Kuro Yoshiwara Melancholia Tenshou Tatsuki Translation
黒吉原メランコリア 第弐夜 天正タツキ
Seiyuu : 櫻井孝宏 – Takahiro Sakurai
Release Date : May 25, 2016
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Overview : First of perhaps 2 translations I’ll be posting here for Kuro Yoshiwara? It definitely all depends on the next volume that I listen to if I’d like more of them translated and whatnot. For this Volume, we have Tenshou Tatsuki as one of the contenders in the Kuro Yoshiwara Game. His father is the General of the Imperial Navy, while he himself is ranked as a Commodore. However, time is against him and he needs Nanami’s help (the Main Character).

He has to manage to win the game that he was (unwillingly roped into or) invited to participate in as well as convince Nanami before it’s too late. This would be a difficult task unfortunately as Tenshou Tatsuki’s arrogant and domineering attitude is definitely working against him.

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Track 1


[Flashback Start]

One spring day, thunder boomed and rain pelted the ground.

A letter from Kuro Yoshiwara was delivered to my mansion.

It had a strange content…. an invitation to the Kuro Yoshiwara Game.

There are probably many of you who have not heard of Kuro Yoshiwara.

The furthest and innermost “okiya” (geisha room) called Kirarou, which you can enter through the Yoshiwara Gate can only be accessed by selected nobility and notable families.

Including the Kirarou and the jet black walls surrounding it, the nobility call the whole area – Kuro Yoshiwara.




However, only a few people know what goes on in the red-light district surrounded by darkness…

Even I, the heir of the noble house of Tenshou and the Fleet Admiral of the Imperial Navy, have not understood it.

So… what is the Kuro Yoshiwara Game?

The letter said: The champion of the Kuro Yoshiwara Game will have the right to redeem the “oiran”(courtesan) as their reward.


The Rules of the Game :


One: Charm her.

Two: Do not harm her.

Three: Do not let her escape.




Under these rules, 6 competitors will fight over her.

Furthermore, those who have read this letter up to this point are not allowed to drop out of the game.

Those who commit this taboo will receive Kuro Yoshiwara’s punishment.

Haha. This is stupid.

How arrogant of them to send me this letter and decide one-sidedly.

Why should I fight over an oiran when I can pick and choose any lady from noble families in the first place?




Oirans are vulgar women who can only live by using their appearance and body to flirt with men.

Do they really think I would be infatuated with such women? Idiots!

I don’t know whose prank this is, but I’ll get rid of this letter right away.

Just as I was about to burn the letter in the fireplace…

The word Mermaid written on the letter stopped me.

Ah! A woman with… mermaid blood?




I’ve heard that mermaid tears have the power of immortality.

Something you cannot obtain no matter how much authority or money you have… is immortality.

That’s why people become fascinated and can’t help but seek that power.

…. That power can solve the greatest problem I face now.

Hmph! Even if this is all a lie, it’s fine.

I’ll just make those who deceived me pay for it.

But… if everything on this letter is true…




I’ll win this game and obtain the mermaid’s tears.

The mermaid’s tears… which locks away the power of immortality…

[Flashback End]


Are you awake?

Why are you so flustered?

Here, I brought you some lemon water.




You must be thirsty too.

Here, drink some.

You’ve been acting strangely.

Are you nervous?

It’s not like it’s the first time we welcome the morning together.

You can live here like it’s your own home.

I’ve told my servants this as well, so you don’t need to be concerned.




It’s too early for breakfast so why don’t you sleep some more?

That’s right.

You’re a good girl.

By the way, I heard from my servant that you stepped on your skirt at the spiral staircase.

You still haven’t gotten used to wearing western clothes?

I suppose you are a naive girl brought up in the countryside.

It would be unreasonable to tell you to get used to living here.

What, are you angry with me?

You’re going to ruin your beautiful face like that.




Well then… I’ll take a quick shower before breakfast.

Why don’t you join me?

There’s no need to hold back, it looks like you won’t be able to go back to sleep anyway.

Also, if you’re with me, you won’t get confused with the western style faucet or the enamel bathtub like you did last time.

Get out of bed… come here.

There’s no use trying to run away… see?

I’ve caught you already.




I would have never hugged you like this before…

Back then, I never thought a day like this would come.

Hey…? Do you remember the day I first visited Kirarou?

The rain was so heavy that day, it was a typical spring storm.


Track 2


[Flashback Start]

Truly… it’s raining quite heavily.

You’re finally here.

Tradition or whatnot… this place is very troublesome.

I’m not satisfied being made to wait for a courtesan.

By the way, Manager, since you brought this girl here then she must be…?

Hmm… you are… huh?




Well then, take me there immediately.

What is this place?

It’s like a cage.

You want me to assess the courtesan in such a place?

Not to mention her appearance!

A blind fold! That’s just distasteful.

Don’t tell me… the people of this okiya think that the customers will feel more aroused when they see her like this?




Haha. This is ridiculous.

At least I certainly wouldn’t be seduced by such things.

I just want to get this over with and go home.

However… Hmm… I see.

Looking at you like this, I can definitely see that you’re quite pretty.

Well, I suppose since you’re praised as a courtesan it’s expected that you’ll at least be attractive.

I haven’t introduced myself yet.

I am Tatsuki Tensho, the Commodore of the Imperial Navy.




Your name is… Nanami… is it?

I see.

But I didn’t come all the way to Kirarou just to ask you that.

I’m going to ask you bluntly.

Is it the truth that you are the girl with mermaid blood?

You’re quite pompous, aren’t you?

Well there’s no need to hide it.

It’s better for you if you don’t.

Oh right. If it is true, I don’t mind redeeming you immediately.




What do you think?

I’m the heir of the noble house of Tenshou, you shouldn’t have anything to complain about.

However, don’t get me wrong.

I’m not interested in you at all.

Your face… or your body… or your voice, which is known to be so beautiful that people cannot forget it once they’ve heard it.

Everything you do to seduce your customers… has no hold on me.




I don’t have such vulgar taste to make courtesans serve me as my lover or wife…

I only want one thing… the power of immortality… which is said to be in your tears.

My circumstances are such that I need it immediately.

Of course, that’s if you really have such powers.

Are you really a mermaid?

Or… Is it a lie someone made up to make the game more interesting?




Can you tell me?

I don’t have time.

If you’re going to keep being evasive, then I will be forced to devise other ways to make this happen.

Normally, it would be impossible for you to even be able to talk to me.

However… this time… it’s an exception.

A girl like you… likes being embarrassed by men like this, right?

Then so be it… I’ll fulfill your wish.

In return, you better shed tears for me.

I’ve resignedly accepted the humiliation of having to entertain a courtesan.




No matter how much it is against my will, it’s something I must do to achieve my goal.

I made up my mind… that’s why I came to Kirarou.

As a participant of the Kuro Yoshiwara Games, a game which can only be described as… repulsive… yes?

Now, come closer to me.

This is a deal, so there’s no need to hold back.

Haha. Stop?

You say such strange things.

Are you trying to say that, even though you are a worthless courtesan, you don’t want me to court you?




Then I guess it can’t be helped. In order to find out whether the rumours about you are true…

The easiest way would be to make you cry.

Then… it might be better if I just threaten you like this.

As long as you are trembling with fear, shedding tears should be easy.

Ah, I probably don’t need to say this, but you’ll get hurt if you move around.

Well…you’d be lucky if you only get hurt.




It looks like you’re quite scared…then hurry up and shed tears for me!

I told you! I’m in a hurry!

Hmph… you won’t shed a single tear for me and you plan on remaining silent?

Despite your looks, you must have guts. Your beautiful fragility is only for appearances.

Just as I thought… women in red-light districts tend to have willpower.

I guess you’re no exception.

Well… you’re a girl who earns food by manipulating men everyday.

This much from you is to be expected.




Basically, in order to get your tears, I need to plan more carefully.

I’ll leave for tonight.

Although I was only threatening you, it would be bad if someone saw me using my sabre here.

I also don’t want to miss this opportunity by breaking the rule that I must not hurt you.

However… I will make you shed tears in no time… mysterious tears which is said to possess the power of immortality…




I’ll warn you beforehand.

Be sure not to underestimate me.

If you voluntarily decide to cooperate with me, then I won’t give you a bad deal.

You can assume that the faster you decide, the better your reward will be.

You should think about it carefully overnight, while listening to the rain.


Well then, goodbye.




That’s right…

I don’t have time…

To be at the bathhouse at such a crucial time!

That girl…

Huh? That’s… speak of the devil.

Hey. Stop for a minute, I’ll be back quickly.




Hey! Nanami!

What good timing.

I just came from Kirarou.

Of course, because I needed to talk to you about something.

I went all the way to see you, but you weren’t there.

It was going to be a waste of time.

Hmph. Being so obviously cautious of me.

You’ve really got an attitude!

Did you already forget what I told you?

And? Have you decided to cooperate with me? Which is it?




You’re going to stay silent again.

But well… this was expected.

This is for you.

It’s… an invitation.

It’s been all over the papers already.

There’s going to be a ceremony to celebrate the launching of the battleship called Kaizan.

In other words, it’s a party.

A new model battleship that can even rival the Great World Power’s, can finally be made in our country’s shipyards.




There’s no mistake that the whole country should celebrate, right?

Well… there’s no point telling this to such an uneducated girl like you.

Anyway, after finishing the ceremonial ship launching at the port there’s going to be a party at the hotel.

Of course, it’s not just a party.

After all, it’s a celebration for the whole nation.

Many VIPs including the Prime Minister and high government officials will attend.




And… the person who will have the honour of ending the party with a toast, will be my father, who is the general of the Imperial Navy.

Do you understand what this means?

Haha. You are seriously so ignorant.

To be asked to do the role of toastmaster for such a celebration… is an honour beyond compare.

The honour of my father as the head of my house is equivalent to being the honour for the whole house of Tensho.

There won’t easily be another day in which I would be so proud as heir of the house.

I’m saying I’ve even bothered to invite you to such as place.




How do you feel?

It’s an honour, right?

Of course you would feel puzzled.

It’s simple.

I’ve rethought my plan… in order to get your tears.

If I can’t threaten you, I’ve decided that I’ll charm you and do to you as I like. Then, I’ll obtain your tears.

Still, I don’t have time to waste.

I need to make you feel good quickly…

What do you think?

It’s not a bad deal, right?

It also conforms to the game’s rules.




Not to mention that there are 5 other people participating in this game.

I don’t know who they are, but I would lose everything if they take you away before I can get your tears.

So… if I charm you enough so that the other participants won’t even have a chance, I thought it would be faster.

I told you. I’m prepared to do anything to get your tears.

I’ll do anything to achieve this.

I will even go through humiliation and use everything I possibly can.




If you come to the party, you will understand how much of an undeserved honour it is for you to find favour in my eyes… even if what I want is not you, but your tears.

However… there is one problem in bringing you there.

Normally, it would be impossible for a courtesan like you with no status to go to such a prestigious social event.

You at least understand that, right?

That’s why I have an idea.

I’m thinking of introducing you as my fiancée to everyone at the party.

Of course, also to my dad.




Hey, don’t get me wrong.

It’s just a temporary measure for now.

There is no way I would really choose you as my fiancée.

It’s just that if we pretend, you’ll temporarily have the status to be at the party.

Nobody can act rudely to the fiancée of the Tenshou house heir.

Do you understand?

I’m telling you that I’m doing all of this just to give you a moment of dreamlike bliss.




Even if all the other participants are from noble families, nobody else but me could do something like this.

Are you so surprised you can’t even speak?

If you plead with me and say you’ll choose me right now, I don’t mind giving you pleasurable experiences from now on, too.

If you shed your tears and give them to me now, I don’t actually mind welcoming you as my fiancée.

Otherwise, I’d have to marry a noble class lady somebody would have chosen for me anyway.




I have never expected love in the first place.

Then… it doesn’t matter who I marry as long as I get some reward.

I see… you’re not interested in becoming my wife?

Then are you saying you’d rather be redeemed by some random man of no status?

Or… do you want to die within those gates with nobody to redeem you?

You really are such a foolish woman.

How about you stop acting so stubborn?

Techniques of a courtesan or whatever… they don’t work on me!




Oh well. I gave you the invitation, okay?

I will pick you up at Kirarou on Friday evening.

You better be prepared and already be waiting for me.

I ordered for some luggages to be sent to your room.

There are dresses and shoes inside.

Go back to Kirarou and choose from any of them.

Yes, I assumed you wouldn’t have anything to wear for the party.

Of course, I was the one who chose all of them.

They are all made with the finest materials, appropriate for my fiancée to wear.




It will be the biggest moment for us since the start of the house of Tensho, so it would be trouble for me if you, who is acting as my fiancée, come to the party looking disgraceful.

That’s why I chose them for you.

You better dress up to your best ability in order not to embarrass me or my father, the head of the Tenshou house.

Well then, have a good day… Mermaid princess…

[Flashback End]


Track 3


You’re back.

Seriously… you could have just showered with me.

You’re always so shy.

By the way, how was it?

Did you manage to use the shower properly?

I see. I heard from my servant that last time, you were having difficulty with controlling the water’s temperature and pressure.

Looks like you’ve learned a bit.

Well then, hurry and come here.

If we don’t dry your hair quickly, you’ll catch a cold.




Your hair is so soft… it feels wonderful.

With the morning sunlight seeping through the lace curtains, it makes your hair resemble silk threads…

See? It’s shining beautifully.

Haha. And when I see you giving yourself to me so obediently, it makes me want to tease you… like this.

Haha. I never thought there would be a day where I’d enjoy playing with you like this.




At first, I was hesitant to even hold your hand. Not only that, I was so horrible to you just because you were a courtesan.

Born into a military family and as the heir of the family fortune, I had a strict upbringing.

Everyone around me was either an enemy or someone to be looked down upon.

I thought that it was a waste of my time to interact with those of no status or education…

And that women like you who let themselves fall into Yoshiwara were the worst of them… but… you’re the one who changed me.




Now I even feel peaceful just by touching you like this.

Haha. I never thought that I, who used to be such a germophobe would ever seek a person’s warmth.

If my father knew me now, I wonder what kind of face he would make!

Sometimes these thoughts come to my mind.




[Flashback Start]

This is the party hall, Teito Hotel.

I’m sure you’ve at least heard of the name.

It’s a hotel of ancient and noble origins, which has a royal warrant of appointing leading figures from abroad and within the country.

That face… don’t tell me you don’t know…. I can’t believe it.

I’m warning you, if you’re like this inside the hall as well it will definitely spell trouble for both of us.

You are going to be required to act like a fiancée of the Tensho heir.

We bothered to make you look like a lady from a noble family, at least regarding appearance.

You better be careful not to expose yourself.




Well then, let’s go.

Follow me.

What do you think? It’s an amazing hall, isn’t it?

All the Attendee’s attires are also excellent.

Now… you.

Give me your hand.




Hey, I just warned you not to expose yourself.

What’s with that attitude?

At these kind of places, it’s common knowledge for a man to escort you.

Come on, quickly give me your hand before others get suspicious.

Do you plan to embarrass me?

Just so you know, I don’t want to touch your hand either!

I’m just persevering this so I can escort you. Remember that!

That’s right. Just obey me.

Although normally I wouldn’t even want to touch your dirty hands.




Ah, this is perfect timing. It’s begun.

The music….

I’ve heard that until all the invited leaders arrive – the party takes the form of a ball.

So I’m going to ask you to dance the Viennese Waltz with me, okay?

Of course. You’re supposed to a daughter of a noble family for now.

Being able to dance a waltz is a must. If you don’t do well, I can’t introduce you to my father either.

There’s no need to worry. I don’t expect you to be able to dance a western dance.

You might be able to do Japanese dances, but I don’t expect courtesans to be so cultured.




You just need to leave your body to me.

Just don’t do anything on your own without my permission and my techniques should be able to cover up your flaws.

Now, come here.

Of course they would. The whole point is to show them.

This party is for socialising, but it’s also a place for people to appraise each other.

Since you are a girl, you’re only an appendage to me. However, you’re not just that.

You must play the part of a first class accessory to make me look good.

Now… we’re starting.




First, place your left hand on my shoulder.

That’s wrong. Don’t grab me like that.

Just place your hand lightly on me.

That’s right.

Bring your body closer to me.

We’ll only look suspicious with this much distance between us… but don’t be too close to me.

Now your right hand should be in my left hand.

Straighten your posture and don’t slouch.

Good. Now just move your feet in time with the music. We’re starting.




That’s it. There’s no need to rush.

Take it slowly and move in the same direction as me – one step at a time.

1… 2… 3…

Hmph. Not bad for a first time. At least you’re better than I thought.

I was right in selecting that short dress. It’ll let us avoid the disastrous scenario of you stepping on its hem.

It’s almost that part where you need to do a turn.

I’ll guide you, so make a quick turn.

Be sure to always follow the music every time.




You don’t have time to panic. Let’s do this.

Now! Haha.

Not bad, it went well.

Looks like we’ll be able to deceive everyone at this rate.

Or so I thought…there seems to be another problem.

Of course, it’s your face!

Can’t you look like you’re having fun?

I understand that you’re putting all your effort into the dance, but your face has been as expressive as stone.

At this rate, people are going to think we’re acting strangely.




After all, you’re supposed to be dancing with your beloved fiancé.

At least do something about your mouth.

Look as if you’re having a great time. Just do it and smile!

Haha! Hey… what’s with that face?

It looks even more unnatural.

But… I guess it’s fine. It might just somewhat look like you’re smiling from afar.

And it would be troublesome if I require more from you and your dancing becomes worse.

We’re going to keep dancing.

Let’s see… maybe another piece.




It’s finally ending.

Hey, how long are you going to lean against me like this?

Get away from me. My clothes are going to smell of face powder.

Make sure you don’t forget that this is just acting.

In reality, I hate touching you.

Ah, it looks like the celebration is going to start.

Hurry up and come here.




You can probably hear me well here. Don’t take your glass yet.

Can you see the seats reserved for important guests?

The seats on the left side are for the leaders of the Imperial Navy.

The person at the furthest is the navy general… my father.

Look… at his bold dignity, which can even be felt from here!

It’s a dignity only deserved by military personnel who have received numerous medals.

Those weak politicians would never be his equal no matter how high their status.

My biggest pride is my father and the fact that I am the son of my honourable father.




He’s coming up. It’s finally my father’s turn.

A toast has been arranged for the end of the celebration.

Although it’s a toast, there’s no need to raise our glasses to his.

We just need to take those glasses and lift them a little when my father gives his toast. Got it?

When everything’s done, I will introduce you to my father.

Do your utmost to make sure you don’t expose yourself…

What’s wrong? Father? Father!

Father! Father! This can’t be happening!

Hey! Give me your tears! Now!

We’ll still make it in time. We can still save him! Hurry up!




Didn’t you hear me say hurry up?!

I don’t have time to play along with your stupid game any more!

There’s no time! Don’t you get it?!

So what? Just hurry up and cry!

Or… are you saying you won’t be able to shed any tears unless I put you through some pain?!

Then…. I will… right now!




Damn it. I was an idiot for putting my hope in you!

Move out of the way!

Father! Please pull yourself together! Father!

Someone… someone hurry, call the doctor! Anyone!


Track 4


Why… did this happen?

What… you’re still here? Just go home.

My father? He’s sleeping… an eternal sleep which he will never wake up from.

My father had an incurable disease. The doctor told us that he wouldn’t last long.

My father and I both knew that this day would come so we were prepared.




But… why did it have to be today? My father was going to retire from his role as navy general after the party.

That’s why… he was so excited…

It’s all my fault. If only I had obtained your mermaid tears earlier… this wouldn’t have happened.




Now you finally realise? That’s right.

The reason I participated in the Kuro Yoshiwara Games and tried to get your tears was all for my ill father.

It was to save my beloved father…. but… my father is no longer in this world!




Why did you not cry for me?

If I only had your tears… I might have been able to save my father!

I guess so.

I never told you why I needed your tears…but… even if I had told you everything, would you have cried for me?

I don’t think so!

You’re not shedding a single tear now, even though I’m really sad.




Mermaids are quite cruel… but… I guess it makes sense.

You’re a mermaid… basically you’re a monster and not a human.

I must be crazy for expecting human feelings from a girl like you.

Moreover, I can only say that I must have been out of my mind to put my hope in some monster’s power.




Disappear… from my sight… now!

I don’t want to see your face anymore. There’s no reason for me to involve myself with you any longer.

I will drop out of the game, and never see you again!

Go… and never show yourself to me again!

[Flashback End]


Track 5


That’s right… that day… I said good-bye to you.

With my father dead, I succeeded him as the head of the Tenshou house.

Becoming the head made me even busier than I had expected.

I had no time to mourn for my father.

As a military personnel and the head of the Tensho house, I continued to fulfill my roles flawlessly.

To succeed my outstanding father without bringing any shame, I had to conduct myself with utmost effort…

…. but my heart became empty ever since the day I lost my father.




If my father saw me in this state, he would not only reproach me but also disown me from the Tensho family.

Because…I was so horrible to you.




[Flashback Start]

Let go of me! I’m fine.

Hey, Nanami! You’re here, right?

I’m coming in.

Huh… you look as if you’ve been bewitched by a fox!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I haven’t seen you since the day we parted at the hospital.

Hmm? What’s with your unenthusiastic response?

Ah, could it be that… you’re confused as to why I’ve come to see you again?




Of course you’d be.

That day, I think I said to you…  that there was no reason for me to involve myself with you any longer.

That I’ll drop out of the game and never see you again.

I was intending to do that then.

Now that I’ve officially succeeded the Tensho house… I want to cut all my ties with Kuro Yoshiwara…

But… as you know… once a person has received that letter, he can’t drop out of the game.

Of course, it’s not like I fear Kuro Yoshiwara’s punishment…but with my new status, I don’t want to get involved in trouble anymore.




I did consider quietly observing the game until a winner is decided… but… I hate to lose in competitions.

Winning is the best part of competing, being raised by my father who was a military personnel, I’ve been taught this since I was young.

Moreover… if I win… that entails the end of the game, right…?




So… I’ve decided…to make you mine and end the game myself.

Whether you’re a mermaid or not, it doesn’t matter anymore.

I don’t have any interest in your tears either.

But… in order to win this game, I will charm you and you’ll be mine.

Look… do you know what this is?




It’s wine. It’s western alcohol.

And it’s not just any wine.

It’s a rare wine from France which you won’t ever be able to get from a normal trader.

If we’re going to have a drink before sleeping together… we should drink some good wine.

Since you’re a pawn in this game, you’ll need to drink with your customer before your first night with him… I heard that this is the tradition at Kuro Yoshiwara.




That’s why I brought the alcohol myself.

I feel hesitant to pour wine into sake cups… but I don’t care about details anymore.

Now, take your cup. I will pour for you.

What are you doing? It’s going to spill!

Hmph… my hand is?

No it isn’t.




No! I’m not drunk.

I did have some drinks before I got here, but I would never get drunk with so little.

More importantly, come on…

Ah.. this deep fragrance… as expected of the best wine.

Now… let’s make a toast to our reunion and the future.




What’s wrong? Hurry up and drink.

Could it be that… you don’t like alcohol?

There’s nothing we can do about it, it’s part of the ritual… something necessary for you and I to become one.

As the game’s participant, I have the right to take you to bed.

Or… do you have a reason to reject me?

Then… hurry up and drink it all!

Come on, hurry up.




Haha. Good girl.

That’s good.

I’m unusually in a good mood tonight.

Why don’t you tell me about yourself?

Ah, that’s right.

In order to win the game, I need to charm you…and yet I don’t know anything about you.

What kind of life have you lived… and what do you like?

Could you tell me?




According to the people in this okiya, you were born in a fishing village in the countryside.

No… saying “born” would be wrong.

When you were young, you were saved by a man living in the fishing village.

He found you collapsed on the sand and with all your memories lost.

But at the end, he sold you to Kuro Yoshiwara when you grew up… for money!

You are a pitiful girl… your life’s been full of misfortunes since you were young.

And now, you are trapped in this red-light district… which has become your cage.




But your tragedy will end here.

You just need to choose me. Isn’t it simple?

I’ve inherited the Tenshou fortune.

There’s nothing I can’t get. I will give you everything you want.

A luxurious kimono…? Or a dress…?

What do you want? Some beautiful jewellery?

It doesn’t have to be objects.

If there are places you want to go to… sceneries you want to see… I’ll take you there.

Don’t hold back, just tell me anything.




Now… answer me! I said answer me!

Haha. I told you, I just want to win this game!

That’s why I’m trying to make you mine by seducing you even though I don’t like you!

Don’t you get it?!

See… now you can’t escape.

Just say you’ll choose me… and everything will be over.

You don’t want to keep courting these men you don’t have feelings for, right?




Then… just choose me alone!

I just want to win this game… and you want to be free from Kuro Yoshiwara.

It’s convenient for both of us, right?

Ha! What is there to be scared of at this point?

Or are you saying there’s someone already in your heart?

Then… that’s all the more convenient.




Oh yes…how about we do this to spice things up?

How is it, tasting wine like this?

Your face looks quite red to me.

Don’t tell me you’re already drunk.




Then… why don’t you just stay drunk and enjoy the night… with me…

Ah… excuse me, I spilled some.

The bright red wine is trickling down your beautiful white skin…

Haha. It’s like blood…

It’s like a puddle of blood spreading out in snow.




If I slice your skin open with this sabre, maybe I’ll see something like that.

The day I first came here, I should’ve made you shed tears even if it meant I would be breaking the rule not to hurt you.

Why did I hesitate? I should have made you weep even if it meant forcing you.

If I did, then father wouldn’t have had to die.

I wouldn’t have to feel so empty!




You probably won’t understand… the feelings I have now that I lost my father, the compass of my heart!

I just want to forget everything and quietly mourn but as the head of the house, I have a staggering amount of duties I must fulfill!

With my father’s death, there must be many out there who wish for the Tenshou house’s downfall.

I can’t let my guard down no matter what happens or who my opponents are.

I must protect my house…

I can’t let the noble house of Tenshou, which my father entrusted to me, fall in my generation.

It must not happen!




I am not allowed to fail or lose…

I will always win… in any situation.

I will be victorious in any battle… I will!

That’s why… you should become mine now.

I won’t let you refuse.




Track 1


Does that mean… that I will be demoted from my role of Commodore?

What… what’s the reason?! Please tell me the reason first.

The party? That was…

No, there was a reason for that! I had to do it for my father.

The bottom line is, I wasn’t being violent to her for no reason!

That’s wrong! It’s true I grabbed my sabre for a moment, but I didn’t draw it!

It’s a misunderstanding.

That woman isn’t even my fiancée, relative or a daughter of a noble family…!




What…! It’s not an excuse!

I didn’t even…

Please wait, general! General!

Why… did this happen?

It’s… all over for me.

[Flashback End]




When my father collapsed on stage, I pressured you to shed tears… and I actually did grab my sabre for a moment.

There were many people around us, and most of them have connections with the navy.

Many of them probably saw what happened.

If I were my usual self, I would have easily predicted that people would misunderstand… but I was really agitated.

I wanted to save my father’s life no matter what.




At the end, no matter how hard I worked, the decision of the senior ranks didn’t change.

Me, the new head of the house was demoted because I put myself in such a situation.

It was obvious that the noble house of Tenshou’s reputation would be tarnished.

Basically, I put mud on my father’s face using my own hands.

I fell deep into despair.

Not only that, but I almost committed another mistake.




I tried to make everything your fault in order to justify myself, when everything was actually my fault. I was really foolish.


[Flashback Start]

Hey, Nanami! I’ve come to see you.




Listen up. I used a huge amount of money to buy this okiya for today.

This way, no other customer will come to you.

Such things are easy for me now.

Actually, I wouldn’t mind buying up this place for tomorrow and the day after as well.

So… why don’t you just choose me already?

You’re actually happy that I’m seducing you like this, right?

Even that night… you ended up giving yourself up to me.




You always stay silent when it’s inconvenient for you, but… I don’t mind.

Fortunately, I have plenty of time.

I don’t mind how long you intend to prolong this game.

I thought I wouldn’t want such a stupid game to be prolonged but if I think about it, there’s nothing fun about winning this so easily.

It would be amusing to show off the house of Tenshou’s status to the other participants.

It’s only a matter of time that you will be begging me to take you out of this place… and in making you do so I’ll enjoy myself fully.

You better prepare yourself. Hahaha!




Huh? What do you mean?

Nothing in particular.

I said nothing in particular!

You’re a persistent girl.

If you really want to know, I’ll tell you.

There is definitely something.

It’s not just something, it’s a crisis for me… and moreover, for the Tenshou house.

Something I tried to avoid with all my effort became a reality!




Just now, I was summoned by the navy general.

They’re going to demote me from my role as Commodore.

Yes, that’s right.

Not to mention, they told me I should be confined to my home as punishment from today.

Because of that, I’ll be pretty bored for a while.

I don’t even know when the punishment will end.

Even if my punishment ends and I return to the navy, I will probably…

Before his death, my father used to always tell the navy dignitaries that I would be his successor.… and this happens to me!




If they say that my deceased father didn’t have good eyes for choosing his successor, I won’t be able to live!

If such a thing were to happen, then I’d rather my punishment didn’t end!

Hey… why do you think this happened?

It’s because people who saw us at the party made a fuss about me threatening and attempting to use violence on you.

The senior ranks heard about it, and it became a problem.




I guess if I think about it, it’s obvious.

From the perspective of those who didn’t know my true circumstances, I must have looked like a crazy man who left his father collapsed on the floor and started threatening his fiancée.

They apparently said that I looked like I would draw my sabre anytime.

Even though I actually stopped myself in time, rumours tend to get exaggerated.

I was really careless.

Those people who were there didn’t know the true reason for my actions.

They didn’t know that I was just trying to save my father or that you have mermaid blood.




When morning comes, everybody in the military will be notified of my demotion.

When that happens, the name of the house of Tenshou will be tarnished without a doubt.

The great honour that my deceased father worked so hard to gain will be totally ruined.

What am I supposed to do?

Like this, I won’t be able to look at my father’s portrait.

Everything… is over!

Do you understand…?

It’s all your fault!

It’s your fault for not obeying me and giving me your tears!




Because of you, my father had to die and my role as Commodore has been taken away from me!

If this leads to my downfall as the head of the house, the relatives of the Tenshou house won’t stay silent!

Don’t talk back to me! How are you going to take responsibility for such disastrous consequences?!

Haha. You can’t, right?

A courtesan like you who only has the brains to seduce men, would never be able to take the responsibility of tarnishing the name of the Tenshou house!




Are you admitting that you’re a useless fool?

You are a pathetic woman!

But… even to your eyes, I must be a pitiful man.

A pitiful, miserable man…

Stop lying! I can tell from your eyes!

You look at me with such pitying eyes… I’ve had enough!

I want to forget everything… if I forget everything, I would be so relieved.




Don’t say such a stupid thing!

How can I forget everything?!

Idiots like you are lucky for being so happily optimistic!

If you think people can always get a second chance, you’re making a big mistake!

If I can get a second chance, then I will work hard even if it kills me!

It’s obvious, you don’t need to tell me!




What do you mean, it’s going to be okay?!

Stop being so arrogant!

You admit being a fool and you’re giving me advice?

I don’t intend to seek advice from you!

The only thing you can do for me is this… nothing other than using everything you have to serve me.

Obviously, that would never compensate for what you’ve done.

You should be grateful your life won’t be taken away from you.

Now that you understand, hurry and serve me.

I told you I want to forget everything.

Bring some sake first.

I don’t mind how expensive it is, as long as it’s good.




You better do your best to entertain me… use plenty of time… to my heart’s content.

As a courtesan, you exist only for this purpose.


Track 2


I told you it’s wrong! I haven’t done anything to deserve a demotion. It’s all a misunderstanding!

Anyway, I don’t intend to give up my place as head of the house.

If our relatives make a fuss, ignore them!

Didn’t my father say before his death, that making an outsider who doesn’t have Tenshou blood the head of our clan, is an unspeakable thing to do?!

It is my father who wished for me to inherit the family estate and I intend to follow his will!

Well then, I’m hanging up.

Everybody is so bothersome!




I’m going to protect this family.

If I made it fall, then all I need to do is to make it glorious again.

Seriously…when is my punishment going to end?

I can’t stay at home forever! Damn it!




Hey, Nanami!

What’s with that face?

Am I not supposed to come in the afternoon?

It’s my right to do what I want.

My punishment is making me bored.

Entertain me.

You look like you’re cautious of me more than ever.

Do you think I’m going to push you down if you look at my face?

You’re silent again.

If you were hoping for it, then you could just say so honestly.

You’re really not cute.

Anyway, we’re leaving here immediately.

Hurry and get prepared!




You’re really thick-headed…

I’m being punished right now.

Although they didn’t explicitly say I shouldn’t go outside, what am I going to do if my punishment is prolonged because they find out I’m at a red-light district?

That’s why let’s go somewhere safe and you can entertain me there.

Fortunately, most of the military men still think that you’re my fiancée.

Even if someone sees us, it shouldn’t matter.




There’s nothing particularly interesting about walking around in Asakusa.

Maybe we should’ve went to Nihonbashi.

Well, maybe for a countryside girl like you, a working class area suits you more.

You seem very agitated.

What is it?

Huh? It’s your first time being in Asakusa?

I’m appalled.

You live in Tokyo but you’ve never been to Asakusa.




Shouldn’t you be allowed to go out of the gates as long as you’re with a game participant?

What have the other participants been doing?

I see.

Then I should be in the lead, since I’ve taken you twice out of the gates.

Well, it doesn’t matter.

Nobody else but me would win anyway.

If Asakusa is your first time, maybe we should try going to Sensō-ji Temple.




Speaking of which, now should be a good season to see the “drooping sakura” in the temple grounds… huh?

What…? A strange man just…

No, it’s nothing. Let’s go.




Ah! You idiot, this is a temple!

You don’t need to clap your hands.

That’s for shrines!

You can’t even tell the difference.

I can’t believe it… there must be a limit to how feeble-minded one can get!

Hey. If you have time to hang your head in shame, say your prayers.

There’s a line behind us.




So? What did you pray for?

Although I don’t think your prayers will be heard since you couldn’t even differentiate between a temple and a shrine.

You’re going to be silent again?

Fine, it’s none of my business what you prayed for.

Something must be wrong with me for asking you.

Huh…? Hey! What are you doing?

I’m going to leave you behind.

Eh? “Omikuji (a sacred lot)?”

It’s a temple so they would obviously have them.

Don’t tell me you want to draw one?

Why do women always want to depend on unreliable things like fortune telling and omikuji?




What’s the point of drawing lots?

To swing from joy to sorrow, from sorrow to joy just because of some groundless words you just happened to pick is foolish!

Fine then! It can’t be helped.

You keep your silence when I want you to talk, but talk a lot when you’re not asked to.

Not to mention you speak unreservedly.

That’s why women with bad upbringing are so troublesome.

Hey, don’t just stand there.

Let’s go! You’re going to draw omikuji right?




Hm? Number 18… I found it. The omikuji strips are in that drawer.

What did you get? Haha.

You wanted to draw so badly, and you get “unlucky”!

Just to let you know, I got “very lucky”.

See? Have a look.

Well, it’s obvious I’ll get a better result since you’ve had bad luck from birth.

Shut up! So what?




I just said the truth!

You’re the one getting worked up just because you got a worse result than me!

It’s foolish to be nothing but sour grapes about such trivial things.

Huh? That man… that’s the man who was… so he has been following us after all.

It wasn’t my imagination.

This girl?

What do you want… and who are you?




Father?! Then this guy is… the foster father who sold you to Kirarou?

I see… I refuse.

This girl is accompanying me right now.

Why should I give her to someone like you?

Hey… don’t touch my companion without my permission.

It’s rude.

Take those dirty hands off her…now.




Humph. Running away from such a small threat!

Your foster father has no guts for a man.

Well, thanks to that, I didn’t need to draw my sabre.

Even if my opponent is such a worthless guy, it would be bad for me to fight while I’m being punished.

I was lucky.

I guess I did draw that “very lucky” slip after all.

This isn’t the time to be laughing!

Just so you know, it was your bad luck that got us into this.

That man sold you to Kirarou, right?

What does he want with you now?

He better not be following you around.




What do you mean you don’t know?

According to the people in Kirarou, he seems to be quite a greedy man so he might be coming to get money since you’ve become a courtesan.

Whatever it is, be careful.

He might be waiting for a chance to come near you again.

Like I said, you should think about becoming mine as soon as possible.

If you do then nobody else would be able to come near you again, including that man.

Don’t you think you keep finding yourself in misfortune because you’re stubbornly refusing to leave Kirarou?




You understand now, right?

If you’re having fun irritating me, then you should change the way you think now.

Well then… thanks to that nuisance, we’ve wasted our time.

It’s about time we go.

There’s a “drooping sakura” tree if we keep going straight.

Come on, give me your hand.

I’ll hold your hand.

If you keep getting yourself into misfortunes, you’ll drag me into your problems too.




As expected, you gave me your hand obediently this time.

Well, let’s go.

Wow, this “drooping sakura” tree is brilliant!

It makes our trip to Asakusa meaningful.

Look, the petals blowing in the wind look like snow.

I’m glad we could see this during a good season.




This year’s sakura will end soon too…huh?

What’s wrong, all of a sudden?

Oh, a petal?

Why, thank you.

Well… with so many petals flying around, it’s not a surprise that some would fall on me.

Here, there’s one in your hair too.

Wait a moment.

There’s some here too.

Haha, this is endless!

While we take the petals off, more and more of them…




Hey… turn this way.


After all we’ve done, you’re surprised with a kiss?

I just did it because your face was right there.

Also… you’re the one who approached me first.





Whatever you say, you just sound like sour grapes!

It’s your fault for letting your guard down.

We’ve seen the sakura, so let’s go home.

It will get dark soon.

For some reason, I feel like time passed by quickly today.

It must be because I had to take care of you after you involved me in your troubles.

But… thanks to you…

I was able to put my mind off…

No, it’s nothing.

I’m just talking to myself.




What’s with you?

Sneezing like that…are you cold?

I guess it’s late and getting colder…

It can’t be helped…. here.

Just wear it.

It would be troublesome if you catch a cold.

Your fortune is “unlucky” after all.

Don’t get it dirty.

Just so you know, this coat is only given to those in the navy’s executive class.

Before my punishment ends, clean it and return it to me.

Got it? Let’s go then.

[Flashback End]


Track 3


Before long, my punishment was over.

I went back to the navy and worked harder than ever to fulfill my duties.

At the time, they were becoming concerned about the state of affairs in the mainland, so there was plenty of work to do.

I worked diligently.

My reputation improved within the senior ranks and our relatives who made such a fuss before gradually came to accept me as the head of house.

Obviously! I had to earn back the trust that I had lost as soon as possible.

To achieve this, I didn’t spare any effort.

I am the heir of the Tenshou house.

I can’t lose to such circumstances no matter how dire.




Eventually, I want to become a military personnel and the head of the house like my father, whom everyone will accept and respect.

Since the day I succeeded my father, my feelings haven’t changed.

Of course, I still feel the same now.


[Flashback Start]

Nanami, are you there?

It’s been a while since I last came here. Last time, I came here to get my coat back.




Have you been well?

I’ve been quite busy because I returned to the navy and had lots to deal with as the head of the Tensho house.

Has your foster father come since then?

I see, that’s good.

I was a bit worried that he might come near you again…

…and also about the other participants who are seeking you.




I thought it would be intolerable if someone took you while I was busy… but it looks like I was worrying unnecessarily.

Since you’re still at Kirarou, I can assume that’s the case, right?

Today I got a day-off for the first time in a while.

The weather’s good, so let’s go out.

Is there somewhere you’d like to go?

We went to Asakusa last time… so Nihonbashi or Ginza?

Oh yes… why not come to my house?

Come to think of it, I’ve never invited you before.




There’s a terrace with a garden view.

There’s no more sakura, but another type of flower is blooming so the scenery isn’t bad.

Wild birds also come to the garden.

I may as well invite you to have western style tea.

From here, we’ll also go past Haikara-Dou.

Haikara-Dou is… well, you’ll know once we get there.




The servants are getting ready now.

They should be done soon, so wait a moment.

Well…from your perspective it must be.

This house was rebuilt when my father became the navy general.

We summoned an architect all the way from England.

What do you think?

Doesn’t it make you want to become mine right now?

If you do, this place will be your home.

Ah, it’s finally here. I’ll do the rest, you’re dismissed.




It smells good, right? I recently asked a trader I know to get these tea leaves.

It’s a bit bitter, but it goes perfectly with these.

See? This is the chocolate biscuit we got at Haikara-Dou just now.

I’ve liked these since I was a child.

By the way, do you like sweet things?

I see, then you will probably like it.

Do you want some milk?

Don’t say you don’t know.

Whether you want milk is a matter of preference.




Don’t tell me it’s your first time drinking black tea?

I can’t believe it…

I know you’ve been raised in the countryside, but how did you manage to live without any interaction with foreign culture in such an increasingly westernised world?

Ah, well. Just try it straight first.

If the bitterness bothers you, you just need to add milk.

Here, this is yours.

Be careful, it’s hot.

Hey! I just told you it’s hot!




Did you burn yourself?

Here, show me.

Does it hurt?

I’ll ask the servants for something to cool it with.


But… you shouldn’t underestimate burns.

If you don’t cool it right away, it will start hurting later.

My father always told me this.

Yes, my father was very knowledgeable.

Since I was young, he told me many things.

He told me about academic studies too, but also about these little ordinary things.




My father was also a sword instructor as well.

So even in the navy, his sword techniques were exceptionally good.

He found time in his busy schedule to give me lessons.

He even allowed me to join him in his hobby, horseback riding.

These experiences have been really useful to me.

This sabre has now become something of a symbol for a navy general, but it’s originally meant to be used on horseback.




When we practiced fighting on horseback in military school, there was nobody better than me.

Because of that, I was originally advised to join the army.

Instead, I chose to be in the navy, because I wanted to work under my father no matter what.




Ah, sorry. I got caught up in talking.

I’ll go and ask for something to cool it with.

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re okay.

It’s my father’s teaching that you should cool burns quickly.

Moreover, it would be no fun if it ruins our tea time.

Wait for a bit.




Looks like your cup’s empty.

Would you like some more tea?

Okay. It looks like you enjoyed it.

Next time, I’ll remember to put in some milk from the start.

It looks like you don’t like your tea bitter.

I prefer my tea straight.

Today was a really peaceful day.

It’s a perfect day for spending time outside.

Not to mention nobody would intrude on us while we’re here.

I’ll invite you again when I feel like it.




Yes… but… more importantly, it would be better if you just move here.

Then I won’t have to bother picking you up.

Haha, what a face!

Did you think I was going to forcibly kidnap you here?

I won’t do that.

Of course I could redeem you by forcing you to say you’ll choose me… but… I realised that it would be meaningless.

If you don’t give in and say that you’ll choose me voluntarily, there’s no point because this is a game.

Haha. That’s why I’ll wait as long as you wish.

I have plenty of time.

By the way, is your burn okay?

I see. I was right to cool it.

My father was never wrong.

I hope I can become like my father one day.

 [Flashback End]


Track 4


I have plenty of time… that’s what I thought then.

But in reality, I hardly had any time left…

I realised a few days after we spent time together on my terrace.


[Flashback Start]

I see… then… the navy will soon also…?

I see…the battleship Kaizan will finally be sent to the mainland.

The earlier the better!

According to the army, the war situation isn’t bad.

However, we must not underestimate the country’s power although they are falling.




If the battle prolongs, and our opponent gathers troops from all over the country, then our country will be at a disadvantage.

I think it is a better plan to conclude this battle quickly.

Me? To the mainland?

That would be an honour beyond what I could ever wish for!

The battleship Kaizan is my deceased father’s final achievement.

If I can join the battle on the Kaizan, it would be the greatest honour for me.

Even if I lose my life, I will bring victory to our country.




Nanami, I’m coming in.

It’s been a while since I’ve come here at night, but it looks popular as usual.

The manager looked quite busy too.

No, I don’t want any drinks.

I came tonight because I have something important to tell you.

I also don’t have much time.

Actually… it’s been decided that I go to the mainland.

You know that there’s a war going on there, right?

Augh… even though you’re a courtesan, you should know a bit more about world affairs.

Otherwise, you’ll be called a traitor to the country and be punished!




Our country is fighting over its rights with the mainland.

Luckily, the battle is happening across the sea… for now.

However… we don’t know what will happen depending on the future war situation.

If we give them an opportunity to advance their troops, Tokyo may also become a battleground.

You wouldn’t want that, right?

That’s why we must gain victory and end this war as soon as possible.




The senior ranks have decided to invest all troops on this battle.

Obviously, that also includes the navy.

Therefore, we have decided to send some battleships to the war zone.

The battleship I will go on is Kaizan, the battleship my father left.

I will join the war on this battleship.

That’s why tonight… I came to say good-bye to you.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to return.

It’s possible that I will never return.

I told the manager about my situation, and she said she thinks the Kirarou master will understand.




It’s against my will, but I will drop out of this game.

I have to, because I must go.

Why are you making such a face?

Don’t tell me you regret prolonging the game now, after all this time?

But… this might be a good way to end things.

Even if you had chosen me, we would have had to part one day like this.




I am a military personnel.

Once the war starts, it’s required of me to sacrifice my life for my country.

It annoys me a little to know that someone else would redeem you, but… there’s nothing I can do about it now.

I hope you will become happy.

That’s all I need to say.

I’ll be leaving now.

What… are you doing?




Don’t say such foolish things.

No matter what anybody says, I will go.

You’re the one who chose to keep me waiting in the first place.

After all that… you’re…

That’s why I told you to hurry up and become mine!

But you kept refusing me.

If you regret it, then it serves you right!





You finally said it… that you’re in love with me.

I’ve won.

But… it’s too late.

It’s too late for everything…




I also… love you.

In truth, I don’t want to give you up to some other man.

But… I have to go.

I can no longer… spend my time with you.

This will be the last time I hug you like this…

What is wrong with you…?

You keep doing unnecessary things!

Why can’t you just quietly send me off?

You should treat me like you don’t care for me… like how you always have been!




Then…I could’ve given up on you.

I could’ve just forgotten about you, and assume you’d become someone else’s… probably…

But… I don’t think I can do that anymore.

There is no way I can allow a man other than me to hug you like this.




I have never desired for someone so strongly before.

I never wanted to touch anybody… or be touched.

It was the same for you as well at first… but when I realised… I began to feel comfortable touching you like this.

Your soft hair… the smooth texture of your skin… everything about you is dear to me.




I will no longer be able to forget you.

I even wish that time will stop for us now.

Then… I will be able to embrace you forever.

However, it’s a wish that won’t come true.

Then… at least… show me a dream…

So that I know that you are mine… that you have become mine… in my heart…

So that even if we part…

I’ll see you again when I close my eyes.




You’re sleeping deeply… it’s better this way.

If I speak to you, it would make it more difficult for me to leave.

Were you crying…?

Even when we love each other, I still can’t make you happy.

Instead… I only made you cry.

Please forgive me… for treating you so terribly.




Goodbye… my mermaid princess.

I loved you from my heart.

After that, I set off to the battlegrounds on the Kaizan, the battleship my father left.

The situation was worse than what had been reported.

Then one afternoon, the siren rang through the ship to warn us of the enemy’s incoming attacks.

It’s the enemy ship!

All troops, prepare to engage in battle! Quickly!




When I went out to the deck to assess our situation, my eyes caught a glimpse of our enemy charging towards us…

and then, the next moment…

I lost consciousness before I could even feel the pain.

I died…

Or I was supposed to have…

…but a miracle happened.


Track 5


I see, even at Kuro Yoshiwara there are people who celebrate our victory.

It’s unexpected.

Nanami! I’m back.

What, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.

Don’t worry, I’ve come back alive from the battlegrounds.

I’ve come to get you.

I’ve already dealt with the okiya.

This time, I will finally redeem you and take you to my home.

Or… could it be that you’ve changed your mind after all this?

Hey… if you hug me so tight, I won’t be able to breathe.




More importantly… why don’t you say something to me, since I’ve come back to you safely?

Not to mention, I’m saying that I’ll redeem you.

I knew it… so that is how it is…

Nanami, that day…

You lost your voice because… you shed tears for me.

Nanami… you did such a foolish thing… but…

Thanks to you, I’ve come back to you alive and well like this.




I was attacked by the enemy ship while I was standing on the ship’s deck and died…

I was supposed to be dead.

I even felt something go through my chest.

All my fellow military men perished and even the battleship was badly damaged.

I couldn’t have survived in that condition… if you think with common sense.

But… I was alive.

I finally recalled that on the day we said goodbye here… that you’ve shed tears for me.

Your miraculous power saved my life…

And the price for it was your beautiful voice.




When I first met you, I pressured you strongly to shed tears…

And yet I didn’t know the true consequence of when that happens.

The mysterious power of a mermaid’s tears would only work once.

Then once she uses it, she also loses her voice.

I realised… and finally understood why you were so hesitant to shed your tears.

At the same time, I realised that I made you sacrifice something irretrievable.

I’m a normal human being…

I can’t get your voice back for you…

I don’t have that kind of power.




Then, there’s only one thing I can do.

As long as my life, which you gave me by losing your voice continues… I will love you.

I won’t ever let you go.

I will definitely make you happy.

[Flashback End]


Huh? It’s already this late?

We should wake up, it’s my day off.




Where’s my shirt?

Huh? Oh, this scar.

It doesn’t hurt anymore, but every time I look at this scar on my chest, it reminds me that I should’ve died that day… if it weren’t for your power.

That’s why I’m grateful with all my heart, that I can continue to live like this.

If I had died, I wouldn’t be able to do this to you either.

Come here.

Oh yes. Why don’t we go see a film?

You seemed really interested last time.




Ah… oh right.

Today we’re going to Ginza to buy a dress, since there will be a party by the navy soon.

I guess that’s our priority.

Speaking of which, the general was praising you.

He said that you’re beautiful and very good at dancing.

What? You sure look happy.

Well, I accept that you’ve worked really hard after coming into my house.

I know that you are working hard as my wife not to embarrass me, the heir of the noble Tenshou house.

But you know?

I feel a little annoyed seeing you look so happy hearing someone else’s words.




I alone should be enough to make you smile… don’t forget that.

I will make you happy no matter what.

Happier than anybody else in the world.

Of course, that goes without saying that I’m the one who’s going to make you happy.

Otherwise, there’s no point.

I have confidence… and we have all the time in the world.

This time… for sure.

Look forward to it…

My beloved wife….


(Note : Who else other than me completely forgot about the tears?! I think that was the one thing that completely slipped my mind. I applaud the writer for getting me so engrossed in the later half of the story that I completely forgot about her tears being able to grant immortality! The translator also told me this as well so I don’t feel too stupid about forgetting it, haha.

Both of us were definitely surprised when that happened. Anyway, Tenshou Tatsuki definitely was the biggest asshole ever for a while, I hope that didn’t turn people off from listening to the entire thing. I think Disc 2 redeemed the character somehow. To be honest, I thought it’d be impossible but somehow, they were able to do it.. haha. He will have to make it up to Nanami from now on.)


FREE TALK with Takahiro Sakurai


Thank you all for listening till the end.

Those who haven’t listened till the end… you better!

I am Takahiro Sakurai, acting as Tatsuki Tensho.

I have just finished recording, and feel that it was very voluminous.

I’m sure it was worth listening to?

What’s going to happen? Are they going to have a happy ending?

Or… will it end up all messed up and sad? It’s a happy ending!




Aren’t we glad!

Who would’ve thought that the mermaid’s tears would… right?

Or maybe some people did notice! I didn’t when I first read it!

I thought, how could they write this? As expected of them…

Um… well there were many impactful and memorable scenes, but…

Let’s see… the way Tatsuki Tensho started to break down was impactful.

I thought he wouldn’t be able to overcome…

Oh, I’ll move, I forgot to move.

If such terrible things happen… and in such a situation, I thought he wouldn’t get up again, but he tried really hard to…

Well, he wasn’t alone, but he managed to get up again.




The way he did was very impactful.

It was described graphically…

And I think it was an important scene in this drama.

There was a scene where they went to see the “drooping sakura” at Asakusa…

And I’ve been asked to talk about an episode with Sakura.

When Sakura petals fall and there are fresh green leaves on the branches…

Well… during the summer, caterpillars gather around them.

I stuck my hand in and my hand came out as if covered by a glove.

It was… definitely memorable.

I was so shocked.

So actually I’m a bit traumatic of Sakura trees now. (LOL…. OMG! Poor guy! I’d be totally freaked out too if that ever happened to me!)




And Mermaids!…

Each person might have a different image of a mermaid.

Unexpectedly, my task is to draw a mermaid.

I’ve never been asked to do this before so I’m surprised.

I just need to draw what I think a mermaid looks like, right?

What do you think?

Do you imagine a cute one?

Or the classic mermaid who says “I’ve got 20”?

The mermaid I have in mind is like this.

It’s a traditional Japanese… what do you call it?

Do you know it, sometimes it’s drawn on book covers in convenience stores?




Ah, you think I’m drawing a creepy one?

You’re right.

You can hear my pen strokes moving at a constant pace, right?

I’m drawing the scales.

The scales are important… it looks like this…

Ugh this is gross.

It’s gross.

It’s really, really gross.




There. I’m done.

It’s a mermaid.

The mermaid I think of is like this.

It’s a mermaid you might see in some places… Oh, my sub is freaked out. Haha.

Apparently you’ll be able to see this somewhere, so if you saw this drawing first, you’ll finally understand why I had to draw it.

I had fun, haha.

It’s almost the end, but thank you for listening.

In reality, people have problems they cannot control and dreams they cannot achieve.

Everyone goes through painful experiences in their own way.




And so many different people live, interact… and still… life goes on.

In the midst of all of this, I hope that this CD will be a source of energy for your heart.

It’s been a long time, but thank you so much for listening.

This was Takahiro Sakurai, acting as Tatsuki Tensho.