Lovenette Tune Mimosa Translation
ラブネットチューン Type-02 ミモザ
Seiyuu : 中澤まさとも – Nakazawa Masatomo
Release Date : August 24, 2016
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OverviewAndroids (Artificial Intelligence or Humanoid-Robots) are slowly being integrated into the world. It is now becoming normal to have them around and even have one in your own home. A company developed a type of robot which they named them “Marionette(s)”.

These robots have their own personality, so each one of them is unique. However, something went wrong and some of these Marionettes were deemed to be defective in some way or another. The staff decided that they needed to be disposed of. Having known their impending doom, the Marionettes have decided to escape from the facility.

While they were on the run, they meet a young girl. The young girl felt great sympathy for these Marionettes. She decided to take care of them and live with them in secret. Will their meeting lead them to a brighter future? It all depends on this young girl…

Finally! 😀 I am SOOO excited ‘cos Nakazawa Masatomo is one of my favorite seiyuus ever! He has FINALLY branched over to fluff CDs. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a REALLY amazing R18 seiyuu but I think he’s wasting his talents if he doesn’t try other genres! I’ve always thought he was very special and I could tell right away how much he really gets into his characters.

I was surprised he does not have just one, but 3 fluff CDs now! His first one was for Mondai Food (Otomate Records still, not Rejet) Vol. 1 for All-Oil Shake but yeah… that one was a bit of a doozy when he switched personalities. I decided to post this one first. Wanted to post something sweet for Christmas. 🙂

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Track 1


At that time…

It came to me without warning.

Marionettes were created by humans.

If a human decides to dispose of me, the correct thing to do as a marionette is to accept it.

I understand this, but…

The first thing that came to my mind was that, “I still haven’t been able to be of use to anybody”.

When I had realised, my feet were already moving towards the door that led to the outside world while I was still in a state of confusion.

Apparently, there are many more humans outside this door than inside the laboratory.

If there are so many of them, there must be at least one person who will say that they need me, even though I should be disposed of.




To everyone at the laboratory, I’m sorry…

But I am going to have to go against your decision.

I have only one wish.

Even if it’s just for this one time…

I want to be of use to humans.




Lovenette Tune.




Track 2


It’s been two days since I escaped from the laboratory.

It’s good I’m quite a distance away from the laboratory, but what should I do now?…

My battery’s also…

Because I’ve walked for so long…

My battery’s already this low…

I ran out without even thinking about the consequences…

I wonder how much longer it’ll last.

How am I going to find a person who needs a marionette in the first place?

I’ve made sure to learn a lot about the ways in how humans live, but it’s of no use if I can’t even put it to practice.

Will there be someone who will obviously look like they need help?





The trees in this house’s garden…

Could they be Mimosas?

Unfortunately, it looks like the season for flowers has ended.

If I look carefully, there are so many flowers and trees in this garden but they don’t look like they’ve been cared for much.

It’s such a huge garden, what a waste.

The house also looks big enough to be called a mansion.

It also looks quite close to the ideal house I had simulated in my head!

With a house this big, there must be many things I could do to help.

Preparing breakfast, watering the flowers in the garden, cleaning the rooms…

I wonder how many rooms does it have?

Ahh!~ They would all be such worthwhile jobs!




I can’t sense any biological bodies in there and there aren’t any sources of heat either.

Do they not have any marionettes working inside?

Maybe the residents are planning to bring some new ones in…

UWAHH! I’m sorry!

Are you… a resident of this house?

Welcome back.

Um, I’m… how do I put this… the garden!

I was just looking at the garden because it’s so beautiful!

I must look very suspicious, but really!

I’m definitely anything but!

Don’t worry!…

…… This… isn’t very convincing, is it?… hahaha.

No, I didn’t move into this area.

Actually, I just escaped from the laboratory and don’t even have a permanent address…




Umm! Just now! That was nothing!

Please don’t think anything of it.

Anyway, I will be going now.

You want to hear more about me so you want me to come inside?

I… Do I look that suspicious?!

I really didn’t have any bad intentions!

That’s not it…?

I should rest because I look tired?


But… it’s not like you need me, right?

Then… it might be better if I don’t involve myself with her.




Umm, I’m in a difficult circumstance right now… so it’s better if you don’t have anything to do with me.

Also, it’s not like I’m… tired…


Oh no…

I’m… I’m… already reaching… my limit…

I need to… go… somewhere… or I will only cause… you… trouble…


Track 3


Where am I…?

That tree outside the window…

It’s the same tree I just saw outside the gates…

You are… the girl who approached me just then, right?

That means… I’m inside the mansion?


I collapsed while talking to you?

I see… my battery ran out then.

Did you carry me in by yourself?

I’m sorry, it must have been very difficult.

This room… is the guest room?

I see! I did think that this was a much bigger room compared to the information I had in my database, but I never knew that such a type of room existed!




The garden looks really big even from within the house.

Who does the gardening?


Or is it someone else?

Ah… sorry.

I’ve been asking so many questions when I haven’t told you anything about me.

You charged my battery, so you must know that I am not human.

I see.

Umm… what should I start with…

My name is Mimosa.

Do you know about the Marionette Laboratory that’s owned by a robot development company in the suburbs?

I was there until two days ago.

I escaped because of a few reasons, and…

Don’t misunderstand me!

It’s not like I don’t have the proper capabilities or that they installed an illegal function.




I’m an authentic marionette that has met the standard criteria as a sellable product… or so I thought.

I guess it means the laboratory didn’t think so…

If the laboratory people decided my disposal, it must be due to other factors other than capability…. like my personality program or other unforeseen issues.

But… I didn’t want to be disposed of like that.

That is…

Can you tell me something about yourself?

You changed my battery, so does that mean there’s another marionette in this house?

There isn’t?

Then why…

Your family works in the robotics field.




Ah… I’ve heard of his name at the laboratory, although I’ve never met him directly.

He’s an authoritative figure in robotics, and he’s been involved in the development for robots with personalities like me… right?

He’s your father! What a coincidence.

Then… do you live here with your parents?

I see, they’ve been posted overseas.

It must be a little lonely to live by yourself in such a big house.

You’re a university student majoring in robotics?

That’s why you were able to help me.

I see…

You’re a god of the future.




Hm? We marionettes receive life from humans, right?

That’s why humans, especially those who work in robotics are gods to me, don’t you think?

Haha. What an honor it is to be saved by a god of the future.

If you know, could you tell me how marionettes like me, who have escaped from the laboratory’s management could find masters?

For the past two days, I’ve been observing the world while in hiding.

I didn’t meet a single… stray marionette, so to speak.

I’m in a rather unique position, but there must be marionettes who don’t have a master yet.




There aren’t?!

But there must be some situations in which the master lets go of their marionette.

In these cases, the marionette will not belong anywhere.

In these cases… they will be reverted back and recorded under the place of purchase…

Then… marionettes which aren’t officially registered in their system… are disposed as illegal marionettes?

And all humans who have interacted with these marionettes will receive some kind of punishment?


I didn’t think it would be such a big problem!

I’m sorry.

I’ll return to the laboratory immediately.

It’s fine!

I’ll make sure not to tell anybody about you charging my battery.

Please don’t worry.




I should have obeyed the laboratory personnel’s decision.

All I wanted was to help humans, but all I’ve done so far was be troublesome to the god who has helped me.

I have been very obliged to you.

Thank you.

I regret that I cannot give you anything in return, but I have to go.

Um… what… does this hand mean?

Where am I going?

I’m planning to go back to the laboratory.

If I go now, the only consequence will be my disposal.

It’s true that I escaped my disposal because I wanted to be useful to humans at least once

But there’s no way I can cause trouble to humans just to fulfill my wish.




How did I get here?

Um, the last time I crossed a road was in the town next to us and afterwards I took the backstreets…

So I don’t think anyone saw me enter this house… but…


You’re going to hide me here?!

Ah, sorry for being so loud.

Don’t people get punished for interacting with marionettes who are not in their system?

I can’t let that happen to you.



Why would you think so?

Isn’t it obvious that a marionette shouldn’t do anything that would disadvantage humans?

Human advantage should be prioritized over a marionette’s life.




You’ve already decided?

Are you… sure?

You really are like a god.

As I thought… humans are exactly like how I idealized them to be.

If I’m in this house my wish will definitely be fulfilled.

I’ll just return to the laboratory once it is been fulfilled.

Please hide me here for a while.


Track 4


Ah! Good morning!

Hehe, you still look sleepy.

Do you usually wake up around this time?

I see.

I’ll make sure to remember.

Hm? Me?

I make sure to at least be in sleep-mode during the night, but…

There was something I wanted to talk to you about so I started up early and waited for you.

Do you have time to talk right now?

Thank you.

Could you sit there?

I told you the reason why I escaped from the laboratory yesterday.

That’s right.

I want to be useful to humans.

Could you fulfill this wish for me in this house?




I’ve been thinking about it since you told me yesterday that there are no marionettes serving this house.

Although most of the rooms here aren’t being used, you still need to study and it must be hard to manage such a big house yourself.

Cleaning, laundry, cooking… ah, and gardening as well!

I don’t have any actual experience, but I have the necessary apps and memorized a lot of data so I will be able to support your life.

I know I’m being audacious for asking you to hide me and let me serve you…but… what do you think?

Really? That’s great!

Thank you!

I’ll work really hard, so just let me know if you want me to do something!




Oops, it’s already this late.

There’s a few things I want to check with you for cleaning and laundry, so I’ll do that after you come back.

Something I can do without checking things with you… would be cooking dinner.

Do you have any requests?

Ah, something I can cook with the ingredients in your fridge.


Leave it to me!




My 13th dish is complete!

Now what can I make with the remaining ingredients…

Ah! She’s back.




Welcome back!

Sorry, I haven’t finished preparing dinner yet.

I’ll finish up all the ingredients with one more dish so please wait a little bit longer.

Hm? Why do you look so surprised?

Is there a dish you don’t like?

That’s not it?

I… thought I made as many dishes as I could using the ingredients in the fridge like you told me to this morning.

Did I make a mistake?

You can’t eat so much?

How can that be?

I’ve made all the dishes for one person…

That’s not it?

Um…um… Sorry.

Could you explain it to me please?




Basically, humans can’t eat so much in one go?

What you tried to tell me this morning was to cook something using some of the ingredients in the fridge.

Sorry, it looks like I didn’t understand how much one meal should be.

There were so many dishes in the laboratory’s canteen, so I cooked with that assumption.

Of course… there’s no way one person could eat so much.

I misunderstood your words to mean you wanted me to use all the ingredients in the fridge.

I caused you trouble when I had told you to leave it to me.




Anyway, could you choose the dishes you want to eat out of all the dishes I’ve cooked?

I guess I will have to throw away the rest.

What? I don’t need to throw them away?

I thought you couldn’t eat so much.

You can… keep them in the fridge or freezer?

I see! I never knew fridges had such a function!

It’s certainly much more advanced than me.

As expected of my respected senior!

But… I’ve made you help me again.

Maybe your life will be more pleasant without me.

That’s not true?

It’s been a while since you’ve eaten homemade food?

This is enough to make you happy?




Is… that true?

A lie detector?

Yes, I do have that app, but I won’t use such a thing.

What you say is right.

This was a massive failure but I’m so glad you’re happy.

Well then, let’s start again.

Welcome back!

What would you like to eat tonight?

Here you go. Please eat!

That hamburger steak is the last dish from the stock I made last time.

How is it?




It’s delicious?

I’m so happy!

Ah, you’re avoiding the carrots again.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll cook them so they’re easier to eat. However, just for today – please try to eat them.

Yes, no matter what.

This week I have been collecting data on how much you eat, your likes and dislikes.

I’ve also researched on nutrition and calories, so I’ll be able to cook dishes which match your preferences perfectly.

What should I cook tomorrow?

Something that would really deliver a homemade feeling… maybe some home-baked bread?




Hmm, but you had hamburger steak today, so it would be Western food for two consecutive days.

I cooked Japanese yesterday, so how about Chinese?

Ah! S-Sorry!

I should listen to your preferences first.

When I thought that I’ve finally become of some use to you, I just…

I’m not a cooking-type marionette, but I just want to be helpful to humans.

I also took in a lot of data regarding human lifestyles at the laboratory including cleaning and laundry.

But cooking requires me to have more data because there are many cooking recipes, right?

Studious? Me?

This is the first time someone’s said that so that didn’t occur to me.




We marionettes have been created for humans, so it’s an obvious duty of ours to collect data.

The people at the laboratory also said so.

That’s why my emotion program cannot figure out consistency within its data when you praise me because it’s something I’ve never experienced before.

Huh? What’s this I’m experiencing?…

Every time you say I’m great or amazing, my internal functions become a lot more active.

I don’t think I have any programs which causes the activation of certain functions triggered by these words…




It almost feels like I’ve just been through maintenance or like my battery’s just been completely charged.

At this rate, I feel like I can use my capabilities to the fullest!

I see!

This must be what it feels like to be encouraged with praises! Haha.

I’m so happy!

This must truly be the purpose for my existence.

I’m going to really be useful to you.

You can definitely look forward to tomorrow’s breakfast!


Track 5


This branch should be cut off…

Mm! It looks well balanced.

Ah, you’re awake.

Good morning!

Haha! A book’s page has been imprinted onto your face.

You looked so comfortable sleeping so I left you as you were, but maybe I should have removed the book afterall.

I learned how to trim this tree in the gardening book I read yesterday.

Apparently it should be pruned before the new buds start sprouting, so I tried trimming it.

I thought it wouldn’t hurt to trim it a little, but… do you think it looks bad?




I’m glad. This tree has the same name as me.

More precisely, I was named after this tree.

My hair color is the same as the flowers of this tree.

Maybe that’s why I feel some sort of connection with this tree…

I want it to bloom as beautifully as possible.

Although I don’t know whether I’ll be able to see the flowers blooming…

Um, er… Anyway, the flowers in this garden are really beautiful!

Did you plant them?

Ah, it’s your mother’s hobby.

She gets angry when you let the flowers wilt because she feels sorry for them?

You and your mother are both so kind.




Hm? You’re actually not very good at taking care of flowers or living things in general?

But all the plants seem to be thriving.

When I first came to this house, the plants looked beautiful too.

Ah, it’s true that the weeds were also thriving.

You had just given plenty of water to the plants because your mother scolded you on the phone? Haha, I see.

Then can I do the gardening as well from now on?


It was unexpected.

Hmm? What you just told me.

It never struck me, since I’ve also seen you playing with a cat near the garden.

It’s not like you don’t like living creatures?

You’re just… bad at nurturing them.




Is there a reason for that?

Hmm, it’s not like there’s something specific.

Then maybe it’s simply a matter of suitability.

We marionettes learn to do anything through the installing of programs, but humans have things they are good at and things they aren’t, right?

Haha. You’re fine as you are, since we marionettes are here to support you for what you can’t do.


You’re a cold-hearted person who can only interact with machinery?

Who said that to you?!

Sorry for suddenly being so loud.

Ah… it’s a joke.

Um… How should I put this…

Humans are amazing beings who brought us marionettes to life, right?




I said this before, but you are studying robotics so you are like a god of the future.

I just thought there’s no way someone like that could be cold-hearted.

I’m not exaggerating!

Humans are all amazing, especially you.

You took me in, an escaped marionette from the laboratory and even allowed me to work for you.

You’re a really kind and fantastic person.

Everything you do and think can ever possibly be wrong.

That’s why I will do anything you want me to do.

I couldn’t have been any happier as a marionette.

Ah… rain!

It’s getting heavy really quickly!

I recall the weather forecast did warn of a sudden downpour.

I’m glad I trimmed the branches already.




Ah… what’s wrong?

You look really panicked.


Ah, don’t worry.

I’ve been adapted to live in human society, so this much rain won’t cause any malfunctions.

It’s a basic specification for marionettes, so you should know too.

More importantly, you’re the one who shouldn’t get wet.

I’ll tidy this up so please go into the house first.

It’s faster to tidy up together?

No, you can’t.

You’re human, so you will catch a cold at this rate.

It can’t be helped.

Let’s tidy up together after the rain stops.

Would that be okay?




It’s decided!

Let’s hurry and get into the house.

I don’t want you to fall, so please give me your hand.

It’s getting cold.

Let’s hurry.

Here, a towel.

This one is for your hair and the other is for you to wrap yourself in until the bath gets hot enough.

I’ll prepare your bath as soon as possible, so please wipe yourself while you wait.

Oh yes.

This continues from our previous conversation, but I’m sure I was right.

The moment it started raining, you were more worried about me getting wet than yourself.

We marionettes are created to protect humans before anything else, but humans don’t have such a rule, right?




See, humans are… no… you are, kind.

So please don’t call yourself cold-hearted anymore.

Can you promise me?

Hehe. Thank you.

Oh no, you’re getting cold.

Your cheeks are really cold.

Huh? You’re suddenly getting warmer.

Ah! Sorry, I got too close to you!

Ah… and my hand…

I touched your cheek without permission!




I’m sorry… I… was just so happy that I…

The bath!

I’ll prepare your bath!

What’s wrong with me?…

Touching her like that…

Human girls are…. really so soft…


Track 6


It’s 8pm…

She said she has a lecture until the last period, but…

She must’ve finished a while ago and she didn’t mention any other plans.

Could it be… she’s been involved in an accident?!

Calm down.

She has her student card and her emergency number reaches here.

If she has been in an accident, there would be a call so it can’t be the case.

My battery is… almost depleted?

Maybe I moved around too much, but I don’t know whether she’s had dinner so I can’t just charge my battery.




If I go into sleep-mode and not move, I should be able to save some battery.

Huh? Why am I… sleeping on the sofa?

Ah, you’re back! Welcome back!

Have you eaten yet?

Woah! What’s wrong?

It’s dangerous if you suddenly jump onto me…

Why are you crying?!

You’re not crying?

You’re angry?

Calm down first.

I don’t understand what’s going on?

When did you come back?

An hour ago?

What time is it now?

10 PM?




Huh? When I last checked, it was 8pm.

Why did this happen?…

When you came back, you saw me out of battery and collapsed on the kitchen floor?

That’s strange.

It’s true I was low on battery but I went to sleep-mode and I changed my settings so I would wake up at the sound of the door or phone.

But I collapsed… so… it must mean I didn’t have enough power to even restart.

Haha. More importantly, you were back late, you must want to eat dinner.

Hm? You ate already with your university friends?

No, I don’t think you told me.




I see.

So you aren’t hungry.

Do you want to take a bath?

Or would you like some coffee or tea?

Would this menu be too heavy for breakfast?

Hey, would you like to have ginger pork for break…

Eh?! Why are you apologizing?

Ah, because you forgot to tell me you were eating out?

It’s nothing to apologize about.

Of course it’s tastier when it’s freshly made, but you can eat it tomorrow instead.

You made me worried?

That’s nothing.

It’s normal for a marionette to adapt to a human’s convenience.

You don’t need to care about whether I was worried for you.

You are really kind.




Oh right!

You helped me again… so it’s me who should be apologizing.

Sorry for making you go through extra trouble.

I’ll make sure to go into sleep mode earlier next time.

Why didn’t I charge myself?

I thought it would be strange if you came home hungry and I was already charging myself…

Or not…

Of course…

It would be a failure on my part if a marionette runs out of battery and can no longer serve the human.

And I was beginning to think that I was finally being of some use to you!

I still have so much to learn.




I keep telling you, why are you apologizing to me?

It was my lapse in judgment that led to my battery running out.

It’s not your fault at all.

It might be difficult to convince you otherwise because you’re such a kind person…

However, if ever a problem arises between you and I – the fault should always fall on me.

That’s how a healthy relationship between a marionette and a human ought to be.

It’s expected of me to worry about you, but there’s no need at all for you to worry about me.

Your tears and concerns are something that should make me feel alarmed instead.




Be equals?

….. Like friends?

Haha! What are you saying?

You’re human and I’m a marionette.

I can’t possibly have an equal status with a god.

Hmm if that’s really what you want…

I could change my settings so I can behave that way…

Well, I think… maybe it’s possible if I change my personality settings..


What’s wrong?

The tea…!

How about your bath…?

Just now… was she… crying again?


Track 7


It’s almost time for you to leave.

You’re coming back early today, right?

How about dinner?

You’ll eat at home. Got it.

You already did the groceries two days ago and there’s nothing I particularly need.


Well then, have a safe trip!

Today is… the same as always… right?




We said good morning to each other, she had breakfast, and we talked about the groceries and when she will get home… and I saw her off.

There should be nothing wrong, but what is this feeling…

It feels like a thick filter has come between us.

We are doing the same thing as usual, but I feel like she’s still behaving differently.

Again… a feeling like my internal parts are not working together properly…

The area around my chest feels uncomfortable.

A feeling which I couldn’t figure out by analyzing my data.

Maybe it’s an internal malfunction.




It’s Mimosa.

Are you still awake?

Umm… I want to talk to you for a bit. Can I?

I’m sorry for disturbing you at this hour.

Were you about to sleep?

I see, then that’s fine.

Umm… what I’m about to say might be completely off the mark and it might even make you feel unpleasant, but… can you please still listen to me?




Do you feel that something is wrong with your body?

It doesn’t have to be now, but also for the past few days?

I’m not talking about clear symptoms like fever or headaches, but something like feeling constantly tired or weary.

Anything like that?


I thought so.

Then that means my theory must be correct.

I’ve had this… how do I put it… strange feeling since that day I collapsed in the house.

Ah, it’s not like I’m feeling unwell.

There’s nothing wrong with my body’s functions.

It’s just…


I’ve already gone through my data that your health and my body have no problems, but… I still feel that something’s wrong.




That’s why I tried recalling about that day and thought it over.

That day, you said you wanted to have an equal status with me like a friend, but I didn’t quite understand what you meant.

So I decided to look back on that day with a different perspective.

What if you said to me what I said to you on that day…

And I said to you what you said to me on that day…




Doing that… I felt pain in my left chest.

There shouldn’t be any malfunction, but I felt this gradual pain.

It was a pain I have never experienced before, and it also made me feel very sad.

I thought maybe you felt the same pain, and that you are still feeling it.

If that is the case, I have said something horrible to you on that day.

I know I can’t be forgiven with just an apology, but I wanted to make sure.

Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but when you said you wanted us to be equal, were you talking to not as a marionette, but as Mimosa?




Am I allowed to think that…

that you think the same way towards me…

As I think towards humans…

No….. towards you?

I see. I understand now.

I’m sorry for saying something so horrible.

I felt bad without knowing the cause, so I read many articles in the study because I thought I might have been damaged somewhere.

I read essays like one written by your dad about the emotion mechanisms of marionettes as well as human history… anyway… a whole lot of it.




While I was trying to sort out the information in my head.

I realized that I have… glorified human too much.

Humans are imperfect and they make mistakes too. They are also very capable of doing horrible things.

It’s extremely dangerous of me to excuse them just because “they are humans” and allow them to continue on that path.

Maybe this is why the laboratory people also decided to dispose of me.




Because of you, I was able to realize all of this.

Ah! I didn’t say that by the way out of blind reverence for humans again.

After ascertaining my own understanding and emotions, I came to personally want to thank you.

That’s how I feel.

You understand?

Haha, words which are full of emotion can be understood without explanation.

I’ve finally realized.

Umm, if we are now equals…

Then can we just say we’ve been arguing for the past few days?




Actually, I should say that I made you angry one-sidedly.

Then… Can we make up?

I’m sorry for being insensitive to your feelings.

I’m sorry I caused you trouble and made you worry about me because I didn’t value myself.

And… thank you for worrying… about me.

Hahaha….!!! Somehow… my body’s getting all warm!

My thought circuits are all over the place, but it doesn’t feel bad!

This must be… me feeling shy?

It feels somehow similar to when you praised me.




I interacted with many people at the laboratory, but nobody made me feel this way.

Like I said, you really are a special and amazing person!

When I first met you, I told you that I escaped from the laboratory to be useful to humans, right?

I keep asking myself if I’m allowed to be so happy everyday, saved by you and working here.

At first, I simply thought that this happiness came from the fulfillment of my wish.

But after inputting many different emotions, I started to feel that this happiness didn’t come from just the fulfillment of my wish.




I’ve realized so far that these feelings are special and that these special feelings have something to do with you, but…

These feelings arise in me whether you’re laughing or angry, so it’s making it difficult to find coherence in my data.

My heart?

Human-like emotions are developing in me?

Thinking for myself… and having conflicts… getting hurt… being happy…

It’s true that my program wouldn’t be able to feel and calculate so many emotions at once.

I see… these are emotions that can’t be programmed…

It’s my heart!

Right now, being near you and feeling all these emotions is so fun and makes me really happy!




I’m so happy…

That I can touch you like this…

Ah! Sorry, I read that people kiss each other on the cheek to show affection to family members and friends.

Oh… Er I mean…!

Last time you said you wanted to be like friends.

It was just a figure of speech to make me understand?

Oh yes… it said that a kiss between a man and a woman actually means something different.

I think it said it’s an expression of love between lovers.

It’s… probably a little different to the love I’m thinking of… right?




Huh? How strange…

I’m having a different feeling from last time, but I’m feeling strange again…

It’s as if… my chest is burning…

Like my electric circuits are heating up to unexpectedly high temperatures and is melting my body away.

But… it’s not like my body temperature is actually rising.

Hmm…. Mmm…. Ah! I really don’t understand it!




Is this also because I have a heart?

I see. I have plenty of time!

I’ll live with you as Mimosa this time around and try to find a name for this emotion.

Once I know what to call it, please also let me know how you feel too.

The name of the emotion you feel… when you think about me.


Track 8


Hmm! I think I’m pretty much done now!

Mm! Good job!

I’ll take care of the tools so you should hydrate yourself in the shade.

No!~ You can’t.

You’ve worked a long time, so you must rest.

I also have data on people that have suffered heat strokes when it’s not summer.

Me? Haha.

Thank you for worrying.

My heat removal mechanism is… working fine!

If you want me to overheat, the sun will have to work hard to increase the temperature around 20 more degrees. Hahaha.




Ah… It’s already almost winter, that was fast.

There were so many flowers, but now they’re all gone.

What do you feel when you look at the garden?

I think it was during the evening news, they were doing a special program on some botanical garden and they said it’s the start of a lonely season.

It caught my attention.

It’s true that there are only a few flowers that can live through this season and the trees might look lonely at first because they lose their leaves, but…

For me… They’ve just fallen asleep for a while so that they can prepare for full bloom again, right?

That’s why I didn’t quite agree with the term “lonely”.




Do you think so too?

I’m glad.

That’s right. Even if we can’t see the flowers, as long as we don’t forget them, then we’ll definitely be able to see them here again, so we shouldn’t feel lonely at all.

Mimosa flowers start blooming in spring, so the flowers will start blooming in four months at the earliest.

Until then, It would be great if I can stay like this.

No, it’s nothing.

Hey, when the flowers bloom, we should do some ohanami (flower watching) here.

This garden doesn’t have any cherry blossoms, but it has many spring flowers so it’ll definitely be fun!

It’s a little embarrassing to say let’s watch flowers that have the same name as me, but still… haha.




So when the Mimosa flowers start blooming, we’ll do flower viewing here.

I’m so excited! It will definitely be an unforgettable scenery.

Today I first need to…

Ah, you’re awake.

Good morning!

You’re up a lot earlier than usual.

A phone call from your father?

He’s abroad right now, right?

He said he miscalculated the time difference? Hahaha.

You can go back to sleep again, if it’s for a short while.




It’s fine?

Then I’ll prepare breakfast immediately.

But before that, how about some coffee?

You look pale.

If you’re still sleepy, should I bring a blanket?

You’re okay? Really?

If you’re sleepy then you can sleep, okay?

When it’s time I’ll wake you up.

A call from your dad again?

I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on you, but you looked so concerned I couldn’t come any closer to you.




Ah, I didn’t hear what you were talking about so please don’t worry.

You just don’t seem very energetic these past few days.

Didn’t you learn at lectures that marionettes can’t just be imagining things?

We also have a polygraph app installed on us as a basic function.

I haven’t used it since I came into this house, but should I use this app to see whether it’s really nothing?

I’m just joking. Such things aren’t necessary between you and I. Right?

I’m guessing the phone calls are what’s bothering you.

I think you’ve been acting strangely since you received a phone call in the morning last time.




Hm, should I guess what the phone calls were about?

Let’s see… something about your university grades?

It’s not?

Then… he will lessen your pocket money!

That’s wrong too?

Then… he’s found out that you’re hiding me?

Hahaha. So I’m right.

That’s about the only possibility if it involves your father and it’s something you don’t want to tell me.

I see. He’s found out.

What did he say?

He thinks I should be returned to the laboratory.

Instead of contacting the laboratory, he’s waiting for us to go voluntarily.




Hehe. He’s kind, just like you.

I wanted to see the flowers bloom…

Hey… can you just tell me one thing?

Was I useful to you?


I see.

I had so much fun living with you that I almost forgot about desperately wanting to be of use.

Thank you.

I’ll return to the laboratory tomorrow, so please tell your father too.

It’s fine, please calm down.

I’m not acting rashly or anything.




These days, I’ve been thinking about it.

When I escaped the laboratory, my mind was just full of desire to be useful.

By meeting you, my wish has been more than what I’ve ever hoped.

But what about afterwards?

For now, I’ve not been found out by the laboratory thanks to your father’s kindness, but there’s no guarantee that I won’t ever be found out.

If the laboratory finds out that I’m here, it will also cause trouble for you and your family.

It would be a huge failure if I intended to escape the laboratory to be useful to humans only to bring harm to the one most important to me.

By meeting you, I’ve received something more than I’ve ever dreamed of.




So… I’ll accept my fate.

Haha. I’m so happy.

I should’ve been disposed of ages ago, but I managed to be useful to you.

Nobody else, but to you.

Not to mention that you’ve also given me such happy feelings.

There’s nothing sad about that.

But… I couldn’t determine what it was in the end.

Hmm? Remember?

The name of that strange emotion I felt as if my chest was burning.

I wanted to tell you before I left, but…

When I see you looking so sad, maybe it was better that I didn’t find out…




I have a feeling I would’ve made you cry even more if I had said it…

Huh? When I see you cry… I’m also…

I shouldn’t have any human-like functions in my tear ducts.

I can’t be near you anymore, but I won’t ever feel lonely.

As long as my heart remembers these emotions and my memories with you, it’s not like they’ve disappeared.

Can I ask you… for one last favor?




It doesn’t have to be everyday.

Will you think of me when the Mimosa flowers bloom?

Just once a year… just once a year is fine.

Please… don’t forget me.


Track 9


Thank you for waiting.

Welcome to the laboratory.

Today we will have an interview to check our compatibility.

My name is Mimosa.

Just kidding!


Um… I want to hug you too, but this room is being monitored from the outside.

I heard from rumors, but you’ve lost a bit of weight.

Are you eating properly?

Really? That wasn’t a very romantic conversation to start our reunion, was it.




Yes. I’m really Mimosa.

My memories and emotions haven’t changed at all since that day.

Although I don’t blame you that you’re in doubt since I didn’t contact you at all for three months.

I’m also surprised at my situation.

I thought that once I return to the laboratory, me as the marionette, Mimosa would be disposed of in some way.

Perhaps something like having my memory erased or my personality altered.

It’s thanks to you and your father that I’m still here.

The day I returned to the laboratory, you called your father right?

When he received your call, he suggested that I be re-examined.

He said that he was reluctant about their decision of disposing me.




My tendency to blindly idolize humans, which was deemed a problem was fixed when I met you.

Instead, they saw me as a special case useful for their research regarding marionettes developing human emotions.

So that decision of discarding me has been overturned.

However, they saw me as a very important research subject so my stay here was lengthened.

They seemed to have finished most of the basic research, but came to the conclusion that they need me to interact with specific human beings.

They’re currently searching for someone to take me in.

It’s not like I have any problems in terms of capabilities.

However due to my dubious past, the laboratory staff seem to have struggled finding someone to take me in.




That’s when it was suggested that they know someone kind enough to take me in even with those conditions.

That’s why I was ordered to have an interview with you today.

How about you?

Your father called you, I see.

I was worried you came after being told that you were being interviewed for another marionette. Just kidding!

I’m currently a research subject and I also have a questionable past.

So as long as you say yes, it will be decided as such.

Will you… take me in?




This is great!

Haha. Now I can be with you without worrying about causing you any more trouble.

Hm? Monitoring?

Sorry, if you don’t want me to hug you…. I’ll stop, but if you don’t care about that, let me continue to hug you like this.

I belong to you now.

That will never change.

No matter what other humans say about me, I won’t care.

Do you remember what I said before?

The name of that special feeling I had for you?




I finally found it.

It’s a much stronger feeling than just “liking” someone…  it’s “love”.

This was the answer.

I like you.

I love you…

Are the Mimosa flowers already blooming?




I see! Then let’s go home and do some ohanami!

Let me hear those feelings that you have for me in the garden…

In that garden that only belongs to us.

Even when Spring…


And Autumn pass us by…

While the garden flowers start preparing for the coming Winter..

This “Mimosa” will always be by your side no matter what season…

Please… Let me love you for all time.