The Charming Empire – Tanba Toki

Happy End Walkthrough

Game Title : The Charming Empire
Company : Operahouse
Character : Toki Tanba
Seiyuu : Kakihara Tetsuya

Description :

“Sorry for the wait. This here is the pride of the cafe, our signature baumkuchen.”

Toki owns a cafe in the city that serves tea and various confections. He is particularly kind to women and loved by all of his customers. But behind that kind smile, however…

Marked this post with spoilers as this is a walkthrough. Click the “more” link below.




Chapter 1

Continue forward.

Chapter 2

Thank you.

Chapter 3

You bought it for me?

Chapter 4

Play along.

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Can I come by every day?
When does the festival start?

Chapter 7

I’m important to you?

Chapter 8

Push the man aside.

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Peek through a closer window.

Chapter 11

Hang my head.

Chapter 12

Soshi agreed to negotiate?

Chapter 13

Do you like quieter girls?

Chapter 14

Ask the guards for help.

Chapter 15

Save my brother.