Hello! ūüėÄ You guys might have noticed that there’s a new theme on this blog. It was under construction for a couple of hours but it’s finally finished, haha. Sorry for taking so long. I may need to tweak it a bit and add a logo and such later but at least it’s mostly done now.

Just a quick update, but I’ll be putting this theme up for a long while. I’ll be going back to school around the end of Feb 2017 so I’ll be very busy for quite some time. I think i will still be able to play games but I really shouldn’t be procrastinating and such. I’m guessing for the first term that I am going into, I will probably do just that though haha.

As for my shop, I’ve been meaning to add a lot more things to it. Namely some Diabolik Lovers random keychains. They’re all in blind boxes so it’ll be fun! It’s almost impossible to get overseas I would say and they’re all so cute! I should take a photo and put it all up by this week. I’m sick of seeing it here and I haven’t even attempted to put it up yet. *sigh*

Anyway, I’ll be making another blog entry when it’s up. I will also have a discount code for those who are going to be my first customers. I haven’t been actively advertising my online shop so it’s no surprise that there’s been no takers so far, haha… ’til next time. >o<b