One day has gone and it looks like Rejet has announced a few of its upcoming Drama CD titles. I am seriously thrilled to see yet another installment of Yuugen Romantica! [幽幻ロマンチカ 破天荒] Woo hoo! I did think it’d be pretty stupid if they don’t bring back Yuroma this year, but seeing it officially announced is just awesome.

What I’m sort of surprised to see again so soon though is Thanatos Night! Heck, it’s not even done yet and they’re already going to release the next season! Wuuuttt? To be honest, I’m kind of curious how they’re going to handle the 2nd one as Nia was an asswipe in S1. Will it be more lovey dovey this time around or will it be yet another case of “lol, F U” to us listeners?

I do love how they say it’s a Re:Vival when S1 isn’t even done yet. >__> haha Oh well! I certainly won’t complain as I get to have another CD by Masuda Toshiki. I’m seriously hoping though that he gets more actual roles and nothing that involves singing, ugh. I want a proper Drama CD Rejet! Please! Can you grant me this wish? lol. I’m hoping there’ll be something new when they announce more stuff today.

I’ll write another entry later on or maybe the next day. >u<b

1/23 – Not making another entry as Rejet did not announce anymore Drama CDs after the first day. Honestly I’m a bit disappointed that there are no new ones to look forward to but I guess I can’t have everything, haha. XD At least there’s a Season 3 for Yuugen Romantica and a Season 2 for Thanatos Night.