Hello Everyone!

It took me some time setting this up completely but I finally put up a shop for selling my used Drama CDs and extra badges. I’ll be adding different stuff in there in the future but for now I have Drama CDs and Badges from different Otoges or Drama CD characters. Please read the description carefully as well as the “About” page.

The shipping may seem really high if you only purchase one thing but if you buy more than one item, it’s a lot more worth it. I’d suggest getting several items for combined shipping. Please take note though that only the US & Canada shipping option has tracking. International is airmail only for now and is at your own risk. However, if you’d like a different shipping option, please contact me.

Click to go to the store!

Anyway, please help me by purchasing some of my old stuff. σ(≧ε≦o) It will all go towards extra funds for different things which will of course include more English Translations for Drama CDs and such.

I will definitely have much more stuff to sell… Especially badges. I also have a lot of acrylic keychains that I need to put up that I’ve purchased from Skit Dolce. They’re basically new and at least you know what you’re getting.~ It’s all randomized if you purchase it from there plus all the service charges from the forwarding companies add up really quick.