Grimm-gai no Oujisama Vol. 5 Hansel Translation
グリム街の王子様 第五夜 ヘンゼル
Seiyuu : 森久保祥太郎 – Morikubo Showtaro
Release Date : February 22, 2017
Purchase : Animate International


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Note : This is an unaltered translation that I used myself that came directly from the translator.

Overview : 5th Volume of the series. Sorry I’m lazy in writing up a summary for this at the moment. Will do it when I feel like it. At this point, I’m pretty sure you guys know what this Drama CD’s about anyway by now.

Important : You need to listen to this CD before Gretel’s. This is Part 1 of the two and you need to listen to both for the story to make sense.

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Track 1



Good evening.

I’m sorry if I scared you.

I’m Hansel, and I live in this house.

Yea. Oh, were you drawn here by this house?

It’s lovely, isn’t it?

A chocolate roof and cookie walls. Candy windows and…

It’s cold today.

We shouldn’t just stand outside. Why don’t you come in?


No need to be polite. There’s plenty of hot chocolate and snacks.

Please, go ahead.

Please sit on that chair. I’ll bring over the snacks. You don’t need to help with anything. You’re my guest, okay?



The hot chocolate is almost ready.

This powder? I use it to cast a delicious spell on the hot chocolate.

Just kidding! It’s just powder sugar. Thanks for waiting. Here you go.



Chocolate, grape pies, cookies, marshmallows… There’s quite a variety. Take whatever you like.

That’s great.

I made all these myself. I bake the pies and cookies in that oven. It’s huge, right? It looks like a person would even fit in!

Sorry, I’m just joking!

Please drink your hot chocolate before it gets cold.



By the way, what were you doing in the forest so late at night? What do you mean, you don’t know?

Not only do you not remember why you were in the forest…. You don’t remember anything at all? I’m sure you know your name though.

Basically… you have amnesia?

That can’t be…



Well, maybe these things do happen.

Of course. You don’t look like someone who would lie.

It’s going to be hard for you though. You’re going to have to think about what to do next. Hm? Is something wrong?

Are you okay?

Are you… getting sleepy?

It’s okay, you can sleep. Have a good rest.


Amnesia… huh?

She’s awake? Damn it! The drug was too weak. Hey! Stop moving.

I won’t let you escape. I said stop moving!

Damn it. I can’t put her into the oven. [5:56]


I’ll kill you with this!

You’re so annoying!

Why? Because you’re a witch, of course.

You’re lying about having amnesia, right?

This house is made of magic, and only witches react to it! You’ll just have to give up and let me kill you.



I told you that your lies don’t work on me.

There should be the sign of a witch on your nape. Here!

It’s… not here! That can’t be…!



Why is it? Are you really just a human, who became curious about this house? Damn it…

Come here!

Just shut up and follow me if you want to live!

I’m going to ask you to stay here for a while. I won’t ask anything of you, and I won’t do anything horrible to you.



I don’t want to be violent, so just do as you’re told. I’ve killed every witch that comes into this house.

Even if you’re a human, I can’t let you go out and tell people that I kill witches here.

I’ll let you free when I’m absolutely sure that you’re not a witch, or when I’ve exterminated every single witch.

Who knows? It could be tomorrow, or in a month’s time. It might even be in ten years’ time!

I’m not locking you up. I’m not doing anything bad, right?



I have to do this.

It’s alright. I’m not her. I’m not like her. Just be patient for a while.

I’m sorry.



Track 2



Here. I brought your dinner.

Don’t be so scared. I won’t do anything to you. Here. I’ll leave it here.

You didn’t eat your lunch at all.

I don’t intend to kill you if you’re not a witch, so I want you to eat properly. I don’t know what you’re thinking if you won’t speak to me.

Why won’t you eat?



I said…!

It can’t be helped.

I’m sure you can take soup. Open your mouth.

Why do you resist?

You’re making it look like I’m doing something bad to you! I’m… not her!

At least eat some bread, okay?



What happened?! Why did you collapse? She has a terrible fever.

Hey! Pull yourself together!

It’s no use… She’s not conscious… Why did this happen?

This is just like… what happened to me before. Hey! Hey!

This can’t be happening…



Does this mean… I was doing the same thing to her as what that woman did? No! That’s not what I was trying to do!

I just…

I had to, because I couldn’t let you go.



What have I done?! You’re awake.

I carried you to the bedroom. I thought you wouldn’t be able to rest properly in the basement. I’ll change the towel.

Wait! Please, don’t run away. There’s something I want to tell you.



I’m really sorry for what I’ve done to you.

I was totally absorbed in my aim to exterminate all witches, and did terrible things to you. My stepmother is a witch.

I have a younger brother called Gretel, but both of us were abused by that stepmother.



I rebelled and asked her once, “Why do you do such terrible things to us?” That woman locked me up
in the garage for a month.

The garage was so dark and cold. I was so scared.

If Gretel hadn’t secretly brought me snacks, I probably would’ve died. Gretel and I were abandoned so that she’d have less mouths to feed.



When I was living with Gretel, I found out that witches were kidnapping children. All witches, and not just my stepmother, became a symbol of evil for me.

That’s why we decided to exterminate witches from this world, including our stepmother.

I’m sorry for telling you this all of a sudden, but I didn’t tell you this because I wanted you to sympathize.

I wanted to tell you the truth and apologize.



I’m really sorry.

I didn’t realize I was doing the same thing as my stepmother until you collapsed. No, I pretended not to notice.

I don’t think you can forgive me, but I have one request. Please let me at least take care of you until you get better.



I know you can’t trust me, but… Are you okay?

Your fever got worse.

I’m sorry for talking to you for so long when you’re like this.



Track 3



I’m going to wipe the sweat off your neck. You’re not so pale anymore.

I’m sure you’ll be able to move around soon.

I’ll let in some air. I’m going to open the windows.



This bed is mine, and the one you’re using is Gretel’s.

We used to live together, but now he’s out looking for our stepmother so we live separately.

My brother is weird. He generally always depends on me, but he’s very good at one thing. He can use magic.

This house was also created by my brother. Isn’t he amazing? I’ll never be able to do something like that.

Sorry, I spoke for too long.



I’ll come again to see how you’re doing. Hey, can I change the sheets?

Why are you up?! You need to lie down.

Oh, you’re better now. That’s great.



Let’s get you ready so you can leave tomorrow. I was thinking about this while you were ill.

You’re probably from another world.

I heard about this a long time ago. Sometimes people from another world get lost in Grimm world.

These people have always lost their memories.



You still don’t remember anything, right? So I think you’re most likely one of them.

I’m sorry if I’ve made you feel scared, but I’m sure you’ll find a solution once you know what’s causing this.

I think it’s better if you live in the city where there’s a lot of people, so you can find a solution.

And… I’m sure you wouldn’t want to stay here with me, since I did such horrible things to you.



Well! We’ll need to get things ready then.

I’ll make a lot of cakes and confectionaries so you won’t run out of things to eat in the city. I’m really good at baking.

It’s fine. Please let me.

I want to do this to make up for what I’ve done for you. I’ll get ready, so you just wait and rest.

But… you only just got better.

Well… okay. If you insist.



Let’s go to the kitchen together, then. Here! The cookies are done. See?

Have the chocolates melted?

Can you pour the chocolate over the dough?



Mm! Looks good.

Sorry, I was too close! I’m really sorry. Did you… laugh?

No, I’m not angry. I was just happy to see you smile. Um… what was I going to do next?

Right, I was going to put some powder sugar on the cakes. Please work with the chocolate!



I’ve never done something with another person like this before, so it’s really fun for me to be with you right now.

We just need to decorate them to finish them up!



What a great day!

Let’s go. I’ll take you to the city.

Hm? What’s wrong?

You don’t want to go? Why?

What…? I was so horrible to you.

Even if you’re not scared of me, witches come to this place. You don’t know what could happen to you.

You still want to…?



Fine, if that’s what you wish. You can live here with me.

It’s about what you want to do, so you can choose freely. I want to respond to the trust you have placed on me.

I’ll do some research so that you can go back to your world. It might take some time, but… can you wait?

It’s too early to thank me.

I haven’t done anything yet.

Let’s go back inside.



Track 4



You were awake.

Or did I wake you up?

I made a mistake, but my injuries aren’t serious, so don’t worry.

A witch. I tried to kill her after putting her off guard, but she realized and we had a fight. She ran off at the end.

Sorry, I’ll go out once I’m changed. Hm?



I can’t stop. No matter what, I need to kill witches.

The only world where I can be happy in is a world without witches.

Don’t worry. I won’t such a stupid mistake next time. I’m going to be okay. I’ve always been fighting like this, so I need to keep going.

You can’t! I can’t make you help me. This is what I started, so I have the duty to end it, even if it makes me suffer.



But you’re different. You’re not involved in this.

You shouldn’t get too nosy just because you pity us.

I can’t refuse… if you keep saying that you care too much to leave us alone.

Fine, but I don’t intend to involve you. I don’t want you to involve yourself with anything to do with witches, just like usual.

Instead, when I’m in pain like this, I want you to hold my hand and stay by my side. That would be enough for me to keep going.



Thank you. Let’s fight together, so that we can be happy. Great! It’s clean now.

That’s strange.

Ever since that witch got away, not a single witch has come here.

Good morning!

Yea, I’m fine now. As you can see, I can clean up perfectly too. Huh?

Oh… I don’t think you should go collect wood.



It’s not like we don’t have enough, and I don’t think you should go outside now…

It’s fine, just don’t look so upset. You’re right. Today’s a fine day, so let’s go collect wood.

I’ll bring over some snacks. Can you get things ready too, like something to lay down for the wood?

Hey, how’s it going?



You collected quite a lot! Thanks.

Good, let’s take a break. Come over here.

Hm… Here. It’s a madeleine. Please have one.

That’s great.

Watching you eat makes me happy because you make it look so delicious.



I never knew it was so fun to do something for another person.

After I left my stepmother, I’ve only lived for revenge.

After starting to live with you, I feel like…

I’m somewhat stronger. It’s all thanks to you.

I will exterminate the witches no matter what. And then I’ll do whatever it takes to take you back to your world. I promise.

Hey… Can you… close your eyes for a bit?

Please… okay? Come on…

Actually, it’s nothing!

You can open your eyes.

Sorry, Please forget what happened.



Huh? What’s wrong? Is it a witch?!

Oh, it’s just a bird! Haha. We’re overreacting.

You’re scared? Don’t worry, if it was a witch, it would have attacked us immediately. It’s really just a bird.

We should go back soon. I’ll carry the wood, so can you carry the basket?



Track 5



Come in!

Is something wrong? It’s late already. Can you not sleep?

Are you bothered about what happened during the day?

Don’t worry. I’ll be by your side, so let’s sleep.

By your side…

I mean I’ll with you like this for the whole time.

So you don’t need to worry.

Or… do you not like being with me like this? I see.

Um… I…




This sound!

It might be! I’m going to go check the oven. It’s a fire! Why?!

Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Just calm down. I’m with you, and I’ll protect you.

First, we need to get out. Here, from this window.

Huh? That’s…



The witch that escaped from me last time!

She told the others about this house! Damn it.

The witches have surrounded this place.

They must have set fire to the house.

What should we do?

They’ll kill us the moment we set foot outside.

But if we stay in the house… Ah, geez!

Sorry, thank you. That’s right. I need to pull myself together.




There’s only one way for you to be saved.

You need to go back to your own world.

There’s actually something I haven’t told you.

In order for a person to go back to the world they came from, the person must kiss someone. I heard this rumor somewhere before.

If this is true, at least you’ll be able to survive and go back to your world if we kiss now.



I’m a bad person.

I knew about this rumor, but I kept it a secret because I didn’t want you to leave me.

I’m sorry for being so selfish until the end.

Now… close your eyes.

Please! Don’t move. I beg you.




That can’t be! Why?! Were the rumors false?!

No, one more time. Let’s try just one more time!

It should work… How is it okay?! You’re going to die at this rate!
I don’t want that.

I don’t want you to suffer anymore!



But why…

Is there nothing I can do for you after all? You’re so…

Okay. If that’s what you wish, I want you to stay by my side. I love you.



Track 6



There was a girl in an orphanage.

There were two boys in the orphanage who were her good friends.

An active boy with good leadership, and his younger brother, who was introverted, unlike his elder brother.

The girl felt attracted to the elder brother, because he protected her many times from from the orphanage director who abused the children.



One day, the elder brother, who was especially rebellious towards the director, was locked up in
the basement.

All the girl and the younger brother could do was to watch it happen.

However, they would sometimes secretly bring snacks to the elder brother.

The three decided to escape from the orphanage.

It was a plan proposed by the younger brother, who was usually introverted.



However, as they were trying to escape during the middle of the night, the girl got caught by the director.

He had waited for the girl to come out, as he knew about the escape plan. The elder brother came to save her.

However, the two children couldn’t overpower the director.



Suddenly, a fire started to surround the girl and the others. The younger brother came, looking very confused.

The brothers held down the director, who was trying to escape. The two boys said, “You at least need to escape.”

The girl shook her head, but the two boys continue to shout, “We’re going to drag this guy to death with us, so…!”

The girl could do nothing but to accept their desperate wish.



The girl ran through the orphanage, filled with fire and smoke.

Every time she ran, her breathing became difficult, her vision blurred, and the heat tortured her.

Just one more step until the exit!

That moment, the girl collapsed onto the floor.

In her fading consciousness, the girl thought, “If this was going to happen, I should have stayed
with them instead of escaping. Then I would have been able to stay with them, the people I love,
until the very end.”



This is the nightmare of the girl who wanted to save the two boys.

She couldn’t save them at the end, but she could spend the last moments with the one she loved. The end.



Track 7



This is Shotaro Morikubo, acting as Hansel.

We finished the recording process, and have now entered the free-talk session.

My impression of the recording was… well, I used the dummy head mic throughout the whole episode, and moved around actively.

As for the Grimm Fairytales…

When I read fairytales in Japan when I was young, I remember that they generally had happy endings, but when I read the original stories, some of them were quite scary.

It’s probably to deliver the moral of the story, but I’ve heard the illustrations can be quite powerful, even for adults.

The motif of this story, the Prince of Grimm series, is taken from the story, Hansel and Gretel.



It’s a very serious story, and in a way, not having a clear happy ending makes the acting more worthwhile.

I had to think about how I should make this ending sound, as I recorded this story. I had a very fun time.

My favorite scene of the story? Let’s see…

A very nice young man called Hansel welcomes you in a house made of confectionary, at the start.

After that, he thinks that you’re a witch and tries to find an opportunity to throw you into the oven, while he puts up a friendly front.



He’s happy that you’ve fallen for it and have fallen asleep, and tries to put you into the oven, at which point you wake up.

After he locks you up, he starts to slowly change, and the trauma he has, and the fact that he might be doing the same thing as his stepmother leads to a conflict, and shows you his weakness.

The gradation of his personality was very special. I enjoyed the changes which showed through the different scenes.



Something that happened recently that you wished were a dream. Something that happened recently that I wished were a dream.

At the end of the year 2016, this recording is also being near the end of the year, but…

Anyway, I always wanted to take the opportunity to go away on holiday.

I don’t go on holiday very often, so I decide every year to go on holiday in the beginning of the year.



I started planning from June 2016, including the accommodation.

As I was just about leave in December, I decided to look through the emails about the accommodation and reservations.

When I searched through my inbox, I couldn’t find any signs of my reservations. You’ve got to be kidding me! No!

I definitely made reservations in June! But no matter where I looked, I couldn’t find emails regarding my accommodation.



Did I not make the reservations?! It’s already December, it’s already the end of the year, everything’s going to be fully booked already!

I already finished the reservations for transport, though. That was done perfectly.

I found proof in my email.

My transportation was dealt with perfectly, but I had nowhere to stay!

I could go but have nowhere to stay! I thought, “Please let this be a dream!”

No matter where I looked, I couldn’t find it!



I have to give up looking, I thought.

It was already midnight, so I couldn’t call to confirm.

I decided to check out the website of the accommodation again, and found out that I could stay for at least two of the days I would be there.

I was like, I should just make another reservation! And made another reservation online.

The next day, I decided to call them to confirm, but found out that I had actually made a reservation.

That means I made a double booking! What?! I don’t need two rooms in the same place!


I wanted it to be a dream, so I asked them to cancel my second reservation, and… I’ll tell you what happened afterwards if there is a sequel to this story!

Did Morikubo manage to cancel his double booking?!

Or… did he have to pay for everything?!

I would like to talk about that the next time we meet.

Finally, which character would you want to be in the Grimm Fairytales?

There’s quite a variety, isn’t there. The Frog Prince, The Wolf and Seven Sheep, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White…

Well, the story I like is the Town Musicians of Bremen.

I wouldn’t say they’re outlaws, but they’re social outcasts.

They’re told they’re useless, but they go out on a journey as a band to find their identity.



That’s when they encounter others who have had painful experiences, and at the end they live happily while having fun playing music.

I think it’s a very good story.

I like the donkey, and… I forgot the other animals, but I want to be the donkey!

Anyway, thank you for listening.

I think this series, the Prince of Grimm series, has a very unique worldview.

Please continue to enjoy the series and this story.

That was Shotaro Morikubo, acting as Hansel.

Thank you!