Grimm-gai no Oujisama Vol. 6 Gretel Translation
グリム街の王子様 第六夜 グレーテル
Seiyuu : 興津和幸 – Okitsu Kazuyuki
Release Date : March 22, 2017
Purchase : Animate International


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Note : This is an unaltered translation that I used myself that came directly from the translator.

Overview : 6th Volume of the series. Sorry I’m lazy in writing up a summary for this at the moment. Will do it when I feel like it. At this point, I’m pretty sure you guys know what this Drama CD’s about anyway by now.

Important : You need to listen to Hansel’s before this CD. This is Part 2 of the 2 and you need to listen to both for the story to make sense.

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Track 1


So annoying. What’s with this person?

If you’re trying to sell me something, go somewhere else.

You’re annoying me!

Geez… I said you’re annoying me!

A girl?!

What are you doing…?

Get away from me!

I said, get away from me.



What? I wasn’t trying to save you.

I wasn’t going to use anymore magic…

I’m not a magician. Don’t make me one of them!

There are no more wild dogs out there, so why don’t you go home already?

I don’t like women. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.



I said, get out already.

What? You don’t know where you live? Where did you come from, then?

You keep saying you don’t know. Don’t tell me you have amnesia or something.


Whatever, it’s none of my business. Just get out of here.


What?! Why do I need to use magic for you?



I can’t do what I can’t do.

I can’t do anything about your memory loss.

The only magic I can use is fire magic. I’m useless.

I didn’t do that do save you. I accidentally used magic because you surprised me when you suddenly jumped onto me.

A hero? Me?



A hero…

No! No matter how many compliments you give me, I can’t help you. Disappear already.

I said, get out already!

Hurry up!

Geez! Fine!

I’ll do something about it. Happy?

I rather you just get out of here than thank me.



Geez. Why am I doing this?

Shut up! I said I’ll do something about it. It doesn’t matter how I’ll do it, okay?!

It’s a letter to Hansel, my brother.

My brother knows everything, and can do anything. That’s why I’m going to ask him what we should do with you.

You should be happy now, right? So don’t come so close to me.

The room over there is empty. Why don’t you use it?



You can stay here only until your memory returns.

And don’t come near me.

If you understand, go to your room already.

Do you still have something to say?

Why do you need to know my name?

It’s Gretel. My name is Gretel.



Track 2



Stop it! I told you not to come near me!

What do you want?

If you’re hungry, drink some water.

Geez, okay!

I’ll give you these snacks, so go back to your room.



There’s no need to thank me, so just leave me alone.

I told you I don’t like women.


Will you go back to your room if I tell you why?

Fine, but you have to.

I have a stepmother witch.

We brothers were bullied by her, and were abandoned by her at the end.

That’s why I don’t like women.

I don’t know why she did it. She probably just didn’t like us.



My brother is strong, unlike me, so he rebelled. I was too scared to disobey her.

My brother lives in the forest, where there is a lot of witches.

His aim is to exterminate the witches.

I’m searching the whereabouts of my stepmother, so that I won’t become a burden to my brother.

My brother is amazing. He’s strong and kind. He’s even good at making confectionaries and cakes.

I want to eat his cakes…

You can bake cakes? Even though you have amnesia?



I see. Are they sweet and delicious?

Really? Then can you try?

Groceries? No way. Why do I need to come with you? You can just ask the people in the city for directions.


Why would you feel safe if you’re with me? I don’t get it.

Can’t be helped.



I’ll come with you. The keys are…

That was close. I almost lost it.

These are just pebbles. It’s none of your business.

Come on, let’s go.

This store has everything, so buy the ingredients you need.

Here, some money.

I’ll be waiting for you outside, so come back quickly.



What is it?

That’s right. Anything sweet and delicious.

Can you bake brownies too?

Really? Then can you make tarts and cheesecakes if you have the recipe?

Really?! Then we’ll need to collect a lot of recipes.

There’s so much I want to eat.

Why are you laughing? Is it strange for me to like cakes?


What? What’s that supposed to mean.

I’m not having fun or anything…

It’ll be more fun for me if you weren’t here!


Why are you suddenly silent…

Isn’t it obvious? I was always alone. Of course it’ll be better without you.

You’re such a bother.

What? Hey!



She left.

Maybe I said too much, but I didn’t do anything wrong.

She mistook me for a magician, and kept approaching me so casually me, even though she knew I don’t like women.

She’s so annoying. I’m glad she left.



Does she really intend not to come back? What’s she going to do without her memory…

Cakes… That’s right, the cakes!

She still hasn’t baked for me.

I said, wait!



Why do you look surprised?

I’m not trying to ask you to come back. It’s just… you haven’t baked for me yet.

You promised to bake for me, right? So let’s go back.

Didn’t I tell you before that you could stay at my place until your memory comes back?

Don’t make me repeat myself!

Come on, hurry up.



I won’t say that I rather be without you anymore, so don’t cry. It makes me not know what to do.


What? What does that mean?

You still want to be with me, even though I made you cry?

You say that, but I’m not what you say.

Heroes are people like my brother.

He’s smart, courageous, and reliable.



If you had met my brother instead of me, your memory might have returned already.

What… Really? Do you think I’m reliable?

You can say that because you’ve never met my brother. If you knew him, you would find him more reliable.

But… I see. You…



Yea, wait a moment.

I’ll give these to you. Hold onto it.

My brother gave these pebbles to me. When I got lost in the forest a long time ago, my brother found me. He gave me pebbles so I could drop them behind me as I walked.

He said he would follow the trail to find me.

I don’t use it now because brother is not here, but I feel like I’m being protected by him when I have

these pebbles with me.

So I keep these as a protection charm.

Yea, let’s go.



Running made me hungry.

I won’t forgive you if your cakes aren’t delicious.

I see. Is this a chocolate tart?

Well, thanks for the food.

It’s not as good as my brother’s, but it’s not bad.



Why do you look so happy?

I see. You’re weird.

A hero? You keep saying that. You’re exaggerating too much.

Why are you laughing?



If you want me to eat your cakes so much, I’m going to make you bake everyday.

You’re such an idiot. What’s the point of making me happy?


I don’t need drinks, so why don’t you sit down and eat? I’ll let you… eat with me today.

Come on, sit down.



Track 3



Hey, are you awake?

No, it’s just that today’s really cold, so…


Are you cold?



I’m asking you if you’re cold.

I see.

Then… it can’t be helped.

You should feel a bit warmer with this.

Yea, my other spells are unreliable, but I’m good with fire spells.

I can use small spells and big spells, but I’ve never used my spells like this before.

Doing it for someone, of my own will.



Amazing? This ability?

Nobody has said that to me before.

That’s because… this magic originally comes from my stepmother, so I don’t want to use it often.

Unlike my brother, I didn’t rebel because I was so scared. So my stepmother taught me magic.

I was in so much pain, like I was going to explode, because I was being forced to take on something I wasn’t meant to.



But… I couldn’t use magic at the end, until my stepmother abandoned me.

My brother found out and he made me make a trap using magic.

A confectionary house to lure witches in.

I was happy to be useful then, but I don’t use magic often because I didn’t want this power.

Why are you apologizing? I used magic just now because I wanted to.

You should stop complaining and get warm.



What? I’m fine.

I said I’m fine.

This blanket is small. You’ll catch a cold like this.

What? Why?

I don’t… not want to go inside with you.

You’re a woman, but… you’re different.

Shut up, it doesn’t matter, okay?




This is… a brownie? You baked this? Thank you.

Here. I’m saying I’ll give you half. Give me your hand.

I’ll have everything in the kitchen though. You can just have this half.

So here, take it.



It’s not bad.

My brother and I used to share like this, because we didn’t have enough to eat.

My brother always gave me the bigger portion, but never for cakes.

Of course I miss him.

I was always with him until I came to this city.

What do you mean?



I’m not saying you’re not good enough.

Why do you care about me so much, when I only saved you?

Why aren’t you saying anything?

What?! You like me?!




That’s enough.

Something’s wrong with you. I made you cry, and I’m not kind or reliable.

So you really relied on me.

I don’t really understand… what it means to like someone, but I’m your hero, right?

Then you can just rely on me, without worrying about being useful to me.

Thanking me again? I said you don’t need to.



I’ll get your memory back one day.

What’s with that look? You think it’s impossible for me, don’t you?

Go ahead and laugh, then?

I see. You trust me.

By the way, you’ve been spilling crumbs everywhere. Are you a kid?

Make sure you clean up later.



Use some cloth and freezing cold water.

You look so down. Haha.



Track 4



What are you baking, so late at night?

I see. A cheesecake. That sounds good.

Can I try some?

What? It hasn’t set yet?

I guess I’ll have to wait until morning then.



Actually, I received a letter from my brother.

I brought it here to read it with you.

It’s fine. I’ll read it, so just listen.

The part about you… is here.

Regarding the woman with amnesia.

She might be from a different world. I’ll look around for a solution.

That’s what he says.

A different world? Such a thing exists?



Don’t worry, I’m sure my brother can do something about it. I’m here, too.

There’s no need to look so worried.


I guess… My brother is reliable, so you’ll be okay.

I’m sure my brother is happy you trust him.

That’s right… You’d prefer…

No, it’s nothing. I’m going to sleep now. You should go sleep soon too. Good night.



I can’t sleep.

She looked so happy when she said my brother is so reliable. She also said she trusts him.

At this rate…

There are some left over brownies from last time. Oh, but there’s only one.



Brownies can be shared, but that girl…

If she’s going to be taken away by my brother, then I’ll…



Track 5



What do you want?

No, I’m fine. What do you want?

Why are you staring at me like that?

No, I’m the same as always. So, why are you here?



From my brother?

He only just sent us a letter. I wonder what it is.

What? Brother will come tomorrow morning.

He says he wants to talk about our next steps, because the trap hasn’t lured any witches recently.



He says we’ll find a way to get you back to your own world together once he’s here.

Hey… Why are you so happy?

Do you want to see my brother?



That’s not what I’m saying. You want to see my brother.

You want to see my brother because you prefer him to me.

When you meet my brother, you won’t care about me anymore. And then you’ll abandon me, just like how my stepmother left me.

Shut up! There’s nothing wrong with me.

You’re the one who said you like me, but you keep wanting to see my brother.

You can’t trust me after all, right?



You realized that I’m not a hero, so you don’t want me anymore!

That’s a lie! I’m useless!

At the end, nobody recognizes me.

I’m a failure.

Let me go.

Stop it. Don’t hide it with a lie.



You can only belong to me. Without you, I…

You’re a liar. There’s no way you like me. You’ll leave me soon.


Then… do you really only like me?



Can you promise to only be mine forever?

Then… give me a kiss me as your promise.

You can, if you like me, right?

Hey… You’re not a liar, right?

Then… please… quickly.



Thank you.

Your feelings reached me.

Sorry. But… this is the only way.



You were the only one who approved of me, even though I was a failure.

You said that I’m a hero. You loved me.

I didn’t want to give you to anyone… I don’t want to give you to my brother.

That’s why I need to kill you, while you’re still by my side and love me.



Don’t worry. I love you no matter what you’re like.

So just… fall asleep.




It’s so cold outside.

Do you feel cold? Are you okay?


This is the house my brother prepared for me, but I don’t need it anymore.

Wow, the house caught fire in an instant.

This is my power.



Why did I despise something so amazing?

That’s right. I’m not useless. Hahaha!

Let’s go.



My brother’s pebbles…

You really kept it on you.

You won’t need them anymore.

You won’t run away anymore, and nobody will ever find us.



Now, I’ll be your hero forever.




Track 6



There was a girl in an orphanage.

There were two boys in the orphanage who were her good friends.

An active boy with good leadership, and his younger brother, who was introverted, unlike his elder brother.

The girl felt attracted to the elder brother, because he protected her many times from from the orphanage director who abused the children.



One day, the elder brother, who was especially rebellious towards the director, was locked up in the basement.

All the girl and the younger brother could do was to watch it happen.

However, they would sometimes secretly bring snacks to the elder brother.

The three decided to escape from the orphanage.

It was a plan proposed by the younger brother, who was usually introverted.



However, as they were trying to escape during the middle of the night, the girl got caught by the director.

He had waited for the girl to come out, as he knew about the escape plan.

The elder brother came to save her.

However, the two children couldn’t overpower the director.



Suddenly, a fire started to surround the girl and the others.

The younger brother came, looking very confused.

The brothers held down the director, who was trying to escape.

The two boys said, “You at least need to escape.”

The girl shook her head, but the two boys continue to shout, “We’re going to drag this guy to death with us, so…!”

The girl could do nothing but to accept their desperate wish.

The girl ran through the orphanage, filled with fire and smoke.



Every time she ran, her breathing became difficult, her vision blurred, and the heat tortured her.

Just one more step until the exit!

That moment, the girl collapsed onto the floor.

In her fading consciousness, the girl thought, “If this was going to happen, I should have stayed with them instead of escaping. Then I would have been able to stay with them, the people I love, until the very end.”



Suddenly, she could hear footsteps coming her way.

“I found you. Don’t worry, I’ll save you. From now on, I will replace my brother, the brother you love.


“Nobody can get in the way now. I’m going to be the hero who will save you. Hahaha.”



The boy who was there was the younger brother, who was supposed to have sacrificed himself with his brother to save her.

He was the one who told the director about the escape plan, and set fire to the place.

He, who had felt inferior to his brother, had planned everything to make the girl his.



This is the nightmare of the girl who wanted to save the two boys, without knowing the truth.

She couldn’t save them at the end, but the girl was in an eternal nightmare. She would sleep forever in the nightmare of just being loved.

The end.



Track 7



Hello, Kazuyuki Okitsu, who acted as Gretel.

Gretel is Hansel’s younger brother.

Shotaro Morikubo acts as Hansel.

It’s an honor to act as Moriukubo-san’s younger brother. I’m feeling dizzy!

Anyway, I had a very fun time recording.

It was a very happy story at the start. Who’d expect something like that to happen at the end?

I was really shocked too. Weren’t you shocked?

You’re not listening from the free-talk, are you?! Oh phew, that’s good.



Not that I think anyone would do that, but I thought there might be.

Yea, something like that happened!

I suppose that was the most impactful scene. I was like Ahhh!

Weren’t you surprised? I was surprised. You were? Of course you would be.

My favorite scene is when they’re being romantic under the blanket.

They seemed like a lovely couple until that point. It’s a nice scenario, right?

Having a small blanket, and being like “You’re hogging the blanket! It’s so cold, stop taking it!”



I see, you like that scene too. Thank you.

Is there something that happened which you wanted to be a dream?

Let’s see…

There have been times where I wake up and realize I need to leave in ten minutes.

That’s right. Some of you might know, but I changed my phone and I don’t really know how to set the alarm.



I guess there are some things you notice once you change your phone.

Like, how convenient your previous phone was.

Oh, I know how to set the alarm now, so it’s fine. The Darth Vader music wakes me up, like before.

Next, what character from the Grimm Fairytales would you like to become, other than the character you acted?

What stories are there…

The Frog Prince, the Wolf and Seven Goats, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, the Town Musicians of Bremen, Snow White…



I like the Town Musicians of Bremen! But it’s not like I want to become one of the characters.

Something goes on the goat, and then something goes on that, and then I think a hen goes on the very top?

I want to see something like that happen.

When I was a child, I was like, how did that happen?

I would like to be there at the scene.

How did the story go again? I’m getting curious. I’m going to read it again.

Maybe I should also read Hansel and Gretel again.



I’ll also read the Wolf and Seven Goats. Is it something about hiding in a clock?

Wolves are usually the bad guy.

You don’t really know what I’m talking about?

I guess you’ve had enough of me talking!

Thank you for listening.

I’m sure you were really excited and curious about this CD. How did you find it?

Did it meet your expectations?

I hope it meets you expectations.

This is the 6th episode, but you might find out more if you listen to Hansel’s, the elder brother’s episode



If you haven’t listened to that yet, it would be great if you do.

That was Gretel, thank you. Bye!