Yuugen Romantica Hatenkou – Merry Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ 破天荒 第伍の謎 メリーさん メリィ
Seiyuu : 鳥海浩輔 – Toriumi Kousuke
Release Date : August 16, 2017
Purchase : Animate International

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Track 1 – The Broadcast at 4:44


Hello? You saw it, didn’t you.

Then I’ll tell you… about one of the Seven Mysteries… the Broadcast at 4:44.

When it becomes dark at 5:00, this museum closes.

The empty museum with not a single person in sight.

It’s a very lonely place.



But… I’m… even more lonely.

Nobody knows me. Nobody looks at me.

I’ll will eventually be forgotten.

Being alone is too sad for me…

That’s why I decided to call you.

If you hear the Broadcast at 4:44, I won’t let you go.

I caught you.

Please don’t leave me behind.

Please look at me.



Will you really promise me… to be with me forever?

I’m happy…

Then… you won’t need to leave this place anymore, right?

You won’t mind if your legs won’t move anymore, right?

And you won’t need your arms either.

I’ll make sure nothing can move.

Your head, neck, and eyes… and brain… and heart…

You can’t move at all, can you?

You can’t move. You can’t feel anything. Hahaha.



Now I’ve completed my doll.

Let’s go on display together in the case.

Forever… until you break.

What was that program?

You just saw it right? We were on TV.

No, it wasn’t me. It’s easy for me to possess the TV if I want to, but I won’t show me hurting my girlfriend.

I felt a strange yokai power, so it might be caused by a yokai that lives in this town.



I think it was probably just a prank, but… I was surprised.

Senpai, are you alright?

But you’re pale. I mean, you had to see that in the middle of the night.

Um… if you don’t mind… you can… lean against me.

Let’s stay this way until you calm down.

It’s shame we had to be surprised during our vacation, with just the two of us.

Right, it’s not a vacation. We’re doing this to for your research project, yes.

We can’t be having fun, right?

Of course not. I’m happy to help you.

And… I’m personally interested in your topic, the history of dolls.



This town is famous for its onsens and doll-making.

Well, after a huge disaster at the beginning of the Meiji Period, the doll-making tradition has become obsolete.

But the precious dolls from that period are cherished and displayed at the museum.

I’m sure you’ll find documents for your project.

I’m so excited! I wonder if we’ll find Japanese dolls that grow hair!

Yes! I would love to see one. I would even love to swap numbers.

I don’t intend to cheat on you. You’re the only one for me.



What? That’s not what you were worried about?

Oh, I’m relieved.

We should go sleep soon. We need to wake up to catch the bus to the museum.

Senpai, please use the bed. I’ll rest somewhere else.

What’s wrong?

What?! I understand that you’re scared, but…

I’m your boyfriend, but a man and woman sleeping together…

I don’t want anything to happen to you!


Oh. Since that man is me, I suppose nothing will happen.



Um… then I guess I’ll join you. Let’s sleep.

Senpai…? Don’t look at me.

Um… you’re making me feel embarrassed.

Are you sure you feel better when I’m next to you like this?

Really? I’m really happy, but… I think my face is getting red.

Please don’t look this way.

Ahhh! Senpai, no hugging either!

I mean, you can, but… I just…

I finally got used to hugging you from myself, but…

I’m still a bit… when we’re like this.

Huh? Senpai?

Hello? Did you fall asleep?

She fell asleep so quickly, while I feel like I’m going to evaporate from the heat.

Don’t do something so cute.

I hope we’ll be able to look around the museum properly tomorrow.


Track 2 – A strange noise


I suppose I’m stronger than I thought. I managed to sleep through.

It’s nothing! Please don’t worry about it. I was just admiring the vast amount of information in the museum.

Look at this.

It’s a drawing of a house that has been destroyed by a storm.

This is a record of those injured in the hospital.

There’s a lot of documents about the disaster that happened a long time ago.

The ferocious storm… and the massive flooding of the river.

It must be a terrible memory for this town.

It’s a bit strange that every exhibition is about this disaster.



I wonder where they’re exhibiting the dolls.

We should’ve asked the old man by the ticket booth.

I can’t see any other staff.

I can’t even see any visitors.

I’m sure we didn’t miss it. I mean, it even has their main attraction- the living doll.

I’m not talking about the living doll that appears in horror stories.

It’s a doll that was used in shows from the end of the Edo Period to the Meiji Period.

It looks like a human, and is even human-sized.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many left, but one of them is being exhibited in this museum.

I’m sure we’ll spot it immediately.

Anyway, let’s go to the next exhibition room.



It’s really quiet…

We haven’t seen a single person.

Yes, the museum looks desolate, perhaps because of the sunset.

And… we’ve been through most of the exhibition rooms, but we couldn’t find the dolls.

Should we go back to the start and look again? We still have some time. I think the museum closes at 5:00.

Right now it’s… 4:44…

Huh? What is this broadcast?

The air is heavy…

A yokai power? Why?

No… I can’t keep my human form…





I love you.

I’ll cherish you forever, so please cherish me too.

What’s wrong?

Don’t leave me behind… Senpai…



I’ve possessed you. Now you won’t be able to get away.

As long as you are with me, I’m happy.

You too, right?

You’re acting strangely.

I’m always like this. I’m a horrifying yokai in those folktales. I’m Merry.

Wherever you go, I will follow you.

I’ll be behind you, no matter where you run.

That’s right… you’ll always be with me.

I’m truly happy.

You won’t mind if your legs won’t move anymore, right?

Sorry, I made you trip.



I put a weak electric current through your legs.

Your legs feel numb, and they won’t move, right?

I’ll stop your arms from moving too.

You don’t need to be scared.

It won’t hurt.

There’s sweat on your neck…

Over here…

I’ll cool it down with my cold hands.


Your scream is always cute.

Maybe I should make your neck numb before your arms.

Even if you become paralyzed like a doll, I’ll still cherish you.



Hm? Why are you crawling around?

Oh, that…

It’s my smartphone.

I must have dropped it just now.

Thank you for picking it up.

Huh? Senpai…. wait…

Please don’t delete the data, I just managed to finally send you a friend request for that app!

That was close…

You’re so mean…

You didn’t want to go on a quest with me?



What? Huh? What was I doing?

Senpai… what have I done?!

Are your legs okay?

I’m sure it didn’t hurt, since it was only a small current.

Did you injure yourself when you tripped?

I’m relieved. I’m sorry for scaring you.

I couldn’t control myself. How pathetic of me.

That’s right… that broadcast…

The moment we heard it, the air changed.

A terrible anger is still surrounding us.

We can’t stay here.



I become a target for these powers so easily. I’ll lose control again.

Let’s leave here immediately.

Please wait for a moment. I need to turn back to a human if we’re going out.

I managed to transform. Can you stand? Please take my hand.


Senpai? There’s something coming towards us from behind.

Should we look back? One… two…


It’s not a human…



An old kimono… a false smile…

Could it be… the living doll that was on display?

Why is it here?

And why is a female doll holding a sword?

It’s moving!

It’s such an honor to meet a living doll!

What? Please wait a minute.

You shouldn’t point a blade at people. Did we do something to hurt your feelings?



If so, we apologize, so please calm down. Ahhh!

A strong evil…

This doll was the one defiling the air?

I don’t think we can communicate with it.

Let’s run. Please excuse me.

Sorry I have to carry you like this. Please hold on.

Let’s run into that exhibition room for now. I’m sure we can at least buy

some time if we close the


A bell?!


Track 3 – The signal won’t reach


I don’t think it’s chasing us.

That heavy air is also gone.

I wonder if it gave up on us.

Are you okay, Senpai?

I’m okay. Of course you’re not heavy.

I’m not very athletic though…

I hadn’t sprinted in a while.

I never thought a living doll would attack us.

I thought I heard a bell, but…

I wonder what’s happening to this museum.

I want to check, but this exhibition room has no window, and it’s too dark to see properly.




A light…


So many dolls! Look, it’s a hina doll!

There are a lot of Ichimatsu dolls over there.

I thought we saw all the exhibitions, but I guess we missed this one.

Oh it fell over. Poor thing. It’s head came off.


This is…

These dolls are alive too!

Senpai, come over here.

Please let us through!



We’re surrounded!

Please don’t have such a scary smile on your face!

We don’t mean any harm.

Don’t pull me! My clothes are going to rip. Don’t hit me either!

Stop it! Let go of her!


You have a cut on your arm…

Someone’s hurt, and you’re laughing.

That’s horrible.

More importantly… you… hurt Senpai.



You might think this is just a prank. It must just be playing for you, but…

I won’t forgive those who make Senpai cry.

Even if you’re a cute doll, I will curse those who get carried away.

Huh? Huh? Hey, wait!

They got away.

I didn’t even do antyhing.



More importantly, does your arm hurt?!

You have a scratch…

Sorry, if only I could save you earlier.

This isn’t saving you. I can’t say anything, even if you thank me.

Anyway, let’s treat the scratch. Let’s find somewhere you can rest.

There, done! Well, I only put on a plaster.

Yes, I carry things around just in case.

Well, I only other things I have are my wallet and smartphone.

Luckily, the wound is light.

I wonder why they did such horrible things.



Yes, dolls that have been cherished for a long time can carry people’s

feelings and thoughts.

Basically, they become yokais.

But that doesn’t mean they will attack humans.

I felt a deep anger from those dolls. I wonder what happened.

I thought I’d see humans in the office, but I wonder where they all went.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Let’s call the manager of the museum.



I think the number is on the homepage.

Huh? I can’t use the internet.

I can’t even connect to my mailbox.

Twitter… gps… nothing’s working.

Don’t tell me I can’t call either…

I can’t… I tried to call the school, but it didn’t work.

My signal should reach, even if the phone has no signal.

Don’t tell me your phone doesn’t work either! Let me try.

It worked! It looks like I can call your phone.



Hearing your voice through the phone is so soothing.

I don’t have time to do this.

I can use my powers, but I can only call you.

I can’t use the internet.

That means there are two possibilities.

We have been closed off, perhaps by some barrier, and are unable to contact the outside world.

The other possibility is…

We’re in the past, where phones and internet doesn’t exist.

Haven’t you heard of this folktales or horror stories?

About people getting lost in a mysterious world.

A few years later, people are found wearing ancient clothing.

Or… people become trapped in a mysterious world.

There are many stories like these.



I thought that bell was odd.

We might have gotten lost in this world.

Sorry for rummaging through the documents without your permission,


Look at the record of visitors.

The dates are… more than 90 years in the past.

This has become a terrible museum visit…


Track 4 – A quiet night


It’s so late.

I’m sure there’s a reason why we were dragged into the past.

As long as we find the reason, I’m sure we’ll find a way to go back.

I thought there would be a clue in this changing room, but I can’t find anything.

Hm? Did you find something?

A diary? It must belong to the staff.

Excuse me, please let me read it.

This is… as if the writer spilled our her fear onto the page.



It seems like many staff members quit their job here.

There are no staff at night, so this place is completely empty right now.

They say the same thing. The dolls laughed… attacked them…

That’s what they’ve scribbled down.

It looks like that living doll is walking around the museum too.

It seems to be attacking them here in the past, too.

Yes, I hope we don’t have to meet it, but…

If there’s a reason why we were transferred to the past, that doll must have

something to do with it.

We just need to find out why the dolls are so angry.

Eh?! That was..



The living doll is coming out way!

Oh no, there’s only one door, and there’s no where to hide.

Senpai, can you go inside that empty box? I’ll close the lid.

It’s okay. I’ll possess you after I close the lid.

Are you okay? I’ll hug you, so please try to endure it.

It’s cramped, isn’t it? I’m sorry.

I’m sure it won’t think that I could fit in here, since I’m so big.



I’m sure it won’t know we’re here, so just endure it for a while.

Don’t worry, I won’t let it lay a finger on you.

I’m hugging you. I’ll be by your side no matter what, so endure it.

It’s gone.

Don’t move yet. We should wait for a bit.

Your body is shaking, and your hands are cold.

You did well. You must’ve been so scared.




I can’t use strong yokai power like the other yokais.

I don’t light fighting either.

You might find me unreliable because of my character, but I’m always by

your side.

I will never leave you.

So please be at ease.

I’m sure it’ll be fine as long as we’re together.

Don’t cry. Your eyes will become red.

Sorry, that was a bit bold of me.

I tend to get more confident when I’m possessing you.

Just one more time… to give you energy.

Do you feel less scared now?

Good. It looks like it’s okay outside.



Can you get out? I’ll lend you my hand.

It looks like we’ve made it, but I think the doll is still walking around the museum.

Most yokais become active at dawn.

We should stay hidden in this room until sunrise.

Let’s prepare somewhere to sleep then.

There’s so much stuff here, it’s troublesome!

It’s really cramped.

I wouldn’t have been able to search through this if I weren’t in this small body.



I found it!

It’s a bit dusty, but I found a blanket.

We’ve got our bed ready now.

We’ve put heavy things by the door to block it, too.

I’m sure we can get through the night.

I’m glad to be of service.

Senpai, please lie down.

Are you comfortable? Let me know if you’re cold.

Yes, I can stay awake. I’ll be on guard, so don’t worry and sleep.




Is something the matter?

That’s true…

Of course you’d find it hard to sleep.

Um…? If you don’t mind… um…

Should I lie down with you?

Um, I just thought you’d find it easier to sleep.

Are you sure? Well… then… excuse me.

Sorry… I’m the one that suggested this, but I’m nervous.

Really? It makes me happy when you depend on me.



But you need to cover you shoulder with the blanket too.

It’s like you’re a small child.

I don’t mean it in a bad way. I just thought that you’re very cute.

Can I… stroke your head?

Your hair feels so nice.

I feel happy, despite our situation.

I don’t know if this will make you feel sleepy, but can I tell you a bedtime story?

It’s the folktale that was the source of my birth. The call from Merry.

It’s actually about a doll that was thrown away by its owner.

I used to scare humans, according to the folktale.



Calls in the middle of the night…

Slowly creeping up on people…

I saw people being frightened, and I enjoyed it.

I don’t remember when this was, but I eavesdropped on someone’s call.

I still remember what he said. He said, “Welcome back.”

That was it, but my tears didn’t stop.



It made me wonder why I was alone.

And how long I was going to be alone.

Was there someone to welcome me back?

When I realized, I couldn’t return to how I was.

I became lonely at night, and I was sad in the morning.

Even if I mustered my courage to call or appear in front of people, they got scared.

I was wandering alone, until I met my senpais at Nanagiri School.



Please don’t worry. It’s not a sad memory.

I changed when I met you.

Now, I’m not alone.

If I stretch my hand out, I have someone to take it.

I was just thinking about… how happy that makes me.

Sorry for talking for so long. If you feel sleepy, please close your eyes.

Good night.


Track 5 – I want to be loved


Good morning. You can sleep a bit more if you like. It’s still dark.

I can’t connect to the server even if I want to play with the app.

I’ve been researching.

Actually, I’ve been collecting folktales and horror stories for studying.

I thought some of the data might mention something about this museum.

Oh! The curse of the living doll of the museum.

I guess searching always leads to something.



There’s no mistake. It’s a horror story about this museum.

If you hear the Broadcast at 4:44, you will be dragged into the doll’s world, and you won’t be able to leave.

Even those who risked their lives to come back came back heavily injured, crazy, or weren’t able to communicate.

This Seven Mystery is true. You shouldn’t go to the museum.

They don’t exhibit the dolls anymore, but the dolls are a serious problem.

They’re all cursed.

What I mean is…

This is??

Do you remember this? It’s the record of the major disaster we found in the exhibition room.



A heavy storm left this town in ruins, and the population declined.

Apparently many dolls were left behind.

Although they were cherished by the people, people started to find them creepy after such an unfortunate disaster.

Years went by, the town built theme parks and museums to attract visitors.

The dolls that were left behind were collected by this museum.

The anger of the dolls must be caused by this.

They were left behind by humans and ignored for years.

They got more twisted because people rumored about them as a Seven Mystery.

The anger of the dolls that were left behind…

It’s like Merry’s folktale that we saw on TV. Perhaps it’s a message from the dolls.



Maybe they called me here because I’m like them.

Don’t worry.

Although I might have hated humans if I took one wrong step, I changed because I learned to love humans.

Now that I have changed, I can’t ignore this problem.

If we let the dolls do as they please, there will be more victims.

I felt the strongest anger from the living doll. Let’s stop it.

Yes, there’s an easy way to stop a cursed doll.

It’s to break the doll’s anger.

I feel sorry for it, but we have to do it.

I don’t want this sad horror story to keep going.



Can I borrow your smartphone?

And I would like to borrow a ten yen coin from your wallet.

I don’t think I have enough.

In the evening, the living doll will start moving.

That’s when we’ll put an end to this.

It’s almost dusk.

The air is becoming defiled.

That doll should start moving.

Don’t worry, I’m sure this will go well.

Oh, it’s coming. It’s behind the door. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.




Just kidding…

Did you think we were here?

That shining plank… is called a smartphone.

We can send you our voice even if we’re far away.


Are you surprised to not find us there?

You can’t find us. We’re not hiding anywhere.

We are behind you…

Please calm down now!

Don’t move around! The net can’t be broken that easily.

I chose a net that looked strong… ahhhh!

What a sharp sword you have!



I’m okay. This is within my expectation.

Now if it gets tangled up in the net, everything will be fine.

Ms. Doll, do you know what those things are on the net?

It’s money from our time— a ten yen coin.

The main component of ten yen coins is bronze. It means that it conducts

electricity very well!

Please… become numb!

It’s not moving.

What a success!

I found out that ten yen coins can increase my power!

It’s thanks to your cooperation.



But there’s still something for us to do.

Ms. Doll? I understand how sad you must have been to be left behind.

I know how sad it is to be alone.

But… cursing and hating people are also sad.

So… let’s end this!

Are you crying?

Nobody knows me. Nobody looks at me.

I’ll will eventually be forgotten.

Being alone is too sad for me…

That’s true. Nobody can live alone.

We need to be loved by someone.



Ms. Doll, you don’t want to curse people, right?

You just wanted to be loved, right?

That’s right…

That was all you wanted.

Senpai, sorry. I don’t think I can break the doll.

I know that letting it go will mean a lot of people will be harmed.

But I still want to help this doll.

I’m sorry.



I can’t abandon this doll.

Really? You’re okay with that?

You’re much kinder than I am.

You’re kind… and strong.

If you will allow it, let’s find another way.

So that humans and dolls won’t be sad.

Ms. Doll, please give us some time.

We will find a way to save you.


Track 6 – If only I can take a step forward


Hmm… I thought it would be in this changing room.

This is it!

I see…

I think this will work.

It’s a crystal radio. I saw it when I was looking at some radio mania magazine.

I think it can receive signals in the air even if it’s not plugged in.

People probably can’t have one each, like we have our smartphones, but I’m sure it’s quite common in this period.

A weak signal won’t be captured, so I guess it’s up to how hard I try.

Yes, I’m going to hijack the signal that gets sent to people’s houses.



The only way to remove the doll’s sadness is to attract people to the museum.

Advertising is the best way to gather people.

I know, if I make a broadcast to the whole country, my energy will be really depleted.

We don’t know if I’ll succeed, either.

But I want to try.

This is just like when I confessed to you.

If I had given up from the start, I wouldn’t be here.

I think it’s important to take a step forward. You’re the one who taught me this.

Please let me be a bit reckless.



I can borrow your body?!

Oh yes, I forgot. If I possess you, I’ll be able to feel your love close by. I won’t lose my energy so easily then.

Thank you. Please let me possess you.

I feel so warm when I’m near you. I’m brimming with energy.

I wouldn’t have come up with this myself.

It’s always better to be together… than to be alone.

Let’s broadcast to the nation, bringing our powers together.



Hello. I’m Merry. Can you hear me?

I have a notice from Nanagasumi Museum.

We are currently exhibiting cute dolls.

Did you have dolls or toys that you cherished when you were young?

Something you let go of without noticing?

They might be waiting for you somewhere.

If you still have memories of them, please come visit the museum.

We will be waiting for your visit.

If you don’t come… I’ll curse you.



I’m so tired.

Yes, because you let me possess you.

Please let me recharge myself for a bit longer.

I feel so relaxed. I’m so happy.

I hope the humans will come to the museum.

If the museum becomes popular, the dolls won’t feel lonely anymore.

Hm? Oh, Ms. Doll, you came.



I did all I can do advertise this place.

Now let’s believe in the humans and wait for them.

What’s wrong?


The sound of a bell?

This is…



Huh? Ms. Doll?

It’s gone. And the sound of the bell…

Maybe we’re back to the present.

I can hear people’s voices outside. I wonder what’s happening.

Please wait. I’ll transform into a human.

I’m opening the door… one… two…


Track 7 – The Broadcast at 4:44


Hello? You saw it, didn’t you.

The moment one of the Seven Mysteries… the Broadcast at 4:44, was rewritten.

The Broadcast at 4:44. One evening, we heard something creepy from the national broadcast.

It was the museum’s broadcast. Everyone was so scared because they weren’t supposed to be able to hear it.



This horror story spread quickly.

Now, Nanagasumi Museum has become a must-go for occult lovers.

The main attraction is the living doll.

A beautiful doll wearing Japanese traditional clothes. For some odd reason, it was named Merry.

I didn’t think the museum would become popular like this!

I accidentally said my name out of habit, and now that doll is called Merry!



But I’m happy that this museum is so popular.

I’m sure Merry won’t be lonely now.

Senpai, let’s go.

A lot of things happened, but I’m relieved that the dolls are happy.

Maybe we were called to the past for this reason.

Oh no! I forgot something very important!

I was going to swap numbers with that doll!

What’s wrong?

I’m not cheating on you! You’re the only one for me.

What? Then why are your shoulders shaking?



Are you laughing?

Ahhh! I like it when you hug me, but…!

I changed… and stopped being lonely, because of you.

I’ll always be with you. I’ll cherish you forever.

But don’t forget that I’m a scary yokai…

If you keep doing such cute mischief, I’ll curse you.


Track 8 – Free talk


Hello! I’m Tori, acting as Merry. Thanks for your hard work.

Please stay with me for this short talk.

First, my impression of the recording.

I joined from Uchouten, the second series.

Now I have joined this third season, Hatenkou. Thank you!

Let’s see… the recording…

So this character has “three layers.”

So there’s the scary guy, and the guy that goes “ahhh” and the small one.



I had to keep checking, but it was very fun.

I recorded this quite freely, well, almost as freely as I like, although that might sound bad.

I had a lot of fun!

The subheading for this series was Hatenkou!

The question is, is there something I would like to accomplish if I could do anything?

I’m sure the others have said this, but apparently 60 or 80 percent of every generation, not just the young ones, use the word “Hatenkou” incorrectly! I researched.



They think it means doing something crazy.

Even people on TV use it incorrectly. There’s probably a problem with that, too!

It actually means to do something that nobody else has done.

For example, like Ichiro!

Something nobody has done… to challenge yourself to that.

Something I would like to accomplish if I could do anything…

I wonder what it is…

Something I want to accomplish?

It’s difficult to think of something nobody has done, so…

Something I want to try?

Something I want to accomplish?

If I had the power and skill to do anything.



Eat a lot?

I really like eating good food, but there is a limit to the humans’ stomach.

It has a certain capacity.

I want to try eating good food limitlessly.

And yet not gain weight.

I would love to do that.

Tokyo, the other regions in Japan, and foreign countries have such good food.

But if I’m only there for a night and two days, which is always the case for work, there’s a limit to what I can eat.

I would love to not care about that and eat all I want!



Next question, where would I want to go for vacation out of the countries you haven’t been to?

Oh right, yes, they were on a little trip in this story, weren’t they.

Do you recommend any place for vacation?

I used to hate planes before, and tried to avoid them as much as possible.

But I’ve recently had the opportunity to go to other regions in Japan and abroad for work.

I’m getting use to it. I fall asleep before the plane takes off.

I’m okay with planes now.

I also started liking other countries. Before I only liked Japan, but going abroad has opened my eyes to all the fun things and good food they have.



Somewhere I’ve never been been to but I want to go to…

It’ll be a really long flight, but I want to go to Mexico. Sounds fun. They have pyramids too, right?

I also like Mexican food.

Finally, a message to you.

Thanks to you, I was able to join in the third series as well, although I only

joined half way.

It’s thanks to your encouragement!

If things go smoothly… maybe there will be a fourth and fifth series!

Although it will mean work for

those that need to come up with a story!

The staff will have another fun project to do if you keep supporting us.




Please enjoy this series and continue supporting us. Thank you!

That was Tori, Kosuke Toriumi, acting as Merry.


Um… sorry to disturb you right after you finished listening.

I’m sorry if I surprised you.

Please don’t worry. It’s Merry.

I couldn’t help but possess you while you listened to the CD.

It’s my first time possessing you. Do you feel chilly?

Even if you feel like someone is watching you, or you see a shadow beside your bed, don’t worry, it’s mostly me.



Even if you don’t notice, I will always be watching over you from behind.

I will always protect you.

So please be at ease and face forward to your future.

When you get tired, please lean back. I will always catch you.

Now, I will be quiet so I don’t disturb you.

But finally…

Thank you for falling in love with me.