Koiiro Shihyou Takanashi Hijiri Translation
恋色始標 FILM.1 小鳥遊 聖
Seiyuu : 前野智昭 – Maeno Tomoaki
Release Date : January 25, 2017
Purchase : Animate International


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Overview : If you’ve been feeling fairly tired of all the crazy (or depressing) Drama CDs and just want something laid back and so romantic that your teeth might fall off – try this volume! :’3 I don’t know about the other volumes yet but I do like this one. I pre-ordered the entire series tho but I’m not one to vouch for the entire thing if I have not listened to the rest yet myself.

Unlike most of the other Drama CDs, most of them are told in the perspective of the female main character. This time, it’s focused on the romantic interest! So you get to hear the boy’s thoughts. The theme for Volume 1 is “First Love”. Sounds boring I know, but I love what they did with it.~ It’s a beautiful series and it was quite touching.

Definitely the first CD I’ve totally and completely loved with no complaints from Otomate Records. This is also my fave work of Maeno Tomoaki’s. I guess 2nd would be his Hamelin CD but I won’t be editing that one yet.

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TRACK 1 – What the rain told me


Hah… I know that there’s a new member joining us, but the captain’s being way too enthusiastic!

…. Hahhh… That felt refreshing!

Break’s ending in five more minutes I guess…

Ah…?! …Huh?

That person over there in the garden is… Omi, isn’t it?

What’s he doing anyway…?


Is… someone there with him?

Hu-Huh? Isn’t that girl from our class?

I wonder if they’re friends or something?

It… doesn’t look like they’re just chatting casually though.




Ah! Could this be… this… It must be a confession!


You should think a bit more about how you reject someone!

Ahhh! Geez! He’s walking away while looking so satisfied, too!

What should I do?!

If I go out now, it’d be pretty obvious that I was eavesdropping.

Break’s about to end really soon though…


It’s raining. Good.

At least this means she’ll have no choice but to go in now.


She’s not moving at all.

…Why? …But Omi already went back inside.




I wonder for how much longer is she going to keep looking [1] in that direction?

Her book is wet…

Is it wet… from her tears…?

Or… is it because of the rain?

She’s… really so beautiful.




In the rain.. her face seemed exceptionally pure… and absolutely captivating in my eyes.

I know it’s contradictory… but I wanted to keep looking at her and yet not look at her at the same time.

I didn’t even have an umbrella with me, but I would have wanted to cover her with it if I had one.

But… even if I did… it was quite clear that my umbrella wasn’t the one she wanted…




And that’s why… the only thing I could do for her… was to stay here… as we both become engulfed by the pouring rain [2]

This was probably.. where it all started…

Koi Iro, Film 1, Takanashi Hijiri.



[1] The girl was probably watching Omi leave and she was just staring at the general direction of where he was walking towards. Her eyes remained glued to the same area for a while so he was wondering for how much longer is she going to keep staring blankly since Omi is long gone.

[2] Hijiri believes that by standing in the rain with her, he feels it’s his way of comforting her even if she’s not even aware of it. 


TRACK 2 – Your unique rainbow


Thank goodness…

She actually still came to school.

I wonder who is on day duty today…?

Ah! It’s me!

Stand up!


Sit down.

The teacher’s holding onto some kind of box. I wonder what’s inside?

Oh, I guess our seating arrangement’s going to change.

Ah! I’m the one on day duty today.

Yes. Understood.

I just need to draw from that box, right?




Everyone! We’ll be reassigning seats now.

Can the people by the corridor each come take one slip of paper from the box?

We’ll be moving to our assigned seats once everyone’s finished drawing lots.

Once you know your seat number, please check it against what’s written on the blackboard and take note on where you’ll be sitting.

Is it my turn now?

Thank you.

Let’s see…

My seat is… going to be by the windows…

It’s the fifth one from the front.

Is everyone finished?

Okay. Let’s all move then.

Teacher, it’s okay if we can move our desks too, right?

I know we’ve only used them for a month, but I’m sure we’ve all gotten attached to them already.




Actually, some of them have already stuffed their desk drawers full with their things now.

Thank you very much!

Move your desks too!

You can put your chair on top of your desk so you can carry them together.

If it’s too heavy however… well, I guess you’ll just have to do your best!~

Hehe! Just kidding!~

I’ll make sure to come by and help you guys out in a bit so just wait for me.

Ah, Sorry about that. I’ll go and move my desk now.

It really.. doesn’t look like it’s going to stop raining any time soon…

To think that it’s actually a touch too early even for the rainy season though.

Eh? Could it be… the one sitting behind me… is going to be her?

Huh? But…




Hey, um…. I apologize if I got this wrong but… can you not see very well?

Ah, I knew it.

Just now, I saw you squinting when you were trying to look at the blackboard.

Oh yeah! If you’d like to…

How about we… swap our seat numbers?!

Actually, I’d be quite happy to be sitting at the very back.

It’s the truth!

The window seat that’s in the very back is actually the best!




Well, for one thing, the teacher or anyone else really – won’t be able to see me very well.

If ever I want to take a nap or have a bit of a snack during class, I could totally get away with it!

Well with the way I see it, your seat number is pretty much like hitting the jackpot in my opinion!

Haha! Was it really that surprising to hear me say that?

I’m really nowhere near as serious as everyone makes me out to be.

Nope!~ It’s nothing.

So? What do you think?

Do we have a deal?


Here you go then, this is my seat number.

Woohoo! Swapping now.~




Since we’ve just formed an alliance, let’s get along from this point onward.

Secret… alliance?

Ahh… yep.

The fact that we swapped definitely needs to be kept hush-hush for sure.

That’s right. Since we know each other’s secret, all of this should just be between us.

I suppose… this is a secret too.




Although to be completely honest, I don’t really feel I’m being fair towards her… I know we’ve supposedly formed an “alliance” of sorts, but… she’s not aware that I know one other secret of hers…

Ah yeah! I’ll come over to help now!

Well… talk to you later then!

I knew it… this seat is really great.

The fact that no one can see me makes me feel a lot more at ease.

Also… I can see her quite well, too.

Err, well, it’s not like I’m deliberately trying to look at her or anything…!

It just so happens that she’s in my field of vision since I have to face forward anyway!

Ah… Why am I even trying to make excuses?




I… hope class finishes soon…

If I talk to her for just a tiny bit during break… it’s still considered nothing out of the ordinary, right?

What should I even talk about?

Oh? What club is she even a part of actually?

We’ve only just become classmates in the 2nd year, but… I just realized that I actually don’t know anything about her…

Even though I know about that [1]… is actually kind of weird now that I think about it.

I wonder… what she’s thinking about right now?…




She’s only been looking outside the window for a while now…

Stand up.


U-Um… Hey!

Oh..! Not sure what I’m in such a hurry for… haha!

That must’ve seemed strange, huh. Sorry!

Um… I was hoping I could talk to you for a bit.

Were you about to go somewhere?

Oh, that’s good then…

Well, it’s not like I actually have something really interesting to tell you…




Does the rain bother you?

It’s been raining since yesterday.

Ehh? Hashirizuyu? [2]

Is that what they call this weather before the actual rainy season starts?

I wonder if it’ll stop for a bit though before that season comes.

The rain isn’t a problem normally but I do have club activities…

Huh? Did I somehow already tell you that I was a part of the Tennis club?




Oh right. It was in the school paper.

I won last year but it was mostly ‘cos I got really lucky. However, they started writing stuff like, “The Prince’s Magnificent Victory”, so I couldn’t tell them that it was just a coincidence.

I don’t think I’m anything like a prince though!

Nnn… If it’s just drizzling, we can still keep on playing. Of course, that’d definitely mean that we’d get wet from the rain.

However, if we just think of it as if we’re just taking a shower, I’d even go as far to say that it feels good.




Really? You can totally relate to what I just said?

There’s actually not many people who don’t mind getting wet from the rain.

That… might be why she was like that the other day then…?

I… actually like it more when it’s sunny.

Whenever it’s sunny… I would have this really nice view when I look out the window.

That’s why I was hoping that the rain would stop soon.

Though it seems like that won’t happen for a long while from the looks of it I imagine…




Were you.. really being honest when you said that you liked the rain?

Ah, I’m sorry… it’s just, you looked a bit sad…

What the heck am I even saying…?

Back then she did look sad, but obviously not at the moment.

Ah, a rainbow?

I see… so you like the rainbow that appears after the rain?

If that’s the case, I think I understand.




Hmm… If it’s only drizzling like this though… there isn’t nearly enough raindrops to form a rainbow…

Oh right! There’s a rainbow you can see at any given time actually!

Don’t move okay?… Yep, just stay as you are.

Can you see it…?

You know, inside my eyes?

The pupil’s in the center. The colored part that’s surrounds it, is my iris.

[Pause the CD for this sentence, it’s long because I included an explanation as well]
In kanji, the first characters of iris (虹彩) and rainbow (虹) are both the same. With the iris’ 2nd character (彩る), you can form the word “to be colored or stained with this color”. [3]

The pattern of each iris is actually different from one person to the next.




Don’t you think it’s kinda romantic to know that you have your very own rainbow inside of you?

Heh! You’ve got no idea how glad I am that you didn’t laugh at me!

No, I’ve never told anyone else this. You’re actually the first one…

I would’ve been so embarrassed if you thought I was being so cheesy.

Actually, I was getting worried, ahaha…




Eh… U-um, what’s wrong?

You’re suddenly just staring at me really silently.

Ah, my iris?

Oh right, of course. That’s what we were talking about after all…


Is the color of my iris really that light? I didn’t really notice that about myself…

Your eye color though is…… ah… it’s beautiful.

The color is really rich and deep… it’s almost like… I’d get sucked in if I stare into them for too long…

A-Ah! I’m sorry!

I didn’t realize I was that close to you! Th-That’s… it’s…




Huh?… Why… am I acting like this?

My chest hurts and… my face…. it’s hot!

T-This… I’m sure I must be blushing like crazy!

U-Ungghh! How much more embarrassing could this get?!




Next… Err… W-We have English next, don’t we?

That.. I’m actually pretty good… at it… so I’m looking forward to next class…

No, same here. Thank you for talking to me.



[1] He’s referring to the time the girl confessed and was rejected by Omi.

[2] Hashirizuyu – it is apparently the rain in May that usually comes before the actual rainy season starts.

[3] How he said it was a lot more direct and it wasn’t nearly as detailed as what I’ve edited it or translated it to, just so you guys know. He basically is just trying to say that the way it’s written in Kanji helps connect both the words ‘iris’ and ‘rainbow’ together and that each person has their own unique rainbow in their eyes – which is the person’s own iris.


TRACK 3 – Beware of incidents


Game set! Takanashi wins!

Thank you very much.

Good work.

Were you talking about that straight-shot that I did earlier? I was pleasantly surprised that it went in!

Yep, that’s right. It’s the result of all those times I stayed behind to practice!

Sorry, I need to go for a bit.

Good job today!

Did I surprise you?

I saw you from the court.




Yeah, I’m still doing my club activities but we’re just about finished.

How about you?

Teacher Moriyama?

Oh, so that’s why you have your English textbook with you.

You’re such a good student. Asking him questions while there’s still a lot of time ’til the midterm exams.

Yeah, that definitely makes sense.

It’d become a bigger problem later on if there’s something you don’t understand at this stage.

He definitely is the adviser, but it doesn’t mean he’d always participate in all the club’s activities.

I haven’t seen him at all today.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help…




Oh, wait!

If you don’t mind… I can teach you!

I’m quite good at English, remember?

I understand the part we’re learning right now.

Ah… but I still have a meeting.

You’re going to wait for me?

Is that really okay?

I’m going to have to change too. You might end up having to wait for a while.

Mm! Okay.

Please prepare a list of questions that’s as detailed as you possibly can while you’re waiting.

I wanted to revise as well anyway, so don’t worry!

You’re very welcome!

So then I’ll come right away as soon as everything’s done!

I’ll see you later in the classroom.




It took me much longer than expected!

The meeting just had to be prolonged when someone’s waiting for me!

Geez! Give me a break!

SO SORRY I made.. you… wait…?

… She’s… not here?!

Did she get so sick of waiting for me that she just went home?




Woah! What the…! What are you doing?!


Oh, you lost your contact lens?

You scared me!

I thought you were gone already and then all of a sudden you just popped up from under the teacher’s desk.

I’ll help you look for it.

Was it a hard-type contact lens?

Got it.

How did it end up under the teacher’s desk though?




That’s very admirable of you.

So it was actually whoever that was on duty today that forgot to erase the board – not you.

Ah… Well… sort of. It’s really not 100% all out of my own good will however in my case.

How do I put this?… If I erase the board completely… it’s mostly because I don’t want to betray the confidence of what everyone else expects of me…

Still can’t find it…

Might be easier if we turn the lights on so we can see better.

Oh! I think someone’s coming. Should we ask if they could help look for it together?




Ah… Sorry for asking you to come here all of a sudden..

It’s fine, but… what was it that you wanted to tell me?

Shh! Shhhh! Don’t go out yet!

This is probably a… you know what!

Is there someone here?

Seriously!!! Why does this keep happening to me?!

I’m sure it was just your imagination.

So… you were saying?

Um… I… to Sato-kun… I love you!

I knew it…




That voice though… I think it’s a girl from my class.

It was probably a mistake to hide like this.

She… also confessed just like that time… didn’t she…

Does she… still have feelings for him I wonder?…

That makes me so happy… The truth is I also…!


So… Umm… Would you like to go out with me?


Then… how about we go home together?




Yea… let’s do that.

Should we go somewhere that’s on the way home? A family restaurant?

If that’s the case, I have some coupons!

They left.

We should also…


What’s wrong?!

Did you get hurt somehow?!

For now, how about we get out of here first.

AAckk….kkkk!! That seriously hurt!

I… hit it so hard too…

The teacher’s desk… was so much lower than I thought…




Hah… Thank goodness… at least.. she’s laughing.

Hopefully it’s not that you’re feeling ill or anything, right?

Then… why were there tears forming in your eyes?

I see.

She’s your friend…

Did it make you really happy when he accepted her feelings?

You’re kind…

Even when it didn’t go so well for her, she seems to be the type of person who is more than willing to support others.




Oh…? The collar on your uniform… is wet.

Could they be… tears…?

No… not there.

Sorry about this, please excuse me…

Ah… this is…!

It’s your contact lens!

So this was where it ended up!

Here you go, please take it.




I’m so glad we found it.

That’s good… they weren’t her tears after all…

We’ve found what you were looking for, so let’s go now.

It’s a little too cramped in here for two people…

Mnm… I’m sorry for keeping you in such a small space. I’ll get out first then.




It wasn’t just cramped! Our shoulders were totally touching!

It was an emergency so I had no choice, but she’s a girl! What the hell have I been doing?!

But… she smelled really good… errr… NO!! I meant!!!

Okay, first! I need to calm down!

…. Be careful not to hit your head.

Here, hold onto me.

Her hand… is so small.




It isn’t like my hand is that big or what… but I guess hers are just really small.

Also… it’s so soft.

Are you okay?

Sorry I did something strange and pushed you into such a small space.

Did your uniform get dirty?

I’m fine, although I did hit my head ……..Ahahaha!

It’s getting quite late, isn’t it?

Let’s make good on that promise and start studying.

They’re probably going to close the classrooms soon.

We can’t talk in the library though, so can we go somewhere I recommend?

Okay, let’s go then.


TRACK 4 – When I’m with you


Two people, please.

Can we have a table at the back?

That’s great.

Thank you very much.

The table at the back is available, so let’s go. This way.

Do you mind which seat you take?

I’ll take the seat at the back then.

I should probably take the front seat [1], but I’m more used to this one.

Do you know what you’d like to order?

I’ll get the same one.

Please give us 2 hot cafe lattes please.




Yes. I come here quite often.

I wouldn’t say I’m a loyal customer, but I’ve never seen any students from our school even though it’s quite close by.

This place is a hidden gem.

That’s true… it might not look like a place where a student would feel comfortable enough to go in casually.

I see a lot of businessmen hold their meetings here though.

Don’t worry.

I already asked whether we can study here before coming.

The master, well, that man over there with a mustache who’s behind the counter…

He said that we can study, work or even sleep here ; We’re free to do whatever we feel like doing as long as we drink his coffee apparently.




Haha. See?

He looks kinda scary, but he’s actually a really friendly and good person.


Ah, looks like our cafe lattes are here.

Thank you!

I was just about to say that the latte art here is amazing.

What did you get?

A Teru Teru Bozu [2] and a Rainbow?

That’s so cute!

Mine’s a leaf.

It’s probably a bit hard to see from that side.

Please wait a moment…

Can you tell what it is now?

What? ……. A heart?

I guess you could look at it that way, but I seriously thought it looked like a leaf to me.




What the… a heart?!

Why did he have to make a heart pattern when she’s here with me?!

Master… he definitely did this on purpose for sure…

Oh well… but she’s really cute so whatever I guess…

Hah?! She’s…. cute? Ehh..?!

Ah, sorry about that! I was just thinking of something.

Did you say something?




Yeah, I guess it does feel bad to ruin the latte art…

But it would be such a waste to let it get cold too.

Hahhh…. That was delicious.

We should start studying.

So…. English, right?

Which part?

Hmm… the present perfect tense, huh?

Do you remember its form?

That’s right, “have” and the past participle makes the present perfect tense.

Can you explain to me which part you don’t understand?




Oh, I think I know what you’re trying to say.

That’s… I think it’s most likely easier if I illustrate it.

The past is around here…

… and we are currently here.

That means the present perfect tense is right around here from our perspective.

I suppose it’s like what’s happened is still connected to the present times.

The past tense shows that something has already ended and it is completely separate.

So for example… this part.

If we make this into past tense, it would mean that the action is in the past and is irrelevant to the present.




That’s why if you say “I loved him”, it shows that your feelings for this person are gone now.

That’s right.

It implies that you don’t like him anymore.

If you use the present perfect, it would mean “I have loved him.”

Because it’s “perfect,” you would think it’s in the past but the event is actually still ongoing.

It’s like the event stretches from when it first started in the past while it is still happening in the present.




This is on the assumption that the present perfect tense is still within that state of continuity, okay?

It’s easier to understand if you think of the other tenses in the same way.

For example… you can try and practice with this question first.

Feelings that are still lingering to this day…

…. What a very well-timed question.

She must… still like him.




Of course, just because you were rejected… It doesn’t necessarily mean your feelings would just be a thing of the past…

When you love someone but that person doesn’t feel the same way about you…

I wonder how that would feel like…?

I’m sure… that person would be in so much pain…

… Huh…?

My heart…? No… this is… it’s my entire chest… it hurts?

…. But… why?

Ah… I see…


exactly the same…




I love her… but I’m not the one she’s looking at…

Why… did I only just notice this now…?

Ah! Are you done?

Show me.

Everything looks good!

You’re amazing. I only talked to you about it for a little bit.

You got all the questions correct!

If you have any other questions…




Errr… Umm… is there something on my face?

Is there some foam from the cafe latte?


But… I felt like you’ve been staring at me.


I’m not crying! No way!

I don’t feel sad… at all!

Maybe… I just look sleepy!

I had a practice match today.

I don’t feel sleepy, but maybe my tiredness is starting to show on my face.




I’m sorry for worrying you.

So what would you like to do now? Would you like to study some more?

I might stay here and study for a bit more.

I can study at home too, but don’t you think studying outside can sometimes help with concentration?

I don’t really use the library…

For some reason… I always feel like I’m being watched.

I know nobody’s actually looking at me…

Yet when I’m at school…

I feel like I have to work very hard and constantly keep up with my being a “good student” image.

Well, not all the time or anything but… sometimes.

I think I’ve always wanted to be a model student.

I want to meet people’s expectations and I really like being praised too.




Although I was a bit surprised when they started calling me Prince!

Sometimes I realize that I’ve been trying too hard in putting up a good front.

Those are the times when I don’t want to be at school.

Maybe I’m spending my time here so I don’t happen to be over there when I start to feel that way.

It’s almost like I’m trying to maintain a good balance, I guess.

Wait… what was I talking about again…?

I-I’m really sorry!

I’ve been talking about something so pathetic, huh?!




I really went ahead and did it this time!

She was such a good listener that I unintentionally became way too honest about myself!

She’s most likely feeling a bit shocked from hearing what I said…

W-What? You’d like another cup?

When did you finish drinking all that?

Of course you can have another cup but…

A-Ah, yes. Here’s the menu.

Was she not listening to what I was babbling about earlier?

No… that didn’t seem to be the case…

So then why…?

I don’t think she’s acting any differently though…

The Americano is delicious too, although the blend coffee might be a bit too strong.

I usually just get the cafe latte.

Have you decided?




Excuse me! One cafe latte please.

She ordered another cup… so that means she intends to stay here… and study some more… right?

“May” and “will”? The future progressive?

Is… this actually a list of the parts you don’t understand?

Haha! So you really did make a list!

No, I rather you ask than try to be polite.

This is the part we learned today, right?

We have homework too, so let’s try doing it together.




It wasn’t that she wasn’t paying attention…

She listened, but out of consideration.. she chose not to make a big fuss about it.

Do I happen to look that way?

It’s not that I just look happy. I actually am very happy.

You’re asking why….?

Well…. hmm… It’s a secret!



[1]  Shimote – to show humility by taking the front seat and letting the other person take the back.

[2] Teru Teru Bozu – literally translates to ‘shiny bald head(ed monk)’. It’s a handmade doll that’s normally used if one desires to have fine weather the next day. Apparently the monk’s head will shine if the weather conditions are met.


TRACK 5 – A little courage


So how did you go on the English test earlier?

Hahaha! Congratulations!

I already knew you’d do well though!

Well, I mean, you did strike a small victory pose when you returned to your desk.

Mnm, it was pretty obvious, seeing as I sit behind you.

Hah! Sorry! Sorry! But it was really cu……

Anyway, that’s great to hear!

I guess it was all possible because of that delicious latte?

No, it’s my pleasure.

I also did well on the parts I taught you too.




Uhh, n-no!

It’s not like I’m holding study sessions.

It just so happened that we studied together… right?

Oh no… I knew this would happen if others manage to find out about it.

She must be feeling troubled, too.

I’m sorry…

I can’t do it after school, but I can definitely teach you the parts you don’t understand during lunch time or when we’re on our break.

Yes, feel free to ask me if you need help.

I’m sorry… That must’ve come as such a shock…

It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about those girls.

I usually refuse them actually.

I do like teaching… but if it’s more than one person it’s just too much!




That’s right.

I agreed to help out one girl so that was fine, but for some reason… 10 of them showed up!

I was so surprised!

No, no that’s impossible!

I really don’t think I’m smart enough to teach so many people all at once.

I ended up having to ask the teacher to help me.

Yeah, that definitely was the best solution!

I could’ve called Omi, but… ah…




Ah.. Y-Yes, Shinomiya Omi.

We’re not in the same class, but we’re kind of close because we’re cousins.

Oh, it’s not surprising that you don’t know this since we hardly spend much time together at school.

It’s been a while since that confession happened, so I just assumed that she would be okay but…

Ah… Her… eyes are cast down…

I’m really such an idiot!

I just went ahead and started blathering about Omi… All I did was make her sad…

But… I see it now.. Until now she….




Of course… what was I even expecting..? 

There’s no way that feelings would disappear in just 1 month…

… but even so I…

Yep. I think so too. We don’t look alike at all.

Omi has… even in the past, he has always been an amazing person.

No matter what it is… he constantly manages to be #1.

Even when it comes to her heart… he also takes that spot as well…

Hey, the results for that exam will be posted next week, right?

If both of us make it as top students on that list, why don’t we celebrate?

Yep, just in English!




Since we worked so hard, we should treat ourselves to something good for doing so.

What do you think?


That’s awesome!

I really wanted to check a certain place out, but it’s that type where it’s a bit awkward for guys to go in by themselves.

Also, I was hoping I’d be able to go there together with you.

Yeah, definitely. It’s only if both of us are on that list!

I’m sure it’ll be fine though.

That’s why.. you should keep next Sunday free then!

It’s a promise then.

Give me your pinky.




Yes, a pinky promise.

This is how we all did it when we were still kids, right?

What if someone breaks it?

That’s right… if any of us goes back on that promise… We need to buy a bottle of juice for the other person!

That “Thousand needles” chant for pinky promises just seems a little bit too harsh, don’t you think?

There we go! We’ve pinky promised now.

Let’s see… did we have P.E next?

Don’t forget our promise, okay?!


TRACK 6 – What I feel… about you


It’s good that we both made it in the top 30 and all… but right now I’m actually starting to feel pretty nervous.

Well, I mean… this is practically a date, isn’t it?!

A-Ah! Over here!

SSo cute!!!

It’s my first time seeing her out of her uniform and just wearing casual clothing.

You didn’t have to run.

No, I wasn’t waiting.

I just got here myself.

You didn’t have a hard time finding this place right?

That’s good.

Ah… Um… You know, those clothes…

Mmm.. Yeah, I was just about to say that too.




It gives off a totally different kind of impression while we’re not wearing our uniforms.

Why couldn’t I have just said, “They look great on you!” ?!…

That’s right, let’s go.

We still have some time until our reservation, so can we have a look around before then?

I decided to look around while I was waiting earlier and there seems to be quite a lot of different shops.

Eh..!! Ah! It’s not that I waited all that long or anything! It was only 10 minutes before the time we were supposed to meet…

Ah well.. I decided to get on an earlier train instead of the one I should’ve taken…

So… it was because of my choice that I wound up waiting anyway…

Please don’t feel that you should apologize…

In fact, it’d be better if we’d drop this and not worry about it so much.




Yep… I’m sure…

I mean… doesn’t it sound so embarrassing?…

I’m like a child who got too excited for the school field trip…

Ah! See…! I knew you’d laugh at me so I tried really hard to act cool about it…

Yep… You’re absolutely right on the mark there!

…. They call me a prince… but if only they knew this so-called prince is actually like this.

Still… I want everyone to know about the real me, too!

Ah… no. That’s a lie.

I do want to put up a good front after all, hehe!

So just for today… Is it okay if I let my guard down in front of you? I’d like to give the prince a little break for now…




Thank you!

At least I’m a little bit less nervous now…

Of course I do!

I get nervous pretty easily. So anything I do for the first time makes me feel nervous.

This is going to sound so pathetic of me again, but this is my first time hanging out alone with a girl…

Ehh.. don’t call me a Prince…!

It’s okay if it’s at school though I guess…

It’s probably because there were a lot of girls in my primary and middle school.

I eventually got used to girl students ‘cos there’s always so much of them around.




How about you?

I feel like I’m the only one who has been doing all the talking.

Tell me about yourself too!

Hehh…? That’s nice!

Is your sister cute?

I’m an only child, so I’m a little jealous of those who have siblings.

Actually ever since I was small, Omi-…

I had a dog though so I wasn’t lonely.

How about we go inside one of these stores?

Which store are you most interested in checking out?




Is there anything you wanted to look at? If there isn’t, we can always just start from the end…

What the?!


This way!

Why is it of all times that Omi is here?!

He’s not even the type of guy who window shops!

Here! Please go inside here!

I’m really sorry about that… I was being too sudden, huh. Are you okay?

Well… I saw a rain cloud, so…

Before we’d get caught in the rain, I thought it’d be best to go in here…

Yeah. I thought the forecast said we’d have good weather today.




Are your feet okay by the way?

I made you run in those heels….

Eh? AH! I’m so-sorry for… suddenly holding onto your hand!

Does your hand hurt?

I’m really… sorry.

I… ended up lying to her…

I just.. didn’t want her to see him…

I don’t want to see her face looking so sad….

No… that’s not it.

What I really didn’t want… was for her to see Omi…




I already knew this… but how much more pathetic could I get..?

I should put a stop this.

We’re on a date after all.

We came in without thinking, but… the clothes here are actually quite stylish.

Ah! What about this one?

Mmn! This’ll definitely look great on you!

Together with hmm… let’s see here…

How about this pendant?

Hehe! Why are you laughing?

… I’m having fun!

Even if we’re just looking at clothes… don’t you think it’s still fun?




It’s enjoyable to think about things like “Is this popular right now?” or “I wonder who would look great wearing this?”

Yeah! Also, it costs next to nothing! It’s a win-win, yeah?

I’ve always thought that girls love to window shop, but is that not the case?

Hehe! So “dumplings over flowers” [1], eh? (Food or practicality over flowers or aesthetics.)

We can start heading over to that restaurant then! I don’t think we’d be too early if we walk really slowly.




I made a reservation under the name of Takanashi.

I know we got here a bit early, but is that alright?

That’s good!

Thank you very much.

They confirmed that it’s fine. Let’s go.

I saw it on the website, but the interior really does have a great ambiance!

The windows are huge and that high ceiling….!

This chair looked kind of ordinary, but it’s actually very comfortable.

Also, just as I have suspected… most of the customers here are female!




So you can see why now that there’s no way I would’ve had the courage to come here by myself!

Ah! Go ahead and take a look at the menu.

Are you hungry?

…. I wonder what I should havveee?…

I heard that their Fruit pancakes came highly recommended.

This Ricotta Cheese Pancake seems really good too though.

Ahhh…! The Sandwich and Eggs Benedict look so delicious as well!

Di-Did you see that just now?!

Despite the pancakes being so thick, they still look super fluffy!




So have you decided?

The Fruit pancake, yeah? That’s a safe choice.

I’ll guess I’ll be ordering the… Ricotta Cheese Pancake and… the Roast Beef Sandwich.

Do you know what you’d like for your drink?

I’ll go ahead and order then.

Excuse me!

1 Fruit Pancake and an Orange Juice.

Also 1 Ricotta Cheese Pancake, an Iced Cafe Latte and this Sandwich, please.

I’m really looking forward to eating!




Will the pancakes be enough for you?

I’ll be able to eat all of them easily.

After all, I didn’t have any breakfast.

Ah… I somehow told you something really embarrassing again…

Yes… I was sooo excited to the point where I made sure I came here hungry.

Haha… Okay, stop laughing at me.

Ah? What? You skipped breakfast too?

Haha! What the heck is up with us, really?

It looks like we’ve formed an alliance over something else again.

This time I presume it’s the food lovers alliance! Ahahaha!




It’s not cool I guess, but it’s certainly cute.

Ah.. I mean you know, how it sounds when you say the word Kuishinbo… [2] It’s cute, isn’t it?

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to tell her truthfully one day that she’s actually the one I find cute…

Perhaps when the wounds in her heart are completely healed… but then… when’s that going to be?

Ah? Was I spacing out?

Sorry, maybe I’m too hungry.

Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. I’ll recover as soon as those pancakes come. Shouldn’t be much longer now.

Looks like the drinks are here.




Thank you. Ah, over there is okay.

First things first – let’s make a toast. Hold your glass up.

Well then… in celebration to the success of our English exam results! Cheers!

Mmnn! It’s delicious!

I’m so glad we both made it in the top 30.

Eh but 20th place is amazing too!




You did mention it wasn’t until just now that your name made it on that list, right?

See? I think that alone is amazing!

Thank you.

4th place is not the greatest, but it’s my personal best so I’m happy.

Ah… Yep, Omi was 1st place.

Does that bother you?

O-Of course, anyone would be curious about who’s 1st place!

Just forget about what I said just now. Sorry!

What the hell am I doing.. trying to pry into her feelings?

I asked such a weird question and she has a really troubled expression on her face now…




What about your other tests? How’d you do on those?

The questions I prepared for World History B didn’t come up!

You too?

Right? During class, we went over that section in so much detail that I figured it’d come up for sure!

Ah. Looks like the food’s here!

Yes, this is everything.

Thank you.

This looks amazing! Want to take a photo?

I’ll take one too then.

Oh… Should I.. take advantage of this situation and take one secretly of her as well…?

No! No! I shouldn’t do that!

That would be improper of me to do!




Well then, we should start digging in.

Thank you for the food!

U-Uwahh!! It’s SOOO fluffy!

So this is how the cheese is like…!

It’s so refreshing and delicious!

How’s the fruit pancake?

Haha, yup, totally. I could tell by the look on your face.

All I can see is just pure happiness right there.

As for the sandwich… this is delicious too!

The roast beef is delicious! The bread is so crispy and delicious!

Hahaha! I guess my vocabulary flew away somewhere somehow at some point.




Hey? Would you like a piece of this sandwich?

They’re cut into small pieces.

I’m sure it’ll fit. It’s just too good not to share.

There’s no need to be so polite when you’re part of the food lovers alliance.

Here you go.

Please try and eat it.

What do you think?

Right? It’s so tasty, right?!

The pancake is quite light too. I think I’ll be able to finish it in no time.




A-Ah but I’ve already used my fork and knife on the pancakes… so it’d be difficult for me to cut out a piece for you without directly touching it.

Umm.. it’s fine between girls, but I’m… a guy you know…?

Yeah… I thought you’ve somehow forgotten about that part…

I do want to eat it.

I want to try tasting your Fruit Pancake too.

But this and that are totally differe..nt… A-Are you even listening to me??

“Here you go!”…?

I mean, I know you’re giving me such a nice smile and all but… what about what I was getting at when I was trying to explain to you just now??




I’m not trying to say that I don’t want it…

In fact I’m actually.. I’m grateful…

Are you really okay with this?

I’m really going to eat it okay?

This girl… she really doesn’t get it!

This would pretty much make it an…… an indirect kiss!

Fine… if you insist so much, I won’t hold back then.

Thank you for the food.




Mmm! It’s so…

It’s… delicious!

I-I ate it!

I couldn’t resist the temptation after all…

But… I already warned her about this!

Thank you for the food.

Do you want to try the cheese one too?

I thought so!

Wait a sec, I’ll give you a plate.

I haven’t touched the 2nd and 3rd layers, so please have as much as you want.

No, No! It’s fine! Just ignore the layer I’ve already started eating.

She’s being too trusting…

When she looks at me with those innocent eyes… my chest starts hurting.

I’m really sorry…

Earlier… even if it’s just for a little bit… it made me happy…




Yes! Please have some more.

Hehe! You look so happy.

Is it good?

I’m so glad I could eat these pancakes.

Thank you so much for coming with me.

Please let me pick up the tab.




I’m the one who wanted to come here so badly though and invited you in the first place.

You don’t need to worry about it so much.


Seeing as you’re bringing up about the alliance, you’re seriously putting me on the spot…

Then… at least… let me at least pay two-thirds of the bill.

I think it’s also fair in terms of how much I ate….

What do you think?

I’m very pleased to hear that we’ve come to an agreement.

……. What? Well… just acting like how a prince would respond I guess..

Should I not…?

Ahaha! That’s true… I guess instead of a prince, I sounded more like a butler…

I think I need to go back and practice some more.

You don’t have to rush. Just take your time.

I’d like to relax for a bit longer too.


TRACK 7 – Until the rain stops


Ahhh…! I ate so much!

I’m glad we didn’t get carried away and order another pancake!

Yeah, I was seriously actually considering it!

“I don’t know when I can come again next time, so I better eat all I can now!”

Eh? Really? You’d come with me again?

I’m going to hold you to that then!


Thank you! I’m soo happy!

Next time, we should try out that blueberry one.

I guess that means we’ll need to skip breakfast again then.

Eh?! What?! No way! Rain?! Even though it was so sunny?!

Ah!! It’s really coming down hard!

Over there! There’s a roof up ahead! Let’s run!




That really surprised me!

It started raining out of nowhere!

It’s a sun shower, so it might stop eventually if we just wait for a little bit.

A-Are you okay?

Did you get wet?

I’m fine. If it’s only this much, it should dry quickly.

Ah! N-No! I’m happy that you’re thinking of me.. but if it’s a handkerchief… I do have my own– Ah, yes.

If I bend down to right around here, would you still be able to reach?

No matter how I go about it.. this feels really weird…




I feel like a dog or something…

U-Um… too… close…

Ah I-I’m fine now! Really!

Mm… Thank you.

I’ll wash your handkerchief and return it to you later.

Even if you’re okay with it… I’m not though… I can’t calm myself down..


Don’t look at me… at my face…




M-My face… is awfully red right now, isn’t it?

It being like this… even though it doesn’t happen much at all… but whenever it comes to you… I just lose it…

You can’t figure out what I’m trying to say?

It’s because I…

I love you.


Please don’t say anything yet.

Just for a little bit? Can you please listen to what I have to say first?




Thank you…

Hah…. I didn’t even have the courage to tell you yet but…

… It’s incredible that just from a small change of atmosphere… things can lead to this…

You must be really shocked… I’m sorry.

Actually, that’s not the only thing I want to apologize for…

I wonder what I should start with?

I suppose… from the beginning.

… That day when you were in the courtyard… by pure coincidence, I was nearby…

Yes, the day it started raining…




At first, Omi was the only one I saw…

I called out and it was only when I was just about to approach him that I noticed you were there too…

I was too close to you guys already so it would’ve been awkward… I wanted to leave but I couldn’t…

I’m truly sorry about that….

It then started to rain, but still… you remained… unmoving in the courtyard…

So… all I could do was just watch you…

… I couldn’t take my eyes off you…




You were crying… but all I could think about was how beautiful you were… I must be so horrible for thinking that way…

Ever since then… my mind was just constantly filled with thoughts of you…

I think… it’s what everyone calls… love at first sight.

It’s so weird, isn’t it?

The minute I realized that it was love… I already knew it was unrequited…

I knew all this… but the more I talked with you… my feelings only grew even stronger…




Towards Omi… all I could feel was envy..

Please… not at Omi… I only want you to look at me…!

Do you remember?…

… Just this afternoon, when I said that there was a rain cloud and we ran right after?

That time… it was because I spotted Omi from far away…

I didn’t want you to think of Omi, so before you would’ve noticed… I made you run with me.




For lying to you.. I sincerely apologize.

In the past and even until now I’ve never beat Omi at anything…

I should’ve learned my lesson by now…


No matter who is reflected in your eyes…

… I… I still love you even so.

… Shhh…


Even if you already know what your reply is going to be.. please don’t tell me your answer yet…




For just a little longer….

The feelings that I have for you… please let me have them for a little while longer…

I’ll head off first, okay?

I think the rain will stop soon, so please go home when it does.

I’m sorry I can’t accompany you home.


I’ll see you at school.


TRACK 8 – The best record of happiness


Oh you were here already?


Was it hot while you were waiting?

Despite the courtyard having a lot of trees… even when you’re in the shade it’s still going to be hot if there’s no air conditioner…

As I’ve already expected… I’m going to be rejected after all huh?…

I really appreciate and feel grateful for the two months you gave me…

You didn’t avoid me and we continued to be friends… It really made me very happy…

If possible.. I’d really like to continue being friends like always… even after today…

I mean… I’m being too greedy, aren’t I?….




Eh?… Of course…

I love you even until now…

… Probably even way more than when I confessed to you…

…. What?



also… love me?

What should I do?!…

I’m so happy I could cry!…

Right now… Right now I really want to give you a hug so badly!




Don’t worry!

I won’t suddenly hug you or anything!

I would need to prepare my heart first too…

Mmm.. I need to make sure my heart is ready.

But if…

Just if…

If you’re okay with it… I would really like to hold you in my arms…





You always seem to have more courage than me.

Are you sure it’s okay?

If you open your arms like that…

I’d probably end up squeezing you too hard ‘cos I really feel like I’m on cloud nine!

Well then… I’m not going to hold back anymore…

Hahhh… I’m just… so happy right now.

I think… even throughout my entire life… this is definitely my happies-…





So… I guess we’ll constantly be breaking that “happiest moment” record every single day then.

Thank you for accepting my feelings…

Sorry for making you think so hard about this….

In exchange… I will… always treasure you…

Umm… Can I… receive a little bit of happiness in advance?

What I meant by that…

… is this…




…. Are you okay?

I thought it might be okay if it’s just on your cheek.

Even your ears are red.

You’re just too cute!

Why would I lie about that?

You’re very cute.

I actually wanted to say this for a long time already.

What?! My face is red too?!

Please pretend you didn’t see that!

You can’t, princess.

A prince is always proud.




Well the thing is… if I’m a prince, then that makes you a princess!

From here on out..

I’m in your care…

My princess!


TRACK 9 – My Princess



… I’m not bored!

Hehe… It may seem like I’m not doing anything in particular…

I’m watching you write in the class journal.

Oh? Are you being shy? How cute.

Yesss… I won’t get in your way.

The wind… it’s starting to smell like Autumn a bit… though it’s still been pretty hot.

I want the summer holidays again…

…. ‘Cos then I’d be able to spend more time with you.

Ah! Are you all done?

Let’s go home then.




Don’t worry, I didn’t wait at all.

You know… girls are allowed to make guys wait all they want!

I heard this when I was still in 1st year.

Our school has this pairing system where the senior students have to mentor the juniors, right?

My mentor back then was Nishina senpai, who’s currently a third year student.

That’s right. That model, Haruto Nishina senpai.

What I told you just now was the most memorable thing he said to me.




So even if I technically waited, it’d be as if I didn’t really wait.

Okay, let’s put this conversation on hold for now. We’re already by the staff room.

I’ll just be here, so go and hand in the class journal.

The teacher just wanted to brag about that fish he caught yesterday, don’t you think?

It was definitely amazing, but…

Ah! The sky’s getting dark…

It looks like it’s gonna rain, so let’s run to the station.

Here, please take my hand.

Hehe! A job well done!

It’s not like I’m used to this either you know?….

It’s just that my desire to hold your hand is stronger than my shyness.




Woah! This is pretty bad! It’s raining so heavily!

Thanks! You have a foldable umbrella.

Give it to me, I’ll hold it for the both of us.

It’s raining like crazy!

Looks like our feet’s going to get soaked.

What should we do?

I agree completely.

Let’s wait under this umbrella together for the rain to pass.




It’s even fun to just stand here, as long as it’s with you.

Also.. don’t you think umbrellas are really convenient?


Right? I can suddenly give you a kiss anytime without anyone seeing us.




Nobody’s looking at us especially in this rain.

Besides… the umbrella is hiding us quite well anyway.

So… how about one more time then?

… Huh?

Did it… suddenly stop raining?

That really didn’t last long at all!

It’s already sunny over there even!





A rainbow!

It’s so pretty!

It’s the first time I’ve seen a rainbow so big that we can’t even see where it ends!

Ah… but…

Inside your eyes… I can see a beautiful rainbow in there too…

What about in mine? Can you see one in there too?

…… Haha..! Tricked you!~




I love you…

You too?

Mm.. I know…

No matter how many times it’s been said.. I would always like to hear these words…

… That I love you…

… and that… you love me too…

Compared to a rainbow appearing in the sky.. I’d always think that this love we have for each other is much more miraculous…

That’s why… I should cherish every single moment when we kiss…

So please.. my princess..

Please close your eyes for me again once more…


Cast : Takanashi Hijiri, Maeno Tomoaki.



TRACK 10 – In a blink of an eye


When I was looking at the sky outside the window,

I saw a smile reflected on the glass.

By the time I realized, I was already mesmerized by you.

I could speak to you normally yesterday…

We even laughed together..

I don’t understand why this is happening.. but I just don’t know what to say…

I guess it’s because this is the first time I’ve ever felt this way before.



If only I could just say that easily..

I’m actually a bit scared to look at you right now.

I was thinking of you between the time my eyes were blinking.

If we were only near each other, we would only be friends.




If my wish could come true, I want to confirm the feelings you have for me.

I have started to walk towards a future I have not seen

All because I love you