Yuugen Romantica – Hanawo (alsoHanao) Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ  第六の謎 トイレの花男さん ハナヲ
Seiyuu : 緑川 光 – Midorikawa Hikaru
Release Date : September 30, 2015
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Note : This is an unaltered translation that I used myself that came directly from the translator.

Overview : Last translation I’m posting for the Yuugen Romantica series – Season 1! 😀 Hope you guys have enjoyed this series! In Uchouten, they’ll be kicking things up a notch so it’s worth listening to it too! If you’re looking for Iriya’s translation, just do a quick google search and you can find it on Tumblr.

As the old legend goes : the last cubicle in the boy’s toilet was said to be haunted by a ghost. If you knock three times, an eerie voice will tell you to come in despite no one being there. If you’re successful, you can make a wish and Hanawo-san might grant it. If you open the door by mistake though, he will drag you inside and will never let you go. No one knows what happened to all the students who’ve disappeared. The only thing they can confirm is that they’ve never come back again no matter how much time has passed – so be very careful.

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Track 1


You already know about Hanao-san of the toilet, right?… One of the seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School…

If you knock on the furthest cubicle of the boy’s toilet three times, even though there should be nobody there, you will here a voice say, “come in”.

If you tell any wish to Hanao-san, he will grant it.

The rumour goes like that…

But… you have to be careful not to open the door.

Why? Hehe…

Are you curious?



The truth is, if the door opens… Hanao-san will appear and drag you in.

Nobody knows what happens to those students who disappear…

If you’re curious, why not try going yourself?

Go to the toilet through the dark corridors all alone, and knock on the door.

Knock… knock… knock… three times.

Maybe… Hanao-san will greet you…



Yes… like this…

Hahaha. You knocked three times. You have quite some guts to call on me.

Did you want to see me so much? You’re prepared to be cursed to death?

Fine, I’ll show you myself as you wish.

Hanao-sama has appeared!

Today the roses are beautiful again, and I am beautiful too!



This god-given beauty of mine… what a sin!

Anyway, girl-student. What wish do you want me to grant?

Come on, don’t hold back, and hit me with the screams of youthful passion that come from your heart!

Huh? No reaction?

And I appeared to you all excited!

Yes, that’s right. I’m Hanao-san of the toilet, one of the Seven Mysteries at Nanagiri School.

This beautifully wavy golden hair, these pure-white clothes which go perfectly with roses…

No matter how you see it, I must look like a toilet yokai.



Eh? I’m different to what you imagined? You can imagine me in Versailles, rather than in the toilet?

That’s strange, I thought you’d be overjoyed to see me.

Maybe girls these days prefer this…


Can’t be helped… this is how you like it, right?

Then I’ll attack you as you wish.

Why are you so surprised?

My personality changed? Hahaha, now’s not the time to worry about such things.

You get it, don’t you? The details of the Seven Mysteries.

If the door opens when you call on me, you’ll be dragged in.



Hahaha. Did I scare you by suddenly disappearing?

Not that way… there’s no point searching for me, because I’m currently possessing you.

I can see you clearly, even if you can’t see me.

Not just that… I can even touch you like this.

Right? Did you feel me touching your neck just now?

How does it feel to be touched by something you can’t see?

You have a beautiful neck… should I bite you here?



Hahaha. Shivering so much just because I licked your neck. You sure are sensitive.

It must make you shiver to be touched by something you can’t see.

Hey… should I do more?

Idiot… how can you shake me off? You’re being possessed, you know.

Use your brain…

Anyway, this is what you wanted… right?

Everyone that comes here is like that. They all want to feel scared.

I won’t disappoint your expectations…

And then… you should post how you felt about all that will be done to you, on your blog.



Eh? Nothing. I was talking to myself.

So? Do you like feeling… pain… or pleasure?

I’ll adore you the way you like it.

Can you hold yourself?

Even if you try to hold yourself….

Hahaha… you can’t even resist because you’re possessed.

Now… try imagining… what do you want me to do to you?

I’ll do everything you can imagine.



Hey… what is it?

Stop, stop! Don’t cry. Making a girl cry goes against my principles.

There, I’m done.

Yes, I’ll let you go. For tonight.

But… you must not tell anybody about what happened tonight. It’s a secret between you and me. Okay? Understand?



Good, good. You’re an obedient, good girl.

Now, you should go. Don’t turn back.

I made her tear up… please don’t hate me, name-less girl-student A.

I did this all because I’m a yokai.


Track 2


Hi! Good morning, everyone. You’re all so cute today too.

Huh? A present for me? Home-made cookies and madeleines… they look delicious. Thank you. I’ll eat them preciously.

Huh? You are…name-less girl-student A from yesterday!

Eh…! Wait! Why are you running away?



I finally caught you!

I didn’t think you’d run all the way to the end of the school building.

Hey… why are you so scared of me?

Did I do something?

How did you know I’m the yokai from yesterday, when I’ve transformed into a human?

Eh? You can tell by the roses?

What? There are plenty of human beings carrying roses!

Eh… there aren’t?

Well… since you’ve already found out…

Hehe. You don’t need to be so surprised, you already saw me in this form yesterday, right?



Let’s start again. I’m Hanao. I’m a yokai which lives in the toilet.

It didn’t even occur to me that you might see through my transformation…

You haven’t told anybody about yesterday, have you?

Eh? You really haven’t told anyone?

What… you kept your promise?

And I was hoping that people would go crazy about there being a yokai.

Isn’t it the case that the more you prohibit someone from doing something, the more they want to do it?

I mean, you’re the type of person who tried to see in the middle of the night, whether the Seven Mysteries were true, so I thought you’d want to tell everyone.




Eh? You don’t believe in ghosts and yokais? Then why did you try to call on me in the toilet at midnight?

Your friend… experienced windows being smashed and her ankle suddenly being grabbed?

Don’t tell me…

It’s nothing. Basically, you tested out the Seven Mysteries for your scared friend, so that you could prove to her that there aren’t such things as yokais?

Well, my deepest sympathies to you then. As you can see, a yokai is here right before your eyes.

Hey, there’s no need to look so troubled.



I mean, you can’t do anything about something that actually exists. Just give up and tell her that yokais exist.

I need you to spread rumours about me, too.

With that sorted, I’ll excuse myself into your body again…

I’ll attack you slowly… until you can’t stay silent anymore…

Haha. Did I scare you by seeming to turn into a different personality?

I can change into many different personalities. I can also tease you in the personality you prefer.



Of course, you don’t have the option to refuse because you’re possessed.

Well then… what shall I do.

Oh yes, when you think about the Seven Mysteries, what comes to mind?

How about something like… multiple hands coming out to grab you?

Try imagining…

See? As you imagined… hands came out from the walls…

I can use people’s imaginations with my sorcery. How does it feel to have your arms an legs grabbed and your freedom taken away from you?




The excitement of not being able to escape whatever happens to you.

It’s quite exciting, isn’t it?

Now… what do you want? Imagine it…

Hm? There’s no point trying to empty your head.


It’s impossible to think of nothing in this situation.

If I stroke your shoulders and neck like this…I can sense your skin shivering with pleasure.

Does it tickle? Please feel… my fingertips more…

Ah… since there are so many hands, let’s do it this way.




Can you endure all these hands touching you at once?

How does it feel? Haha…

You’re pretending you don’t like it, but it actually feels good, right?

I’ll make you feel even better…

I’ll caress your ears too…

You look so undisciplined with your clothes loosened and exposing you…

Should I touch you with my lips somewhere lower?

Hm? Do you give up?

It can’t be helped. I told you yesterday, it’s not my hobby to make girls cry.



You can move freely now.

What do you think? You must want to tell your friends now.

Go ahead, don’t hold back. Spread it around as much as you like!

Hm? Who are you calling all of a sudden?

Don’t tell me… the police?

Wait!!! Wait!!! Hello? I’m sorry. My friend’s just playing pranks.

Of course not, there aren’t any perverts here.

Well then, good bye!

Hey, you. I told you to spread rumours, not to call the police!



Anyway, that means I can’t approach you like this either.

What kind of guy do you like?

She got away…

She really has fast legs! And she left her phone…

And… this is?!


Track 3


That book is this month’s recommendation.

Hi! We meet again.

Wait! Don’t run away! I won’t scare you today.

See, I’ve transformed into my human form.

Don’t worry. For now, I’m just a celebrity-like librarian. I won’t lay my hands on you.

That’s right. I’m a librarian.

Ah, are you wondering why a toilet yokai is a librarian? You are, right?

You want to know why I’m a librarian, don’t you?



Yes…it was a dark night, so dark that you couldn’t even see the moon.

I said, “the wind is howling”, and then I took my excalibur in my hand, and…

Wait! Why are you walking away when I’m in the middle of talking? Not that I don’t like your ability to ignore people.

But… I can’t let you go until I give this to you.

Here, this. I’ve had it for a few days. You left it behind and ran away.

It must have been inconvenient without your phone.

Mm-hm! You’re welcome.

Your phone is also happy to be returned to its owner.



By the way… where did you buy that phone strap?

It’s the mini-character from the game that was recently released, right?

It’s my first time seeing it. Is it a new product?

Hey, won’t you tell me? I’ll get some tea, okay?

Your tea is ready, my lady.

Today’s tea leaves are Montagne Bleu. Please go ahead.

Is it good? I’m glad you like it.

Ah, please have these snacks too. They were all given to me, but I can’t finish them by myself.



Haha. Thanks for asking. These snacks were given to me by girls who call themselves my fans.

While I’m in my human form, I’m the school’s mysterious prince.

I receive presents and letters all the time.

Those doubting eyes of yours… you don’t believe me, do you.

I show my hospitality to those girls according to their tastes, so I’m popular, you know.

Sometimes I’m a do-s senpai. Other times I’m a kind prince.

See… like this.

I showed you too, didn’t I?

If you want me to, I can let you taste it right now.

This thing called irresistible pleasure…



You don’t have to hold back, you know.

Anyway, about that strap…

Could it be, you bought it at animate? Of course I know it! I look at online shops a lot.

It’s a shop I really want to go to one day!

Let me know more about it!

Ah… yes. It would be best if I can go to the store myself, but I can’t leave the school so easily, because I’m bound by the spell of the Seven Mysteries.



Yes, the yokais here didn’t become the Seven Mysteries because they wanted to. All of us have been bound to this school, which is the barrier.

It would be so nice to be able to walk outside freely. But… it’s impossible for me.

Ah! Wait… I can leave the school if I possess someone!

But… there probably aren’t many kind-hearted people who want to help yokais…

Ah… I wonder if I’ll find a magnanimous human being who will let me possess them…



This Montagne Bleu tea is quite expensive, you know.

Eh?! You’re going to let me go outside?! Really?!

You’re such a kind-hearted girl! I’m the happiest yokai in the world to meet a girl like you!

Hehehe. I’m so excited to hangout outside, it’s been a while!

Wow. This is animate, the shop I even dreamt about!

It’s filled with books and goods, wherever I look!



Sorry, I’m causing you trouble by being so excited while possessing you.

Bu…but, I want to look closer.

Um, can you stay here? I’ll go look at those shelves.

Great! Here I go!

Hm? Ah, this form? Aren’t I cute? I look like a tiny ghost.

This is what happens to me when I leave the school. My powers are also greatly reduced, so keeping this form is already hard enough, I reach my limit really quickly.

That’s why it’s too dangerous for me to leave the school, unless I possess someone.

If a yokai’s power runs out, it will disappear.

Wow, there are so many bookshelves over here!



Woah, there’s a special CD corner over there!

Hey, look at this! This rabasuto (rubber strap) is so cute! Can I buy it?

I can’t breathe! Why are you hugging me?

I know I look cute like this, but… please… be gentle.

Hm? I didn’t think I could make you smile just by doing this.

You have a great smile, but… do I look that strange?


Track 4


I’m back! And good job. I’m sorry, you even bought things for me.

I even ended up coming to your house.

Mm-hm! I had so much fun! Everyone at the store looked like they were having so much fun, too!

I like those expressions that humans make!

Eh? It’s unexpected? Why? The purpose of my life is to entertain humans.

It’s also half the purpose of why I’m being Hanao-san of the toilet.

Ah, no. Don’t worry about what I just said.



More importantly, you bought a book, didn’t you? You seemed really into it. What is it about?

Mm-hm. That sounds really interesting! I can feel it, just by looking at how excited you are.

Hm? What’s wrong?

Eh? Why do you look so hesitant?

Why not? You like it to the point of being absorbed in it, right?

I think it’s a good thing to be absorbed in something. Isn’t it wonderful that you can honestly say that you like something?

I like girls like that.


Hm? It’s my first time seeing you embarrassed.



Eh? Why are you hiding your face? You look so cute.

Come on, show onii-san your face.

Why not? If you don’t remove your hands and show me, I’m going to tickle you. Like this.

Come on, I’m not going to let go, so you may as well show me your face.

Geez, you’re so guarded.

Well then, let me press my lips to the back of your hand.

Great! Hello.

Woah, you’re even redder now. Your cheeks are all hot.

It must feel so good and cooling to have my hands touching you.



Even if you can’t see it, I can. Your red face is so cute.

Hahaha. Sorry, when you react like that, it makes me want to give you more services.

You’re just so cute.

Hm? What is it? Are you at your limit?

Hahaha. I’ve won! Yes! I made you feel embarrassed.

Don’t pout. It’s not like I’m bullying you. I just felt happy to finally get a reaction from you.

Like I said, entertaining people is my purpose in life.



I attacked you because I wanted you to spread rumours about the Seven Mysteries, but just scaring you won’t be enjoyable, right? That’s why I turn myself into the type of guy the girl likes, and attack her.

But you didn’t react at all! I feel relieved to see you finally reacting.

Eh? I didn’t do it right until now? Really? The other girls really liked it.



Does that mean, you prefer me as I am?

Eh?! It’s strange for me to say this, but are you sure?

Don’t you prefer a prince who spoils you, or a forceful man?

I’m… you know, Hanao-san of the toilet. Which part of me do you like?

What? You think I’m friendly? Is that a compliment?

Hey, don’t laugh at me, and don’t call me cute! Geez, looking so happy like that.



Well, if you’re happy this way, I guess it’s fine.

I got it. I’ll show you my true self from now on, so will you hangout with me again?

Mm-hm. Thank you.

It’s been a while since I’ve been so close to a human.


Track 5


I’m done now. Huh? What are you doing in such a place?

Me? As you can see, I’m cleaning the toilet. I need to wait here at night in case a guest comes over to see the Seven Mysteries, right?

Then I should make this place as comfortable as possible. I’ve heard some very positive feedback about the toilets smelling like roses.

Ah, by the way, this toilet brush is called Excalibur, so please remember.

Please, don’t be lost for words. It makes me feel bad.



You don’t need to laugh!

Well, I suppose it’s okay since you’re cute.

Oh yes, can you stay up till late tonight, since tomorrow’s a holiday?

It’s also nice to hangout outside, but how about going on a date in this school building at night?

It’s strange for me, a yokai, to say this, but doesn’t your heart beat faster, walking through the school building at night?

What? It’s more fun for me if you get scared. There are other yokais in this school who have become part of the Seven Mysteries.



Doesn’t it feel like something’s going to jump out from those dark classrooms?

You’re so stubborn as usual. Then… imagine this.

You hear footsteps from behind, so you turn around slowly in fear. But nobody’s there.

You think, how strange, and you face forward again, only to see…

Yay! I surprised you, didn’t I? Don’t pout, your’e so cute when you’re angry.

Why don’t we have fun, since we’re on a date at night?

No no, I won’t make you post about yokais on your blog or anything. I don’t want to force you.



I asked you on a date because I want to be with you.

It’s true! I want to see more expressions from you. Especially… your embarrassed face… which you hardly ever show me.

Why are you walking backwards? There’s a wall behind you.

Sorry… I’ve cornered you to the wall.

I left a mark on your neck.

Haha, you’re embarrassed now, as I expected.

These days it’s been harder to get a reaction from you, maybe because you’re getting used to me.



I thought I’d try again at school when it’s night.

I’m not bullying you. Aren’t you the one who said you like me as I am?

I’ve always approached humans in different personalities, but I’ve never been my true self.

That’s why… I’m just so happy to get a reaction from you, when I’m being myself.

By the way, I got this ‘wall-cornering at school’ plan from your situation CDs.



Don’t be angry! I’m sorry I listened to them without your permission. Wall-cornering is only a way to show affection, so forgive me!

Huh? Wait. I felt a presence. That is… yokai Kuzure!

Stand back, it’s dangerous.

It’s gone…

I didn’t expect it to bore a hole in my barrier and come in. I really am losing my strength.



Are you okay? That’s good. Please wait for a moment.

I can’t put the glass back together, but I need to at least cover the hole in the barrier.

It should be fine now.

I’m okay. I just used too much power. Sorry, can I borrow your body for a little while?

I use the least power when I’m possessing someone.



Thank you.

Sorry I need to hug you like this. Am I heavy?

I’m okay. It’s just… I’ve lost more strength than I expected. It takes a lot of power to maintain a barrier. I forgot about that.

That yokai doesn’t live in this school. It was yokai Kuzure, which came from outside. They get drawn to people’s thoughts within this school.

Your friend’s scary experience might have been caused by them too.



They shouldn’t be able to come in because of my barrier, but they must’ve somehow sneaked in because I’m getting weaker.

You don’t understand?

It’s a long story, but the one who set up that barrier in this school and created the Seven Mysteries… is me.

Can I talk about some history?

I came here 150 years ago, when this school was established. There were many weakened yokais.



They were all forgotten by humans and on the verge of disappearing. We yokais are born from people’s thoughts.

If you think, “that empty classroom feels creepy”, then yokais will start inhabiting that classroom.

If you treasure your favourite book for many years, it will transform into a yokai.

If these thoughts disappear, our existences will also disappear.

I’ve seen many of my friends disappear. I knew there was nothing we could do about it, but that day… I couldn’t forsake those weakened yokais.

I was also losing my strength, after being forgotten for so long, but I used all my remaining power to set up a barrier at this school.



I then transformed into a human and spread rumours. “Hey, do you know about the Seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School?”

I made each yokai into one of the Seven Mysteries, and spread rumours. That eventually spread out, and we came to be remembered as the Seven Mysteries.

That’s why we have been able to somehow maintain our powers, over 100 years.

But that’s only within the barrier. If we leave this barrier, we will immediately start losing our power, and if we keep losing our power, we will disappear.



I told you that we are bound to this school by a spell, right? That was a lie.

More accurately, we can’t exist outside of this school building.

Without humans thinking about us, we can’t even exist.

Today’s tea is grand bois cheri vanilla. Here you go.

You look confused. What I told you was true, although I’ve never told anybody before.



The other Seven Mystery yokais don’t know about this either, although some of them seem to have noticed.

I’m not good at talking about such gloomy things though.

See? I’ve made you look gloomy too. I’m sorry.

A way for us to be saved, huh?

It’s not like there isn’t a way. Within the Seven Mysteries, the last, 7th mystery is something nobody knows about. It’s… the mystery of humans and yokais falling in love. If that happens, then we will be released from the Seven Mysteries.



Of course it’s a catchphrase I created, it’s romantic, right? When we find someone we cherish, we become unbelievably stronger. When we get that sort of emotion, we’ll be able to survive outside the barriers too.

However, it is very difficult. I’ve lived for hundreds of years, and haven’t seen the love between a yokai and human end happily.

You’re sharp. I was born hundreds of years ago, which wouldn’t make sense, since there wouldn’t be toilets in schools back then.



Yes, my true self is not Hanao-san of the toilet. This is my temporary form I’ve taken so that I can become part of the Seven Mysteries.

My real identity is Tsukumogami. I was born from a book, and have lived for a long time, since the Heian period.

The reason I can change into multiple personalities is because I get my ideas from stories people create. It’s my nature to like human creations. I can’t help but love humans when they get so absorbed in a story that they cry, laugh and tremble with fear.

I especially think you are adorable.



How I wish this happiness would last forever.

Sorry, I felt a little dizzy. I already feel a lot better when you’re near me.

So… don’t feel worried about me. Please always be yourself, and let me live my everyday life.

I’m okay. I’ll be okay, so…


Track 6


I knew it, you were still in the classroom. I heard you stayed behind alone to prepare for the school festival. You should go home soon. It’s already late and dark.

I also feel an unpleasant wind…

It’s okay. I’lll tidy up the rest. More importantly, you must hurry and go home.

I’m fine. It’s nothing, so please don’t worry. Please go outside!

This is bad… it’s not going to last…the barrier is starting to crack!



Get down, they’re coming!

They got in!

This is bad! They keep increasing! I can’t face them all myself!

Damn you!

My power… is clearly not enough, even though I’m in the school building. At this rate…



Sorry, I was going to try my best while you were here, but… this barrier isn’t going to last any longer.

You must escape before it completely breaks down!

I will… remain here… I need to protect the other yokais. I also don’t want them to destroy this place, full of our memories together.

What…? What are you saying? Of course you can’t!

It’s true that while I’m possessing you, I’ll be able to maintain my power, but… it would mean I would have to involve you in this! I can’t let that happen!



You are… really like a story’s protagonist. I got it, I’ll possess your body.

It’s too dangerous indoors, let’s go outside the building. I can still use my sorcery while I’m possessing you, so I’ll be able to protect you.

Now, run!

Don’t stop your legs!

Using my full power in this situation is taking a toll on me…

I can’t completely destroy them even when I’m in your body. At this rate…

Run through that door! Yes, that one! The boys’ toilet!



Go into the furthest cubicle!

This place retains my power the strongest. They shouldn’t be able to get in so easily. I think it should last until the morning.

It’s fine. The door won’t open unless we invite them in. You might be scared, but you have to stay here. Okay?

Thank you for helping me. I have to go and quieten them down, otherwise this school will be destroyed. It’s alright, once this battle is over, I will come back.




Don’t say I’m death-marked! I’ll really be okay.

See? I’m all energetic now that you let me possess you.

Oh yes… you can see through my acting. You’ve guessed right. To be honest, I don’t have any power left. If I push myself, I might disappear.

Will you be sad if I disappear? I see… I wouldn’t want that. I don’t want to see you cry. But it also makes me a little happy, because it means that you who care for me so much. I’m so lucky.



Nobody feels sad just because a yokai disappears, because all these yokais have already been forgotten.

We spend our last moments disappearing and forgotten by everybody.

I’ve seen many of my friends disappear, so I knew it would happen to me eventually. But I must’ve felt so lonely when I created these Seven Mysteries. That’s why I tried to resist my destiny. I don’t want to disappear. Don’t forget me. Someone, notice me.



That’s why I was so happy to meet you. When the morning comes, you come to school and smile. You talk to me and get embarrassed. You stay by my side.

You might have thought it was a joke, but I… really loved you.

Thank you for all the fun times. Good-bye.

What is it?

Does that mean… you’re going to give me your feelings? I’m happy, but one person’s feelings isn’t enough.




I need enough to sustain me, a yokai which has lived for many many years. It can’t be done easily.

Do you still insist that you can do it?

Does that mean…

Hey… I might sound conceited but… do you think I’m precious, in the same way I think you’re precious?


What… hey, don’t cry. Please smile. I don’t want to see you cry.



It’s okay. I can feel you. I can feel how much you care for me.

That’s right. If I don’t want to make you cry, I can’t disappear.

Okay. Please give me your power.

Imagine… with all your feelings… fill your mind with me. Imagine me being strong enough to protect you, even in this situation.



I’ve received… your feelings.

As expected of you… I like girls with a wild imagination.

Geez, how violent. You only need to knock three times to call Hanao-san.

I need to punish bad kids like you who try to rush me.



Here I go.

With this power, I can do it…!

Stand back. I’m going to create a barrier again.



I think I got rid of them, and the barrier has also been recreated.

Now both the school and you are safe again.

Sorry, it just takes so much energy to create a barrier. I think… it’s the end for me.

Don’t cry. Sooner or later, I was going to disappear anyway.

I’m satisfied… that I managed to protect you. I’m glad I met you.

Can you do me… one last favour?

I want to disappear with the heroine’s kiss, like the ending of fairytales.



Thank you. I… really… loved you.

Hahaha! Hahahahaha! Just kidding! That was a joke.

Did you really think I died? It was always my ideal situation, to be kissed right before I die!

I got such a great gift!

Hm? What’s wrong? Your face is…



Don’t be angry! Ouch! I said ouch! I’m sorry! I just said sorry!

Sorry… I was just so happy…

It really looks like I won’t disappear, and it looks like we fulfilled the 7th mystery.

If a yokai and human fall in love, the yokai won’t disappear, and it will be released from the spell’s bondage.

See? It was all true. You found the 7th mystery for me. If we think about it this way, it really must have been destiny for us to meet here.



Hm, well, this is a toilet, but who cares? It’s appropriate for the Seven Mysteries.

Haha. You laughed. I definitely like your laughing face than your crying face.

From now on, I can always be with you until you get bored of me.

From now… and forever…


Track 7


You already know how the story of Hanao-san of the toilet continues, right?… One of the seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School…

It feels so refreshing to see a bookshelf filled with books!

Thanks to your help, we’ll be done tidying this library in no time.

Hey, are you okay? That belongs to the highest shelf. Maybe I should do it?

You can use the ladder, but be careful.

You know how in mangas, they always lose their balance and…

Watch out!

Are you okay?



You’re so clumsy. Haha, although I’m satisfied seeing you all red.

Well then, now that we’ve finished with the books, I’ll go clean the toilets.

I need to do my best as Hanao-san of the toilet, since I’ve been receiving more guests at night recently, and also to protect the Seven Mysteries. I can’t just forsake the other yokais outside who are on the verge of disappearing, right?

That’s why I plan to invite them all to Nanagiri School. One day, they might find their destiny, like how I found you.

But that would mean we can’t just have Seven Mysteries. Maybe I may as well make it a Hundred Stories!



If you knock on the toilet three times in the middle of the night, you can call on Hanao-san of the toilet. There have been many witnesses, and because of this, Nanagiri School is quite famous now.

Nanagiri School’s Seven Mysteries. You’re curious too, aren’t you? Then you should come visit. Many yokais will welcome you in.



Thinking about the future makes me so excited! Of course I’ll give you plenty of entertainment.

I promise you I’ll never let you be bored, so don’t let go of me.

From now on, I’ll always be with you, even to the depths of hell.


Track 8


I’m Hikaru Midorikawa, acting as Hanao. Thank you for your hard work.

I’d like to move onto the end-of-story interview.

What I felt when I finished recording? Please tell us about any impactful scenes or any parts you want the audience to focus on?

Ah, we’re recording using the dummy. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten.

Um, hm… as an actor, it’s been really interesting because I had to act out many personalities. It was fun.

And the surprising battle scene! I would like you to listen to it.



Also… I guess the fact that they went to animate is quite impactful for me.

Um… for them to go to a shop that I’m so familiar with was interesting. I also like buying anime goods, so it made me want to go to animate as well.

Next question. If you could use sorcery, like becoming invisible, shooting out fire, controlling things, etc., would you like to use them?



Well… if you’re a boy, you would always want to try these things at least once.

I’m quite a kid, so I would especially like to try…for example… I tell quite a lot of people, since my name is Hikaru Midorikawa (Light Green River), I’ve got three elements, wood (ki), water (mizu) and light (hikari). So it would be great if I can control these three elements… would that be asking for too much?



Well, it would be cool if we could develop powers from what we already had when we were born.

Well, I guess controlling light is quite close, huh?

Something interesting that’s happened to me recently?

Let’s see, you know during Christmas, we always see those red leaves? I can’t remember its’ name, but recently… well not recently, well when I go to school… sorry I meant when I go to work, I actually saw them on the way! Strange, I didn’t know they grew naturally…

But when I looked closely, they were artificial flowers. Don’t deceive me!



Lastly, a message to the otomes.

Can I move this dummy head mic to the wall?

Ah, it looks like I can! Excuse me, please give me some time.

I’m going to change the dummy head’s position. Well, good bye for a short while…

Okay, thanks for waiting! We’ve moved.



To be honest, I don’t really have much to say for my free talk, so I’m going to ask Rejet-san to request me to do something. Please take over “Mijet-san’s” free-talk as well.

Now, um, this time around, I told them that I’m having some trouble thinking about what to say using the dummy head. The famous voice actress H-san suggested I do “wall-cornering”. Come to think of it, I had never done it before.



I was wondering when I should do it, but I already did it during the story. With H-san’s request, I will do it again. I will give my message according to what I imagine Hanao-san to be like.

Welcome to my cubicle. Would you like me to help you?

Well then, I’ll be ending here!

Bye bye!