Grimm-gai no Oujisama Vol. 4 Sleepy Translation
グリム街の王子様 第四夜 スリーピィ
Seiyuu : 上村祐翔 – Uemura Yuuto
Release Date : January 25, 2017
Purchase : Animate International


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Overview : Next volume (well, it’s the 4th but I recommend listening to this CD before Hamelin’s volume) for the Prince of Grimm series. This time it’s going to be about Sleepy. Yes, as in Sleeping Beauty. Although when the MC first meets him, he actually wasn’t sleeping and he definitely didn’t need a kiss to wake him up. However, all the same he seems to be quite troubled – but by what?

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Track 1


Huh? Who are you?

What do you mean, “What?”

This is my room. You’re the one who entered without my permission, and you even came into my bed.

Don’t tell me… you’re here to kill me?!

Do you not know who I am?

I see.

Then… I guess I’m wrong.

More importantly, it must’ve been a hundred years if you don’t know me.




I see. Hahaha.

So? What’s your purpose of coming here?

Hmm… you don’t know?

I’ll change my question then.

Do you at least know who you are? Who are you?




You don’t know that either? What a strange girl.

Me? My name is Sleepy. I’m the prince of this castle.

Did I say something strange?

Huh? Where are you going?

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can go outside. Look outside the window.

This castle is surrounded by thorns, so you can’t go outside, and nobody can come in… or so I thought.

It’s strange how you managed to get in.




Hm… do you want to test if this is a dream?

Here you go. I’ll lend you this knife. It’s a brass knife.

If you stab yourself and it hurts, it’s reality. If it doesn’t hurt, then it’s a dream. It’s very simple, isn’t it?

A joke? What is?




Come on, take this.

Why are you running away?

You shouldn’t open that door!

Geez… don’t scream so suddenly.

What does it mean? Nothing, it’s just a person collapsed on the floor.

Let’s see… there should be about a hundred of them in this castle.





You’re so surprised!

Don’t worry, they’ve been cursed with a spell that makes them sleep.

So… don’t touch them.

If you touch them, the curse might spread to you too. If you don’t mind that happening, I won’t stop you.

I want to explain it to you, but… sorry, it’ll have to be next time. I’m getting sleepy.

I’m going to sleep. Good night.


Track 2


Oh, you’re awake.

Don’t be so suspicious.

Hm… that’s right. I have some good news.

I think I have some idea of who you are.

You must’ve come from a different world.

Yea, I’ve heard about such rumours before.

Sometimes, people from a different world arrive in Grimm City, and all these people have lost their memories. Isn’t this what happened to you?

Don’t be so upset. I’m happy you came.




I haven’t spoken properly to anyone for a while.

I told you a bit about this yesterday, but there was a sleeping curse cast upon this castle about a hundred years ago.

I heard the witch talking about this right before she cast the curse.

I don’t know why this happened.

I don’t know, but before you came, I woke up.




Yea, I lived alone in this castle, not seeing or talking to anyone.

Hey, can I ask you for a favour?

I’ll help you get back to your world, so can you stay with me until then?

Thank you!

I’ll show you around the castle so you can live here.

It’s really big, so try to remember everything.




That door leads to the storage room.

It’s better not to open it unless you need something.

It was hardly used, even before we were cursed, so it’s really dusty.

You don’t need to be so scared. I told you, it’s fine as long as you don’t touch them.

This uniform… he must be the bell boy.




The plate’s broken, so he must’ve fallen asleep while carrying something.

I’ll show you the kitchen next. Come here.

Wow, it looks like the food inside was also asleep!

Look at this! It’s been a hundred years, but the food isn’t rotten! It looks like you won’t have any trouble feeding yourself then.




Hm? I’ve not needed to eat properly since a long time ago, and I haven’t eaten since waking up.

Yea, I have a favourite which I eat everyday, so don’t worry.

Good. Now that we’ve found some food, let’s go to the next room.




I’m done showing you most of the rooms.

You’re welcome.

You can use the room next to mine as your own room.

I’ll go nap now. Good night.

Wait a moment…I’ll open the door now…




What’s wrong…? It’s in the middle of the night.

And? You can’t sleep?

Well… I guess it’s not surprising. You’re not familiar with this place, so you’d feel lonely.

You can come inside.




There’s no need to be so worried, since nobody can come into this castle.

I’m going to sleep then.


Hm? What’s wrong?

I thought you felt lonely, so I thought we should sleep together.

Not to mention… you were inside this bed when you arrived in this castle, right?

So you might be able to go back to your world if you sleep in the same position.




But… if you go back, I’ll be alone again.

Hey… I don’t want you to forget me, even if you go back to your world.

I won’t ask you to come see me again, but…

Thank you.

Good night.




Good morning.

Yea, it’s me.

Poor you… you couldn’t go back. Hehe.

Sorry. I know I shouldn’t be happy, but I’m happy I can still be with you.




Are you angry?

I’m glad.

Then… let’s sleep a little longer… together. Okay?

I want to stay like this… for the whole day.


Track 3


What’s that… noise?

It’s still morning, right?

No… I don’t want to wake up.

Don’t… take my quilt off.

What… you don’t need to do the laundry. I just need to wear new clothes if these get dirty.




Okay I’ll wake up, so stop shaking me.

You slept with me for the whole day at first…

I mean, there’s no need to eat or clean.

As long as I can sleep properly, that’s fine.

But you keep moving about morning and night.




Hey, why do you do all this for me?

Is there a reason after all?

You don’t need to tell me. Whatever the reason, what matters is that I’m not alone.

Well then, since you’ve woken me up, I guess I should do something.

What is it?




The people in the castle? Why?

They’re sleeping, so it doesn’t matter where they are.

You want to move them somewhere? You’re kind in a strange way.

Fine. I’ll do ask you suggest.

I’ll do it alone though, so don’t do anything.

No, I’ll do it.




I told you, it would be bad if the curse spreads to you. We don’t know what will happen to you, especially because you’re from a different world.

I don’t want to lose you because of that.

So please… understand.

We’ve settled it then.




What is it? Do you want to sleep with me?

Sure… it’s nice to nap in the courtyard.

Geez… stop being so loud.

Oh, what we talked about last time? Of course I’ve thought about it.

It’s taking a while though, so I’m doing it slowly.

It’s true. Don’t worry, I’m doing it properly, so trust me.

Yea. Good night, then.




Is there something else?

A strange smell? What kind?

Something rotting?

Oh, it’s been a while since the curse was broken, so the food must be starting to rot.

I’ll take a look when I carry the people in the kitchen.




More importantly, you’re working too much.

If you won’t listen to me…!

I don’t know if my body is comfortable for you to sleep on, but…

Come on… close your eyes. You need to rest… okay?

I won’t move until you nod. Okay?




You don’t need to worry bout anything. You just need to leave it all to me.

Good morning. It’s morning, wake up.

What’s wrong? You look so surprised.

I wake up early sometimes too, you know!

More importantly, there’s something I want you to see. Come this way.

Look at the corridor. See?




That’s right. I moved all the people in the castle because you scolded me yesterday.

I did it while you were sleeping.

That’s why… it’s not that I woke up early. I did an all-nighter.

To where I moved them is a secret.

The details don’t matter, right?

More importantly, can you come with me? I found something good.




Haha, the castle looks so different and spacious without the people.

I found a few things because I moved all the people.

It’s over there.

Here. Look at the floor…




It’s a hidden door! I think it’s connected to an underground tunnel.

I plan to go and see where it leads to. Would you like to come with me?

Let’s go together then. Give me your hand.

There’s no light, so be careful.




It’s so bright!

We’re outside!

It’s so different from the scenery I know.

So it really has been… a hundred years.

The people who were alive a hundred years ago… are probably all gone now.

There’s probably nobody in this world… who knows me.




How strange it is that you, who has come from a different world, are the only one who knows me!

I don’t want to go to the city.

I was asleep for a hundred years, so I’m scared to walk outside or meet people other than you.

So… I’m sorry, let’s go back to the castle today. Is that okay?

Thank you.


Track 4


Hey, are you there?

Did she go shopping again?

We haven’t been together as much after we found a way to go outside.

Why does she need to do so much shopping in the first place?

Could it be… she’s doing something else secretly?

Maybe she’s… meeting another man outside?


I have a feeling… that I felt the same way… a hundred years ago.




That’s right! My brothers…!

Maybe… she’s ordering a hitman to kill me…

No way… would she also… do this to me? To me? To me?!

I need to calm down!

Where is it? Where is it?! Found it!




I don’t want to… anymore.

It’s you.

What is it?


The smell?

Oh, the rotten smell you were talking about last time.

True, I think it’s gotten worse.

But like I said, it’s just the food becoming rotten because the curse was broken.




No, the other people in this castle won’t wake up even though the curse has been broken.

More accurately, there’s no way they could wake up. I mean… they’re all dead.

You can’t believe it? But it’s true.

I’m the one who killed them.

A hundred years ago, I killed everyone in this castle.

The people of the city found out, and asked a witch the put a curse on the whole castle.




A curse… to make me sleep for a hundred years.

They probably thought I was a dangerous, crazy person.

Isn’t that horrible?

Just because I’m a bit different from the others, they ganged up on me.

You’re the same, aren’t you?

You… also thought I was a nuisance, right?

That’s why you asked a hitman to kill me.




I’m right, aren’t I?

Huh? You’re going to play dumb?

Unfortunately, I know everything.

I mean, it’s strange that you would go out for “shopping” for so long everyday.




You were telling the people of the city about me… and asking people to get rid of the thorns outside?

Why would you do that?

Oh… so that’s how it was…

You were… thinking about me.

But… that’s not what I want.

Trying to be friends with the people in the city is idiotic. I would rather live surrounded by thorns instead.




Please don’t disturb my sleep.

I can’t believe people are still trying to kill me after a hundred years!

I thought I’d be safe if nobody knew about me, but I was wrong.

As long as I exist, my life will be in danger.

Everyone thinks I’m a nuisance, and everyone hates me!

They all want me to disappear! Nobody’s on my side!




I just heard someone laugh…!

Who is it?! Who’s laughing?!

A maid? Brother? Or…

No, they should all be dead.

So there should be nobody, nobody, nobody!

It’s fine. It’s fine. I have my favourite… as long as I drink this…




It’s no use… I need to take more… and more…

Let go of me! Don’t touch me! Let go of me! No! No! No!

I don’t want to… be in pain… or suffer… anymore…

Someone… save… me…




Huh? Why are you here?

Was… I acting strangely?

I see…

I’ll tell you everything… about my past.

Will you… listen to me?




Thank you.

When you came here, I said that I am the prince of this castle, right?

But… I’m not actually the prince, officially. I’m a child of a concubine.

However, I’m definitely the king’s son.

I have the right to become heir.

But… I was nothing but a nuisance for those in the castle.




That’s why… people made an attempt on my life many times. My brother hired a hitman to kill me, and… my food was poisoned too.

I was betrayed by a servant I trusted.

I was so stupid. I didn’t trust anyone from then.




Of course, everyone cherishes their life above everything, so nobody tried to help me.

If they did, they were also putting themselves at risk.

Everyone pretended not to see me.

When I screamed and cried for help, they ignored me. Isn’t that horrible?

Eventually, I started to hear voices and see things, so I became dependent on this stablizer drug.




This is what I call my “favourite.”

When I think something might happen to me, I couldn’t sleep at all.

That’s when I wished to sleep on a fluffy bed, and have a good dream, without anyone disturbing me.




That’s why that day a hundred years ago, I killed everyone in the castle.


Is that a memory from the other world? I thought you didn’t remember anything.




That means… the memory must be very strong.

I see… and?

That means… um… you’ll stay with me, because I resemble that boy?

Hahaha. Hahaha!




Sorry, but you say such strange things. You don’t need to worry about me. I won’t kill myself or anything.

I mean… I didn’t do anything wrong.

Don’t you think so?

I’m the winner over everyone. That’s why I’m alive now!

So why do I need to die?

I’m wrong? But the ones who were wrong are those who tried to kill me! Right?




I’m glad I’m right.


You’re kind.




You’re kind, and a bit stupid.

I like this about you.

Even if you are just being sympathetic, or you’re nice to me because I resemble someone, I don’t mind.

As long as I’m not alone, it’s fine.

Hey, no matter what happens, and no matter what kind of person I am, stay with me.


Track 5


Where are you? Where are you?!

Show yourself!

You can’t come here.

Just now, a troop of soldiers started firing from that forest.

I have to kill all of them!

No, they’re over there! Look! Over there! Can’t you see them?

I won’t let them do as they please. I will live!




Hahaha! Hahahaha! What are you saying?

You’re the one that needs to calm down!

Be quiet!

Stay hidden beneath me. They’re watching me.

Haha. Did they think I wouldn’t notice?

You need to quietly go back to the castle.

Here. Take this.

It’s a brass knife. If the enemy attacks you, stab them.

Is something wrong?




Why are you crying? There’s no time for that.

Now, hurry up and go!

I said go!

Who’s next?!

Let’s have a fair battle! I won’t be killed by anybody!

I will survive!





Hey… are you awake?

You look really pale. Are you okay?

You haven’t been able to sleep these days, have you?

Why do you not leave me, when it’s so painful for you?




I see. You would prefer to sacrifice yourself to save others…

You’re so kind… I almost pity you.

Are you that afraid to make the same mistake?

You can’t deny it…

Your heart… like this castle, is surrounded by thorns too.




Don’t cry. You’ve been crying a lot these days.

Wait… I’ll give you something.

Here. I’ll give you some of my “favourite.”

This will calm you down.

Here, open your mouth. Swallow it.

How do you feel?




Do you feel sleepy?

You should sleep when you’re sleepy. There’s nothing here to threaten you.

Poor… princess.

Sleep well.


Track 6


One day, there was a very kind-hearted girl.

A boy moved in to the house next to her’s.

The two became close immediately, but the boy couldn’t adapt to his new school, and was bullied.

Because his parents were hardly home, he was lonely at school and at home, and the girl was the only one who could encourage him.

The girl wanted to protect him.




However, the girl became older, wanted to play more with her friends, fell in love, and started to
spend less time with the boy.

One day, the boy, who had lost everything, took the lives of the bullies.

After that, the boy took his own life.

Nobody blamed the girl, but she felt guilty for not being able to save the boy.




If only I had been with him, no lives would have been lost.

This nightmare was born from the girl’s desire to save someone.

Her wish was fulfilled, and this time she really saved a boy.

Happily ever after.




When you told me about that story, you were still normal.

Although… I changed the ending a bit for you.

I knew it. She won’t wake up.

You told me so persistently to wake up, and now you’re the one who won’t wake up.

You’re like Sleeping Beauty.




Since I shared my “favourite” with you, I only have one left now.

This isn’t enough…

You won’t speak to me either…

Hey… are you under a curse too?

Then… will you not wake up for a hundred years?

I don’t want to live a hundred years alone…




That’s right! I just need to sleep another hundred years. I’ll ask the witch to curse me!

To do that… I’ll need to kill more people.

Please wait for me. When you wake up, I’ll be with you.

I’ll see you in a hundred years.


Track 7


Hello everyone. I am Yuuto Uemura, acting as Sleepy.

I just finished recording! This was my first situation CD, and it was my first time using the dummyhead mic for so long, and I’m still using it now.

There were many things I didn’t understand at first, but I was instructed step by step.

How did you find it?

I’ve been given some questions, so I’ll start with them.

The first question asks what impression I have of the recording.

I was really worried at first.

It was really my first time, so I had no idea what I should expect.

I think I’m volume 4, but I heard the sample voices of my senpais for volumes 1 to 3 on the website,
on the train. Hahaha.




It was my first time listening to a situation CD, which develops around the protagonist, and progresses
from the protagonist’s point of view, who is also the listener.

The sound would flow from one ear to the other, and it once even made me think that my earphones were leaking on the train!

Well, it wasn’t leaking, but it made me realise how amazing situation CDs are on my way here, and I managed to finish the recording somehow.

I found the character Sleepy very difficult to act out, but that also made it very worthwhile.




I often play characters with a deep darkness inside them, but I’ve never had to depict this darkness
so directly to the audience. It was really a first time I acted out such a character, so in that sense it
was really a challenge.

When I saw how dark he actually was behind his beautiful face, it reminded me that life definitely is
complicated, haha.

Next question, do I have a favourite scene in the story?

I think all scenes are all worth listening too, but personally I like the sixth track, when the truth is




Not to mention the story continues after that part, too.

There’s a bit where Sleepy says, “You’re like Sleeping Beauty.”

I was directed to read this part calmly and quietly, so I did.

I think this part is very symbolic, since this story is taken from Sleeping Beauty.




It starts with Sleepy waking up from a hundred year dream, but then the roles reverse at the end with the protagonist. In a sense, that line makes us think that the story has truly finished.

I suppose the calmness of that line comes after a rollercoaster of emotions for Sleepy, which makes it even more impactful.

It was a very worthwhile character to play, and I’m very happy I was given that role.

Finally, a message to all who are listening.

Um, it was really my first time, so I have no idea how I did, and I haven’t listened to the finished recording yet.




I’m looking forward to it and scared at the same time.

I think a lot of people like Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and I like them too.

The fact that these stories are inspired by these tales already makes them exciting, and there are so many highlights as well.

I think it would be interesting to listen to the characters other than sleepy as well, and compare
them from different angles.

It was a very fun recording.

I hope I can have more experience.. um… whispering as well, although I still find it a bit embarrassing.

Please support me.

That was Yuuto Uemura, acting as Sleepy.

Thank you. Bye-bye!