Tender Snow Mizuki Kuzuhira (Stellaworth Tokuten) Translation
Tender Snow ~感傷旅行の果てに~ ステラワース特典
Seiyuu : かとういつき – Ishii Kazutaka
Release Date : December 17, 2016
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Overview : This translation is for the Stellaworth Benefits CD that came with Tender Snow. The main CD has also been translated so if you’d like to access it. You can click on this link.

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Welcome. Come in.

You’ve got a scary look on your face. Are you nervous?

It’s alright. It’s only the hotel that’s luxurious. The party isn’t that formal.

It’s a party to celebrate the success of my recital. I organised the party myself, so just trust me.

Ah, you can put your jacket in the closet. It’s over there.



Ah… Well… That dress…

I suppose that’s my manager.

He’s particular about time. He probably came to tell me that I should go to the party soon.

You’re right. Shall we go?

Ah, it’s been a while! Thank you very much. I’m relieved things went well too.

She’s someone important to me. Ah, she’s not a musician. She’s an ordinary person.



Thank you very much. See you later. Hmm? Ah, thank you for coming!

Are you having a good time?

Thank you. I’d like to accompany your piano playing one day. She’s my partner.

A celebrity? Of course not! She’s not like that.

Hey. Didn’t you come here to see me? Why are you more interested in talking to my partner?

I’m not jealous at all! Shouldn’t you do something about getting worked up every time you see a cute girl?



You won’t be worthy of being called the young noble of the piano playing world.

See you later. I hope you enjoy the party. Jeez. They’re all the same…

It’s nothing.

Anyway… I forgot to tell you that I have to give a speech at the end of the party. You’ll be by yourself during that time.

Will you be alright? You could go back to the room before the speech… You’re right… Alright then. I’ll be back as soon as the speech is over.



Hey! What are you doing?

Did you hear the speech? I think it went pretty well, thanks to your support. Who is this man?

Ah, one of the publishers. Please excuse me.

I got all worried. He looked as if he didn’t think you were my partner. Why’d you get approached while I was away? You said you’d be okay.

Saying he was persistent is no excuse. It was obvious he had an ulterior motive.



I shouldn’t have left you alone after all. I’m not going to let go of your hand until we get back to the room.

We’re finally alone together.

Why are you asking me what the matter is? You won’t understand unless I tell you? [06:15]

It wasn’t just the man from the publishing company. I didn’t like all those men giving you too much attention.

They were! They were all saying you were beautiful or cute. They went out of their way to compliment your dress too.

This dress looks really cute. I was actually the one who really wanted to tell you that it looked good on you!

I was surprised when you took off your coat. But I missed the chance to say something because my manager came here. Then at the party, other men managed to say it before I did. I really didn’t like it.



You shouldn’t be laughing. You’re at fault too. You always dressed casually at the boarding house, so it’s a little unfair that you can be this sexy.

I see… You made an effort for me.

Thank you. Don’t forget this though. You belong to me, so try not to charm other men. Let me have you all to myself now.



You made yourself look so beautiful for me, so tonight I’m going to show you that I love you.

This kind of dress, without a collar or sleeves… A strapless one… It’s really daring. I like it.



Will I be able to pull the dress down? I’ve done it.

Yes. You look sexy and beautiful.



It’s so easy to uncover your breasts in this dress, maybe some of the men today were imagining forbidden things like this.

But I’m the only one who can do things like this.

I like the sound of your voice. I want to hear more of it. Don’t hold back. Keep going.

Your legs have been trembling for a while now.



Do you want me to touch you there too? Alright then.

You’re already wet. I only touched you a little, but your body is already reacting with pleasure.

Do you want me to go inside too? I’m going to do it then.

It keeps on flowing out.

Hey. Even my wrist is already wet…

I think this is the place that feels best…



You move your hips when I touch you there. Your body really is easy to understand.

You don’t have to be embarrassed. You’re cute. Should I take off your underwear?

Don’t look so sad. I’ll make you feel good again soon.



The dress isn’t that long and men like this kind of see-through material, so I’m sure that a lot of the men were looking at your legs too.

Didn’t you know? Having a slight glimpse of something is more exciting.

It’s alright, isn’t it? Another man might touch the back of your hand, but I’m the only one who can kiss your feet.



You look beautiful. Your knees. Your thighs too. They’re all beautiful. It’s already flowed onto your thighs. You’re so impatient.

You’ve been waiting for this a long time, haven’t you? I’m sorry I kept you waiting.



Does it feel good? It’s alright if you come.

This is where you wanted me to kiss you the most, isn’t it? Here… This place that feels tense…

You really did come right away. How indecent. You want mine too?



Alright. Just wait.

I want to see an indecent expression on your face while you’re wearing that dress. Can we face each other when we sit down?

Come on, come up here.

You wanted it, didn’t you? Put it inside by yourself.



Well done. Start moving then.

Yes. You start moving. I want to see you moving your hips and moaning. I’m going to caress you here.

You can’t just moan. You have to move too. You can’t do it? Are you going to stay still? Okay. Try your best.



It’s alright. I feel good too.

Don’t avoid the place that feels good. Make sure you touch that place too. Your face is looking even sexier. You can do it more intensely too, can’t you? How about you move up and down a little more?

That’s right. You’re good at this. Well done.



It’s really indecent. It’s amazing.

Your body tightens around me when you go up, so I feel really good too. Hmm? This isn’t enough?

You want me to go deeper inside?

Alright then. Look at me and tell me you want me to start moving too. Then I’ll do it.



I won’t do it if you don’t ask me. I don’t mind that though. Hmm? So you can do it.

That might be the sexiest expression I’ve ever seen on your face.

As a reward, I’ll keep going until you feel as if you’re about to break.

When I open my legs wider like this, it’ll probably go even deeper than before. I want you to feel the difference with your body.



How does it feel? Do you understand?

That’s good. Now I’m going to come too. Let’s come together.

It’s amazing. Your body is clinging to mine and it feels so warm. I almost can’t bear it.



Are you going to come?

It’s alright. I am too.

I’m coming… I’m coming…



You looked really beautiful. I’m lucky to be the only one who can see you like this. I’m serious. So show me more.

Once might not be enough.

Can we do it one more time? Thank you. I love you.