Welcome to Cactus Milk! It’s a blog run by me, Nurie. Right now, I am quite obsessed with Otome games and Drama CDs so my posts will mainly be about that here in this blog. However, I’ve decided to make this blog as an outlet when discussing about various interests. So from time to time, I may talk about my other interests other than Otome games and Drama CDs.

So, a little about me. I’m 32 years old (yep, I know – I guess I don’t act like my age, lols). I have dabbled in a lot of things as I get pretty obsessive at times. Right now I’ve taken a break from school but I went back to studying as I would like to finally realize my dream of being an Interactive Designer. I still haven’t decided what specific field I’d like to be doing unfortunately. I still have to figure out what kind of job I’d like to be doing and build my graduation project around there.

Here’s a nice quote as this is of great significance for me in life right now. I will change it when I feel like I’ve gotten past that stage.

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings…

— Lao Tzu

I’ve played a lot of Otome Games and I’ve been fairly up to date with all the latest releases for the English Market. It’s common practice in this specific gaming community not to share CGs, download illegal copies, share the full routes or the story and even share files that were supposedly sold in limited quantity. This genre is relatively more unknown compared to the other types of games. Doing the things I mentioned is actually just going to be extremely detrimental to the possibility of obtaining more localized Otome games.

If you can, try to support the industry and buy as much Otome games as possible. We need to get the companies to realize that there are a lot of people who would like to support this industry if they just gave us the chance to do so.