[Enchanted in the Moonlight] Thorns in the Bouquet – MIYABI Walkthrough

SEASON 3 – The Bouquet

Miyabi Walkthrough

Game Title : Enchanted in the Moonlight
Company : Voltage INC.
Season : 3
Route : Thorns in the Bouquet
: Miyabi

“This love is strong enough to last for eternity.”

The thorn in your wedding bouquet is your father. Driven out by your dad’s firm disapproval of your relationship. Miyabi goes to extreme and daring lengths to prove his love for you.

Marked this post with spoilers as this is a walkthrough. I have both Happy and Good ending when you click the “more” link below.


Jigoku Onsen – Kiyomori (Translation)

Jigoku Onsen Gensenkake Nagashi Kiyomori Translation
黄泉戀湯浴み 地獄温泉~源泉かけ流し~
Seiyuu : 梶 裕貴 – Kaji Yuuki
Release Date : April 27, 2016
Purchase : Amazon JP


Please help support the seiyuu and the company. Do not download the Drama CD online. You can also buy pre-owned drama CDs at discounted prices at Yahoo!Japan as well. You can use Amazon Japan, shopping service agents and even forwarding services.

Note : PLEASE DO NOT REPOST. Linking to this page is OK, but don’t forget that you cannot distribute or copy the actual translation. I commissioned Minori Kato-Hopkins to translate this drama CD (however, keep in mind that I edited it as well). Thank you so much!~

If I ever find out that people are reposting or using these translations whether or not you are making money off it, I will cease posting anymore in the future. Please don’t ruin it for others.


Overview : \ \ \٩(。•ㅅ•。)و/ / / WOO HOO! FINALLY!! First translation for Kaji Yuuki that I posted here, haha. It also had to be a character that’s pretty… intense – LOL! To be honest, this took me forever to edit. I think this has been saved as a draft for more than 2 months already I think? Anyway, I found it interesting that I seem to have warmed up to him a bit better this time around than when I first listened to his CD with the original translation.

Again, it’s fairly different from Ranmaru and Kira’s stories. I suppose I have 3 left for this series that I need to put up and edit as well. TuT

To go to the Translation, please click on the “more” link down below.


Rejet Fes 2017 Change

One day has gone and it looks like Rejet has announced a few of its upcoming Drama CD titles. I am seriously thrilled to see yet another installment of Yuugen Romantica! [幽幻ロマンチカ 破天荒] Woo hoo! I did think it’d be pretty stupid if they don’t bring back Yuroma this year, but seeing it officially announced is just awesome.

What I’m sort of surprised to see again so soon though is Thanatos Night! Heck, it’s not even done yet and they’re already going to release the next season! Wuuuttt? To be honest, I’m kind of curious how they’re going to handle the 2nd one as Nia was an asswipe in S1. Will it be more lovey dovey this time around or will it be yet another case of “lol, F U” to us listeners?

I do love how they say it’s a Re:Vival when S1 isn’t even done yet. >__> haha Oh well! I certainly won’t complain as I get to have another CD by Masuda Toshiki. I’m seriously hoping though that he gets more actual roles and nothing that involves singing, ugh. I want a proper Drama CD Rejet! Please! Can you grant me this wish? lol. I’m hoping there’ll be something new when they announce more stuff today.

I’ll write another entry later on or maybe the next day. >u<b

1/23 – Not making another entry as Rejet did not announce anymore Drama CDs after the first day. Honestly I’m a bit disappointed that there are no new ones to look forward to but I guess I can’t have everything, haha. XD At least there’s a Season 3 for Yuugen Romantica and a Season 2 for Thanatos Night.

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