The Prince of Grimm town Cinderella Translation
グリム街の王子様  第二夜  シンダーエラ
Seiyuu : 鳥海浩輔 – Toriumi Kousuke
Release Date : November 23, 2016
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Overview : A girl ends up appearing out of nowhere, in a forest she has no recollection of being at. She meets an injured young man with the name of Cinderella. He warns her that it is not safe and she should go home to her family as soon as possible. However, it looks like she doesn’t remember a single thing about how she even got there.

To help her out in the meantime, he brings her to a rundown house where she could stay for the time being as she has no money to pay for accommodation. The girl is distraught and expresses that she just wants to go back to wherever she’s from. Will Cinderella be able to help her find her way back? Or will she be stuck in Grimm city for good?

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Track 1


Geez… They really went all out on me today…. Damn it! Ouch….

Is there something I can help you with?

Eh? Ah, this wound? It’s nothing.

It’s really not as bad as it looks.

Anyway, what time is it?

Ah, I see. If you don’t know then it’s fine.

….. A-AH!……. Ugh… Sorry.

Yes… I’m fine now. I can walk by myself.




Also… it’s probably almost midnight and I still have something extremely important that I must do.

I have to go before the clock tower strikes.

You shouldn’t be loitering around here but should start heading home.

Is there something wrong?

You don’t know which way’s home? What do you mean? Are you lost?

Here? This is Grimm city.

I’m sure you’ve at least heard of it.

How can that be?

You don’t know Grimm city?

How far have you come from?




By the way, what’s your name?

You can’t even remember your name?

Don’t tell me you’ve lost your memory…

You don’t know? That’s no good…

I can’t just leave a girl out here all alone at night.

I guess she could find some sort of place to stay…

Do you have any money?

I thought so.

Can’t be helped.

Come with me. I’ll take you to my hiding place.




Yea, it’s a worn down house, but it’ll keep the wind and rain out. There’s running water too.

You should stay over for tonight.

I already told you, but I have something important to do, so I’d like to talk to you more about this tomorrow. How does that sound?

Then, let’s go.

It’s really dark here so be careful. I’ll light this lamp now.

Good. It’s a little brighter.




You can use that bed if you’d like.

Well, I call it a bed, but it’s really just layers of boxes.

Are you surprised that it’s even more run down than you thought?

You don’t need to hide it, it’s the truth after all.

However, nobody but me enters this place.

This is my hiding spot, so you can feel at ease and do whatever you wish.

Ah! It’s almost midnight! Sorry, I really need to go now. Bye!




U-Ugh!…….. No, I’m fine.

I just felt a little dizzy…

Yes, I definitely cannot miss this.

Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Cinderella.

I’ll be back here again tomorrow evening, so until then.


Track 2


It’s me.

It’s Cinderella.

Is it okay if I come in?

Well? How do you feel? Were you able to sleep a little at least?

I thought so. Sorry for leaving so abruptly yesterday.

So, have you managed to recall anything about yourself?

I see.

Actually, I consulted an acquaintance about you yesterday.

This acquaintance is actually a magician, and…

Hmm? You seem very surprised.

They’re not particularly rare around here…




Although a magician with great skills such as his is rare even in Grimm city.

Anyway according to him, sometimes people from a different world find themselves here for some reason.

Those people can never remember their names or anything from the past.

I thought you might actually be one of them.

Don’t worry. If you still can’t remember anything, I don’t mind asking that magician for advice again.

Maybe he will even tell you the way in how to go back home.

Eh…………..? What do you mean by that?




I thought you couldn’t remember anything?

There seems to be something behind that…

You can’t remember anything, but you have a feeling that you don’t want to go home.

You must have had a horrible experience. But… I kind of understand how you feel.

I don’t want to go back to my home either.

I told you. This is just a hiding place.

My home with my family is somewhere else.




I’m not on good terms with my family.

It used to be different though when my father was still alive.

My real mother died of an illness when I was young.

After some time has passed, my father remarried.

My current mother… my step-mother and her two sons from a previous marriage then came and lived with us.

But after my father died three years ago, my step-mother and step-brothers suddenly changed.

They looked down on me as I was the only one who is not related to them by blood.

They no longer give me proper clothes to wear… they don’t even give me adequate food. [1]




The injuries you saw yesterday were actually inflicted by my step-brothers.

Those guys… they find amusement in causing me pain. (Sadistic bastards….. -_-”)

I don’t want to live in that kind of home anymore…

That’s why whenever I get the chance, I run away and come here to hide.

But when they find out that I’m not at home, they treat me horribly.

My step-mother ordered me to buy groceries, so I was able to stop by here since it’s on the way.

I wish I could forget everything like you and just live here freely.

Like that’s even possible….!

You must be hungry.

I asked the bakery if they could give me something.




Here. Have some bread. They’re actually just the heels [2] though.

I’m sorry I can only give you this, but I thought it would still be better than nothing. Do you want some?

That’s great. Anyway, I should be going back now.

If I’m late, my step-mother’s going to be extremely bothersome.

Ah… hah…. Ahaha… I guess I’ve been found out.

That’s right..

The truth is, I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday either…

Eh? But… then that means you’ll have less and you’d still be hungry…

You only have the bread ends to eat after all…

Eheh.. I see. I’ll take you up on your offer then and have some.




Let’s go sit on that bed and eat.

Here, have some too.

Thank you for the food.


Hmm, that’s true. I wonder why that is…?

Even if it’s just the ends of bread, it tastes so much better than usual.

Maybe it’s because I’m not alone.

You… think so too?




I haven’t eaten with someone like this since my father passed away.

Do you want something to drink? Well, I only have water though.

Give me a minute, I’ll bring it over.

I think with this, I’ll somehow be able to last ’til tomorrow now.

Yes. There’s no food for me at home.

I’ve got no choice but to ask other people to share their food with me while I go around doing errands.




I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why is this happening to me…?” all the time in the past.

I’m already used to it now though…

I should be heading home now.

I have to go and make dinner for my step-mother and step-brothers.

Yup, I’m the one who has been cooking these days.

Thanks to that, I’m pretty good at cooking now! Especially when it’s for dinner.

It takes a lot of time to prepare and it involves a lot of techniques.

I have something I need to do tonight as well.

So in order to be able to go out during the night, I have to satisfy them quickly and get them to fall asleep.

It would be terrible if I get them in a bad mood and they end up locking me up out of frustration.




That expression you’re making…

Could it be… that you’re worried for me?

Heh.. You’re really kind, aren’t you?…

Since you can’t remember anything, it would make sense that you would be more worried about yourself… and yet… you’re still worried about me.

Somehow… I’m starting to feel like I don’t want to go home anymore.

All I want to do now is to keep talking to you for just a little bit longer…

I wish that I could just forget about everything else…

Hey… can I come over and see you again tomorrow?

Of course I’ll have work again, so if I come it’d have to be during sunset or at night.





Then I’ll make sure to bring something for us to eat again.

This time, it’ll be something better than the ends of bread!

You finally smiled.

It’s because you kept looking so worried the entire time… not that it wasn’t expected…

I feel a little relieved now looking at your face.

I’ll do whatever I possibly can and do my best to help you.

Haha. You’re quite cute when you smile like that.

Hmm..? Don’t tell me… Are you flustered?

It’s the truth though.

You’re cute and your skin is beautiful.

If you dressed up properly, your beauty won’t lose even to this country’s Queen.




Ehehe…? Well…

I’m a guy, so even if you praise my looks…

Really? Well… my step-mother and step-brothers for some reason seem to avoid hitting my face.

They’re probably worried others might notice.

As you can see, I don’t have any scars on my face.

And the truth is… it actually saved me…

No, it’s nothing.

Since you spoke well of me, I should appreciate that.

Thank you.

Anyway, it’s time for me to go now.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


Notes :

[1] The poor guy is constantly starving and is most likely malnourished. ‘Manzoku‘ means to be satisfied, being content or that something is sufficient. It’s not just the amount of food that’s an issue here, but it is also not sufficient enough for a person to live on in a healthy way.

[2] Heels – The ends of a loaf of bread. They’re uncommonly called ‘butts’ as well. 


Track 3


Good evening!

I had to wait a while for my family to fall asleep so unfortunately it’s gotten so late now.

I’m sorry for making you wait.

But to make up for that, I brought a lot of special things for you.

Just look at this! It’s amazing, isn’t it?!

It’s not just the heels… but it’s proper bread!

High-quality ham, as well as grape juice and a good variety of fruits.

On top of all that… this pumpkin, too!

So?! Are you surprised??

They’re really rare, right?

It’s actually my first time seeing a real one too.

Eh?… You’re not surprised?

Pumpkins are actually extremely rare and it’s so hard to find one around here…




Could it be that… it’s not uncommon for you?

To think that I tried really hard to get it because I thought it would surprise you…

This? Someone gave it to me, so I went ahead and hid it.

Just letting you know just in case but I didn’t steal it, okay?

While I was working, I was really worried and would’ve felt at a loss if my step-mother and step-brothers were to find it.

Though somehow, I’m glad I still managed to bring it here luckily enough.

Anyway, let’s eat!

You must be really hungry, right?

I haven’t eaten anything since those bread ends yesterday.

I’m absolutely starving now!

But still, no matter what, I really wanted to eat together with you.




I was thinking… that if I ate alone…

No matter how extravagant the meal may be, eating it alone will make it taste only half as delicious.

Ah right, I brought along some candles too.

With these, it should make the room a little brighter.

If we put some candles on the table, it’ll be as if we’re having a proper dinner.

I’ll go and boil this pumpkin, so can I ask you to set the table please?

Then I’ll leave it to you.

That was delicious, wasn’t it? Would you like more bread?

Really? How about more pumpkin then?

There’s still half of it left so I can cook the rest too.

Ah, really?

Well, I’ll just leave it in the kitchen so you can eat it whenever you feel like it… that includes the bread and juice as well.

Ah… seriously though, I’m really full. It’s really been a while since I’ve felt like this!

Oh hey… what would you like to eat tomorrow?

If there’s something specific you’re hoping to have, just let me know.

I’ll definitely work hard to get it.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be food. Well let’s see….

First, we’ll need a few more lamps and a new quilt. Other than that, is there anything else?

Ah, that’s right.

A change of clothes for you.

Sorry for not noticing.




I should probably be able to do something about that.

I’ll bring some over by tomorrow night.

Also if possible, pajamas [1] and shoes would be a plus, yeah?

Of course it’s alright…!

I’d really like to be able to do something for you, even if it’s just a little.

I don’t know the best way to say this but, whenever I think about you waiting here for me to come back – it honestly fills me up with such positive feelings…

So that no matter how horribly they treat me in my own home, I know that I could just endure it – knowing that I’ll be able to see you again in just a short while.

I was getting so fed up with it being like this every single day… and yet…




I even surprise myself…

Mm, I’m truly happy now…

It’s all thanks to you…

Ah… but hearing this from me must make you feel a bit troubled…

It’s not like… you’re here because you wanted to be.

By the way, is there anything else you remember? … Like where you’ve come from?

Ah… I see.

Somehow… that made me feel really relieved to hear that.

When I thought that you might suddenly leave this place once your memory returns…

I suddenly felt so lonely…




I’m being really selfish, aren’t I?

I’m really sorry…

Eh? Really? You’re also having fun being here?

Ah… I see, hearing you say that makes me so happy…

Then that means I have to work harder so that you can live here even more blissfully!

Oh no, it’s almost midnight…

Yes… that’s right. Tonight, I have to go again…

Ah… Don’t show me such a lonely expression… I do want to stay here longer too…




But… no matter what, it’s an important promise that I have to keep.

I will definitely come again to see you tomorrow.

So can you please wait here… for me?

Thank you! It’s a promise!

Well then, good night!

May you have nice dreams…

Clothing for women…

Unlike food, it’s definitely a lot more difficult to ask for them…




But thinking about it… the size of their bodies are pretty similar…

That room must definitely have some…

Anyway, I need to hurry… There’s not much time.

Thank you for waiting.

Just like I’ve promised, I was able to bring some clothes for you.

Here you go. I hope you can find something you like.

Eh? Well, there’s no way I could bring just one.

There’s pajamas and a robe for you to wear around the room.

Please use them as you like…

And also…


Can you close your eyes a little bit for me?




It’ll be fine!

Come on, hurry.

Just stay still… okay?

Done! You can open your eyes now.

Well? It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?

I knew with just one glance that it would really suit you.

How I got it is a secret… but you know?

It’s definitely and undoubtedly a real diamond.

Also, it’s not just any diamond… the quality is so high that it would even surprise all the merchants around here.

Hmm..? Could it be that you don’t like it after all?

Ahh… You really shouldn’t have to worry so much about it… !




It’s not like I obtained it in such a way that it would have caused a lot of trouble to someone…

Ah… I thought it would make you happy… but…

It looks like I’ve only done the complete opposite…


… Maybe I should just head home for tonight, since we’ve already finished eating.

It would be good if you go to bed early anyway…

… So bye…

What’s wrong all of a sudden…?

Ah… I see.

I’m glad…

I thought I may have done something that made you hate me…




Really? … Then… can you please show me your face…?

I want to see your happy and smiling face properly…

That face… just as I thought… I really do like it…

Just looking at it already makes me feel so unbearably happy…

I wish I could be with you always… and just gaze upon your face…

You know… these days… no matter what it is I’m doing… all I keep thinking about is you…

I’m always thinking of things like…

What could she be doing right now…? I wonder if she might be hungry?

I… I think I’ve fallen in love with you…




I’ve fallen so much for a girl whose name I don’t even know…

Even I surprise myself…

But I… I feel like if it’s for you, I’m willing to do absolutely anything…

How about you?

How do you feel about me?

You mentioned earlier that you’re having fun living here.

Did that mean… that you’re merely starting to like this dilapidated house… or…?

Ah… Hearing you say that… it truly feels just like a dream…




I love you!

I never ever want to let you go.

Ah… No… At this rate, I can’t hold myself back any more…

I’ve always wanted to kiss you like this…

If I could, I want to hold you like this forever…

I want to stay with you until the end of time.




Ah… It really does feel like a dream, but… if this is a dream… I hope I don’t ever wake up from it…

Ah!… You’re awake.

There’s no need to panic. It’s still night time, so you can go back to sleep.

And not to mention… that you sure do look very cute when you sleep, hahaha.

I would never get bored of looking at you.




Yes, I was awake the whole time because I felt really anxious.

Actually… there’s something I’ve kept from you.

I told you about my acquaintance before… about the magician, right?

He said that sometimes, people who come from different worlds get sent back when they kiss someone they love.

So… I was afraid that you might get sent back to your world while I was sleeping…

Nevertheless… you’re still here.

When you said you loved me, you didn’t disappear when we kissed.




It looks like I can still touch you and hold you just like this…

…. I love you.

There’s no one else that I love more than you in this world…

U-Uh Ah! …. Sorry, it’s nothing!

It’s just… my feelings are so strong that I unknowingly embraced you too tightly.

Haha… so you noticed this bruise, huh…

My eldest brother did it when I was about to leave the house.

He said that it was because I messed up while polishing his shoes so they’re all scratched now.

With the hard sole of his shoe… he hit me again… and again… and again…




I’m okay now though.

Being with you fills me up with so much happiness that I almost forgot about it ’til now.

So please.. don’t make such a sad face…

Not that you’ll listen to me I guess… I know you’re a very kind-hearted girl.

Well then…

It’s time for me to go.

It’ll be midnight soon.

That’s right. I have a promise I need to keep.

Hey… take a look at that.

You can see that castle that’s in the distance right?




Residing in that castle is this country’s King and Queen.

It is absolutely breathtaking, isn’t it?

Someday, I’d love to live with you in such a place and not this broken down house.




I will give you everything you could possibly want.

Just us… with no one to ever get in our way… being together forever.

What do you think? Wouldn’t that be the most amazing thing ever?

I knew you would say that!


I’ll really have to work very hard now so it can happen soon…

… Just for you.

It pains me, but I have to go now…




Without fail, I’ll come back to see you again… so please wait for me here.


I love you…


Notes :

[1] Pajamas or Pyjamas are basically sleepwear.


Track 4


It’s me!

It’s Cinderella!

Ah.. Thank goodness. I’m glad that you’re still waiting for me.

I’m sorry I couldn’t come see you any sooner.

I really missed you…

I wanted to see you so much that I thought I was going to die…

However, everything finally went along smoothly.

From this point onward, I won’t have to go back to that home where my step-mother and step-brothers are.

Also, I can freely see you as much as I want now.

I no longer have to go to the magician everyday at midnight.




Because even without magic.. I can now get clothes, carriages or anything I could possibly want.

Huh? This?

What do you think?

Does it look good on me?

Really? Haha, you saying that I look like a prince is making me feel all embarrassed.

I’m actually… going to marry the Queen.

It’s actually not much longer until the King dies.

If I marry the Queen, I can be crowned King – almost immediately.

That castle will then belong to me.

Not just the castle, but everything in this country.

I’m going to take you to the castle now.




A carriage is waiting for us outside.

Let’s go.

What’s wrong?

“What do you mean”….?

Well, like I said… you can start living in the castle from now on.

It is practically my castle now after all.

That’s right, but is there a problem?

I just want to tell you just in case, but I don’t love the Queen at all.

I’m only marrying her as it’s the only way for me to become King. That’s all there is to it.

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always been dreaming of this day.

I made a vow that no matter what, I will someday get myself out of the hell that I was constantly living in.




That’s why I went to the magician in Grimm city every midnight to ask for his favour.

In order to be able to meet the Queen, I asked him to make it so that I can have time with her. To keep up with appearances – he dressed me up properly with magic.

Long before I first met you, I’ve already been going to see the Queen every night.

I approached the Queen slowly and cautiously so that she doesn’t suspect a thing. All my hard work  has finally paid off and now she’s completely obsessed with me.

Apparently, she is quite especially infatuated with my face…. Hahaha.




However, the magic disappears every sunrise. Thanks to that, it was quite troublesome.

Thankfully, that kind of lifestyle has reached its end.

With these two hands… I’ve finally achieved my goal…

From now on, I can do whatever I like.

The time is coming when my wish is finally going to come true.

Anyway, you should come with me now.

I’ll give you the most stunning room in the castle.




I think my servants are about to finish preparing your room.

If there’s absolutely anything you don’t like. Let me know and I’ll arrange everything to exactly how you want it.

Dresses and shoes… I’ll buy you everything you want.

I can even get them tailor-made.

… Ah, Why? … Does this not make you happy?

You’re still bothered by that?

Like I told you earlier, I really have no feelings for the Queen.

The only person I love from the very depths of my heart… is you. Okay?




Why are you making such a face?

Do you not believe me?

Then… why? I worked really hard for you…

And if you reject me now, I’d…

To think that I love you so much… … even wanting to be with you so much…

Is that true…?

I feel a little relieved.

Sorry… Looks like I only thought about myself…

You’re such a kind girl…

Of course you would feel concerned for the Queen…

Why didn’t I realize this sooner…

But I still can’t leave you in this run-down house forever.




I feel worried about you, you know…

It doesn’t have to be immediately.

Can you give it a bit more of a thought and consider living in the castle?

I’ll try to think of a good idea too.

I just have one more favour to ask of you.

We’re going to have a coronation at the castle in a week.

I want to invite you to the ball after the ceremony.

I want to show you that I truly became King. That’s okay, right?

Thank you.

Then I’ll send someone over to pick you up.

I’ll be waiting for you… hehe.


Track 5


Ah! You’ve come!

I welcome you to my castle!

Well then, since you’ve come, let’s get started.

A ball just for the two of us.

It’s exactly what I meant by that.

The coronation ended successfully and I’ve become the King of this country.

There is not a single person who can disobey my orders now.

Traditions of the Royal Family can be altered according to my will.

That’s why I’ve cancelled the ball.

It’s because the only person I want to dance and hold hands with… is you.




I’ve been waiting for this day to come.

I’ve always prayed that I would never have to let go of your hand ever again.

Hey, take a look at these.

Don’t they look beautiful?

They’re glass slippers which have been passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom within the Royal Family.

The Queen, who is of Royal blood wore them at the coronation. It has been a tradition for 100’s of years.

It’s such a pity though… the poor woman who was supposed to wear them…

Ah……. they broke…

It shattered into a million pieces…

It’s more than good enough for me that the only princess for me… is you.




Not to mention… now you won’t need to worry about anything anymore in order to live here, right?

Hahaha…. Hahaha…!!

Now… nobody can… and will get in our way… ever again.

We can now live here together forever and ever…

I can live here alone with you… the one who I love most…

Huh? Where are you going?

Don’t tell me that… you’re intending to deny me?

Ah.. that’s right…

You’re a very kind girl.

There’s no way you’d ever leave me by myself now…




If I were to lose you…

I really won’t be able to continue living anymore.

There’s no way I would be able to endure it.

Your existence, in and of itself is what gives meaning to my life.

I will surely make you happy… no matter what it takes…

So please… always be mine… in this very castle…

… And smile only for me… okay?

You really are… such a good girl.

I love you so much…




Ah… it’s already midnight…

But it’s of no concern to us anymore…

How about we dance… and celebrate our joyous times together..

Come much closer to me…

Ah… I’m so happy…

Being with you… truly makes me so happy…

It must have been fate for me to meet you that day in Grimm city.

And… for us to be united like this… must also be destiny.




Hey… show me your face.

The face that I love so much.. please show it to me…

Ah.. What is this? Your face looks more serious than usual.

Could you perhaps… be nervous?

You should already try and get used to living in the castle soon…

Don’t worry. You must have gotten too used to living in the place you’ve been hiding at. You’ll definitely have fun living here in the castle eventually.

And then you’ll happily smile for me again… won’t you?




Ah, no wonder I couldn’t find you.

I didn’t think you’d be here.

What were you doing?

I’ve already told you repeatedly to tell me whenever you’re going to leave the room.

There are many dangers outside this castle.

It’s not safe for you to leave by yourself.

I’ve taken precautionary measures and strengthened the security around the castle to protect you too.

For example, you know that fence on the terrace?

Remember how I told you to never touch them?

It has a highly toxic substance on it. One that can even kill adult males. Hahaha…!




Ah, don’t make such a face.

It’s not like I’m angry.

I just don’t want you to be in any danger.

If I can’t see you for even a moment, I become unbearably worried.

But… I’m okay now. Hugging you like this has made me feel at peace once again.

So you should stop looking so worried too, okay?

Now, let’s go back inside the castle.

It’s probably going to be very chaotic today outside the castle walls.

If we stay here, you might hear something quite unpleasant.

Ah, later on, there’s going to be a public execution of some particularly wicked criminals.




Yes, that’s right.

A woman and two men who have committed unforgivable sins.

Apparently, the three of them are still sleeping since their last supper, but…

Ah. Well… I guess that being executed would mean that they’ll die from that [1]

We won’t kill them immediately though.

First, we need to make sure they suffer plenty.

Do you pity them?

You really are such a compassionate girl.

Don’t worry! In this way, they will actually receive salvation in a sense.

In a short while, they will no longer have to feel tormented every time their shoes get scratched or dirty… haha.




Actually, I guess they won’t even be able to think about their shoes at all, haha!

Anyway, don’t worry. There’s no need for you to get involved in this.

You don’t have to worry about anything that goes on outside this castle.

You just need to stay with me and be happy.

Ah, that’s right.

The jeweler just came. I wanted to order more jewelry for you.

He showed me a few designs. It looks like both the necklace and ring are going to turn out beautifully.




I hope they’ll be done soon!

I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with them.

Hey… is there anything else you want next?

A dress? How about some more shoes?

Or do you want to eat something extremely rare?

I’ll do everything and anything… however and exactly as you wish.

It’s also my earnest desire as the King of this country.

It doesn’t matter how much money it would cost.

Come on, there’s really no need to hold yourself back.

Haha. You truly are so selfless.



You’re still not willing to open up to me even when I’ve asked you so persistently…

It’s fine though.

I’ll do whatever I can think of to please you. I want you to always remain happy here.

There’s really nothing in this world that I consider precious… apart from you.




We should go now… my one and only love.. the only one who I cherish more than anyone else… my lovely princess…

As soon as we go back to our room, I will show you how much I love you…

I won’t let anyone get in our way.

Nobody will ever be able to tear us apart.

From here and now.. let’s always… always be together… forever


Notes :

[1] Cinderella is clearly aware what an execution entails. He was just saying it like in a mocking or like dark humor sort of way.


Track 6


Once upon a time, there was a girl.

She didn’t get along with her family very well.

The girl went out every night into the city because she didn’t want to be at home.

One day while she was walking through the city at night, some adults she has never seen before came and apprehended her.

It looked like they were trying to take her back home.

The girl resisted because she didn’t want to go back.

However, the adults were strong and the girl’s attempts at resisting were futile.

Just when she was about to give up – their hands suddenly loosened their grip on her.




It looked like their attention was on the boy who was walking past them.

He had wounds all over his body and was bleeding.

As the adults went over to the boy who looked like he was about to collapse, the girl took this chance and ran away.

She managed to avoid being captured.

A few days later when the girl was walking through the city again, she met a boy who she felt she had seen before.




He was the boy who was covered in wounds and walked past her the other night.

The girl had felt guilty about running away that day.

She felt like she had used him to get away from the adults.

She was also concerned about what happened to the boy afterwards.

She gathered her courage and approached him.

However, the boy didn’t even notice that the girl was there the other night.




The girl still thanked him because she knew that it was because of him that she managed to get away.

The boy was a little bewildered, but was happy regardless.

Because of this, they became good friends.

When they realised that they both had family problems and couldn’t stay at home, they started to talk whenever they happened to see each other at night.

They got along, as they were in similar circumstances.

The girl started to have affections for the boy, and the boy started to develop feelings for the girl.

The time they spent together increased everyday.




One day, the boy said, “since we both don’t have anywhere to go, why don’t we try living together?”

The girl was surprised at how sudden he was, but she was actually very happy about the confession from the boy she loved.

Seeing the girl’s reaction, he took her to the suburbs.

There was an empty house.

The boy said to the girl, “This is our castle from today onward.”

From that day, they started to live in the castle together.

The empty house was broken in many places, but living there was happiness itself to the girl.




It wasn’t a luxurious lifestyle, but the kind boy was always by her side.

She had never felt so fulfilled in her life.

However, such a lifestyle didn’t last long.

The boy no longer wanted the girl to ever leave the house.

He was worried that she will some day leave his side.

When she asked him why, he started to explain slowly.

The boy said that he used to have a girlfriend he loved, but was betrayed after having done so much for her.

The girl, who found out about the boy’s scars, thought that she didn’t want him to be sad anymore.




The girl stopped going outside, and spent the whole day in the empty house.

The boy began to love her even more passionately.

He gave a satisfied smile as he looked at the girl who was obediently staying at home.

He said in a kind voice, “I love you.”

He was the one who prepared dinner.

Anything he cooked tasted delicious, so she ate everything he prepared.

The boy would look at her satisfied and happy.

The look in his eyes expressed just how much he adored her from the bottom of his heart.

After some time though, the girl started to sense something odd.




Whenever she finished eating, she would sleep as if she lost consciousness.

One day, because of the nice weather – she went to the front door.

She wasn’t actually planning to go anywhere.

All she wanted was to breathe in some fresh air.

However, the boy saw this and became furious.

He yelled out, “Are you also going to run away from me?” and forcefully dragged her back inside at the same time. He then added, “Do you… also want to become like her? Do you want to stay in the house’ dungeon forever?”




The boy didn’t say anything else after that.

However, the girl understood what he was trying to say.

She then realised that she would never be able to leave this boy.

Ultimately, the girl slept even longer than the last.

She finally fell into a deep sleep; A kind of slumber which she would never be able to wake up from.




In her dreams, she’s trapped in a horror where she’ll never be able to escape.

The girl who was able to lead a blissful life within her fairytale-like nightmare – would be his forever and ever… so happily ever after.


FREE TALK with Toriumi Kousuke


Hello, I’m Kosuke Toriumi, acting as Cinderella, the prince of Grimm city.

Thank you for your hard work.

From here, we’re going to have a free-talk time.

Please stay with me for a while.

Well then, the first question. My impression of the recording.

My impression of the recording is basically the same as any other.

Yes, it’s true. I actually don’t have much to say.

It’s usually something like, “I finished early”, or “it was hard today.”

That’s about it. Or maybe, “I spoke a lot today.” To be honest, that’s all there is. Haha.

I think I recorded at a good pace, so it was a good recording. I think.




Next question. Please tell us a scene in the story you really liked.

Let’s see… a favourite scene…

Cinderella is initially very admirable, but … he’s actually… actually…

Something like that?

I like the way we can have glimpses of his changes… or his dual character…

I intended to make very subtle changes in how I presented him in the start, middle and end.




It would be great if you can listen and pick out how I changed in different scenes.

It says in the script how I should act out the line, but I feel like I’m being tested, whether you can notice the changes in my acting without these cues. Please listen to everything.

Something that happened recently which I wished were a mere dream.

I guess this would mean something bad, right? Let’s see…

Like “gahhh I’m late! I hope this is a dream,” kind of thing?

Well, that would be a rather small incident.

I wonder… hm…



it’s not like something dramatically terrible has happened to me recently.

This is difficult.

I don’t really have dreams either. When I was small, I never had dreams.

Can you tell I’m trying to divert this question?

Um… something I wished were a dream. This is hard.

I mean, let’s pretend that something like that happened. Then it has to be something pretty terrible!

I guess it would be so terrible I wouldn’t be able to share it here!

Therefore… to be honest… I don’t really have anything like that recently… even if I did, I don’t think I’d share it!





If I could be a character from the Grimm Fairytales, what would I be? Something other than what I just recorded.

I see. Grimm Fairytales… huh?

Every character from this series is from the Grimm Fairytales, right?

What else is there?

Let’s research this.

I’m researching this.

“Grimm Fairytales.”




Come to think of it, they became really popular once. The scary series.

The Frog Prince… The Wolf and The Seven Little Goats…

Rapunzel? Really?

Hansel and Gretel…

Yes, Haikaburi-san (Dust covered-san, Japanese name for Cinderella), the one I just recorded.

I see… Sleeping Beauty… Snow White is also? Interesting.

Really? I see. I get it now.

There are… no characters I would like to become.




Well, I would prefer a happy character if anything.

Sorry, my phone’s ringing like crazy because I didn’t turn it off.

I’ll turn it off, I’m sorry.

A character that can become happy.

If it’s a princess story, the main character is not a male character.

A story with a male protagonist. I have a feeling he won’t have a happy ending.

I wonder…

I thought Cinderella is quite good, but you told me I have to choose something other than Cinderella.




I can’t think of any. This is difficult.

I don’t want a particularly adventurous life, I just want to live happily and peacefully.

Right. Yes. Sorry, I researched but I couldn’t find a character I wanted to become!

Ah, it’s already the end. A message for those who are listening to me.

I did the second part of this series. The second part… a story based on Cinderella.




What did you think? It was a rather dark story.

It wasn’t a simple happy ending. I wonder what mood you’re in when you’re listening to this.

I like happy endings, so I don’t really actively seek to listen or watch these kinds of vague, gloomy endings.

Hm, well as a voice actor, it’s quite fun to act out these dark characters.

I was quite into it, so please enjoy it.




My stomach’s growling. I’m hungry.

Anyway, thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed it.

I will end this… really empty talk. Thanks for sticking around till the end.

That was Kosuke Toriumi, playing the part of Cinderella, the prince of Grimm city.

Let’s meet again. Good-bye.