Irresistible Mistakes : Shunichiro Tachibana Main Story Walkthrough

SEASON 1 – Main Story

Shunichiro Tachibana Walkthrough

Game Title : Irresistible Mistakes
Company : Voltage INC.
Season : 1
Route : Main Story
: Shunichiro Tachibana

“Time for you to decide. What do you want to happen tonight?”

Your boss is a star at work, and also a scamp who won’t let you say the word “love”. You should have ended it then, but his sweet lips won’t let you go easily…

Marked this post with spoilers as this is a walkthrough. I have both the Heartfelt and Provocative endings when you click the “more” link below.


Twitter Poll for Drama CD Translations

Hello guys! 🙂

I opened up a poll at my Twitter account regarding Drama CD translations. Depending on the outcome (as well as the amount of people who answer it), I’d probably have to make some changes on the way it’s being posted. Please participate in the poll especially if you’ve been using the translations I’ve been posting on this website. ^ ^


There’s only 3 days to answer the poll so please do so now. 🙂

Koiiro Shihyou – Takanashi Hijiri (Translation)

Koiiro Shihyou Takanashi Hijiri Translation
恋色始標 FILM.1 小鳥遊 聖
Seiyuu : 前野智昭 – Maeno Tomoaki
Release Date : January 25, 2017
Purchase : Animate International


Please help support the seiyuu and the company. Do not download the Drama CD online. You can also buy pre-owned drama CDs at discounted prices at Yahoo!Japan as well. You can use Amazon Japan, shopping service agents and even forwarding services.

Note : PLEASE DO NOT REPOST. Linking to this page is OK, but don’t forget that you cannot distribute or copy the actual translation. I am planning to keep posting the translations that I’ve paid for here so please do not copy and paste this on your website or social media.

If I ever find out that people are reposting or using these translations whether or not you are making money off it, I will cease posting anymore in the future. Please don’t ruin it for others.


Overview : If you’ve been feeling fairly tired of all the crazy (or depressing) Drama CDs and just want something laid back and so romantic that your teeth might fall off – try this volume! :’3 I don’t know about the other volumes yet but I do like this one. I pre-ordered the entire series tho but I’m not one to vouch for the entire thing if I have not listened to the rest yet myself.

Unlike most of the other Drama CDs, most of them are told in the perspective of the female main character. This time, it’s focused on the romantic interest! So you get to hear the boy’s thoughts. The theme for Volume 1 is “First Love”. Sounds boring I know, but I love what they did with it.~ It’s a beautiful series and it was quite touching.

Definitely the first CD I’ve totally and completely loved with no complaints from Otomate Records. This is also my fave work of Maeno Tomoaki’s. I guess 2nd would be his Hamelin CD but I won’t be editing that one yet.

To go to the Translation, please click on the “more” link down below.


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