Yuugen Romantica Uchouten – Utashiro Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ 有頂天 第弐の謎 獏 ウタシロ
Seiyuu : 木村良平 – Kimura Ryohei
Release Date : May 18, 2016
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Note : This is an unaltered translation that I used myself that came directly from the translator.

Overview : It’s been a while since I last posted a translation for Yuugen Romantica. 😀 Here’s Utashiro’s first volume or appearance in the series. He was introduced in Season 2 as he did not have a CD in Season 1. I just thought I should put this up since Season 3 has already started. I’d probably keep uploading Yuugen Romantica translations for a while to keep up.

This character is my favorite in the series along with Merry. Yep, 2 characters share the #1 spot haha. He’s a Baku (a supernatural being that most resembles a tapir that eats dreams and nightmares). As the story goes for one of the mysteries in their school there’s a staircase that leads to the rooftop that normally has 12 steps. If you happen to descend the staircase at sunset, a 13th step may appear. Anyone who happens to land on it as they count to 13 will then find themselves trapped in a never-ending nightmare.

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Track 1 – The Nightmare of the 13-Step Staircase

You can’t tell anybody about one of the Seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School, the nightmare of the
13-Step Staircase.

The only staircase that leads to the rooftop of Nanagiri School.

It’s an ordinary staircase, usually.

But if you descend the staircase after sunset, the staircase which usually only has twelve steps…
has a thirteenth step that shouldn’t be there.

If you count to the thirteenth step accidentally, you’ll be trapped in a nightmare of a never-ending



You should try counting the steps too, if you’re interested.

Count the steps of the staircase you’re descending right now.

One… two… three…


And then…thirteen…

Hahaha. Welcome to the school of nightmares!



So you’re my guest today. Welcome.

It’s nice to meet you. My name is Utashiro. I’m a yokai.

I’m sure you can understand if I say that I’m the lord of the nightmare of the 13-step staircase.

Hahaha! You’re so cute.

Your eyes are wide open.

I suppose it’s dif.cult to believe when you’ve just been told that I’m a yokai.



Where are you looking? I’m over here. Haha!

Do you understand that I’m not a human?

I like how pale your face is.

Well then. Let’s play together.

It’s the beginning of a fun night.

Huh? You’re running away?

It’s pointless! You’re already in my dream. You won’t be able to leave this school.



See? I’ve caught you.

Where are you going this time?

Are you satisfied now?

You might be able to run into a classroom, but you won’t be able to leave this school.

I’ll start bullying you more seriously now.



Why don’t you… leave your body to me?


You seem to be looking around, but you won’t be able to .nd me.

I’m… possessing you right now.

Isn’t it strange how you can hear my voice so close to you, and yet you can’t see me?




See? Do you feel it? I’m hugging you…

How does it feel to welcome a yokai into your body, and be played with all he likes?

Some humans become more sensitive when they’re possessed, but I wonder how it is with you.

What a good scream! Not that anyone’s going to come to help you though.



How does it feel to be trapped in this dark school?

There’s no point resisting.

You won’t be able to escape while I’m possessing you. Nor can you hide anything from me.

You’re shaking quite a lot. Do you want to leave so badly?

You’re a cute girl and my type, so maybe I should give you some special services.



There. Try to solve the question that just appeared on the blackboard.

But… it has to be within .ve seconds. If you get it right, I’ll let you go.

Come on, hold the chalk.

If you can’t do it, I’ll bully you.

That’s it. Good girl.


Why did you drop it?

Your five seconds are going to be up soon.
Five… four…. three… two…. one… zero.

Uh oh, you’re out of time.



Well, as a punishment, I guess I’ll eat you up deliciously.

Hehehe. You’re crouching down now. Can’t you move anymore?

The humans I play with are so cute.

Well, if you’ve given up, let’s enjoy the night together.



Cry…scream… and show me your pitiful face, human girl!

Huh? She can still move?


What? What are you going to do with that broom?

Swinging that around is not going to get you out of…

Woah!!! Wait! Don’t attack me!

Just now you were running away from me in fear…!


Calm down!



The lockers are going to collapse…!

They’re so… heavy!

If I hadn’t left the dream, I would’ve been squashed by the lockers!



Wait! Don’t run away!

Damn it…

How dare she retaliate when she’s only a human?!



Track 2 – Good Girls Should Sleep

I finally found you. So this is where you were. I looked all over for you.

What a bad girl, you should be going home after class.

If you’re standing alone so cutely in the classroom looking worried like that, someone’s going to kidnap you.

No way, you’ve forgotten me?

I wanted to see you again so badly that I searched every class.



I finally got to see you.

I’ve been looking for you everyday since the day I met you.

Now I can take my revenge.

Welcome to the school of nightmares!

I’m sure you remember this place, at least.

A dark, isolated school.

The cracked windows and the strange, creaking door.

I’m sure you remember now.

Can you still not tell because I’m in my human form?



You finally realised who I am!

We had a fun night last time, didn’t we?

How dare you escape from my nightmare?

I wanted to torture you, but…

I’ve lived for a few hundred years, but it was my .rst time getting almost squashed by lockers in my dream.

Now, we can continue that dream.

I’ll teach you what happens to humans when they retaliate against a yokai.



This time, I’ll make you cry so much there wouldn’t be a single part of your body not tortured!

I won’t let you go. You won’t be able to leave this dream.

It’d be troublesome if you try to resist me again, so I haven’t made any cleaning goods for you to use as a weapon.

Instead, I’ll make this for you.

What do you mean, what? It’s a bed.

Just come over here.

Isn’t the bed really fluffy and comfortable?



I’ll let you fall asleep.

You seem to get violent when I pressure you too much, so I’ll tease you using a different way.

Well then… I’ll possess you.

You won’t be able to resist me once I’ve possessed you.

There’s no need to be scared. I’ll be gentle.



Girls are so nice to hug…

Come on, stop moving.

There’s no need to resist. Try and release the tension from your body.

It’s warm, isn’t it?

You should feel more relaxed in my arms.

Good girl. Now… close your eyes.

You’re still going to resist?

I’ll make sure you won’t want to anymore…



No human can resist sleepiness.

It must feel nice to have your head stroked like this.

Come on… close your eyes.

Close your eyes… slowly…

You closed them…

Should I gently pat your back as well?

Come closer to me…

I’ll melt you gently…



I don’t think you can resist anymore.

I love good girls. Hahahaha.

Mm! What a carefree face. She’s completely at ease now.

I’ll make you taste the fear of a gentle dream turning into a nightmare.



A monster under the bed is a typical scary story!

I’m sure you won’t be able to escape if it attacks you right after you wake up.

Now, you better cry and scream. Show me how pathetic you are!



Huh? Why won’t she wake up?

Hey? Hello?

She’s sound asleep?!

Hey! Wake up! A monster is about to attack you!

Look! It’s under the bed! It’s even poking its head out for you to see!

Look, I said!

Don’t say you’re still sleepy! At least take a look at it!

It’s an illusion, but I still created it with great detail!



Look at its nails! Don’t you think it’ll be really painful if they tear you up?! Hey!

You’re not looking! Don’t nod when you haven’t even looked!

Augh! You’re no use to me now!

I’m making so much noise, and she’s still sleeping!

She finally woke up!

Hey, do you understand what kind of situation you’re in right now?

The lockers last time, and now this. It seems like you really look down on me.

No! You definitely take yokais lightly!

I may as well make you experience something worse than death… Ahhh! Don’t yawn!



I’m talking here, so listen up!

You haven’t been sleeping well?

I guess… you look quite pale too.

You can’t sleep these days?

You have nightmares everyday?

If you started having them from before you met me, it’s been continuing for quite a while.



That means… just now, you were sleeping well for the first time in a while?

Even if you look at me with those glistening eyes, I don’t intend to be nice to you!

Insomnia or sleep deprived or whatever, it’s none of my business!

In the first place, you’re in my nightmare right now.

How could you be sleeping well in it?!

Well…I can make anyone fall asleep. It’s obvious you would have a nice sleep.



That’s not what I’m trying to say! I won’t do anything nice to you, even if you praise me.

Like I said, don’t look at me with those eyes!

I said, don’t look at me!.

Damn it!

Fine! Close your eyes, and let me hug you.

Sleep will come to you soon.

Just to let you know, this is only for today. I won’t do this tomorrow.

I’ll make sure you’re scared tomorrow.

If you understand, you should relax your shoulders. I’ll stroke your head until you fall asleep.

Breathe slowly…

That’s right…

Good night.

And she fell asleep so quickly. She’s too defenceless.

Why am I doing this?



Track 3– Let’s Go Shopping

You really have no sense of cautiousness, approaching me from yourself.

Or… did you come here to be teased?

You’re a very strange person for coming back to the 13-step staircase.

So? Why did you come here?

What? I don’t remember doing anything you should thank me for.

If you’re trying to thank me for helping you sleep, that would be insulting.

I did it because I wanted to see you cry.

If you don’t understand, should I trap you in my nightmare and make sure you don’t wake up again?



Should I trap you in a dark hospital, like you see in those movies?

Oh, how about a laboratory full of zombies?

Or… do you prefer Japanese-style ones?

I don’t mind letting you have an adventure all alone in a dark mansion, with only one candle to accompany you.

You’re .nally understanding how terrifying I am. For us bakus, doing these things is easy.

Hm? What is it?

You look way too pale.

What? The nightmares you’ve been having every night are like these ones?

I see.



I suppose you’d not be able to sleep if something chased you every night in your dreams.


Don’t make such a face!

Just letting you know, those dreams aren’t my doing! What happens to you doesn’t matter to me!

Geez! Don’t look so sad.

Give me your forehead.

There. I took away the memories of your nightmares, so you should be fine now.



I’ll let you go today because I’m not into it. You better be grateful that I’m so nice.

It’s fine. Just go!

I want to bully her, but why can’t I?

No! I can do it! Next time, I’ll really show her!



Hey, you seem to be going home early today.

Are you going somewhere?

What? Am I not allowed to be at school during the day?

I’ve transformed myself in to a human, so you better not tell anyone that I’m a yokai.

So? Where are you going?

I see. That’s right. It’s almost the school festival.

So you’re going to go shopping to get ready for it.

I’ll go with you. I can go, right?

It’s decided then.



This time, I’m going to .nd my chance and bully her! I’m going to make her cry no matter what!

I’ll make her regret being targeted by a yokai!

By the way, what is your class doing for the class festival?

A haunted house?

Um, won’t real yokais be attracted to it if you make something like that?

You probably don’t know this, but there are yokais in our school other than me.

Yokais love dark places, where they can also use powers to a fuller extent.



A haunted house would be dark and have the perfect mood for yokais!

Maybe… something unexpected will happen!


Why do you want me to come?!

This girl doesn’t seem to be scared of me at all!

Do you really think I’d participate in something as troublesome as a school festival?

I don’t have the time to join your stupid human games!



And I don’t intend to interact with humans any more than necessary.

The most I do is to walk from dream to dream and make the students have nightmares.

But none of them have been having nice dreams lately.

That’s right. Humans can change in the blink of an eye.

I’ve lived for hundreds of years, so I’ve seen it to the point where I don’t want to see it anymore.



The human heart is now more easily changeable than before.

Every time that happens, we also can’t help but change.

This applies even to the Seven Mysteries. Do you know that the Seven Mysteries has been changing recently?

Only six mysteries have been rumoured about since this school was made. Now, the number of
rumours keep fluctuating.

Last time, the rumour about the toilet yokai disappeared, and now they talk about the 13-step staircase.



Well, I probably created another Seven Mystery because I kept playing around with the students.

Come to think of it, why did you come to the 13-step staircase that night?

I see. You thought that your nightmares were being caused by the Seven Mysteries.

I told you before too, but it wasn’t me.

But there’s something strange going on. The rumour now is that if you go to the 13-step staircase, you’ll be killed in your dream.

If they keep spreading these rumours, the lie is going to become the truth.

Even if a terrifying yokai starts living there, I won’t take responsibility.



Don’t you think it’s rude? I won’t do something so uncivilised.

Still, it’s irritating when you nod like that!

Don’t say that I’m kind. Just hearing it gives me the shivers.

I see. If you’re going to say things like that, I should be gentle to you like you wish.

Come on, let’s hold hands. Come closer to me.


Have you never dated a man, or been this close to a man?

You’re really red… and adorable.



Huh? You’re going to escape?

Then I’ll make sure you won’t.

Hehe. Now you won’t be able to shake me off.

Anyone who sees you will think you’re walking alone.

If I whisper to your ears like this… or touch your body… you have to look like nothing’s wrong.

Otherwise they’ll think you’re being weird.

Well then… I’ll be very gentle to you.

No, I won’t let you go.



If you keep moving about, won’t you attract people’s attention?

That’s right. You just need to be obedient.

I’m looking forward to seeing how much you can bear.

Let’s hold hands again then.

Come on, give me your hand.

Even your fingertips are cute.



Oh, so you managed to hold yourself in?

Then… how about this?.

Haha. I won’t let you go even if you draw your shoulders away.

Come on… I’ll hug you tightly.

Focus your attention on how you’re wrapped inside me.

Are you getting embarrassed? Even your ears are red.

What is it? Is it too much to bear?

Hiding behind something will make it harder for people to see you, but…



Coming to such a dark place is like asking me to tease you more.


You shouldn’t be complaining. I’m being gentle.

Do you give up? Hehe.

That’s good. Just be obedient and let me play around with you.

Finally! I feel great!

How was that? It must’ve felt so good to be teased by me!



Wait… I was supposed to scare her. What am I doing?!

I don’t know why, but this girl really puts me off track!

It’s nothing!

I’m starting to feel like giving up!



Track 4– So That You Won’t Feel Scared

Have you really not forgotten anything?

We’re .nally done! How much do you plan to buy?!

I’m even holding all the shopping! You better be grateful.

You look so happy, it’s irritating me!

Hm? This is your home?

Here, the shopping. I’m not going to carry it into your home for you.



If you’re so grateful, why don’t you cry and fear me instead?


Wait. There was a… from you…

No, it’s nothing.

I’m going back to school.

It was faint, but I felt… yokai energy from her…



She’s groaning in her sleep, and she’s sweating a lot.

I was right to come see her. This is troublesome.

She’s having a terrible dream.

Now she won’t have a bad dream tonight.

Well then, I should go before she notices…

Oh no! She woke up!



Hey! Calm down!

I’m not anyone suspicious! I’m just a… kind yokai who happened to passing by your house.

See? How could such a small, cute yokai like me be a bad yokai?.

I came to take away your bad dreams because you were suffering so much.

How did you .nd out who I am?!

I even transformed into this form just in case you found me!



Just to let you know, I wasn’t try to sneak into your bed with the wrong intentions!

I just came to eat your dream.

Bakus are yokais who eat bad dreams.

In the evening, I felt a faint yokai energy from you.

I came just in case, and seeing you groaning like that con.rmed my guess.

Something is possessing you every night. That’s why you keep having nightmares.

Did you do anything that would make someone hold a grudge against you?

If you can’t think of anything… then it must be some yokai’s random prank.



If that’s the case, I’m sure it’ll leave you once it gets bored, so making a fuss about it would only make it worse.

You won’t have anymore bad dreams today. You should sleep well.

Well, I’m done, so I’ll be going.

Wahh! Stop hugging me! Do you still need something?!

Whaa… What’s with that face?

Are you scared?

It can’t be helped. If you’re so worried, I’ll stay by your side tonight.

You’ll be able to sleep then, right?

You better be grateful.

I said, don’t hug me! Let go of my arm.

I said I’ll stay by your side, but I didn’t say that I’ll be your body pillow!



Don’t tell me… you’re already asleep?

Damn it! I can’t get her arms off me!

Geez… she really does put me off track.

She looks so happy in her sleep… what a defenceless girl.

But… she felt so relieved just because I was here.



A long time ago… I used to feel so happy just by looking at people’s sleeping faces, like hers.

When did I become… so distorted?

It doesn’t matter.

Have a good dream tonight.

I’ll protect you… so that you won’t feel scared.



Track 5 – One Day I’ll See My Friends Again

Why did you suddenly ask me to have lunch with you on the roof top?

You want to thank me?

Oh, for eating your nightmares every night?

Geez, whatever yokai is causing this, it’s pretty persistent!

It should leave already.

Anyway, you look so much better these days.

Well, I guess it’s expected, since I’m the one helping you.



What is it? I look pale?

You’re overthinking.

Did you ask me to come here just to talk about this?

Then you should mind your own business.

Why don’t you go back to the classroom and have lunch with your human friends?

There’s no need to worry about me in the first place, since I’m a yokai…



Don’t worry about me.

I’ve been eating your nightmares everyday these days, right?

It’s just something like indigestion, since I’ve been eating too much.

I’ll get better right away.

Your hand… is so warm.

The pain… got softer.

Having a human worry about me is a joke, but…



Have you ever thought about why yokais come into existence?

Yokais are created from people’s thoughts. We are born when people imagine that there might be creatures like us.

That’s why we will disappear if humans forget about us.

If human thoughts become distorted, we will also become distorted.

There were many bakus a long time ago.

We were born as yokais who ate bad dreams, from the people’s wish to escape from their nightmares.



But all of them are gone.

My friends… and the people who used to thank us for our work.

Human feelings change with time, and all of them disappeared.

Basically, we were just taken advantage of and discarded.

For what should we keep living for?

Why do I need to live for hundreds of years alone?



I was about to give up on these questions, when I heard a rumour that some of my friends had survived and live in Nanagiri School.

I don’t feel their presence at the moment, but one day, they might find me.

I’m staying at school with just that one hope to cling on to.

Isn’t it a joke?

I saw so many of my friends disappear with my own eyes, and I still hope.



Why are you apologising?

I didn’t tell you this because I wanted you to apologise.

It just… felt a bit nostalgic.

A long time ago… people would come and visit me when I ate too many bad dreams.

They apologised… with their eyes full of tears, just like you.



I feel a lot better now.

I got better because I touched you.

Humans are like bundles of thoughts, so just being near them can make me feel better.

Also, I would recover even more quickly if I possess a human.

That doesn’t mean you should offer your body to me.

You don’t need to worry about my health anymore.


It’s fine! It’s insulting to have a human worry about me, a yokai.

I’m going to sleep for a while, so you should go back to class.

Why… do you need to look so sad?



Track 6 – Even If I’m Alone, and My Dreams Disappear

Are you going to insist that I don’t need to eat your nightmares tonight, too?

Is it because of what I told you last time?

You’re still weak from lack of sleep.

If I don’t eat your dreams, you won’t be able to sleep at all.

Humans have always taken advantage of yokais. There’s no need to hesitate now.

I told you not to worry about my health.

If you say such hypocritical things, it makes me irritated.


The more you put up a strong front, the more pitiful you look.

I’m a bad yokai, so refusing will only make me want to do it more.

If you don’t want to sleep, I’ll force you.

If you lie down, it naturally makes you sleepy, right? Since you’re already sleep deprived.

I won’t let you get up. I’ll hug you until you fall asleep.

There, there…Good girl…

Anyone would become sleepy… if their head is stroked like this…



Now… close your eyes.

I’ll stay by your side, so don’t be scared of falling asleep.

I’ll eat all your nightmares for you. Don’t worry, there’s no need to feel any guilt.

Bakus have always lived for people.



You’re so stubborn. What are you going to do then?

You don’t want me to eat your nightmares, but you’re too scared to sleep. What now?

Do you intend to die from insomnia?

I’m not trying to blame you.

I’m just saying that other than using my powers of dream-eating, there’s no way for you to sleep peacefully. How could there be another way?

If there is, it would be…

It would be…
For you to find the yokai inside your dreams, and defeat it. That’s about it.



Wait. You don’t intend to go inside the dream, do you?

Although it’s a dream, it would mean fighting a real yokai!

There’s no way you’d win!

It’s safer for me to eat your nightmares.

I told you not to worry about me…!

Maybe… you’re right. My body’s … reaching its limit.

Fine. We’ll directly fight the yokai in your dream.



But I won’t let you go alone. I’ll come with you. Okay?

Of course I’ll be going with you! I won’t accept any complaint.

I’ll make you thank me later!

Now that it’s decided, we’ll be going into your dream.

Come on, lie down. Hold my hand so that I don’t lose you.

Relax your body, and feel the warmth of my body.

I’ll protect you, so don’t be so nervous.



Let’s go. Close your eyes.

When you next open your eyes, we’ll be inside your dream.

Good night.

Open your eyes. It looks like the stage for tonight’s dream is the school at night.



How dare he use the same stage as me?!

I feel a faint yokai energy.

If we follow it, we should encounter the yokai who’s been causing you to have bad dreams.

Don’t be so scared.

It’s trying to intimidate us because it noticed that we’ve intruded into its dream.

The yokai energy suddenly got stronger.

I see, I think it’s trying to lure us in. How interesting. Let’s go and greet it then.



An old well in the back garden?

I don’t remember this being in real school garden.

Then that means… it’s inside.

Show yourself!

As a baku who eats bad dreams, I can’t forgive what you’ve done!

So you’re the yokai that’s been doing mischievous things to this girl…




You’re… That form…

Are you… a baku as well?

There’s no mistake. There really was a surviver! I’m so happy.

You did a good job surviving this far…! Ahhh!


Watch out!



Are you okay?

I’m fine. More importantly…

I… was too late.

Yokais are made of human thoughts.

Without these thoughts, the yokai will disappear.

But… sometimes… the yokai’s regrets are too strong, and it continues to exist… in a half-alive state.



They’re called… yokai-kuzure. It’s the ruined form… of a yokai.

Once a yokai has deteriorated, it can’t return to its normal form.

I can’t save it anymore…

And I finally thought… I found a baku.

Get down!

It really intends to kill us.



It really… didn’t want to disappear alone.

Did you hate the humans who forgot about us… so much?

Hey… now you understand, right?

We only have two possibilities… to disappear… or to become a true monster.

It’s one or the other.

I shouldn’t have clung on to such hopes.



I shouldn’t have thought… that I’d find my friends one day.

I shouldn’t have thought… that I wouldn’t have to be alone one day.

Why… are you crying?

If you stick close to me, you’re going to get hit by its attack.

Go away and hide yourself somewhere.



Why do you have to be so stubborn, even now?

You don’t need to worry.

I’ve made my decision. If I don’t defeat it, your nightmares won’t stop.

And I think… I should be the one to make it disappear, as a tribute to a brother.

What? How will you be able to fight it?



There’s nothing humans can do…!

Don’t tell me… you intend to offer your body to it?

Stop it!

If a yokai-kuzure possesses you, it’ll take away all the vitality from your body!

It’s true that we get our energy from humans, but even you would never be able to heal it!

What if you die too?

I don’t want you to disappear too…

Please, don’t do this.




Why can’t you just forsake it? It’s a bad yokai that made you have bad dreams.

You have no reason to save it!

Because… I look sad?

I keep telling you not to care about me…

You really don’t learn, do you?

You’ve always been like this.

You were always curiously friendly to me, and approached me even though you were scared.



I thought humans like you were all gone.

I kept telling myself that I was just… having a convenient dream.

But… I couldn’t do it.

At the end, I couldn’t ignore a kind, stupid, reckless human like you…

If you’re going to let it possess you, then let me possess you too.

If I let you get into danger alone, it will hurt my pride.

Yea. Let’s go.

Pull yourself together. I’m here for you.



The yokai-kuzure will have to disappear once it runs out of its yokai power.

But… if we can send it off in peace, then… I’ll protect you until then.

You should feel a bit better if I hug you like this.

Hey… I understand that you don’t want to disappear alone. I feel your pain so much it hurts.

I’m the same. It’s too painful to be forgotten and disappear.



That’s why I will remember that you lived here.

This girl will remember you too.

You must have known that she was the girl you gave nightmares to.

You knew that she would see you off as you disappear.

She will remember you. I will remember that you lived in this school, and that you lived for many humans.

So… you don’t need to suffer anymore.



It’s… a good-bye.

The dream is… crumbling away.

Are you awake? Do you know where we are?

We’re back safely.

That baku also disappeared.

It disappeared on its own will, and not by force.



I think it was happy… to be close to a human when disappearing.

It’s all… thanks to you.

Thank you.

You’re crying for me?

But it’ll be fine. I told you how yokais are born from people’s thoughts, right?

If there are more people like you, I’m sure I’ll find more friends.



The sky is getting brighter. The time for yokais is ending.

The nightmare problem has been solved, so I’ll be going home.

Why are you stopping me from leaving?

Do you want me to tease you that badly?

I’m kidding.

I’m done looking for any friends, so it looks like I no longer have a place to go.



Hey… can you let me… stay by your side?
I want to live… next to you.

Please don’t forget me… until your last breath.

Please let me stay with you.

Thank you.

I will continue to love you until the end of my life.



Track 7 – The Nightmare of the 13-Step Staircase (Alternative ver.)

Shhh. You can’t tell anybody about how one of the Seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School, the nightmare of the 13-Step Staircase, continues.

Are you still not going to sleep?

I know you have an exam soon, but I don’t think you should stay up until so late.

More importantly, I offered to sleep by your side, and you refused me so you could continue studying.

How dare you?

I said, you need to stop working. There!



We’ve arrived in bed!

You shouldn’t neglect your precious boyfriend.

You’re not going to say that studying is more important than me, right?

It’s too late to regret your decision now. You’re the one who let me stay here so I don’t get lonely.

Well then… choose between spending some sweet moments with me here, and studying and then having a nightmare afterwards.



You’re not scared at all!

Thinking about how scared you were when we first met makes me feel nostalgic!


Why do you feel at ease when you’re with me?

Shut up! I’m not red or anything.

How dare you smile like that…

You’re too stuck up for a human!

Well if that’s what you want… I’ll really make you cry tonight!.



But if you descend the staircase after sunset, sometimes you might encounter a thirteenth step.

And then you’ll be trapped in a school of nightmares, with no way out.

But for now, I’ve found someone I want to tease, so I don’t think I can entertain anyone else.

That’s right.

You should just be obedient and played around with by me.

Fill me up… so that I won’t even have time to be lonely.

I’ll stay with you… even to the depths of hell.


Track 8 – Freetalk

Thank you for listening to Utashiro’s episode of Yuugen Romantica Uchouten.

I’m Ryohei Kimura, acting as Utashiro.

We just finished recording. What did you think of Utashiro-kun?

He’s a cute guy. Haha.

He’s like a tsundere dojikko (clumsy). His character is a bit girlish in that sense.

My impression was that he’s a cute character, while I was acting him out.

Let’s see… hm… a scene I would like you to particularly listen to…

Utashiro-kun is a yokai that gives people dreams, although he can also take in people’s nightmares.

When he says things like, “Let’s sleep together,” or “Go to sleep,” I hope it will help you sleep as well.

I acted that part out so that I would disturb your sleepiness as little as possible.



It’s great if you listen to it when you’re fully focused as well, but listening to it when you want to sleep and relax would be nice too.

Let’s see. Are there any moments where you suddenly change character?

A moment I suddenly change character?

I guess it’s when I’m in front of the mic!

It’s fun to act as a different person, or a yokai in some situations, in front of the mic. It’s very fun.

In my case… no… actually…

When I use the dummy head mic, I also need to move as well, so I’m stroking its head right now

Well, I try to act while being conscious of “Dummy-ko-chan,” and talk to “Dummy-ko-chan.”

It’s very interesting. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to say these lines in real life! These lines are impossible to say in real life! I won’t be able to say these things in my daily life.



Next… Utashiro will possess you for one day. What would you do?

I would ask someone to exorcise him!

Well, isn’t that obvious?

It would be so troublesome to have a man stuck to me all day.

Not to mention he also has my voice! That would be the worst! The worst!

I would get someone to exorcise him immediately! I sleep well anyway.

Thank you once again for listening to Utashiro’s episode of Yuugen Romantica Uchouten.

There are many other yokais in this series, so if you found Utashiro’s episode interesting, then please listen to the other characters too!

If you let us know that you enjoyed it, I might be able to meet you again as Utashiro.

Please continue to support us.

Thank you. That was Ryohei Kimura, acting as Utashiro.