Gakuen Club – Yamaoka Yuya

Happy + Normal End Walkthrough

Game Title : Gakuen Club or Campus Nightlife
Company : Operahouse
Character : Yamaoka Yuya
Seiyuu : Ishii Mark

Description :

“I think you deserve a reward for being such a good learner.”

An open-minded person who effortlessly gains the trust of those around him. Excellent at reading a room, he can skillfully adjust his energy level and personality. What’s more, the dark glimpses seen behind his expression draws the female guests in, and never lets them go.

Marked this post with spoilers as this is a walkthrough. Click the “more” link below.




Chapter 5

I don’t know.
Because it’s you. (Normal end)

Chapter 8

Fight for it.
Give up. (Normal end)

Chapter 9

Don’t say anything.
Tell him I’m worried. (Normal end)

Chapter 11

I haven’t been feeling well.
I can’t tell you. (Normal end)

Chapter 14

Be honest with my feelings.
Keep doing as I’ve been told. (Normal end)