Yuugen Romantica Zakuro Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ 第弐の謎 妖狐 ザクロ
Seiyuu : 櫻井孝宏 – Takahiro Sakurai
Release Date : May 27, 2015
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Overview : The heroine goes to a school that has 7 urban legends that are quite infamous among the students. This time, it’s about a Nine-tailed Fox, Okitsune-sama (literally translates to “fox-sama”) that haunts the Science Room. Anyone that disturbs his slumber will have to suffer his wrath. What happens when a group of silly teenagers thought it would be fun to dare everyone into going into the Science Room at night? Unfortunately, one of those students is our heroine. Will he turn the heroine into a wisp? Or will he…?

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Track 1



Hey, do you know…. about the Seven Mysteries of Nanagiri School which have been rumoured since the old days? One of them… the one about the will-o’-wisp in the science room?

If you go to the science room at midnight, apparently you might see a blueish-white will-o’-wisp dancing around.

It’s been said that a long time ago, this area used to be a field, and that when they cleared this area to build this school, many wild animals fell victim to it.

And one of the pitiful animals… the fox, comes out to bewitch people.

Rumour is that if you accidentally see the will-o’-wisp, Okitsune-sama will possess you.




If you don’t want that to happen to you, you shouldn’t just casually go to the science room at midnight.

If you anger Okitsune-sama, something terrible will happen.

It has always been said that since the old days, a fox’s curse is quite frightening.

But… in any generation, there are people who don’t understand this until they experience the horrible consequences themselves.

As proof of this, there have recently been many people coming to the science room as part of a dare.

See? The idiots have come tonight as well.



They all come in shaking and then leave with that look of terror on their faces.




The next one that comes in is a girl…

As she tries to look around the pitch-dark classroom…

One step…

Two steps….

Something edges closer to her…

You guys keep taking turns and it’s really noisy!

Why are you so scared?

Did you really think nobody would be here?

Didn’t you bother to come to the science room despite it being at midnight to see me?

Humans… everything they do is truly stupid!




Can’t you tell?

This blueish-white wisp…

These nine tails…

I’m the Okitsune-sama you guys wanted to see.

Are you that shocked to see a real one?

You probably just assumed that a fox youkai wouldn’t exist… but you’ve stuck your nose in a little too far.

If you want to experience something dreadful that badly, I’ll give you what you so desire.

Haha… There’s no point in trying to run away.

Your body now belongs to me.

Can’t you tell?

You’re being possessed by me.

You can hear my voice from inside your body, can’t you?




With it like this, a human like you won’t be able to do anything.

You can’t shake me off.

No matter where you run… I’ll always be with you… even to the depths of hell…

As you have wished…. I will haunt you to death.

Hmph! Do you think you can still move when I’m holding you like this?

I’ll devour and kill you.

Your ears… your nape…

I’ll slowly savour your entire body…

Am I scaring you? Then why did you come here?




Silence! Saying you had to come because you were asked to?!

You can’t even call that an excuse!

I hate moronic women like you the most.

You come without thinking and then insensitively interfere with our sleep.

Maybe humans like you won’t understand unless I put you through some pain!

If I use my wisp, I can even do this.

A moving skeleton is most fitting for the science room staircase, right?

Why don’t you keep him company?

What’s with that pitiful scream? Haha!

Being held captive by a skeleton. This is hilarious…




What else?… Should I bring over a formalin preserved frog to you?

Uh oh…. I can see it very well… even in the dark.

The back of your neck… you’ve got a lot of goosebumps there.

I just touch you and I already get a reaction like that.

Are you just about reaching your limit?

I thought you’re participating in this game because you wanted to experience these things?

So what are you going to do now?

Will you call out for help?

Or will you pathetically cry and beg for your life?

If you want to shout, then shout!

Let your buddies waiting outside hear you scream.

Well, even if they get worried and come here – I’ll just kill them all at once.




Those words… they better be true.

If you’re apologising half-heartedly, then I won’t spare you.

Heh. I’ll let you go this time.

Don’t come here… ever again!

Also, don’t tell anybody that you saw me.

If you tell anyone, I will turn you into a wisp.

Got it?

Don’t tell anybody… no matter what.

Don’t you ever forget what I said.





Tsk! I lost my temper since this has been going on every single night…

I really didn’t want to have to interact with humans…

That woman…

She better not tell anyone about me.


Track 2


Hey!…. Hurry up already!

Ah, it’s you!

From last time….!

Oh, she hasn’t realised that it’s me.

Well, I guess it is ‘cos I’ve transformed myself into a human.

It’s nothing.

More importantly…. why are you being so slow?

You’re really irritating me.


The ticket won’t come out even though you’ve put in some money?

I guess the cafeteria’s ticket vending machine is pretty old…

Heh. Just one kick and it’s working already.




This ticket’s yours, right?

There’s no need to thank me.

Hurry up and get out of the way.

Auntie, I want the usual kitsune udon.

Huh? Oh. You. You’re getting kitsune udon as well.

Yea, I suppose so.

It’s not bad for school udon.

Well, I don’t mind anything as long as I can eat the abura-age (Deep Fried Tofu).

Hey, it’s none of your business!

Stop being so overly familiar with me.




Finally! Thank you for the foo….

Hey! Why are you sitting next to me?!


I guess….. the other seats are taken. Can’t be helped then.

Well, I guess it’s a good opportunity for me to check if she has kept her promise anyway.

Hey, do you like youkais and ghosts?

I’ve heard some rumours recently…

Apparently some idiots are making a fuss about how they dared each other and went to school at midnight.


You went with them too?


Did you see something?

You saw nothing, huh?

Hmph. I guess she seems to be keeping her promise.




You should stop hanging around with such idiots.

I’m sure the youkais in the science room are irritated because their peaceful sleep is being disturbed by some humans with low intelligence.

Well anyway I’m done talking.

You should hurry and eat, your udon’s getting cold.

Thank you for this food!

Huh? Why are you looking at me like that?

Huh? You’ll give me……. what?

EH?! Abura-age!!! A-A-Arrre you sure?!

AHHH!!… I mean… I don’t want your abura-age!!

Well… if you insist on thanking me for fixing the ticket vending machine earlier, then I guess I don’t mind eating it….




Tsk. I guess if you insist, I suppose I’ll have to…

So gooooooood!

What? Stop staring at me while I’m eating.

Freshly made ones are seriously the best!

Abura-age in a steaming bowl of udon is always the best!

The abura-age used for offerings are usually really dry.

Errr… Nothing!! Just eat.




By the way, you’re talking to me normally, but aren’t you scared of me?

Most people would just find me vulgar or cold.

They tend to avoid me.

Hnnn? I see, so you’re not scared.

You must be either really dull or just strange… huh?

I’m not looking down on you.

I just thought that you’re a rare human.

I’m done!

You’ve thanked me with the abura-age already, so now let’s call it quits.

That’s why I said you don’t need to thank me anymore!

I said we’re even now.





Science rooms should always be quiet like this.

Being noisy during the day is enough.

Speaking of which, that woman I met during lunch was really strange.

She has integrity, and strangely has some guts.

It’s impressive for a human that she’s keeping my promise.

Huh? What? So noisy.

Are the idiots on a dare again?

Ah! Why are there so many students?

Damn it! I need to hide I guess.




Huh? What?! What did they say just now?

These guys… why do they?

Why do they know that there is a real youkai in the science room?

Don’t tell me… that stupid woman told them!

I was an idiot for reconsidering humans, even for a second!

I’ll show her… what happens when someone betrays me.




I had a hard time finding you, stupid woman.

You don’t know why you’ve been taken to an empty classroom?

I have something to talk about with just the two of us.

You… told people about meeting a youkai, didn’t you?!

Stop playing dumb!

I only showed myself to you that night.

Did you forget that I said that I would turn you into a wisp if you tell someone?

…that’s right. I’m Zakuro, the youkai you met at the science room.

You stupid woman… because you spread unnecessary rumours, my peaceful sleep is now going to be even more disrupted.




Humans are always like this.

Everyone quickly betrays without hesitating.

As promised, you’ll take responsibility for this treachery.

I’ll haunt you to death.

Hmph! Why should I stop? It’s your fault.

You should curse your own stupidity for betraying me.

Are you still playing dumb? Then…

I guess I’ll have to stick with you until you become honest.




There’s no point running away.

You’re already caught in my youjutsu.

Are you shocked?

This is the shadow-cloning youjutsu. Foxes are best at making people fall under their spell.

Just letting you know, both of them are still me.

You can clearly sense my fingers stroking your back, right?

What? Are you shaking?

You can be quite cute.

Well, even if you cry and beg for mercy, I won’t let you go.

I’ll make you fully regret betraying me.

You’re still not admitting it?

How do you feel if I trace your nape with my nails like this?

Doesn’t it send shivers down your back?




Like you’re going to be eaten up anytime.

If you keep being attacked like this by two of me, you’ll go insane.

If you entertain me by crying and apologising, I won’t mind letting you go alive.

Now, obey me and confess already!

Tsk. You’re still not admitting it after I threaten you this much?

If it’s not you, then just who is it?

Right, let me see those other guys who came and participated in that dare that night.

If there’s someone suspicious other than you, it has to be them.




There are plenty of ways you can do it.

You can make up a reason, like asking them to come hang out with you.

They’re idiots who sneak into school at midnight.

If you ask them to hang out with you, they’ll probably join you right away.

I’ll tell you what to do after everyone has been gathered.

I’ll possess you and find the true culprit.

Look, I’m not very patient.

You better remember that.


Track 3


Are these all the members?

Four men, and three women, yea?

I’ll let them swim first, and wait for them to give themselves away.

Hey, stop making weird movements.

You don’t like me speaking to you close to your ear?

I need to possess someone to go outside.

Moreover, it’s most convenient for me to be inside you while I observe them.

Do what I say, okay?

If you do something stupid… you got it?

And? Where do you humans go to hangout?




Huh? Animate? What’s that.

Huh…. I see. A store that sells anime goods.

I don’t really get it, but that’s a popular place?

Then go there.

This is Animate?

It’s quite a loud store.

Tsk. It’s so noisy.

Why are these people making such a racket?




A lucky draw where you can win character goods?

What, are you going to join too?

Show me.

What is it?

A ‘D prize‘ clear folder?

That’s nothing impressive.

Speaking of which, what’s the best prize you can get?

I see, a character cushion (pillow).

How can people get so excited about a lottery?

All you need is youjutsu, and the problem’s solved.

Give me one of those leaves.

The leaf from the potted plant!

It’s fine. Just shut up and watch.




See? If I use my youjutsu, transforming a leaf into a winning ticket is easy.

Hurry up and exchange it for the first prize.

Huh? What do you mean, “no”?

I thought you were doing this because you wanted the winning ticket.

It doesn’t matter what method you use to get it.

Stop making such a big deal about a lucky draw.

See, since you were standing like an idiot, one of your male friends are coming.

Huh? What’s with this guy?

He’s acting overly friendly, putting his arm around your shoulders suddenly.

Is he your boyfriend? … judging from your reaction, I guess that’s not the case.

Seriously… touching you all over the place….

Tsk. What an irritating bastard…..




Ah, geez. That bastard, he just went ahead and took your winning ticket.

I see, your friends are more honest than you.

Isn’t he kind for handing your winning ticket to the staff for you?

Stop stressing so much over the little things.

Just shut up and get that cushion.

Nobody’s going to find out that the ticket is a fake.

Why are you so angry?

Do you plan to be so arrogant as to lecture me?

Tsk, fine! You’re so annoying!

Then, I just need to burn up that ticket, right?




What do you mean?

I’m getting rid of the evidence.

If I burn the ticket, then nobody will find out.

What is this?! The fire alarm?

What on earth is that?

I can’t just put the fire out!

Woah! It’s raining inside the building!

Sprinkler? Damn it!

Seriously, what’s going on?!




… Sorry about that….

I really didn’t think that was going to happen.

You’re not going to blame me…?

Well, it was because of me that you got drenched and got caught up in all that…

Despite everything I’ve put you through…

… You really are kind to the point of stupidity.

I got it already!

I won’t cheat anymore.

I don’t want to cause a racket.

Since you’re completely soaked, you probably can’t hang around outside anymore.

I didn’t find the true culprit in the end.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see until they reveal themselves.




Are you okay?

Why are you so surprised? It’s me.

It doesn’t matter, does it?

Am I not allowed to be here?

More importantly, are you feeling okay?

It’s just that you were sneezing.

I thought you might have caught a cold….

You were quite drenched yesterday night.




Wha…! Oh, you just inhaled some dust.

Hah… You’re confusing.

By the way, are you cleaning the whole corridor by yourself?

I see, your partner left for a committee meeting.

You’re really unlucky.

Want me to help out?

It’s to apologise for yesterday.

I don’t feel comfortable owing something to humans.

This should make us even!




These places which get cleaned often are lucky.

Everyone skips cleaning the science room, so it’s dusty all over the place.

Yea, I’ve been in the science room for over a hundred years.

It’s not like I wanted to live here.

When I realised,  I was bound to this place and was made one of the Seven Mysteries.

People make such arbitrary rumours, like Okitsune-sama who lost his eight tails will curse you, or that a fox which died when they made the school is haunting the place.

I don’t know who and for what reason they bound me to this place, but when I try to leave the school, my powers are sealed and I can no longer stay in this form.




Apparently, if I find the seventh of the Seven Mysteries, the binding spell will be broken.

Not that I care anymore.

Not really…

Even if the binding spell is broken and I am set free, there’s no home for me to return to.

I don’t feel lonely.

Actually, I feel more refreshed when nobody comes to me and it’s quiet.




I have a cordial hatred for those who disrupt my sleep just out of curiosity.

That’s good enough,  right?

……… Bye.

Now we don’t owe each other anything.


Track 4


What do you want now?

Ahh watch out!

Phew… seriously!

You were about to drop that container.

What is this……….. Abura-age?

Humph, you have some integrity to give me this just because I helped you clean a bit.

You bothered to make this?

I see… it doesn’t look too bad actually.

Hmm… I see. Not bad.

But still, you didn’t need to bother coming here at night.

Coming in this dark science room by yourself… don’t you have a sense of cautiousness?

It’s not my fault if I eat you up.




Um… You know… I didn’t mean it in that way, whether you taste good or not.

I’m saying you should be more cautious as a woman!

Also, there are other youkais in this school.

Like for example, you also know about the kanashibari (paralysis) that happens in the medical room, right?

That bastard is quite persistent.

If a woman like you is targeted, by the time you realise, you’ll be cornered and eaten in one gulp.


……. It’s not like I’m worried or anything like that!

Don’t be so conceited!

Stop looking so happy… You!!

Don’t get carried away, stupid woman.

Do you want to experience something so horrible, you won’t want to come near me again?




How can you be so sure that I won’t do such a thing?

You don’t even know anything about me.

……. What? You want to know… more about me?

What do you mean…? Have you gone insane?

Huh, even if you say you want to get closer to me, it’s only just a moment of curiosity.

When it starts getting inconvenient for you, I know you’re going to suddenly change your attitude.

I can never trust what humans say.

I will never .. ever be betrayed again.

Ugh… Why… are you making such a face…?




Damn it! Are you free tomorrow night?

It’s not like I intend to become closer to you.

Just come with me.

There’s a place I want to go.




The Inari Shrine sure hasn’t changed…

I knew that there would be a festival today, but it’s more lively than I thought.

Shut up. You might not feel comfortable, but endure it.

I can’t do anything about it.

I can’t go outside unless I possess someone.




Huh? What is it?… Candied apples?

Woah, the colour looks poisonous.

You really want to eat this?

You shouldn’t, you’ll get a stomachache. Are you serious?

You really bought it.

Huh? You want me to try it?

It better be good.

If I get a stomachache, I’ll make you go through the same.




Hmmm… fine! But I can’t eat while possessing you.

Let’s go over there.

There’s a good hiding place.

I’m sure humans won’t come either.

I think this is fine.

Tsk, I never feel good in this form.

Shut up! I told you, because of the binding spell of the Seven Mysteries, I can’t go out of the school in my usual form. That’s why I’m moving around by possessing you.




Stop laughing! I’m sorry I’m such a puny fox!

If you say that I’m cute one more time, I’ll kill you right here!

Your eyes are still laughing, your eyes!

Tsk, I really don’t think something so poisonous-looking will taste good…

Hmmm…. Hm? Mm…. Hmm..? Hmm…!

What’s this… it’s delicious….!

Somehow… your smug face really irritates me!

I just meant it’s more delicious than I expected.




Wait! I didn’t say I didn’t want it!

Give me one more bite.

We’ve eaten the candied apple and it’s almost time…

Huh? Just wait and see.

You’ll know then.

Hey! It’s started.

Ah, it’s so dramatic up close!




Women like these sort of things, right?

It’s not like I invited you here to show you this.

It’s just that it’s too far to watch from school, so I wanted to watch it from a closer distance.

And? How is it?

Are you… enjoying… the fireworks?

Ah… I see. Well, let’s watch until the end then.

I thought everything had changed while I was bound to the school, but the atmosphere here hasn’t changed much from before.




Yea, I used to come here often.

It was ages ago though.

I liked to bewitch people, so I always did mischief around this area.

I don’t remember how many hundreds of years ago it was, but one day, I was captured by humans, even though it’s rare for me to make such a mistake.

However, there was a person who was kind even to this fox youkai, and he persuaded me to stop doing mischief and live with him happily.

At one point, I helped out with the fieldwork and chased away the youkais that attacked the village.

But… at some point, an epidemic spread out…. and everyone started to say that it was the fox’s fault.




One day, I was lured out from the village and almost got killed.

Even the people that were kind to me… tried to…

Since then, I became even more suspicious of humans.

As hundreds of years passed, my power started to decrease… a youkai will disappear once their power is gone.

Just when I realised that I was going to disappear, Nanagiri School was built and I was bound to that science room.

As a result, my powers don’t decrease anymore but I can no longer leave the school.

That’s about all I can tell you about me.

Are you satisfied?




Geez… What’s with that face?

I’m sorry I had to make you listen to my stupid story.

You’re happy I told you such a boring story?

Something must be wrong with you.

Are you cold..?

Well… while I’m still possessing you, I can’t warm you up even if I hug you.

Fine, then I’ll stay this way until the fireworks finish.


Track 5


You really don’t learn, do you?

You come every night to feed me!

What’s so fun about coming to the science room at night?

I…. I didn’t say that you’re troubling me!

So, what did you make today?

Inarizushi, huh? It looks quite proper…

Uhhh.. Well… we can’t throw it away, so I’ll have to eat it.

It doesn’t taste bad.

But seriously, don’t your parents get worried when you go out every night?

You even lied to come here.

What are you going to do if they find out you’re not actually at your friend’s place?




There must be somewhere else more fun than this place!

I re-really don’t understand! It must be strange for me to say this, but what’s so fun about being with me?

Well, I suppose it helps to relieve my boredom if you’re here.

Seriously… stop laughing with such a defenseless expression.

Have you forgotten that I’m a youkai?




At this rate, it won’t just be youkais attacking you…

Those human bastards will also take advantage of you!

See…? If I trap you like this…. You can’t move, right?

Uhh… Ah! W-Why are you getting red?!

Don’t worry, I won’t attack a sexually unattractive woman like you.

You’re way too self-conscious!

Damn it. It’s not supposed to be like this.

I’m going to go for a walk.

Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon.




Tch! Every time I talk to her, she always manages to throw me off balance.

Why should I be so affected by what a human woman says every time?

That’s why I didn’t want to interact with humans.

Nothing good ever happens.

Humans should just be looked down on.

There’s no need to take her attitude seriously.

Besides, she’s only curious because I’m a youkai.

Even she will change her attitude as soon as she gets bored of me.

I don’t want to get hurt anymore by involving myself too deeply.




Youkais and humans living happily together…… that can… there’s no way that can ever happen.

Huh? She’s not here?

What’s with her? Did she already go home?

Ah! Whats this?

This container…. inarizushi?

Why are they all over the floor?




Did… Did something happen to her?!

Hey! Where did you go?!

Hey! Answer me! Damn it!

Don’t tell me… you’re outside the school!


Track 6


I knew it.

I thought it would be something like this.

Shh! Keep quiet.

I’ve possessed you. The others can’t see me.

Geez, you suddenly disappeared! Stupid woman!

Why did you get kidnapped?

Well… it’s my fault for leaving you alone.

These guys are the men from the dare group.

That over friendly guy who put his arm around your shoulders is also here.

I see… so this is what they have been plotting.




Forcefully dragging a girl into a backstreet.

They’re worthless crap as I have already expected.

Don’t be scared, they will take advantage of it.

I’m with you, so don’t worry. Calm down.

Here, give me your hand – I’ll hold it.

Look, you’ve even tamed the evil Okitsune-sama, okay?

Human men shouldn’t scare you anymore.

Good. Your shaking has finally stopped.

Seriously, I’ve never heard of someone feeling so relieved about being possessed.




These guys… I see…

These guys are the ones who are spreading rumours about a youkai in the Science room.

They claim it’s a dare, but they only say that to make it easier to lure women.

I’m sorry for doubting you initially.

Now that I know this, I can’t forgive them all the more.

But, I can’t use my powers outside of the school.

For now, you should wait for an opportunity and escape.

If they take you further back, it’s going to be bad.

Pull free and run away!




Damn it! It’s not working.

There’s nothing else we can do.

Then I’ll have to..…!

Don’t underestimate me just because I’m a puny fox!

Damn it!

My power… is decreasing.

Of course it’s not fine!

I don’t want anything to happen to you!

You didn’t betray me…

You even made sure to keep your promise and yet I treated you so badly!

If I don’t do something to make it up to you, I won’t be satisfied!




That’s… right. You’re that kind of person…

You didn’t stay with me because you were threatened.

I knew it all along. Thank you.

It’s the same for me.

It’s not that I want to save you because I owe you something or to make things even.

That’s right… I always knew.

I thought I’d never be able to trust humans, but at some point I began to want to trust you.

But… I thought this wouldn’t last forever.

I thought it would end some day… like how I was betrayed a long time ago.




Damn it! My body… I don’t want to disappear!

I still… need to protect you.

Ah! You also want to be with me?

Are you being serious?

I’m not human….

I’m a youkai, you know? 

Your….… your words better be true.

If that’s the case… then kiss me!




I said, if you’re not lying then kiss me! Stupid woman!

My body… my power… they’ve returned!

Now I can…

You guys… playtime is over.

I’ll haunt every one of you to death, you won’t be able to plan your evil schemes anymore.

Come on! If you don’t quickly run away, I’ll turn you all into wisps!

I’ll make you regret to death for making Okitsune-sama angry!




Hah…. I just threaten them a little and look at their reactions.

They’re so worthless it’s almost stupid to take them seriously.

Speaking of which…. Ouch…

Ye-Yeah… it’s not a big deal.

The place they kicked hurts a little.

More importantly, are you okay?

I’m glad. I was so worried something would happen to you.

I’m really… glad…

Let me hug you for a while… You really worried me.




Yea, my body…

It looks like the spell of the Seven Mysteries has been broken.

To be honest, I only half believed it, but this seems to be the seventh mystery of the Seven Mysteries.

If a human and youkai fall in love, the spell that binds me to the school will be broken.

That’s the last mystery of the Seven Mysteries in Nanagiri School.

I never thought it was true…

Moreover, I’ve not only been set free… I’m even brimming with power.

It’s like I’ve returned to my former power from a long time ago.

Huh? What’s with that stupid expression?




In other words, it’s thanks to you that the binding spell has been broken.

What…..? That’s right!

It means that our feelings..… are mutual!

Basically…um…. I…. I… I said I like you…!

Don’t make me say it! Damn it, it’s embarrassing!

Why are you getting red?

You’re making me feel strange you know…

And I thought I would just end up being hurt if I involve myself with humans, but I really believed in… your… our feelings for each other.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to use such a method.




If I hadn’t met you, I would have died still thinking that humans could never be trusted.

……. That’s how important you are to me.

You better be aware of it! I’ll never again place you in danger.

I will possess you for life and protect you…

Okitsune-sama has decided to stay with you forever, so you better be grateful.

Stupid woman~ …..


Track 7


Hey, do you know….about what happens next in the story of the will-o’-wisp in the science room, one of the Seven Mysteries?

It still hasn’t really hit me that I can walk around town freely like this.

Having been trapped in the school for a long time, I’ve become such a hermit.

Let’s see, I’ll make you accompany me everywhere until I get used to the outside world. Prepare yourself.

Huh? We’ve been to this store before. You want to do the lucky draw again?

Oh, you don’t?

I was just thinking about transforming one of those leaves into a winning ticket again!




Hehe! Don’t get mad! Of course I was joking!

And…? Isn’t there something else you want?

Huh? Stop wanting some other guy’s birthday ring.

I know he’s two dimensional, but it still pisses me off.

I’ll buy you a ring for your birthday.

I’ll take on a proper part-time job and save up money. So…. just wait until then!

What?! Stop laughing like a fool.

Keep your excitement for your birthday.




You’ve also heard that if you see the blueish will-o’-wisp in the science room at midnight, Okitsune-sama will possess you, right?

Yea, but even if you see it, there’s no need to be afraid.

Okitsune-sama has already found that one person he wants to possess.

Haha. Well, if there are people like you, I guess it won’t be too bad living in the human world.

Of course… I will even follow you all the way into the depths of hell, yea?


FREE TALK with Takahiro Sakurai


Everyone… um, thanks for listening until the end. I’m Takahiro Sakurai, acting as Zakuro.

I’ve just finished recording. How was Yuugen Romantica? How was Zakuro’s episode?

I’m sure there were many highlights, including the scary scenes and horror effects because the story’s based on the Seven Mysteries.

Did you get a little scared? I tried to sound scary…. hahahaha… like that.




Binaural recordings are fun because you can do things like that.

Did you have scenes which were particularly impactful? I did.

I’m assuming you’ve already heard everything. When Zakuro uses the word “forever”, I started to wonder what “forever” means for a youkai.

If you overthink it…well maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe it’s meaningless to him, who just found happiness. It still makes me want to keep thinking about it.

Well, there are many other highlights. Like the bit where he gets smaller. Please don’t laugh at him. I tried my best.




Speaking of youkais, there are many youkais in this series, and they can use a variety of sorcery. Hmm.. sorcery… sorcery…

Well, I don’t think I should have the ability to use sorcery, since I’ll use it for bad. I think someone will come to exorcise me.

Um, how to say this. It seems like nothing is coming to my head except bad things. Maybe it’s a human thing. Isn’t everyone like this? Knowing that it won’t happen in reality, our imaginations tend to think about doing bad things. A side of ourselves we don’t talk about… comes out… or something like that.




Do you ever think about that? It’s similar to imagining what you will do if you win a lottery.

But, I wonder what I would do if I could become invisible. I wonder what I’d use it for?

I’m not really interested in being able to move things or manipulating fire.

Making yourself invisible uses your full body and it’s a defensive skill, and not an offensive skill. I think it suits me better.

Also, did you have any Seven Mysteries at your school?

I had some… what were they? Like an extra step appears on the staircase… or the toilet which never lights up no matter how many times you change the light bulb… and…um… there was a mermaid statue that apparently ran through the school grounds at night, although I’m not sure whether that’s supposed to be scary or funny.




Recently… have there been anything mysterious recently? Let’s see… not in particular. It’s a question, have I experienced anything mysterious recently…?

Sometimes there’s something lurking around the studio. The door nob suddenly turns up and makes a loud sound. Also… let’s see… the pen I left out was placed back in its original place without me noticing.

These things have happened, but not recently.

They say these things come to you if you talk about them, so you should be careful. Hehehehe.

When you listen to these recordings at night, it gives the right mood, doesn’t it?

Hehehehhe… and anyway, my ending message.




There will be more, um there will be more, so please buy them all. It would be great if you could compare them for your enjoyment. Um, I think there are different reasons your heart will jump for each story, but this heart-jumping… is like the heart-jumping when one is in love, like the attribution of arousal theory…. that’s one advantageous way of enjoying these recordings. I’m very grateful that you’ve listened to my work, but I also hope you will enjoy the voices of other voice actors as well.

Thank you.

That was Takahiro Sakurai, acting as Zakuro. Thank you.