The Charming Empire – Soshi Amazaki

Happy End Walkthrough

Game Title : The Charming Empire
Company : Operahouse
Character : Amazaki Soshi
Seiyuu : Tsuda Kenjiro

Description :

“I see you’ve arrived safely. From now forth, you’ll be living here.”

Soshi holds the most powerful seat in all the empire. Only trusting himself, he rejects the opinions of others as he continues his dictatorship agenda — breeding animosity amongst the people.
He’s a cold man who sees even his own sister as a political tool.

Marked this post with spoilers as this is a walkthrough. Click the “more” link below.




Chapter 1

Ask for chopsticks.

Chapter 2

Go for a walk in the palace.

Chapter 3

I don’t.
I think he’s scary.

Chapter 4

Tell someone.

Chapter 6

It’s not going well…

Chapter 7

Go to Shoshi’s room.

Chapter 8

Go with Soshi’s choice.

Chapter 10

Turn the corner.

Chapter 11

No… it’s not.

Chapter 12

I want to talk to you.