Yuugen Romantica – Hifumi Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ 第壱の謎 鴉天狗 ヒフミ
Seiyuu : KENN
Release Date : April 29, 2015
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In Nanagiri School, it was said that something haunts the old building. People believe there used to be a Tengu mound where that structure stood. Just so they could continue constructing it, they moved the mound elsewhere. Of course, rumors started to spread that they will definitely be punished for doing so. Out of anger, the Tengu would then start spiriting away some unsuspecting students. Some to never be found again, apparently.

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Track 1



Hey, do you know about the mystery of people being spirited away in the old school building, one of the Seven Mysteries which have been rumoured about from a long time ago, at Nanagiri School?

A long time ago, there used to be a Tengu’s mound where the old school building used to be.

However, they transferred the mound elsewhere because it got in the way.




Apparently there were some who were against it, because they might receive divine punishment for it.

At the end, they still carried on with the construction on the order of the school authority. It was eventually completed.

However, strange things began to happen.

If you stay at school alone during the night, you will be spirited away.

People who disappeared were found in the mountains with their memories lost, or collapsed behind a deserted area behind school. There are even rumours that some of them were never found again.

Isn’t that scary?




They say that the Tengu became angry because they moved his mound selfishly, and started taking people.

Although the old school building isn’t used anymore, they say you might be taken away by the Tengu if you go to the old school building at night by yourself.

You thought, “nobody would go to the old school building because they would find it creepy,” didn’t you?

But actually… someone did go.

It was a windless, humid night.




A girl student entered the old school building alone.

A dim corridor where you can hear the creaking of footsteps.

Suddenly, the girl realised that they weren’t her footsteps making the sounds.

The footsteps slowly came closer from behind… and then the sounds were right behind her.




And then…

What are you doing here so late?

Oh, that’s a great scream.

It’s been a while since a human has come here at night.

I didn’t expect a girl to come here all by herself.

Did you not know about this school’s Seven Mysteries?

Or… did you purposely come here at this time because you wanted to be spirited away?




Huh? Me? You can’t tell from my appearance?

There used to be a Tengu’s mound here before this school building was built.

The ones who purposely transferred it elsewhere… were you humans, right?

You finally realised who I am.

You probably thought that the Seven Mysteries were some ancient fish stories.

But we actually exist… like how I’m here… right in front of you.

Like how there is a Tengu spiriting people away in the old school building.




So… what do you want me to do to you?

Should I take you to the depths of a mountain you’ve never seen before…

Or should I make you not be able to leave this place ever again?

Hey, hey. Where are you going?

Like I’d let you go!

How did you think human legs could out run the wings of a Tengu?




You’re too optimistic. Try to escape if you can. You can’t move anymore because your legs are shaking? Haha.

How pathetic.

Now… I’ll make you feel the horror of the Seven Mysteries to the bone.




Hahaha. Why are you looking around?

You won’t find me there…

Hm… where do you think I am?

Of course you can’t see me… I’ve possessed you.

How does it feel to be possessed?

Until I leave your body, I’ll follow you wherever you go.




Hm, how unfortunate. The doors that lead outside won’t open.

I guess you won’t be able to leave this place anymore.

There’s no point covering your ears. See? You can hear my voice clearly… like I’m whispering right at your ears.

This is what it means to be possessed.




It’s not just my voice… If I grab your arm like this…

See? You can feel my hand clearly too.

Hahaha. What are you doing? How did you think you were going to shake me off?

How can a human grab a yokai while it has possessed her?

There’s no point trying to guard yourself with your hand.

I can still touch you, no matter how much you try to defend yourself.




Like this…

You make such strange sounds… your reactions are so honest it’s almost interesting.

How about this?

Haha. What’s wrong? Let your guard down, and you won’t know what I’ll do next…




It’s been a while since I’ve played with a human like this…

You’re shaking so much… are you scared of me?

I see, you’re going to endure it? Interesting.

Since this is a rare opportunity… I’ll give you my services.




Don’t panic… I only held you.


Is it your first time flying? Isn’t my sorcery amazing?

Look down at your feet. Haha, what a great scream.

It’s fine while I hold you, but you’ll fall if I leave you.




Should I let go of you?

What, you’re the one who was telling me to let go just now.

Now… what should I do?

Hm? Hey, don’t tear up already!

Whatever… I’ll let you go for today.




There, the door will open now.

Shouldn’t you hurry up and go? If I change my mind, you really won’t be able to leave this time.

She went.

Did I go over the top?

More importantly… her reactions were really interesting.

It’s really been a while since a human has come this late.

I wonder what she came here for?

Was she daring herself, or… hm? Something’s on the floor.




A smartphone. Why is this on the floor?

Did she come here to look for this?

What should I do…

I suppose… I’ll play with her a little… since I found such an interesting girl.

Everything’s going to end soon anyway… so I may as well enjoy it till the end.




Track 2



Konjaku Monogatari, huh? What’s so interesting about reading such old-fashioned stories now?

I would be asleep in three seconds.

You obviously won’t be able to see me even if you look around.

I’ve hid myself with my invisibility cape.

Do you remember this voice? The one spiriting people away at the old school building…




You finally remember! That’s right. I’m the Tengu-sama you met last night at the old school building.

My name is Hifumi. I don’t mind letting you call me Hifumi-sama.

Did you think you managed to escape from me by running out of the old school building?

Sorry, you won’t be able to escape from the Seven Mysteries so easily.

Once you’ve encountered one of the Seven Mysteries, you won’t be able to escape until you find the seventh mystery. You’ve heard this before, right? So…




This feeling of being possessed isn’t too bad, right?

How about I continue living in your body like this…

You should probably not move. The other classmates are going to think strangely of you. You can’t make a sound either.

That’s right. Since we’re in class, I may as well attend as well while I’m in your body.




Hm? Heavy? Of course your shoulders would feel heavy if I possess you.

Endure it. Or do you not like me hugging you like this?

Huh, don’t nod. Tengu-sama bothered to come here for you. You should feel grateful.

Hm? I see… your weakness is being whispered to, like this?

Your face when you’re holding back isn’t bad either.




It’s interesting to see how long you can hold it in for.

If you want me to stop, say “please stop”.

Oh right, you can’t speak. I guess I can’t let you go then.

You’re so flustered. Your reactions are really interesting.

Hey… do you know why I came here? It’s not like I came here to bully you. I came here out of kindness.

Shall I guess why you came to the old school building yesterday night?




During the afternoon, someone took a broom from the old school building because there wasn’t enough.

I didn’t even notice it then, but that person must’ve lost something really important to them, since they bothered to come searching for it in the middle of the night.

Can you see it? This is what you’re looking for, right?

I knew it was your smartphone. I see… do you want it back?

Then come to the old school building after school. That’s if you can come alone.




Haha. Bye then!

You really came? You must really want your smartphone back.

Then come here and get it.

Just kidding!




I’m over here! Haha. I won’t let you go.

I’ve caught you! You’re just so easy!

Didn’t you consider that you might not be able to leave the old school building this time?

Aren’t you scared?

Why did I even ask. You’re completely pale.




Do you want me to let you go?

Then obey what I say. It’s easy. Let me possess you, and then go outside of this school.

If you obey me, I’ll stop following you.

Not that you can escape from me if you refuse.

We’ve made a deal then.

Now that that’s been decided, you’re going to have to endure me for a while…




Track 3



Woah, this place has changed so much in 100 years, too.

Why are you just standing here? If you don’t keep moving, I can’t move either.

So? Isn’t there somewhere you want to go?

What? You’re more familiar with this area than I am.

I don’t know where I want to go because I don’t know what there is around here.




Well obviously. I’ve been bound to the old school building so I couldn’t go outside even if I wanted to. Unless I possess someone, that is.

If I force myself to leave your body, I won’t be able to stay in this form.

I won’t be able to use my sorcery either. All this is because…

Nothing. Just take me somewhere interesting.

What’s with this store? It’s so flamboyant.

Animate? What does it sell?

I see, it sells things like games and manga.




Looks interesting.

By the way, isn’t there a sweet smell coming out from the car in front of the store?

A kitchen car? Crepes?! Those are the famous crepes?!

I heard the girls at school talking about them. No wonder that place is crowded with girls.

They’ve wrapped a lot of things in… a thin sheet that looks like Ittanmomen… is that what they call a crepe?

I don’t mind. If you want some, I don’t mind accompanying you.




Hey… why are these crepes named so strangely?

Like, “Starry Night Idol Flavour,” and “Vampire Attack Flavour”?

Huh? Why do they give us this strange picture when we buy crepes?

Character photos? I don’t get it. Why do people even want this? Humans are impossible to understand.




We finally found somewhere quiet. Let’s eat the crepe!

Of course I won’t be able to eat it while possessing you. I’ll have to leave you temporarily.

I can stop possessing your body outside of school, it’s just…

I become like this.




I told you I won’t be able to stay in my usual form outside of school.

I can’t maintain my powers, so I end up being this small crow.

Not to mention I get tired easily because I can’t keep up my strength.

That’s why I can’t leave the school so much.

Hey…! If you say “cute” to a yokai like me, you’ll be eaten up!




Come on! Hurry up and give me the crepe.

Geez, the ice-cream is already melting!

Hm… it’s not bad.

Huh? Oi, it’s true that Tengus live in the mountain, but that doesn’t mean we eat grass!

We don’t eat humans either! Your image of Tengus is seriously wrong on many levels!

Well… it’s true I threatened to eat you.. but…




Why are you laughing? Your attitude suddenly got bigger once I transformed into this form.

I think I need to teach you a lesson!

It’s too late to panic! I’ll teach you again that I’m the horrible Tengu-sama.

Are your sides your weak point?

Can you guess what I’m going to do to you?

Tickle tickle tickle!

You know you can’t escape from me once you’re possessed.




I’ll keep doing this until you apologise to me in tears!

How’s that? Do you want me to forgive you?

Then I’ll stop for now.

Say, “I’m sorry Hifumi-sama, please forgive me. You’re a legitimate Tengu-sama, even if you become small.”

You know my hands are still at your sides. If you do or say anything strange again, I’ll tickle you.

You’re still calling me cute?

I see… I won’t go easy on you anymore!




Tickle tickle tickle tickle!

Woah, idiot, the crepe’s going to fall!

I made it. Geez, that was close!

I’ll teach you a lesson later… We should finish the crepe and get moving soon.

I don’t mind giving you some, so let’s finish this.




I finally returned to my usual form!

It’s really inconvenient that I can only be in this form inside of the school building.

Well, I managed to eat a crepe and walked around town, so I suppose I had a good time.




As promised, I’ll stop following you around.

Hurry up and go home. It’s dark already, and you won’t want to be trapped in the school building at night again.

Why are you giving me a strange look?

Yea, that’s right. Like I told you, since I’ve been bound to this school building, I’m never able to go out of this school in my usual form.




What’s the point of telling you why I was bound here?

Well… it’s not like there isn’t a way to do something about it.

It’s probably impossible for me though.

Hey, why do you look so down? Go home already, or I’m really going to trap you in here.




Huh, what is it?

Did she just say that… she had fun?

How stupid… she didn’t mean it. I shouldn’t think about it.

Anyway, she won’t ever come here again.

And… everything’s going to end soon, anyway.




School’s finished for today…

Hm? Ah! You… why?

What?! You came to visit?! You finally managed to escape, you know?!

Most normal people wouldn’t want to interact with yokais!

If you don’t escape now, I’m really going to take you away.

I’ll make sure you won’t ever come back.




Why aren’t you scared?! You were shaking so much yesterday.

It’s not my fault if anything happens to you!

You bothered coming all the way here to meet a Tengu. Don’t think you can go back so easily.

I’m going to possess you. We’re going out.

Good. Take me somewhere that’ll satisfy me.

Geez… I thought yesterday was the last time I’d see you.



Track 4



What are you doing?

Haha, you’re way too defenceless.

What are you doing here so late alone?

What, you can’t tell who I am?

I see, when I’ve transformed into a human, even you can’t tell who I am.

That’s right. You finally realised.

Sometimes I mingle with humans like this. Haven’t you heard of stories like… when you’re hanging out with your classmates, you suddenly realise that there’s one extra person?




You wonder, “I wonder who that is?” But continue to play around anyway.

A mysterious friend… who you forget about in time.

Um… are you supposed to be praising my sorcery?

I know you’ve been with me for a while now, but you’re becoming too familiar with yokais.

If you’re so naive, other yokais are going to do something to you too.

There are many horror stories in this school, other than ones about me, you know.




For example… will-o-wisps flying around in the science room in the middle of the night.

One of them might be coming close to you… without you knowing.

See? Behind you…

How was it? Did I scare you a little?

Geez, what a boring reaction. It’s no fun scaring you.

What? You’re not scared because I’m with you? Is that something you should be saying to a yokai?

Most people would be scared because I’m with them!




Geez, you look so relieved.

What were you making? An origami… starfish?

Oh, it’s a star. It’s so wrinkled I couldn’t tell.

I’m kidding! You’re making decorations for athletics day, right? The executive committee has to work so hard.

So? How many more are you making.

I see. Fifty?! Alone?!

It’s going to be impossible at this rate, not to mention the quality. It’s going to take you until midnight.




Can’t be helped. You look clumsy, so I’ll teach you.

Lend me your body.

Hm… just leave it to me. Hold the origami with both hands.

I’m going to touch your hands.

Why are your shoulders so stiff? I just held your hand.

I’ve possessed you and teased you so many times already, and you’re still not used to it?




Hm? I see… Your face is getting red.

And I only held your hands… I wonder what will happen if I hug you?

Hmph. You’re panicking. You know that you can’t resist while you’re being possessed, right?

See… if I hold you tightly…

Even your ears are red.

Hm? You can’t work on your origami?

I guess I’ll have to forgive you for today.

Then let’s try again.

Make sure the edges are aligned, and make creases.




That’s wrong. That goes the other way.

Good. That’s right. You’re getting this.

Of course I know. I’ve been doing these things with humans for so long.

What are you saying? I don’t like humans. They’re selfish and noisy.




What… well, that’s true. I suppose I wouldn’t be actively interacting with them if I didn’t like them.

Didn’t you think it was strange for the school building Tengu to angrily spirit people away because they moved his mound?

It’s actually not true.




Well, it’s true I scared off those who came here on a dare, and transformed myself in a human to do mischief.

As you know, I used to live in a Tengu’s mound. From hundreds of years before this school was built.

Back then, there was a catastrophic disaster, and people thought it was because the Tengu became angry.

In order to calm down his anger, they made a mound for the Tengu.

That’s when I was born.

Oh right, you wouldn’t know how yokais are born.




“There must be a Tengu in those mountains”… “There must be a ghost in that closed-down hospital”…

“My business must be going well because of Zashiki-Warashi’s good fortune.”

The more people think of these things strongly, yokais like me are born.

And we continue to exist as long as humans remember us.

Well… if we put it differently, we will disappear once humans forget about us.




When this school was made 100 or 150 years ago, they took away the mound which I was worshiped at.

People began to forget about me, and I was supposed to eventually disappear.

I don’t know what exactly happened, but I was bound to this school instead of disappearing.

And then… the rumours started. They said, “There’s a Tengu in the school building which spirits people way.”



Thanks to the Seven Mysteries, I survived for another hundred years.

I’ll turn into that chibi crow once I leave the building though.

And… it also means I have to be the scary Tengu-sama to keep the rumour going.

People who were already scared of me began to fear me even more.

It also means I don’t need to disappear.

But soon…

Hey, your hands stopped moving.

It’s not something you need to listen to so seriously.




Geez, stop looking so sad.

It’s for a fun athletics day, right?

Okay, I’ll excite you a bit then!

I feel most comfortable in my yokai form after all!

Calm down. I’m the one who turned the lights off. Just stay sitting down.




Here, I’ll hug you from behind. Keep watching.

If I do this, they sparkle with the moonlight, so they look like actual stars, right?




They glide so easily in the wind because they’re origamis. Do you like it?

I didn’t do anything that’s worth all that praise.

If someone passes by here… that might start off another horror story.

I guess… a horror story about stars sparkling in the class at night… wouldn’t be so bad.



Track 5



Huh? Why are you in such a rush?

Did you want to see me that badly?

There’a a fair at animate, right?

If you want to go, I wouldn’t mind joining…

What’s wrong?

Did something happen?

Oh, did you hear from someone?

This old school building is going to be demolished soon.




Why would I be surprised? I knew ages ago.

They even transferred the mound in order to build this school building, and now they’re going to destroy it.

Humans get bored of things so easily.

I exist as a Tengu living in the old school building.




Once this place is gone… I’ll also probably…

What’s wrong? Could it be… you don’t want me to disappear?

What…? Why do you look so desperate? It’s not like you’re going to disappear.

We spent time together, but that’s only a few months.

I’m sure you’ll forget about me soon anyway.




Why are you… tearing up?

Even you… were so scared and wanted me to get away from you.

You should be glad! Aren’t you happy that something that was persistently following you around is finally going away?

So… don’t cry.

Damn it.

Don’t cry. I can’t stop your tears even if I possess you.

I don’t mind. I’ve lived so long already, disappearing now isn’t so bad.




There’s no way to prevent me from disappearing.

Even if there is…

It’s nothing.

Even if I tell you, there’s no way it would be fulfilled.

More importantly, you need to forget me.

Forget that you met me here… and everything.

Why do you not want to?




I knew this was going to happen… but… I got to close to you.

You’re just giving me trouble by crying.

It’s not like I want you to do anything for me.

I was just killing my time with you.

It was just to relieve my boredom until I disappear.




I’m almost out of time, and I’m bored of playing with you.

If you understand, hurry up and go. Don’t come here again.

I’m not lying.

You’re so stubborn…

Then how about this!

You won’t be able to endure this strong wind!




Just go out the door! Good bye!

Why are you holding on? You’re too persistent!

Shut up! There’s no way you can find a way to prevent me from disappearing!

The Seven Mysteries! The only way is to find the seventh mystery!

Like I said, there’s no way you can find it!

Because the seventh mystery is…

Just… blow away already!




That door won’t open. Hurry up and go home.

I don’t want to see you anymore!

She finally went.

This is the best way.

Since she’s found out… being with me will only make her sad.

No… maybe that’s not why. If I’m with her any longer… I won’t want to disappear anymore…



Track 6



It’s the day before construction, and it’s a horrible storm.

Well, I suppose it’s appropriately dramatic for Tengu-sama’s disappearance.

She hasn’t come since…

I guess it’s obvious after I treated her like that.

Geez, I thought I’d be able to disappear with no regrets.




At the very end… my heart feels regretful.

I wanted to… tease her one last time. I don’t want to disappear.

But still, I’m glad she was the last human I met.

Footsteps? Don’t tell me… Why?!




You… why are you here? And you’re drenched!

If you’re going to apologise, you should’ve used an umbrella!

Are you an idiot?! There’s a storm outside!

What do you mean, that’s not it?

What? You couldn’t find what?

Don’t tell me you were… looking for the seventh mystery everyday?!

That’s why you didn’t come here?

You’ve got to be kidding me. Why… did you do all this for me?

Idiot… why are you tearing up?




Geez… you really are an idiot.

Why did you do so much for me?

After being possessed and teased by me so many times…

And being made to go through such a horrible time.

Stop it. Don’t say it was fun.

If you say that, I’m going to not want to disappear.




It’s going to make me want to be with you forever.

Hey… I actually know… what the seventh mystery is…




I knew from the start… but…

I thought it would be impossible to fulfil.

Because you’d need to…

What’s this sound?

The roof!

Watch out!

Are you okay?

Of course I’m okay. It’s only the roof of this worn-out school building.




Just stay underneath me. Otherwise you’ll be crushed.

It would be bad if it keeps crumbling down though.

I can’t let you die here.

I was happy… when I saw you that night.




You were the first human to come in ages.

It wasn’t that I wanted to scare you from the start.

There would be no way a human would be friendly to a yokai, right?

But… I felt relieved to be with you, somewhere in my heart, because you still continued to be with me even though I teased and frightened you…




Although I felt relieved… I began to feel worried, because I knew I was going to disappear soon.

I knew that the closer I became to you, it would be more difficult for me to say good-bye.




That’s why I hurt you and acted that way.

I’m sorry… for scaring you and hurting you… I’m sorry.

Idiot… you’re the only one who says that you’re not scared of me.




The roof isn’t… going to last!

I’m going to blow this roof away using all my strength.

A monster like me is going to use all it’s strength, so I think I’ll scare you, and I might even traumatise you.




Because it’s always been that way for hundreds of years until now.

But will you… still not be scared of me?

Will you… be with me… even if I’m a yokai?




Thank you. I’m… so… happy.

Okay. Hold onto me tightly.

We’re going to fly!




Are you okay?

I see. I’m so glad.

The school building! If I acted any later, we would’ve been crushed.

Maybe it was the school building’s destiny to disappear… even without the demolition.

I guess that’s how old things disappear.

Idiot, why are you apologising? It’s not your fault that the school is going to be demolished or that I’m going to disappear.




Humans are definitely selfish.

They create us and destroy us selfishly.

But still, I can’t hate them, because I like humans.

Being with you… made me recall these feelings.




And…as expected of Tengu-sama’s power! The rain and storm have been blown away!

See? The starry sky. It’s really beautiful.

I’m happy that I can see the night sky with you.

I’m glad you’re the last person I possessed.

And I’m happy… that I fell in love with you at the end.

I see… thank you for feeling the same way.




Hey… even if I disappear, will you remember me?

I thought you’d say that for me.

I will… also never forget you. Even if I disappear, I will always love you.

What’s happening?! The old school building is shining… woah!




It stopped. What happened?

Hey, I’m going to fly outside of the school area!

Don’t panic, it’s okay. I would usually turn into a chibi crow, but…

I’m sure…




I knew it. My body’s not transforming! Have the Seven Mysteries been solved?!

The seventh mystery… the way to prevent my disappearance is… is… for a yokai trapped by the Seven Mysteries and a human to fall in love with each other.

If a person has strong and enduring affections for me, I won’t disappear.

I’ll also be unbound from the spell. That’s how it goes.




Yokais can exist if humans think about them strongly. I thought it would be impossible for someone to fall in love with me.

I thought nobody would have such lasting affections for me.

But… I won’t disappear anymore! Even if the school building is demolished, I won’t disappear!

As long as you’re here for me!

What is it… don’t suddenly hug me, it’s dangerous. Why are you so happy?




Geez, stop smiling so defencelessly! I’m going to kiss you!

I can’t let you go even if you get tired of me.

From now… and forever…



Track 7



Hey, do you know how one of the Seven Mysteries, the mystery of people being spirited away in the old school building, continues?

You’re finally here. You’re late!

You made me wait for so long, you better be prepared for what I’m going to do to you!

You made me worried. I thought I got the location wrong, or something happened to you.

Don’t laugh! Next time you make me worry, I’m going to possess you and do something horrible to you!




You haven’t forgot have you… Although I’ve been transforming into my human form more often these days, I’m still the terrifying Tengu-sama!

This is punishment for making me worried and laughing at me!

Buy me a crepe.

Haha, I’m joking. I wouldn’t ask you to do that on a date.

Let’s go then. Here, give me your hand.




Apparently there’s a small mound where the old building used to be.

That’s the mound of the Tengu.

They say that if you confess to the person you like there, you will both be happy forever.




You think it’s a lie right? Actually it seems to be true…

Woah, I think I might be really happy right now.

Huh? You didn’t hear me?

Then lend me your ear.

Prepare yourself… I’ll follow you to the ends of hell.



Track 8



Dear everyone who’s listening to Yuugen Romantica.

Hello, I’m KENN, acting as Hifumi.

We just finished recording the first part! Good job!

This time, I’ve had the honour of being the first one up for this new project, Yuugen Romantica. Thank you.




At first, when I was given the story for Yuugen Romantica… well, I was told by my manager that the title is Yuugen Romantica.

I thought that it was about a limited company (yuugen) called Romantica, which becomes a joint-stock company after competing with and overcoming other strong companies. Hahaha.

I thought it would be a very Showa era story like that, but I was complete wrong.




Actually, I think there aren’t any yuugen companies anymore, they’re all joint-stock companies now. Anyway…

Yuugen is written as “yuu” from yuurei (ghost) and “gen” from maboroshi (illusion).

The Seven Mysteries… and I took the role of a crow Tengu!

Well, it’s quite a rare for one to act as a crow… Although I did something similar in another recording.

Anyway, I was Hifumi. At first, I got that impression that he was like a mischievous child, almost evil.

But as I read the script, I could see more of his innocent side coming out.




There were sad scenes as well, but the seventh mystery was exposed at the end.

I thought, “Ah… so that’s how it was!” No wonder it was so difficult to solve!

I wonder how I did?

Anyway, I’ve received a few questions.

If there are any scenes which especially impacted you or scenes you would like to share with the audience, please tell us.




I also enjoyed the storyline as I read the script, and I think it was very well made.

I enjoyed it until the very end.

But you know when he turns into a chibi yokai? There’s a dilemma about whether I should go ahead as usual, or change my voice. I talked about it with the staff at the beginning, and decided to change my voice at the transformation.

I wondered, well, what should I do then? He’s a crow, right? A crow…




I kept my voice like this, and continued “I told you! If I go out of the school”… But I was like, no that’s not right.

Then I thought, should I go lower? But no, it wasn’t a chibi-character at all.

I continued on like this and managed to get to the “I told you!” voice. It sounds like my nose is a little blocked. It’s like a nasal voice, but I don’t really know how to describe it.




I thought this is what one would sound like with a beak-like mouth! It was a challenge, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Next question…

If you could perform sorcery, what would you like to try?

Sorcery (youjutsu) is… magic (jutsu) which tricks (ayakasu), right?




It’s to trick people right?

I really love to eat, so I would want to be under a spell that makes me feel like I’ve hardly eaten when I’ve eaten the food in front of me! Then I won’t overeat.




Have you experienced something mysterious recently?

Such a good timing. Something just happened yesterday.

There’s this game I play on my tablet. In this game, while you explore the mountains, sea, and forests, you do things like excavating crystals, collecting things, building houses, and defeating monsters at night, etc.

And then I lost my data! It didn’t just disappear, too. Usually when your saved data disappears, it’s all gone, right?

But my belongings and equipment were all there. Basically the data of my house I worked so hard to build and the cave I explored in all disappeared!




The house was gone but my belongings were still there! How did that happen?

I’ll do everything all over again, though. That was a mysterious thing that happened to me… my saved data disappeared.

A message to the otomes listening to this.

I don’t know how Yuugen Romantica will develop, but I had a fun time with Hifumi.

I hope this fun will be felt by those who are listening too.

I’m sure there will be more and more CDs afterwards too.

Next up will be Sakurai-san, acting as the nine-tailed fox, Zakuro. Please look forward to the next CD!

That was Kenn, acting as Hifumi.