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Yuugen Romantica Uchouten – Zakuro (TRANSLATION)

Yuugen Romantica Uchouten Zakuro Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ 有頂天 第参の謎 妖狐 ザクロ
Seiyuu : 櫻井孝宏 – Takahiro Sakurai
Release Date : June 15, 2016
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Overview : Now that the heroine and Zakuro have fallen in love in the first installment of Yuugen Romantica, in this one they’ll be faced with a different type of challenge. Zakuro is plagued with what happened in the past and because of this, trouble is definitely close by. They now have to make sure they believe and have enough trust in each other to be able to make it through these new set of problems. Will their love be strong enough? Will the heroine be able to heal Zakuro’s heart once and for all? (I have not edited this translation so it may be different from the first season of this character. I don’t know when I’ll edit it just to let you know. >o< Just couldn’t find the motivation to do it. Sorry~)

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Track 1


Hey, you can’t tell anybody… about the will-o’-wisp in the science room…

One of the Seven Mysteries recently being rumored about.

If you go to the science room at midnight, apparently you might see a blueish white will-o’-wisp floating.

It’s a sign from Okitsune-sama, whose territory has been disturbed.

If you don’t escape the moment you see the blueish will-o’-wisp, you’ll be eaten by Okitsune-sama.

Well, if you cry and apologize, apparently he won’t take your life.

But recently… the rumors have changed.




Once Okitsune-sama is fond of you, whether you cry or apologize, you won’t be able to escape from his wisp.

That’s why, you shouldn’t go near the science room at midnight even for a joke.

Otherwise, you’ll be possessed to the depths of hell.

And? You also came here, knowing that you’ll be eaten up by me, right?

That’s fine with me, I’ll eat you slowly while savoring your taste.

Should I bite your nape… or… should I bite your fingertips…

Even if you call for help, nobody will come to school at night.




Now… prepare yourself.

Tsk. Why are you smiling like that.

You’re being approached by Okitsune-sama, you know.

Shouldn’t you be scared or something.

You always look so carefree.

You know it’s me, but you’re letting your guard down too much.

Even tonight, you came to this science room looking so carefree.

I didn’t say I don’t want to see you… that is… I’m… happy… that you came.

What?! I’m not turning red! Stop laughing!

Damn it, even though we’re lovers, if you keep up that attitude, I’ll seriously haunt you to death!




Heh. I suppose becoming possessed no longer surprises you.

You used to be so scared.

Remember? You won’t be able to shake off a youkai that has possessed you.

But I can touch you anyway I want, like this…

I can whisper you right next to your body… and hug you like this.

You’re teased by someone you can’t even see.

When we first met, you were almost crying.

That time, I was easy on you, but since you’ve become used to being possessed, how about I spend the night teaching you how scary youkais can be…




Hey, why are you getting red. Stop being embarrassed and be scared.

What? Your ear tickles? Is that it?

You… haven’t forgotten that I’m a youkai, have you?

If you let your guard down, I’ll eat you up.

No, I won’t forgive you.

This is punishment for underestimating Okitsune-sama. Haha.

Where should I bite first…

Your cheek… your neck… looks so soft.

I could even start with the mouth.




You smell sweet… I’ll start biting your lips…

Now… what are you going to do?

Since you’re possessed, you won’t be able to resist.

What? It’s fine?…

You… why are you closing your eyes!

I’m really going to eat you… don’t blame me afterwards!

Damn it…

Seriously… stop being so obedient.

If you don’t stop being so cute, I’m going to attack you.




It’s not okay! Seriously, you’re too careless!

Well… I’m grateful that you trust me so much…

A long time ago, whenever people heard the name Zakuro, the fox spirit, they would turn all pale.

Anyone who saw me became frightened and begged me for their life.

I used to watch them and laugh, thinking how stupid human beings were.

Humans are worse than me, although I bewitch humans, because they lie and betray.

I thought I’d never be able to trust them again.

I wouldn’t be like this if you didn’t stay with me, unafraid.




That’s why… I’m thankful to you… and… I… lo…lo… I love….


Tsk! Damn it! I can’t say it after all.

What? I said it’s nothing!

Forget what I just said.

Anyway, you should go home soon.

I’ll take you home.

It would be dangerous for you to stay out until ushimitsudoki (around 2am-2:30am).

A strange rumor has also created a stir these days…

It’s about the Seven Mysteries. As you know, I’m the one causing the wisps in the science room.




But recently, the rumors have become strange.

They say once Okitsune-sama becomes fond of you, you won’t be able to escape him.

It’s not serious enough for me to care, but… you can’t underestimate rumors.

Oh well. Here, I’ll hold your hand, so let’s go home.

Wha..! Don’t look so happy!

I’m holding your hand because… you know!

It’s just for now! I just felt like it!

Stop laughing!


Track 2



Hey! Stop looking around.

Over here. Under your desk!

Shh! Your voice is so loud.

The other students are going to find me!

What’s the point of transforming into a puny fox if they do?!

Come on! Crouch down!

Huh? It’s obvious why I came. I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.

Of course I won’t come in human form.

It would be troublesome if people find out we’re dating.

Why are you upset?!

It’s not like I don’t like being your lover.




You don’t look okay.

I’m sorry I came to pick you up in this form.

I’ll let you hug me for a bit, so cheer up!

Hey! I can’t breathe!

Ah, hey! I didn’t say you could stroke me!

Don’t touch my tail!

That’s enough, let go! Let go of me!

Ah, that was terrible!

You show me no mercy when I transform.

Shut up! Stop calling me cute.

I’m going to haunt you to death.

More importantly, let’s eat before the noodles become overcooked.

Hey, where are your chopsticks?




You forgot to get them.

You’re clumsy as usual.

Can’t be helped.

I’ll just take a leaf off from this plant…

Here, use this.

Transforming things is my specialty.

Well then, let’s try again.

Thank you for this food!

Mmm! I won’t ever have anything else for lunch!

I wonder why the school’s kitsune udon is so good…

The abura-age is especially good.

What? Are you sure I can have it?

Thank you for always doing this. Well then!




Mm! Abura-age is always best eaten hot!

Okay! I’ll give you my kamaboko.

Come on! Open your mouth! Ahhhh.

Is it good?

Hahaha. You’ve taken too much in one bite.

That’s it!

I was wondering what you remind me of, you remind me of a rabbit!

That’s maybe why I’m tempted to eat you when I see you.

Hahaha, I’m kidding.

Come on, the noodles are getting soft.

Huh? Yea.

My preference for abura-age is like a natural instinct.

We youkais are greatly affected by people’s thoughts.

You should already know this.

Youkais are born from people’s thoughts.




The gap between your bed and the floor… an old shrine…

When people think something might be lurking around, we are born.

That’s why we are greatly affected by people’s imaginations.

I naturally like abura-age because many people think foxes like abura-age.

Well, you’re probably the one that influences me the most now.

You’re the one who knows me the most and still sticks by me.

The way you think of me has a huge influence on me.

If you think I’m a kind boyfriend, then I’ll become more like one.

If you think I’m a monster…




Well, I’m sure you out of all people won’t think that way.

Oh, by the way, be careful.

Something is strange about this school recently.

The other youkais are also concerned, and the toilet youkai hasn’t even shown himself recently.

The rumors about the wisps in the science room have also been twisted.

If Okitsune-sama becomes fond of you, he’ll eat you alive.

Seriously, what a joke.

Ah… yea. Of course I won’t do such a thing.

At least now, I’m a good Okitsune-sama who lives in this school.

What’s with that weird face?




Huh? Come to think of it,  I’ve not told you must about my past.

There isn’t anything interesting to talk about.

Like I said before, I was just bewitching people and living my life.

More importantly, we can expect something bad to happen when the atmosphere is like this.

When you need to stay at school after sunset, tell me.

What? There’s a committee meeting after school today?

Got it. When you’re done, come to the science room.

I’ll take you home.

Idiot. I’m not kind or anything.

Come on, let’s finish this udon.




I’m not kind.

If I look kind, it’s only because you think of me that way.

But I’m not the good youkai you think I am.

Ah, that took long.

I got tired waiting for you.

It sure took a long time.

It’s completely dark outside.

I think everyone’s already left.




If you’re going to apologize for making me wait, why don’t you… let me eat your soft flesh?

What’s wrong? Hahaha.

What are you saying. I’m unmistakably Zakuro.

Hey hey! Don’t run away from your lover.  There!

You can’t escape if you’re surrounded by wisps.

That frightened face! It’s so tempting…

Shaking like a little baby rabbit… how cute.




It makes me want to bite you right now.

Stop resisting.

See, look. I’m your beloved Zakuro, right?

If you’re a good girl, I’ll be nice to you, since you’re my precious, precious bride.

There’s no need to be surprised.

I thought you were in love with me.

It’s time… I want to make you mine.

Give me all your flesh and blood, so we can become one… yes? My bride…




Get away from her!


Are you okay?

You bastard!

Who are you to put your hands on what is mine!

Hahaha, this woman doesn’t belong to you.

She belongs to me.

…Why? Why is there another me?

It was just getting to the good part…

Oh well. Hey… bride…

I will make you mine some day, no matter what.

Why don’t you shake in fear as you wait for the day I eat you up…




Wait! Damn it, he escaped.

Hey, are you okay?

Yea, it’s me.

Sorry I couldn’t come faster.

It’s okay now.

I’m holding you.

Why… is there another me…?

Don’t tell me, I’m being bewitched?


Track 3


Hey, you should come here too.

Sit down.

It’s your own room, so you shouldn’t just stand there.

Have you calmed down a bit?

I see. I’ll be staying over tonight, so don’t worry.

It’s my first time seeing you so scared.

Although he was a fake….

To think that I scared you so much… Damn it…

Who is that bastard?

He transformed himself to look identical to me.

We can clone ourselves with sorcery, but it’s creepy that another me has been created without me knowing.




Not to mention, that guy said he will take you away.

That bastard seriously annoys me.

Hm? Ah! Don’t move!

You’ve got a scratch here.

It’s faint, but it’s nail marks.

That fake bastard… I really won’t forgive him.

How can I stay calm? They’re the nails of a youkai!

It’s entirely different from normal blades.

It can cut flesh and split bone.

A soft body like yours… could be shredded into pieces!

If he had dug his nails in deeper…

Ah… no… sorry.

I didn’t want to make you upset.




I’m just angry at myself, and at that bastard who looked so much like me.

But… even though he’s a fake, his nails are the same as mine.

If I wanted to, I could also… your skin…

Ah, no, it’s nothing.

Anyway, I’ll stay with you for a while.

Next time that bastard comes, I’ll catch him for sure.

I won’t let him hurt you looking like me!




It’s almost ushimitsudoki.

It’s the best time to move around for a youkai.

Yea, that bastard will most probably come.

He probably hasn’t approached you because I’ve been with you around the clock.

I don’t think he has given up though…

Thats why we’re waiting for him to come.

Like that time, we’re in the science room.

Since I’ve possessed you, it looks like you’re here alone.

There’s no way he won’t take this opportunity.

Oh yes.

Did you bring the short sword I gave you?

Good. Make sure you hide it.

It only works on youkais, but it’s a blade specially made by Okitsune-sama.




If something happens, send him flying with this.

Well, of course it’s better if you’ll never have to use it.

Just think of it as a lucky charm.

Hey, are you okay?

You’re shaking.

Of course you’re scared.

Stop acting strong.

Geez, I’m coming around behind you.

You like being hugged from behind, right?

I’m here, right behind you.

You can feel my arms… and hear my voice, right?

If you’re scared, I’ll keep talking to you.

Will you feel a bit more at ease?




Okay, you’re a good girl.

Don’t worry, if that fake bastard appears, I’ll beat him up.

Do you think it’ll be that easy?

What a welcome.

You’re hugging my bride and showing off?

Why… can you see me?

If that’s your plan, I’ll start mine.


You’ve possessed her too…

What do you intend to do?!




I told you, this woman is mine.

I would never let someone like you take her!

If I may say so myself, you’re very short-tempered.

Well, I understand how you feel.

You won’t want to let go of such a cute bride.

Her fragile fingertips… ah… even her wrists are thin…

I feel like I might tear them apart just by tracing them with my nails…

Stop it!

I won’t hurt her…

At least for now.

Hey, bride. Where are your weakest points?

I’ll start by tracing your wrist with my nails.

I’ll slowly stroke your elbow… and your shoulders…

Ah, your collarbone is more sensitive.




You’re going to be mine now, so you better tell me…

I’m going to eat up every part of you, I should at least let you enjoy it.

Don’t let him convince you, you’ll be bewitched!

Focus on me.

See, your hand. It’s in mine.

Hold my hand tightly.

There’s no need to be afraid.

I’m by your side.

I won’t let him hurt you.

See, I just put my fingers on your nape, and you’re shaking.

Maybe I should start by biting here…

I’m holding you.

Lean against me.

Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.




Hahaha, you’re so desperate.

Do you think you can keep her at this rate?

You… if you do anymore, I’ll turn you into ash.

Humph. Do you really think you can do that to a youkai while he’s possessing someone?

It’s so comfortable being inside this woman…

I can feel the trust and love she has for me.

There’s nowhere else that can be so comfortable for a youkai…hm?

Bride? Should I tear this trust apart?

Don’t you want to know about my past?

What kind of youkai I really am?




Don’t listen to him.

He’s going to make something up.

Listen to me and you’ll know whether I’m making it up.

About the time you were betrayed and almost killed by the people who cared for you…yes?

Why… do you…?

Hey… bride.

You’ve heard a bit about it too, right?

The mischievous fox was one day caught by a human.

But there are some strange people in this world.

He forgave me, and told me to live with him in the village.

Because of that, I was able to live with humans.




However, an epidemic spread through the village, and many people suffered.

That’s when someone started saying that it must be the fox’s fault.

The kind humans suddenly changed their attitudes and tried to kill me.

Hey… bride? What do you think I did when I fell into despair?

Stop it…!

I started attacking the humans who had betrayed me.

I didn’t make any distinction.

If I saw a human, I just attacked him.

That’s the truth, right?

There was a time you were feared as a fox youkai, remember?

Stop it!




It felt so good, didn’t it?

Using your nails to shred the humans one by one…

Shut up!

Dragging me out by force… you’re crazy.

You… who are you… who on earth are you!

I already told you.

I am you.

I’m the horrible nine-tailed fox which attacked humans and ate them.

Stop it! Shut up!

Humph, idiot.




Why… I aimed at that bastard.

Why did it hit you?

Hey, pull yourself together!

Show me your arm… oh, it barely hit.

Hahaha… Bewitching is a fox’s specialty, right?

You must’ve been pretty angry to mistake your bride for me.

You…! Stop using dirty tricks!

Humph. What an evil face!

You haven’t changed at all.

You’re still that violent fox youkai!

How many people did you shred with those nails?

Can you really hug this woman with such hands?





You will some day eat and kill that woman for sure.

The woman you most love and cherish!

Hahaha! You should know that there’s only one way a youkai and human can become one.

It’s to devour their blood and flesh.

If you can’t do it, I’ll do it for you!




Hey… bride? I’ll come pick you up tomorrow… the night of the full moon.

You’re going to be the bride of Okitsune-sama, aren’t you happy?

There’s nowhere to escape.

I’ll eat you up according to the Seven Mysteries.

Da…damn it!


Track 4


Ow… that bastard, he really did it.

The pain didn’t go away over night… Ow…

It’s better than in the morning, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to move properly at tonight.

Shut up. It’s none of your business.

Is your arm okay?

I see.

Yes, that guy is unmistakably me.

Only I could talk about my past like that.




What he said is true.

When I was betrayed by humans, I attacked humans indiscriminately.

Nothing mattered to me anymore.

At first, they accepted me and lived with me.

But it happened just as I was thinking that living like this and protecting the village wasn’t such a bad idea.

The kind farmer… the old lady who care for me… the children I played with…

There was also a girl around your age.

She called me Okitsune-sama and was so friendly to me.

All of them chased me with hoes and sickles to kill me.




I still clearly remember how I ripped them to shreds with my body covered in cuts.

I’m agitated.

I don’t know what I might do to you.

Tsk. Being near you irritates me!

You pretend that you trust me, but you’re actually scared, right?

I know you’re just acting strong.

That fake guy was actually me.

Think about why he was born.




I told you. The one who affects me the most is you.

The one who created that other me is… you.

That guy was born because somewhere in your heart, you’re still scared of me.

You call me a lover or whatever, but at the end you couldn’t accept me either.

Shut up! I don’t intend to play friends with humans!

I’ve lost all motivation to protect you from that fake guy.

Hurry up and disappear from my sight!

Haha, you look so scared. Never come near me again.




Phew… she finally left.

She looked like she was going to cry.

I’ve always been bewitching people, but it’s never been so hard.

You must’ve really missed me to come to the Inari Shrine.

It’s been since yesterday, b..ri…de…

Tonight is a full moon.

I’m happy you came to see me.




Your scared face is cute too.

And? Where’s that fox?

Can’t you tell me why you came to such a place alone?

Hahaha. If you don’t feel like saying it, fine.

I’m guessing he rejected you, right?

He told you he never wants to see you again.

Pulling a stunt! That stupid fox.

Do you really think he’d seriously reject the woman he likes?

Youkais are made from people’s thoughts.

Basically, the one giving us our power is…bride… you.




That’s why he probably thought that if you hate him, I will lose my power and disappear.

Of course that means he would disappear too.

He took this gamble because he knew he wouldn’t be able to move properly with his injuries.

However, he’s a careful fox.

He’s probably frantically searching for me right now.

After all, if we end up not disappearing, you’ll be in grave danger.

Still, he shouldn’t have taken his eyes off you.

Now, why don’t you play with me.

I’ll fill you up with your fear of me.

So that even if you disappear, I’ll still be able to keep my power.




Ah! That blade is!

It must be that cunning fox!

You’re holding something very troublesome.

However, your arms are shaking.

Maybe you’re not used to blades?

Not to mention, it’s meaningless once you’re possessed.

Hahaha, I’ve caught you!

Now you won’t be able to escape.

Now, I must punish those who disobey Okitsune-sama.

Did you forget?

It’s the shadow cloning sorcery, my specialty.




A shrine during oumagadoki (sunset) is a fox’s territory.

So… how shall we play?

Those frightened eyes… they’re like glass beads… I want to lick them out…

Are you sure you want to close your eyes?

Then… how about I start by biting this sweet smelling area?

You let go of the weapon he gave you.

You’re so sensitive as usual.

Here… I’ll tickle your neck too… it feels good, right?

It’s better if you don’t move.

Do you feel it on your back?

If you move, my nails will cut you open.




If you don’t want that to happen, endure it.

Well, if you can, that is.

Hahaha, stay still.

See… you can tell where my nails are tracing… right?

If I pierce you here… it’ll go through your heart.

How pitiful. You must want to move your body… even your ears are hot.

They get hotter as I slowly stroke them.

You look like you’re suffering.

You’re shaking so much… how cute.

You’re tempting me to bite you any moment.

Don’t worry, I’ll torture you slowly.

I’ll treat you in such a way to make you dissolve from the bone…




Let’s take our time to… have… fun… until the full moon rises.

Damn it! I can’t find her anywhere!

If I haven’t disappeared, it must mean that the stupid woman doesn’t hate me.

She’s… seriously going to be killed!

It will be too late if I wait for us to disappear.

It’s almost the full moon.

I need to defeat that bastard before then… where else can she be…?




The Inari Shrine!

Seriously… it’s so nostalgic to think about how I went to the festival with that stupid woman!

And it wasn’t that long ago.

Ah! Long time ago…?

Wait… come to think of it, why… don’t tell me it’s…!

Damn it! So that’s how it is!



Track 5


What a good moon today.

I almost feel like I want some sake.

How appropriate for our celebration. Right… bride?

Hehe, you can’t move anymore.

You’re such a pitiful human.

You have to face such an ending just because I became fond of you.

Hey… do you regret it?

Say it.

Curse me or cry… just let me hear your scared voice…

You’re so boring.

You’re going to be a fox’s bride.

You’re going to be eaten, organs and all.




How can you be so sure I won’t do it?

I told you.

I’ve attacked humans before.

It’s nothing to me if I rip you apart.

You’re on the verge of being killed, and why are you still like this?

I threaten you… but why…

It’s obvious!

That’s because she’s my bride.

Humph. So you came.

I’m surprised you managed to come with your injured body.

This is nothing.

If I compare it to having her taken away, I don’t even feel the pain.

Sorry, I chose to do this for your good, but I got some things wrong.




I thought you had created this fake bastard.

I thought he was another me who was born out of your imagination and fear of me.

I thought there was nothing I could do about it.

No matter what I do, I’m still a youkai.

I thought that you were actually scared, and I was making you suffer… but I should’ve realized sooner.

When this fake guy started talking about my past, I should’ve noticed that I had never told you much about my past, because didn’t want you to know about my bloody past.

But if that’s the case, why does this fake bastard know about my past?




It’s simple… the one who created him… is me.

You finally realized.

Somewhere in your heart, you think you will one day hurt this woman.

Yes, that’s right.

I still remember the feeling of my nails ripping skin.

I remember the feeling of my fangs cutting out flesh.

It won’t disappear no matter how many hundreds of years pass by.

Just thinking that I might one day rip her apart too… sent me shivers all over me.




Well, of course.

She’s the only person who you cherish and managed to make yours.

You couldn’t defeat the fear of losing her.

Your worries were so strong that I was born.

I know… but! Even though she went through so much, she still cherishes me.

Otherwise, I should be gone.

She cherishes me so much… so how can I stay afraid?!

After I met her, I’ve changed!

My nails and my fangs are all here to protect her!




I will not harm you!

I will make you happy forever!

A fox youkai is a fox youkai no matter how many hundreds of years pass by.

You will one day hurt her.

Like this!

Stop it!

Get away from her!

Hehe! She can’t escape me… if I do … this…

If I possess her, you can’t attack me, right?

The moment you move, I’ll tear this woman from the inside.


I’ve taken her freedom away.

The sword you gave her for self-protection will become the cause of your ruin…




Ah! That’s…!

Now… bride… tear that youkai apart!

If you don’t, he’ll tear you apart with his nails!

I’ve taught you enough… how scary foxes can be!

Why are you still resisting!

Humph. I told you it’s pointless. There’s no way you can sway her.

Then all I need to do is force her.

There, I’ll control your arms and legs!

Doesn’t this remind you of the time the villagers betrayed and chased you…?

People swung their blades at me then, too.




It felt so mortifying, didn’t it?

You trusted them and…

How about you tear this woman apart like back then?

Otherwise, she’s going to pierce you with this sword.

Like I would.

I would rather face anything than to hurt the woman I like.

Humph! Then you should pitifully perish here!

Don’t shake so much.

I’m finally able to hug you.




Idiot, why would I let you go?

I will never let you go.

I’m okay no matter what you do to me.

Of course… it’s because I like you.

I like you… I really like you.

I love you.

I always thought humans were worthless creatures.

I was betrayed, and I refused to trust them again.

You’re the one who made me change my mind.

Eating together… Going out to town together…

Talking about stupid things… Laughing…

You gave me everything I thought I had lost.




The thought that one day I might hurt you, and that you might come to think of me as a monster and reject me, scared me the most.

But you’re not that kind of woman.

Will you be with me… no matter… what I am?

Yes… me too.

I love you.




I was… repelled?

Let’s end this twisted Seven Mysteries.

Okitsune-sama won’t devour anybody.

He will protect forever the woman he loves.

You… end here.

There’s no way you can be happy living with humans!

You’re going to regret it one day!

Haha, I’ve made up my mind ever since I fell in love with her.

That I’ll go with her to the depths of hell.

You should understand too, since you’re also me.




Humph… just one step further and… so close!

Bride, I’ll give you my parting present.

It’s true that I was betrayed, and started attacking humans indiscriminately.

However, I’ve never killed a human before.

I could never bring myself to take anyone’s life, no matter how much they betrayed me.

At the end, I couldn’t really despise humans.

It’s up to you to believe this or not.




He’s gone… It’s fine now.

There’s nobody left to scare you.

Why are you still crying?

Oh, this cut… I know you were possessed, but you really stabbed me hard.

I’ll forgive you with ten abura-ages.

The cafeteria plants are really useful. I was right to take some leaves.

I transformed a leaf into a short sword, and gave it to you.

That’s why there’s no scar or anything!

Wasn’t I an actor?

… Although because of that bastard, my body is beaten up… it hurts all over the place.




Huh? What’s wrong?

You look like you’ve been bewitched by a fox.

Well,  I suppose it’s expected since even my other self was also deceived.

It looks like I’ve won the bewitching contest.

Huh? I’m sorry!

Don’t cry, idiot!

I said I’m sorry! Damn it!

I’m sorry for making you worry.

I’m also sorry for making you feel so scared.

I’ve made up my mind.

No matter what, I won’t let you go.

I’ll make you happy using my own hands.


Track 6


Since then, things have been pretty normal.

There are no more strange rumors, so I guess it’s all over.

But… I’ve really reflected on my ways since then… so… um… today is special!

Okitsune-sama will do anything for you!

If you want me to do something, I’ll do it!

That again!? Ugh..um… I li…I like you.



Don’t ask me to repeat it!

You’re taking advantage of me, aren’t you!

You’re getting carried away!

If you do mischief to Okitsune-sama, he’ll more than double his revenge.

I won’t let you go.

You smell delicious… now… where should I start eating?

Your nape or ear…?

I’ll let you choose.

If you can’t choose, I’ll bite you all over your body.

I’ll teach you so you will never be able to disobey me.


Huh? Of course we’re similar.

The other me was also a part of me.

In terms of teasing you, he and I both won’t be easy on you.




In the first place, what you think affects me.

Maybe you actually want me to torture you like this.

No. I won’t let you go even if it tickles.

I’ll whisper by your ear…

Hahaha, moving around like that.

You’re funny.

Hey, are you really okay?

Are you really not scared being hugged by me like this?

After you went through all that…

Stop saying I make you feel at ease.

If you say that… I won’t be able to hold myself…




Here, come closer.

Put your arms around my body…

I can’t hug you enough.

Let me feel more of your love, so that the other me will never appear again, okay?


Track 7


Hey, you can’t tell anybody… about what happens next in the story of  the will-o’-wisp in the science room, one of the Seven Mysteries recently being rumoured about.

Okay, we’re here!

Sorry for making you come all the way to the shrine.

There’s something I want to show you here.

Hold my hand. Just hold it!

Close your eyes for a while. Okay?

You can open your eyes now.




It’s a great view, right? It’s the scenery of the shrine from a long time ago.

There are no buildings or roads, and only fields.

It’s an illusion I’m showing you with my sorcery, so it’s not real.

It’s the first time I’m showing this to anybody.

For you, it’s a world from hundreds of years ago, which you’ve only known through textbooks.

But for me, it feels recent.

There are going to be many things we don’t understand about each other.

We might feel worried because there are so many things we don’t know about each other.




But I’ve made up my mind. I will tell you.

I want to tell you, about my past… my feelings now… and in the future.

So… please always be with me.

Yes, it’s a promise.

When you go to the science room at midnight, apparently you will see a blueish will-o’-wisp dancing around.

It’s a sign from Okitsune-sama.

If you don’t want to be eaten, you should run away.




As if. But even if the Seven Mysteries one day disappear, I’ll probably be okay.

As long as you are always with me.

Huh? Ah. It’s such a bright day but it’s raining.

Do you know what humans call this?

It’s called “the fox’s wedding”.

Then I suppose I should say something suitable.

From now on… even if we go to the depths of hell, I will continue to love you.


FREE TALK w/ Takahiro Sakurai


I’m Takahiro Sakurai, acting as Zakuro.

This is the free talk corner at the end of the episode.

Thank you for listening to the drama story until the end.

If you’re listening to this first, please immediately go to Track 1.

I have just finished recording… and am immersing myself in the feeling of fulfillment.

There are many scenes I found impactful, and many scenes I would love for you to listen.

Well, how should I put this.

Since this disc starts off with the main character already close to the heroine, we can see a deeper relationship.

This might be a highlight.




Also, this time the evil Zakuro emerges.

It says Dark Zakuro in the script… you know how he captures the heroine and threatens her?

At that point, you can hear his voice with both ears.

In the script it says AB.

We took a lot of time recording this bit… so I hope you can sense our hard work when listening to this… well… or just listen to it normally.

Well… with the emergence of this evil Zakuro, they face many crises.

I’ve been asked whether my dark side ever emerges… and yes it always does.




I’m always on the dark side, people might even think that my actual character is dark.

I don’t think there are moments where I suddenly change though.

Do you have any?

Like a certain situation where you would suddenly change, even though you’re usually pretending to be nice?

Maybe I’m closest to my true self at home.

That’s not what I’m meant to talk about…

Are there times where you become like evil Zakuro?

I’m quite short-tempered and short-tempered, so there are times when I’m irritated.

Apparently people don’t notice, so I think that’s my advantage.

My feelings don’t show on my face very easily.

That’s why, people think that I don’t really show my emotions, but I think I react to things like most people.





Another question.

Zakuro will possess you for a day.

What would you like to do? Let’s see… hmm… I wonder.

Well… it’s just that… I would like to do something beneficial.

How should I put this.

Well, he’s a guy, right?

It’s not like I’ll get any psychological gratification from him, and I might even find him annoying.

Hmm… maybe he can work instead of me for a day… maybe that will be good.

I don’t think I’m really answering the question.




Now, finally, a message to all the otomes listening to me.

I think there are many types of otomes… but… do you want to be possessed?

If you do, I strongly recommend Yuugen Romantica.

There are many youkais other than me, so please listen to them too and enjoy the extraordinary.

And also, please work hard!

That was Takahiro Sakurai acting as Zakuro and Dark Zakuro.

Thank you!

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