JUMIN’S ROUTE – Christmas DLC Walkthrough

Overview : A day late but I wasn’t able to play Jumin’s that time, sorry about that. Anyway, here’s his walkthrough. Which seems to be the first to be put up it seems…? Not sure. Anyways, I don’t think I have too much typos (I hope – I apologize if there are). Also, I used up so many phone credits but Jumin would barely even answer the phone! I don’t know if it’s because of me playing straight through but eh. (≧д≦ヾ)

Please READ first :

  • Do not combine with other walkthroughs. You have to use only this walkthrough from start to finish for the Christmas DLC or I can’t guarantee that you will get the good ending.
  • There may be mistakes in what I typed but it shouldn’t be so severe that it’d be hard to understand. I’ll fix it later on so please bear with me and just ignore them for now.
  • I binge played or did the entire route straight through from 12:46 AM to somewhere around 6+ AM. I don’t play real time or follow the actual times. I’ve never played that way. I pay for it in HGs. It only cost 50 HG total to open up 2 days worth of chats so I did not want to wait around. Please keep this in mind. It’s why I marked times in maroon to let you guys know what time it was for me when I was playing it.
  • I’ve confirmed that phone call times MAY shift around. You can no longer rely on walkthroughs 100% to make or get the calls (perhaps maybe except for the ones that only happen right after the chat). I don’t want to be held responsible regarding phone calls.
  • As Cheritz has mentioned in their release post of the Christmas DLC, some chat, phone, text answers or options may differ from person to person. This, like the phone call times are things I cannot control if it’s randomized. Just do your best to pick a similar kind of answer as what I’ve indicated there and you should be okay.
  • This is just for Jumin‘s route. I’ve done Zen‘s already though in the previous post. Seven’s will be done the day after.

Obviously, since this is a walkthrough, I will mark the content as potential SPOILERS. Please do not click on the “more” link if you do not want to be spoiled. Likewise, if you visit this page without the link and you see other stuff right below this, close the page immediately!

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Spoilers : YES.




Legend :

Maroon – Important information or Player’s Real time
Red – Warnings or broken hearts.
Orange – Obtained gold hearts and hourglasses after each chat.
Grey – Answers or choices
Teal – My commentary.


[00:46 AM]

00:01 AM – Christmas Eve… – Yoosung and Zen
Yoosung, you’re not sleeping?
What’s wrong, Zen?
Do they do fund-raising events in RFA too?
Is Jumin planning it with us too?
It’s okay to keep yourself a little busy
Native Norwegian attire?
Jumin couldn’t do anything about it either, right?
Good luck, Yoosung
Don’t work so hard, Zen.
Sweet dreams, Yoosung.
9 Gold hearts.




12:51 AM  Seven calls – Seven Zero Seven, the hub of all information~! It’s late into the night, but I had some news to tell you.
Just that if you hang socks up on your bed, he’ll put int he presents you want?
Reason why he only gives presents to nice children.
Just a lie made up by adults.
So there were spies hacking into information networks a long time ago?


[-20 Hourglasses to open the next 24 hours]


03:03 AM – Overloaded Jaehee – Jaehee
Assistant Kang, you came right on time.
You seem to have a lot of work.
I hope everything will work out smoothly.
Aww Jaehee. There, there
I think it’s “Law of the Wolf and Lamb”
Hello, Jumin.
Is it something related to the event?
You are very good at pushing and pulling. (HAHAHA! At long last, I can choose this option!)
I’m thinking of leaving too.
4 Gold hearts.


1:01 AM Yoosung calls – Hello? So you can talk now? Awesome!
What did you do last Christmas Eve?
What did you do on Christmas?
Oh— I can already imagine what happened—
I like sitting on the first row. (Oh… do you now? lmao.)
I would have wanted to go straight home.
Amusement park.
That was a gift from Santa…


06:48 AM – 707 on Eve – 707
Are you sure you’re not hallucinating?
What are you doing today, Seven?
Oh…. A handsome and popular photographer!!
May I go as too?
V… you’re a very mysterious person.
See you tomorrow~
I’m strong so I’ll protect you with my whole body.
Whoosh (*Disappears*)
1 Gold heart.



Yoosung : How about you, Nurie? Do you send those texts?
Answer : Nah, I don’t send any.

707 : Butter (Korea) 7%, Mental Strength (Korea) 0%, Acasia Honey (Russia) 7%… (Omitted) This text has been manufactured in the same facility as Doctor Pepper, Honey Buddha Chips, Cat Fur, and spaceships.
Answer : Manufactured— What? What are you talking about?


1:15 AM called Jumin – Jumin Han speaking.
Jumin, it’s me.
I don’t.
I suppose your father wanted to protect your innocence.


09:17 AM – V’s participation – Yoosung and Jaehee
V just dropped by…
Obviously he has to come because he is the President, isn’t he?
Maybe it’ll complicate things if use the RFA name.
If everyone’s on the same page as Yoosung, then that means there is a problem..
I want to think that it was an unavoidable…
Okay. I trust Jumin so I will also trust V too.
You’re holding on thanks to Jaehee.
Jaehee, you didn’t attend the event 4 years ago?
Did a spaceship pass by?
You worked hard today… even though it’s Christmas Eve…
Yoosung, aren’t you busy too? Shouldn’t you get going?
Please feel free to go. SO then good-b…
9 Gold hearts.

11:24 AM – Spend X-mas with someone – Jumin
I’m here, Mr. Han.
I want to ride in Driver Kim’s car too.
I’ll respect Jumin’s privacy., k.
It seems like Jumin would spend time with Elizabeth the 3rd on a day like this.
There’s no one in the world whose heart is made of steel.
I want to spend it with someone I trust.
To think Jumin would say something like that…
Is this an important day for you?
I should buy something to eat too.
7 Gold hearts.



Jumin Han : Do you know who that is?
Answer : Me?




1:42 AM (right after VN) Jaehee calls – It’s Jaehee Kang. I hope I haven’t interrupted your special day.
You’re much younger than I’d thought!
Everyone at RFA goes on and on about Rika—
If that’s what you say—
No way— I don’t think that’s the case.
Jumin Han?
Next time, listen to my troubles too.


13:42 PM – Jealous Zen – Zen
Zen, your expression is so funny hahaha (-1 Zen heart)
It sounds like you’re saying lines form a play.
Kya! Then what?
Jumin, welcome!
Zen…. were you?
White day and Pepero Day are also made for commercialization.
Trust… Trust is important especially when you’ve been together for a long time.
I think Jumin can maintain a long lasting relationship based on trust.
No, I wouldn’t do that.
That isn’t enough.
There’s truth in Jumin’s word.
Hahaha! Jumin was right~! Your sense of humor, seriously….
Jumin, calm down and it would be better if we talk about this later.
Maybe something bad happened at the meeting earlier.
Yes, goodbye.
7 Gold hearts.



Zen :  Nurie, have you ever gone to the movies with your significant other on Christmas?
Answer : I have.


16:15 PM – Dreams for Christmas – Yoosung
Yoosung, is everything going well?
Yes, but I don’t really like things like that lolol
Seven lolol~ It looks like you are in a good mood.
Nobody enjoys being alone— but there can be exceptions.

I don’t care
I bet it’ll look so pretty…
I’m not in danger, right?
If there is even a 1% chance of a security breach
It’s really unlike you, Seven.
Only Seven’s heart could get through to Yoosung.
Seven must have his own circumstances~
He should be more sociable like you.
Jumin could have this own circumstances too.
Yes, go on ahead.
8 Gold hearts.


[Visual Novel]


02:13 AM (right after chat) Zen calls – Hey, babe. It’s me.
Just block those numbers.
You’ve been going on and on about couples.
You can get all kinds of benefits if you’re a couple.
Are you eager too?
I’m sure patience will lead to a beautiful relationship.



707 : Oh, do you have a tree already?
AnswerEveryone should have their own tree on Christmas.

Yoosung : I feel like I didn’t ask you earlier, haha.
Answer : I like being alone like Seven.


18:06 PM – Cold Jumin – Jumin
I wish I could see it too.
I am having a good time.
Like other people?
Jumin, I understand it was V who requested the name change. You did this for the sake of the RFA, right?
Jumin, do you….. do you possibly have superpowers?
That’s a beautiful photo.
That’s a smart way to encourage people to attend freely.
It would be safer if you think two or three steps ahead.
Even if something did happen with you and V…. you won’t tell us.
Jumin… I think it would be best if you rest for a bit.
Jumin… something must be bothering you. I wish there was something I can do.
Hurry up and go. It was nice talking to you.
You will earn a lot of money… take comfort in that.
Don’t drink that and cheer up! Don’t you know it’s not good to drink too many of those?
Good luck on your work.
10 Gold hearts.




Jaehee : Of course, it was all a part of Luciel’s joke.
AnswerJumin’s so cute for falling for it~


19:18 PM – Can’t rest on Christmas : Zen and 707
707 is here!! Open up the gates!!
What should you do if your blood pressure gets higher? Dr. 707!
Cat food! It must be nutritious.
If someone like Jumin were my boss….. I honestly think it could be a bit romantic.
It’s bad to fight. I want peace!! I respect everybody’s preferences!!
Let’s stop now~
What do you have to say?
I want to be with Seven but… because of work… Nurie is sad.
I don’t want to do what everyoneyone else is doing…
I don’t need to follow something like that.
Zen, I’ll warm you up with my words, hoo~<3
Zen, close your eyes!
Sending and receiving messages with 707 makes me quite happy.
Running away;;;; is that okay?
I hope you run to your heart’s content and feel better…!
That was unexpected… I’m really getting lonely now… T_T
Yes, go on ahead~
11 Gold hearts.


[Visual Novel]



Zen : Isn’t he so dreary in that sense?
AnswerYeah, I agree.


2:59 AM called Jumin – successful – Oh— It’s you. What is the matter?
I was just curious of what you’re up to.
Did I interrupt your break?
I think I was.


20:53 PM – Preparation : Yoosung
Jaehee would feel so proud too.
Welcome, Jumin.
Just think about it as a good experience ^^
Yoosung, it’s already been decided, you should let it go…
Yoosung, try and respect what V did. He is the person that Rika chose.
I see that you’ve been drinking alone, Jumin. I hope you have a good evening.
It would be better for me to go early and help you.
I know what you mean. Hurry and go to bed.
6 Gold hearts.


3:17 AM Jumin calls (right after chat) – It’s me, Jumin Han.
I’m too old to believe in that.
It becomes logical when a person close to you dresses up as Santa…
Jumin, what are you talking about?
Why don’t you hire a hacker?



Jumin : I’ve been consistently donating to the ‘National Street Cat Association’ so that street cats can spend their winters in warmth.
AnswerYes, I have.


23:01 PM – Christmas Soon! : Jaehee and 707
There is less than one hour left of Christmas… Jaehee, you’re not still working right?
Jaehee, was work good today? Did you have any problems?
It’s so sad that I couldn’t help Jaehee…
I want to see Seven… But I can understand why  he would want to be alone lol
Go and become a star, Fairy 707!
Thank you.
Seven, you should go home now! Before it gets too late.
5 Gold hearts and 1 Hourglass.



Jaehee : I plan to gather all my strength, even from the future.
Answer : The event is gonna go so well because of you~


[Game Branches off here]


[3:32 AM]


00:01 AM – Ungrateful Christmas – Zen
I was getting ready to go sleep soon.
Was practice hard for you?
Did something happen?
What bad luck… I guess that means you can’t go to the event today.
Zen’s mental breakdown T_T Noo…
Merry Christmas to you both!
Zen, is there any way you can skip practice T_T
I hope the new role have more lines and actions.
I listened to your complaints so practice hard tomorrow.
Sleep soon and good luck tomorrow.
1 Gold heart.



Unknown : Do you want to see me?
Answer : Isn’t it our members you want to meet, not me?


02:24 AM – Christmas’ duty – Jaehee
Jaehee…  I can’t sleep~! Let’s chat.
I feel bad that things aren’t working out for Zen, even when you’re cheering for him so much.
Yes, but I actually feel worse for you with all the work you have to do… T_T
It’s important to spend Christmas celebrating.
I don’t know. Sometimes I think luck can be more important than diligence? It’s all about luck
Go to sleep. I’ll get to bed soon. Bye!
2 Gold hearts.


5:18 AM Jaehee calls – Merry Christmas— Thank you for taking my call.
I don’t have anything planned in particular.
You must be very busy with the event.
Come on, tell me.
Of course. I’ll do it.
Knowing how difficult this was for Zen— I don’t think I’ll be able to really enjoy the show.


[-30 Hourglasses to open the next 24 hours]



Jaehee : They say that you should conquer cold with more cold. What do you think about htat?
AnswerIce cream is always best in the winter.


05:50 AM – Yoosung’s X-mas memory – Yoosung
Uh oh… No! Don’t use that T_T I’ll getchu new ones
I don’t feel that that….
Sounds like a happy family.
Haha that’s cute…
Honestly Rika’s story is too boring to hear T_T (-1 Yoosung heart)
Donating is a good thing to do.
0 Gold hearts.


03:53 AM Jumin calls (right after chat) – You picked up right away. Did you have your phone in your hands?
I’m glad you called me.
What did you choose?



Yoosung : How about it? You like it when it snows?
AnswerNot really, the roads get slippery—


[Visual Novel] (OMG… You’re breaking my heart, Jumin T-T)


08:43 AM – Yoosung and C&R – Jumin
If we utilize Yoosung well, it will definitely be help C&R
I started it a bit special. I am excited!
Jumin, are you feeling okay after drinking yesterday?
I don’t have much plans.
Hmm… Instead of beating around the bush, how about telling him directly?
Jaehee, there is no problem with the order right?
Jumin is going to take care of it. No worries, Jaehee.
Wouldn’t releasing stress be first for Jumin. Work can come after, one by one 🙂
Cats are the best.
Yes Jumin~ You’ve replaced your cellphone already!
Go ahead.
Since V i scoming… I think it’s better if you go too.
I trust things will work out well… Talk to you later.
7 Gold hearts.


5:42 AM – Zen calls (right after chat) – Hello? Oh, babe. You picked up right away. Were you— waiting for my call?
You’re whispering—!
How about your rehearsal? Are you taking a break?
I was going to get angry if you didn’t call, Hmph.



Jumin : I get a new phone pretty frequently so that I’m not behind the times, but I wonder how it’s like for you.
AnswerI check all the new releases.


10:32 AM – Not everyone is happy : 707
god Seven’s gloominess can be felt.
You should spend it happily today! So you don’t feel jealous of others!
I hope Seven is not included there… it’d make my heart ache…
So Seven, are you unable to work because you’re sad?
It seems you need more catfood for the cats….
Yoosung, I’ll go too.
Seven can do what he wants
Are you going?
You can’t help but be suspect something. After all this game’s title is…
I understand how you feel, I will try to go for sure!
I don’t know if I’ll go or not bye bye
6 Gold hearts.

5:58 AM
Yoosung calls (right after chat) – Wow, you picked up right away! I was worried you wouldn’t pick up!
Yoosung, what’s wrong? Are you sick?
I’m treating everyone equally~.



707 : This isn’t Earth so it’s not Christmas.
AnswerThen you won’t have to care about it.


13:06 PM – A depressing day : Zen
Yes, just stay calm today
Jumin has his own issues….
But that’s only possible in your dream
You can always imagine it
Welcome, Jumin!
Jumin, have you organized your thoughts?
Jumin is doing his best too.
Ahahahahaha Jumin, you’re so funny!
I heard that C&R is making a great contribution to our GDP growth!
You just came to chill out!
Thank you for welcoming me, Jumin 🙂
Jumin, I’ll be cheering for you!
9 Gold hearts.



Zen : Is there a trick to being so sweet?
AnswerHaha, it’s a secret.


16:07 PM – Thank you – Jumin
Welcome Jumin! Did everything go alright?
Wow, that was close. I am glad you sorted it out well, Jumin!
I want to go and see you.
I feel so excited to see you. You are going to come, right?
Welcome, Yoosung!
Great job everyone~!
I want to join the company to see Jumin… It’d be wrong to apply with that kind of intention, huh?
I am glad that I helped… ^^
I’m a kind and easygoing person.
That’s me!
You’ll have everything if you have me!
Am I going to see you on Christmas?
Because I like you. (LOL I think I used up all my lifetime supply of cheeziness just in this conversation alone.)
I hope you have great news, Jumin.
See you at the event!
9 Gold hearts and 1 Hourglass.

18:10 PM – Worried about Mr. Han – Jaehee (I think there was a mistake here as Jumin‘s portrait shows up when in fact it’s Jaehee in the chatroom)
Jaehee, did you hear anything from Jumin?
He is in a position where he has to make several difficult decisions.
He could be. He’s a person too.
I can’t help but worry about him~
I can’t help that Jumin is my type of guy. (OMG NOOO ZEN! You’re seriously making me feel so bad!!!!)
What is the title of the show you are rehearsing?
Yes. You should come too~ (GDI Stop making me feel so bad!!! LOL *cry*)
See you there ^^
I hope you succeed!
8 Gold hearts.

19:23 PM – Precious Friend – V
Oh… I think Jumin has something to say to you.
Aren’t they amazing?
I hope you come to make things up with V…
Please be more considerate of your friend, V…
You two used to exchange letter…! It’s amazing that you have all those memories.
Why won’t V be able to read the letters?
Can’t you share with us… what your choices mean?
Are you making up with V…?
How is V’s handwriting?
It’s very unique.
Letters with flowers on them… That’s romantic!
He left in a hurry…
I’m glad to hear that.
I didn’t really do anything.
Okay, Jumin. See you at the event.
3 Gold hearts.


[Visual Novel]


5:13 AM Jumin calls – It’s me. Is your Christmas coming to an end nicely?
Yes, I will.

[Game branches from here]


21:00 – Title is in Korean…  – Jumin
Jumin, I’ve been waiting for you.
I’m on my way.
Thanks for worrying.
It’s necessary to be wise enough to acknowledge change.
Did you feel like you were left alone?
I want my feelings for you to last forever.
I’ll stay by your side and be your strength.
4 Gold hearts.


[Visual Novel]

When do you think Jumin will be here?
Is it about Jumin?
Do you think Jumin’s going to make a donation too?
Jumin’s impressive enough. He doesn’t have to do anything else— (LOL! Blinded by love.. Yeah I suppose you’re right there, Yoosung!)
Nothing was too difficult, I’m happy to meet you, Jumin.
Let’s go together, Jumin.
As much as you want to donate, Jumin.
Jumin— can you really do that?
His mother?
Just express it however you want, Jumin.
Jumin, you’re so warm—



JUMIN’S ROUTE END – Merry Christmas~!