Grimm-gai no Oujisama Vol. 3 Hamelin Translation
グリム街の王子様 第三夜 ハーメルン
Seiyuu : 前野智昭 – Maeno Tomoaki
Release Date : December 28, 2016
Purchase : Animate International


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Note : This is an unaltered translation that I used myself that came directly from the translator.

Overview : I recommend listening to Sleepy‘s (Volume 3) before this one.

Another heroine once again wakes up in Grimm City – this time, it’s Hamelin and his mice she meets while walking aimlessly. Not knowing what to do,  she hopes this stranger will be able to help her get back to her world somehow. His mice however, has other things in mind and tells Hamelin to take her back to their place for some inexplicable reason. What could they possibly want with her?

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Track 1



It’s dangerous to be walking around alone at this hour.

It’s said that there are terrifying kidnappers in this city, too.

I strongly suggest you go home quickly.

Ah, sorry. You’d feel confused if I suddenly approach you like that.

My name is Hamelin, and they are my friends, the mice.

When I play the flute, they obey my orders and…



What’s wrong, mice?

I see, perhaps this girl…

Excuse me for being abrupt, but please… allow me to kidnap you.

I have another name. The people of this city call me… “The Flute-playing Kidnapper.”



You won’t be able to escape.

I didn’t want to do this, but… I can’t leave you here once I’ve found you.



Ah, you’re awake.

Good morning.

Welcome to my mansion.

Those clothes? They’re mine. Your clothes were very dirty, so I changed them for you.

Also… I examined you while you were asleep, and it seems like the mice had a misunderstanding. I’m sorry.

Don’t be so scared.



I told you it was a misunderstanding. I don’t intend to do anything to you.

Actually, I’m looking for someone.

I thought you were the one because the mice reacted to you, but…

Come on, can you stand? I’ll take you home.

Is something the matter?

It seems like you are in special circumstances…

Did you run away from home?

You don’t know?



What do you mean?

Come to think of it, I haven’t asked for your name yet.


I see…

Basically, you’ve lost all of your memories. Hm…

Perhaps you have come from a different world.



Sometimes people get lost and arrive in this Grimm City for some odd reason.

And all these people have lost their memories.

In your case, perhaps you were walking around the city in a haze for a while, because your clothes are tattered.

But… you’re lucky that nobody found you until now.



In Grimm City, there are wolves that attack humans, a resistance group that shows off their weapons and operates in order to cull the wolves, magicians, and et cetera, so you’ll find a bunch of scary people here.

Don’t worry. I’m on your side.

I’m sure I can understand how you feel… more than anyone else in this city.



If you have nowhere to go, you can stay here for a while.

Meanwhile, we can find a way together to get you home.

You’re not causing any trouble for me. Actually, it’s a favourable situation…

I mean… I’ve come from a different world too, just like you.



Well, that’s what I think, anyway.

I also don’t have any memories of my time before I came to this city.

It might be difficult for you to trust someone who suddenly kidnapped you the moment you met, but… it will be very reassuring if you agree to be on my side.

Will you consider staying with me?

Really? Thank you. I’m very happy.

I’ll do my best to earn your trust, too.



Well, you must be tired. Please lie down and take a good rest.

I understand that you’re impatient, but you shouldn’t go out because it’s night already.

We’ll start looking for a way to get you home, tomorrow.

Hehe. You won’t want to meet anymore kidnappers, right?

Good girl.

Good night. Have a nice dream.


Track 2


Good morning. Can I come in?

Did you sleep well?

That’s good. You like hard pillows, right?


That’s true. I wonder why I thought that. I just had a feeling…



Well, it must be a coincidence.

I’ll take this opportunity to show you around the mansion.

Please come this way.

The door we just passed by leads to the bathroom.

That door at the end leads to the living room.

The kitchen and dining room are over here.



And this… is my room.

This door plate is the sign, so please come in if you need anything.

I think I’ve shown you everything, so…

I think the mice are making some noises.



You heard someone crying? No, I couldn’t hear anything. I’m sure it was your imagination.

Only you and I… and the mice are in this mansion.

That’s right. There’s something important I need to tell you.

The door without a doorplate, at the very end of the second floor.

You must never open that door.

That’s a secret.

I think there are somethings in this world that are better not to know. Okay?



Let’s go to the dining room then.

Thank you, mice.

Here, take the cheese.

Please sit down here.

They all look really good, right?

The mice cook so well they could open their own restaurant.

This omelette is especially good.



Here, open your mouth. Say ah.

I’m sorry! I wonder why… I thought I should feed you.

Please don’t feel uncomfortable.




Then… if you don’t mind… can I feed you?

Thank you.

Say ah…

How is it?

Do you like the taste?

That’s great! The mice will be happy to hear that too.

You should try the soup next.

Here you go.

Haha. We have more, so don’t hesitate to ask for seconds.



Don’t worry about me. I don’t have an appetite these days.

That’s right! Once you’re done eating, let’s go and buy some clothes for you.

I’m not doing this just out of consideration. I want to give them to you as gifts. I want to see you wearing a variety of clothes. That’s all, so please don’t worry.

Should we go for the bread next? It’ll get hard if we let it cool down too much.


Track 3


I’m sorry… we weren’t let into the store because of the rumours about me.

Is anything wrong?

Hm, I’m not sure about that. I mean, it’s true I kidnapped you.

They won’t be convinced no matter what I say.

Don’t worry, I’m used to being alone.

Ah, but I’m not alone, am I? The mice are with me too.

And… more importantly, you’re with me now.

I don’t feel lonely at all.



How about you? Do you feel anxious? I mean, you suddenly came to this city with no memories.

Thank you.

You feel okay because… I’m with you.

It seems like I’ve finally started earning your trust.

Well then, is there another store we could go to?



A store might let us in if we offer to pay a bit extra.

Let’s go.

It looks like we can finally start shopping!

Please let me know if something catches your attention, I’ll buy it for you.



Look! How about this dress?

That’s not true. See!

The pastel pink looks great on you.

Why don’t you try it on?

The changing rooms are over there. Let’s go.



I’ll wait for you here, so please take your time.

Are you done?

Well then…

You look so cute! I made the right choice.

Please keep it on. I already paid for it.



Geez, I told you not to worry about it. I’m just doing what I want to do.

Will you… accept this gift from me?

Haha, I’m so glad.

Well, let’s go then!

There’s one more place I want to go.

Come on.



Yes, I plan to go to the city’s great library.

We might be able to find a way to get you back to your world.

Hehe. You look so happy.

I know. Of course you’d want to go back to your own world.

I want to go back too.



That’s what I had been wishing for, but… recently I’ve been finding my life here quite enjoyable.

Because… you came to me.

Sorry! I must be troubling you.

Is that… what you really think?




Haha… it didn’t work after all…

Sorry for doing this suddenly, but I wanted to try.

According to the information gathered by the mice, a person who came from a different world can return if they kiss the one they love.

But… it looks like it’s just a myth.

I kissed you, but we’re still here.

Do you understand… what I’m trying to say?



It seems like I’ve fallen in…

Ah! You!

Your son?

Unfortunately, I can’t do that.

I can’t let him go home.

Yes, I’m fine. This is nothing.



More importantly, let’s go.

If we stay here, you’ll get dragged into this too.

You won’t understand, even if I explain it to you.

All I need is for you to trust me, and I feel…

Let’s go. We’ll find the library if we go straight here.


Track 4


We borrowed a lot of books, but I suppose it won’t go that easily.

I’m sorry for laughing. Your yawn was so cute.

Don’t worry.

That’s right.

Thank you, mice.

Here, please take this.

It’s a picture book of a fairy tale.



I thought it would help lighten up your mood.

Is it too childish for you?


I knew it… it’s not a coincidence.

It seems like I know what you like.

Maybe encountering you… was destiny.

Just kidding.



No… please… get away from me.


But… I’ll cause… you trouble.



Where… is this?

You! Why…?

I see… you carried me here with the mice.

Thank you.

I’m really sorry for causing you trouble.

But… I told you that you should leave me as soon as possible.



If you’re worried about money, please take some from the top drawer, and go somewhere far.

You can’t!

Otherwise you’ll get the disease too!

You’re right. I can’t hide this any longer.

It’s a long story, but will you listen to me?



People of this city call me the Flute-playing Kidnapper, right?

It’s… actually true.

I kidnapped children and locked them up inside the room at the very end of the second floor.

There’s an epidemic in this city.

Children are its primary victims, and the mortality rate is high.



I’ve been using the children on the second floor for experiments in order to find a cure.

That day, I kidnapped you because I thought you had the disease.

Well, you’re not a child, and examining you showed that you were negative.

It looks like I’ve caught the disease while I was experimenting.



I probably got infected because my immunity had weakened.

I thought I’d be fine because I’m an adult, but…

I don’t really understand either.

I just… felt like finding a cure was my duty.

Maybe… it’s related to whatever I was doing in my world.

It’s just a guess, since I can’t remember anything.



But now that I have this sickness, I won’t be able to…

You understand now, right? Please go. If you stay with me any longer, you’ll get infected too.

You can’t. I don’t want to cause you trouble.




If you get sick, you might not be able to return to your world, you know?

Do you still want to…?


It seems like… we knew each other in our world too.



Thank you.

Then please… let me accept your kindness.


Thank you.

But… I’m fine. I can go up myself.

More importantly… it’s already late.



Please don’t worry, the experiments for the cure are going smoothly.

It’s thanks to your support.

I just need a bit more time… just a bit more…

Thank you. Good night.



The mansion is so quiet now.

That child and the mice are doing their best to support me so I can find the cure quickly.

Thanks to that, I’m really close…

It’s… finished!




Please wake up!

I’m sorry for waking you up so forcefully, but I wanted to tell you immediately!

I finally found the cure!

Yes, I took the cure I just created.

With this…!

Thank you.

I can continue to live here now…!

It’s because you supported me. Thank you.



We just need to get you back to your world now.

What’s wrong?

Yes, we haven’t found a way to get you back yet, but there’s no need to wo…

You don’t want to… part from me?

Why… is that?




No, I’m so happy. Thank you.

I love you too. I really do.

Then… how about this?

We will return to our world together.

Let’s try that method again.



A person who came from a different world can return if they kiss the one they love.

For some reason, I feel like we can go back this time.

Don’t worry. I’m sure we know each other in the other world, too.

There must have been instances where you thought so too.

I just couldn’t get rid of this feeling while I spent my time with you.



We know each other. No… we’re destined to be together forever.

So… okay?

Let’s go together.

I won’t let go of this hand. It’s a promise.

I love you.

We’ll be together forever.


Track 5


Where… is this…?

Did we… manage to return?

I’m confused… how on earth did I…?

Where’s that girl?!

I see…

As I thought, we knew each other!

No… she’s… my sister!



That’s right… I did this… for her.


I see.

This is why I was working so hard to find a cure for that disease in Grimm City.

It was all… to find a way to save her.

I never thought… I’d fall in love with her in Grimm City too.




We were connected with the thread of destiny after all, huh?

I’ll save you… now…

I remember exactly how to create the cure. I’ll save you… soon.




No… No!!!

This can’t be happening! Why is this happening?!

Please wake up! Didn’t we promise to be together forever?!

So why…?!

Haha…. hahahahha!



Why did I come back here for?

If I had stayed in Grimm City, she would’ve lived.


I’m such an idiot.



Poor girl… I’m so sorry for making you lonely…

But… it’s okay.

I’ll go to you soon…

I won’t… let you be alone.

Your brother will… be by your side forever.



I love you.


Track 6


Once upon a time, there was a girl.

The girl had a terminal illness every since she was born. She spent everyday on her hospital bed.

Her parents worked day and night to provide for the medical costs, so the person who was always there to see her was an older boy.

He was adopted by her parents who weren’t blessed with a child for a long time.



The boy encouraged her from her bed side, and always played with her.

“I will cure your illness one day, no matter what,” he kept telling her.

In order to save her, he studied medicine and became a doctor when he was older.

However, the brother stopped coming to see the girl.

The girl felt lonely, but she was very proud of her brother for becoming a doctor.



After many, many seasons passed by, her brother came to see her.

The girl was very happy to see him, but noticed that her brother had changed.

That night, her brother kidnapped her to his mansion in the mountains.

It seems as though he had been working very hard to find a cure for her, and bought this mansion.



From today, you will live here.

“However, you must never open the door at the furthest end of the second floor,” her brother whispered to her.

From then on, her brother continued to treat her.

The girl’s health gradually improved, and she was eventually able to move around the mansion.



The girl asked her brother whether she could go to the city at the foot of the mountain.

However, her brother never consented.

“There’s a rumour about terrifying kidnappers in that city, so you must not go outside.”

The girl believed what he said and decided to stay in the mansion.

One day, the girl entered the forbidden room.



She couldn’t keep down her curiosity, as she had never interacted with anyone aside from her brother.

The things she saw inside the room made her want to cover her eyes.

There were numbered guinea pigs by the walls, and at the very back, the truth behind the rumoured kidnappings in the city was revealed.

The girl realised that her brother was holding human experiments in order to cure her, which was a taboo that could not be forgiven.



After that, the girl started to resist her brother’s treatment and examinations.

She began to think that it was better for her to die, than for other humans to become a sacrifice.

Her brother became suspicious of her sudden change of attitude, and asked her why.

She stayed silent at first, but she couldn’t endure it any longer and told him about the truth that she had found out.



Her brother seemed shocked, and the colour in his eyes seemed to change.

“I love you. I don’t mind what I sacrifice in order to save you,” he said, and kissed her.

He continued to treat her forcefully, without listening to her protests.

However, her body continued to weaken.



Her brother used various new medicines he had developed through his research, but she did not improve.

The girl wanted to tell her brother, who was breaking apart, that she didn’t mind dying in peace.

However, she could no longer speak or move.

The girl thought, “If only I weren’t sick, we would have been able to live normally as siblings. Brother wouldn’t have had to become like this.”

As she was losing consciousness, she wished, “I want to… live as a normal human being just once.”



And then… she fell into the world of nightmares.

The girl never woke up again.

However, she was given a moment of having fun with her brother, without her body being burdened with illness.

Therefore, she had indeed… received happiness.

Happily ever after.


Track 7


I am Tomoaki Maeno, who played Hamelin, the Prince of Grimm City.

I recorded this story using the dummy head mic again.

We just finished recording the main story, and now I’ve entered the free talk session.

By the way, I’m also using the dummy head for this free talk as well, as usual.

What I thought about the recording…

Well, this story is based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and well…

At first, Hamelin seems very pleasant at first, but he had a very… deep darkness inside him.



I acted his part while being conscious about this side of his character.

I had a lot of fun. Thank you.

They’ve prepared a few questions for me, so I will start answering them.

Do you have a favourite scene in the story?

If you just listen to the main story, it sounds like a sad ending, but I don’t dislike these kinds of endings.

Like a, “Don’t assume it’ll always end well,” kind of ending.



I also like these endings because it keeps you guessing.

So… I guess that’s my favourite scene.

The tokuten shows what happens afterwards, so it has a happier development.

So I hope you will enjoy that too.

Third question. Has there been an event recently which you wished were a dream?

I think it will be around the year end or new years when this CD is released, but…

Let’s see… in terms of 2016, my favourite professional baseball team didn’t leave good results this year, and the new manager, Yoshinobu Takahashi… couldn’t get the team to win in his first year.

I didn’t think they’d lose in the climax series too!



I watched the last match at home on TV, and couldn’t move for a while. I really wished it was a dream.

I thought the fly ball to the right might be in, but… yea… I really wished it was a dream.

My senpais were worried that I would be bed-ridden afterwards. It wasn’t that bad, but I was quite dazed. I really wished it was a dream.



And the winning team, well, at this stage the popular climax series hasn’t ended yet so I don’t know, but in 2017, I hope my favourite will win instead.

Next question. Is there a character in the Grimms’ Fairy Tales you would like to become, aside from the character you just acted out?

There are some scary fairy tales too, but…

Are you knowledgeable about the Grimm’s Fairy Tales? Not really?



I don’t know that many either, but in a different series, I had the role of Little Red Riding Hood, and one does start feeling more familiar or “closer” to the character.

Well, Little Red Riding Hood is a girl, but it would be fun trying to be her.

She does get eaten by a wolf, but she’s saved by a fisherman, so that’s good.



It’s a happy story with a warning not to wander off alone, so I think Little Red Riding Hood is a good story.

Finally a message to all who are listening.

You just listened to the third night, was it? Of the Prince of Grimm City series, and I had a lot of fun recording it.

I’ve heard that more Grimm stories will continue to be released, and works by Midorikawa-san and  Toriumi-san have also been released.

Please enjoy the different stories of the Princes of Grimm City.

We might develop something similar again if you can give us some feedback, too!

Please continue to support us.

Thank you for listening to the free talk.

That was Tomoaki Maeno, who played Hamelin, the Prince of Grimm City.