they get what they want. Very arrogant and bossy. He does not care what anyone else thinks of him as long as he can be himself and do whatever he likes. Not easily swept up in emotions. Sarcastic. Very perceptive and intelligent. Although he seems like the type that would never listen to anyone else, if he realizes he is in the wrong, he is willing to change or accept that he made a mistake. A lone wolf and very independent. Strangely considerate at times though it’s hard to tell when those times are, lol. He keeps making fun of the MC for being a virgin and sometimes makes inappropriate jokes. As for his “sexual” life – he is way too busy for it most of the time though he did have ex-girlfriends but were all loveless relationships. He definitely has experience with women though and constantly flaunts it at the MC. Jokingly of course but with a bit of truth in it lol. He just sees everyone from a distance (MC & the other boys) and he doesn’t understand why they feel differently from him about life & relationships. He doesn’t even really realize that he’s actually very jealous of his childhood friends in some way – which is why he is so prickly all the time. His parents are in a strategic marriage.  So it’s not a surprise that he has always put his business as his priority so he normally does not really cultivate relationships other than business connections. Some players may find him too irritating as he definitely can be hard to understand and comes off as very cold and insensitive at times. If abrasive/rude people is seriously something you really can’t stand, I don’t think I can recommend this route. Need quite a bit of patience with this guy.

Career: CEO or Company President – Air (Interior Design)

Main Character’s Personality: This route is most likely my favorite MC from this game. At first however, she got pushed around quite easily and could not really stand up for herself. Throughout the route though, you will start to see changes in how she works and deals with situations. She also seems to be more witty in this route to be able to match up to Ichiya better – I suppose. She eventually is able to hold her ground a lot better against Ichiya as the route goes on. They fill in each other’s gaps or weaknesses and work very well together when they set their mind to it. They’re both workaholics and eventually find respect for how the other person works. However, since both of them are so inexperienced with love that they have a very difficult time at first. The pacing was wonderful and the development between both characters was really great to see. Once they get past their misunderstandings and get to know one another better, it’s where they both start to shine.

Story Rating:

Season 1 – 9/10
Season 2 – 9/10

Character Rating:

Season 1 – 8/10
Season 2 – 9/10




Makoto Morimachi

Overview: Makoto is older than [Main Character’s Name] by 2 years so he is not around as much as Ayato and Takamune were. From the beginning, it is obvious that Makoto has always had feelings for [Main Character’s Name]. Everyone seems to be aware of it except for [Main Character’s Name] of course, lol. He has always treated her differently and he never smiles the way he does with anyone but her. He is the “big brother” of the group and has just automatically taken that role. He is the responsible type and has always been elected to positions like being the “School President”. For college, he went overseas to study Food Science. To do his doctorate, he decided to go back to Japan and spend time there and aspires to be hired at Kokonoka.

Personality: Very studious and intelligent. Dependable and extremely sweet. Constantly forgets to eat or sleep whenever he gets engrossed in studying or researching. Despite devoting his life and career to food, his cooking skills on the other hand are absolutely abysmal. Very considerate and has always prioritized [Main Character’s Name]’s happiness above all else. With all the positive qualities he has, he is actually nowhere near perfect and [Main Character’s Name] helps him with that. Overly Protective. Gets easily jealous and can be quite insecure at times. Does not hold back on scolding someone if he feels someone’s going down the wrong path.

Career: Food Researcher – Kokonoka

Main Character’s Personality: I didn’t mind the MC in this route but there were certain times in that she was absolutely infuriating for me. I can’t stand it when there’s something easy or logical to do and they do the exact opposite and mess everything up. She seems to be more dense than usual in the S1’s Main Story. I guess she would have to be to completely have everything Makoto says to her go over her head a lot of the time, lol.  Anyway, I think the MC had a bit of character development from S1 to S2 but mostly that she realizes what it’s really like to really be in love and be in a real relationship (as real as it gets in an otome game anyway lol) with someone who truly cherishes her. She had to overcome a lot of obstacles when she first started out on the project but with Makoto’s encouragement, she kept working hard to make up for her mistakes. Despite getting humiliated and shot down a lot in their project meetings, she has actually been quite creative in this route and has been an immense help in the project. The MC has also has been very supportive towards Makoto in other ways too. It’s a nice relationship in my opinion. She is way too trusting even towards strangers in Makoto’s S2 more than any others though for some strange reason and gets herself in a pickle.

Story Rating:

Season 1 – 8.5/10
Season 2 – 9/10

Character Rating:

Season 1 – 9/10
Season 2 – 9/10




Takamune Kitami

Overview: He is Ayato’s best friend. Despite him usually hanging around with Ayato and the MC a lot since they were kids – he only views the MC as some sort of extension of Ayato. He is not close with the MC and even has had a bit of a misunderstanding when they first meet as children. He has been obsessed with Soccer from the beginning and that is usually all he lives and breathes for. He stops at nothing to achieve his dream of being in the best soccer team in the world. Ayato, being a very fickle-type of person, even feels jealous of how determined Takamune is at sticking to one thing throughout his life. He is normally very cold to outsiders or people who he doesn’t know so it creates a lot of misunderstandings especially in his own route.

Personality: Almost expressionless most of the time and can be a bit hard to read. Sometimes he says very direct things that usually sounds quite rude. Completely obsessed with Soccer and does not have that much room for anything else. Quite the hot-head. He is a man of few words. He talks a lot more casual than her other romantic interests. For example, he sometimes says “chicks” instead of girls or women. “Let’s roll” instead of “Let’s go”. He can be quite blunt without much of a filter. People tend to shun him and shut him out of a group because they feel that Takamune acts like he’s better than everyone else. He seems to get along with kids very well, especially those interested in Soccer and clearly has a soft spot for them. As much as he admires Ayato, he is secretly jealous of how easy his best friend seems to get along with everyone. Rough around the edges and awkward, but is still surprisingly a bit considerate towards friends at times. One cute thing about him is that he loves sweets, especially the ones Kokonoka makes.

Career: Professional Soccer Player – West Tokyo FC (sponsored by Kokonoka)

Main Character’s Personality: The MC is probably the most emotionally supportive in Takamune’s stories more than any other character routes. Probably to be able to get on with Takamune’s personality, she had to be a lot more patient as well. There were many times that Takamune has been very rude but she was still able to swallow her pride and find a way to get along with him regardless. Because of how her partner is, she is forced to be a lot more perceptive and understanding than usual. However, especially in the main story, I was personally not too pleased whenever he got quite hot-headed and lashed out at her a couple of times. I didn’t like how she just sat there and took it. It almost reminds me of that nauseating “culture” of how the woman has to be demure and be extremely submissive. He was apologetic about the way he was acting, but still it left a bad taste in my mouth. It may not bother other people though. Just from personal experience, I have less tolerance for this kind of behavior. They were off to a very rocky start in the beginning. However, in the other routes, he was a lot friendlier than in his own route so it was a bit of a shock to me when I first played it.

Story Rating:

Season 1 – 7/10
Season 2 – 7/10

Character Rating:

Season 1 – 6.5/10
Season 2 – 7/10




Riku Morimachi

Overview: He is one year younger than the MC. So she felt she had to look after him since she was older. Riku works as a freelance photographer and gets hired by Kokonoka to work with the MC for their 100th Anniversary. He was to help document and take photos of her while she was working. In S1, there were quite a bit of complications with this character as he has become extremely flighty as an adult. He has a friends with benefits arrangement with someone who is already in a relationship. It’s shown very early on in the story that Riku and the MC used to date for a short time in high school but things didn’t last very long. Riku became jaded and afraid when things weren’t going very well because of how it was different than what he expected. They’re practically almost like polar opposites in their likes and dislikes and soon hit a wall. Instead of overcoming it together, Riku decided it was easier to just break up by putting distance between both of them. As an adult, his way of thinking when it came to romantic relationships has become a bit dysfunctional.

Personality: Very silent and the most perceptive in their group. Quite forward, cold and direct in the Main Story. He does not seem to care much about anything else aside from Photography. He can be fairly hard to read and it is a bit easy to misunderstand his intentions a lot of the time. He’s definitely a kind person though. He’s just the type that hates BS. While he is perceptive and forward, he is still not great at getting his feelings across. He is extremely passionate towards everything that is important to him. For someone who is constantly in his own world, he always deals with real life situations in a very pragmatic manner. In the past, he was pretty open to having 1 night stands or sexual relations with different women (shown in Ayato’s route) who shows interest in doing so. He doesn’t actively look for these types of flings but doesn’t push it away either. It’s not that he keeps sleeping with anyone and everyone 24/7. Although he really messed up with the FwB relationship that he was having, you can see noticeable changes in him throughout the story – he obviously grew up and learned a lot.

Career: Freelance Photographer – Mentored by Itoh

Main Character’s Personality: The MC felt very awkward around Riku for a lot of the first part of the route because of their break-up. Both of them didn’t know what to do or how to deal with it but she resolves to finally close the gap and end the awkwardness once and for all. Now that they’re older, they start to understand that if they had just communicated and compromised, they could have still been together regardless of how different they were. She helped Riku get back on the right path though and taught him the importance of love and real relationships. It didn’t take long for her to realize she still has feelings for him. Both the MC and Riku had significant character development in the Main Story. However, with the drama looming with the issue of “FwB” concerning Riku, it was a bit of a challenge to overcome and may end up frustrating some players. Their relationship is definitely not to everyone’s tastes. This is probably the only route where I felt that the MC and her love interest pretty much had equal footing with each other and worked the hardest at maintaining their relationship.

Story Rating:

Season 1 – 8/10
Season 2 – 8/10

Character Rating:

Season 1 – 7/10
Season 2 – 8/10




Hiroki Eniwa

Overview: In the first part of the Prologue, this is the first romantic interest that you actually encounter. He is 5 years older than her and is actually not part of their circle of friends. He lived in the same apartment building with everyone for quite some time but eventually moved away when he went for University. Hiroki is the MC’s first love who she has confessed twice to but was turned down each time. He is the assistant Director at her workplace and is working closely with him with reviving a small section of Kokonoka’s Theme Park. They wanted to do something grand or significant since it is Kokonoka’s 100th year Anniversary. This story definitely continues on the same path where Hiroki said he wouldn’t mind having a physical relationship with the MC but with no feelings involved. They agreed that it will end if the MC starts to want more as he cannot give her more than that.

Personality: Deems himself as mature and is completely uninterested in the MC due to how childish she seems to him. He acts disgusted in a lot of routes that she doesn’t even see the real him and only sees him as a “Prince” and yet is still hopelessly in love. It is clear as day to him that she is only idealizing him. In a lot of the routes, he may seem that he doesn’t give a crap about the MC but he actually is impressed with how hard she works. He really values her as a subordinate and constantly likes giving her credit where it’s due. Very calculative and is not afraid to use other people for his own gain. He is the type of person who really values power and position. He believes all women cannot be trusted as they only look at the status or prestige of what their significant other has. He is quite the enigma and it is a little bit hard to know what exactly he is thinking. There are times that he seems to regret rejecting the MC but he makes so many random snide comments that I’m not quite sure if he was just saying that just ‘cos or if he truly meant it. Seems very friendly, gives fake smiles and always seems to have a mask on. Though he is completely aware of how he is acting, he also acknowledges that he is a terrible person to be with. He is both very confident and yet very insecure at the same time. Has very strict views when it comes to work and always believes never to bring anything personal into it. An effective Assistant Director and is quite level-headed in almost all the routes.

Career: Assistant Director – Kokonoka

Main Character’s Personality: I’ve never seen her work so hard at a relationship and tried to change herself just to suit Hiroki. Her changes weren’t necessarily a bad thing when it came to her career, but to me it felt sad that she couldn’t really be herself around this character. Even the way they started their relationship is totally something she would not have done normally. I felt like she lost a bit of herself. The nice trade off is that Hiroki also realizes that he had to change his mindset in regards to love or relationships. He had a past that has shaped who he is today. Not much has been mentioned about Hiroki’s family and perhaps we can see more of him in s2, but in s1 – both of them had quite a bit to change so they could be together. Despite me not liking this character, I have to acknowledge that since they struggled the most, it was good to see a happy ending after all that turmoil. The entire Main Story was very hard on the MC and I could just not really bear to see her getting hurt a lot. In any case, she matured the most in this route and while it is not to my taste, it might definitely work for others. I guess this route is the closest as you would say to a “modern real life” relationship in this game?

Story Rating:

Season 1 – 7/10
Season 2 – 7.5/10

Character Rating:

Season 1 – 7/10
Season 2 – 7.5/10

Twiddling my thumbs

Huhu. Waiting for Mystic Messenger to get approved by Apple is going to be a bit of a wait. The Google Play version is finally working today. They had to iron out so many kinks that I actually feel a bit bad for the Cheritz team being totally slammed with so many technical difficulties. There was a server overload and they had to quickly open new ones to accommodate everyone. There are some bugs/errors too apparently. One of them is : “Network error: The level of configured provisioned throughput for the table was exceeded. Consider increasing your provisioning level with the UpdateTable API.”

In an OtomeGames reddit that I frequent, someone has suggested to do the following : Go to Settings, then application, select Mystic Messenger, select Force Stop and lastly, clear the cache. That’s for Android only. And another said it randomly worked again even without her doing anything. It might be server issues and it got fixed when they opened more or new servers to offset the exceeded bandwidth. I hope by the time the iOS people get to play, there won’t be as much problems as they did today.


Haaaa… When will it be our turn? I know Cheritz is working extremely hard for everyone to get the game in order but I still feel left out as an Apple user. I’m quite sure that the main mobile OS being used in Korea is Android. Now that it’s up and running, I don’t know how much iOS gets worked on now as the prioritized OS has been released. Haaa.. Oh well. On another note that is completely unrelated to games, I been doing pretty well actually with doing some more stuff around the house considering how much of  a mess I was the last couple of months. 🙂

ANYWAY, despite me dying from waiting, I would still like to congratulate Cheritz for their hard work at finally releasing the Android version of the game. So when’s our turn? 😀 hehehe.