Landing page : Aries Corp – ARK

For the last 3 days, I had my 3rd Slam. Our team’s name is Plug and Play (Yeah.. I know WTH WERE THEY THINKING.. SERIOUSLY! LOL We didn’t think of the name ourselves by the way. The teachers assigned it to us). Whoever from school finds this post, I’m sorry LOL but seriously…

Anyway, the theme was to think of a marketing ploy (or whatever you call it) for an intergalactic party. Main focus or will be putting a LOT of importance in Projection Mapping. This is open to interpretation and completely up to each team’s decision.

In every single Slam I’ve participated in so far – this one is the most annoying part. Getting the entire group to be okay with an idea. Not just being OKAY with it but be totally on board with it.

I personally do not feel that great being part of group projects but over the years, I’ve been a part of so many that I found some ways in coping with it. Also, I’m a firm believer of “As long as the idea is not horrible, there is always a way to work with it to make it great, different or interesting”.

I guess I really had to wrack my brain for this one as I think I was the only one who was so-so with the idea. I think the group has noticed due to my mini oppositions and I am awful at hiding my facial expressions so I don’t even really try all too hard anymore.

However, I assured one of them that as long as everyone else can give a very clear direction and a strong theme – I’ll be okay with it and I will obviously try my best regardless. It’s not about my initial suggestions not being considered by the group – it’s seriously all about being able to be creative with the theme we decided on.

For me the idea of “Earth is about to be destroyed, let’s find some great hoomans to send to Mars” is just severely limiting. However, I tried not to let that stop me I suppose while I had to set up the landing page cos I’d be screwed if I keep being negative about it.

I was honestly struggling at first when I started thinking about what I can do with all the assets and text everyone already made for the other interactive deliverables. However, I guess playing around (while getting freaking pissed off frustrated with the Unbounce UI lol) and staring at it for hours somehow worked towards my favor this time around thankfully.

All the previous designs I’ve made in the past were actually very helpful in setting the entire page up. I broke them up into parts in my head and took the ones that’d fit this landing page or make it a bit more balanced.

So, the video is supposed to be an intro to the party actually and the landing page is supposed to support it or give more information. The landing page also has to have a sign up or apply now feature to get the hype going or whatever.

So yeah, I think the team all did really well and for the first time in all 3 slams – I actually feel satisfied with what we came up and made within 16-20 hours. This is definitely a feeling I do not get very often. It was to a point where I wouldn’t have cared if we won anything or not because I believed that much in what we made.

Anyway, I decided not to sleep as I knew I needed all that time to keep tweaking the damn page and changing things around 1094809824 times.

In some ways, I’m glad barely anyone within the Digital Design program’s normally all that interested in setting up landing/web pages and customizing them etc. It’s a frustrating thing to deal with and it’s so easy to get stuck. So it means I usually get free reign with it and I don’t have to worry about asking the person in charge. I’m sure I’d like to keep editing it little by little and I’ll eventually drive them insane.

So yes! A huge thanks to my team : Ronnie, Manuela, Stuart, Simon and Ege. We all did awesomely! 😀