ZEN’S ROUTE – Christmas DLC Walkthrough

Overview : So here it is! ūüėÄ Finished Zen’s Christmas DLC route yesterday and I was dying so I made quite a bit of mistakes here and there… haha…. Sorry about that. I tried to fix what I could find. Umm, I unfortunately forgot to list the areas where the story branches off. I believe there were 3 in total? Or was it 2…? I seriously can’t remember! I was only able to write the last one in right before the Christmas event.

Supposedly my route should have gone from Zen > Yoosung > Jumin > Jaehee then 707. But since I’m impatient or I am not sure if I want to spend on too much hourglasses to play, I will most likely only do Zen > Jumin then 707. Just giving you guys a heads up.

Please READ first :

  • Do not combine with other walkthroughs. You have to use only this walkthrough from start to finish for¬†the Christmas DLC or I can’t guarantee that you will get the good ending.
  • There may be mistakes in what I typed but it shouldn’t be so severe that it’d be hard to understand. I’ll fix it later on¬†so please bear with me and just ignore them for now.
  • I binge played or did the entire route straight through from 12:25 AM to somewhere around 7¬†AM. I don’t play real time or follow the actual times.¬†I’ve never played that way. I pay for it in HGs. It only cost 50 HG total to open up 2 days worth of chats so I did not want to wait around. Please keep this in mind. It’s why I marked times in maroon to let you guys know what time it was for me when I was playing it.
  • I’ve confirmed that phone call times MAY shift around. You can no longer rely on walkthroughs 100% to make or get the calls (perhaps maybe except for the ones that only happen right after the chat). I don’t want to be held responsible regarding phone calls.
  • As Cheritz has mentioned in their release post of the Christmas DLC, some chat, phone, text answers or options may differ from person to person. This, like the phone call times are things I cannot control if it’s randomized. Just do your best to pick a similar kind of answer as what I’ve indicated there and you should be okay.
  • This is just for Zen‘s route. I will work on the other routes later as soon as I get my internet back and I can continue playing and start Jumin’s. >__>’

Obviously, since this is a walkthrough, I will mark the content as potential¬†SPOILERS. Please do not click on the “more” link if you do not want to be spoiled. Likewise, if you visit this page without the link and you see other stuff right below this, close the page immediately!

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Spoilers : YES.




Legend :

Maroon – Important information or Player’s Real time
Red – Warnings or broken hearts.
Orange – Obtained gold hearts and hourglasses after each chat.
Grey – Answers or choices
Teal – My commentary.


[00:25 AM]


00:01 AM – Christmas Eve… : Yoosung, Zen
Hello, Zen
What’s wrong, Zen?
Because of practice you seem so busy.. T_T
Sounds like you are going to work hard, Jaehee.
It’s okay you can keep yourself a little busy
Formal dress?
Is this not the goal of the C&R publicity? (-1 Jumin heart)
You can’t come even on the day?
Good-by, honey~
Sweet dreams, Yoosung.
9 Gold hearts



Yoosung : Do you send those texts?
Answer : Nah, I don’t send any.


00:31 AM – calls 707 : successful – Yo! Did you call to check if I got your letter?
Huh? I didn’t send any letter.


00:35 AM – calls Zen – successful – Hey babe. I was just about to call you.
You totally read my mind!
I just don’t do it.
Is it really frustrating?
Like being considerate when scheduling things?
I like it when you rely on me.


00:38 AM – calls Jumin – successful – Hello? What is the matter?
Just wondering what you’re doing on Christmas Eve!
I’m kind of sick of Santa Claus— Why don’t you have cats deliver them?
Aren’t your cat businesses based on personal taste? (LMAOOO! Jumin *cries*)




00:52 (Right after the VN) 707 calls – Seven Zero Seven, the hub of all information~! It’s late into the night, but I had some news to tell you.
He comes to us on his sleigh and comes down through the chimney!
The locations he appears.
A ghost!!!!
Wait— Seven— You’re— Santa?


[-20 Hourglasses]


[12:59 AM]


03:00 AM – Overloaded Jaehee – Jaehee and Jumin
Welcome, Jaehee.
You seem to have a lot of work.
I hope everything will work out smoothly.
Aww Jaehee TT TT TT There, there TT TT
Is it not “Tender Lion”?
Tada! Mr. Jumin Han is here!
Could it be with a girl…?
Please try not to be late, so that Jaehee wouldn’t worry.
I will stay a bit longer and then go to sleep.
5 Gold hearts


[1:10 AM]


Yoosung calls (right after chat) – Hello? So you can talk now? Awesome!
What did you do last Christmas Eve?
Did you go volunteer?
Oh— I can already imagine what happened—
Your neck must have hurt—
I don’t really care about what other people think.
PC Room.
It won’t be like that this year!



06:48 AM –¬†707 on Eve¬†: 707 and V
Are you sure you’re not hallucinating?
Hero, Jaehee and Yoosung look busy so will it be okay?
Welcome, V.
So, you are coming too?
V… you’re a very mysterious person.
See you tomorrow~
Is there no solution like 707 anywhere keke
3 Gold hearts.

09:17 AM – V’s participation : Yoosung and Jaehee
V just dropped by…
You seem handsome and I really want to see you in person.
If we use the name RFA, would it be a hard time?
I think it’s better to watch and observe first. How do you know what people are thinking?
I want to think that it was an unavoidable situation….
Something does seem weird. I can understand that Yoosung feels upset.
Because it’s finished up well, Rika’s seat still remans! (remains…?) The heart is more important than the name.
Didn’t Jaehee attend the event 4 years ago?
Did a spaceship pass by?
I feel bad when I think of Yoosung having to work so hard…
Yoosung is busy as well, so shouldn’t you be going?
Please feel free to go. So then good-b…
6 Gold hearts.


[01:37 AM]



707¬†: Butter (Korea) 7%, Mental Strength (Korea) 0%, Acasia Honey (Russia) 7%… (Omitted) This text has been manufactured in the same facility as Doctor Pepper, Honey Buddha Chips, Cat Fur, and spaceships.
Answer : Manufactured— What? What are you talking about?


01:40 AM calling Zen – successful – Can’t… breathe— Hello?
Can’t… breathe— Zen, why are you so out of breath? *pant*.. *pant*..
Is it okay for you to take calls during practice?
I just wanted to hear your voice.


11:24 AM –¬†Spend X-mas with someone¬†: Jumin
Excuse me…
Welcome, Seven ~
Because it’s Jumin’s own business, I won’t ask.
On a day like this, Jumin somehow will spend time with Elizabeth 3rd.
The mechanical theory emerges when denying….
I want to romantically spend it with someone I love.
It’ll be fun to learn the art of doppleganger
I don’t really care about today… it just feels exactly the same.
I will leave now too ^^
7 Gold hearts and 1 Hourglass.




01:58 AM (right after VN) Jaehee calls – It’s Jaehee Kang. I hope I haven’t interrupted your special day.
So much must have changed after you started working for C&R.
I’ll help you next time.
No way— I don’t think that’s the case.
Jumin Han?
Don’t worry, I’ll keep your secret!



Jumin Han : Do you know who that is?
Answer : Me?


13:42 PM : Jealous ZEN – Zen
Gasp, the Christmas couple movie that will come out!
It really is a tragedy… I want to embrace you
Yes yes…
Let’s promise to love each other forever that will never go away.
I fall in love with your line making skills! I am your fan number 1 from now on.
I wish I can ignore it but… I like romance movies.
That’s kind of random…
I think Zen knows how to be a real loyal man.
Why are you asking that kind of question?
That’s so sad…. is that person doing well now?
Those are such harsh words on Christmas…..
Jumin, first calm down and it would be better if we talk about this later.
Don’t think about it. Talking with Jumin can make Christmas feel really dull. (-1 Jumin heart)
Yes, go on ahead.
10 Gold hearts.


[02:22 AM]



Zen :  Nurie, have you ever gone to the movies with your significant other on Christmas?
Answer : I wish I have—


16:15 PM РDreams for Christmas : Yoosung
Yoosung, is it going along well?
Yes, but I don’t really like things like that haha
Seven haha~ It looks like you are in a good mood.
I’m also curious! Please tell me if you have like a Christmas dream hehe

The tree is going to look pretty….
I’m not dangerous, right?
If there is even a 1% chance of a security threat
Every person has a different way of having fun haha
Please think carefully about coming…
Who knows…. it’s a bit interesting.
Seven, he must have a story that he can’t tell.
Jaehee….. hang in there.
Yes, go on ahead.
8 Gold hearts and 1 Hourglass.


02:48 AM (right after chat) Zen calls – Hey, babe. It’s me.
If you use this app, you don’t really have to join a couple’s plan. (Oh.. I already know where this is going LMAOO)
Ahem! Think about it very carefully— (WAY to put yourself out there MC, LOL!)
You can get all kinds of benefits if you’re a couple.
I want to be an actor too!
We can see each other.




18:06 PM – Cold Jumin : Jumin
I will spend it feeling a bit lonely.
You seem to have a lot of free time…Jaehee seemed to be busy.
It hurts me to see Yoosung be disappointed…
hahaha your face is blurry.
Ha ha… this is really….
Jaehee, hang in there….
Jumin, you will be attending tomorrow right?
Did you two… get into a fight?
Jumin….. I think it would be good if you rest for a bit.
No matter what it’s Christmas evening, and you suddenly leave behind this work. Please think about Jaehee too.
Is it my mistake for thinking you are trying to run away from me?
You will earn a lot of money… take comfort in that.
hahaha Yoosung is really so cute.
Good luck on your work.
6 Gold hearts.



707 : Oh, do you have a tree already?
Answer : No, I don’t.

Yoosung : I feel like I didn’t ask you earlier, haha.
Answer : I like being alone like Seven.

Jaehee : If that really existed, I would have been called by Mr. Han every minute of every day—
Answer : OMG~ I want to be called by Jumin too!


[3:21 AM]


19:18 PM – Can’t rest on Christmas : Zen and 707
I miss Zen.
Jaehee is also going to work after the event is over. Isn’t Jumin being a bit too much? T_T It’s Christmas!!
If it were me, I would not be able to handle it T_T I don’t like one-sided love nor one-sided authority.
What if they don’t end up falling for you?
Zen… do you really hate it when I call you Master?
Even if I send hearts, you would still hate it?
I want to spend a nice warm Christmas with Zen T_T sniff sniff
I hope that you can be that way with me… <3
Apart from that, this that,… or this… <3
Zen, even at the end I’ll warm you up, hoo~ <3
Zen, close your eyes!
I want to go on a date with Zen…
Be careful to not get caught
Merry Christmas Eve!
But you look like you lack some energy… I don’t know what could be the reason for it.
Zen, every time you get tired at practice, just think of me to get strength! You can do it! You know I’m cheering for you right?
12 Gold hearts and 2 Hourglasses.

20:53 PM – Preparation : Yoosung and Jumin
Jaehee would feel so proud too.
Welcome, Jumin.
If Yoosung enters the company, you would help Jaehee right?
This is really unconvincing….
Yoosung, try and respect what V did. He is indeed the person that Rika chose.
I see that you have been drinking alone, Jumin. I hope you have a good evening.
Just like Seven I want to stay at home too…
I know what you mean. Hurry and go to bed.
5 Gold hearts.


4:01 AM Jumin calls¬†(right after chat) – It’s me, Jumin Han.
Of course! Santa does exist!
Then can you prove that Santa doesn’t exist?
It becomes logical when a person close to you dresses up as Santa…
Jumin, what are you talking about?
What if I want the same present as you—?



Zen : What do you think about that?
Answer : It’s much more beautiful for people to have hope in life.

Jumin : I’d like your recommendation on a new organization I can donate to.
Answer : Happy Fair Trade Association!


4:11 AM calling Zen – successful – Hello? Oh, hey. Glad you called. I was just about to fall into a deep dark hole of depression.
Did something happen, Zen?
It’ll feel like a movie.


23:01 PM – Christmas Soon! : Jaehee and 707
There is less than one hour left of Christmas… Jaehee, you’re not still working right?
Before it turns into crystal power let’s quickly go home ha ha
It’s so sad that I couldn’t help Jaehee…
I want to see Seven… But I can understand why he would want to be alone haha
; …
Thank you.
I’m a bit sady that Seven didn’t come…
4 Gold hearts and 1 Hourglass.



Jaehee : I tried it and it seemed fairly effective. I’m planning to fire up tomorrow with this drink.
Answer : Aren’t you working too hard? T_T


04:56 AM calling Zen – successful – …Hey— Hello? What’s up? It’s pretty late.
Are you sleeping, Zen…?
I just— thought of you— before going to bed. It’s already been more than a hundred days since we broke up—
You really are an actor.
You’re the greatest actor to walk on this Earth!


00:01 AM – Ungrateful Christmas : Zen and 707
I am having a hard time going to sleep because of you
Did something happen?
Does that mean you have to practice all over again? That’s too much.
Zen’s mental breakdown T_T no….
Weren’t you busy? I wanted to talk to Zen privately…
I am here for you ūüôā
That’s what I am saying. I hope they consider actors more with care.
It’s Christmas…. I feel bad to see Zen working.
I think it’s gonna be a lonely Christmas.. It feels like
Don’t feel lonely. I will stay with you together in spirit! Go in.
6 Gold hearts and 1 Hourglass.



Unknown : Do you want to see me?
Answer : Yes. I want to know who you are.


[5:14 AM]


02:24 AM – Christmas’ duty : Jaehee
Jaehee, you are here!
Don’t you have to worry more about Jaehee’s work?
Yes, but I actually feel worse for Zen who is working… T_T
Ah, you mean you feel like you have to do something special?
With a belief that today’s work will pay off in the end. Cheers!
Good night! I think I’ll be up for a little more.
3 Gold hearts.


5:18 AM Jaehee calls – Merry Christmas— Thank you for taking my call.
I don’t have anything planned in particular.
You must be very busy with the event.
Come on, tell me.
Of course. I’ll do it.
Is there a shirtless scene?


[-30 Hourglasses]


05:50¬†AM – Yoosung’s X-mas memory¬†: Yoosung
Uh oh… No! Don’t use that T_T I should get new ones from now
I don’t feel like that….
That’s completely different form my youth!
Yes, cheer up a little more for everyone.
Honestly Rika’s story is too boring to hear T_T (-1 Yoosung heart)
Donation is a good thing to do.
0 Gold hearts.


05:26 AM Jumin calls (right after chat) – You picked up right away. Did you have your phone in your hands?
Am I important to you?
Thank you for thinking of me.



Yoosung : Don’t you think that sounds more special than regular Christmas?
Answer : I don’t really care. I wish it’d rain instead. (ROFLMAO HAHAHAHA *DIES* LOLLL What the hell?!)

Jaehee : They say that you should conquer cold with more cold. What do you think about htat?
Answer : I prefer warm food.


08:43 AM Р Yoosung and C&R : Jumin
Poor Yoosung… Shall I text him to run away…
I started it a bit special. I am excited!
Jumin, are you feeling okay after drinking yesterday?
I don’t have much plans.
Are you talking about V..? You guys really had something.
Yes! Is event going well?
How come you are not getting in touch with your family? People worry about you.
Aren’t you giving a Christmas gift to Jaehee?
Yes Jumin~ You’ve replaced the cellphone already!
Jaehee.. Cheers for the event!
Since V is coming… I think it’s better to go.
Yes, please do so.
4 Gold hearts.


5:42 AM – Zen calls (right after chat) – Hello? Oh, babe. You picked up right away. Were you— waiting for my call?
Okay Zen. I have to whisper too, right?
How about your rehearsal? Are you taking a break?
This is my Christmas gift to you for working so hard. Muah!





Unknown : You won’t make secrets form me, would you?
Answer : I’ll send you the address to the apartment. [Send address]

Jumin : That’s especially the case for smartphones, despite its short history.
Answer : I use it until it no longer works.


10:32 AM – Not everyone is happy : 707
Hello. 707
Seven god’s gloominess is being felt.
Not all these days are like that for me…
I hope Seven is not included there… then my heart would ache…
Coming in like gone with Yoosung! Are you getting a good meal?
Yes I have
Just be a great donating Santa for me today.
It’s nice for him to come but Seven would also have his own business~
Come on then
Yes, see you again!
Yes.. It would be nice if he comes even if he’s late…
Yes, but we should care about their different circumstances.
Yes, I hope you have a good event ūüôā
8 Gold hearts.


5:58 AM Yoosung calls (right after chat) – Wow, you picked up right away! I was worried you wouldn’t pick up!
You sound as if you’re going to leave for somewhere—
You’re too young to know things like that, Yoosung~



707 : This isn’t Earth so it’s not Christmas.
Answer : When on Earth do as Earthlings do.


6:03 AM called Zen – successful – Hello? Oh, it’s you.
I think you’d look great in a Santa hat.
Stop it. I don’t want to hear you talking about any other woman.
You too, Zen.


13:06 PM – A depressing day : Zen
I want to see the bad guy face of Zen
Come to our place too!!
…if that’s so then spend it with me! My heart that is fully open for you Zen!!
That… is a dream come true really. I wish that happens, today.
Cheer up Zen! Even when you are working hard, my heart will be burning for you!
Acting is the highest level of activity where you use both brain and body!
This is a pretty serious joke.
Although I am disconnected from Jumin, my heart is with Zen.
which means you are playing around
No worries, my heart is with you Zen…
Zen, I will be cheering for you!
9 Gold hearts and 2 Hourglasses.



Zen : You make everyone who talks to you feel better!
Answer : Thanks for saying that, Zen~


16:07 PMAll because of Nurie : 707
Zen and Jumin… Don’t they look like an excellent pair?
Wow!!! I announce Seven as the hacker of the year who had the most cat videos released! 
Oh, C&R stock has gone up…? I should get some now.
I’ll make sure to visit, Jaehee!
Jumin the slacker is taking care of Jaehee’s work, is that true?
Are you going to fix mine too?!
It seems the donation drive goes well through the universe power
Cheers for you~! Don’t work too hard!
I’ll muster all my cheers for you! Seven, cheer up today!
Weren’t you feeling liberated? Good bye! Seven.
7 Gold hearts and 1 Hourglass.


18:10 PM – Sad Zen : Zen and Jaehee
I want to see you.. Are you just going to rehearse the whole day?
It hurts me that you’re having such a hard time..
Don’t be lonely. We’re together in spirit.
I know ¬†you’ll be a top star one day. This too shall pass… Cheer up!
Zen… please don’t be so stressed, okay?
Think of me. That will cheer you up.
It’s Zen… I’m sure he will pick himself up soon.
I should get ready to head out soon.
4 Gold hearts.


6:36 AM Zen calls – …Babe, it’s me. Can you talk right now?
Zen, calm down~
No, if I could be with someone like that on Christmas—


19:23 PM – Zen looks sad : Yoosung
I hope Zen feels better by now…
I wish there was something I could do to make Zen feel better…
Zen just worked hard to become happy… And in that process, he just became addicted to his work…
I wish I could still make Zen happy!
A boulder that may be worn down, but still beautiful like a statue…
You must have read a lot of books to have such a rich vocabulary.
If I could, I just want to run to Zen and heal his wounds.
…I’m sure we’ll get to know how we feel about each other soon.
I plan to go around 9 just like V said.
Zen’s number one for everything.
Cheer up, bro.
Don’t be too harsh on him lolol
Yup, I Hope you survive the waves…
8 Gold hearts.


[6:57 AM]






21:00 PM – Wait for me : Zen
You’ll be more out of breath spending time with me, so it’s fine.
On our way back from the event… just the two of us on some quiet street…
You know what you have to do to wake up a sleeping beauty, right..?
How can I let you then? Tell me with your own mouth~ <3
Do what…?
2 Gold hearts.



Thank you. How nice of you.
When do you think Zen will come? I want to see him…
I didn’t think he’d come. I’m touched!
You looked like a prince just now—
Zen— Where are we going?
I’m fine. Are you okay, Zen?
You don’t have to feel alone now. I’m here.
I feel like I’m dreaming—
I’m not going to run away.
I feel like your heart’s racing—?
Today’s Christmas, so I’ll let you do what you want. A small one, though!
I wanted to say thank you to all the members of the RFA. I had such a happy Christmas. Merry Christmas.