Yuugen Romantica Uchouten – Toneri Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ 有頂天 第七の謎 狗神 トネリ
Seiyuu : 平川大輔 – Hirakawa Daisuke
Release Date : October 19, 2016
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Hey… do you know about one of the Seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School, the howling in the gymnasium?

Apparently you can hear a dog howling in the empty gymnasium at night.

A sad… lonely… cry.

But… if you go into the gymnasium, you’ll be cursed.



No matter where you run, footsteps will chase you.

Help me… don’t leave me alone…

You will even hear these desperate voices….

These things were rumoured about ages ago!



Now, you’ll be with me forever!

Does it tickle if I talk to you here?

Why not? Let me savour my happiness!

Come on… we’re going out now, so why can’t we snuggle in the library?

Nobody’s looking, and the yokai in charge of this library hasn’t’ been around recently, so don’t worry.



I feel like I can’t thank you enough. You freed me from the seven mysteries, and now I can live freely like this.

I was bound to the school and couldn’t go outside, so if you hadn’t found me, I would still be crying all alone in the gymnasium.



That’s why I’m so grateful to you.

No, I’m not just grateful… I love you!

I made you suffer a lot because I tried to please you as a dog god, in the wrong way.

Yet, you still decided to stay with me and not leave me.

If it wasn’t you who I met that day, I wouldn’t have fallen in love.



I really love you.


Stop studying and give me your attention!!!

I know you have an exam, but I’m bored!!!

You keep sitting at your desk, when your boyfriend is asking for your attention!

Let’s go for a walk!


Isn’t it a waste to keep studying after school?



You said you’d finish soon just now!

If you don’t give me your attention… I’m going to sulk…!
If you’re going to ignore, me I’ll just play with you.

There’s no use panicking now! You can’t stop me, since I’ve possessed you!

Although I can touch you all I want…

Hey… play with me!



If you don’t hurry up, I’m going to bite you!

Haha, did I scare you by being so sudden?

Now… where should I bite next?

Should I bite your arm? Or… maybe I should lick your collar bone…

Ah… but…

You like it when I lick here…

Do you think you can still continue studying?



Haha, I won!

Since I’ve won, let me hug you.

The winner needs a prize. Yay!

You feel great in my arms. I feel so happy just being close to you.

I mean, you were ignoring me the whole time! I was so lonely… I missed your warmth.



Not only now, but I always want to see you and hug you.

I want to feel the reassurance that I can be with you.

You’re all I have.

No, I’m sorry for disturbing you too.

Hey, I won’t get in your way, so can I just bring my chair next to you? Sitting next to you is fine, right?

I’ll sit next to you, so give me your other hand.

Holding hands like this isn’t bad, right?



I can feel your warmth.

Can you say my name? Say Toneri.

Thank you. I feel so much at ease.

I’ll wait, so please finish it quickly.

If I manage to wait for you patiently, will you go on a date with me next weekend?

Really? Let’s go to the sea then!



Oh crap, I need to be quiet.

I’ll support you, so study hard. We’ll have so much fun on the weekends! Okay?






It’s the sea! Oh my god! The sea breeze feels great!

Hey, let’s go into the water!

Woah, it’s so cold! My feet feel so cold!

Come on, you should come too! Otherwise I’m going to splash you!


We’re in our swimsuits, so why can’t we get wet?

Come on already!

You finally came!



So cold! How dare you!

There’s no point running away! I’m going to drench you!


Watch out… you were about to fall. Are you okay?

That’s good.

You’re getting too excited, tripping over like that. Not that I’m in a position to say that.

The sea is so nice… it’s so sparkly and spacious. The sound of waves and the smell of the sea breeze are so special.



The world is so big.

I lived for hundreds of years without knowing that.

Dog gods are generally kept by families called Inugamimochi.

In my case, I was placed in a small wooden box.

I could only go out when I was ordered to do something, basically when I was putting a curse on somebody.



Back then, I thought cursing people was normal. In fact, I thought I was doing a good thing by helping people.

I thought… people would treasure me if I did.

But one day, I was thrown away.

The wooden box started shaking, and then it fell down. The lid opened, and I found myself in a place I’ve never seen.

I was completely alone. The guy that had been ordering me around wasn’t there either.



I didn’t know where to go or what to do. After a while, I just understood… that I had been thrown away.

After a long time, I came to Nanagiri School. If I hadn’t met you, I might have disappeared.

Yokais will disappear if humans don’t think of them.

I can exist now because you give me your love.

You’re the only one who likes me.



Hm? Oh… I don’t know what happened to that house. There’s no point finding out either.

Sorry for talking to you about something strange. It happened ages ago, so don’t worry about it.

We’re at the beach, so we should swim!

What’s wrong? You look worried.

Did I make you feel upset?



Oh! If you can’t swim, why didn’t you tell me earlier?

I thought I made you upset!

Since you’re here with me, do you want to try something? Like this…

Good. Let’s swim while I’m possessing you.

I’ll teach you how to swim.

Come on, get in the water.



There’s no need to be so scared. I’ll save you if it gets dangerous.

First, you need to relax your body.

Hm? Did I surprise you?

You always relax when I kiss your neck.

Also… your ear…

It’s going well! Now leave your body to me.

Come on, I’ll hug you.

Look up, like you’re doing the backstroke.



That’s right! Your body’s floating.

Now try to get used to it.

I’m hugging you, so it’s not cold, right?

By the way, how does it feel?

Floating while being possessed.

Haha, this must be a first for you.

Now relax, as if you’re lying down on me.



Doesn’t it feel great, floating gently in the water?

It feels like all the things I held in within me are released when I’m floating gently in the waves like this.

It’s great to swim as much as I want, but it’s not bad being rocked in the waves like this too.

I’m glad you’re enjoying this too.



Are you okay? You look really tired. Did we have too much fun?
Come on, go on my back. I’ll carry you.

I still have energy! Just rely on me, okay?

Yep! Leave it to me.

Hm? You’re way to light. That’s probably why you get tired so easily.



Wow… the sunset by the beach is beautiful.

Hey, can we go out next weekend too? It doesn’t have to be the sea.

What? I see, well you can’t miss your family’s birthday.

Don’t mind me. Families should spend their time together exclusively. I’ve heard that these things shouldn’t be disturbed by others.



As a yokai, I won’t be able to understand these gatherings in the first place. We’re born from people’s thoughts, so we don’t have a family. Not that I want one.

What’s wrong? You’re quiet suddenly. Are you tired? You can sleep if you’re tired.

Oh, are you worried about what I’ll be doing?

Don’t worry, we just need to hangout in two weeks time.



What?! It’s exam period?! I’m going to skip it, but… don’t tell me I won’t be able to hangout with you until after exam period…

Right… I completely forgot about it!

No, I’ll endure it. I decided to become a patient man!

Then let’s hangout and make up for the time after the exams finish.

It’s a promise!






The second day finally finished!

The exam period is way too long.

I thought I’d be able to endure it, but I want to see her!

She’s here!

Hey! Over here!

I was waiting for you.

There are no club activities after school, so let’s go home together. At least this much is fine, right?

What? You’re going to the library? Can I go with you then?

What? I can’t? Why?




Why does she need to run away like she’s avoiding me?

I suppose she wants to concentrate alone, but…

I hope the exam period finishes soon!




The exams are finally done!

It’s been a while since I last saw you properly. You went to the library everyday!

I can finally be with you though!

Let’s go somewhere! Or should we relax at home?

What’s wrong?

What? You can’t be with me? What do you mean?



You have to help your friends buy something? You offered to help?

I guess you have to go then. Can I go with you then?

Hey, wait! Hey!

Why won’t she take her with me?



Hey! Hey!

I followed you!

I wanted to be with you, even for a bit!

I’ll be quiet, so please take me too!

If I’m a puppy, your friends won’t notice either. Where is she? You’re alone.

And this way’s not the station.



I thought you were going to look for art supplies near the station.

Hey… you’ve been acting strangely these days.

It’s like you’re avoiding me.


Fine… I’ll go home for today…

Ah. If you can hangout with me, come to me anytime. I’ll be waiting for you.



I decided to be patient, but not being her with this long is taking a toll on me.

I know that humans have their own business, and she has friends and family. I know she can’t just be with me all the time, but…

What if she… stops seeming me entirely?

What if… she leaves me one day and I’m alone again?



She’d never do that!

It’s cold…

Was the gymnasium this cold? How did I survive here?



You’re kidding me.

Why are my hands… transparent?

Don’t tell me… she’s starting to forget me?

Am I… going to be thrown away again?


I don’t… want to disappear.






Hey, you can’t tell anyone about one of the seven mysteries that has been rumoured about recently, the howling in the gymnasium.

When a female student approached the gymnasium at night, a howl can be heard from the gymnasium.

The howling was calling for the girl. “Please come here. Don’t leave me alone.”



Apparently you will be cursed by whatever is howling in there, if you get scared and run away.

A number of girls have actually gotten sick.

Some of them became so scared of school that they stopped coming all together. Poor her.

But… I don’t hate them at all.

Because… you were the one I was calling for all along.



You finally came.

I thought you’d come after hearing the rumours.

I acted quite obviously to get your attention.

I lured in many students so that the rumours would spread.

Yea, that’s right. I cursed them all.



To catch you!

Hey… why… did you throw me away? Why?

Can’t you tell by looking? My body’s disappearing.

I lived on your feeling for me.

I’m disappearing because… you no longer have feelings for me.

Not just that. A darkness… is coming out from all over my body and is trying to engulf me.



My appearance… is slowly deteriorating.

See… look properly… at how dark I look.

My hand must feel so cold, as if I’m sucking away your life just by touching you.




You must be… pretty scared looking at me now.

You’re sweating so much.

When yokes disappear with regrets left in this world, they start to deteriorate… into what they call yokai-kuzure.

I’ve become a monster already too.



They say people suffer like they’re in hell, if they’re possessed by a yokai-kuzure.

I wonder what will happen to you if I possess you now.

I won’t forgive you even if you’re scared.

I’ll never want to part from you again.



What does it feel like to be possessed by a deteriorated yokai?

Is it so cold that it makes you shiver? Or… is it suffocating, like you can’t breathe?

But I’m happy… that I can hug you like this again.



It must feel unbearable to have your whole body held like this.

Like your body’s sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

You must feel suffocating, cold, and the fear slowly seeping through you.



But… you now understand how I felt.

When you abandoned me, I suffered so much.

Where are you going?

I won’t let you out of here.

I entrapped you in darkness. You can’t even see your hands in front of your face.




Fear me. It’s your first time directly experiencing the curse of the dog god, right?

Don’t worry. I love you too much to do anything too horrible.

Well, I might bite you though.



Are you shaking?

It’s like the first time I possessed you.

You must be scared of me, but I won’t stop.

I was so lonely when we were apart. You promised that we’ll be together forever.

I was trapped in this darkness for such a long time.

You took me outside, so why did you abandon me?



Let me stay by your side.

No, I’ll stay by your side. I’ll never part from you.

Even if you hate me, I’ll be with you forever.

I love you forever.

Is it getting unbearable?

I don’t intend to free you though.

If I don’t possess you, I’ll disappear in no time.



A deteriorated yokai won’t last long.

I’ll disappear eventually if I part from you.

It must be unbearable for the person possessed, since this suffering will last forever.

Why are you silent?

Is it getting seriously unbearable now?



What? What does that mean?

You’re saying you’ll accept me, in this condition forever?

Do you really understand what you’re saying? You’re already finding it hard to breathe. How can you endure this?

Fine. Not that I intended to let you go anyway.

I’ll continue possessing you.






The girls who became sick seem to be back to school now.

I guess it’s obvious since I broke the curse.

On the other hand… you look like you’re in a lot of pain.

Well… this is what it traditionally means to be possessed by the dog god.

You’re shivering. Should I hug you? Here…



Haha. Do I feel cold after all?

I would’ve been able to warm you up before.

Are you going to ask for help?

Or maybe… you’ll go and tell on me to the other yokais?

Hey… why do you still try to endure this when you’re in this condition?



You were avoiding me until recently, and now you stay with me even though it causes pain to you.

What is it? If you have something to say, please tell me.

A call?

Who is it? I’ve never heard that voice before.



I heard something about a delivery in three days. Are you going to get something delivered to you?

I see. It’s uncertain whether your body will last until then.

You’re finding it hard to even stand.

Hey! Are you okay?



Who collapses the moment I talk about it?

You scraped your knee!

Fine? It’s not fine.

I’m going to lick your wound.



It’s a little spell that works by licking the wound, so it heals faster.

More importantly, you should go home early today. You won’t be able to attend class.

Let’s go home.

She’s groaning in her sleep. It’s worse than yesterday.



You’re awake? Do you feel cold?

Stop lying. Your body’s really cold.

You haven’t managed to sleep at all recently.

You must finally be… at your limit. Do you still intend to endure it?



I know what you’re thinking. You’re letting me possess you so that my body will get better.

But… that day will never come. It’ll never come.

Once a yokai deteriorates, it never goes back to normal again.



Of course you’d be surprised. If I possess someone, that human will suffer until she goes crazy. If I leave her, I will suffer and disappear.

Those two are the only options left for me now.

When I realised my body was starting to disappear, I was so scared.

I wasn’t scared about disappearing, but about not being able to be near you anymore.



Even though I knew I would make you suffer, there was nothing else I could do.

I just wanted to be with you… and never part from you. That was it.

But I understand in my head… that you’ve abandoned me.



Don’t give me mock sympathy!

If you say you haven’t forgotten about me, then can you still say you love me, looking at my current appearance?

I know my dark appearance scared you!

Do you still love someone like me? Can you say you love a monster who makes you suffer, and scares and curses you?

Do you understand? I’m a dog god! Being possessed by a dog god isn’t limited to just your current life. I’ll follow you even when you are reborn.



Will you be able to bear this burden? Even if it becomes painful and endurable, you won’t be able to get rid of me.

Your only choice will be to be with me forever!


Why… do you still say you love me?

When I’m… like this.

And… I’m making you suffer.



Can I really… be with you?

Don’t apologise. Don’t cry….

No, it’s my fault I deteriorated.



I couldn’t be confident about your love for me.

I was so scared of being thrown away, that I destroyed myself.

If I possess you again, you’ll…!

Okay. Sorry!



My pain is gone.

Is it painful when I’m inside you?

You don’t look alright at all!

Hey… it might be painful, but… can I hug you?



You’re so cold… I’m sorry I can’t warm you.

I can… make you fall into a deep sleep though.
If your consciousness falls into the deepest darkness, you won’t feel any pain.



This is all I can do, but breathe slowly.

Close your eyes, and let everything dissolve into the darkness.

Don’t worry. I’m by your side.



She’s unconscious.

I’m sorry for making you suffer.

And… I’m sorry that I couldn’t trust you when you loved my completely.

I want to stay by your side, and I don’t ever want to leave you, but more than anything, I don’t want to cause you pain.



I’ve decided to disappear at sunrise.

So please let me… stay with you until then.

I’ll make sure… this is the last time.



She’s sleeping well.

I’m so glad she’s not groaning.

I was waiting for sunrise, but it’s already this late.

Hey… you’re human, so you have many people around you, like friends and family.

But for me, you’re the only one.

I must’ve been feeling anxious all along.



Even if our hearts were connected, and even though I was close to you when I possessed you, I felt like I didn’t have the right to be with you.

You have the world in front of you, and I lived in a box. Maybe it’s impossible for us to be together after all.

But I was so happy to be with you.




You were awake?

What? What? Together? Where are you going?

How can you walk like that?

What? You’re going to the library?

You’re getting a delivery? What are you talking about?



What’s in that paper bag? Is that what you ordered?

Paper? Is it a photocopy of an old letter?

That one’s a modern translation. Why do you have something like that?

This family’s dog god, Toneri.

Why is my name…?

Don’t tell me, this letter is?



Then you kept going to the library because… you were looking for… my house?

So… you came here too, when you told me you were going shopping with your friends?

That’s why you lied so I wouldn’t come here.

Of course… if you found proof that I was thrown away because they found me useless, I would feel upset.



You don’t know what’s in this letter either, do you?

Can I read it then?

I want to know why I was thrown away.




Our family which has enjoyed a long period of prosperity is finally meeting it’s end. There are no heirs, so our family will eventually die out.

However, this child should not disappear with us.

Please forgive us for giving him over to you, who lives far away.


Please take care of the dog god who lives in our house, in my place.

What does all of this… mean?

A note on this document…

This letter was found with an empty wooden box. It’s a letter that wasn’t received by the intended recipient because of an accident.



That means… I wasn’t thrown away!

I see…

That’s right…

I should’ve realised from the start.

If everyone had abandoned me and forgotten about me, I would have disappeared before making it to the school.



I didn’t disappear because there was someone who thought of me so dearly.

I’m a yokai, so I never wanted a family, or felt jealous of families.

But… but… I actually… wanted someone to love me.



That’s why I was so shocked when I thought they threw me away.

I felt scared no matter how much I was with you.

But… they cherished me all along.



Thank you.

Thank you for finding these…

I feel like I can finally accept the fact that… I’m being cherished.

It’s all because you found it.



Thank you for cherishing me so much.

What… was that light?



My body’s back to normal!

Are you feeling alright too?

Then… could it be…

Can I try touching you?

Do I feel cold?

Do you… feel pain?

Are you serious?

I’m back to normal again!



You’re so warm.

It doesn’t hurt when I hug you, right?

I’m so happy.

I thought I could never return to normal again, that I’d never be able to be with you anymore.

I deteriorated, so why…?



Maybe you’re right.

Maybe it’s thanks to this letter.

I realised that even I can be precious to someone.

Hey… I thought I was going to disappear, so I said farewell to you, but…

Can I be with you forever?

Thank you.






The evening sea is also beautiful. The moonlight is so bright.

This place is really a hidden gem. There’s fireworks tonight, but there’s nobody here.

Hey, come closer, so you don’t get cold.

When I touch you, I feel at ease.

Do you feel warm?



Then let’s stay this way.

I’ll be kind to you, so that I can make up for all I did to you.

When I saw that letter, I started to recall about the last human that used me ages ago.

He was a strange man. He was a member of an Inugamimochi family, but he didn’t like using me to curse people.

When I transformed into a dog, he used to pat my head and treat me like part of the family.



Back then, I didn’t understand what my feelings were, but now I know.

It took me a really long time, but I finally understand that I was loved.

I must’ve thought I just wanted to be useful, since dog gods are supposed to be like that, but somewhere in my heart, I wanted to be loved.



But now I’m fine.

I now know that my owner cherished me.

More importantly, you’re here for me, so I’m always happy.

Oh! It’s started!

The fireworks are amazing! How beautiful.



I kept taking from you… so from now, I want to give you more.

I want to double the love you gave me, and give it back to you.

For the rest of my life… no, even if you become an old lady and are reborn, I will always be with you and make you happy.



Will you let me stay with you forever?

Yea… thank you.






Hey, you can’t tell anybody about how the howling in the gymnasium continues… one of the seven mysteries that has been rumoured about recently.

A walk on a sunny day is great! We can even walk outside while holding hands.

Intertwining our fingers like this makes me want to bite it softly!



Haha, when I think about how much I love you, I want to tease you more!

I promised you that I’ll multiply the love you gave me, remember?

I’ll love you with all I have, okay?

Who’s this small guy? Did you lose your owner?

Can’t be helped. I’ll help you look.



If you hear the howling from the gymnasium and go near it, you’ll be cursed.

That lonely howl is someone.

But this time, this rumour is really going to stop.

Now I really believe that someone loves me.

Huh? It looks like you, this chibi, and me look like a family.

A family, huh? That doesn’t sound bad.



You’ll say “Welcome back,” to me everyday!

How do humans become married couples again?

Why are you getting red? Don’t worry, you’ll be an adorable mother.

Don’t worry, I’ll pour all of my love to you and make you happy!



FREE TALK w/ Hirakawa Daisuke



This is Daisuke Hirakawa, acting as Toneri!

I just finished recording, so please stay on for a short while for my free talk.

I’ve received some questions. The first one is about my impression of the recording.

Um… Uchouten is the second CD following the Yuugen Romantica which was recorded previously.

I was a dog again. Haha.



It was a challenge for me.

I think it was one of the biggest highlights for me, so it has left an impression.

Toneri-kun gets pretty upset, which is another part you should listen to.

The narration of each episode is the same, but I tried to change his tone a little bit each time.



Second question! The yokais transform themselves into humans in their daily lives. If you could use sorcery to transform, is there a certain lifestyle or job you would like to experience?

Putting my job aside, I would like to fly if I can transform.

Toneri is a dog, but I could grow some wings. I don’t have to, but it would be great if I could fly.

A lifestyle where I could fly! I personally find that amazing.



This isn’t about a job I would like to experience, but if I could use sorcery, I would like to sell myself as a magician and get some money. By doing a lot of things. Hehe.



Third question! Toneri has come to you for love advice. Please give him some advice.

Don’t take it in all yourself! Talk to someone. Right, you came to talk to me. Let’s talk then.

Something like that, I guess.

Well, I guess he got upset because he only had his own thoughts.

It’s probably better to talk to someone and say, “This is happening and that is happening. What do you think?”

It might be hard of course, since he’s been alone for a long time.

I think he’s matured in many ways in this story again.

Well, he’s very happy right now though.

If he had come to me earlier, I would tell him to ask for people’s advice.

He’s happy now so, whatever!



Finally, a message to all the otomes listening to this.

Firstly, thank you for listening to Yugen Romantica.

That was the sequel of Yugen Romantica.

We decided to make a sequel because you supported us!

This story, like the previous one, ended happily, but there may be a sequel in the future with a different twist if you support us, because a relationship between a yokai and human can be complicated.

So far the yokais have been fairly good… well, I don’t know if I can say that so easily… but there have been no malicious yokais.

Maybe we’ll have some spirits fighting each other! Well anyway, we would be grateful for your support.

Please continue to support Yugen Uchouten!

I think it’s about time soon?

I would like to give you my farewell.

Finally, I will say my character name and my name again.

That was Daisuke Hirakawa acting as Toneri.