Jigoku Onsen Gensenkake Nagashi Kiyomori Translation
黄泉戀湯浴み 地獄温泉~源泉かけ流し~
Seiyuu : 梶 裕貴 – Kaji Yuuki
Release Date : April 27, 2016
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Overview : \ \ \٩(。•ㅅ•。)و/ / / WOO HOO! FINALLY!! First translation for Kaji Yuuki that I posted here, haha. It also had to be a character that’s pretty… intense – LOL! To be honest, this took me forever to edit. I think this has been saved as a draft for more than 2 months already I think? Anyway, I found it interesting that I seem to have warmed up to him a bit better this time around than when I first listened to his CD with the original translation.

Again, it’s fairly different from Ranmaru and Kira’s stories. I suppose I have 3 left for this series that I need to put up and edit as well. TuT

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Track 1


Well…. Well!

You’ve arrived. Welcome!

You must be here on a reservation you made to stay at the Ichinoyu [1].

We’ve been expecting you.

Thank you for coming from so far away!

I am the manager of Ichinoyu.

They usually call me, Kiyomori.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me for anything that you may need.

I bet you’re tired from such a long trip — let me guide you inside right away.

Please relax to your heart’s content in our establishment’s most prided bath.

Welcome to Jigoku Onsen!



But you really surprised me though…

I mean, I didn’t expect that the first class guest that was coming to the Ichinoyu would be such a young lady.

The first class guests who usually pay us a visit tend to be deputies who work directly under Enma-sama [2].

I am pleased and honored to be allowed to serve someone as young and adorable as you.

Were you recommended to us by someone?

I see. Hearing that makes me very happy!

They must have enjoyed their stay if they even recommended you to us!



Here at Jigoku Onsen, there are 5 baths in total.

They vary in size, spring quality and benefits.

Each of them are special in their own right.

No two baths are alike.

Out of all the guests, well the first class guests to be more specific, are those who get to bathe first.

They will be served exclusively by that said inn’s best of the best.

You could even say that they’re given a special treatment…

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the manager of Ichinoyu is me, so…

I’ll be the one personally attending to you throughout your entire stay.

That not only applies to your baths, but during your meals as well.

I’ll be the one guiding you around…

Also if necessary, I’ll even join you at night…



Hehe! Pardon me.

That last one I mentioned was just a joke.

On the other hand, if it’s for someone like you I wouldn’t mind it too much.

Ah! It looks like the preparations for the first bath are complete!

So this is the Ichinoyu — please step inside!



The time right now is reserved for the first class guests.

In other words, it’s a time for you… and only you.

There isn’t anyone else here, so please enjoy yourself without any worries.

Yes, how may I help you?

That’s right. Assisting you at the Onsen is my main purpose.

I am the manager, after all.

Don’t worry.

At our Onsen, to ensure nothing unpleasant happens to our guests – we ask all of them to wear yukatabiras.

As you well know, we are all sinners.

After all, we were sentenced to work here for all eternity as punishment.

Hence, there are some guests who do not wish to be touched directly by such filthy hands.

Well, I certainly can’t blame them.

We should have been sent to the 8 levels of Hell as retribution for committing such grave sins…

And yet here we are… working in an Onsen…

I suppose, there are certain reasons for that as well…

But ever since I began working at this Yuya [3], I’ve found my raison d’être.

So I do admit that I’m much more mellow now compared to how I was in the past.



And that’s why… I no longer bare my fangs now.

You have nothing to be anxious about.

By the way, Miss, do you know the beneficial properties of the water in this onsen?

Then, let me explain it briefly.

Ichinoyu’s hot spring is mostly made up of carbon dioxide.

As its name states, it’s water that contains large amounts of carbon dioxide.

In order to attain this, we made sure that the water is not overly hot.

Extreme heat would only neutralize the carbon dioxide, so we intentionally keep the bath at a lower temperature.

If you are currently suffering from nerve pains, this bath is very effective!

I don’t know if that would be helpful in your case, but other people can enjoy this bath too so don’t worry.




Now you’re all dressed and ready.

As expected of the head of this onsen, being able to put on the yukatabira without you noticing was mere child’s play.

Now, all you need to do is leave everything else to me.

Well, we’re good to go!

Let’s head over before our bodies get cold!


Note :

[1] Ichinoyu – The first bathhouse
[2] Enma – Lord of Hell
[3] Yuya – Another word for ‘Onsen’


Track 2


Whether it be the size, health benefits or even the abilities of the staff – This bathhouse is the best in Jigoku Onsen if I do say so myself.

It deserves the name, ‘Ichinoyu’.

I’d love for you to enjoy this bath as soon as possible… but being rash or impatient will actually be bad for your health.



First off, let’s get your body to adjust to the water’s temperature.

I’ll pour the water all over you little by little.

So please Miss – just stay as you are…

Oh, if you could just move your legs forward for me.

Please be mindful of your yukatabira so you don’t accidentally bare your legs.



That’s fine.

Now, let’s start with your toes…

How are you liking it?

It’s not so hot, is it?

This is one of the characteristics of our onsen’s water.

Next will be your hips…

It doesn’t feel bad, does it?

Oh, it’s just…

Some guests don’t like the way it feels when the yukatabiras stick to their skin.

It’s an important rule, so I can’t have you take it off but…

If you are feeling uncomfortable because of that, I could roll it up a bit for you?

Well, if you say so.

Then, I’ll be pouring some more over your shoulders now.



It feels good, right?

It feels great when the bubbles break and the water gently cascades down your skin…

Even if it doesn’t feel like that just yet, I’ll make sure it does right away.

Okay, that should be enough.

Thank you for your patience. You may now enter the bath.



Watch your step.

Okay, slowly now…

How is it?

Having bubbles surround your entire being?

I’m honored.

I’ll be joining you now.

Oh. Don’t mind me, you don’t need to move.

I won’t be entering the actual bath.

Could you please extend one hand to me?

No need to be on guard.

Sitting in the best bath and getting the best service…

That’s definitely how Jigoku Onsen is meant to be enjoyed!

Now, your hand?

I will make you feel so heavenly that you’d forget that you’re actually in Hell.



Thank you.

Blood circulation increases when you massage it like this.

The stimulation you get from the massage also increases the effectiveness of an Onsen’s helpful attributes.

You have such pretty hands…

Please, don’t be so modest.

Oh? You’re a little tense here…

Are you actually more worn down than you look?

Pardon me, obviously you came here because you are fatigued…

There aren’t many other reasons to come to an Onsen usually.

We can’t have you go home still tired, so let’s rub these knots out of your body.



Yes, what is it?

Of course.

Go ahead and talk to me about anything you’d like to.

Conversing with our guests so that they don’t get bored is also a part of my duties.

Rumors, you say?

Like what… of the Ichinoyu?

Well, well…

I hope they’re good rumors.

But judging from the look on your face, I suppose that’s not the case?



Ah… Someone is plotting something heinous here at the Ichinoyu?

Now who in the world would be plotting something…?

I have no idea.

There are a lot of things that are forbidden here at the Yuya.

However, leaving the bathhouse, an Oni uprising is no doubt an insolent act to those in power.

Not to mention betraying Enma-sama as well are considered serious crimes, I believe.

In other words, the rumors indicate that there might be someone who works at the Ichinoyu that’s been plotting something despicable?

To be honest, what you’ve heard just sounds like idle gossip.

If there was anyone like that, as the head of this establishment – I think I would be able to notice right away.



Oh. Or could it be that you are trying to suggest that I am the conspirator?

Indeed, I am a sinner; though it was during a time of war, I’ve killed many men.

For the sake of the world and my birthplace, I’ve conquered provinces, seized the rights to rule, stole treasures, selfishly monopolized and made them my own.

As a result, I was sent to Hell but…

Due to my actions I was not allowed into the 8 levels of Hell.

It was decided I would suffer the punishment of never-ending labor here at Jigoku Onsen.

Of course if those are the only things you’ve heard of, then one can only conclude that I am most likely just a vile and wicked person.

This is an undeniable truth — no one in Hell would deny it.

It really can’t be helped that such a rumor would spread.

It’s as they say; “Smoke does not rise where there is no fire.”

… Excuse me.

Your right hand next, please?



My sins will never leave me, but I can be repentant.

I decided to accept my sins and live here in Hell.

I believe that in and of itself should serve to fix all the wrongdoings that I’ve committed during my lifetime.

That’s why I have no desire to go against Enma-sama.

I’m sure the other Oni would agree.

With that being said however, it’s still difficult to prove that.

I can only hope that when you see the work I do daily, you’d believe that I’ve had a change of heart.

In order for that to happen, I’ll have to put in extra effort into serving you to ease your doubts.



“One look is worth a lot more than a hundred rumors,” or so they say.

You see?

For a start, let’s pour some water down your back.

Please, come out of the water.

You may sit on this chair here.

Watch your step.

I may have mentioned that I’d put in “extra effort”, but all our guests are to be treated equally.

As the head of this onsen, I’m not usually allowed favorites.

Can you keep what I’m about to do a secret?

I’m about to do something special… only for you.

I’ll make you feel amazing.

Today we’ll use this special soap.

Can you recognize this scent?


Tsubaki [1] soap is a luxury so we hardly ever use it.

The scent, the bubbles it produces and even the texture when it’s rubbed on one’s skin will all feel incredible.

Rather than just saying this with my mouth, experiencing it firsthand with your skin is quicker.

Excuse me.



Oh, your neck is quite alluring too.

It looks even softer than the foam from this Tsubaki soap.

Oh no, it’s not flattery.

Unfortunately, these lips cannot lie.

It’s very beautiful.

It makes me want to touch it with my bare fingers.

Sadly, I cannot do that as an employee of this onsen.

If I were in a different position though…

I would definitely touch it… immediately even.

I bet it would look beautiful if I marked your skin with a red flower.

Maybe they wouldn’t mind if I made just one…



Excuse me, I was out of line.

Please forget it.

I was much too tempted by your alluring neck.

Honestly, devotion indeed!

I must cast aside these impure feelings.

Let’s wrap this up quickly, before you feel chilly.

Once we’re done washing, sit in the tub a little longer and take your time warming up this time.

But do be careful of taking long baths.

Hnm.. your ears have turned red.

It wouldn’t do for you to get dizzy.



A change of kimono, an overcoat, a handkerchief…

Okay. That should do it.

Now to take the guest’s kimono to the laundry staff…

Mm?… What’s that?

A medicine case?

She doesn’t look like she’d be carrying something so high class…

This is…!

Is that woman…?

No, it can’t be!

Hey! Anyone!

You over there! You’ll do.


Tell the chefs that there’s been a change of plan for the banquet.

Make sure that everything we serve are of the finest quality!


Can’t you just do what I told you?!

I don’t care if it’s impossible!

Just do it!

Tell them they’ll be exiled if they can’t do it.

That should be enough to convince them.

There’s even another type of punishment awaiting Onis that have been exiled from the onsen.

Even you should know this.

If you understand, then do it.

Use everything we have.

For today’s guest…

It’s worth it.

Now go already!

If it’s not ready in time, I’ll make sure you join them and be exiled too!

… Useless slacker.



There’ll never be another opportunity like this…

No way am I letting it go!

Oh? Out already?

Very well then, this way please.

We’ve prepared a change of kimono.

Once you’ve changed, we can head to the banquet.

Ichinoyu’s elite cooks have put their all into it.

I’m sure it will definitely be satisfactory.



Come on!

Bring much, much more!

Dear guest, how does it taste?

I’m sure the cooks will be honored to receive such praise.

Please don’t mind me and just eat as much as you like!

Everything was prepared for you.

Especially this sashimi, it’s exceedingly rare and is called the “Miracle Fish” [1]

Here, please have some!

I’ve heard it tastes similar to fish that have white meat.

It should be light and should hopefully suit your tastes…

How is it?

Oh, I’m so glad!

I had a hard time acquiring that fish as they’re hardly ever caught, but it was all worth it!

I’m sure your compliments will make the chefs that arranged it feel the same.

No need to hold back.

Please keep eating!

Here, try this fish too…



Dear guest, what seems to be the matter?

It seems like you haven’t eaten much in a while.

You don’t… feel very well?

Oh my, you don’t look too well…

It doesn’t seem like you have a fever…

Do you feel nauseous?

In any case, you’d better lie down.

There’s no need to apologize.

Please excuse me for a bit.

I’ll bring you to your room right away.

I know you must be feeling terrible, but you won’t have to wait long.

You’ll be better right away.


[1] Miracle – A miracle in the sense that it’s hardly ever caught.


Track 3


Aren’t you the one in charge of the chefs?!

Don’t play dumb.

I know everything that goes on in this bathhouse.

You know why you were punched, don’t you?

Tell me.

Whose fault do you think it was that this happened to a guest?!

Do you think that groveling like that would make me forgive you?

Don’t make me laugh.


That woman is right at the top even amongst all the high class guests we’ve ever had!

And yet you screwed up and gave her food poisoning…

If you have time to make excuses…!

Give up your life as an apology…

… Is what I’d like to say, but all the oni who work here can’t die.

I’ll just let you off easy and exile you.

Of course, there’s a punishment worse than death awaiting those who’ve been exiled…


Never show your face here again.

You good-for-nothing!



Oh! My dear guest!

Why — This area is only for the employees who work here.

Also… Are you well enough to walk about?…

Really? But, you still don’t look very good.

You’ll get cold if you stay here so let’s return to your room.

You should still be lying down.

I’ll lead the way.



Here you go.

Some water.

You seemed to be sweating a lot, so you should hydrate yourself.

I am so terribly sorry for what happened today.

I assume the reason behind your ill health is food poisoning.

Because our supervision was lacking, we have caused harm to you…

We apologize deeply.

We will do our absolute best to never have something like this happen again.

I have told my employees to be more careful, so I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us.




I’m not too sure what you are talking about?

Who hit whom?

Eh…? I… beat up my subordinate?

Ah… so you did see that.

“There was no need to hit him”…you say.

Well, it couldn’t be helped.

They wouldn’t have understood with anything less.

Besides… you should have kept your mouth shut and pretended not to have seen anything.

For me to say that you have a great sense of justice would sound quite dignified, but you’re just an idiot from my point of view.

Hah. Your stunned face just looks so dumb…

If you were watching me earlier, you already know that this is who I really am.

If the cat’s out of the bag, then there’s no longer any need to hide anymore is there?

I thought I’d get you to like me, since you’re Lord Enma’s daughter and all…

But… It’s just too troublesome to do that now.

You probably thought you were able to hide it, but I know everything.

That medicine case that you own.

It has an insignia printed on it, doesn’t it?

That insignia is only owned by the direct blood relatives of Enma-sama…

I saw it with my own eyes.

So, what is Enma-sama’s daughter doing here?

And in disguise no less?

I really doubt it’s for sight seeing.

If that were the case, you would’ve been better off coming as yourself to receive a better welcome.

Well, I’ve already more or less guessed the gist of it.

It has something to do with the rumors you mentioned before, doesn’t it?



What were those rumors again?…

I… was planning something… heinous, wasn’t it?

I bet you were told that I’ve amassed an army to revolt against Enma-sama and was sent here to investigate.

You admit it.

Enma dares make assumptions based on my life in the living realm.

He’s so simple-minded.

So, Miss Spy, did you figure out the truth of it?

Tell you?

Hah! You obviously haven’t dug anything up yet!

Well unfortunately, I don’t know anything.

If you think I’m the kind of guy who would tell you just because you asked…

You’re seriously mistaken.

Are you confused because I was so polite towards you?

If that’s the case, maybe you should learn a lesson?



Don’t be scared!

I have no interest in hitting a woman.

But… there are other methods.

Judging by your reaction in the bath, you’re bound to give me plenty of entertainment.


You’re annoying.

I already told you that I know nothing.



You’re still trying to act strong considering you’re already on the verge of crying.

If you’re so curious, I suppose I’ll tell you.

You wanted to know if I was planning something.

In other words, you think I’m going to rebel alongside my underlings.

That’s ridiculous and obviously impossible.

Even if I wanted to crush Enma, I’d never join up with a party.

Even if there were hundreds or thousands of them, the idiots here wouldn’t be able to pull anything off.

Tell Enma that the rumors are baseless and completely false…

That they’re such absurd lies, anyone would have loved to point their fingers and laugh at all those who believe in them!

Enma’s lost his nerve if he panicked over some rumor that he’d go so far as sending a spy.

Perhaps I should be thankful for the opportunity that’s presented, though.

Well, wouldn’t you think so?

The all-powerful ruler’s daughter showed up on my doorstep!

What else could this be but a good opportunity?

There’s no way I’m letting this go…

I’ll be using you to set my plan into motion.



You’re not going anywhere.

Don’t be so fearful…

I’ve always had an ambitious dream.

I’ll just be using you to achieve it.

I won’t be making you do anything bad… it won’t be anything violent.

You’ll just be doing one thing : Write to Enma, asking: “Tell me how to return to the living world.”

Falling to hell and being taken up to heaven all depends on Enma’s will.

I am sure he knows how to send my soul back to the living realm.

Whether it’s impossible or not is not up to you.

My reasons are obvious!

I’m going to return and once again recreate the age of Heishi [1] with my own two hands!

It doesn’t matter which era I would end up in as long as I am there when we take over the nation.

So I am obviously returning to the living realm!

I’ve been determined since the moment I’ve fallen to Hell!

That being said, it’s not easy for a sinner to approach Enma to ask how.

But… it’s different for you.

You’re Enma’s daughter. All you have to do is just bat your eyes.

It goes without saying that I’d have to use you.

Write one letter. That’s all you need to do.

You can do it, can’t you?

Do you plan on refusing me?

Don’t misunderstand.

I’m not asking you. I’m ordering you to.

I have no intention of listening to your feelings nor to any of your objections.

If you understand, then do what I say.

Don’t go against me.

If you listen well, I don’t mind giving you some liberties.

I’ll give you something much better than Enma.



You dare…!

Do you know what you’ve just done?!

For someone so weak, you don’t seem to know your place!

Make no mistake.

I did say that I wouldn’t be rough but if you think it meant that I wouldn’t touch you, then you’re in for a rude awakening.

I told you there are plenty of other methods.

Shall I show you how to make a woman bend to your will?

I’ll make you think about it every night, that “You’re better off dead…”



Someone’s calling me…

Those idiots… What have they managed to screw up now?

I’m going, but you stay right here.

Got it?

You’re uncooperative and I don’t like you, but you’re useful.

And just so you know, there’s no point in trying to run.

Those underlings are useless but they make up for it in numbers.

They’ll follow my orders to their graves.

They’d be exiled otherwise if they don’t.

In short, if I say “Don’t let that woman get away”, you won’t be able to run anywhere.

You don’t want to be watched, chased or confined, do you?

So stay here… quietly.

As long as you listen to what I say, then I’ll continue treating you as a guest from now on as well.

I bet that was what you were planning to do anyway when you were sent here to begin with.

In the meantime, I’ll make sure that you’ll write me that letter – no matter what.

Without further ado, I welcome you with open arms…

Welcome to Jigoku Onsen!


Note :

[1] Heishi – was a powerful political noble party/family, who were in power during the Heian period of Japanese history. Tairano Kiyomori, the character’s namesake, was the one who brought the clan to political power.


Track 4


Tsk! You’re still sleeping?!

Get up already!

It’s time for breakfast!

Moving so damn slowly…

Do you want to be overpowered like you were yesterday?

You’re finally awake.

Get up! Come on!


Why else?! I’m going to dress you, duh!

I already told you I would still treat you like a guest. (I think I’d feel better if she was just left alone if that’s the case to be completely honest, LMAO!)

Helping you get ready in the morning’s part of the job!

Oh? Well…. suit yourself.

If that’s how you want to look like, then whatever – be my guest.

You look like a mess, but I guess you don’t mind that?

A woman with such horrible sleeping habits…

Hah! Even if I were to see something, I could care less!

You think way too highly of yourself.

Ugh, just stand still already.

I’ve only got to do stuff like this for a little while longer…

I’ll be back in the living realm in just a few more days anyway.

Since you’re going to be my last guest, I’ll put extra effort into taking care of you.

Come on, let’s get this fixed! Move your hands!

If you had just let me do it in the first place, it would’ve been a thousand times quicker!

Move them already!

That’s good enough.

Now don’t move.




Done in the blink of an eye, if I do it.

Let’s finish up with the obi.

Raise your arms.

There. That’s better.

You’re a lot more docile than you were last night.

I’d be a lot sweeter to you if you were always like this.

What’s with that look on your face? You got something you wanna say to me?

I already told you that I’d treat you like a guest!

Besides, I have to keep up the façade of attending to a first-class guest or else they’ll give me more unnecessary work.

I’d have to sit at the reception desk if I’m not attending to a guest.

What are you saying now?

I told you yesterday I’ll be using you.

I wasn’t just talking about the letter.

Well? Where’s your sense of gratitude?

I bet rich girls like you can’t even tie your own obi without the help of a maid.

I just helped you do something you can’t — so you should be bowing and thanking me.

Am I wrong?

You actually said it. How boring.

We’re going for breakfast. Come.



Oh, good morning!~

Did you have a good night’s sleep?

I’m so glad to hear that!

Oh, are you returning home today?

Please be careful on the road!

We await your next visit!

Please favor Ichinoyu next time as well!

… Don’t look at me so much, it’s really unpleasant.

I’ll just let you know now, but I won’t be treating you like that ever again.

I feel nauseous just thinking about it.

Ah? Don’t you dare look so disgruntled, you’re not an ordinary gue—

Oh~, for the Peach Garden Room you’ll want to go straight through here!

The peach-colored sign should catch your eye!



… Didn’t I just tell you not to stare?!

Why would it be tiring? I’ve been here for such a long time.

I don’t think anything of it anymore.

Of course, in the beginning I didn’t want to.

I did think “Why do I have to do this?” at first.

But… if I take this punishment lightly and get assigned to something worse, it’d only make it more difficult for me to return to the living realm.

If that happened, I may not even be able to walk with my own two feet.

In which case, keeping my head down until the opportunity presents itself is the wisest course of action.

I could withstand days like this, if I just thought of it as a way for me to pass the time till that day comes.



Who was responsible for that?!



I have no use for trash that can’t even carry a plate — there’s a limit to one’s patience.

There are countless of others like him here.

There are so many of them and yet they’re all useless.

It’s only natural to become fed up with such a place, no?



So, you’re saying, to you – they seem exceptional? Really?

Oh? Where abouts?

Well? Tell me.

Hah, you’re really an idiot.

Ichinoyu maintains its prestige because of me!

It’s not because they’re talented or for whatever other reason.

It’s all thanks to me.

It works because I’m here taking charge.

That’s all there is to it.

Hey, for how long exactly are you going to keep yapping for?…

If I say that’s it, that means there is no other reason!

All of you should just obey me!

If you understand this, then don’t talk back.

Why is everyone so infuriating?!



Oi! Move the empty plates already!

How long does it take for you to learn this?!

What is with this food?!

It’s absolutely pathetic!

If we serve this, Ichinoyu’s name would be tarnished!

Well?? What are you going to do about this?!

… Ah? What did you just say?

So you think that because I fired the head chef yesterday, the quality of the food has declined? Oh, do you now?

You’re acting pretty superior for an incompetent lackey…

You think you have any right to talk back to me?

You think too highly of yourself!!!

I don’t need you anymore.

All of you other idiots who are involved in preparing this… never come back to Ichinoyu!


You disgust me.

Well, don’t just stand there!! Clean this up!!!

Can you not do anything without orders?!

… Just how far do they want to push me?

You too! Don’t eat so damn slowly!

All this is making me feel ill.

We’re leaving.

This isn’t even worth eating.

I said “Let’s go!”

Once we get to your room, write that letter to Enma!

I can’t stand living in this dump anymore!


Track 5


You know what to write already, don’t you?

Go on then. On that paper.

You don’t have the right to decide whether it’s futile.

Shut up and pick up the brush!

Write, “Tell me the way to return to the living realm.”

Exactly like that.

You don’t… want to know what’ll happen if you don’t.

I didn’t do it in the bath, but do you want me to leave a red mark on your neck?

No… That’s too easy.

I could leave my mark all over you… not just your neck.

If you don’t want that, then start writing already.


Are you still resisting?

I already answered that question.

I told you, I’m building an age of the Heishi.

Sure, I ruled the nation once.

But that didn’t last forever.

The Heishi fell into ruin in the end.

All because I died from a sickness.

Everything was taken from us the second I passed — the second I was gone!

Do you know what that means?

As long as I am there, the Heishi can achieve greatness once more!

I’m the only one who can lead the Heishi to the top.

No matter who says, I’m the only one!

… That’s why I’m returning to the living realm!

I’m going to go back and prove that I was right, to all those who revolted!

I’ll remind the world that the rightful victor was me and the Heishi!



You’re so damn slow that the water’s ready now.

The other guests can’t bathe until the first guest is done.

Come on, let’s go to the bath.

Hey, don’t be so relieved.

Once we’re back from the bath I will make you write it.

I can’t take it anymore! I’m done wasting away in this place!



It’s not here…

… or here!


Hey! Where’s the yukatabira?!

Bring it here already!

Shit! What is going on?!

What do you want… Huh?

The bath is empty!?

The plug was pulled off!

Of course there’s no water!

What the….! — this has never happened before!


I don’t care who it is, just come here!

Can’t you hear me?! Come here!

Is no one around!?

What the hell is going on…!?



How hilarious…

All of Ichinoyu’s staff are missing; I can’t find them no matter where I look.

The kitchen and the laundry room are completely empty.

There was nothing there except for this note!

“We can’t take it anymore”, it says.

They’ve even stamped it.

I guess this is what you’d call, a ‘Strike‘.

They all have obviously been planning this for a while now and decided to run away together.

They should know that leaving is a terrible crime.

Who knows what the punishment that awaits them will even be like?

Or… are they trying to tell me that working under me is worse than receiving severe punishment?

Those idiots!

What’s with that look?

Do you think I deserved this?

Well… you did say I was wrong…

Are you pitying me, perhaps?

Don’t make me laugh.

If you think my feelings are hurt, you’re wrong!

They’ve done absolutely nothing but be frustrating pawns.

In fact, I feel better now that those useless ones are gone!

It’s not like this hasn’t happened before anyway.

There have been those who rebelled against my methods even when I was alive!

I’m used to it.

I won’t do anything…

I was in charge of this Ichinoyu before.

As long as I’m here, I can manage everything by myself!

If they refuse to follow me, then I have no need for them.

As long as I’m here, everything will work out!

I guess that has always been the case no matter where I am.



I’ll go finish the work that’s left…

You go sleep.

You… better not think about escaping.


Track 6


Hey! Don’t walk so slowly!

Hurry up!

Don’t complain!

As the manager, you have to finish a certain amount of work before anyone else is awake!

It’d be too late if we wait until dawn to do all of this.

Are you an idiot?

How can I leave you in your room when you could run away?

At night, the gates are closed to prevent anyone from running away.

They’re open during the day for the guests.

In this situation, I’ll have to personally keep an eye on you.

That’s why you should always remain in my line of sight.

But just because you’re around, doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want!

I won’t have you making more work for me.



Don’t even think about seizing an opportunity to escape.

I don’t need me to remind you what’d happen if you did.

Come on! Walk faster!



First, I need to know who’s coming to the bath house and organize a list to show who’s already here…

Then I need to manage the staff…

The rooms and baths need to be prepared before the guests arrive and once they do, the banquets need to be ready by then…

The other baths can be left to the others in charge, but today Ichinoyu has a guest coming as well…

I’ll have to deal with that…



Today we have one guest at Ninoyu (second bath), a group of guests at Sannoyu (third bath), no guests for Yonnoyu (fourth bath) and Gonoyu (fifth bath) has guests staying for a while.

The others… They come up to about fifty including day-trips.

The staff needs to be spread out evenly…

No, wait. This guest was giving us a lot of trouble the last time they were here.

I should assign another person to attend to this bath.

Right. That’s decided.

Now all I need to do is put up their name tags…

Huh? Can’t you see?

These show where everyone’s going to be working today.

The personnel all come here to look at this and then they need to take note of their responsibilities for the day.

The staff appointment at Jigoku Onsen is decided by the head, that would be me by the way – every single day.

Otherwise, there’d be an uneven distribution of work.

You know… slackers… and it becomes problematic overall…

That should do it.

Hey, we’re moving on to prepare the bath.

Let’s go.



Okay, it needs some cleaning.

You’re in the way so you go sit over there.

I need to check on the futons as well…

No, preparing meals comes first.

As long as I have that, it should all work out.

Speaking of meals, we’re almost out of liquor for the banquets.

A group’s coming to the Peach Garden Room…

I’ll need to make sure it’s set up already within the day.


I’m hosing it down.

If you don’t want to become drenched then move away!



That’s done!

All that’s left is filling up the bath with water.

That should make it go faster!

Let’s go.

Need to prepare the meals while it’s filling up.

Don’t just stand around.

Follow me!



What is this…

There’s hardly any ingredients worth using!

I can’t make anything with this!

We’ll get by today, but… those cooks forgot to order more.

Damn it.

I have to write up an order slip as well…

Wait, they ordered three days ago.

And this is all that’s left?


… Oh, right. It’s because of you.

We changed the menu yesterday and we don’t have enough ingredients now.

Yeah… it’s all your fault.

It’s because I made sure to put out all the stops when I found out you were Enma’s daughter.

Well? What do you have to say for yourself?



No, it’s definitely because of you.

Give it back.

Right now.

Get it out of your stomach.

… Of course I’m joking.

Idiot. Of course there’s no way that’s possible.

Really though… this is so bothersome…

If I make a stew, it should be fine, right?

Uh…What do I need to do to heat this?…

Firewood… but how do I light it?…

Ugh! How am I supposed to do this?!

Huh? Matches?

…… I knew that!

See…? They’re right here!

Hah. I don’t need you to tell me…

See? I was fine on my own.

Huh? It’s not burning at all…

Is there not enough wood?


I don’t need your help.

I can do it all by myself!


Did you say I’m being egotistic just now?

Watch your mouth.

I knew you were rebellious, but don’t get too carried away!

I’m already agitated enough as it is.

Say anything pointless and I’ll force you into silence.

Of course, don’t think that’d be the end of it.

I’ll punish you plenty.

I know…

Take off your obi.

I was just starting to feel really warm…





What is this blazing inferno?!

Everything’s up in flames!




That was really close…

What are you looking at?

That’s right, I’ll have another one of the baths provide the meals.

Anyway, we’ll go check on the bath.

It should be ready by now…


… So?… What’s a plate or two?

Let’s go already!



Wh-What is this?

The whole area’s flooded with water!

We’ve got to stop it!

Ungh! The valve is stuck…

There! That’s good for now.

I got my kimono wet…

What am I going to do about this?

Hopefully it hasn’t reached the changing room…

I really don’t have time for this…

Huh? Don’t scream just ‘cause I took off a layer of clothing!

It clings weirdly when it’s wet and it only makes it hard to move!

If you don’t like it, then don’t look!

The water’s bound to clear up on its own (most likely there’s a drainage system), but the bath bowls and pails are all over the place.

We’ll just have to pick them up by hand.


I won’t put my kimono back on…


No thanks!

I don’t need help from someone as slow as you!

Shut your trap!

Who knows what else you’re going to screw up next if I let you!

I’d rather do it alone and be done quicker than be forced to clean up after you!

Don’t bother doing anything unnecessary!




What are you doing?

Don’t ignore me.

Did you not hear me tell you not to bother?

You’re such a stubborn woman…

I didn’t even ask you to.

Don’t you dare misunderstand.

You did that on your own volition.

I didn’t need your help at all.



Okay! That’s everything!

Somehow we managed to do it all before the guests arrived.

It would have been finished just as fast on my own though.

What do you mean, “so…?”

“Who” owes who some thanks?

You better not be mocking me.

Don’t mess with me…

No way am I grateful…

Eh? Hot water… Isn’t coming out?

Why? Is it broken?

Wasn’t it working just a minute ago?

Whatever. The guests could arrive any minute.

I need to call the repairman…

No. I’ll fix it.

Of course I can do it!

Piece of cake!

By the time the guests come, it’ll definitely be fixed – I’ll show you!



Welcome to Jigoku Onsen!

Thank you so much for coming!

Honored guest, we’re terribly sorry.

The Ichinoyu bath that you made a reservation for is currently out of order…

Yes, we’re terribly sorry.

Instead, we’ll be entertaining you at Ninoyu today!

I’ll have Yoshitsune, our manager of Ninoyu take care of you.

You ask him for anything.

Afterwards, the Peach Garden Room will be prepared for your banquet.

Oh, it’s on the house. Of course!

We hope you forgive us.

Yes, we will do our best so that next time you might visit our Ichinoyu!

Please frequent us from now on as well.

Thank you!

I’ll have one of our staff guide you!

Please, enjoy!



I never thought I’d be indebted to Yoshitsune and Ranmaru.

This is the worst.

Am I okay with this…?

You’re the one who suggested it, you know!

… That we can’t entertain guests without hot water!

Now you ask me if I’m “okay with this”?

… You didn’t have to. It’s written all over your face!

… In the end, I couldn’t fix it.

How could I open up for business when the most important thing, which is the bath is broken?

Let’s go.

Even if Ichinoyu is closed, I still have work to do…


Track 7



Oh, it’s you.

What are you doing up so late?

Unfortunately for you, the gates are closed — so you can’t escape.

Oh, the bathroom.

Be careful when you return to your room.

… What now?

I’m just gazing at the moon.

Work was done early today.



I just told you…

What is it now?

Why are you sitting next to me?

Go back already!


I’m acting the same as I always have been.

There’s nothing odd about me

…Well, so I did. Just about anyone’d say “be careful”, though. Totally normal.

What’s so funny?

I don’t like you making such a definitive statement.

… But I agree. I wouldn’t say that usually…

The guest that came today went home without staying the night.

Apparently there’s no point in staying without the bath they were hoping to use.

Well, It’s not really all that surprising.

No way.

Of course I’m not upset.

Don’t be dumb.

Even if I was upset… I’m not the type that would whine about it.

I will never let my underlings see me being so weak.

… True. You’re definitely not one of them…

Also, I’m not showing my shameful side to a woman.

Besides I told you already that I’m not upset, okay?

Make no mistake.

If you get it, then go back to sleep!

Hey, wait a sec…

Pipe down! I didn’t hold on to you cos I tripped.

I changed my mind…. Stay here…

I got tired of sitting down!

Lend me a shoulder.

… Just so you know… I’m not leaning on your shoulder because I’m upset.

Don’t misunderstand…

I just wanted a pillow ‘cause I’m tired.

… Did you just say I’m not being honest?

I told you, you insolent little… forget it.

You’re nothing but a pillow.

Be quiet and stop moving.



I… have a dream to achieve.

To do that, I need to fix this situation.

If word gets out that those halfwits are on strike, I’ll be liable for not being able to manage them and be accused of not doing my job…

I’ll be punished severely.

If that happens, my plan of returning to the living realm will only end in failure.

I can’t let that happen.

I have to fix this… I… alone… somehow…


Track 8


I see…

Oh, no we apologize!

Yes, please return when the repairs are done!

Excuse me…

… How many is that now?

How many reservations have I had to refuse since then?

The situation is bad enough that it has to be reaching the ears of some officials very soon.

At this rate, Enma’ll hear about it any minute now.


I’ve got to fix this before the rumours circulate.

Fix the bath?

Of course I tried to arrange an appointment to have the repairs underway.

Unfortunately, no one but Ichinoyu’s mechanics can fix this as every bathhouse is different and they are all trained to be specialized to each one!

In other words, only those who’ve worked on it before can fix it.

Of course, they’re not even here.

I won’t let those useless disloyal bastards crush my aspirations!

Is there nothing to be done, anything…?


What are you saying?

Try saying that again?



To them?!

No way!

They’re all useless anyway.

Why would I have to apologize?

I was just doing my job.

It’s their fault that they couldn’t keep up with me.

Despite that, you’re STILL blaming me?! JUST ME?

Shut up!

It’s always been this way—“You’re too oppressive! You’re a dictator! A tyrant or a slave driver!”

It’s always me! The ever so hardworking leader, that just gets treated like a villain.

No one’s brave enough to lead, but they’re plenty brave enough to complain!

This definitely hasn’t changed, no matter which world I’m living in.

If you decide to follow someone, you should be quiet and obey!

… Those who don’t get it are the odd ones!

Am I wrong!?


How about you tell me exactly where I’m wrong?



Acknowledge their complaints?

What would that accomplish? That’s ridiculous!

I believe in my decisions alone!

Listening to them is just a waste of time!

Shut up! I’m not wrong!

I’m the one who’s right!

You’ve been like this from the very beginning.

You don’t stop to think about my feelings, always yapping about how “that’s terrible” or “you shouldn’t be doing this.”

It’s all because you came that it fell apart in the first place!

Are you saying I’m wrong?

That’s right… You coming here made everything fall apart!

None of this is my fault…

It’s all yours!



I wish you’ve never come!

So? Are you done talking back to me?


Wait… Are you… crying?


HEY! Wait!



I’ve finally caught up with you!

Why the hell are you in the garden?

You weren’t in the bath or your room…

Don’t give me so much trouble!


It’s not because I was worried that you might run away!

It’s because… yo-you were crying.

Of course I’d be concerned after you took off crying like that.

… What is it?

Like I said, it’s not an issue of escaping or not…

…. AH! Yeah! That’s right…. It’s because I can’t have you escaping!

That’s why I was looking for you.

There’s no other reason.

I don’t care or worry even if you cry.



So? … Are you done crying?

What are you laughing about?

I told you I wasn’t worried! Did you even bother listening when I explained to you what I meant?! IDIOT!

You’ve been such a spitfire of a woman this entire time, so I never thought you’d ever stop talking and just breakdown like that…

Earlier… I guess it was… kind of.. a little bit.. my fault.. I guess…

I was just startled before. That’s all there was to it…

I know I was… kind of taking out my anger on you as well..

So…. Well… It’s not that I want to make you feel better, but… here.

It’s a Tsubaki flower…

Sorry… about earlier…

It was my fault.

So… stop crying already…

If you don’t want it, I’ll throw it away.

Good! You took it!

So that means we’re even now!

Heh. You’re way too easy. A flower is already enough to console you.

What? Is there anything else?

I haven’t done anything.

What?? It’s not like I was trying to be nice.

If you’re rude to a guest, then you give them something as an apology.

That’s just how things should be.

You are after all… still a guest of this establishment.

So I obviously wasn’t going out of my way to be nice to you.

Well, I guess it doesn’t feel bad to be thanked though.

If you’re done crying, we’re going back then!

I can’t have the guests seeing this.

What if word gets out that a manager of one of Hell’s Onsens made a woman cry?

How then would I ever be able to save face?

It’s not like they were tears of joy…

No one who sees you now would think so in any case.


You look terrible.

Your face is a mess.

Your eyes and nose are all red and puffy…

You are a woman staying at the Ichinoyu.

I bet you don’t want to be seen looking like that.

If you understand that, then how about you come over here…

Let’s go back to your room.

Be quiet already, your face can be hidden this way.

My kimono’s probably going to become soiled because of your tears and snot if we stick this closely, but just for today… I’ll forgive you…



Huh? What do you mean, it’s a ‘waste’?

You mean my kimono?

… That I’ve been misunderstood all this time?

I really don’t care about that…

If they find out I’m actually a nice guy…

They’ll just start disrespecting me…

So of course I wouldn’t want them to think that…

I… Everything’s just fine the way it always has been until now…

So… okay, let’s say I’ll be nice to the others for just a little bit…

What would that change?

You’re so naïve.

It’s really not that simple.

What? But that’s…

Well, it’s obvious.. it’s just because you’re simple.

Just because you are, doesn’t mean they were too.

You’re being annoyingly persistent. Just how badly do you want me to apologize to them anyway?

Well, soooorrry, but unlike you I’m not that straightforward.

… Anyway, I can’t do it right away that’s for sure…

But… I definitely can think about it.

Ugh…. Don’t look so pleased with yourself!

I only said I was just going to think about it… for now. Alright?

Come on. Let’s go back to your room.


Track 9


Hey, is this alright?

Huh?! Of course I can at least do this much!

All that’s left is putting it in the pot… but before I do that… the fire.

It’s perfect, isn’t it?

Don’t give me cheap compliments!

I don’t really like that… but whatever, it’s fine.

Now all I have to do is wait for this to cook…

I thought we should at least be able to prepare the meals at our own bathhouse, but anyway – we’ve managed well!

It was worth practicing all week!

Now if only the bath was fixed…

What is it? You want to say something to me?

…. Greetings?

Ah crap! Was it already time to do that?

Hey! I’ll leave the cooking to you then!

Well, we can’t exactly take our eyes off this fire!

We can’t have another near accident like last time. (The kitchen almost went up in flames, lmao!)

Just shut up and watch it!

Don’t forget to stir it from time to time!

It’ll burn otherwise!

Also, be careful and make sure you don’t get burnt because without you, I’d… I… *clears throat*

I mean.. I can’t have you becoming totally useless!



That was a close one…

If she hadn’t reminded me, I would have forgotten!

“If she hadn’t……”, hmm?

When did I become so dependent on her?

Maybe it’s not so bad to trust someone else sometimes.

Hey~ I’m back!

How’s the pot….?

Hey, what’s wrong?

Don’t try to hide it. Did something happen to your finger?

It’s red…


I already told you to be careful.

Come here!



Don’t move. Let’s run some cold water over it.

Is your finger the only part that got burnt?

How about your other hand?

You’re being way too optimistic!

I’m not being over the top at all!

Look, your whole palm is red.

Just in what way is this not a big deal?

Open your hand properly.

We’re cooling this down too.

I’ll ask just in case but you’re not hurt anywhere else, right?

You better not be hiding anything from me.

If you don’t tell me I’ll never forgive you.



You hesitated… it’s suspicious.

I’m going to roll up your sleeve a bit. It’d be terrible if there was anything worse!

Hey, what’s this burn on your arm?

It looks like it’s been a couple of days old…

When did you get this?

Tell me the truth.

…. The bath?

Unless it’s broken the valve shouldn’t emit any fumes…

Wait, don’t tell me… you didn’t…!

Are you talking about Ichinoyu?

You… tried to fix it by yourself…?

Why on earth would you…?

If you were able to fix something I wasn’t able to, you thought you could say that “It’s much better for the two of us to be working together?”

And also that… “Things would work even better if there were even more people. So how about we go and apologize?”

I see.

Seriously… You’re really such an idiot.

Come on, we’re going to your room.

I’ll fix you right up.

No way. If we leave it as it is right now, it’ll get worse.

If you’re a woman, then how about you care a little bit more.

Just leave the food, I can ask someone else.

More importantly, let’s go and get this treated.



There should be some ointment around here that works well on burns…

It should be… yes, this is the one.

It might sting, but bear with it.

Give me your hand.

Does it hurt?

Pfft… So stubborn. You know, your face is getting all skewed, haha.

Open up your palm properly. Don’t close it even if it hurts.

Are you okay?

Is it really that bad for me to be concerned?

Don’t tell me that you feel pleased because of that…

Do you understand?

You… It’s because of me that you got hurt.

No… It’s definitely my fault… for making you help.

You felt forced to help out because all those guys left. Of course, who else was it but me that caused all that to happen?

So… no one else is at fault, except me.

Even that burn on your arm too.

If I had only listened when you were telling me to apologize to everyone, you might not have gotten hurt.

I’m sorry.

I think I’ve applied enough salve over the burn.

Next, we will need to wrap it with bandages…

Hey let go already. What are you trying to do?

You’ll make your injury worse if you start grabbing onto things!

Let go already!



I know…

You’re not the only one who deserves an apology.

I know it painfully well.. that I really need to make amends with my subordinates..

I realized all this after they were already gone.

I thought I could do everything and anything by myself.

The reality of it all though was that it was impossible to do all of this on my own.

While I was spending time alone with you these past few days, it made me aware of my shortcomings.

I learned a lot and I’ve always had your support.

It’s just that I’ve failed to notice all these things…

I know that now though.

Those I called “useless” still stuck around despite the way I treated them. Of course, because of that, Ichinoyu was still able to function.

And yet, I still dared to think that I was the only one who was necessary.. the only one who mattered… I… was so foolish.

I’m almost absolutely certain that I’d been acting exactly the same way while I was still in the living realm as well.

Back then, however, I died before I came to this realization.



Your hand… you should let go now… It hurts, doesn’t it?

It’s alright. I was able to hear everything you wanted to say properly…

I’m glad I was able to realize it this time around.

If I had noticed any later… I might have lost something even more precious…

Hey… I’d like to ask you something..

Can you please tell me… how I should apologize to them?

I know just how prideful I am…

Most likely if I’m on my own, I’d probably end up putting my foot in my mouth again.

But if you’re with me, I think I’ll be okay.

I think I’ll be able to listen to what you have to say.

I don’t know if they’ll forgive me, but… I have to try…

Heh.. that would be nice if that happens!


Track 10



I would sincerely like to thank you for coming!

We’re terribly sorry for the other day.

We are back to our regular service so please enjoy to your heart’s content!

Yes, Ichinoyu is back to working as usual starting today!



I’m coming in!

Oh? What are you doing?

All your things are on the floor… are you looking for something?

Eh! Anyway, come here!

You’ll see once you get there! Let’s go!

Hey, don’t move!

It’s hard to dress you if you keep moving around.

Something like this?

You don’t have to worry so much.

You’re still one of our first-class guests, so there’s nothing odd about letting you take the first bath!

I’ve made up my mind that once those guys come back, the first one to bathe here would be you.

It’s all thanks to you that it’s fixed anyway…

I’ve learned how to take care of hard workers, as well!

There! It’s done.

Now! Please enjoy Jigoku Onsen’s most prided Ichinoyu to the fullest!



Ah~ this is seriously the best!

I don’t even have to do anything and it’s already all prepared!~

That’s the way it should be.

Don’t you think so, too?

What? I can’t relax?

Isn’t that what baths are all about?

Well I am this inn’s manager so I guess you could say that I’m abandoning my post for now…

Surely they can turn a blind eye for our first day back though.

Besides, I have something I need to talk to you about.

Allow me to say this once again..

Without a doubt, it is all thanks to you that we can relax in the hot bath like this again.

It’s because you were here with me that I was able to honestly and sincerely apologize to them.

Heh.~ But still, did you see their faces when I apologized?

Even until now they’re still in disbelief, saying things like “Did our head really ask us for forgiveness?”

Also, I assumed that they all ran off but they just hid within the bathhouse!

Most likely they had help and was probably one of Rikyuu’s plans…

Well, in any case, I’m really glad they are back now.



I’ve… always thought that the only one I could count on was myself and me alone.

As long as it was me, I’d be able to do it – no matter what it was.

Whether it was about ruling an entire nation or even when I was to come into political power – it was only possible due to my own strength and capabilities.

That’s why… even until now, I thought I could get everything I’d ever want if I just went back to the living realm.

But… I couldn’t have been more wrong about that…

The truth is though, I couldn’t even properly oversee everyone who worked here at the Ichinoyu.

I was arrogant to think that I could take over the world just like that.

You know… I would have never made any comments that put myself down like this before.

There wasn’t anyone to tell me that I was wrong.

Well, I suppose I made sure that no one could ever do anything to break my confidence.

So it really helped when I heard it from you.

Of course, at first I just felt like you just wanted to keep provoking me.

I thought you were such a rude woman…

You have no idea how many times I thought of punishing you a lot.

Your words… they really saved me though. I was able to keep myself from losing everything like I did before.

It’s not like I lost my dream to take over the world someday, but I think I can do that from here instead of the land of the living.

This bathhouse… and of course, the time I spent with you is something very special to me.

With that in mind, I think it would be nice if I start by making Ichinoyu the best place possible.



I don’t need that letter anymore.

Yes. I’m starting over.

I don’t think that’s a bad idea at least.

I’ll treat it like I’ve lost everything and concentrate on changing myself.

You’re the one who changed me so that I am able to think like this.

So… Anyway… Today… I really wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me so far…

It’s fine. Keep it, it’ll be over soon enough.

…. Thank you...

Why are you suddenly being so docile?

Is it really that surprising to hear me say this? So much so that you can’t move?




It’s the first time I’ve said it to you..

And it’s the first time since coming to Hell that I’ve said this to anyone that’s not a guest.

In the past, I used to think that only the weak would express their gratitude.

That it was for those who couldn’t live without other people’s help.

Maybe that’s the reason why I was being so stubborn about saying it.

There’s absolutely no one who can live on their own.



Yeah… With all of us here.. I just know that Ichinoyu will be alright.

Are you going back home?

There was a time limit to begin with I guess…

But… never say something stupid like you’re not needed or anything..

I hope you don’t start thinking that things will be alright as long as the others are here.

I… definitely… need you.

Just like how you’ve been doing it, you can keep yelling at me while remaining by my side.

And if I start getting ahead of myself again, just give me a slap across the face to wake me up.

No… of course it can’t just be anyone…

It has to be you. It can’t be anyone else… just you..

I will listen to anything you have to say.

Do you know why that is?

Heh… Well, it’s because I’ve fallen for you.

You hate anything that isn’t just.

You’re feisty and you’ll say what you think even if you’re scared to death.

You take risks, but you’re very honest… and I think that’s truly a great thing.

Please continue to stay by my side…

Er….. Can.. you say something at least….?

Do you think it’s weird…?

…Then, do you feel the same way as I do then?

Say it clearly then…

That… you love me.

What?? Didn’t I say it already?

I said, “It’s cause I’ve fallen for you, so stay with me.” … saying that is basically the same thing you know!

No way! You say it.

You’re ridiculously stubborn…

Hey. Look over this way.

Calm down…

I love you.

Hah, you should’ve just been honest from the beginning.

From now on, you’re no longer just a guest to me..

Please continue to support me as you remain by my side.

Of course, outside of work as well…. got it?



What are you so surprised for?

Bath-minders are supposed to serve the guests, I told you that from the start.

Your stay ends today right?

… Then you’re still a guest.

Well, you’re a very special guest though, so I’ll make sure to give you the best service…

Special treatment – just like how I did it before.

Ah right! I’ve told them not to let anyone else in right now

I could pour water on your back right here.

In the water, the suds will get washed away in no time.

Okay! It’s decided!

It sounds really fun, so I’ll do just that!

I even have the equipment good to go!

As the manager of this bathhouse, I need to be able to cater to your every need.

Here. Come closer.

As you’re well aware, this Tsubaki soap makes bubbles like you wouldn’t believe.

On top of that, if I’m the one washing you – for sure that you’ll feel like you’re being taken up to the heavens.

Don’t pay me any mind and just lie back.

I’ll do everything I can to make sure that you feel absolutely incredible…





FREE TALK with Kaji Yuuki


Finding love in the after-life, Jigoku Onsen (Hell Hotsprings).

Straight from the onsen, I’m Kaji Yuuki who acted as Kiyomori.

Thanks for sticking around everyone.

So now it’s time for my free talk!

On the script for this free talk it says, “Thank you for the long recording.”

… Actually, that’s what it opens with.

They already knew from the beginning that it’d be a long one, haha…

Well, there were certainly a lot of lines!

It’s enough to make two normal situation drama CDs.

So, thanks for listening everyone and thanks for sticking around (I bet you’re tired).



I got to say a lot of things already!

Anyway, let’s move on as I’d like to talk even more.

Uh, well, I’ve just ended the recording, but… Kiyomori was fun to act out.

He’s quite bad-tempered, but well, I guess it’s also because I made it that way.

… During the process though of doing it… I began with a polite, cordial, salesperson type act, which was counter intuitive after seeing the character’s picture. After finding out the heroine’s identity, he tries to use her for his own means.

Well, to do that, he uses his surrounding sinners, or I guess, oni, in this case his underlings cruelly, forcefully and of course – angrily.

He scolds them and then gets extremely pissed off.

So I was worried that those of you who heard that would get scared of Kiyomori, but I think that’s just who he is. (Rather than being scared, I thought he was such an asshole actually and that he was quite irritating imo, LMAO)

If I were to act too lightly, he wouldn’t seem to be like someone who rules (tyrannically, lol) over others — he’s Tairano Kiyomori afterall — he’s supposed to be tough on others!

Because of that, especially… he was able to even dream of ruling the nation.

I kept it pretty brash.



However from the midpoint onward, I guess from disk two, he loses his edge a lot.

When he started opening up to the heroine, he does it very subtly.

He still keeps his slightly curt manner of talking and huffy behavior. All in all, that makes him who he is as a character – which is, Kiyomori.

That’s how I decided to act for his character.

For those of you who have thought Kiyomori was really scary at first, I hope by the end of the disk – you were able to feel that he is a very attractive guy after all.

Let’s see now… “The Kiyomori you played had a dream to reinstate the Heishi, but do you yourself have any dreams or resolutions?”



Oh, wait, I should walk around, it’s a dummy-head microphone (binaural microphone) after all…

Um, right now, this is really appropriate.

It’s maybe not appropriate to get too serious here, but I’m thirty now and my position as a voice actor is clearly shifting…

Even my senpais, especially those who do their voice work stoically and those who use their talents in other things..

I started wondering where (we.. or more specifically) I’ll be going from here.

And I got to thinking but I couldn’t quite come up with an answer…

Well, I work everyday thinking about a lot of things, and… you know?

Things have changed. It’s different from ten years ago and of course from five years ago…

I think I’ve reached that phase in my life where I may seem to think differently based on a year or even half a year’s worth of experiences.



So it’s a little bit unclear at the moment. As far as impossible dreams go, I think I need to keep my goals and aspirations high. I’ll continue to work hard with those thoughts in mind.

What’s with this talk?

This is probably not what you were hoping to be listening to!

Let me move on.

“The setting for this”—I’m speaking from behind you by the way—

“The setting for this is at a hot spring, so if there’s any hot springs/bath related stories that happened to you recently, please tell us about it.”




The other day, we were talking about going to an onsen. You could easily go to Hakone Yumoto (Onsen) in a romance car (Translator’s note: it’s very close to Tokyo).

However, what about if you wanted to go somewhere a little off the grid. Would you take the romance car halfway and then switch to a train? Or would you rather take short trips using different or multiple modes of transportation?

I like the romance car personally, so if that’s not an option I wanted to try taking a car!

So I’ve hardly ever gone that far in a car.

On our way there, we stopped at a resting area. It was not until I’ve gone in my own car that I hadn’t realized how amazing they actually were.

Even with how crowded the road gets from the Hakone Yumoto station to the mountains….

I headed to the onsen thinking of things like that.

Um, there actually isn’t much of a point to this story.

Um, it’s a recent tale on getting to an onsen.

Despite not having driven for a long time now – I gathered my courage and still went. Realizing all over again how fun it actually is to go for a drive.

I’m sorry, this isn’t a situation CD about going on a drive…

Oh, the onsen was fine!

Though I did feel that the problem with going by car lies with the fact that you can’t drink while driving along the way.

Yup. Left and right. (Translator’s note: maybe he said that in a “keep your eyes on the road, left and right,” but it’s ambiguous here.) Yeah.



A message for those who are listening to this CD?…

I feel like I’ve been speaking a long time already!

Is it still okay?

Um, I think there was a lot of content.

And like I said in the beginning of this free talk, it was a lot of fun to play Kiyomori.

I’m eager to listen to the finished product.

Adding to that, I hope all you listeners ended up liking Kiyomori’s character.

I also hope these hot springs oriented situation CDs can bring you a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Please listen and enjoy listening to it over and over!

Well that’s it.

This was Kaji Yuuki and I played Kiyomori! Bye bye!