SEASON 1 – Main Story

Kozaki Taki Walkthrough

Game Title : Kings of Paradise
Company : Voltage INC.
Season : 1
Route : Main Story
: Kozaki Taki

“You’ve only one option: let me love you.”

When you’re at your lowest, a real-estate tycoon offers you his hand. This cold, domineering man is not all he appears to be… He’s your ex who vanished from your life years ago.

The kind boy you once knew may be gone, but one thing hasn’t changed : his love for you.

Marked this post with spoilers as this is a walkthrough. I have both the Bodies on Fire and Hearts in Paradise endings when you click the “more” link below.




Instructions :

  • Start from the very beginning. Even if you’re only in Chapter 2.
  • This walkthrough will not give you 100% into the ending so any answer you change may affect the ending you get. So choose exactly what is written here.
  • Do not combine with other walkthroughs.



Bodies on Fire ending


Chapter 1
Give me back my clothes.
What do you mean “your”?

Chapter 2
Don’t say anything.
You should visit sometime.

Chapter 3
I can’t accept that.
I’m giving you your money back.

Chapter 4
You can’t change the past.
Anyway, getting back to what we were saying….

Chapter 5
I could never pay that back.
I’ll make you that tea again.

Chapter 6
Let me fix you up.

Chapter 7
You liked it?
I’m leaving.

Chapter 8
Pull on Taki’s hand to leave.
Reply honestly.

Chapter 9
Ok, if you’ll let me.
Since when are pheromones visible?

Chapter 10
What are you doing back here?
Taki won’t worry about me.

Chapter 11
Take care of Taki.
Then what are you doing this for?

Chapter 12
I feel the same way.
Hug Taki.



Hearts in Paradise ending


Chapter 1
That’s not the issue here.
You’re being way too pushy.

Chapter 2
Are you really buying it?
How’d you know that?

Chapter 3
Don’t be stupid.
I’m done pretending to be your fiancee.

Chapter 4
Why did you change?
What do you think?

Chapter 5
This is pointless.
I’ll make you that tea again.

Chapter 6
You go.
And now?

Chapter 7
I’ll use your tea.
This is disrespectful to Taki.

Chapter 8
Leave it to Taki.
Let me think.

Chapter 9
You want to continue the act?
You’re observant.

Chapter 10
Are you planning to sell me?
Taki was probably just pretending.

Chapter 11
I had no choice.
Can I trust you?

Chapter 12
It’s too late.
Say, “I’d follow you anywhere.”