Yuugen Romantica – Arahagi Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ 第四の謎 化け猫 アラハギ
Seiyuu : 梶裕貴 – Kaji Yuuki
Release Date : July 29, 2015
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Note : This is an unaltered translation that I used myself that came directly from the translator.

Overview : There’s this rumor that if you start hearing the piano playing in the Music Room when no one’s supposed to be there – you must not go in no matter how alluring it may sound. If you do, “he” may not let you go. No one knows who he is, but anyone that falls victim would temporarily go insane. Not being able to say anything other than these words like some chant, “The piano won’t stop playing”…

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Track 1 – The music room where the piano plays by itself



Hehe. Do you know about the music room where the piano plays by itself, one of the Seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School?

You can hear the sad sounds of the piano coming from the music room, when the sun is setting and the day is getting darker.

But you mustn’t enter the music room, even if you hear the piano.

There’s nobody there, but he’s there.

If he finds you, you won’t be able to turn back.



Who is he?

Who knows? Nobody does.

Apparently a student was lured by the sounds and entered the music room.

She was so scared that she couldn’t answer any questions afterwards.

They say she kept saying, “The piano won’t stop playing,” and went crazy for the whole day.



As if something was controlling and playing with her.

Look, a girl has been lured by the piano’s melody into the music room again.

Oh no, you shouldn’t open that door…

You’re not supposed to come to the music room so late.




Where are you looking at?

I’m over here.

I said I’m over here. Haha.

Why are you so surprised?

Is it because you can hear my voice, but can’t see me?

I’m sure you know about the mystery of the music room, right?

I possessed you because you ignored the warning.

My sympathies to you.



You don’t understand what it means to be possessed?

It’s like this…

See? You felt me touch your back, right?

That’s right. I’m right here. I’m right here by yours side.

Hey… I’m really bored.

Won’t you play with me?



I won’t let you go.

Haha! I told you it’s pointless.

Did you really think such slow creatures like humans could escape from me?

I haven’t had many visitors recently, so I was quite bored.

I’ll play with you to kill some time.

See? I can even do this!

Don’t you think it’s amazing how I can make those music scripts levitate?



Hahaha! You look so stupid, crouching down on the floor!

I’ll hold you down with the stand so you can’t get up!

See? You can’t move anymore.

Hey, how should we play now?

Come to think of it… you were really surprised when I touched your neck just now.



Is it your weak spot?

Then I’ll need to tease it more.

Here… I’ll stroke it gently.

You won’t be able to shake me off. I’m possessing you after all.

You want me to stop?

Then escape within three seconds. Otherwise, I’ll do worse things to you.

Three… two… one…zero…



How unfortunate.

This time… I’ll put this in your back…

Does it tickle?

What do you think this is?

Maybe it’s a bug… since it’s moving around.


It’s just an eraser. Did you think it was a real bug?

I was just moving it with my sorcery, and you were squirming as if you were dancing!

You’re so funny.

Well, I don’t want to play with you too much. I don’t want to break my toys.



I’ll let you go for today.

Play with me again.

Hahaha! She was so scared!

I found an interesting toy to kill time with…



Good morning!

Hm? You look pale. Are you okay?

Why do you look so confused? Have you forgotten your classmate’s face?

I was always in your class, remember?

Do you remember now?

That’s good.

Anyway, what’s wrong? You’ve got bags under your eyes. Did something happen?

Yesterday… what?

You can’t stop now! I won’t make fun of you, no matter what you tell me.



What’s wrong?

What? A ghost?! Really? In the music room?

Sorry. I’m definitely surprised, but I believe you.

I’ve heard rumours about the music room too.

You definitely don’t look like you’re lying to me either.



Poor you. You must’ve been so scared.

If something like that happens again, make sure to tell me.

That’s a promise, okay?

See you then!


I’m such an actor! She hasn’t noticed at all who I am!

I managed to use sorcery to convince her that I was always her classmate.

It looks like I’ll be having fun for a while! Hahaha



Track 2 – The Crafty Yokai



Hey, sorry! Were you about to go home?

Could you lend me a hand?

The teacher asked me to look for resources we could use for tomorrow’s class.

That’s great. Thanks.

Can you go to the reference room first? I’ll go grab my bag.

Hi! We meet again.



Haha. I possessed you again.

Do you remember me?

That’s right. I’m the yokai you met in the music room yesterday.

I can’t believe you’d come so innocently to an isolated place, after you went through all that.

I think you should be more cautious.

Well, thanks to you I’ll be able to kill more time.

I’ve been trapped in this school for a long time, and I’m bored.

I want you to look more scared and entertain me.



Otherwise… I might curse you to death.

Haha! Do you never learn?

Did you really think the door was going to open so easily?


I love how pathetic you look, running around like that.

You look like a mouse being chased by a cat.

But we’re on the second floor. You won’t be able to escape from the window.



You can’t escape from me anyway, since you’re being possessed by me.

Should I play with you like a pet mouse?

That’s right… I’ll do this today…

The curtain looks like it’s living, doesn’t it?

I’ll wrap it around your face.

How are you supposed to pull it off?

It must be so scary not being able to see anything.

All you can do is imagine what I’ll do next.

Hey… do you want me to help you?

Then let’s play a game.



What do you think is rubbing against your back?

Your body must be so much more sensitive when you’re blindfolded.

So… what do you think it is?

You don’t know?

It’s… the broom handle.

Next is… this.

What is it?



It must feel quite different from the broom handle…

Come on, hurry up. Otherwise… I’ll tease you in other places too…

Oh! You guessed that it was my tongue.

Then I’ll let you go off for today, as promised.

Just for today. Look forward to next time!



Haha. You should go!

What’s wrong?!

Are you okay? Calm down! It’s me!

You look really pale. Did something happen?

What?! A ghost again?!

It wasn’t a ghost? A yokai?

I see… I’m so sorry for not being there for you.



You’re shaking. You must’ve been so scared. I’m so sorry.

You’ll be fine now.

Have you calmed down?

That’s good.


I shouldn’t have hugged you like that. I was just worried about you.

I’m glad you’ve calmed down though.

You should go home for today.

I’ll look for resources tomorrow morning. I’m too scared to do it now.



Can you go home alone?

I would like to take you home, but there’s something I need to do.

I see. I’ll take you to the entrance, at least.

She’s so stupid. She completely trusts me, not knowing who I really am.

What should I do to her next…



Track 3 – The Schoolmate Who Got Caught



Thank you, but really, my performance still needs so much improvement!

Sorry, I’ll see you later!

Good morning! You’re early today.

Hm? Those girls just now?

They always ask me to play the piano or sing.

Well, I’m just playing what I like, really.

I’ll let you hear it next time, if you don’t mind.

But… I guess you won’t want to go to the music room again.

How have you been… since then?



That is… have any yokais attacked you?

I see, that’s good. I was worried about you.

If something is bothering you, let me know anytime. I want to help you.

Hm? What’s wrong?

This is a… cell phone strap?

I see, it makes a sound when you press the button.

You’ll give this to me?

It’s to thank me for last time? But that was nothing.

I’ll take it though, I don’t want to waste your thoughts.

I’ll see you then.



Geez, why would I want this? I don’t even have a cell phone.

Well, I don’t want to throw it away when she just gave it to me, so I’ll hold on to it for now.

Haha. She seems to like me. Maybe I should invite her to the music room again.

I’m looking forward to it.



I found you! Do you have time right now?

Actually, I found a kitten behind the school building.

It looks quite weak, so I couldn’t leave it alone.

Can you help me?

Really? Thank you!

But… um… I hid it in the music room, because I wanted to avoid people.

You… won’t want to go there, right?




No, it’s just that I didn’t think you’d agree so easily.

I mean… you had such a scare in the music room.

I see… you prioritise the kitten.

It’s nothing. Let’s go then.



Hm… this is strange. I thought all humans would prioritise themselves first.

What a strange girl.

I’ll keep watch here, in case the teacher comes.

Don’t worry. I’ll keep the door open, so can you bring the kitten over?

I hid it behind the piano at the back. Is it there?



You came again.

You really don’t get tired of this, do you?

Did you want me to possess you that badly?

See? The door won’t open anymore.

There’s no use calling for that classmate just now.

Well… I’ll tease you all you like… just as you had hoped.

What should we play first?

Hm? Why you do look so confused?



What do you mean, the strap’s sound….!

Why won’t this stop?! Hey!

It stopped!

What are you looking at?!

That’s right! I was the one who was teasing you all along!

I’m the yokai, one of the seven mysteries!

Do you have a problem with that?!



What? Is there something wrong with this strap?!

It doesn’t matter if a yokai has one, does it?!

I’m sure they sell this anywhere!


This is a limited edition strap?

Why did you give it to me, a mere classmate?!

Then… that means… you know…

That’s right…

That classmate… is me in human form!



I lied to you about finding a kitten, so that I could lure you here.

What do you intend… to do to me now?

You’re going to tell everyone, now that you know who I am, right?

You’re going to post it online or take a photo of me and tweet it, right?

If you do that… there won’t be a place for me in this school anymore.

I spent decades here among the students… and now…



Really? You won’t tell?

Okay… if you agree to stay silent, I’ll stop scaring you.

But… I’ll be spying on you for a while.

My name is Arahagi.

I won’t forgive you if you break your promise.



Track 4 – His Feelings



I’m getting bored of taking classes everyday!

Well… not that I can do anything about it. It’s easiest for me to spy on you while I’m in my human form.

I guess. So far, it looks like you don’t intend to reveal my identity.

I can’t be sure yet, though.

I’ll follow you around after school too.

Did you think I didn’t know? You were talking to the girls in our class about going somewhere, right?



I need to make sure I watch you.

Don’t worry. They won’t see me because I’ll be possessing you.

Anyway, I won’t be able to leave school unless I’m possessing someone.

So, where were you planning to go without me?



Woah! So this is animate cafe. It’s my first time here!

Hey, there’s a strange human shaped panel over there!

There are so many pictures on the walls! What are they supposed to be?

Are they some sort of talisman?

What’s that? Is that the menu?

They look delicious!

But… why are there pictures of characters next to the dish’s names?



Hm? Why are you so fidgety?

Don’t be so selfish. Does it tickle so much to be possessed?

I see. Hehe. I have a good idea.

Go ahead and chat with your friends. I’ll be having fun myself, so you there’s no need to worry about me.



Yep! I’m having fun by myself, but I’m using you.


Are you surprised?

I’m tickling your neck with my tail, like this…

I wonder how long you can endure this for.

What’s wrong? Your hands are shaking.

Your finger tips too…

You’re so twitchy, when I only touched you.



If you keep moving like that, your friends are going to think of you strangely.

If not your neck… how about your ears…?

No? I’ll stop using my tail then.

How about this instead?


You’re holding it in, but your ears are bright red.

It’s new and fun, teasing you in these kinds of places. Hehe.



Huh… what is this feeling?

Why did the cup suddenly…?

The cups are all broken.

What! That wasn’t me!

It’s so unstylish, it’s not to my taste.

I smell… a strange scent.

Let’s go home before it gets dark.



Am I attracting… something bad?

We’re back!

I see, this is your room!

Why do you look so troubled?

I can’t go back to school at this late hour, so I’ll have to come to your room.

Why can’t I stay over?

Today’s a strange day, so I think it’ll be dangerous if your’e alone.



Why do you look so surprised?

You’ve kept your promise, so I’ll be nice too.

Yokais are very polite in that sense.

Well then! Let me stay here for the night. It’s decided!



Nyaa! Beds are so fluffy and comfy!

Huh? Why do you look so surprised?

Oh, I haven’t told you yet.

If I don’t possess someone when I’m outside school, I turn into a cat.

Well, it doesn’t matter.

I’m going to sleep! I’m so tired.

Why don’t you sleep too?



You can shower tomorrow morning!

Come here quickly.

You finally came.

It’s too cold by myself, so come close to me.

It’s so warm. Nyaa…

Why are you laughing?

You must’ve thought that I look like a normal cat.

I’m a two-tailed cat. Sometimes people call me a monster cat.

I’m still a genuine yokai! Don’t forget that.



Hm? You find it strange that a yokai like me stays in the music room?

It’s not like I was living there from the very start.

I lived as freely as I liked, until a few hundred years ago.

I would transform myself into a cat, and then go into villages. People treated me kindly.

But… a war started between the humans.

They were so busy fighting each other that they stopped caring about me.



They even made it my fault when food was stolen from the village.

Sometimes they accused me falsely, and I had to run away.

Since then, I stopped being so attached to humans.

I didn’t become close to anyone. Instead, I moved from place to place everyday.

After many years, my powers started to fade.



One day, a petty yokai came and beat me up.

That’s when I happened to escape to Nanagiri School.

It’s strange, but that place has something like a barrier.

When I’m at school, I can stay strong and bad yokais don’t come in.

That’s why I didn’t mind living there.

In exchange, I’m now bound to the school as one of the Seven Mysteries.



It’s not like… I don’t want to leave the school, but apparently I need to solve the seventh mystery in order to break this bondage.

I can’t solve it myself though.

You’ll help me?

Um… you’re not obligated to do so much, you know?



Aren’t you scared about the Seven Mysteries?

Come to think of it, why did you come to the music room that night?

You knew about the rumours right? Most people would be too scared after hearing the piano.



You… liked my performance so much?

Well… if you insist, I can perform for you next time.

You’re such a strange girl.

It’s so warm… I’m getting sleepy.

I’m going to sleep. Good night…



Track 5 – Misunderstandings and growing apart



What! That was nothing.

It’s just a skill I use. I need to get used to the human lifestyle.

I’ve always played a lot, because girls keep asking me.

Anyone would be able to play this much, if they kept doing this for decades!

Oh yes! Do you want to try too?

Don’t worry. It’ll be easy once you try. Come on, sit here.



Good. I’ll give you a special lesson.

I’ll teach your body… directly.

Place your fingers on the keyboard first.

Just like this, and widen your fingers like you’re holding an egg.



Hm? Haha. What’s wrong? Your face is red.

I only touched your hands.

Come on, relax.

That’s right. You’re good at this.

Next, push down each key in turn. Starting from C.

Like this.

Hey… even your ears are red.

I’m just teaching you to play the piano. Why are you so sensitive?

Or do you want to do something else, rather than play the piano?



Should we do something more fun then?

I don’t mind.

You say “Don’t tease me,” but your reactions make me want to tease you more.

You should blame yourself.

Now, let’s practise seriously. I’ll teach you so that you’ll be able to play a simple piece.



It’s so late now!

I’m so hungry. What do you think is for dinner?

Obviously I’ll be following you, since I’ll be possessing you.

Or… do you not want to be with me?

If you don’t mind, then what’s the problem? Let’s hurry and go home.

I’ll possess you before we leave the entrance.

Huh? It’s raining!

I’m getting wet! Let’s head back to the stairs. Hurry!



This is the worst! Why did it suddenly start raining? I hate water.

You’re drenched too! Are you okay?

You’re not convincing at all when you’re shivering like that.

Can’t be helped.

It must be a bit warmer if I hug you like this.

I don’t want to get wet, but I don’t want you to catch a cold either.



If it doesn’t stop raining, I guess we’ll have to borrow an umbrella and go home.

We shouldn’t stay at school until late.

Well, of course. The barrier prevents bad yokais from coming in, but there are yokais in this school other than me.

You might hear howling from the gymnasium at midnight.

Some stupid yokai likes to make noise like that.



It looks like yokais get drawn to you, so you better be careful.

I don’t know how to react… when you thank me like that.

I haven’t met a strange human like you in a while. How can you look so carefree when you’re with a yokai?

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Well, it even feels nostalgic.

It’s nothing!

Geez… I hope it’ll stop raining soon.



School’s ended, but I wonder where she is? And I told her we should go home together.

I can’t find her anywhere. Did she really go home alone?

Huh? I can hear her voice.

There she is!

She’s with… a guy from our class?

What are they doing in such an isolated place, behind the school building?



They won’t be alone in such a place if either one hadn’t called on the other.

And that guy… looks like he’s really close to her.

Could he be… her boyfriend?

They noticed me!

Hey! There you are! Sorry, I can’t go home with you because I have something to do. Bye!



What was that about?! She was flirting with that guy while I was looking all over for her!

Well, not that it’s any of my business who she dates!

But… that scent… was the same as the one I smelled in the cafe.

I have a bad feeling about this…

Geez! Why do I need to worry about a human?!



Damn it! Going outside in my cat form really tires me out!

I need to find her quickly!

I smell her… from this way!

That is…!

Why is there a petty yokai over there?!

Damn it!

Don’t touch my toy, you yokai-kuzure!



I had a bad feeling so I came. I was so right it’s almost funny!

Why do you keep attracting these things to yourself?

Anyway, we need to run. I can’t do anything in this form.

If you don’t want to die, run to school!

It’ll be fine now. The school’s protected by the barrier.

That was one of the petty yokais you find anywhere.

They’re yokai-kuzures. They’ve lost their sense of reason and everything.

We should be okay for today, since it’s not following us.



I scratched it too! Are you okay? Are you hurt?

That’s good.

Didn’t I tell you it’ll be dangerous if you go home late?

Why did you go home so late?

Well, I know why.

You must’ve been flirting with your boyfriend.

What. There’s no need to lie.

If there’s someone you like, just say so. There’s no need to hide it.



You’re so annoying! Even if you’re lying, or if you’re the kind of person who plays around with guys, it’s none of my business!

I just happened to help you today!

Next time, why don’t you ask that guy to help you instead?




Track 6 – I’ll Do Anything For You



I haven’t spoken to her properly since then.

I wonder why I said that to her.

It would make her think that I’m jealous.

I’m jealous… about a human being?

No way! That’s impossible. I’m just angry because he took my toy.

It’s none of my business what she does.



I need to find something interesting. Maybe I should just look for another toy.

Well… it’s not like I can find one conveniently just by looking outside the window.

It’s her…

They look so happy walking together.

They must be going out…



I guess it means that at the end, humans should be with humans.

No matter how close we are, I’m a yokai after all.

That’s right. Wasn’t that something I knew from the start?

From the start… From the moment I was born, that was my fate.



That’s why… I should just give up.


I can’t. I can’t stay still!

There she is!



It’s me. Sorry for suddenly possessing you and scaring you like that.

I couldn’t stay still when I saw you walking with this guy.

I thought… that it was impossible, but…

I… like you.

I know that I’m a yokai and you’re a human.

I know, but… still… I thought I would regret it if I didn’t tell you.

I don’t want you to leave me.

Please… choose me over this guy.

Please stay by my side.



What… this guy… this feeling… don’t tell me…

He became a monster!

He’s possessed by a yokai-kuzure!

I see. That scent… came from this!

Watch out!

Don’t touch her!

What’s with this yokai?! It didn’t work at all!



It’s no use! I can’t fight him as I am now.

At this rate, we’ll both be killed.

I’ll slow him down, so you should run to the school.

The barrier should protect you there!

I’ll be fine. Just go!

If it… the yokai-kuzure possesses you, you’ll suffer as if you’re in hell!



You shouldn’t care about a yokai like me. You’re really… an idiot!

Then run as fast as you can!

Hurry! We’re almost at school!


I’m sure it won’t be able to come into the school…

It broke the barrier! It’s going to come in!



Damn it! What am I supposed to do?

Your boyfriend was possessed by a very troublesome yokai!

What do you mean, “what?”

Isn’t he your boyfriend?

He isn’t?

Then why did you mean alone behind the school building?

He confessed to you and you rejected him?



He called you out today to talk about it again?

Oh… I see…

Then… it was all a misunderstanding?

I’m sorry… for being cold to you like that.

I was jealous. I’m really sorry.

You’ll… accept me? Really?

You’ll accept… someone like me?



I thought there’d be no hope for me because I’m a yokai.

Thank you. I’m so happy!

I feel stronger! I feel like I can do anything for you!

Don’t worry. I’ll get us out of this no matter what!

I won’t hand you over to that thing!



You’re so persistent!

She’s mine! Why don’t you disappear!

This soccer goal… is pretty heavy…. but… take that!

I did it! It’s working!



He’s returned back to his original form. Whatever was possessing him must’ve disappeared.

He’s okay. He’s just unconscious. He’ll wake up in time.

It worked out somehow.

Me? I’m fine. I’m just a bit tired because I used too much energy.

And… quite a lot of people saw that monster.

I’ll need to ask a yokai who can manipulate memories to sort that out.

More importantly, why didn’t you escape alone?



I thought humans always forget about everything else and prioritise themselves when they’re in a crisis.

The people who initially treated me kindly, a long time ago, were like that. Nobody cared about me.


If you care for me like that, you’re going to make it more difficult for me to let you go.



Really? You’ll always be with me?

Me too!

I want to be with you forever!

I don’t want to see you with any other guy!

Let me say it again, more properly.

I love you.

Huh? My body’s… shining?

The bondage of the seventh mystery… has been broken?!



No, it’s not anything to be surprised at. Once the seventh mystery is solved, I will be free. I told you, right?

If you don’t understand, I’ll explain it to you again.

The last mystery is solved… when a human and yokai… you and I… fall in love.



I didn’t mind being trapped at school so much, but I’ve changed.

Now, I can always be with you.

You can take me anywhere you want.



Track 7 – The music room where the piano plays by itself (Epilogue)



Hehe. Do you know how one of the Seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School, the mystery of the music room, continues?

That felt great!

Which song should I sing next?

Of course I’ll still sing! I’ve only sung twenty songs!

I always wanted to come to a karaoke box.

We can sing as many songs as we like. Isn’t that great?!

I even want to live here!

Huh? Could it be…

Maybe… you’re sulking because I haven’t paid you any attention?



There’s no need to look so flustered.

I’ll take a break then.

Why can’t I put my head on your lap? We’re going out, right?

These knees belong to me only. Right?

Not just that… the place next to you is always my special seat.

I won’t let anyone else have it.

Hey, did you know? Cats sulk really easily when they don’t get enough attention.



Then it starts being mischievous to get your attention.

It would be very bad if you make me feel lonely.

Hahaha. Yea, I thought you’d say so.

Apparently you can hear the happy sounds of the piano coming from the music room, when the sun is setting.

Whoever hears it becomes happy, they say.



Oh! You mustn’t enter the music room, though.

He might be on a date with his girlfriend.

I won’t forgive you if you get in the way.

Now that I’m so attached to you…. I’ll be with you, even to the depths of hell.

You better be prepared.


Track 8 – FREE TALK w/ Kaji Yuuki



Yuugen Romantica, end of episode free-talk. I’m Kaji Yuuki, acting as Arahagi.

Thank you for listening.

If you haven’t listened yet, please come back after you have.

We just finished recording.

My impression of the recording is…

I’ve done some situation CDs using the dummy mic, but I think stories involving yokais and the supernatural are especially good with the dummy mic.

Anyone would be surprised to hear our voice suddenly coming from the other side.



I think this is why the dummy head mic is so fun. This story takes full advantage of that.

The character I acted out, Arahagi-kun, is a two-tailed cat yokai.

He actually lived for hundreds of years.

There are scenes where he’s very yokai-like, and scenes where he’s pretending to be a human, and scenes where he’s very cat-like.

When he’s a cat, the change is very obvious because he’s smaller too, so I also changed the way he sounds.



But when he’s in his yokai form and in his human form, I don’t change my voice. Well obviously the listener knows that we sound the same, but the heroine doesn’t notice, maybe because of his sorcery.

I made sure that I only changed the way I spoke and his atmosphere.

He has lived for hundreds of years, but he’s very catlike in the sense that he loves company and he does things on a whim.

I felt that he was a cute, childish boy.

I hope that got through to you too.

Next. If you could use sorcery, what would you like to do?

Hm. I wonder…

I guess the first thing that comes into mind is flying.



I guess this is what humans have continued to wish for throughout the generations.

I don’t really know what counts as sorcery.

Does moving through time count as sorcery?

Is teleportation also sorcery?

But I suppose flying would be the most “sorcery-like”.

I guess making things invisible, or becoming invisible myself is another type of sorcery.



The one I really want is teleportation though. I would love to teleport to a tropical country.

It would be amazing if I could teleport to the toilet when I need it.

I often wished I could do that when I was a primary school student, on the way back home.

Next. Have you experienced something mysterious recently?

Something mysterious?

I don’t like scary things, including ghosts, so I think I unconsciously pretend that something is not mysterious, even if it might have been.



Hmm… let’s see…

I don’t know if this is mysterious, but in March 2013, I went to a theme park in the Kansai region, during a time when it often rained on many important days.

March is supposed to be already quite warm, but when I went to this area which would look great in the snow, there was a blizzard.

That was the only time it snowed.



I felt like I had some luck. I mean, the place where I was just looked perfect with snow, although it was very cold.

It doesn’t usually blizzard there, so everyone must’ve been very surprised.

That was a bit mysterious, I guess.

And finally…a message to those who are listening.

How did you find it?

Well, there are many characters in this series.

I acted out Arahagi, so I like him the most.

But I still want you to listen to the other characters and for you to like Yuugen Romantica as a whole.



Since you have bought this disc, I hope you can listen to it repeatedly.

I am… walking slowly around you.

If I crouch down, does it sound like I’m beneath you?

Hey… heeey!


It’s almost time.



I don’t know how this piece will continue, but I hope you will love the piece that is in your  hands right now.

That was Kaji Yuuki, acting as Arahagi. Bye bye!