Yuugen Romantica Hatenkou – Utashiro Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ 破天荒 第弐の謎 獏 ウタシロ
Seiyuu : 木村良平 – Kimura Ryohei
Release Date : May 17, 2017
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Track 1 – The Nightmare of the Escape Room



Shh… You saw it, didn’t you?

The nightmare of the escape room, one of the Seven Mysteries.

It can’t be helped once you’ve seen it.

Once you’re trapped in the dream, it’ll be a nightmare until you can escape.

Well… I wonder if you can escape.

Your time limit is… until this candle burns out.

Come on… if you have time to space out like that, you better try to escape instead.

Otherwise you’re going to be impaled.

Look at the ceiling.



Hahaha! What a nice scream.

That’s right… it would be terrible if a ceiling with so many needles fell down on you!

There will be holes all over your body.

When the candle burns out and it becomes completely dark, it’s game over for you.

Now… let’s star this fun escape room.

Nope, I won’t let you out so easily.



Here. I caught you.

If you want to escape, you better find a way to get out of this room.

Come on… the candle’s getting shorter…

The ceiling is coming down!

If you don’t hurry, you’re going to be impaled!

Don’t worry. Even if you do get impaled, I’ll let you start all over again because I’m kind.

We can keep going on and on… until you get out of here.



Haha. You’re so pale. How cute!

You’re like a moth caught in a spider’s web.

How does it feel to be trapped in a spider’s web, about to be eaten?

What are you saying? I’m just waiting for you to free yourself from this nightmare.

Now… show me your pitiful attempt.

Look… the candle’s getting shorter because you’re wasting your time talking.



Ten… nine… eight…

Panic… fear… and suffer.

Cry miserably and look for the exit while I watch over you.

Seven… six…

Hm? Why would I help you?

A poor girl with eyes full of fear and chattering teeth…

I want to enjoy seeing her cry.

Five left…

It’ll be pitch dark when they’re all out.

That will be the end of you.



Four… three… two… one… zero…


What a shame. You couldn’t escape.

But don’t worry. You don’t need to give up.

I’ll play with you again… right from the start.

Let’s enjoy the nightmare of the escape room forever… until you can escape.



What’s wrong?

You’re sweating a lot. Did you have a nightmare?

It looks like I’m right.

Don’t worry. This is your house, and we’re in your room. I’m beside you too.

There’s nothing to worry about.

That’s right. I’m Utashiro. Do I look like someone else?

It looks like you finally calmed down.

You have an early start tomorrow right? You better go to sleep again.

I’ll hug you… come here.



Are you warm?

Close your eyes. I’m sure you’ll be able to sleep.

You don’t need to thank me.

As a baku that eats nightmares, encouraging good sleep is also part of my job.

And… you’re letting me lodge in your room, so this is nothing.

And… well… this is something I should do as your boyfriend.

Anyway, go sleep. Good night.



She fell asleep.

She sweated so much. Poor her.

Is it because she was reading that pamphlet before she slept?

Then she’s too nervous! I know we’re having school camp soon…

How strange… I didn’t sense any nightmares though.

Well, maybe there’s no use thinking about it.

I should adjust myself to the human cycle and sleep too.



Track 2 – The School Camp



Physical labor is not my forte!

Is this all for everyone’s plates?

Right… we still have the ingredients.

Humans are so troublesome! They come all the way to this mountain to live without electricity.

What’s so fun about school camp?

There are fun places like festivals and hot springs if we descend this mountain, right?

Humans are so stoic.

Well true… I didn’t need to tag along since I’m a yokai, but…



I came because I was worried about you, of course!

Otherwise I won’t bother using sorcery to disguise myself as one of your classmates.

You were groaning last night, and yokais seem to get attracted to you.

If something happens to you deep in the mountain, I’m the one who’s going to suffer for it.

Do you finally understand my kindness?

You better thank your kind boyfriend.

Hm? They’re still hyped up about it over there.

Apparently there’s a mystery here as well.



The guys were talking about it really excitedly.

I hope there won’t be any idiots wandering around at night.

Well, I don’t mind fulfilling their expectations if they want to be scared so badly.

What are you saying? Have you forgotten that I’m a yokai?

My hobby is to bully humans in their nightmares.

There are no lights here so it’ll be pitch black at night.

Maybe I can scare them a little.



What kind of revenge are you planning to have on me if I do scare them?

Why don’t you try it if you can?

What’s this? Ingredients?

Hey! Don’t pile them on me! I can’t see where I’m going…!


Don’t make that kind of revenge! You treat your boyfriend too roughly.

I’m the last surviving baku, you know! Treat me better, I’m an endangered species!

Your smile annoys me!



Fine. If that’s your attitude, I’ll…!

You know what will happen to you once a yokai has possessed you, right?

You can’t see or touch me… but I can tease you as much as I want.

Like this…

Oh sorry, your neck’s your weak spot, is it?

I guess it’ll be unbearable if I stroke it gently like this.

So…? What should I do to a girl… who treats her boyfriend so badly?



No, I won’t forgive you.

So? Say sorry.

If you can’t say it, I’ll try teasing you some more.

I can’t hear you.

Your back is also your weak point, isn’t it?


What a good response.

I guess I’ll forgive you for now.



Haha! You’re bright red!

You deserved that because you treated me so badly!

I feel so satisfied now!

Well, I guess I’ll continue cooking…

What was that?



Welcome back.

Don’t you think it’s a little dangerous to go to the toilet alone in the middle of the night?

Don’t be so surprised. It’s me.

I was in the guy’s bungalow, but I came out.

I need to talk to you about something.

I’m going to direct.

I feel yokai power from this area.

I had a quick look around, but I couldn’t find any yokais.

But I sense yokai power, so we don’t know what might happen.

I thought I’d stay with you just in case.



You don’t need to thank me…!

If you don’t have any objections, it’s decided. I’ll excuse myself into your body.

Good. Now, hurry back to your bungalow.

You must be tired and want to sleep.

I thought you were going to sleep!!

You girls… spend too much time awake after you get into bed! You’ve been talking all this time!

Go sleep! It’s past your sleep time! Don’t blame me if you get bags under your eyes!



More importantly, why are you participating in their girls’ talk?!

I mean… I know you can’t just be the only one going to sleep, but…

Geez. Do whatever you want. I’ll kill time somehow.

Should I just make them all sleep using sorcery?

Hm? What’s wrong?

What? Why are you guys talking about our love life?!

Hey you! Girl over there! Stop asking her about what she likes about her boyfriend!



You don’t need to answer properly. Just take it in your stride.

Why are you answering so seriously?!

Why do I need to listen to all this romantic stuff about me?!

I can’t stop them because only she can hear my voice.

Idiot! Don’t talk about that!

No, that’s wrong! Girls, I only waited for her at the station because she left without checking the forecast and…!



That’s um… I just forgot to bring two umbrellas… it’s not like I purposely forgot so we would need to share one umbrella!! It’s not like that! Gahh!

They couldn’t prevail against sleepiness.

I thought they were never going to sleep if I didn’t use my sorcery!

Do you like torturing me so much!?

If teasing during the day wasn’t enough, I can do more, you know!

If you were going to plead so desperately, then you shouldn’t have said those things in the first place!



Whatever… they’re all asleep, so you should go sleep too.

Are you not sleepy at all?

Is it because you remember the nightmare yesterday?

I knew it. I wonder what kind of nightmare would bother you so much.

Hm? What’s wrong?

It must’ve been really scary.



The nightmare of the escape room? And I’m the one who was in your nightmare?

What a nightmare…

Yea, it’s not a nightmare I made you see.

Even I wouldn’t do something that terrible.

But… it can’t just be a normal nightmare.

I mean, I couldn’t sense the nightmare.

It might be a prophetic dream, or… someone’s scheming something by using your dreams.



You don’t need to look so pale. I said I’ll be with you all night.

Can’t be helped.

You like hugging me when I’m like this, right?

I’ll let you specially for today. You better thank your kind boyfriend.

Be easy on me! You’re so rough.

Do you feel at ease?

I see… Then you can sleep like this.

I won’t leave your side no matter what.

Good night.



She already fell asleep. She looks so carefree.

She must feel relaxed because I’m with her.

Now I’m getting sleepy…

How can a yokai like me get sleepy at this hour…



Track 3 – The Sealing Bell and the Sealed Mansion



What? It’s… dark?

This is… a really old room.


You woke up?

You shouldn’t look around you.

Japanese dolls all over the floor, and talismans all over the walls.

There are even blood transfusion packs on the floor.

It’s like a horror movie scene.

I wonder who brought us here.

What’s wrong?



What? You mean… that nightmare?

Does that mean we’re in your dream?

I didn’t sense a nightmare at all.

And why did I get involved in this too?

Oh well. Let’s just get out of here then.

Come on, hold onto me.

If I use my baku powers, entering and leaving dreams is a piece of cake.

We’re going.

Huh? That’s weird.



We can’t… leave? No way!

What? Candles? So many…

Do they plan to start “One Hundred Supernatural Tales” or something?

The walls?

Blood-written letters. What a bad taste.

“Is escape possible?”

Oh, so it’s a challenge.



It looks like someone is causing this nightmare.

I don’t know what their intention is, but how dare they.

Fine! I’ll be your opponent, but if I do escape, never drag her into your nightmare again!

Of course. How can I let someone do as they please to you?

I’m the only one who’s allowed to do that.

Now, let’s start this escape room!

Huh? The candle went out?

I see. So this is the timer.

It’s a waste of time if you’re trying to make me panic.



Don’t panic. I’ll do something about this.

Huh? The ceiling…?


What’s that?! Needles everywhere!

If we get impaled by those…

It’s coming down!

Calm down. Let’s leave this room.

We can go out through that door!



It’s no use. It won’t open!

Stand back. I’ll tear it into pieces with sorcery!

What?! It won’t move at all!

This is bad… the ceiling…

Are there any other exists?

The candle!

Why do they go out so easily?!

It’s too dark to find an exist!

Another one!

There’s no time to search. Come here.



The ceiling’s going to come down. Close your eyes.

We… barely escaped. Don’t move.

You probably can’t see in the dark, but I broke the needles.

I could barely make space for both of us.
It looks like we’ve at least saved our lives.

But… this is probably a failed escape.

I knew it.



I woke up!

Are you okay?

I’m relieved. That was a terrible dream!

My sorcery didn’t work…

I was confident that I’d be able to eat up any nightmare.

Hm? Show me your hand!

There are scratches on your hand… don’t tell me…



Those needles scratched you… even if it was a dream?!

A dream that can affect reality…

Then… if we had been impaled, then we would have…

Don’t be scared, it’s okay.

These scratches will heal.

I’m sorry this happened even when I was with you.

It hurts my pride as a baku that I was played with in a dream.



My pride as the last surviving baku won’t forgive this.

More importantly, I’m a terrible boyfriend for making you so scared.

Do you think you can sleep?

Okay. Come here.

It’ll be dawn in a few hours. Let’s stay awake like this until the unpleasant feeling from that nightmare goes away.



Track 4 – Inside the Hand That Escaped



There are so many branches!

And it’s difficult to walk.

It’s fine! You don’t need to hike with your classmates.

I’ve used sorcery to cover up the fact that you’re missing.

There’s something more important we need to do.

There’s finally an open space!

There’s so much space! It looks a lot bigger than what we saw on the map.

Hm? There’s a signboard.

It looks like there used to be something here.

It’s a good view, and it’s breezy.



Come here.

Why are you just standing there?

Come one, lie down.

Why do you look so confused?

I’m saying you can put your head on my lap. Be grateful!

There’s no need to be embarrassed.

You didn’t sleep at all last night, so you should get some rest.

I’m not worried or anything. Just close your eyes!

I said it’s not for you. Whatever.

I’ll stroke your head, so relax your shoulders.



You can stay like that. Breathe slowly.

The sunlight should be warming you body.

The wind feels nice too. There’s nothing for you to worry about.

So… relax and sleep…

She always sleeps so well.

How happy she looks! So cute.

She’s even having a delicious dream.

Let me have a taste…



It looks like it’s not a bad dream.

I guess there’s nothing to worry about for now…

A strong yokai power!

Is it going to happen again tonight?!

I don’t know what your aim is, but I won’t forgive you for scaring her.

If you’re going to make us have another nightmare, I’ll be prepared.



I knew it.

This mansion again…

It looks like it wants us to play the escape room again.

Good morning. I’m glad I slept with you again.

As you can see, it’s invited us to this game again.

I don’t intend to make it a game over though!

Hey, Mansion-kun! Can you at least tell us why you keep inviting us here?



“Is escape possible?”

This again?

It looks like it doesn’t intend to communicate with us.

I guess I’ll have to escape and ask it directly!

It’s started. Give me your hand. We’re running!

It probably won’t open again, but…!

It opened!

What’s this… the same room again!?

The same again?!



What’s going on? The same room keeps appearing!

The flame…!

Don’t panic. If not this door… somewhere else!


What’s this? A cloth?

Damn! I can’t move!

Idiot! Don’t come here! It’s dangerous!

Wait! Let her go!

Damn… ! If only I can free myself from this…!

You’re kidding me. Why is that knife aiming for me?!



Don’t look down on a baku’s power!

Bakus can disperse evil power!

Don’t think such child-play will work on me!

Even this cloth…!

Are you okay?

Phew. You’re not injured, right?



A few candles went out simultaneously!

So much faster than yesterday.

Don’t panic. It’s what it wants you to do.

It’ll be the end of us if it separates us in the dark again.

If I’m possessing you, I can be with you.

It’s okay. It’s alright. I vowed to protect you with my life.

When all the bakus disappeared and I was left alone. Even the baku I found disappeared in front of me.



I don’t want to feel the same way again.

I don’t want to lose what’s important to me.

I’ll do anything to prevent that from happening.

The flames are going out.

Huh? Nothing’s happening. What’s going on?

The mansion… is hesitating?

Could it be… it’s confused because you’re not scared?



It must be. I’ve experienced the same thing before so I know.

You attacked me with a mop when I scared you, and you fell asleep when I tried to surprise you.

I remember that feeling of confusion and disappointment that can’t be expressed in words.

I can assure you this is what’s happening, since I experienced such ordeals after meeting you!

The mansion is confused as to what to do.

We have to take advantage of this opportunity!



Listen. Keep moving forward without fear.

If you hit the door, break it apart.

That’s right. Don’t be scared. I’m with you.

Show it that it can’t threaten us like this!

Hahaha. Don’t underestimate my girl!

She even crushed me under the lockers!

Don’t think you can stop her with a mere nightmare!



Huh? The bungalow… Does that mean we managed to escape?

Good morning. Looks like you’re safe too!

Let’s talk about what happened.

Go under the covers. We don’t want to be seen.

It looks like it failed to trap us because it was so confused.

Our lives were saved, but do you think we managed to win the game?

I think so too.

It was like we almost cheated.

I’m sure it’ll attack us again.

If it attacks us with another nightmare, we’ll be in serious trouble. We need to plan something.



Huh? What are you holding?

That candle! It’s from that mansion!

What do you mean, you brought it?!

No, I’m not angry that you stole it…

It’s just that you can’t bring something from a dream to reality!

Even if you have the power of baku which lets you enter dreams.

Yea, we made a fundamental mistake.

That mansion isn’t a nightmare. It exists in reality.



Track 5 – Me Suffering Is Enough



We’re finally here!

There’s a nice breeze here as usual.

It makes me want to nap like we did yesterday, but we probably shouldn’t for today.

I found it. It’s this signboard! I should’ve read it properly yesterday.

Nanagasumi Hospital Site.

I knew it.

There used to be an old mansion here. It was demolished a hundred years ago.

Yea, that mansion… is this.

There are many yokais that appear during Ushimitsutoki.

That mansion also appears during the night, and took people away while they slept.

The people thought they were just having a nightmare.



We were deceived, too.

But if it really exists in reality, then it’s simple. I’ll find its weakness.

This mansion was used as a hospital took many people in when there was a natural disaster 150 years ago.


But… many patients suffered in pain and weakened despite treatment.

It is said that the patients continually pleaded to be let out of the hospital.



It is rumored that people in this area have nightmares of being trapped in the mansion, perhaps because their feelings still remain even after the hospital was demolished.

The nightmare of the escape game mystery.

This… is the history of that mansion. I see.

Now I understand. That thing was created by the feelings of people who were injured and suffered.

It’s a mass of hatred and suffering in the shape of a hospital.

Without a human’s strong feelings, yokais cannot be born.

The reason for that mansion must be what is written here.

These kind of yokais cannot be reasoned with.



We have to make it disappear if we don’t want anymore victims.

Yokais can only live the way humans imagine them to live.

If it was created as a mass of hatred, it will continue attacking people.

Someone has to stop it.

You’re right. It would mean I will be killing a fellow yokai.

But I already stopped worrying about that.

I already knew this would happen the day I decided to live with you.

I wasn’t planning to tell you this.

Humans and yokais can never accept each other.

There will always be a gap in our love that we can’t fill.



In order to fill that, we’ll have to suffer a lot.

It would include having to kill a fellow yokai.

But… I already made my resolution ages ago.

I decided to take in all the pain so that you can smile.

It’s okay. You don’t need to worry about anything.

I’ll take everything in.

What’s wrong?

There will be no problem if I deal with everything myself.




Don’t be ridiculous.

As long as I can protect you, it’s fine.

Why talk about my happiness now?

Why… will you be unhappy if I can’t become happy?

I decided in my heart that that’s what I will do.

If you look so upset like that, my determination will waver…



I really was planning to burden all of this myself.

Why are you always so stubborn?

The gap between yokais and humans is deep. You will get hurt many times.

And you’re okay with that?

You say that so easily.

You’re so…

That’s right… I forgot that my girlfriend wouldn’t back out just because of this.

We both have to become happy together, just like you say.

I’m sorry for not telling you this. I won’t hide anything anymore.

Let’s confront that mystery together.



What would you do if I say I might be able to free that mansion?

I don’t guarantee it.

If I’m wrong, that thing will really try to kill us.

There’s still a possibility though. What do you want to do?

My girlfriend is so dependable.

I’ll succeed if you’re with me.

Let’s end this once and for all tonight.



Track 6 – Good Night



Looks like everyone’s asleep.

School camp will end tomorrow.

Today’s the last night. Let’s end the nightmare of the escape room tonight.

Are you scared?

Really? You’re always close to tears because you can’t sleep. You’re acting very bravely today.

Geez… you’re just…

That’s what people call a killing phrase.

If you depend on me, I will meet your expectations.

Um… thank you, and… sorry.

I burdened everything myself.



Yea, let’s overcome this mystery together.

We’re getting used to this scene now.

We feel honored to be invited again.

Hey, Mansion-kun. We know who you are.

You were created from the feelings of patients who were in the hospital.

That’s you, right?

The needles are injection needles.

The sharp knives are scalpels.

The cloth you used to tie up our hands and feet are bandages.



The candles represent the vanishing lives.

Am I right? I’m quite confident that my deduction is correct.

Looks like I’m correct. It’s disturbed because I deduced correctly.

It’s trying to cut us up with the scalpels.

Come into my arms. Hurry!

Scalpels are sharper than I thought!

This is nothing. I can endure it.

We decided together that we’re going to free it instead of destroying it.

Don’t worry. Don’t think you can break our determination with this!



Hey, Mansion. You don’t bring humans here to tease them, right?

I finally noticed that “Is escape possible?” wasn’t a challenge.

You were asking us whether you can escape.

You were asking whether you’ll get any better, and whether you’ll be able to leave the hospital.

It’s what the patients wished for everyday.

You were looking for someone to answer you.

You wanted someone to tell you that it’s going to be okay.

You were waiting for someone to save you.



You’re not a mass of hatred and suffering.

You continued to protect this place to protect the humans who wanted to be saved, until someone could bring an answer.

If you want to attack me, that’s fine.

If you want to hurt me and make me look pathetic, go ahead.

But… no matter what, you won’t be able to break our determination.

I’ll tell you as many times as you want.

You can leave.

We came here to save you.



This is…

We’ve been moved?

No, it’s that mansion… the hospital… before it was demolished.

Yea, the people sleeping are the patients.

They’re all having a bad dream.

They’re suffering so much.

Hey, Mansion… you were always watching this.

You took in the people’s hatred and yet you couldn’t do anything.

I don’t know whether this is an illusion you’re making us have, or we’re really in the past.



There’s no way you could do nothing, if you saw people sleeping in so much suffering.

Yea, I’ll eat all the nightmares of all these people.

Don’t worry.

Well, I’m sure it will take a toll on my body, but…

You’ll be by my side, right?

Don’t look go upset. I’ll really be okay if you’re with me.

I lost all my friends and became alone. I stayed with you as if I was clinging on to you.



But somewhere in my heart, I still thought that humans and yokais will never be happy together.

I thought I should burden everything, but I decided to stop.

We just need to find a way to become happy together, just like you said.

I want to be happy. I want to make you happy.

You’re the one who gave me these feelings.


Let’s give everyone a happy dream, and end this nightmare.



Thank you.

When you touch me, the pain gets weaker.

Hey, Mansion! There’s no need for you to burden everything anymore.

So… don’t worry… and sleep in peace…



Huh? This is…

That field?

Why are we sleeping here?

Are you awake?

The mansion went to sleep. Its yokai power is gone.

I guess it was satisfied because I ate the patients’ nightmares.

Hey… do you think I really freed it?

Is there a difference between this… and making it disappear?



You’re always only kind to me in these situations!

I guess it’s important to believe that I managed to change something.

Sakura petals in the wind! I didn’t notice there was a sakura tree.

Or… is it saying good-bye to us?

It would feel so rewarding if it is.

Yea, you’re right.

It’s almost dawn.

That was a long night.



Track 7- The Nightmare of the Escape Room



Shh… You saw it, didn’t you?

The moment the nightmare of the escape room… was written…

What a school camp! I’m completely sleep deprived.
We need to catch up on some good sleep when we’re home.

Even you’re tired.

I’ll let you use me as a hugging pillow just this once…

But I need to be soothed too, so I’ll use you as a pillow.



Hugging you makes me sleepy. Why don’t I just sleep here?

Don’t you think I worked really hard?

You’d want to spoil me as your boyfriend, right?

What… why don’t you praise me more?

If you treat me badly… I’ll drag you into a nightmare.

A long time ago, there was a hospital which took many people in when there was a natural disaster 150 years ago.

But one night… all the patients said, “a baku ate our nightmares,” and from that day on, they were able to sleep peacefully.

This tradition brought about the mystery: the mystery of the escape room.

If you have a nightmare, a baku will save you.



The bus should be coming soon.
I slept really deeply after that, but I think I might fall asleep on the bus, too.

Hm? What’s wrong?


I slept right after that. I don’t remember standing by your pillow or eating your nightmare.

Don’t tell me…

Yokai power? This presence is…


I see…

The rewritten mystery has…

No, I just realized that people in this town will no longer have any nightmares.



And… I’m no longer the only surviver. Haha. Let’s go!

If we stay here any longer, I’m going to feel sad leaving this place.

Give me your hand.

Thank you for wishing for my happiness.

There might be a way for me to become happy.

I can believe that from the bottom of my heart. I probably can’t reach it myself, so let’s always walk

together to find happiness.



Track 8 – Free Talk



Hello, I’m Ryohei Kimura, acting as Utashiro.

Thank you for listening to Yugen Romantica Hatenkou.

We just finished recording!

It’s been a while since Utashiro-kun last made his appearance.

He’s feeling some ennui and complains a lot, but he always works hard. He hasn’t changed!

I was relieved to find out that the two are still together and well.

The subtitle for this series “Hatenkou,” which means doing something that nobody has ever managed to do.

If you could do anything, what would you like to accomplish?



Let’s see…

Being able to do something nobody could do is already amazing in itself!

It’s not like I want to climb a mountain that nobody’s climbed before, though…

But being part of situation CDs is great because I can see how each character, like myself or the heroine, overcomes something big in their lives. It’s interesting and amazing.

It would be great to become the seiyu to have the greatest number of these experiences.

I wonder how many I’ve done os far.

I think I’ve done quite a lot.

I always have many dates with the dummy-head, and I hope I can continue creating great CDs.



Where would you like to go traveling?

There’s a lot! I want to go to many places in Japan too, like hot springs.

This recording has made me want to go camping, though.

Actually, I went to a river for BBQ with about ten friends last summer.

But we stayed in a lodging. I want to go again; it was really fun.

How about we make a DVD with the Yugen Romantica cast?

Nothing!! Anyway, thanks for listening till the end.



Thanks to you, we have managed to create Yugen Romantica Hatenko, a sequel to the previous series.

Please listen to the other yokais too, and please meet Utashiro again.

Think it won’t be a waste of your time!

Anyway, let’s meet again!

That was Ryohei Kimura. Bye!



I see. You were still listening! Good girl.

Oh, there’s no use looking for me, because I’ve possessed you.

You must be tired, by the way.

Your shoulders must be stiff from listening for an hour.

How about I give you a massage?

Well, maybe next time.

Since you chose me and listened to the end, maybe I should give you a special reward.

Thank you… I’m happy because I can be near you.



I hope I can share this happiness with you.

When things get tough, remember that I’m always wit you.

Even if you can’t see me, I’ll come to you if you call me in your dream.

I’ll cover you with a gentle dream, so that you can show me your happy face while you sleep.

So don’t forget me. It’s a promise.

A magic charm so that you can sleep well tonight.

Good night.