Woops! I’m…. quite behind at updating the blog about this announcement. Sorry about that… haha. Anyway, there were some announcements over at AX 2017 from Aksys for some more games that are getting localized next year!

There are 2 titles though 3 in total. They’re called 7’sCarlet and Kokuchou no Psychedelica respectively.

It’s been a couple of days already but I’m seriously still in a bit of a shock that they’ve actually listened to us otoge fans (one of the games I voted for was Psychedelica). To be honest, I don’t know ANYTHING about Psychedelica – only that I heard it was good. I’d like to keep it that way though as I found knowing close to absolutely nothing about a game helps me enjoy it more. I end up not thinking about it and getting disappointed if it doesn’t meet my expectations.

However, unlike what happened months ago – I’d really appreciate it if people don’t hype it up like they did Nightshade (or Hyakka Hyakurou). That didn’t go so well for me when people kept doing it. Why?

UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME : I do agree that Hyakka Hyakurou is definitely one of the better games that’s currently available and localized (since tbh there’s really not enough localized otoges to begin with so there’s a lot less to compare with)… but ONE OF THE BEST OTOME GAMES EVAR? I’m sorry I can’t… agree with that. There were so many flaws and inconsistencies in their stories. Characters still seem to change personalities and I NEVER understood this. Do they not know their characters enough to keep them the SAME in all the routes?… OR, do they not know what to do so they just mould or change them as they please to force them to do a certain sth in the story??

Nothing pisses me off more than characters magically acting differently to the point where they contradict themselves (and their own beliefs or opinions) as characters. Also, off the top of my head – how some stories were set up were pretty anti-climatic and it fell flat for me.

It didn’t help that I figured out 95% of Gekkamaru’s story before I even played it. Yep, lol might.. be hard to believe for some people, but I guess that’s just how much I’ve watched/read so many different things that I could guess plots fairly easily. When that happens, I just can’t help but lose interest.

[/end rant]

Anyway, I’d like to keep myself completely in the dark about Kokuchou no Psychedelica from now on until release. Also, apparently they’ll be releasing an LE version for Bad Apple Wars this coming September 2017.

I’m DEFINITELY getting it as apparently there’s going to be an artbook included? I love this artist’s work (and she barely has done much for otoges to begin with – plus, I really don’t see Rejet allowing localization companies to touch their work anytime soon BUT I REALLY hope they would SOME day) so I’m all over it for sure.

On another note, there’s ANOTHER game that’s going to be released THIS MONTH HOSHIT! It’ll be released on July 28th. If you’re from Canada, they finally put up the game on EBGames up for preorder. I’m honestly super, super tempted to do it here so I can pick it up on release day but I seriously need to set my priorities straight and not play this until I’ve written the story for my grad project (which is an otoge btw) and have completed it.

Already asked my sis to hide the game from me so I won’t play it. YES… I need to take drastic measures. I can’t do what I did 1-2 years ago. So yeah, Collar X Malice will be a reward for me in short for completing it. It doesn’t end there though. I need to get the UI up and running too… ugh I’ll be so dead by December. *sob*