The featured photo shows how the Title Menu would look like when you’re ready to start the game. If it’s your first time though, there will be a video playing as an introduction. The system is fairly simple and straight to the point. The sound effects though are WAY too loud and it actually scared me at first. You can turn this down in the settings menu.

The next photo is how the game will look like when you start it. Again, it’s pretty enough and straight to the point. I lowered the opacity just a little bit so I could see the sprites a bit better. Not too much though or the text will become more tough to read. You can find that in the settings as well.

Here are some sample CGs that you can actually see on Steam as well so these are not spoiler CGs, just to let you know. You get these very early on in the game.

First up we have Gekkamaru.

The next photo is of Hattori Hanzo.

Ishikawa Goemon


Momochi Choujirou

Recommendation : If you don’t want a more detailed analysis and you’d just like a straight to the point comment if I’d like to recommend this game or not, then yes. You should buy this game. However, just some words of warning that it is fairly angsty and tragic – as with how stories during the Sengoku Period usually are.

I think if you can first acquaint yourself with articles that talk about how subservient people were during that time period (especially in asian countries), you’d appreciate it more I think or at least not get very frustrated with how some events unfold, lol.