Yuugen Romantica Uchouten – Arahagi Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ 有頂天 第六の謎 化け猫 アラハギ
Seiyuu : 梶 裕貴 – Kaji Yuuki
Release Date : September 21, 2016
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Hehe. You can’t tell anyone about one of the Seven Mysteries that has been rumoured about recently, the one about the music room.

Apparently, you’ll suddenly hear the sound of the piano from the silent music room if you stay at school alone.



Even if you look inside, you’ll find nobody there.

But… he’s actually there, playing the piano.

Well, as you know, the rumour goes on like this, but…

This is the main part. If he takes a liking to you, the sound of the piano will never stop.

Even if you leave school, and the morning comes, or even if you try to find someone to help you, the performance doesn’t stop.

No matter where you run, the sound of the piano will continue to ring in your ears.



Even if you go crazy, it will continue…

You made a mistake!

Haha! Did you not notice I was here?

What a good girl. You’ve been practising all this time.

But if you stay for too long, the music room yokai will bully you.



The mystery has changed recently.

They say the sound of the piano will follow you everywhere.

Maybe a piano-playing yokai will chase after you too.

Well, it’s obviously about me, but you could try looking a bit scared.

I’m usually a student from Nanagiri School, and also your hot boyfriend.

But my true identity is Arahagi, the monster cat living in the music room.

Don’t you think I should do a bit more as one of the seven mysteries?

That’s why I’m trying to change the mystery a bit.



Looking at you, it seems like I’ll need to make it a bit more scary for the rumour to spread.

I won’t start spreading the rumour just yet, then.

I want to spread the rumour, but more importantly, I want you to see me as a cool yokai, because you keep calling me cute

See! You apologised but you were laughing!

If you let your guard down, I’ll…

Possess you! Hehe.



Now we won’t be able to leave each other.

Geez. You still look carefree. You used to be so scared at first.

You couldn’t see me, but could hear my voice. I even touched your body like this.

That’s right! You screamed like that back then, too. How nostalgic.



Thinking back, we met in very interesting circumstances.

At first, I just thought of you as a toy with fun reactions.

I transformed into a human, approached you and lured you to me. I would transform back into a yokai and scare you for fun.

You had no idea that I was the yokai who was scaring you.

When you found out that I was the yokai, I was quite scared. I thought you would get really angry, and reveal my identity to the humans.

But you didn’t do that.



You continued to interact with me normally, although you knew I was a monster cat.

I was able to relax with you without putting up a strong front. It felt so comfortable and nostalgic. It made me want to be with you more.

I wanted to stay with you forever.

You need to take responsibility for making me so attached to you.



Yea! It’s a promise.

Then… let me hug you.

Why not? Let me do things that normal boyfriends do.

See? I’ll hug you even tighter.

Your heart is beating really fast. You can’t hide it.

I can feel everything by hugging you.



Hm? This time your cheeks are getting red. You’re so cute.

I love your soft cheeks. They feel so nice when I kiss them.

You feel embarrassed? There’s nobody else in this room other than you and me.

Your embarrassed face looks cute, but you shouldn’t be so stiff.



Your fingertips will get cold. You can’t play the piano well if your fingers are cold.

I’ll warm them up for you.

They’re getting warm!

Your nails are like little seashells, so cute.

Even your neck is red! It looks like I won’t need to warm it up.



You can’t resist if I tease you like that, right?

Did that make you remember that I’m a yokai?

Make sure you don’t forget!

We should go home now, it’s getting late.

Can I stay over at your place tonight?

I don’t mind sleeping at school, but I want to be with you on some nights, too.

Yay! Let’s go home then.



By the way, you know there’s a new cafe in front of the station?

It’s really popular among girls. I heard our classmate talking about it.

Don’t worry. She asked me to go with her, but I declined.

I’ll only go with you if I ever go.

Let’s go together next time.

Also, there’s a senpai yokai I respect, but I haven’t seen him for a while, and…




No, the older guys standing at the entrance, they probably think we can’t hear them from here.

Unfortunately, yokais have good ears.

They said a kid like me doesn’t match you.

I’m not a kid!

I’m hundreds of years older than you!

Do I look so childish?

No, it’s nothing. Let’s go!





I feel so relaxed in your room.

This room has a gentle, warm atmosphere, just like you.

It makes me sleepy…

It’s always the best to laze around in my cat form.

The becomes more spacious too!

I’m so sleepy…

Hey, you’re ready to sleep right?

Come over to bed.



Let’s sleep together.


I’m here, and you’re going to prioritise homework? That’s not cool.

I thought I’d wait for you, but I won’t.

If you won’t come to me, I’ll go to you.


Let’s sleep together.

I want to sleep while being hugged by you.

I’m asking you so persistently, and you still refuse your boyfriend? Nya!



There! I’ve possessed you.

You should be done for the day. If you don’t agree to go sleep with me now, I’ll kiss you.

You’re out of time!

There’ no use getting angry.

You can’t get rid of a yokai who’s possessing you. You can’t resist me no matter what you do.




There! I’ll take you to bed. Don’t move.

It’s quite difficult to move things using sorcery.

You’ve arrived in bed!

From here, we’re going to have a romantic time as boyfriend and girlfriend.

You’re going to make up for ignoring me all this time. Okay?

You like being hugged and kissed, right?

You get embarrassed, but you don’t tell me to stop.

I know other things about you too.



For example, you like my tail.

You like it when I stroke you with my hand, but you also like it when I tickle you with my tail, right?

How’s that?

Oh, you’re going to hold yourself in?

Fine, then focus on my touch.

I can make my tail intertwine with your legs…

And… stroke your hips…

There! You can’t bear it anymore, right?

Should I kiss you too?

You like when I kiss this spot on your neck, right?

You look so dreamy, how cute!



You’re going to hide your face? That’s so unfair!

You’re a good girl, so show me!

Thank you.

At the end, you always do as I wish.

Hehe. I just licked your cheek.

Cats’ tongues are quite rough. Did I surprise you?

That was a good reaction. Should I lick you in other places?

Like your fingertips… and your neck…



I’ll lick them anyway even if you say no.

Should I just… devour you now?

I can bind your hands and feet with sorcery, and then all night long… until morning…


Why do you mention homework now?!

Your boyfriend is approaching you so seductively, and you say that?!

Does it occur to you that I’m your boyfriend?

I do sometimes transform into a cat, but I’m not your pet!

Cats can be scary too, you know?



Some of us even drag humans into the yokai world!

If you don’t treat me like you should, I might kidnap you.

Well… I wouldn’t do anything like that…

Maybe she isn’t taking me seriously?

I thought I was being quite seductive…





Something’s not right…

Will you give me some advice?

It’s about my girlfriend. I told you about her before, right? The human girl I’ve started to date.

We get along, and I’m really happy to be with her, but… this isn’t exactly what I expected.

I don’t feel like she depends on me, as a man.

I feel a bit… worried.

Maybe she doesn’t need me as much as I thought.

What? You say that, but I think I’ve really showed it with my actions.



What do you think I still need to do?

I see.

Now that you mention it…

That’s true! Maybe she’ll be more impressed if I show her how reliable I am!



How should I make an opportunity for that?



Why are you here?

I thought you had a class meeting so you couldn’t go home with me.

I see. It’s good you finished early!

Well, I was just…

That’s right! I was just talking about random things with the cats. It’s important to have friends, right?

Anyway, let’s go home if you’re done now. Why don’t we drop by somewhere on the way home?

How about that new cafe? Great, it’s decided then. Let’s go!

Everyone, thanks for your advice!



That was close.

I thought she found out I was asking for advice.

So I need to show her how reliable I am, huh?

It’s a nice cafe! The music is relaxing and the things on display are cute too.

No wonder it’s so popular among girls.

I’m so excited for the pancakes! It looked delicious in the photo on the menu.

What’s wrong? Do you not like these kinds of cafes?



Do you feel ill or something? Did something happen during class?

I knew it.

You shouldn’t hide anything from me.

Whatever it is, tell me.

A test of courage? Your class is organising one?

Then that was what the meeting was about?

I see. Humans don’t change! They always want to do these things out of curiosity.

It’s quite unexpected to see you so scared of the test of courage.



You look so carefree when you’re with me.

I see, I guess it would make you more scared!

After all, you know that yokais really exist.

It would be dangerous if you really encounter a dangerous yokai.

Wait a second… this might be my chance!

Then let’s do it this way!

I’ll go through the test of courage with you! You won’t be scared then.

It’ll be easy to blend into your class if I use sorcery.



What do you think?

It’s decided then! Don’t worry, I’ll protect you no matter what!

Yes, just leave it all to me!

This is great. I’ll show her how reliable I am!





We come to school everyday, but the atmosphere is different in the afternoon and at night.

Well, I guess that’s why they wanted to organise a test of courage.

This school has a lot of greenery, so going behind the sports grounds feels like going into some big forest.

By the way, didn’t you say you were scared of doing the test of courage?

You don’t look like it at all.

What? I thought you’d be more scared.

If you’re not, then…



That’s right. I just need to create a situation to scare her.

Hey, can I possess you for a while?

I used sorcery to trick your classmates right? It tired me out a bit…

Well then! Good.

Sorry for being so sudden, but being close to you gives me energy.

Please let me stay this way until I recover. Okay?

Yep, let’s keep going then.



Hehe. Are you getting scared now, because it feels like your’e walking alone?

I guess you can’t see me while I’m possess you.

Really? You look like you’re shaking.

Hehehe. She’s putting up a strong front. This is really effective!

Good. I’ll scare her first, and then treat her kindly. I’ll show her how reliable I can be.



Hey, I never knew there were so many trees behind the sports ground.

The trees don’t even let the moonlight in. It’s pitch dark.


Look, the trays are swaying. Doesn’t it look like they’re trying to lure you in deeper?

Maybe you’ll get lost and lose your way back.



Haven’t you heard of this scary story before?

No matter how much you walk, you can’t get out from the dark forest.

When you thought you finally saw light, it was a ghost… lighted up by a will-o-wisp.

Something like that?

By the way, did you know that as the darkness deepens, the yokai’s power become stronger?

The darkness is scary right? It makes you think that there’s something lurking in the depths.



That’s how we are born.

Basically, even those yokais who don’t look very yokai-like, can have their instincts awakened in the darkness.

If I get swallowed up by my instinct, what would you do?

Do you think I’m joking?

I might eat you up.



I told you before, right?

Cats sometimes take humans to the yokai world.

Since I like you so much, I’d never be able to let go of you.

What would you do if I said I won’t let you go back?

Should I kidnap you, and tease you like a mouse?



I want to bite your thin, white neck.

Haha. I’m kidding.

What do you think? Don’t you think it felt like a proper test of courage?

What? Did I go over-do it?

I screwed up! She looked too cute when she was scared, so I…



That’s not it! I was just trying to make it more exciting.

I’m sorry. I teased you too much.

I’ll walk next to you from here, so let’s hold hands until we meet up with everyone else.

Will you forgive me?

I’m so relieved!



Well then, here!

You don’t feel scared now?

Let’s hurry up and get out of here.


No… come to think of it, I haven’t seen any light from the other groups’ torches for a while And… I’m sure the sports ground wasn’t this big.



This is strange. I have a bad feeling.

Let’s hurry. We should be able to get out if we walk far enough.

The forest won’t end. Don’t tell me… this is caused by sorcery.

Who’s that?!

You guys! Why are you at school?

Perfect timing. Someone’s used some strange sorcery to get us lost.

Hey, can you guide us out of here? Thank you, you saved us.



Don’t worry, these stray cats are my friends.

I wonder what’s happening to this forest. It must be some sorcery though.

But if there’s a yokai that would do such a thing, I’m sure the other yokais won’t keep silent about it.


It feels like the forest is getting thicker?

Hey, are you sure it’s this way?



Hey! What’s wrong?

Wait. Why is there such a thick mist?

What’s happening, guys?!

Invitation? Don’t tell me these cats are…

Let’s run for it!

They’re trying to drag you into the yokai world.

Once they take you there, you won’t be able to come back.



They’re coming after us.

Why are they doing this?

Don’t tell me the darkness has made them go crazy.

I’m sure we’ve come far enough to be safe. They don’t seem to be following us anymore. We’ve also managed to get out of the forest.

Are you okay?

You don’t look okay. You’re shaking.

Let’s go to your classmates once you’ve calmed down.

We shouldn’t stay here for a long time.

Don’t worry. I’ll be with you, so you’ll be fine.



I wonder what happened to them just now.

Don’t tell me…





Hmm…. they’re not here either.

I couldn’t find them in the park too.

I’ve been looking for them everyday. I wonder where they’re hiding.

I wanted to ask about that day.

Huh? How rare for you to come so early.

Is something the matter?


You can hear the piano?! Just like one of the seven mysteries?!

Do you mean you can hear it all night?




Why is my made=up story becoming true?

Maybe… it’s my fault.

It’s not just the piano. Last time, the cats were also acting strangely last time too.

I’m the one who came up with the story about the never-ending piano.

And… I’m also the one who talked about a yokai’s true instinct being revealed in the darkness.



And the story about cats taking people away to the yokai world.

It’s as if… all the rumours I’ve talked about have become true.

No, it’s not impossible.

Yokais are created by human thoughts.

In the same way, my careless rumours might have given birth to some strange yokai.

But it would be impossible if it were only me.



Yokais don’t have the same strong thoughts like that of humans. We’re so transient that we disappear if humans forget about us.

But… if a yokai can alter the seven mysteries or create another yokai, then that’s amazing. It would mean we can have the same strong thoughts as that of humans.

I don’t know how it actually is though. I don’t think I can have such strong thoughts.

But… all I know is that you’re going through a scary time.

Please let me stay with you for a while. I want to be right by your side.



Whether or not this is my fault, I will protect you no matter what. I want to protect you.

I won’t lose to this mysterious yokai, whatever it is. Whatever is my opponent, I will protect you.

Don’t worry. I’m a yokai that has lived for hundreds of years.

I won’t be defeated so easily.

It’s a man’s duty to protect the one he loves, right?



Yea, leave it to me.

You don’t need to worry about anything.

I’ll possess you for the whole day today. I’ll be by your side the whole time, even when you’re home.

If whoever keeps playing the piano tonight, I will find that guy and punish him.

It’s pitch dark outside the window.

There’s no moon, and it looks like the sky has been filled with black ink.



Are you okay? I’m right by your side, so there’s no need to worry.

Here, I’ll stroke your back. It should calm you down a bit.

That’s good.

It might be wrong to say this now, but I’m a bit happy.

It’s not a considerate thing to say, but I feel happy when you depend on me like this.



For a while, I was worried that you didn’t need me.

That’s why I wanted to show you a cool side of me, and teased you during the test of courage as well.

But… because of that I put you in a dangerous situation. I’m sorry.

You always say such kind things.

Hey… can I hug you?

You’re always so warm.



It’ll be less scary if you hold onto me like this, so let’s stay this way for a while.

Human warmth is so nice. It’s not just the heat, but so many other things can be felt through a hug. It’s really calming.

I’m the one who’s meant to be calming you down though.

But… when I’m with you, the emptiness inside me gets filled up.

Before I came to the school, I travelled from place to place.

I liked every place I went, to a certain extent.

When I pretended to be a cat, some people were nice to me too.



It wasn’t bad to walk around freely as a cat.

But I always knew that it wasn’t where I belonged.

No matter how good the environment was, or how nice the people were to me, I felt that something was missing.

Even at school, I was always looking for a place to belong.

I mixed in with the students and encountered many people.



That’s how I found you.

I fell in love with you, and finally found the place where I belong.

It made me realise that next to you is where I can come home to.

No matter where I go, I’ll always have somewhere to go home to. I’ll always have someone to welcome me back.



There’s no greater happiness than this.

You are such a precious person to me.

I’ll be with you forever, and protect you with all my strength, because I love you more than anyone else in the world.

The sound of the piano! It looks like it’s here.



It’s here! What…?

A monster cat?! Why?!

Why? Why do you attack her?

Why won’t you listen to me? Why?

It’s okay. I don’t want to fight with cats, but I won’t forgive anyone who tries to hurt you.

I won’t give you to anyone. I won’t let anyone take you away from me. I’ll protect you no matter what!



I really don’t want to do this!

I’ll apologise in advance. We might make a mess of your room.

I’ll use everything I can, including your bed and desk.

Don’t lay a finger on my girlfriend!

They were really heavy!



They turned back into cats!

Why did you all attack her?

Why did you transform and attack her, when she’s done nothing wrong?

That’s right. They’re the cats I was talking to last time. They’re yokais too.

They look like ordinary cats, but they’re monster cats who have lived for hundreds of years.



Some people call me a monster cat as well, but to be accurate, I’m a two-tailed cat.

They’re the real monster cats. They have a grudge against humans. Well, they used to. It seems like they’ve had a change of heart.

They live as stray cats, and are treated well by the people.

Sometimes they scare humans too, like they just did.

But why did you attack her?

Are you saying it was for me?!





Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

These cats wanted to support me.

Actually… I asked for their advice. I wanted you to rely on me more as a man.

They said I should show you how reliable I am.

So… they bothered to play the antagonist for me…

Geez, I’m grateful for your thoughts, but you should’ve at least told me!



I really thought you guys lost it!

Thanks to that, you really gave me the determination to protect her, but you guys went over the top!

They said sorry.

It’s my fault I asked for their advice. Will you forgive them?

That’s great.

She forgave you this time, but don’t do anything weird anymore.

Thanks for your help though.



Yea, now we’ve solved who the mystery yokai was.

But… I’ve really messed up your room….

Tidying up is going to be hard work.

Obviously… I’d need to help you, right?

I knew it.

This is going to take until morning.

Hey! Don’t go home! Help us out a bit!

Even a cat’s hand would be appreciated!





It’s so sunny today. The sunlight feels great. Napping under a tree would be nice too.

It’s been hectic recently, so it’s quite nice to come to the music room.

You’ve been released from the mystery of the piano, so it really feels like we finally have our ordinary lives back.

Actually… there’s something I realised through what happened.

It was my cat friends’ doing at the end, but if my rumours really had come true, I… might have been a bit happy.

It would mean that I’m becoming more human-like.



The strong thoughts of humans does attract me.

Thinking about something precious, or wanting to have something and wishing for it strongly.

We don’t have these thoughts.

That’s why I also get worried that your thoughts for me will one day move on to someone else.


What’s wrong?

I… see.

Yea, you’re right. I won’t lose to anyone when it comes to my feelings for you. I can be confident about that.



Do you think… I’m a good boyfriend?

That’s great!

Please let me tell you this again. I love you.

I want to continue protecting you, in my own way.

So… please always be by my side. Stay with me.

I want to be the only one to touch your hand.

No matter how many centuries pass by, I won’t be able to feel this strongly about anyone else.



Do you feel… the same? Can you continue… to love me only?

Thank you.

I like you. I love you.

I won’t even lose to humans when it comes to my feelings for you.

If my thoughts are strong enough to make rumours true, then I’ll make this a reality.

I’ll continue to protect you, and make you the happiest girl in the world.

I’ll be with you no matter what happens. It’s a promise.





Hehe. You can’t tell anyone about how one of the Seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School, the mystery of the music room, ends.

Hey how about this mug?

The cute cat silhouette has made it my favourite!

There’s a blue and pink one, so I’ll take the blue, you take the pink. We can have matching mugs!

But these pyjamas are nice too. Matching pyjamas are for really lovey-dovey couples! [0:50]

Let’s by both of them, since we’re finally going to live together!

Why are you so surprised?

Did you forget that you agreed to let me live with you?

Well, I’ve stayed over at your place a few times before too.

Even if I’m just moving into your room, it would still be like a cohabiting couple!

It’ll be perfect if we place the matching mugs and pyjamas in your room.

We’ll wear the pyjamas at night, and sleep together in the same bed!



Ahh, did you imagine us sleeping together?

Your face became red, so it’s really obvious. You’re so cute!

You can’t show that cute expression of yours to other guys, okay?

If you stay behind at school until midnight, you’ll hear the sound of a piano from the empty music room.

And that sound will follow you forever.

You shouldn’t make fun of it just because it’s a rumour. There are some girls who actually heard the piano playing.



Oh, but don’t go there during the weekends.

The yokai who plays the piano wants to spend his weekends with his girlfriend.

This is a promise!

And there’s my opening!

Your cheeks are so soft and amazing!



I’ll continue to adore you, so that you will drown in my love.

I’ll give you all my feelings, because you’ve also given me so much.

I’ll even follow you to the depths of hell.

My adorable girlfriend!



FREE TALK w/ Kaji Yuuki


I’m Yuuki Kaji, acting as Arahagi in Yuugen Romantica Uchouten,

Hello everyone.

This is the end of episode free-talk.

We just finished recording. I’m guessing you just finished listening to the CD. Thank you so much.

My impression of the recording…

Thanks to your support, I came back to Yuugen Romantica, even though I thought it would be my last time.

Um… Arahagi-kun is a two-tailed cat yokai.

I remember what it was like, acting him out last time.

In the last recording, it was my first time meeting the listener, or the heroine.



Well, a lot of things happened. If you want to know, please listen to the first episode.

It started off… after we became closer.

Well, because of that, this recording started… and he’s quite clingy, considering he’s a cat yokai! He is a two-tailed cat, but he’s also a bit like a dog!

He just wants attention. I read out the script, keeping in mind that he is a somewhat “younger” character.

Well, that part of him becomes the problem in this story. So in this story, he wanted to look more mature, and those emotions led to the story’s development.

It leads to a battle, but at the end the two of them manage to become more honest with each other, and become more mature.



So I acted his part out with both catlike qualities and doglike qualities.

Next question… I’ll move to the right ear.

During the story, the yokais live in their human form. If you could transform into something using sorcery, is there a certain job or lifestyle you would like to experience?

First… if I can use sorcery, would I be a yokai?

I guess I need to approach this question assuming that I’m a yokai.

Well… let’s see…

There are probably some of you who haven’t listened to the tokuten, but there’s a scene where I levitate some things.

I think it’ll be quite fun! If I can become a cat, I suppose it would be convenient for moving around.



If I focus on being able to using sorcery… I suppose I would like to become an athlete, where physical strength and talent really matter.

I used to play soccer, and there was a time where I wanted to become a soccer player representing Japan, if I had the right physical makeup and talent.

That would be fun, and any other sports too.



Hard work is obviously necessary for these things, but… I couldn’t become one.

But in exchange, sometimes I even get to act as an athlete, including soccer players.

I can even become a yokai! So I would like to continue enjoying my job.

The next question…

I’m behind you now.

Arahagi has come to you for some love advice. Please help him.



What a vague question!

It would’ve helped if you told me what exactly he was asking me!

The staff are laughing their heads off, but I need some help here!

It would depend on what he’s asking, but… I guess…

It’s one of the main themes in this story too, but he’s quite old… and…

So yokais don’t really change since their birth… wait, they can develop by meeting




But if I think that he wouldn’t have matured this much without meeting humans, then I’m sure the heroine, who he’s in love with, will start the love process from zero, and accept his whole existence including his flaws, facing him as he is, so I think he should just continue being who he is.

He probably shouldn’t force himself to become better. I think it’s important that he should face her as he is.

Why did I answer so seriously? I see a lot of people clapping on the other side of the glass…



I have no idea what kind of advice the others would give, but this is an advice regarding the heroine in Yugen Romantica, and I believe you won’t love anybody else!



Please continue to nurture your feelings for her.

Next… This is the last part.

I’ll go to the left side…

A message to all the otomes listening.

There may be some men too, but you are an otome in your heart.

Thank you for listening.

I said at the start too, but I’m very happy I’ve come back to this series.

There are other yokais too, so please enjoy different types of romances.

I always get confused every time I record these kinds of stories, but I can assume that the heroine is different every time, right?



Otherwise… I would feel quite lonely as someone who acted out Arahagi.

Well, of course, I guess it might mean that there are different stories running in parallel.

Wait, there’s also a drama cd where everyone’s together and talking.

That means…

Anyway, I hope you only think of Arahagi for now!

I hope there will be a third round…

I sound like I’m trying to end a party with ipponjime.



I would like to end with ipponjime.

Well, I pray for your health and happiness, and for Yuugen Romantica Uchouten, and for the next series that I hope will come.

Please clap!


Did you really do it?

I’d be embarrassed if you were just listening and laughing to me.



Anyway, I said “ipponjime” but this isn’t really “ipponjime,” right?

This is actually “icchojime.” Please remember that!

Although you probably won’t have many opportunities doing this.

Anyway, enough of that.

That was Yuuki Kaji, acting as Arahagi in Yuugen Romantica Uchouten.

I hope you enjoyed it!

I look forward to seeing you again. Bye!