Gakuen Club – Minakawa Asahi

Happy + Normal End Walkthrough

Game Title : Gakuen Club or Campus Nightlife
Company : Operahouse
Character : Asahi Minakawa
Seiyuu : KENN

Description :

“No means no, okay?”

Heir apparent of the Minakawa Group, the powerful conglomerate that runs Kirika Academy. Accomplished in both the literary and military arts, he is a true prince. Honest and a little reckless, the older students like him for his unpredictability, while classmates and underclassmen appreciate his natural charisma.

Marked this post with spoilers as this is a walkthrough. Click the “more” link below.




Chapter 10

Force a conversation.
Talk about a memory. (Normal end)

Chapter 11

Maybe it was bad?
It’s a good thing!  (Normal end)

Chapter 13

That hurts a little…
What don’t you want?  (Normal end)

That makes you Asahi.
You’ve started to soften.  (Normal end)

Chapter 14

Congratulate him.
Continue the conversation. (Normal end)