Animate International – Open!

Now there’s a new source to get your Drama CDs (DVDs, CDs and Blu-rays) aside from Amazon that will ship directly to your home without the use of proxies or forwarders.

At the moment their selection is quite limited as it takes a lot of time to add everything. I am not sure if they will continue to keep adding the already released products but it looks like they will certainly be starting with the more recent ones.

Depending on the Drama CD, I’ve definitely confirmed that I’ve seen some listings which indicate that they are including tokutens. This means some of them will come with an extra bonus which could be a mini Drama CD (10 mins – 25 mins), badges or bromides.

Please note though that the listing HAS to say that it is coming with a bonus. If you don’t see it anywhere on the page, it means it is not coming with anything.

They seem to indicate that they will be shipping by EMS as the only possible shipping option.

Check out their FAQ if you have anymore questions regarding shipping, customs and the like.

If you would like to visit the store, here’s the link :

Please note that I am not in anyway affiliated nor am I getting referral benefits from this. Just letting you guys know that this option is here. In time, they will have a lot more available and I am most likely going to start buying from here. No more Tenso or extra fees for me so I am quite excited! 😀

(Note : Yes, they sell R18 Drama CDs too. ☆(>ω・) Yes. You’re welcome.)

[My Last First Kiss] : A Dreamy Proposal – MAKOTO MORIMACHI Walkthrough

SEASON 3 – A Dreamy Proposal

Makoto Morimachi Walkthrough

Game Title : My Last First Kiss
Company : Voltage INC.
Season : 3
Route : A Dreamy Proposal
: Morimachi Makoto

“It means everything that you chose me.”

Now that you’re happily engaged, your future with Makoto seems to glimmer brightly as ever. But as work begins to pull Makoto away, your time with him grows more infrequent. Through trials and struggles, see how love brings you together.

Marked this post with spoilers as this is a walkthrough. I have both the Happy and Good endings when you click the “more” link below.


The Prince of Grimm town Cinderella (TRANSLATION)

The Prince of Grimm town Cinderella Translation
グリム街の王子様  第二夜  シンダーエラ
Seiyuu : 鳥海浩輔 – Toriumi Kousuke
Release Date : November 23, 2016
Purchase : Amazon JP


Please help support the seiyuu and the company. Do not download the Drama CD online. You can also buy pre-owned drama CDs at discounted prices at Yahoo!Japan as well. You can use Amazon Japan, shopping service agents and even forwarding services.

Note : PLEASE DO NOT REPOST. Linking to this page is OK, but don’t forget that you cannot distribute or copy the actual translation. I am planning to keep posting the translations that I’ve paid for here so please do not copy and paste this on your website or social media.

If I ever find out that people are reposting or using these translations whether or not you are making money off it, I will cease posting anymore in the future. Please don’t ruin it for others.


Overview : A girl ends up appearing out of nowhere, in a forest she has no recollection of being at. She meets an injured young man with the name of Cinderella. He warns her that it is not safe and she should go home to her family as soon as possible. However, it looks like she doesn’t remember a single thing about how she even got there.

To help her out in the meantime, he brings her to a rundown house where she could stay for the time being as she has no money to pay for accommodation. The girl is distraught and expresses that she just wants to go back to wherever she’s from. Will Cinderella be able to help her find her way back? Or will she be stuck in Grimm city for good?

To go to the Translation, please click on the “more” link down below.


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