Kare to Soine de Shitai koto Zenbu – Nagamine Tamaki Translation
彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 永峰環
Seiyuu : 佐和真中 – Sawa Manaka
Release Date : September 30, 2015

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Overview : This translation is for the Animate Benefits CD that came with Volume 1 of Kare to Soine de Shitai koto Zenbu (Nagamine Tamaki). The main CD has also been translated so if you’d like to access it. You can click on this link.

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I’m home!

You… You… You got hurt?!

Umm… This is… your injury?

I see… You sprained your finger?

Ah… Thank goodness!

When I heard you got hurt because you fell over during the rush hour, I thought you might have been hurt really badly!

You went to the hospital? You didn’t break any bones?

I’m glad you didn’t.

Is it going to be swollen?

Did you get any painkillers?

Do you need a detailed examination?

If you’re worried, then we’ll get a second opinion… I know a few doctors…

Okay… I’ll calm down.



Can I sit next to you?

This was the first time you’ve been to hospital since we got married.

I’m glad it was nothing serious.

Be careful from now on, okay?

I don’t want you to get hurt or sick.

Okay. Good girl.

Ah… The bath is ready. You can go first.



Oh, I see. It’d be difficult for you to take a bath with your hand like this.

Right! I’ll help you.

Yes, I’ll shampoo your hair.

Huh? You don’t have the right to refuse when you’re hurt.

Listen to your husband at times like this!


You stay here. I’ll bring a towel and your pyjamas.

Miss~ Does it tickle anywhere~?

Your hair really is a woman’s hair. It’s softer than mine.



It seems like it’ll break if I don’t treat it gently.

I’ve got to rinse it properly so there aren’t any bubbles left.

Umm… Next is the treatment, hmm?

This smells good. It smells like you.

Yes. I like it.

So… Umm… I can rinse it off, right?

Okay, I’m going to rinse it.



I’ll do it gently then? Got it!

Alright… I suppose your body needs to be washed next.

It’s not okay! I’ll do everything, so don’t worry about it.

Come on. I won’t be able to wash you if you don’t take off the towel.

We’re husband and wife, so this is normal.

Okay, I’m going to wash your back first.



It’s cute. It definitely feels like a woman’s back.

I can’t really explain how…

Hmm… It really is different to a man’s back.

And because it’s your back, it seems especially cute to me.

Okay, your back is done!

Turn this way.

That’s no good. I won’t be able to wash your chest if you don’t move your hands.



Don’t look so embarrassed.

It’s so cute that I won’t be able to hold back.

I want to do it.

Will your injury be okay?

I’ll make sure not to put any pressure on it.

I’ll wash the soap off first.

I guess that’s okay.



It’s easy to lick you because you’re sitting on a chair.

Here too…

Maybe it’s because you had a shower…

Your skin is pinker than usual.

I think you’re feeling even better than you usually do too.



This place too… It’s wet…

It’s amazing… When I lick you like this, it keeps on getting wet.

It’s really wet.

It’s okay. I want you to feel even better.



When I hear your voice like that, I can’t hold back.

Can we do it here?

Okay. I’ll be gentle so that I don’t hurt you.

You can just put your left hand on the edge of the bath.

Alright. Turn around so that your bottom is facing this way.

I’m going to enter you.



I’m inside you.

Our voices echo here.

It sounds really indecent.

Sometimes it’s good to make love somewhere else.

It’s no good that you’re injured though.

It feels good when I touch you here at the same time, doesn’t it?

You want me to touch your breasts too?

You’re so full of desire.

Your voice is amazing. So it feels that good…

It’s okay. I’m going to do it more intensely then.



It’s alright if you come now…

Did you come?

Your body felt tight…

You looked cute.

I was pretty turned on too.



I’ll keep going, okay?

You already came once, so your body feels tight…

I can’t take it…

I’m going to come…

I’m going to come… I’m going to come…



It felt good.

Maybe I’ll take a bath with you everyday from now on.

Because you look cute after you’ve had a bath.

Hearing your voice echo sounds indecent too.

Your skin is pink and sexy.

Yes. It’s really good.

You’re right. We’d get dizzy if we did this everyday.



Let’s take a shower one more time before we get out.

I’ll dry your body and put your pyjamas on for you.

Yes. I’ll do everything.

You should depend on your husband at times like this.



Okay. It’s dry now.

Does your injury hurt?

I’m sorry. I really was just going to wash your hair at first.

Thank goodness.

We’ve had a bath, so let’s do something romantic in bed now.

Okay, that’s decided then!

I’m carrying you because you’re injured. I’ll take you to bed.

It’s okay. You can depend on your husband today.