Yuugen Romantica Uchouten – Hanawo Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ 有頂天 第零の謎 トイレの花男さん ハナヲ
Seiyuu : 緑川 光 – Midorikawa Hikaru
Release Date : November 16, 2016
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Track 1


You’ve also heard, haven’t you… about the Seven Mysteries which have been rumoured about recently… one of them, is about Hanao-san of the toilet.

A little while back, there was a rumour that Hanao-san of the toilet lives in the furthest cubicle of the boys’ toilet.

If you knock on the furthest toilet cubicle three times at night… you can meet Hanao-san.

But one day, someone started saying something different… that Hanao-san disappeared, and can’t be found anywhere in this school.



It’s terrible, isn’t it? Because… I’m still here. You were joining in with the rumours too… bad girls who spread these false rumours… should be confined to this school at night forever…!

No, I won’t forgive you.

I get angry too, you know?

Like I said, we are made from human thoughts. If we’re forgotten, we will disappear. I know it’s just small talk, but you shouldn’t join in the rumour. Don’t let your cherished lover disappear!



Well, I think if it’s just your class, there won’t be a huge effect. But wouldn’t you mind if for some reason Hanao-san of the toilet, me, actually disappears?

Do you repent your mistakes? Really?

Mm! Good girl, I guess I should forgive you. After all, you stayed at school till night so that you could see me.

Ah, but my sensitive heart has been deeply scarred. I won’t overcome this so easily… unless my lover cooperates with me.

That means… here. This way!

As a sign of your repentance, please go into this cubicle.



Yes, it’s the furthest cubicle of the boys’ toilet. The place where people call upon me.

Excuse me…

Can you go closer to the wall? Don’t worry, I clean it everyday so it’s as clean as the Palace of Versailles.

Okay! Please don’t move.

Welcome to my cubicle, beautiful lady.

There’s no need to be shy, we can spend sweet moments together tonight. Tell me with those charming rose-red lips what you want me to do to you.



Eh? Why can’t you just go with it? I wanted to try ‘wall-cornering’ in the toilet. Did you get excited?

It didn’t work? I thought you’d like it. It might not look this way, but I actually research a lot everyday, you know… how to approach you in the toilet-yokai way.

No, no. I need to always polish my yokai-style. Especially for me…I mean, you know my true self, right? I can’t slack on being Hanao-san of the toilet.

Oh yes. You like me just the way I am.



Hey, do you… love me?

I see. Geez, you’re so cute!

You’re so cute…! My lover is so cute! I can’t hug you enough!

When I possess you, I can feel your everything… your warmth… the beating of your heart…

Don’t be shy. We’ve done this so many times already.

Come to think of it, wasn’t it in this toilet that I first possessed you?

When we first met, I made you so scared. By… caressing you like this…




Hehehe. You couldn’t do anything so you panicked and got scared when I possessed you. I could hardly hold myself.

You were shivering like you are now…you were always so sensitive. Especially your neck. It makes me want to bite it…

Just like that… I think I went over the top back then. I didn’t do it out of ill-will though, I just wanted you to enjoy it.

After all, entertaining people is like my purpose in life.

But…you like me just as I am, when I’m not pretending. I was so happy because it was the first time something like that happened to me, and it felt so comfortable.



Even now, I feel so relaxed when I’m with you. I probably… can’t live without you anymore.

When you are gone… I wonder what will happen to me.

Ah, nothing. I was just gazing at you because you’re so cute.

Geez, you’re so cute when you get embarrassed like that.

Why don’t I move from the school toilet to your home toilet?

Eh? You don’t need to be so against it!

I’ll clean it everyday you know, although I won’t actually really move in.

I have the duty to protect the yokais in this school, but when I do go to your house, I’ll pamper you all you like, okay?



Hey, what should we do next time I go over? Do you want me to sleep by your side? Or… do you want me to kiss you all over the place?

Don’t be embarrassed. If you imagine it, I can make it come true with my sorcery.

Come on, what do you want? Imagine it. Do you want me to kiss your cheek and neck?

How about… softly biting your ears?

Or… do you want me to possess you and whisper to you all night?

See? The more you try not to think about it, the more you imagine it, right?

Haha. Are you embarrassed? You’re so red.



I keep wanting to tease you because you react like that.

At this rate, I’m going to think about you so much that I won’t be able to live normally anymore.

Of course, my love is very deep. Even if you become an old woman and enter the grave, I have the confidence that I will still love you.

I thought that was quite a good proposal, but…

Well, I suppose it made you smile.

It’s getting late, so I’ll take you home.

Maybe because it’s almost autumn, but it gets dark early these days.



Please take my hand.

Going home together while holding hands. It’s like a shoujo manga scenario, I wanted to try it once.

Well, since this is a toilet, we might be more like a comedy manga.

Ah, that mirror? It looks like they got a new one. It’s a little grand for the boys’ toilet, don’t you think?

That was…



Watch out!

Are you okay?

I’m glad you’re okay.

Ah, I’m fine. I’m just happy I managed to protect you.

But… what was that light? Let’s get out of here first.

Let’s go together.

You can’t… go away from me, okay?



Track 2




This is…?

It’s so bright… is it morning already?

When did I fall asleep? And I feel a little dull…

Why am I in the library again?

Hm, yesterday I was on a date with her, and then… I don’t really remember, but I should’ve taken her home like always, right?

My memory is blurry, and I feel uneasy.

At this hour, maybe she will already be at school.

I’ll go see her. Hm?

My fan girls are coming. I can’t let them see me in my yokai form.



Hi everyone. Good morning. Thanks for coming here so early.

Did you bring homemade snacks for me today again? Thank you.

By the way, I’m looking for someone.

I think you’re in the same class as her? You know that girl, who always tidies the library with me? Is she already at school?

Eh? Come on, that girl who also helps me clean the toilets.

You don’t know her? How can that be?

It doesn’t look like she’s joking… but I’m certain they are her classmates.

How can they forget her? I have a bad feeling about this…



Sorry everyone, I’ll have these delicious looking madeleines later.

She wasn’t in the classroom, but it’s already this late.

Her tutor doesn’t remember her either. She’s disappeared?! How can that be?!

This is the medical room. I know…!

Hebi-kun, are you here? He’s not… I don’t even feel his yokai presence.

Don’t tell me…!



I knew it, they’re not here. All the yokais living in this school are gone!

Yokais will be gone without humans thinking about them. Don’t tell me everyone’s…! No, it can’t be.

That scared me. Sakura petals in the wind! They are in full bloom, but yet they’re all dispersing.

Sakura? Why?

Ah, good morning! I was looking for you! I thought something happened to you because you came in so late! I’m so glad.



I was so lonely without you. Can we stay this way for a while? I want to feel your warmth.

The first bell? Who cares, come have tea with me instead.

No? Is that class so important?

Then… can I possess you? Then I can be with you. It’s okay, right?

What’s wrong? You look troubled.

Come on, let’s go.



Konjaku Monogatari (stories from the Heian period), huh? What’s so fun about reading such old stories now

Hm? You look confused. Is something wrong?

Right, she can’t talk to me here.

I feel lonely, but I’ll hug you and wait until this is finished.

I knew it… you’re so warm… I always wanted to do this.

But somehow… you feel different today.



No… I shouldn’t worry about small details, right?

Your fingertips are really cold. Here, let me warm them up for you.

You body’s all stiff. I’ll also put a charm over you so you can feel at ease… on your temple.

How is it? What’s wrong? You always liked this.

Ah, you feel embarrassed because there are people around you.

Hey, let’s go out with just the two of us after your classes finish. I’ll take you home afterwards. I can stay over, right?

Then we can go to class together, and eat lunch together tomorrow as well.



Haha, everyday will be so fun.

That was delicious. There’s no need to hold back, today’s tea is Orange Pekoe.

It’s so peaceful. Each day continues on like the previous day forever.

And you are always here with me. Nothing can make me happier.

Why are you looking like that? Does something worry you?

I see, the story about Hanao-san of the toilet disappearing is spreading even further.



That’s strange. A little chat in your classroom shouldn’t cause such a rumour to spread throughout the school.

At this rate, Hanao-san of the toilet might really disappear. Haha

Hm? You say strange things. I’m the same as usual.

I’m Hanao-san of the toilet, the one who loves you. Right?

Ah, you’re a little unnerved by that incident last time.

Remember what happened in the boys’ toilet?

Don’t worry, I’ll protect you no matter what.



I won’t let anyone else lay a finger on you.

I was searching for you for hundreds of years. I won’t let you go now.

I will always be with you, like this.

But it will be dangerous, so don’t come to the boys’ toilet at night. No matter what…Promise?



Track 3



Hanao-san is not in that cubicle.

Don’t worry, I’m in here. Please notice. Please come here… to the mirror.

I’m so glad you’re okay. As you can see, I’ve been trapped in this mirror.

It’s probably a yokai’s fault, but I can’t get out of here even with my powers.

It must be that strange light that surrounded us when we were having our night date.

I’m sorry, you must’ve been so worried when I suddenly disappeared.



What’s wrong? You look pale.

Yes, I’ve been here since yesterday night.

I told you repeatedly not to come here. You’re a bad girl for breaking our promise.

If the rumour that the toilet yokai is gone keeps spreading, this guy’s a goner.

Then I can finally make you all mine.

Another… me?! No… is he just copying my appearance?

I’m sorry, but you’ll need to let her go.



I won’t let her go… ever again. Stop resisting! I won’t forgive you if you run away from me.

See? Now you won’t be able to escape.

Why are you avoiding me? Have you forgotten about me?

Then I’ll make you remember… now… what should I caress first?

I think your neck and ears were especially sensitive.

I stroke you just a little, and you feel it so much more than others.



Running my fingers along like this…

I like girls with a good reaction. You’ve got goosebumps on your neck. Does stroking you make you shiver with pleasure?

Don’t be so scared. I’m the one touching you… remember… we’ve touched each other like this so many times…



Why do you resist? I waited for hundreds of years just to see you!

Pull yourself together! Don’t let him influence you! There’s still a way, even though he’s possessed you.

Imagine sending him away from your body!

Shut up… you’re going to disappear anyway, how annoying.

That’s right… that rumour has spread throughout the school. You probably don’t have much power left.

I can get rid of you… with my own hands at this rate…

You don’t need to be scared. I’ll make him disappear soon… then we can be together with just the two us, like before.



Why do you not want me? As long as that guy disappears, you’ll come back to me, right?

I’ll make him disappear, so that nothing of him will be left.

Why?! I can’t possess her?!

Now’s your chance! Come here!

I can’t get out from here, but I can pull you in. Give me your hand!

Wait! Don’t go! Please don’t go!



Track 4



Hey, pull yourself together! Hey!

I’m so glad you regained consciousness. What a relief.

Hm? What’s wrong?

Oh, this appearance? When I tried hard to pull you in, my power must have decreased.

It takes power to maintain my body too. It’s easier when I’m smaller like this.

Still, at this rate I won’t be able to fight that guy. Please let me possess you.

I feel so relaxed. I was running out of energy, especially since I wasn’t with you.

Not to mention, this place isn’t the school where I set up my barrier. It’s a world inside the mirror created by that fake guy.



It might be because of that, but my energy is being depleted more quickly that usual. Can I stay like this for a while until I’m revived?

Thank you.

Seriously, that was so dangerous. I never thought a fake me would appear. Not to mention he even possessed you!

Ah, that just now? You strongly resisted him, so you managed to throw him out from your body. It was a risk, but we yokais can’t disobey people’s thoughts.

Still, it looks like that fake guy hasn’t given up. We should leave this area for now. It would be troublesome if he comes to this world.

…or so I thought, but I guess we’re too late.



Leave that body immediately! I won’t give her to anybody!

A yokai in possession of a body shouldn’t be visible, but I suppose he’s the lord of this world. He’s seen through everything.

Leave immediately!

I can’t. This girl is my precious lover. I promised to never leave her.

Never…? Do you really think you can do that?

Humans and yokais are different. Humans will one day forget us.

Living for hundreds of years, in a world where your loved one has gone. There’s no way one could endure such suffering!

That’s something to worry about in the future! It’s not something to think about now.



It’s not the future. Humans die within a hundred years. It’s as fast as the bloom and dispersal of sakura.

That’s why I will never let you go again… I’ll never let you go!

He looks exactly like me, but he turns into such a scary monster! I wish he wouldn’t do that.

I know. We need to escape for now.

He’s coming after us. If only my energy was back!



Please do your very best! Out run him somehow!

Let’s hide in this classroom for now. It looks like my energy has finally returned.

Mm! I’ll be okay now. I can maintain this body some how.

Thank you for running so much. You must’ve been so scared, but you tried so hard! Hide yourself here and rest for a while. I want to keep feeling you with me.



It’s only been a few days, but i feel like we were apart for a very long time.

I looked throughout the school but couldn’t find you. It was so difficult for me. I couldn’t bear being alone.

Don’t apologise. I’m sorry for not being able to return immediately. Usually, I would be able to break such a barrier easily, but…

Eh? I see… the rumour that Hanao-san of the toilet has disappeared, has spread out so far.

It must be that fake guy’s fault, no wonder my power has weakened.

That means… that although I dragged you in, we both won’t be able to get out…



Don’t look so hopeless. Come on, look outside. Yes, it’s supposed to be autumn, but the sakuras are in full bloom. Not to mention the petals keep dispersing, and yet the flowers are in full bloom.

I noticed after being trapped in here for days. Time has stopped in this world…. or more accurately, time has been trapped in this world.

A world where the same day repeats itself, and the sakura season continues for eternity.

If you stay here, it would probably mean you would live forever and never age.

Hey… should we just… stay here?



That fake guy’s words have made me think…

Living for hundreds of years, in a world where your loved one has gone. It’s scary to even imagine how much suffering that would be.

But if we stay here, you’ll be like this forever. You won’t age, you’ll live forever. And even for me… I’ve lived for hundreds of years, but will eventually have to face my death.

If I hadn’t met you, I would’ve disappeared. The barrier I made for the disappearing yokais is basically maintained using my life. My life erodes away the longer I keep it up. Eventually, I probably won’t be able to endure it any longer and quietly disappear, without anyone noticing me.



But if I stay here, I won’t have to worry about disappearing, and I can always be with you. Can you think of anything more wonderful than this?

You want to go back to your world. You will grow old and eventually lose your life. And if I’m left behind, I’ll have to spend my days waiting to disappear, crying in despair.

I probably won’t… be able to endure such a future.

What’s wrong?

Huh? You’ll definitely make me happy? Isn’t that… what a man is supposed to say to a woman?



I see… with me, in your world…

Hey… no matter how many trials face us, no matter what hardships we have to endure, and even when we have to face saying good-bye… would you still… not regret your days living with me?

I see…

I’m sorry… for asking you this, as if I was testing you.

I was tempted a little… that it would be wonderful to trap you here and spend eternity here with you.

But how can I do that? I promised that I will be with you wherever you go. I can’t choose a world which you don’t want.



Let’s leave this place immediately. We need to go back to our world!

Let’s get out of here no matter what! It will be fine, I’m with you so don’t worry!

Although…the only one that knows how to get out from here is the one who created this world.

We can’t avoid fighting that fake guy head on.

I think I need my energy to return a little bit more. If only there was a way to quicken this…

Ah! I’ve thought of a nice idea!



Track 5



You can’t be embarrassed about this. Come on, focus on me, now that I’ve possessed you.

Your love is the best way to quicken my energy’s return.

We can get two birds with one stone if we can make him jealous and lure him out.

Well then… I’m going to make this really sweet…

Are you ready?

Okay… then I won’t hold back.

I felt so lonely not being able to touch you.

Come on… please let me hug you.

I made you so scared… there there…



Let me stroke your head…

Not just your head… but your back… your shoulders… and your arms…

I feel so connected to you when we intertwine our fingers like this.

Your neck is blushing… it’s beautiful.

Hehehe. I left a red mark on it…

Not just your neck… your collarbone… where I touch… it gets hot.

And here…it’s so red. How cute.



There’s no need to be so embarrassed, just leave it to me. I’ll touch all the places you like.

It makes me feel a little naughty to be doing this in such a bright classroom, but I suppose this is fine too…

Come on… imagine… what do you want me to do next?

Oops. Unfortunately, it looks like we have to end it here.

He’s coming, just as I had predicted.

I got my energy back and made out with you, so I’m completely ready now!

I suppose our plan is a success, since we’ve also managed to lure him out.



Hm? I went over the top? Why not? I felt so lonely for the past few days.

Now, no more talking. He’s coming.

Don’t worry. I won’t let him touch you.

I won’t let him get away with touching my loved one.


Stand back partner, I’ll get rid of him right away.

Come at me…I’ll blow a hole in your head with my two handguns.

Haha, you’re not even worth the talk. Why don’t you just go home and eat some lasagna?



Ah, I’m just pretending to have two handguns. It’s cool, right?

I heard your CDs, so I wanted to show off what I learnt!

You’re still coming at me?

This is…?

It’s a will-o-wisp! Isn’t that Kitsune-kun’s special sorcery?

Stand back, or you’ll be dragged into this!

What’s wrong? You can’t move? It must be kanashibari, that’s Hebi-kun’s sorcery!

I see…



It looks like your ability is copying the skills others. You’re very similar to me.

However, I’m better than you. What I use is the heart, the many creations humans make.

Can you lend me your powers in this situation? I want to borrow the power of your imagination.

That guy’s the lord of this world, and he can even copy other yokais’ skills. We won’t be able to defeat him using any ordinary power.

I need your powers, I beg you.

Believe in your heart that it will be okay.

Don’t panic… calm down… there’s no need to be scared. I’ll protect you.



Imagine your beloved lover…being undefeatable! Believe in me!

That’s why… I love you.

Thank you… I’ve received them.

Now, let’s settle this once and for all.

Why do you have so much power?

Your existence is on the verge of disappearing in the real world! You shouldn’t have much power left!

I have her. The girl I adore… loves me and trusts me in every situation!



As long as she is with me, I won’t be defeated.

Also, there’s one truth you haven’t grasped. I’m not Hanao-san of the toilet.

I’m… Tsukumogami, a god of books.

My real name is Konjaku Monogatari. I was born at the end of the Heian period, as one of the books that first wrote down the names of various yokais.

I wouldn’t have minded mild pranks by yokais, but you’ve gone too far. You must learn self-control.



That was your punishment for scaring my girlfriend. Please repent what you did.

Now… let me ask you something before you tell us how to get out of here.

Why did you try to get my lover?

I wanted to believe… it was her.

But I knew somewhere in my heart… that she’s not the one I loved.

The one you loved?



There was a woman I loved, and she loved me back. But… that was hundreds of years ago. Years passed, my power was gone, and the mirror, which is my dwelling place, was brought here. With my scarcely remaining powers and hazy consciousness, I reflected her.

You mean… the day we went on a night date?

I was surprised, because she looked so similar to her. I thought she reincarnated to return to me.

But I felt that something wasn’t right… when you possess someone, you can be closest to their soul.



She felt completely different to my girl… but I wanted to believe she was her. I loved her… I promised to stay with her forever.

But humans are too transient! They are gone quickly, like the sakura. That’s why… I wanted to bring her to this timeless world inside the mirror, and live with her forever.

Because I tried to protect her, you accidentally brought me into this world instead. That’s why you changed plans and spent time with her, pretending to be me.

I sympathise with you for having lost your loved one. But… with such a forceful way, all you’re doing is hurting others.



You can say that… because you don’t know the pain of losing someone!

Do you know how much despair one feels when their beloved person disappears from before their eyes?!

I… probably won’t be able to bear it.

I couldn’t see her for just three days, and I felt like my heart was being pierced through.

It’s not like I didn’t think about it. If I stay with her in this world, I can be with her forever, without having to worry about saying good-bye…. forever…



But… thankfully she said no, and I was able to make up my mind. I’ve lived for many years, and seen so many seasons pass by all alone.

I’ve experienced many good-byes. That’s what it means to be a yokai, and to be human. There’s always an end to everything.

But… because we know there’s an end, yokais and humans are able to make the most of their lives.

I want to spend each day with her, and feel the time passing by, with her.



I promise you that we’ll hold hands like this and walk together forever.

Even when you stop walking, I won’t let go of this hand.

I want to see and feel the seasons pass by, and laugh about the smallest things together.

I don’t need an eternally-blooming sakura. If I can bloom to the fullest in this current moment, I’m happy.

Even if there’s no eternity…

The glass world is breaking! Are you letting us out?



I’ve just given up on everything…

But… if only I had said that to her then…

He’s gone. No…maybe he went back to the real world.

The sakura is dispersing. The forever blooming sakura has finally… gone.



We need to go back.

Are you okay? Do you feel alright?

We’re in the boys’ toilet. Looks like we managed to get back safely.

Can you stand?

Well, it looks like your true identity is the mirror yokai, Ungaikyo.

Now that we’ve returned, I need to decide how to punish you.

Just let me disappear. I don’t have any attachment to a world without her.



That’s what he says, but what should we do?

Are you sure we can just let him go? He did such scary things to you.

Haha, okay. If you say that, I’ll let him go.

That’s unnecessary.

The reason why you could live for hundreds of years is because that girl’s love stayed in your body.

If she loved you so much, she might return to you again. Why don’t you stay in this school until then?



Fortunately, this place is protected by my barrier.

I’ll make sure it’s maintained with plenty of energy, so even if I die, you can live on happily.

Let’s wait patiently. We have time.

Do as you like.

Yes, I will.



Track 6



Here you go. Today’s tea is Montagne Bleu. It’s a treat!

Be careful, it’s still hot.

It’s been a while since we had tea in the library together. It finally feels like normal life again.

Ah, look outside the window! The autumn leaves are already falling. It feels strange, when sakura was still blooming in the mirror world.

It was an event… which felt like a hazy dream in the autumn wind.

That fake-guy has really repented. I’m sure he’ll get used to this school soon.

Also, I hope one day his loved one will return to him.



I’m sure it’ll be fine. If humans desire something strongly, it will happen. If she really wanted to see him again, then one day they’ll be reunited.

It happens in stories too, right? The princess saves the prince and there’s a happy ending.

Huh? Is it the other way around? I listened to all the otome you ordered online last time, and most of the characters were like this.

I’m sorry! Don’t hit me! I’m sorry I played with it without your permission! I won’t tell you any spoilers either!

My lover is sometimes violent. It’s cute when she’s embarrassed though…



I’ll tell you now, but… when we first started to love each other, I knew that one day we would need to say good-bye.

But still… you kept smiling in front me, so I tried not to think about it.

But we need to face it, so that we can live each day preciously.



Yea, but I really don’t think I can live without you, so I think I might go to the Sanzu River with you.

Hahaha. What a cute face. I love that surprised face too.

My love for you will last for hundreds of years, eternally…



Track 7



You also remember right?  The Seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School… one of them, was about Hanao-san of the toilet.

It’s been a while since coming to this school. From the front entrance, it doesn’t look so different.

How nostalgic. Looking at the students reminds me of how we were back then.

Interestingly, apparently the Seven Mysteries are still being rumoured about, although they’ve changed a bit. The rumour about Hanao-san of the toilet has also stopped.

Well, I guess that’s obvious since I’m here now.

The disappeared Hanao-san of the toilet… but there are still many other yokais living in this school.



They might also meet humans one day. At first, humans will be scared of them, but once they understand each other, they’ll be able to get along.

Even we’ve…. managed to have mutual feelings for each other.

Just like how I met you, and came to understand you, yokais and humans can have strong relationships if they wish.

Everyone at this school is probably fine now. My role is finally over.

Now that we’ve said good-bye to the school, we should go.



Ah, beautiful sakura petals being carried in the wind. It’s like a rice shower. The sakura here is so beautiful, I always looked forward to it every year.

Let’s go together. Of course I’m coming with you.

I told you… even if you become old and enter the grave, I will stay with you and love you.

Not to mention… I won’t let you go once I’ve possessed you…



Well then, please take my hand, my lady.

I’ll go everywhere with you… to the depths of hell… and to the ends of heaven.



Track 8



I’m Hikaru Midorikawa, acting as Hanao.

I will move onto the free-talk.

I just finished recording the story, so I’m tired. I’ll have some coffee and relax while I do the talking. Is that okay? It’s okay, right.

I’ll start now.

The first question: what did you feel after finishing the recording?

Last time, Hanao-san showed many sides of himself throughout the story.



The story this time can really be enjoyed if you heard the previous story, and any other of Rejet’s stories.

The story is cute that way, and… really hits the spot. I really felt that this story was supported by wonderful staff. Cheers to all of you.

If I’m going to work anyway, I may as well do something fun so I can work freely. I had a really good time.



Well then… yokais turn into humans to live their life. If you could transform with sorcery, is there a certain job or lifestyle you would like to experience?

Well… there isn’t… hm, I’m quite content now so there isn’t anything. If I have to say something, then I guess I’d want to be a cute animal so I can be petted.

Next question. Hanao has come to you for love advice. Please give him advice.

It depends on each person, but I guess it always matters that you keep loving the same person.



Well, it might not be the best all the time, but that’s something I thought of. Well, if we talk about sincerity, humans would obviously lose. Hanao-san has lived for hundreds of years, so…

I mean, if you keep loving the same person, she might die, but… he’d be okay. Please challenge yourself… and don’t rush it… then she will always return to you. Good luck!

Lastly, a message to the otomes.

How did you feel about the story?



Personally, it had a playful heart, and it was fun to act in it. I would be very happy if you enjoyed it.

If you also bought the previous one, thank you very much. Since you have also listened to this story, I want to say this from my heart. Thank you.

We can send you realistic sounds because of this dummy head, so the sounds of this coffee I’m drinking now… also sounds really realistic.



It’s unfortunate I can’t give you any.

I wanted to actually end this by saying, “Do you want some? Do you want some? I poured some coffee for you”, but… that’s… something I would love to do in our Yuugen Romantica Virtual Reality recording.

Then i will also be able to deliver my “wall-cornering” to you more realistically as well. Please look forward to it!

If you listen to me again, it might happen!

Thank you for your hard work. Good bye!