The Prince of Grimm town Red Riding Hood Translation
グリム街の王子様 第一夜 レッドフッド
Seiyuu : 緑川 光 – Midorikawa Hikaru
Release Date : October 26, 2016
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Overview : A new series that’s only been released this year and is still currently ongoing. This is one of Rejet’s “darker” themes and it’s quite interesting. This isn’t angsty, but it definitely is a bit strange. I like drama CDs (or stories in general) that can make me think about it even way after I’ve listened to it. This is probably one of my fave series from Rejet as a whole so far. However, it’s definitely not for everyone. It might even frustrate a few. I don’t know how the other CDs are going to go but so far I’ve only listened to Red Riding Hood and Cinderella’s.

A girl ends up in Grimm City in some way or another. While walking around at night, she gets ambushed by wolves who seem very intent on eating her up. She encounters Red Riding Hood at the same time as she was just about to get attacked. He saves her and takes her to his hideout. When things settle down, Red Riding Hood agrees to help the heroine go back to where she came from. She insists that everything is a dream… or is everything actually real?

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Track 1


Why are you just standing there?

Don’t tell me you want to be chowed down by these wolves?

I guess not, since you’re shaking like a scared sheep.

Shut up! If you want to play with someone so badly, I’ll be your opponent.

Hahaha! All my bullets hit! Take that!

You picked the wrong person to mess with, idiots!

You guys are so slow!




Go upstairs and check if any of them are still hiding.

That was close! You were going to become wolf-food if I hadn’t come this early.

Hey, are you listening to me?

Could it be they already bit you?


You don’t seem to have any injuries… there’s no blood either.

Really? Well, it’s good you’re not injured.

Just now? They’re wolves.




Why are you still scared?

Don’t tell me you’ve never seen wolves before.

Damn, there are still some left.

Sorry little lamb, we’ve got to end our chat here.

I need to get those damn wolves.

Everyone, get ready to shoot.

Red Hoods! Attack at once!

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot as many of them as you can!

Hey you, you’re going to get hurt if you just stand there!

If you don’t want that to happen, then hurry up and get out of here!




Your legs are shaking?

Can’t be helped then…

Shut up. Just stay still if you don’t want to die!

You guys! I leave the rest to you.

I’ll go back to the hiding place.

I’m going to let you down.

Ah, how heavy!

Well, you’ll be safe here.

What is it?




It’s nothing.

I just didn’t want those wolves to have satisfied stomachs.

You’re also a problem!

Standing around at such a time… it’s like you’re asking them to eat you!

Don’t walk out alone late at night!

It’s an inviolable rule of this city!

Huh? What do you mean, “where”?

The city of Grimm, of course.

Could it be that… you’re not from around here?

Lost – at your age!

Then I’ll have to warn you, there are many dangerous things out here so you need to be careful.

Wolves are only the beginning.

Sometimes, even witches appear… and if you’re really unlucky, you might even encounter kidnappers.




That’s right. You won’t even know when you might encounter them.

Be careful, especially at night.

Even some of my friends were attacked in the darkness.

Hey… I’m trying to warn you here.

Are you even listening?

A dream?

What are you saying?

No, wolves and witches aren’t rare at all.

Even guns aren’t.

Look behind you, there are tons there.

Have a look.

Don’t tell me… you’ve never seen them before either?!





Where did you… come from?

Basically… you’re trying to say that you’re not from this world and this world is only a dream?

Sorry, it was so unexpected that I had to laugh!

A dream… huh?

You’re being serious, right?

Come to think of it, I have heard of this before.

Sometimes people from a different world come to this town for some reason.

And these people can never believe what is happening here, so they all think it’s just a dream.

Are you one of them?




I can tell that you’re a foreigner from the fact that you’ve never seen wolves or guns.

Still, I’ve only heard of these vague rumours and I can’t believe that this is a dream world.

I mean, we’ve been living here since we were born.

There’s so much I don’t understand.

I’ve picked up such a troublesome girl.

How would I know?




No. Actually, I might know how to wake someone up from a dream.

This is probably just a rumour too, but should we try it anyway?

Huh? It doesn’t work!

I heard that kissing will wake that person up.

Was it just idle gossip?

Let me try one more time… Ouch!

What do you mean, “what”?

That’s what I want to say!




Why do you need to get so angry?

I’m doing this out of kindness.

Okay! Okay! I’m sorry.

Take it easy!

Especially if you insist this is only a dream.

What a cold-hearted girl.

If this doesn’t work, then maybe you should give up.

I don’t know any other way.

Basically, you’ll have to live in this city from now on.

With all the wolves, witches and kidnappers!

In this scary city of Grimm!

Haha, my heartfelt condolences.

It’s useless!

If you can wake up from just hitting yourself, that would be too easy!




Stop it!

I said it’s useless, you idiot.

Look! Your cheeks are all red now!

If your cheeks hurt, doesn’t that prove that you’re not dreaming?

A bad dream, huh?

It’s true though that nothing good comes out of this city.

In that sense, maybe it is a city of nightmares.

What? Are you going to cry?

Wait! Wait! Stop it!

I don’t know what Grandma will say to me if she finds out I made a girl cry.

I guess I’ve got no choice…

Hey, I’ll help you figure this out so stop crying.

I’m saying I’ll help you “wake up from your dream”.




Just think of it as my apology for kissing you or whatever.

I need to go to Grandma’s house tomorrow.

You should come with me.

My Grandma.

She’s known as the most well-informed person in this city.

She’s the one who also told me about that rumour.

Maybe she knows something.

It’s too early to give up hope… so stop crying, okay?

There’s no need to thank me.

In fact, you shouldn’t let your guard down.




In Grimm, you’ll get chewed right up if you let your guard down even for just a little bit.

Make sure you remember that too.

We’ll leave in the morning. You can sleep somewhere until then.

That is, if you can sleep while you’re dreaming.

Good night then. 


Track 2


Hey, cowardly lamb.

Did you finally wake up?

You slept pretty well for someone in a dream.


Stop looking so depressed so early in the morning.

If it goes well, you might even wake up from your dream today.

You should think more positively.

Good, maintenance is done.

The sun has risen sufficiently too.

Let’s head over to Grandma’s.

Her house is in this forest.

It’s a huge forest so her house isn’t close by, but we should be able to make it before it gets dark.




We’ll reach nightfall if we’re heading there at a snail’s pace though.

If you don’t want to be attacked by wolves in the dark again, then you should walk more quickly.

Well even if the wolves come out, I’ll shoot them with this.

Yea, I even keep this beside me when I sleep, so that I’ll be ready when the wolves attack.

I guess. It won’t be a joke if I get eaten, so it’s for self-protection.

Yesterday? Ah, that was different.

That was a battle.

You saw yesterday right?

The people that were with me are the Red Hoods, they’re my friends.




I’m fighting the wolves in this city together with them.

That’s right!

This hood is our symbol.

Only the people I allow can wear this.

By the way, if you’re wondering why this is red…

It’s dyed red from the blood of the wolves that we’ve killed.

If you shoot at a wolf heading your way, you will obviously be covered in blood.

A white hood would become red immediately.

If that happens every night, the red stains will accumulate.

This hood is like a medal for us.

The more red it is, the more wolves that person has managed to shoot.




Almost every night.

It will probably continue for the rest of our lives until there are no more wolves in this city.

The reason for the battle? That’s…

That was close!

I almost forgot!

I need to buy a souvenir somewhere if I’m going to Grandma’s.

She becomes moody if I don’t bring her a gift.

Last time, I went empty-handed.

She nagged about me being insensitive, as well as that I’m a cold and an unmannerly grandson.

It was the worst!

The problem is that it would be too troublesome to go back to the city now.

What should I do?…

Perfect. Found an easy target over there.

If I don’t have something, I’ll just have to steal it.




It’s a shabby-looking carriage, but I’m sure they have something decent at least.

You’ll get in my way so you can stay there.

I’ll go then!

What is it?

Are you coming with me?

That’s what I said!

Of course I’m going to attack them.



Do you want me to negotiate and ask them to give us something?

Ha. How stupid!

Let go.

They’re getting away.

I said let go of me!

Look! You made me lose them!




What have you done?!

If Grandma gets angry at me, it’ll all be your fault!

What?! A burglary?

You’re overreacting.

I didn’t say I’d kill them.

I was going to just steal something slightly valuable.

What? Are you trying to pick a fight with me?

You are definitely an outsider. Something like this is normal in our city.

The weak get gobbled up by the strong.

We all live together knowing this.




Unfair? If you think so, then you just need to become stronger.

The ones sitting at the top wouldn’t give it a second thought that things are unfair.

More importantly, I am seriously still in desperate need of a souvenir!

If I go back to the city, it’ll get dark.

But I don’t want to be scolded by Grandma either.

I guess we’ll have to keep moving forward.

We might find something on our way.

Hey, we’re going. Stop being so slow. 


Track 3


We still ended up having to camp out in the end.

We walked around but didn’t find anything at all!

This is the worst.

I should’ve attacked that carriage after all.

I’m joking! Stop kicking up a fuss every time.

Geez, not wanting to steal because you feel sorry for them or don’t want to hurt them…

For you to survive with such a mindset, your world must be so peaceful.

Was it dangerous then?

Really? Looking at you, I can’t believe it.

See? You just hear a bit of howling and you’re already scared.

It’s proof that you’ve been living in a very peaceful environment.




Yea, I’m not scared at all.

I’m invincible with this guy.

Compared to that, you would’ve been killed instantly if I hadn’t come to you.

When I first rescued you, you would’ve been attacked if I came any later.

If we think that way, shouldn’t you be more grateful?

And yet, all you keep saying is “Don’t do this. Don’t do that.”

Are you my Grandma or something?

Ah, I reminded myself of something unpleasant.

Her souvenir…

You should come up with some ideas too!

Just to let you know, it’s your responsibility since you’re the one who stopped me.

Come on, tell me if you have any good ideas.




Flowers? What’s the point of picking flowers?

Is that a joke? It’s not like you can eat flowers.

Why would anyone be happy to receive flowers?

Are you serious?

Flowers grow everywhere and they can be found so easily… are you sure she’ll really like them?

Are you saying that you would be happier to receive some random flowers than to get something valuable and stolen?

You’re strange.

I’ve never thought that way before.

No… maybe I did a long time ago.

Maybe I’ve just forgotten.




It’s nothing.

Stop being so scared.

Don’t worry, it’s still far away.

That’s right.

If you’re so scared, you should hold onto a gun.

It’s not a machine gun, but I’ll lend it to you.

It’s easy.

All you need to do is pull the trigger.

It’s like a backup just in case of an emergency.


I’m sure you know how to aim.

Try it.

Hahaha. You really have no experience with guns.

You’ll be swallowed whole before you could even get a chance to shoot if you hold the gun like that.

Weapons are just metal pieces of junk if you don’t know how to use them.




I’ll teach you.

Hold still.

Here, you have to put more strength into your other arm.

If you don’t support it properly, you’ll be blown away by the recoil.

Once you’re ready, make sure you look straight.

Amateurs like you must aim carefully, otherwise you will definitely miss.

No matter how scared you are, you must not close your eyes.

Can you see that tree stump?

That’s right. Aim for it and shoot.

It’ll be fine. I’ll hold on to it too.




You should try shooting at least once.

Otherwise you’ll be too scared to shoot when you really need to.

Even if this is a dream, it’s true that you’re actually here.

You wouldn’t want your life to end ‘cos you were devoured by mysterious wolves in this strange world, right?

Then you have to learn to protect yourself.

Focus on the target.

Good. One… two… three…

You hit it!

Right in the middle too!

Amazing! You’re not bad!

Most people wouldn’t be able to do that on their first go!




Yea. Your hands feel all tingly, don’t they?

It’s from the recoil when you took a shot.

You’re not bad. Although maybe it was because you had a good teacher.

What’s wrong?

I’ll lend that to you for now.

If something happens, don’t hesitate to use it.

Again with the “but”?

What are you so scared of?

Of course it’s going to die if you shoot at it.

They’re attacking you with the intention of killing you.

You’re aware of that right?




No reason to feel guilty about this even if you kill them.

That’s what I believe, at least.

I’m not doing anything wrong.

It’s necessary if you want to live.

It got a bit closer…

Well, it’s still okay.

See? You’re not as scared this time, even if you hear it howling.

It’s up to you whether you want to use it or not, but knowing that you have the power to protect yourself puts you at ease.

That’s why I don’t think it’s wrong to have a weapon.




That’s right.

You’re finally understanding me a little.

You’re thanking me?

You’re so obedient all of a sudden.

What is it?

Your heart feels lighter?

As I thought, you’re such a strange girl.

Well, I don’t hate obedient girls.

Hey, if Grandma can’t help you, how about having the Red Hoods look after you?

I initially thought you were a troublesome girl, but you say interesting things like bringing flowers for a souvenir.

You also have a talent for shooting.

Not to mention you’re quite cute when you’re obedient.

I’m starting to like you.




Shh. Don’t be so loud.

Well… not that anyone will hear you.

I see.

Your reaction in these kind of situations aren’t bad either.

Good… I like you even more.

Hey… maybe we shouldn’t go to Grandma’s anymore.

Stop thinking about stupid things like waking up from your dream and just live with us in this city.

In this city, the weak are usually the victims, but I think you have what it takes to survive.

It’s strange, but there’s something in you that’s similar to us.

You’re not a victim.

You’re an attacker.




You held a gun and shot it, didn’t you?

When you did, it already showed that you won’t be a victim.

It’s a perfect city for those who have the will to live.

We’re different? Really?

Then tell me what’s so different between us.

Do you want to say that you’re doing this against your will, while I’m doing this because I enjoy it?




Don’t joke with me.

I told you not to put your guard down in this city.

If I was a wolf, you would’ve been bitten ages ago.

You seem to have forgotten, so I’ll tell you again.

I don’t know which world you’ve come from but here, those who let their guards down get killed first.

Like my parents.

That’s right.

My parents were killed by wolves.

You asked me why we’re fighting everyday.

The answer is revenge.




I will kill those wolves who took my family away from me.

I swore that day that I will fight forever until I see the last wolf die with my own eyes.

That’s what I decided.

I’ve made up my mind.

That’s why I can fight now.

There’s no point if you don’t have any resolve, no matter how much other people tell you to.

Nothing will change if you keep insisting “it’s against my will”.

You have to make a decision “to fight” on your own.

Otherwise, you’ll be a victim your whole life.




If you’re still insisting on being an imbecile after all I said to you – do as you like.

I’m not that kind nor am I obligated to protect you.

You should just die.


Track 4


Damn it! I shouldn’t have rescued that girl!

She keeps reminding me of depressing things.

It’s not like I started fighting because I wanted to, but what can I do about it?!

There was no other way.

This city isn’t the type of place where you can survive by doing the right thing.

If you want to live, you have to attack first.

A wolf? It came from that girl’s direction.

Argh, it’s none of my business.

She should just get eaten.




… Damn it!


It looks like I made it in time.

Idiot! I told you not to close your eyes!

How on earth would you hit anything if you close your eyes?

You’re okay?

I’m glad.




Are you still holding onto me?

There are no more wolves now, so you don’t need to be scared anymore.

You were… that frightened?

Fine… then you can stay that way.

I told her to die and yet I came to rescue her anyway.

What the hell am I doing?


I don’t understand myself.

Maybe I just didn’t want the wolves to have it their way, or… maybe I’d really regret it if I left you to die.




I definitely don’t want to see… anyone getting killed by a wolf in front of my eyes again.

Yea, my father and mother were killed in front of my eyes.

I went home without knowing anything and found the wolves there.

It was too late to save my parents.

They tried to attack me as well, but there was a rifle in the house to prevent burglars from entering.

That was my first time shooting. I learned since then that you have to attack first if you don’t want to die.




Why are you apologising?

It’s fine.

It’s not something one can understand right away without experiencing it themselves.

You were in a similar situation and instinctively knew what you had to do.

You shot at the wolf, although you missed.

You’re a cowardly lamb after all.

You did well, though.

I know it’s not something that can be done easily even if you had made up your mind.




I was like you before too.

That’s why I’ll… protect you for now.

It must mean something that I protected you from when we first met.

Also, Grandma taught me to always treat girls nicely.

You don’t need to thank me, so go to sleep.

We’re finally heading for Grandma’s tomorrow.

Even if the wolves come, you won’t be scared if I’m with you, right?

Then don’t worry and go sleep.

I’ll protect you no matter what.




Once we talk to Grandma, this girl might return to her own world…

I wonder if she’ll cry again if I tell her that I don’t want to take her to Grandma’s.


Track 5


Hey, it’s muddy over there so be careful.

In any case, it took a whole day once we made a stop.

It looks like we won’t need to camp out today at least.

Look, right in front of you.

You see a house with a red roof, right?

That’s Grandma’s house.

That’s right.

We’re here.

Hey, once I’ve told her your situation, it’s still up to me to decide what we’re going to do next, alright?

Don’t do anything without my permission.





Also, don’t say anything unnecessary.

Like… how I tried to attack you in your sleep… or that I left you alone and you almost died.

I told you she’s really annoying about being nice to girls, remember?

What? It’s not like I’m scared of her.

It’s just that I can’t disobey her since she took care of me in place of my parents.

She’s annoying but she’s the only family I have left.

I want to repay her kindness one day.

Don’t look so surprised.

You might think I’m quite heartless, but I’m actually kind, you know?




If you know that already then it’s fine.

What’s this?

A scratch on the door…?

It looks like claw marks…

Don’t tell me…!


You must be joking…. Hey!

It can’t be…. stop messing around!

….It’s them.




Bite marks and claw marks.

They’re made by wolves.

They stole my family away from me again!

Damn it! Damn it!

Why….!? Why…!!!

Why is it always me?! Damn it!

They’re close… and there are a lot of them.

I see… so their real aim is me.

How brave of them! I accept.




Hey, lamb-chan.

It’s as you said.

When you’re in this city – everything that happens here is a nightmare.

Everything that happens here is so terrible that it makes me want to think this is all just a dream.

But unfortunately… this isn’t a dream.

Even if it is for you, the city of Grimm is reality for me.

That’s why… I have to fight.

Grandma… I will avenge your death.

I’m sorry I can only repay your kindness this way.




The wolf pack will be here in minutes.

What are you going to do?

You won’t be able to make it even if you run away now.

Are you going to stay here and wait to be eaten?

No, I’ll change the way I asked that question.

You don’t mind not putting up a fight and getting killed?

I see.

Then… we’ve got to do this.

She’s shaking…

Are you scared?




Don’t force yourself.

People can’t change in a day.

But you won’t be able to escape from this nightmare.

I’m sorry for dragging you into this, but make up your mind if you don’t want to get killed.

Great. Let’s go.

Hey wolves!

We’ll take you on.

Hey, I’ll take the front.

You take care of the back.

Don’t be afraid.




Lamb-chan, I leave my back to you.

Come at me!

I’ll kill you all!

It looks like that was the last one.

There aren’t anymore of them around here.

Hey. Are your hands still tingling?

I suppose it’s expected after shooting so much, but…




It’s covered in blood, but it’s the wolves’ blood, right?

Now you know what I meant by Red Hoods.

From now on, you’ll need one too.

Give me your hands.

I’ll make them clean. (OMG! 🙁 Eugh!)

You’re shaking.

There are no more wolves.

What’s making you fearful?

Something so horrible?

This is nothing.

We almost got killed, so we got to them first.

What’s wrong with that?




Don’t make me repeat myself.

This is necessary for survival.

Nobody will blame you.

There’s no reason to feel guilty.

No matter how tainted you become with blood – I will still love you.

Yea, it’s true.

We missed our chance to ask about how to wake you up from your dream.

It’s too late, I guess.

You won’t be able to leave this place no matter what you do.

The reason?

Look at your hands.




You’ve been stained with the colour of this city.

You won’t wake up from this “horror” that you talk about.

But that’s okay, right?

You’re already… one of us.

Am I right?

I welcome you.

Live here from now on… beside me.




Hahaha, in your face!

Uh Oh! This is bad!….

As expected of my lamb-chan.

You saved me.

What? Running away already?

They’re so cowardly these days.

Thank you.

Have you improved again?

Looks like there’s nothing left for me to teach you.


I’m praising you, aren’t you happy?




This battle?

I don’t know, but I guess it’ll end soon.

There are less wolves in the city these days, so they’ll soon become extinct.

Don’t worry.

I’ll kill all those who scare lamb-chan.

Well, you can probably survive by yourself now though.

There’s blood on your cheek.

Hey, do you still think this is a nightmare?

I thought so.




Yes, this is how it’s meant to be.

See? You look so relieved.

The red hood looks good on you.

You’re completely part of the team now.

There’s no need to fear anymore.

You have me and your weapon which can protect you.

I will kill all the wolves that scare you, as long as we are in this city.


Track 6


Once upon a time, there was a girl.

She was an ordinary girl who lived happily with her father, mother and grandmother.

However, one day a burglar broke into her house and that happiness was destroyed.

That day, the only people in her house were her and her grandmother.

The girl felt something was wrong and instinctively hid herself in the closet.

Unfortunately, her grandmother was found by the burglar.

From the gap between the closet doors, the girl watched everything.

She saw the man kill her grandmother cruelly.




The girl accidentally screamed.

When the blood-covered burglar heard this, he moved closer towards the closet.

To the girl, the fierce man looked like a wolf thirsting for blood.

The girl naturally thought, “I’m going to be killed!”.

However, there was no way she could overpower an adult man.

As she shook with fear, she found a sewing box.

She was terrified and didn’t want to die.

As she thought of how she could survive, she gripped onto a large pair of scissors she found inside that sewing box.




“I have to kill him first before he kills me.”

That was the only thing that girl could think about.

In exchange for staining her hands with blood, she managed to escape the predicament she was in.

Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately, the man she stabbed – survived.

The girl was panic-stricken that that wolf-like man might exact his revenge on her.

Because of this, fear became her constant companion.

Throughout the morning, afternoon and even in the evening.

When she thought about when she might get attacked, her body naturally shook.




She started to have nightmares and thought, “If only I had killed him back then. Then I wouldn’t have had to suffer this much.”

Even if she had these thoughts, the only thing she could do as a normal girl was to be scared to death.

“If there’s a way to kill the bad guys, please… someone tell me,” the girl thought as she fell asleep.

Will she have another nightmare again?

She was constantly bombarded with such thoughts.

She had a nightmare again.

However, this time, it was a nightmare which made her happy.




In that dream, she finally got what she wanted for so long.

A world where she no longer has to live in fear.

The ability to protect her blood-stained self and a prince to love her.

It became the only place she could feel at peace.

Never again did she wake up from her nightmare and they lived happily ever after.


FREE TALK with Midorikawa Hikaru


Hello! Thank you for your hard work.

I am Hikaru Midorikawa, acting as Red Riding Hood.

This is another dummy head mic recording by Rejet again, and… to be honest I don’t have much I can do with the mic anymore…

Maybe I shouldn’t talk about it so much, so I’ll forget about it for now.

I’ll remember later, so don’t worry.

Here I go then.

First off, what impression do I have of the recording.

Let’s see, at the new recording announcement meeting, I found out about this story.




I liked the visual side too, and I thought my character was quite cute, so I was looking forward to recording.

Personally, I like this story because it’s based on Grimm’s Fairytales.

Not to mention I thought I’d never play a role in a story based on Little Red Riding Hood because I’m a man!

It’s an honour.

Thank you, I had a lot of fun.

Next up is… please tell us your favourite scene with Red Riding Hood’s line in this story.

Well… rather than a line…

I wonder if you have the chance to see the script?




You don’t. If you don’t, it’s a little harder to explain, but…

Um, when I’m acting, it’s not a line, but it says something like “because of Red Riding Hood’s line, the heroine, the lamb-chan “wanting to stay in Grimm level” is whatever percent” in the script.

I found that quite interesting.

I was like, ah, it’s finally 100 percent!

I was secretly enjoying it. That’s my favourite part.

Next up… Have you had something happen to you recently which you hoped was a dream?

Let’s see…




While I was trying to close this expensive luxury brand bag… the zipper fell off.

It’s never actually happened to me before, but when it did happen, it had to be that brand!

So I pretended like nothing happened, so I tried to fit it back in and zip it up again.

Of course it fell of again.

I was like, “this must be a dream”.

Of course, I’ve got it all fixed now.

Next. If you could become a character in Grimm’s Fairytales, what would you like to be?

Please give us an answer which is not the character you acted.




Let’s see… Somehow I feel that it would be Snow White. For some reason.

Like this story, but Snow White has an interesting name.

I like the sound of the name Snow White. That’s it really. Haha.

Anyway, a message for those who are listening.

How did you feel about this new Grimm Fairytale world? I hope you enjoyed it.

I think this story, rather than this series, is perfect for a game.




I hope you will support us and someone will create a game!

What kind of game?

Of course it will be the Red Hoods vs the wolves.

With virtual reality gaining popularity, it would be interesting to create this story realistically.

I’m sorry for talking in this position the whole time, but I haven’t forgotten.

Then… I’ll get ready.

I gargled water before with the dummy head microphone.

Let me try gargling water and walking around the microphone.




I’ll get some water, please wait.

I’m ready.

I have water in both of my cheeks.

When I talk, it sounds like this.

I guess this is new, most people don’t talk like this.

Here, I’ll walk around now.

I’ll walk around and say goodbye.