Yuugen Romantica – Toneri Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ  第伍の謎  狗神 トネリ
Seiyuu : 平川大輔 – Hirakawa Daisuke
Release Date : August 26, 2015
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Note : This is an unaltered translation that I used myself that came directly from the translator.

Overview : As night time falls, a howl can sometimes be heard from within the gymnasium. However, the next day, there are never any traces of a dog having been there. It was said that its cries were sad and especially lonely. Don’t ever fall for it as those sounds are definitely not from an animal that’s trapped inside. No matter how tempting it may be, just ignore all its pleas. A curse was said to fall upon anyone who opens and enters through those doors while it’s howling throughout the night.

While this CD is actually the weakest in Season 1, I think it is still necessary to listen to this. You can get the backstory of this character and it will further solidify a fan’s feelings towards this entire series the more you get to know all the characters. His Season 2 CD is a lot better than this one I’d have to say.

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Track 1 – The Howling In The Gymnasium


Hey… do you know about one of the Seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School, the howling in the gymnasium?

Apparently you can hear a dog howling in the empty gymnasium at night.

A sad… lonely… cry.

You’re probably thinking it was a stray dog… but there were no signs of a dog the next day.

Things like this happened all the time.



On that night too, a female student noticed the howling.

She became worried about the lonely howling, and stepped into the pitch dark gymnasium, without knowing that those who go into the gymnasium become cursed.

It’s true! No matter where you go, the sound of footsteps will follow you forever.

Apparently you start hearing bitter voices as well, saying, “Let me out of here.”



Yes… just like this…

Hey… please let me out of here.

Why are you surprised? I thought you came here because you heard me howl.

Me? Can’t you tell with one glance? These ears, tail, sharp claws… No matter where you look, you can tell I’m not human.

I’m not a ghost. I’m a yokai that has become one of the Seven Mysteries in this gymnasium.

Don’t run alway. I waited for so long for a human like you to come here.



Hey… I… want to get out of this school. So… give me your body!!!

Great! I managed to possess you!

Now I can go outside!

Haha. You won’t find me even if you turn around, since I’ve possessed your body.

Can you tell… if I hug you like this?

You can’t shake me off.



Humans can’t resist us once they’re possessed.

Actually, I’ll curse you if you resist me.

I’ve been bound to this school for a very long time.

The only way to go outside is to possess a human’s body.

If you understand, go outside.

Like I said, I won’t leave your body.

If you don’t obey me…



See? It’s better if you do.

Do you want me to eat you?

I can bite you into bits even while possessing you.

What’s wrong? Are you shaking? If you don’t like it, hurry up and walk. Otherwise… I’ll bite here as well…

The neck is the vital spot for all animals. Dogs… and humans too.



Doesn’t my breath send shivers down your spine?

How about I trace it with my nails?

See? I could just pierce your soft, thin skin with my nails now.

What are you going to do? If you’re so stubborn, I’m going to trap you in here.

Do you want to live in this dark gymnasium with me forever?



Do you want to be trapped in this dark place…. where nobody will notice you’re here, and nobody will come for you…?

If you don’t, then take me outside. Come on… go.



That’s right… keep walking.

Go outside the school entrance.

I’m… outside! This is great! I’m outside!!! I managed to go outside!



Wow! I really managed to get out!

It was really true that I could go out while possessing a human body!


Huh? Um? Crap!!! I’ve left her body without realising!

Hey! Let me possess you again!

Eh?! Hey! Wait!

Hey you! Don’t run away! Wait!

No… I lose my energy… outside the school…



And… I thought I finally managed to go outside without becoming a chibi!

What do you want? Why are you back here? Are you pitying me?

You must be… You’re probably not scared of me when I’m a small puppy… although I’m actually a yokai.

There’s something like a curse cast upon me.

It’s always been like this, ever since I was bound to that gymnasium.

The moment I leave the school, I become a puppy, and my energy gets depleted faster than usual.

I can’t even run around properly. Basically I can only move around properly within the school.



I’m going to be trapped in this school forever!

Huh? I can move around normally outside if I possess a human body like I did with you.

But the humans I’ve possessed so far… have either lost consciousness or couldn’t communicate because they kept crying and screaming. I never succeeded in going outside.



You were my first time! But you rejected me…

What? Really? Can I really possess you?

Yaaaay! If you’ll take me outside, I won’t do anything mischievous. I promise.

I’m Toneri, the dog god. If you’ll help me, I’ll help you too.

I’m not lying! Dogs never forget any favour done for them.

In the same way, dogs never forget it when they’re betrayed.



I’ll follow you to the ends of hell and eat you to death. Remember that.

Well then! I’ll possess you then.

Can I stay at your place tonight?

What’s with that face? It’s been a while since I’m out, you know? Don’t tell me to go back to school…



If you won’t take me home, I’ll curse you right here, right now.

Yay! A sleepover outside of school! I’m so excited!

Come on, let’s go!


Track 2 – Our teamwork


Please take me behind the gymnasium. Don’t let the other students see you.

Good. This is a good place.

I’m finally back in my usual form!

It was so fun being outside!

I’m a little dissatisfied with just staying inside your home and walking your commute route, but your home was quite comfortable.

Huh? What’s wrong? You keep staring at me.



Oh right, it’s your first time seeing me transformed into a human.

I usually mingle with the students in this form.

They don’t realise if I use my sorcery. I’m even in the athletics team.

It’s boring being in the gymnasium alone after all.

But from now on, I can go anywhere as long as I possess you! I can go wherever I want to. Right?



Why aren’t you answering? I thought I told you yesterday that I never forget it when people betray me.

If you break your promise, I’ll curse you.

It’s fine if you understand.

So! Let’s go somewhere far today after school. How about the sea? Or… the mountains?

Huh? Why are you asking me that suddenly?



Well, it’s true that I’ll be able to go outside without possessing anyone, if the Seven Mysteries is solved.

I wouldn’t be going through all this trouble if I knew how to solve!

Although… I’ve heard about how to solve it.

There are other yokais who have been bound to this school like me.

The guy living in the toilet said… something like… if we find the seventh mystery… if we become close to a human then it will be solved.



It’s the best I can do! I’m not good with complicated explanations.

I understand at least that I need to become close to a human.

But that’s so difficult! Most humans freak out when they see me.

Oh, that’s right. You’re a human too, so maybe the curse will be broken if I become close to you!

Right? I’m right!

Okay then! Which do you prefer? The sea or mountain? I’ll go with you to whichever you prefer.



Whatttt? The park?

Oh well, I guess I should be happy that you’re taking me outside anyway.


How rare it is for someone to come here…

They’re whispering… oh, they’re bad-mouthing about another girl.

Human beings are always so treacherous in any generation!

What’s wrong? You don’t need to look so upset. It’s not like they’re bad-mouthing about you.



You don’t like people bad-mouthing?

I see.

This is great! I’ve never felt so good before! When was the last time I ran around like this?!

I’m glad we came to the park! I want to come here everyday.



But… I don’t think… I can stay out for long after all.

I feel dizzy.

Hey, I’m going to… borrow your body.

Phew, I feel so calm in a human body when I’m outside.

It feels so comfortable when I hold onto you like this.

Ah, was I heavy?



You can still feel my touch even though I’m possessing you, right? Sorry.

Huh? Why are you red?

I licked you to say sorry.

Oh right, humans don’t really do this, do they? I forgot.

But… isn’t it quite fun to be played with while you’re possessed?



You can’t run away even if I gently bite your finger like this…

There’s no use pulling your hand away. See?

Do you want me to stop?

Your arm looks soft too…



It feels great to bite on…

If I can’t bite, can I lick?

You’re overreacting! It’s so fun to play with you.

Why don’t you react more to what I’m going to do to you?

It’s boring if you hold it in.

It felt good to bite your finger and arm, but… your lips look like they’d be even better.



Hey… can I eat your lips?


You don’t need to panic! I’m joking! You’re so funny,

It’s been a while since I had so much fun.

I’m sorry for teasing you, but I was just so happy to go outside and taste freedom.



Although it’s not really freedom because I have to keep possessing you.

But… thank you for bringing me here today.

Let’s go out tomorrow too! Okay?

Great! I’m so happy.

I would feel so lonely if you said no. I need to become closer to you so that I can break this curse.

Since you’re taking me out like this, I’ll also help you. Okay?


Track 3 – Play with me more!


Yes! I think that was a good record. You guys, look at how I run and go faster! The competition’s coming up.

What? Who’s here?

Oh! You came to watch our morning training session?

What do you think? I’m the team’s ace. I’m really fast, right?

Well, to be honest, I’m not trying my best. Running faster than humans is a given.

Oh yes, I’ll tell you since you came. They’re absent today.

Who? Remember? Those guys who were bad-mouthing behind the gymnasium.



They’re all absent. And not just today… but probably for a while.

Isn’t that great? You don’t need to see their faces anymore.

Huh? There’s no need to act good in front of me.

Humans are so weak! They stay in bed just because of a fever.

Oh, you better not get sick. Otherwise I won’t be able to go outside.



Sorry, I’ll need to get back to practice. See you later!

Geez… what’s so fun about shopping here?

Is it so fun to shop for clothes?

Whatttt seriously? I’m so bored.

There must be other places to go!

You keep talking to the staff…



Heyyy don’t ignore me.

If you do…

Let’s go somewhere else! Otherwise I’ll bite your neck…

More importantly, do you understand what it means to buy clothes while I’m in you?



You’re going to try them on, right? Are you sure it’s alright, when I’m still possessing you?

Huh? You didn’t notice? I shouldn’t have told you then… I could’ve teased you as you panicked.

Oh, going now? Great! Go back home and play with me!

What? Why can you only play with me a little bit? You even bought me a ball yesterday.



Maths homework due tomorrow? Don’t you think he gives you too much?

How are you supposed to finish twenty pages in one day?

Hey… don’t you think it’s ridiculous to get so much homework?

Without it… you could have more fun. I think there are many others who feel the same.



Stupid teachers who assign so much homework… they’re so mean, right?

Don’t you think… “If only he weren’t here?”

Don’t worry. I’ll be of use to you, because I want to be with you… okay?



Your class has self-study next. Your teacher suddenly got sick.

You’ll be free from homework for a while, so you can play with me.

Now you, me, and everyone else are happy now. Isn’t that great?

What’s wrong?

Well then, where should we go this time?



Hey… where are we going today?

Let’s stop walking around in the middle of the city, and go somewhere far, since you don’t have homework.

Why did you suddenly stop?

This is… animate?

Wow… it’s a very impactful store.

There are so many people! What’s that?

A game launch event?

They’re going to have an event upstairs later?

So the girls in that line are all waiting for that event.

I see, it must be popular if participants are chosen by lottery.



Did you apply too?

I see. That’s unlucky.

You might’ve won if one of them had lost…

Hey… if someone cancels their participation, there will be spare tickets, right?

It won’t be strange if someone suddenly gets sick…



Hey… the girls in line are acting strange. They look sick, but I wonder what happened.

At this rate, there are going to be some cancellations.

Where are you going? What happened?

What is it? Are you going home? How about the event?

You were almost there!


Track 4 – The Impatient Voice Wanting To Possess You


Hey, everyone’s gone already. We should go too.

There are no clubs running either because it’s before the exam period. Where should we go today?

Huh? What do you want to talk about? You look scary. What’s wrong?

About what’s been happening? Oh… I see.



Are you finding it weird that strange things have been happening around you?

That’s right. I’m the one who’s been doing it.

I cursed everyone who got in your way, including the girls who were bad-mouthing, the maths teacher… and others…

Oh, don’t worry. I didn’t take their lives though.

I was of help, right? People you hate or find annoying all disappeared! Are you happy?

Why? Don’t say you didn’t ask for it. I need you to be happy.



To solve the seventh mystery, I need to become close to a human. If we don’t get on, it’ll be trouble for me.

I’ll be helpful from now on too, so let’s get along. Okay?



Well then! Where should we go together?

Why are you hesitating?

You promised not to betray me. If you betray me… I’ll curse you.

Don’t run away! No matter how far you run, you won’t be able to escape from me.



You’re running as fast as you can, but you can’t lose me, even though I’m just walking.

And… did you notice? This corridor continues forever.

As long as you are trapped in my sorcery, you can’t escape. Run until you’re satisfied.

I’ll… follow you forever.



Caught you.

Maybe you don’t get enough exercise, tripping over like that.

I won’t part from you, now that I’ve possessed you.

Playing catch is fine too, but when I see a prey running away, I can’t help but chase it.

It makes me want to catch it and bite it…

I won’t rip you apart… you’re precious to me.



It’s true! I want to get along with you. I helped you, didn’t I?

I cursed those who were annoying to you, right? So that you’ll be happy.

Why do you keep resisting? Did I not do enough for you?

I can do more if you ask me. Friends? Teachers? Strangers? I’ll curse anyone for you.



I don’t have to use such a boring method like last time. If there’s someone you hate, I can make them suffer like they’re in a living hell.

I’ll do anything for you, so… let’s be together forever…

Huh? What’s this?

What was that?! It forced me out!

Wait! I’ll possess you again…!



Why was I repelled?

Hey! Wait! What’s going on?

I can’t possess her… anymore.


Track 5 – The Locked Gymnasium


I finally caught you.

It was hard work, with you trying to run away from me for days.

Come here. Just come!

Nobody will interrupt our conversation here, since nobody comes to the gymnasium at such a time.

Even if I return to my yokai form, nobody will see me.

You know what we’re going to talk about, right?



I’m going to possess you again!

It’s no good… I can’t possess you.

Why is this happening? Why?

And I finally found a partner who could take me outside!

Damn it! One more time…

 Stop moving around! Don’t reject me. Why do you keep resisting me?



Footsteps? Damn, it’s the admin staff. Don’t speak. Be quiet.

Please don’t open the door…


Are you serious? He locked the door.

It’s no use. It’s not opening!

I guess I’ll have to use sorcery.



Huh? Why… can’t I use my sorcery? That can’t be!

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Why? Is my sorcery getting weaker? Is that why I can’t possess you either?



No way… why?

Since that day…

Since that day you rejected me and I was repelled from your body… everything has gone wrong.

If only I can possess you again, everything might go back to normal.

Why do you look scared? Why… do you reject me?

We got along so well… and do you intend to throw me away?

Are you going to do the same… as the other humans who were close to me?



The dog god is created from people’s hatred. I’ve lived for hundreds of years, helping people who hated someone.

Hatred… jealously… pain… that’s all I know. Still, I did my best to live the way they wanted me to.

But at the end, they were all scared of me.

Some of them were affected by my curse and left me, after they got sick.



Hey, I might have made you misunderstand me, but I’m fond of you.

Being trapped in school feels like being trapped in a cramped storage space like this.

It feels so suffocating and lonely.

And then I met you… and went outside. I was so happy.

You were with me every night, and took me to many places.



I was so shocked… when you rejected me like that.

I can’t use my sorcery anymore. I’m going to be so upset if you hate me too.



Do you hate me?

I won’t be able to bear being alone anymore… because it was so fun being with you.

Hey… please say something!

What’s wrong? Hey!

Are you okay?

You’re fine? You felt dizzy, so how could you be fine?



You’re really pale and it looks like you can’t breathe properly.

Could it be a cold?

No… your body’s too cold for that. What is it?

You’re not okay! Damn it… we can’t go outside either.

Come here… sit close to me.

I won’t attack you or anything! I can’t possess you anyway. I don’t intend to do anything to you.



Rest like this for a while. It’s my fault you’re stuck here in the first place.

We’ll have to wait until that guy opens the door tomorrow morning.

Come on, lean on me more.

Do you feel cold?

Huh? I think… this is the first time you’ve thanked me.

Do these things… make you happy? You’re happy, even though I can’t do much for you?




Then let’s change our position. Come sit between my legs.

It’ll be warmer if I hug you from behind.

Good. How do you feel? Do you feel a bit warmer?



Do you like it when I do this to you?

I see. I’m really glad… you’re happy.

I didn’t know I could make you happy without using sorcery.

Maybe I didn’t understand your feelings at all.



I’ll stop cursing those around you, so can I be near you again like usual?

I’m so glad.



It’s morning? Someone’s coming. It must be the admin staff.

The door is going to be unlocked now.

Hey, it’s morning.

She’s sleeping. Geez, she looks so cute in her sleep.



It’s open… but I think I’ll stay this way for a while.

I’m definitely going to skip morning training today.


Track 6- Because You Think Of Me


Hi. Why are you here during lunch? Did you forget something in the gymnasium?

Oh, you came to look for me.

Yea, I’ve been hiding here the whole time.

I haven’t joined the athletics team these days either.

I can’t transform into a human anymore.

Don’t be so surprised. I should be the one who’s surprised!

Maybe… I’m receiving a divine punishment.



You rejected me, right? Since I totally messed up my attempt to solve the seventh mystery, which is solved by a human and yokai becoming close, something divine took my powers away.

Maybe I won’t be able to go outside anymore.

Maybe… I’ll be trapped in this gymnasium forever.

Huh? What’s wrong?




What is it? Why did you suddenly sit next to me?

I can have this bento? You won’t have anything to eat.

This is for me?! Did you make this… for me?

You were… worried for me?



Are you serious…?

No, I’m happy.

I’m really happy, but I don’t know what to say.

It looks delicious, with a lot of meat!

It’s great! It would be so fun to go outside with such a delicious bento!



Thank you. I was upset, but I feel much better.

Did you finish your lunch already? If you haven’t, why don’t you eat here?

Do you not feel hungry?

Come to think of it, you’re still pale.

Your cold has been lasting for quite a while.

Really? You say you’re okay, but you might have a fever…

Face this way.



It looks like you don’t have a fever.

What’s wrong? Your face is completely red.

I just put my forehead to yours to check your temperature.

Stop getting so red! It’s making me feel embarrassed now.

Anyway, don’t push yourself so much.

Hm? Why did you get even redder?

Sorry! I licked your face without even realising.

Did you not like it?

Really? You’re not forcing yourself?



I see. Haha.

No… I just feel so happy.

I’m just happy to be with you like this.



Ah! You came tonight too?

You didn’t need to bring dinner for me. I’m a yokai so I won’t starve or anything.

I’ll take it though. Thank you.

You keep coming here every night… but are you sleeping properly?

You were ill last time… so you really shouldn’t force yourself.

Huh? You’re acting strange…

You’re shivering…




What’s wrong? I thought your cold was gone?

You’re… really pale! And… your body’s cold… like ice.

This isn’t normal.

Actually are these symptoms… from my curse?!

Is this all my fault?

Were my powers left in your body when you repelled me forcefully?

This is bad… she’s getting colder and colder!



What should I do? If only I had my powers, I’d be able to help her…

I can’t do anything in my current condition!

What am I supposed to do?!

I don’t know what to do…

I’ve only hurt people before…

I’m sorry, this is happening because I became close to you. If only I didn’t approach you, you wouldn’t have needed to suffer so much!

Don’t say… that!

I’m the one… who had fun being with you.

I had so much fun. I want to keep being with you… I don’t want to part from you.



It’s not because I want to break the curse or go outside. I just… want to be with you.

I just want to be with you forever.

Thank you. I… like you.

I really… love you.

What is this?

This light… it’s so warm.



This is… my powers returning to me!

I can use my sorcery now!

Now I’ll be able to take away my powers from you.

I’ll save you no matter what!



Hey… are you awake?

This is your room. I carried you home.

Do you feel alright?

I’m so glad.

I thought you were going to die.

Your body kept getting colder… but I couldn’t to anything.

I was so scared that I might lose you.



I’m so happy… I’m really happy.

Yea, I’m fine.

See? I’m outside the school but I haven’t turned into a puppy.

I became close to you… so the seventh mystery has been solved.



The curse which was put on my has been broken.

Also… my powers are back. I can possess you now.

Because you accepted me, I was freed from the Seven Mysteries and I managed to save you.

Being accepted by someone… is such happiness.

It’s all thanks to you.



You told me what it means to love someone… when the only thing I knew how to do was to hurt people.

Thank you.

I… love you.

And I’m so happy… you love me too.


Track 7- The Howling In The Gymnasium- epilogue


Hey… do you know about how one of the Seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School, the howling in the gymnasium, ends?

It’s the sea! Hey it’s the sea! The sea breeze feels great!

It’s so cold… and salty!



What? How can I not get excited?!

I always wanted to come here with you.

Come over too!

It’s fine, we’ll only walk in shallow waters.

Hey watch out! Sorry, I pulled you too hard.

You were going to fall over if I didn’t catch you!

Huh? What’s wrong?

Don’t look at me like that… you look more like a puppy than me.

Come on, close your eyes.



When you feel ill, apparently you should give some offerings at the gymnasium.

I’m serious! It’s rumoured that you’ll feel better.

You’ll know which day is your lucky day by listening to the howling in the gymnasium.

Try it out next time.

I’m sure the guy howling is also looking forward to seeing humans.

I’ll never leave you again.

I’ll follow you to the ends of hell.


Free talk


Hello everyone…

I’m Daisuke Hirakawa, acting as Toneri.

We just finished recording Yuugen Romantica.

From here we’ll be starting the end-of-episode free talk.

First, my impressions of the recording.

This time… I’m a dog. Not just a dog, but a puppy.



Wow, that was hard to do!

I think I exceeded my limit…

I was like, please don’t give me anything more difficult.

The story itself… well… it’s about a yokai, but it’s also very warm.



There weren’t any complicated plot or a nervous feeling of “What’s going to happen next?!”

It was a story that let’s the audience relax.

I think it was a nice script and storyline in that sense.

Next question… if you could use sorcery, like becoming invisible, using fire, or controlling things, what would you like to do?



I guess I’d like to fly!

Don’t you think it’ll be fun?

Flying just using your own strength! There will be no traffic jams.

Although… I guess if I fly up too high I’ll freeze because it’s too cold.

It’ll be great if I can get to my destination without getting into people’s way down below and not crash into aircrafts either.

Next question… have you experienced something mysterious these days?

I don’t know if I can call this mysterious, but it was a very hot day, and when I woke up, my quilt was completely pushed away and apparently I had slept with my legs crossed.

I woke up with my legs crossed. I wonder what kind of dream I had.

Did someone do this to me?! Was it a yokai? A ghost?



I didn’t think so back then, but it felt like my body was twisted for the whole day, it felt uncomfortable. Haha.

That was my first time!

I would understand if I was rolling around and my legs got tangled before I fell asleep, like I did before, but I’ve never woken up with my legs crossed. Haha.

A message for the otomes listening to me.

At the very start, I was told that Toneri is a little stupid puppy. He tends to have very strong presumptions. He’s not quite a yandere, but close.

I had this in mind when recording.



I said this before, but the story can be heard with a very calm feeling, although problems do occur.

When you feel tired, or you can’t sleep, I hope this can bring you some relaxation.

Well… dogs are quite noisy, but I hope that won’t wake you up!

I think my role was quite unique this time, so I had a lot of fun.



I’ll be really happy if you can have fun listening to it to!

I think it’s almost time to end.

That was Daisuke Hirakawa, acting as Toneri!

Good bye!