Onmyouji Maboroshi Yoruroku Waga Tenohira de Nemure Shizuki Translation
– 陰陽師幻夜録 – 我が掌で眠れ Vol.1 熾月
Seiyuu : 下野 紘 – Shimono Hiro
Release Date : October 28, 2015
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Overview : For the first volume of this series in Occultic Lovers, we have a brash and apparently lazy exorcist. One who thinks everything is troublesome (does that ring any bells for anybody? heh), but still saves the heroine from certain death right from the get go. She was trying to save a person from getting hit by an oncoming train but was surprised to find out that the train went straight through them and they were completely unharmed. Vengeful spirits abound in this drama CD and it’s up to Shizuki to protect the heroine from all this. However, he’s made her into his ‘tool’ as punishment for letting it escape and she now has to help him every time he receives an assignment from the Bureau of Onmyou.

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Track 1

Why are you here?

What are you so surprised about?

I’m talking to nobody else but you.

After all…

You and I are the only people here.


Where have I seen your face before?…

Ah right.

We’re in the same class.

Sorry about that.

There’s nothing particularly special about you so it took me some time to realize who you were.

Anyway… doesn’t matter.


Just get out of here immediately.


An accident had just occurred up ahead on this road. It’s pretty close.

Two cars collided into each other and it might cause a fire to start.

If you understand that, then hurry up and leave.

It’s too dangerous around here.

I’m not saying this to scare you.

It’s just that normal people like you will get in the way of clearing up the accident.


I’m staying here.

I’m not a normal person.

I’m actually involved in this.

Anyway, I’ve told you enough.

It’s too dangerous going forward from here, so you should go back the way you came.


The police and firefighters are already on their way.

I’ve already reported the accident so there’s nothing for you to worry about.



Your concerns are completely unnecessary.

Don’t cause me any more trouble.

Listen, the place we’re at right now… normal people are not supposed to be here.

You don’t want to die, right?

What is it this time?

Hmm? There’s a person at the level crossing?


You can see that too?

No, just tell me about it later.

And it just had to happen now, when a normal person like you is nearby!

Just pretend you didn’t see it.

Don’t concern yourself with what you just saw.

That’s not a person, so there’s no reason for you to worry.



Don’t talk to it! Don’t even look at it!

Hurry up and go!

….. Help it?

If we could do that, then this wouldn’t have…


What are you doing?!

Do you want to die?!

If I didn’t stop you, you would have been a corpse by now!

A person?…….


Or should I say luckily….. no person has been hit.

Look again.

Do you really still think that’s a person?




Then why is that thing you tried to save, still standing there as if nothing happened?

Even after the train passed, it’s still standing at the same place… at the level-crossing.

You’ve got a very optimistic brain.

How can a human survive after being hit by a train?

That woman is okay…

because it’s no longer a person…

That’s right.

Do you finally get it?

This is bad… because you tried to save it, the vengeful spirit might have awoken.


I knew it…

Damn it!

If only you hadn’t interfered!

That’s why I said don’t cause me any more trouble!

The paving stones are flying upwards and are heading straight for us!



Don’t worry about me!

How about you?

You’re not hurt, right??

Hey, why don’t you say something?!

Don’t tell me… you’ve got kanashibari?

It must be a spiritual curse.

You can’t move, but you can probably still hear me.

Listen to me carefully.

I’m going to cast a spell on you so that you can move.

However, it will only be temporary.

After a while you won’t be able to move again.

Before that happens, run away from here as fast as you can.


The guard of the sun, the phoenix’s divine protection, cast away the evil to Hinoto!

Kyukyu nyoritsu ryo!

Good. It should be fine now.

Can you move?

Run as fast as you can!

The next train already?

Geez… more and more trouble.

Now… what should I do next…

Track 2

Ah, excuse me nurse.

I am looking for a girl that was admitted here this afternoon?

Ah. Over here?

Thank you very much.

How is she?

Mild paralysis throughout her body… that’s terrible.


I’m just her classmate.

Are you awake?

It looks like you can move a bit, that’s impressive.

Can you speak?


I see, that’s great.

It’ll make things a lot easier if we can talk.

Do you remember me?

I see.

I heard you were sent to the hospital.

I thought it would have been a lot more convenient if you had happened to hit your head and lose your memory…

Hmm? What…?

Why are you staring at someone’s face like that?

Ah, this wound on my head?

Two stitches, it’s nothing.

You saw just how powerful that spirit was, right?

We’re lucky to be alive.


Let’s get right to it.

I didn’t come all the way here because I was worried about you.

What you did had disastrous consequences.

Because of you, that vengeful spirit escaped.

If only you weren’t there, I would’ve been able to deal with it.

Yes, it’s a vengeful spirit.

That’s the true nature of the woman you saw at the crossing.

The Bureau of Onmyou detected the vengeful spirit and set up a barrier to seal that area off.

I was chosen to get rid of the spirit because I was the nearest exorcist.

Don’t ask me anything, I don’t have any duty to answer you.


But… I’ll tell you what happened afterwards since I need to make you feel responsible too.

After letting you escape, I fought with that spirit and repelled it. However, I was not able to destroy it.

The barrier lost its effectiveness, because I spent too much time trying to save you-know-who.

As a result, that spirit escaped to who knows where.

It’s wandering around somewhere in this city, even now.

If we don’t do anything about it, there will be even more victims.

So you understand.

Yes. It’s your fault.


At this rate, people will die because of you.

That’s why you will cooperate with me.

Become my tool.

Say you will obey Shizuki and his words.

Your words will become a spell and it will bind to you.

Now say it.

Or should I force you to say it?

If you’re going to resist, that would be fun for me too.

It’s simple.

The girl right in front of me can’t move her body properly.

Her voice is still weak.


Even if I treat you a little violently… nobody will find out… right?

You said it, yes?

You said you will obey me, Shizuki.

Now you won’t be able to disobey me.

I’ll take away the spirit’s curse.

Be patient.

I’m on top of you, but my weight shouldn’t be on you.

Removing the curse from the victim’s skin.

It’s a basic spell of Onmyōdō.

It’s not like I’m straddling you because I want to.


I’m going to rub this paper doll on your skin while I cast the spell.

I’m going to be touching your body, but don’t make any strange sounds.

I did say that nobody would find out back then, but if the other patients hear us by any chance…

You’ll be the one to get embarrassed.

It’s really amusing how your face is so red.

Well then, Onabokya-beiroshanou-makabodara…

Hey, stop moving around so much!

Damn it, you’re so troublesome!

I only touched you a bit.

Well I guess it can’t be helped.

I’m going to have to be more forceful now.


Here, listen carefully.

Shizuki orders you to… shut up.


You can’t speak now, can you?

That’s the power of the spell.

It’ll be over quickly if you stay still.

Don’t move.

There’s no need to worry, I’ll remove the spell later.

If you don’t stop squirming… then I’ll also bind your body… so you won’t even be able to move your finger when my hands touch your skin.

If you don’t want that to happen then bear with it.


Kyukyu-nyoritsu-ryo, Onabokya-beiroshanou-makabodara-manihandomajinbara- harabaritaya-un




Sleep inside my hands.

Hey, it’s over.

How long are you going to sleep for?


Your ability to see spirits… and your sensitivity to spells… seems to indicate that you have some powers of a medium.

You reacted very sensitively every time I touched you too…

Anyway, I now know that you can be quite useful as a pawn.

I’m leaving now.

You’re working starting from tomorrow, so prepare yourself.


You need to be discharged from the hospital?

There’s no problem.

The Bureau of Onmyō should have already taken steps so that you will be discharged by tomorrow.

You won’t be able to disobey my words anyway.

You are now… my tool.

Track 3


You’re finally here.

You’re late!

You better not tell me you didn’t know where the library was.

Geez… what was the point of calling you here so early in the morning…

It looks like you still haven’t understood the seriousness of the situation.

I want to deal with it while there aren’t many people outside yet.


Let’s get to it straight away.

It would be more troublesome if we cause a commotion like yesterday.

You haven’t seen this morning’s news?

I don’t believe you…


The driver on the train which came after I let you escape… he saw it too.

The train made an emergency stop, but obviously the driver thought he hit somebody.

However, there was no corpse… or even a drop of blood on the tracks.

Because of that, there’s a huge commotion now.

Usually we get rid of them before these things happen, but… because of you…

Ah well… you’ll understand eventually whether you like it or not.

Now, let’s start exorcising those spirits.

We have to do something very troublesome.

But this is a crucial step for exorcising any spirit.


We need to do some tedious research.

We can read those individually later.

Make copies and file them for now.

Once you finish making a summary of the regional newspapers, move onto the national ones.

List up any incidents and accidents that happened in this area and anything else that looks suspicious.

What? Are you already tired?

Your hands are getting slower, you keep looking this way and keep sighing.

It’s obvious that you’re losing your focus.


Of course there are many tragic events.

All the articles I ordered you to collect are about events caused by vengeful spirits.

That’s right.

For example…

A family of four died in this house fire which happened exactly a year ago.

In this case, the father was the problem.

Or to be more accurate, it was because of the woman who the father was having an affair with, died and became a vengeful spirit.

The woman committed suicide and then stood next to the father’s pillow every night.

The father eventually lost his mind and then set their own house on fire.

We can’t be sure about the accuracy of these reports though.

The police tend to release less information regarding incidents involving vengeful spirits.


That’s why people rely on gossip to write these articles.

Here’s another one… this pile-up car accident that happened two years ago.

It was a three car pile-up.

Seven people either died or were severely injured.

Many accidents have happened at that crossing.

Look at the past articles.

Look here.

There was a hit-and-run incident involving a man.

He’s causing all of this to happen.

He turned into a vengeful spirit because he couldn’t accept his own death.

He remained there every night; turning his bitterness towards all the cars that passed by.

It didn’t matter whether or not it was the car that hit him.


To him, all cars became his enemy.

It’s basically unjustified resentment.

It’s a vengeful spirit after all.

You simply can’t reason with it.

Of course I know a lot about vengeful spirits, I’m the one who exorcised them.

When you exorcise spirits, sometimes their thoughts go into your head.

If I let them go free, they would have caused even more harm to others.

That’s why I destroyed them.

It’s different to helping them die in peace.

We throw their spirit out of the cycle of reincarnation.

To put it in simpler terms, vengeful spirits which have been destroyed will no longer have the chance to be reborn.


That’s true.

It’s definitely a tragic consequence.

There are some who are determined to let them die peacefully….

… It’s stupid though to become sympathetic and get desperate in trying to let them die in peace.

It leads to putting one’s guard down.

It only gives them an opportunity to attack.

What’s the point if a living person almost dies because they care too much for the dead?

More importantly… it’s too bothersome.

If I look carefully… you… have beautiful hair.

It looks like perfect material to make “matagi”.

Ah, this is a “matagi”.

It’s my shikigami, I use it for work.


I used a paper doll to get rid of your curse at the hospital, right?

It’s something similar to it.

A matagi is created by weaving a woman’s hair into it.

A woman’s hair has special powers.

If I make a matagi with your hair, it will probably look very beautiful…

What is it?

I think you’re flustering too much.

Come to think of it, you did give me some very innocent reactions at the hospital.

Although to me… you were just troublesome.

But I guess it’s nice once in a while…


Besides… it’s rare for me to touch a living woman’s hair.

Don’t look so scared.

I don’t plan to do anything with your hair right away.

It takes time and effort to make matagi.

It drains my energy away, so I don’t use it very often.

Unless… I sense a strange presence… like now…

Listen carefully…

Can you sense it?…

Like something from this world is being slowly taken away…?


That’s right…

Sound is slowly disappearing.

You can’t hear the athletics team outside… or the wind that’s beating on the windows.

Something… is happening.

I don’t think I need to tell you… but it’s a vengeful spirit.

But what that spirit is going to do now…

Nobody in this world knows.


The clock has stopped ticking.

Maybe time itself has stopped.

An earthquake?!

Get down! Under the desk!

Why does it need to break everything?

It’s already hard enough to make excuses to the school after exorcising it.

It will eventually show itself.

Stay here for now.

It finally stopped.

Let’s get out.

You’ve finally come out, vengeful spirit.

A monster of the library… you made us wait for a long time…


It was quite bothersome to kill time you know, I’ll make you feel my annoyance.

Hmm? That’s right.

That thing was my target all along, although it’s unrelated to the level-crossing incident.

Wait here.

It’ll be all over soon.

The arrowhead of the sun, the breath of the phoenix, cast away the uncleanliness to Hinoe! kyukyu nouritsunyo


Okay, it’s done.

Geez, it would’ve ended much more quickly if it had come out sooner!

What is it?

Are you paralyzed from fright?

This is just the beginning you know.

I brought you here because I was told that that spirit only appears in a woman’s presence.

I wasn’t able to deal with it until now, but since I have a tool like you…

I decided to test things out.

You’ll be useful to me from now on too.

Remember… You are my tool…


Track 4


What is it?

Why are you still wandering around?

Class is over and I haven’t given you any work.

Go home and sleep.

You’re my tool.

Rest while you can, so that you’re always ready.

After all, work… can come up anytime…. like this.

Hello? What is it?

I see.

It looks like a clue.

Tell me the details.

Ah, sorry, before that…


You can’t go home anymore.

We’ve made some progress regarding that spirit.

They’ve found a corpse that seems to match that spirit’s description.


We’re going to start investigating that incident.

Hey, wait.

Where are you going?

There’s nothing for us to do at the library now.

We will investigate… at my house.

Three days ago, a woman’s corpse should have been found.

Search the news websites for that incident.

That phone call was from another exorcist.

He has the ability to do “kuchiyose”, which allows him to talk to the dead.

He was also investigating that spirit we saw at the level-crossing.


Although he couldn’t talk to that spirit directly, he managed to find its corpse being held by the police.


Did you find it?

Ah… it’s this.

Froze to death on the streets…

They found excessive levels of alcohol in the corpse.

Basically, she must’ve gotten so drunk, lost consciousness on an empty street and finally fell into an eternal sleep.

It’s not such a surprising story.

Including the part about… them finding a child inside her house who starved to death.

A woman forsaking her own child… mothers like that aren’t rare.


You can find them… anywhere…

As proof, it says that this woman was under the care of police numerous times especially in the past half of this year.

She must’ve frequently been taken care of by the police after fooling around and getting drunk on the streets.

At last she was discovered too late and… this happened.

She died at the end because of alcohol and her child also died as a consequence.

To put it mildly, she’s absolute scum.

The father?

If we knew that, the media would be attacking him.

Since he’s not on the papers, she probably doesn’t have any relatives.


Don’t tell me…

You’re being sympathetic to this woman?

Hahaha! Don’t make me laugh!

How can you say this woman loved her child?

No, I can say this for sure.

This woman was a rotten human being.

Well yes, it’s true she was raising a child and the child’s death was an accident.

But you still can’t possibly say she loved her child??

Look at this.

Her neighbours didn’t even know she had a child.

Not only that, she didn’t even register his birth.

Basically, he was a stateless child.

Yes, maybe she had circumstances beyond what we can imagine.


Will that be an excuse for what she did, though?

Your use of the word “love” already shows that you’re way too lenient in the first place.

Humans are creatures that adore themselves the most.

Love for others?

That’s only an illusion for those who are contented.

If it exists, then it’s only in fiction.

Regarding this woman, she even emerged as a vengeful spirit.

How could she have been a worthy human?

Whatever the truth was, we can’t do anything about it now.

The dead cannot be brought back to life with sympathy.


What we need to think about is… getting rid of this mother who has come back as a vengeful spirit.

That’s right.

We’re going to destroy it.

Well that’s the entire reason why we’re investigating, right?

These vengeful spirits… they all need to be destroyed as soon as possible.

Are you saying that even if she’s like that, we should help her die in peace?

What exactly is the point of doing that?

I’m sorry but I don’t have the time nor patience to do something so damn pointless.

I told you…

It’s absolutely ridiculous to prioritize the dead over the living!



If you’re the only one who ends up dead because you went too easy on them, that’s fine.

You don’t agree?

Then… listen to me.

Don’t move.

Don’t worry, it’s the same as the “kanashibari” you experienced before.

I’ll unbind you later.

What a stupid face you’ve got there.

Can’t even move your face muscles?

But I’m sure you can at least move your eyes.

I can tell how surprised you are just by looking at your eyes.


When you experience kanashibari, you had an exorcist right next to you.

You were lucky.

If I wasn’t there…

What do you think would’ve happened to you?

There would be nobody there to help you.

Heck, you wouldn’t even be able to move.

The spirit would be standing right in front of you…

And you wouldn’t be able to do anything…

They don’t behave according to human logic.

There’s no telling what they would’ve done to you.

You would be lucky to die instantly.

Most of the time they won’t kill you right away.


After all, most vengeful spirits hate humans and society in general.

It’s obvious they’d want to torture you first, right?


You really have beautiful hair…

I’ve been thinking about it lately.

I think I’ve already shown you my matagi.

I weaved in a woman’s hair and made a spirit possess it.

Have you ever heard that a woman’s hair can have magical powers?

A woman’s hair… has mysterious powers.


When I touch your hair like this and examine it carefully…

Your hair is really very beautiful.

It makes me feel like I want to have it all to myself…

I wonder what it is…

Somehow, I feel… there’s something very mysterious about it…

Maybe it’s kind of related to how you were able to see that spirit.

Hmm? Your face is bright red.


I see, even if you can’t move, I suppose your face can still turn red.

Are you scared?

I guess you would be…

You can’t move and you don’t know what I might do to you next.

I’m not a vengeful spirit, so I won’t kill you… but you probably’d still feel scared.

Just touching your body and… your hair like this…

There are times… when people don’t get killed by a spirit…

Instead, they become psychologically damaged after their encounter with it…

If we let the vengeful spirit roam freely, there are going to be more and more victims.


Now do you understand?

We don’t need to show any consideration for the dead, no matter what kind of life they had when they were alive.

Those who just sulk and choose to cling to this world are pathetic.

Well then, lesson’s over.

I’ll unbind you from the kanashibari now.


Can I do it the easiest way then?

I take silence as consent.

Oh right, you can’t talk. Oh well.

What now?

Well, you didn’t want me touching your body when we were at the hospital.

That’s why I did it the simplest way that I knew how.

I’m just removing the spell I have cast on you and absorbing it back into my body.

That’s how it works.

Well then, we’re getting to the crucial part now.

We’re going to identify locations where the spirit will most likely appear.

And then, we’ll exorcise it.


 Track 5

I received information that said… the spirit is lingering somewhere around this park.

Ah, that sound?

You can see it, right?

The spirit of children… and there’re many of them.

They still want to play despite the fact that they’ve already kicked the bucket.

Have you ever seen an empty swing moving?

It’s normally caused by this.

It seems like they haven’t noticed yet that they’ve died.

They’re not related to our current case so don’t mind them.

I’ll tell you just in case, but don’t have any unnecessary sympathy or compassion.


There’s nothing you can do for them even if you feel sorry for them.

Focus on finding that spirit for now.

You don’t look convinced.

It’s here.

You better be prepared.

It looks like I don’t have the time to let you escape, so just don’t get in the way.

It’s coming.

Last time you used concrete bricks, this time you’re using branches…

Stop this vain resistance!

The arrowhead of the sun, the breath of the phoenix, cast away the uncleanliness to Hinoe! Kyukyu nouritsunyo!


What kind of life have you lived to have such strong bitterness?

Don’t be so bothersome!

The arrowhead of the Sun, the breath of the Phoenix…

Hey, what are you doing?

Don’t mind them, they’re already dead!

You idiot!

I told you not to mind them!!

Do you want to die?!

Damn it! At this rate we’re going to…

The spirit stopped moving!

…. What’s going on?


There’s no time to think!

The arrowhead of the Sun, the breath of the Phoenix, cast away the uncleanliness to Hinoe! Kyukyu nouritsunyo!

Hey… it’s over.


Yea, the children spirits are also safe as you wished.

If you can call the continued existence of a dead person “being safe”.

I’m tired.

I’ve used too much energy… and…

Hey, lend me your shoulder.

Help me to that bench over there.


I wonder if it’s because we were too close to it…

It looks like it got me…

Like how it used kanashibari on you.

I’ll be able to move in a bit, so let me rest for a while…

When you first experienced kanashibari…

Did you… sense or feel anything?

Something that felt like… what that woman has been feeling?

Remember how I told you that sometimes…

The spirit’s thoughts enter us when we exorcise them?

Sometimes… it also happens when they attack us.

So did you sense anything that time?


I see.

Most of the spirits are bitter and angry for no reason…

Their feelings are simple… but are extremely strong…

It’s normally because they have hatred for someone.

Sometimes, spirits can drive people to go insane when these strong feelings enter them…

The moment that woman disappeared…

Her emotions… her thoughts entered me…

How did it feel…?


That’s the thing… I don’t know.

There was a certain emotion…

She was thinking about something very strongly.

But… I

don’t understand the meaning of these thoughts that entered me.

There was no… hatred…

There was no anger either…

I know that at least she…

Didn’t have a grudge against anyone.

If I were to name these emotions… they would be loneliness, sadness, and…

Somewhat… a kind and gentle feeling…

No, I don’t understand.


But she was also… looking for someone.

A child?

I see… she doesn’t know that her child is dead.

Maybe she tried to kill her child because he was too much of a burden to her.


Don’t tell me you’re trying to imply that she deliberately became a spirit out of concern for her son?

Unfortunately, I don’t agree.

If you’re right… then her actions when she was alive don’t make any sense.


A love for a child cannot be explained by reason…?

You’ve really got a very optimistic brain….

You should go home first.

I’ll stay here for a while.

Or… do you intend to stay here until I can move?

Do as you like.

Love for one’s child… huh?

I don’t know.

We can’t talk to it anymore, since it’s been destroyed.

Nobody will know…

What the mother was actually thinking.


Track 1

I’m sorry you had to come to the rooftop.

I can’t exactly talk about scary things like vengeful spirits and dead mothers in the classroom, can I?

There’s no need to be so surprised.

Is it that shocking for me to apologize?

Come to think of it, you were surprised when I talked to you in class back then.

I guess it was the first time for me to approach you during class.

It has been a few days since I spoke to you directly too, I guess…

After what happened at the park…

Are you still bothered by it?

Like I said, nobody will ever know what the mother truly thought.


It’s a waste of time to think about it.

I’m sorry.

There was no need to tell you what I felt.

I should have just kept it to myself.

You’re quite rude!

I do apologize if I think I’ve done wrong!

…. It’s not like me?


Maybe you’re right.


Anyway, we’re a bit off-topic…

How have you been feeling afterwards?


Why are you always so clueless?

I’m talking about the curse.

Have you felt anything strange in your body afterwards?

You don’t really know?

That’s a problem.

Yes, you’re right.

I’m worried about you.

Tools will break if you don’t take care of them properly.

It’s troublesome, but I’ll have to do it properly.

I’m going to touch you.

Don’t move.

Hey, I just said don’t move.

It’s just like the medical checkup you had at the hospital.

Or… do you want me to restrict your body using my spell again?


That’s good.

The basics of exorcism in Onmyou sorcery is removing a spell, uncleanliness… and… basically think of them as the curse’s core.

The process starts by transferring it either to the paper doll, the exorcist’s body or to the shikigami.

Either way, we do it by rubbing it against your body.

After transferring it, there are some steps to be taken for whatever it was that received the transferred curse.

The matagi… will be used this time as a talisman.

Spells or uncleanliness, this will take it all in for you.


When I’m using this, I have to use quite a lot of mental strength so make sure you stay quiet.




How are you feeling?

Does your body feel any lighter?

You replied without checking properly, didn’t you?

I’m right.

I realized that the curse wasn’t heavy enough to affect your body.

I understand you only said that to be considerate, but…


Do people usually tell you that you’re way too kind?

It’s obvious why I’m asking you this!

To me…. you are too kind.

Like moving instinctively for the sake of a dead person.

Actually… to be honest…. you saved me back then.

The spirit stopped moving.

That’s why I was able to get rid of it.

You’ve experienced the power of that spirit yourself.

You experienced kanashibari while I had to have stitches on my head.

We normally have to risk our lives to exorcise spirits.


It’s true that I was on the offensive, but there was no guarantee that I would win.

That’s why you really saved me.

I give you my thanks even though it’s only in hindsight that we were lucky to have the chance to win.

Well then, that’s all for today.

I’m leaving now.

We’ll start work as exorcists from tomorrow again.


Meet me in front of the station at noon tomorrow.

Yes, it’s a weekend.

So what of it?

It doesn’t matter to dead people whether it’s a Saturday or Sunday you know.

Yes.… we’re going to exorcise spirits.

Track 2


You’re here.

I see.

So those are the kind of clothes you usually wear.

Come to think of it, today is the first time I’ve seen you on a weekend.

Shut up.

I’m completely aware that I’m wearing the school uniform.

We spend most of our time being students.

That’s why only my uniform has been treated with sorcery.

Well… that’s not the only reason…

It’s also bothersome to choose and buy my own clothes.

I don’t like spending time on useless things.

Spending hours to choose clothes is too bothersome!


What do you mean?

Why would it cause problems?

A student looks perfectly normal in their school uniform.

Well, I might consider it if we’re going to be walking together like this more often I guess.

Come on, let’s go.


Walking around so much has made me thirsty.

Where should we go next…

I suppose we don’t need to collect anymore information today…

Hey, if you had the choice between a bookstore or a clothing shop, which would you prefer?

Hmm? What?

No matter how much you look at me like that, I still won’t give you any.

I already bought you a drink, you know?

What do you mean, “What are we doing?”

I guess from another person’s perspective, this is what they would call “a date”.

Why does that make you choke on your drink??

There’s juice all over your clothes now.

Do you have something to wipe them with?


Well, I guess I do, but…

I guess it’s just paper.

It’s the first time I’m using a paper doll for something like this.

Here, your collar’s wet.

Come closer, I’ll wipe it for you.

I said, don’t move!

What’s there to fuss about now?

We’ve done way more than this already…

You’ve actually spilled quite a lot.

Why did you suddenly choke on your drink?

A date?….

Yes, I did say that.

If two high schoolers are going out together like this, wouldn’t it normally look like a date?


It might seem that way, but I haven’t forgotten about my work as an exorcist.

Yes, spirit exorcism.

More specifically, I’m scoping around to see if there are any spirits to exorcise.

I’m on a patrol, I guess.

Also, another important duty of an exorcist is to maintain the barrier.

Exorcists have set up barriers all over the place.

I’m also checking whether or not any of them have any tears.

That’s why we’re walking so much.

That’s true.

It would be more efficient if we split up and search, but what are you going to do if you find a tear in the barrier?

There must be a spiritual cause for a barrier to tear… like a vengeful spirit.


There’s no way you would be able to deal with it.

Come on, I’m sure you understand now.

So? Which do you prefer?

You want to go to the clothing shop last?

Okay, let’s move.


I hope you haven’t forgotten why we’re out here…

That’s right, we’re out here to exorcise spirits!

Not to buy clothes!

And why are you rummaging through the men’s corner?!


Do I look like a pervert who wears women’s clothes?

More importantly, why did we end up shopping for my clothes?

It’s true I said it looks like we’re on a date.

But there’s no need to actually pretend like we’re on a date!

I don’t look like I’m enjoying this?

Well, it’s obviously because I’m not!

It’s quite crowded too, probably because it’s the weekend.

And everyone has someone with them…

They all look like they’re having so much fun.

I don’t like this kind of atmosphere.

I feel really out of place…


I wonder why… although it’s not like I’m totally clueless.

If I weren’t an exorcist, maybe… I would’ve enjoyed doing these things.

Why am I saying this…?

Anyway, we’ve already confirmed that this place is safe.

We should go home for today…


Try this on?


Were you even listening to me?!


That’s true…

I guess it does suit my taste.

But… how did you know!?

To be honest, you’re kind of creeping me out a little.

It’s not like my thoughts entered yours yesterday when we met at the rooftop or something, right?

Did you just nod?!

That’s seriously not funny!

Those things don’t happen often.

But… we interacted closely with each other both spiritually and physically.

So maybe it’s not that impossible…

What is it this time?!

Try these out together?!

More importantly, how do you even know my tastes?

Is what you said true?

Depending on that…

Fine,  I’ll wear them!


In exchange, you better tell me the truth afterwards.


What are you smiling like that for…

You’re so persistent.

Are you still thinking about that clothing store?

Did I make such a funny expression?

I told you, I’m just simply not used to it!

Of course I’d look a little stiff and uncomfortable.


I was really at your mercy today.

In the end, you made me try on so many different clothes.

Well… I guess… I don’t really want to say this… but… I guess I still had some fun.

Thanks to you.

It’s a rare experience for me.


Don’t get carried away, alright?

Next time this happens…

I’ll just have to make sure you’ll obey me by using my spell.

What… Would you really have preferred it if I ended it forcefully?

Well, I guess that’s true…

I would have done that before.


But… to be honest…

What happened earlier made me think…

So? What’s really the truth here?

Don’t play dumb.

How did you know about my preferences?

Is it because we’re spiritually compatible, or because you have good intuition?

So which one is it?

I thought so.

I see.

Yes, you’ve come to my room before.

But you managed to find out my taste just like that… women really have good intuition.

Thanks to you, we’ve used up more time than I expected.


It’s already night time.

This might sound strange coming from me, but won’t your parents get angry at you?

Huh? They’re on vacation?…

And they left you at home alone?

Well, I guess that just means that they trust you.

Don’t know whether I should call them good parents though…


Me? I don’t have any.

They abandoned me when I was little and committed suicide.

I wonder how many people have already suggested that to me.

We can’t talk to them.

My mother’s soul has been destroyed.


There’s definitely no mistake about that.

I’m the one who destroyed it after all.

Do you know Tsukimonosuji?

It’s a family blood line which is generally known to use Tsukimono (things that possess) to steal from others.

Family members get discriminated terribly by people around them.

Of course, people with that sort of power are actually very rare.

It’s doubtful many people believe in curses anymore.

But still… traditions are very troublesome.

Discrimination still continues.

My father’s absence probably made it worse.


It was an area with very old values and traditions.

To escape from this unreasonable discrimination, my mother took me and left the village.

I found out about my powers as an exorcist soon after.

I don’t have a father so I had to play at home by myself while my mother went out to work.

One day, I found out that I could move origami people according to my will.

I made magic paper dolls without even realizing what they were.


As expected, I proudly showed my mother what I could do.

My mother committed suicide the next day and appeared as a vengeful spirit to me that very day.

That was the first day I saw a vengeful spirit as well as used my powers as an exorcist.

My mother’s spirit almost killed me…

For some strange reason… I instinctively knew how to exorcise it.

It was also my first time experiencing a spirit’s thoughts flowing into me.


I understood then about her hatred for me and just how much of a burden I was to her.

I wonder why…

Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve ever told this to someone…

Maybe I’m just trying to hide my embarrassment by talking about this… because I really had a fun time today.

And… I thought maybe… I just might understand these emotions once I reveal them to you.


No, it’s nothing.

More importantly…


What’s wrong?…

Pull yourself together!

You look really pale!

Is it because of what I just told you?

Then why did you suddenly…

This is just like…


This is….!

How could I be so stupid?! It’s a curse!


Track 3

Hey, can you hear me?


You’ve woken up.

Yes, we’re in your room.

I’m sorry, I went in without your permission.

I was conflicted over whether I should just let you sleep in those clothes, but I decided that letting you lie down was the priority.

Hey, why don’t you say something?

I don’t remember saying shut up to you.

I carried you all the way here.

Shouldn’t you at least thank me?

I see… you can’t speak.


I failed to remove the curse using the matagi, so I thought that might be the case…

You must be affected by a very strong spirit.

It can’t be helped.

This isn’t my specialty, but…

Lie down, and show me your forehead.

I’m not going to do anything strange to you.

Be obedient.

It’s thought transfer or Telepathy, in other words.

Basically, I’m going to purposely cause that phenomenon I experienced while exorcising that spirit, to happen between us.

It’s not my specialty, so it won’t work unless our foreheads are touching. Okay?


Think about how you’re feeling.

It’s going to be just like talking to me as usual.


I know my face is close to yours.

What I want to know is your condition.

You feel embarrassed?

Now is not the time to be thinking about such things.

Did the curse get to your brain too?

You feel cold and tired?

From what you tell me, it’s probably a cold.

Does your throat feel inflamed too?

Hmm, either the curse’s symptoms are showing now… or…

It’s going to be okay.

You won’t die.

I’m sure it’ll go away if we leave it.


Don’t worry.

There are some people at the Bureau of Onmyou who specializes in these things.

I’ll tell him to come here just in case.

What is it?

Do you feel a little relieved?

I see.

Yes, I’m worried about you. Perhaps a bit unexpectedly.

Maybe it was wrong of me to ask you to go on patrol with me today.


When I first went to the hospital to see you, I was really annoyed because a layperson got in the way of my work.

Not to mention my opponent was strong.

There might have been more victims because I let it escape.

That’s why I got you involved in exorcism, although you only have a bit of supernatural power.

I thought I’d use you like a tool with arms and legs.

Initially, I had planned to take the spell away from you once I got rid of that spirit, since you’re usually a hindrance to my work, too.


But… I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I was able to destroy that spirit because of you, and also…

I wanted to… be with you a little longer.

I know… what these emotions are.

But… to admit them… would be frustrating.

My mother left the countryside for herself, not for me.


She committed suicide… because she wanted to be freed from her suffering.

Human beings are creatures who adore themselves the most.

I’ve lived my entire life thinking that way.

But for that incident… in the end, the truth was closer to what you had thought.

You even risked your life for the sake of the dead.

If my philosophy… were to waver because of some girl I happened to encounter…

I would feel frustrated… right?


Well, I think I’ve talked too much.

If I stay close to you like this, your feelings will be revealed to me regardless of your will.

I don’t want that to happen.

Anyway, I’ll call the expert of curses here, although I’ve heard he’s better at cursing people.


Its from the Bureau of Onmyou.

Hello? I’m…

Sorry, but I’m busy at the moment.

Please use another exorcist.


I’m caring for a layperson who has been affected by a curse.

It’s too dangerous for me to leave.

You can’t?

How can that be?

Or is there some reason why it has to be me?

It can’t be.

Okay, I’ll go.

Tell me where it is.




I’m sorry, but I have to go.

Don’t make that face.

I told you, you most likely won’t die.

It looks like… I have to go.

The spirit that appeared this time is apparently… the child of that mother… whose spirit I destroyed yesterday.


Track 4

Oh, you can stand already?

How about your voice?

It looks like you’re a lot better, that’s a relief.

Sorry… let me sit on your bed.

You’re really sharp.

That’s right… I failed in exorcising it.

It would’ve been easier to fight it if it attacked me, but it got away.

The spirit is definitely that woman’s child.


People with a certain connection to the spirit are generally more affected by the spirit’s power.

The connection between you and that child spirit… is too strong.

That’s right.

I will destroy it like I did to that mother’s spirit.

It’s true it escaped instead of fighting me, but you never know what vengeful spirits will do.

There’s no time to show our respect and help it die peacefully.

Not to mention… if the child is the source of your curse, getting rid of it should lift the curse from you a lot sooner.


You look dissatisfied.

However, in the end he’s already dead.

There’s no need to care so much for it.

The living should always have priority over the dead, no matter what the circumstances are.

“I’ll be okay?”

Stop saying such nonsense!

You’re so persistent… you really don’t understand anything!


Listen to me very carefully.

Don’t move.

You don’t look so scared this time…

I’m actually a little disappointed.


When I put my forehead close to yours…

I can see your thoughts.

You really, truly… want me to help the spirit die peacefully.

Yes, I feel sorry for the child, but it’s still a vengeful spirit.

He’s already dead!

Even if his soul is destroyed, nobody will be sad!

Nobody will cry for him!

The only person that might have… is already gone.

On the contrary, you’re different!

There are people who will be sad because you’re unwell like this.


You’re wrong.

That’s not the reason why I’m so determined to destroy it…

I’m not that respectable a person.

It’s because…

I would be sad… if you were to die!

I want to save you!

This is my selfish wish, so I won’t listen to your opinion.

It might be sinful to destroy a person’s soul, but I will do it if it means your suffering will end quickly.

Even if… you end up hating me because of it.


I will unbind you from the spell.


What’s wrong?

You can move now.

Please resist me…

Otherwise… I won’t be able to stop.

Or… is this your way of repaying me for saving you?

If it is…

Then I’m such a pitiful person…


Aside from casting spells, this is the first time I’ve kissed someone properly…

“Nobody can live for another person.

There is no such thing as love.

Even if there is, it’s an illusion of the contented.”

That’s how I thought… throughout my life.

Now when I think about it… my stubbornness was worthless.

Why did I…… start having these feelings for you?

I guess… I do have… some idea… but it doesn’t matter anymore.

It’s not really much of a problem.


These things… they probably can’t be explained with just reason alone…

If I can feel you like this…

And I can feel so contented…

Then I no longer care if this is just an illusion or that it’s just my imagination…

Your body’s all stiff…

If you’re going to accept me anyway, then… how about giving me a better reaction?


Are your ears sensitive?

But I’ve already cast so many spells on you…

and they’re mostly by your ears…

You’re so beautiful…


Show me more…


Your hair…. is just… it’s exceedingly bewitching…

I’ve told you that a woman’s hair holds a lot of magical powers…

Maybe… I guess.. it’s because I always have been….

I was probably already drawn to your hair right from the start…


Track 5


How are you feeling?

You should be feeling a lot better now.

A basic step of Onmyoudo is to transfer uncleanliness… and then to cast it away.

Since I touched your body… the uncleanliness, which is the source of the curse… has been transferred to me…

I’ve experienced this kind of curse a lot of times already.

There’s no need to worry.

Hey… don’t thank me.

Shouldn’t you be angry instead?… because of what I did to you.


Anyway, I’m heading out now.

Isn’t it obvious?

I’m going to exorcise that spirit.

I already told you.

I will not listen to your opinions about this.

I’m going.

Are you going to try stopping me by force?

Stop it.

You don’t want me to bind you with my spell again, do you?

That’s good.

If I don’t die from exorcising this spirit, I will go to school as normal tomorrow.

Your curse should be completely gone by then.


If… you can forgive me for what I did to you, please… approach me tomorrow.

If not… then it’s better if you don’t talk to me anymore.

Then I’ll take it as going back to being ordinary classmates…

With no reason to interact with or remember each other’s names.

Yes… we’ll return to our ordinary lives.

Oh yes, there is a chance I’ll die, so I want to tell you this.


I was happy that you tried to stop me out of concern for me.

Thank you.

What is it?

Is there still something….?

What’s wrong?!

Your breathing is too rapid….

Pull yourself together!

Damn it! She can’t hear me!

The curse………! Did it get worse?!

It can’t be…

This is much more serious!

Could it be… that a spirit has… possessed her?

Damn it! I let my guard down!

It just had to be you of all spirits!

I thought I’d try helping you die peacefully, but… looks like that’s going to be impossible!


Kyukyu noritsunyo …The guard of the sun, the phoenix’s divine protection…

Just destroying everything and anything it sees!

It’s exactly the same as a child having a tantrum!


Damn it…!

I can’t… stop it!

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to transfer the uncleanliness to myself.

Looks like it’s too late now…

I can’t even raise my arm anymore….

If I can’t even cast the Kujikiri spell, then… there’s nothing else I can possibly do.

Am I….. really going to die here?


Although she’s being possessed…

I’m going to be killed by the person that I love.

I suppose… it’s actually quite a cool way to die…

But to be honest… I don’t feel satisfied at all.

I wonder if I’ll also become a vengeful spirit, just like my mother.

Can you hear me?

No… you probably can’t understand me because you’re possessed.

There’s still something…

Something that I haven’t told you yet…….!

It’s because I was scared of hearing your response!


I… love you!

That’s right….

Hey… little boy…. since you’re also here…

I guess there’s something I need to tell you too….

Your mother… there’s no mistake… She…

I know for sure that she… she definitely loved you!



He’s gone…..…

In the end… you… as it turns out…

You’ve always ended up proving that what you said was right all along….

Damn it. I’m so pathetic…


Track 6


Don’t scare me!

I’m injured, you know?!

I’m pretty sure you were told that my injuries were quite serious!

What were you trying to do anyway…?

Waking up a seriously injured person?

I was pretending to sleep?

Where’s your proof?!

You’re lying!

My face turned red when you came in?!

Damn it. This is so mortifying.

The reason…?

I………. I didn’t know how I should talk to you after everything that happened…


I thought… I’d just let some time pass by while I’m pretending to sleep.

Well isn’t that obvious?

I did that to you… and even asked you to approach me at school.

And then this is what happens to me.

Not to mention I couldn’t even protect you from that child spirit.

My decision to transfer the uncleanliness to me, not only backfired, but I almost died fighting as well, to top it all off.

In the end, the child was able to die peacefully…. like you’ve hoped.

It’s not like anything good has happened to me by doing all that though.


Truthfully… I didn’t think you’d actually come visit me.

Well, since their souls are no longer in this world.

And you… are just an ordinary person.

You might be able to see supernatural things for a while, but you will most likely lose those spiritual powers eventually…

That is, unless you try to involve yourself with spirits… or… with people like me.


Hey… do you remember anything from when you were possessed?

I see…

Then… you heard me say something extremely embarrassing.

I meant what I said though…

You probably don’t need me to say it again, but…

I… love you.

I was too scared to tell you because I would have to find out how you felt about me if I did.


I want to be with you, but this wish will… make you unhappy…

Your ordinary life… will be taken away from you…

That’s why you should…

What are you doi-…

Are you really … sure about this?




You’re right…

These things…

Definitely can’t be explained with reason alone…


FREE TALK with Shimono Hiro

Hello, this is Hiro Shimono.

This time.. acting as Shizuki…. I’m Hiro Shimono,


Hello, I’m Hiro Shimono.

…….. How many more times am I even going to say this? (LMAO! You’re seriously such a spazz, Shimono-san.)

Anyway, I’ve just finished recording.

You probably listened to both discs.

And maybe even the tokuten disc.

Thank you so much!

What I felt after finishing the recording…

Well, this time the story was “sleep in my hands”, about an exorcist.


I played the role of an exorcist with a cool character.

How should I put this… it was difficult playing the role of an exorcist, especially when there are spells.

To be honest there were a lot of times I had no idea what I was saying!

There were some parts where I was just going with the flow.

Hmm… it was actually a very serious story… with quite a sad storyline.


When I read the scenario, I don’t know the reason…

or what was the cause of it, but it made me think a lot….

Although it was only a role…

Hmm… this is basically moving onto the next theme, but…

This is going to be about my thoughts regarding exorcists and vengeful spirits…

I’ve always liked the occult since I was young…

I was influenced by my father. He often read stories about exorcists back in the old days and the exorcists that are in the mangas(comics).


What I’m going to talk about starting from here on is probably going to be quite out there, but…

Personally, I believe in Reincarnation, so…

How should I put this?

It felt sad the more I thought about the concept of destroying a spirit.

By taking it out of the reincarnation cycle instead of helping it die peacefully.

No matter what happens, he or she won’t be able to be reborn as a human or animal anymore.

Becoming absolute nothingness or disappearing completely is really scary.

This story really made me really think about it.


I’m talking to you assuming you’ve already heard the whole story.

The mother turned into a vengeful spirit and was destroyed, while the child was able to die peacefully.

I thought about how those two will never be able to meet again and I felt really sad for them. (Personally, I don’t even believe in reincarnations but I still found this VERY sad.)

While I was playing Shizuki’s part, I felt that he was very cold.

Maybe my thoughts made the story sound even more serious.

Although this is an Otome Drama cd, I still felt a little bit of reluctance to move onto the more romantic parts because I couldn’t stop thinking about the mother and child.


Well, it’s just a story so maybe such things don’t happen, but it still made me contemplate about it for a while anyway.

You might have noticed that I had these thoughts while I was acting.

Um… There’s a reason I feel bad for the staff this time because I think it was a mistake to let me play the part of an exorcist.

I’m sorry, I don’t know how long I’m actually allowed to talk for, but I’ll talk for as long as I can!

Apparently it’s already been five minutes, but I’ll keep talking anyway.

There are still many questions left.


Let’s go with the lighthearted ones first.

Do you have the ability to sense the supernatural?

There were many incidents when I was younger that makes me think I did.

I’ve talked about these before, but they include things like hearing a voice when nobody’s there, wait, that’s wrong.

I meant, I thought the person was awake and talking to me, but they were still sleeping.

And… many dream-like experiences too.

If I talk about things happening recently, well, I don’t exactly know what it was, but…

I went to a certain place for recording and then I went on something like a dare.


After the dare, I had to go to another place for recording, this time it was for a film.

Many strange things happened there…

Also, while I was recording this drama CD, I felt like my left shoulder suddenly became heavy while I was resting.

I also heard a high-pitched sound as if my ears were ringing.

I’ll just tell you that for now.

Is something possessing Shimono-san?

Something that got attracted to this recording… or maybe something that dwells in this studio?

We’ll never know…

We still have many more questions, so I’m going to keep on talking!


What type of image comes to mind when you think of exorcists?

You’re asking me this? Really?

Like I’ve said in all my recordings, I like all things that are related to the occult.

I believe in the existence of exorcists and vengeful spirits.

I’ve received some information that exorcists do actually exist.

I only heard this from someone, so I can’t say for sure, but… umm…

My friend’s friend is apparently an exorcist.

From what I heard from my friend, they were just drinking buddies initially.

The thing is, as they started talking more that friend of his had a certain aura about him.


So he asked him to tell his fortune and then found out he was actually an exorcist.

But he didn’t know his actual name or address since they only just met at a bar.

He got his phone number though.

He said he wanted his address because he wanted him to investigate something.

That friend said his address is a secret, but he took him to a certain place.

That person apparently always wears sunglasses and he lives in a normal apartment.


I had this strong image that exorcists would live in a temple or something.

But apparently there’s a prohibited room in his flat where he has all these sorcery related things.

I don’t know if it’s true or not though!

When he’s telling someone’s fortune or talking to someone, he never reveals his name.

Especially not his full name.

He’s given my friend a certain name already, but it was a false name of course.

Anyway, he seems to be doing sorcery work behind the scenes.


Apparently when you work with things like curses.

Everything you have is in danger of being manipulated to be used as a curse.

For example, one’s name, address, face… and even their fingerprints, I think.

He said it’s most scary when they will exact revenge on you because they realize you’re the one who removed the curse.

So yes, there was that person…

He really has many skills.

My friend also asked him to tell my fortune.

There’s a lot of things he can do.

He can tell fortunes using astrology, palm reading and even face reading.

He apparently uses them all.


I heard he also uses sorcery to put a curse on someone.

It might not be true, of course!

Well, I feel very grateful for being allowed to play an exorcist’s part since I’m like this!

Please be careful not to be cursed!

I’m sure there are exorcists out there who I have never seen or heard of before.

If any of you are listening to me right now, I will shut up now so please don’t worry.

I would be grateful if you could protect me though! Hahaha.

To believe or not to believe… it’s all up to you!


I think we’ve finished the main part now!

Haha, I’m thinking of wrapping it up soon.

Before I finish, I have a message for the otomes listening to this.

It’s really… how should I put this… it’s only my way of thinking… and feelings… but…

There are exorcists out there… and fortune telling, sorcery and curses exist, but what I’ve been told frequently is that…

When you think about negative things too much, something negative will happen to you.

Negative things keep attracting more and more negative things.


Just like karma, I suppose.

Or well… at least that’s what I believe!

Think about positive things!

Even when bad things happen, just think of it as a trial.

Make yourself think that something great will happen once you overcome it.

I’m sure something good will happen if you think that way.

Am I giving a seminar or what?! I surprise myself.

But I really believe this way of thinking is important.

So more importantly than exorcists etc., we should live our lives everyday with a smile.


I’ll work hard so that can happen!

Please support me.

Hahaha. Was that okay?

I wonder if I can finish properly like this.

Um, because I talked about my crazy side a little too much, if there’s something you want to complain about, like “Shimono-san, there’s too little otome-ness in this”, please send me a fan letter through my agency! Hahaha.

This is strange for me to say after speaking for so long, but I regret it a little.

Wasn’t there any special favours or romantic things I could do?

There are, but …


I really like this story, and personally I even hope for a sequel.

It’s cool to cast spells and stuff.

I really hope there will be more opportunities like this.

Please keep supporting me.

I should really wrap it up.

I hope I can meet you again!

This was Hiro Shimono speaking.

Let’s meet again! Bye bye!