Overview : Okay! MAN! I had to replay 7’s route to make this walkthrough. It took 2x or 3x as long as I would have just played it normally. I know I missed some parts where I should have indicated where the game branched off and where the player needed to spend 50 hourglasses, but oh well. I think I estimate to have used 300-400 hourglasses in total? There were around 3 times where I just let it load though but I think in the end I still paid for most of it now that I think about it (or might be even more in the long run) since it takes 5 hourglasses to unlock each chat that I missed, LOL.

Please read first :

  • Do not combine with other ROUTE walkthroughs (which means this only includes the actual chats, visual novel options, text messages and calls). If it’s anything else like the guests or e-mail invitations (ie. anything that ISN’T chats, visual novel options, text messages and calls), you can or are completely free to use another guide.
  • UPDATE 3/23/2017 : Please remember to invite enough guests (I recommend 20 or more just to be sure) or you will get the Normal ending. This walkthrough is only for 707’s route chats, texts & calls. I didn’t write this note before as you need to do a route BEFORE 707’s so I just assumed everyone should know about the basics of this game to get to the good ending. Other people used my walkthrough since last year and they got the good ending.. there’s no reason why others can’t… :S It just doesn’t make sense…
  • I may have most likely missed some stuff or have typos. Please bear with them as I slowly fix them over time. ^ ^; I know there are text message answers missing from some days. I will add them later when I have time.
  • I will not entertain comments that question why I chose a certain option. Some of them I chose on purpose as I needed it for my call or chat history log.
  • Be prepared for the characters reacting more hostile with you because I chose some really strange answers, LOL! I made MC-chan sound like she has lost her marbles from her crazy mood swings. Ah… the things I do to get as much phone and chat histories. Also, sometimes I do it on purpose to balance out the amount of affection I think I had with each character.
  • I broke a lot of hearts along the way and yet I still got the good ending, which proved my theory of it being okay to be breaking hearts as long as you balance it out (which I think I did or at least I tried to).
  • I didn’t use any other walkthroughs whatsoever even from when I first played and of course in this one as well. So I cannot answer anything if it’s not something I’ve done here. ^ ^; And even then, I hope I can remember so I can answer your question, LOL. Don’t be afraid to ask anyways just in case I could.





(Italicized) : Player’s Real time.
(Bold) : Chatroom time or Label.

(Grey) : Player’s answers or option choices.
(Red) : Indication of hourglasses spent or else something important.
(Lilac) : Label or General information.
(Dusty Rose) : My commentary.
(Olive) : Hearts, Hourglasses and Affection Points gained and lost.



1:51 AM
Unknown : Hello?
Unknown : Can you see this?
Yes, i can.
Unknown : I’d like to go there myself but i’m abroad…..
An address?
Unknown : I’d appreciate it if you can help.
How can i help you?
Unknown : Please?
Fine…. I’m leaving right away if it feels sketchy.
Unknown : Found it.
(Address) click link, (Go to sent address.)
There is a password door lock.
Unknown : Is there a password lock on the door?
(password) click link.
(Pause for a moment.)
Shouldn’t I ring the doorbell first?
Unknown : Then ring the doorbell.
(Ring the doorbell.)
(There is no answer.)
I don’t think anyone’s inside….
Unknown : Why don’t you press (key in) the code?
Uhmmm.. okay. i will.
The door’s open.
Unknown : Good. Why don’t you go inside?
Can i just enter a stranger’s house?
Unknown : If something happens, you can just show my messages. That’ll do.
Then… alright.


(daylight savings 1:28 am – West Coast Canada)






Yoosung : Not me!

Jumin : *angry emoticon*
I am Nurie. Who are you all and what is this place?

Zen : Where the hell is the apartment?
I am flustered too. I was connected to a stranger through a messenger app and he sent me the address.

707 : Do u have that person’s username or chat record?
The username was ‘Unknown’ and the record was deleted.

707 : Hey, Nurie. So he told you the password for the door lock?

Zen : Do you think this person’s a creep? No way.
I just wanted to download the game and play it.

Yoosung : Seven seems talk to V pretty often.
What is this chat room for;;?

Yoosung : You did a background check on her!? So Nurie is definitely a girl?
Where did you get that info!?

V : Do not ask Nurie about it and Nurie, please do not reveal the address.

Zen : Jumin you jerk, how could you be so harsh on Yoosung;;
I just came here to find the owner of the phone… What is going on…

707 : Shouldn’t we… explain to Nurie about Rika and RFA?
Please explain.

Yoosung : She organized a group called RFA to plan the party and manage participants.
A party?

V : Everything that you have to do… will be linked with this app installed on your phone.
I thought this is just a messenger app?

Jumin : Nurie, will you join RFA?
Alright. It looks fun. I’ll give it a go.


1:56 AM


Text Messages :


Zen : Nurie, it’s me, Zen. I’m sure this text is surprising. We can send each other texts through this app.
Okay. Let’s talk often. 🙂

707 : Nurie, it’s me Seven. Tell me if you know anything more about the hacker. I report things to V. Welcome to the RFA~*
Let’s * partayyyy * tonight!

Yoosung : Nurie! It’s me, Yoosung. So nice to meet you~! I can’t believe we have another member… Someone can finally do what Rika did… This must be fate, right?
I’ll try my best 🙂

Unknown : It’ll be really fun from now on. Enjoy your itme with everyone. I’ll go get you soon.
You’re not dangerous, are you?


2 :00 AM


2:21 AM – Welcome2 – Jaehee
Jaehee, why are you awake?
Aren’t you tired?
Shouldn’t you be getting more sleep…?
1 gold heart


-20 HGs to open next 24 hrs.


2:05 AM


4:35 AM – Zen’s complaint – Zen
Hello, Zen
My heart’s being fine.
A bit?
Why that long?
2 gold hearts, 1 hourglass


Text Messages :


Zen : Don’t you think we get along pretty well? It hasn’t even been a day…
I look forward to getting to know you, Zen.


7:00 AM – Yoosung’s complaint – Yoosung
Are you not interested in girls?
Gimme food too.
1 gold heart


8:00 AM – Jumin’s lonely morning – Jumin, Zen
You haven’t left for work yet?
I was just bored lol
Oh. A cat.
It’s better to treat people like actual human beings than to be so strict.
Can we change the subject?
Good bye.
2 gold hearts


Text Messages :


Jumin : Slim waist, beautiful fur… Cats are the best animals. Don’t you think?
Not really.

Yoosung : Did you have breakfast? You have to for energy!
I didn’t yet.


10:04 AM – Seven loves cats – Jumin, 707
Hello, 707.
Lol cat mom. (-1 Jumin heart)
Seven just seems like he likes to joke around?
I think he’s funny. (Well, do I ever! Of course! LMAO)
Bye, my bae character.~
I’ll (I) believe you.
Good bye.
3 gold hearts, 1 hourglass


2:31 AM


11:58 AM – Seven’s Investigation – 707, Yoosung
What are you researching?
Did you find anything?
Can’t you just tell me?
How did Rika leave this world?
Good bye, Seven.
0 gold hearts


2:34 AM Jaehee calls


12:50 AM – Jaehee’s expectation – Jaehee
Hello, Jaehee
About me?
I think it will be fun.
Jaehee, are you always so formal?
Is the party that grand?
Do you hope V to come back?
Good bye.
2 gold hearts

13:48 PM – Jumin’s curiosity – Jumin
(got distracted – it is 2:56 AM now, lmao)
Whassup mista trustfundkid
Is the job hard?
So all I have to do is be good at picking randomly?
See ya~ (OH GOD JUMIN HAAHHAHAA *CRIES* XDD Too fucking funny!)
0 gold hearts

15:00 PM – Zen reminisces about the old – Zen
Today’s weather was nice.
Are you okay?
I feel a bit of pressure.
I’m hungry…
1 gold heart


Yoosung calls 3:02 AM
Not really.
I was a bit upset.


Text Messages :


Jaehee Kang : I don’t know if you’ve already talked with all the other members, but this is how you send texts.
Thanks for telling me. 🙂
1 gold heart

Zen : I feel like my headache disappeared after talking with you. Let’s talk more.
It’s a bit uncomfortable talking privately like this.


16:50 PM – Who hates to work? – 707
Whoah~! Who’s this guy?!
Because you like me?
Maybe she is really still alive?
She’s beautiful.
Cross dressing?!
Thank you for telling me all these things.
5 gold hearts.

18:02 PM – Yoosung’s hope for the new – Yoosung
Hello, Yoosung.
What do you want to know?
What do I have to do?
I feel quite a bit of pressure.
Don’t look forward to it too much.
I’ll do what I can.
Don’t get too into playing games.
0 gold hearts.


Jumin calls 3:17 AM
How does my voice sound?
Ju-min-Han, Like this?
What are you doing right now?
You talk as if your cat’s a person.
How old are you?
Are you the oldest in the RFA?
It was fun hearing your voice.


18:58 PM – Concerns of two men – Zen, Jumin
Zen, you’re on.
Is it good that I’m here with you guys?
Do I have no choice?
I’m not sure yet… I will just do it for now I guess.
Go ahead, Zen.
3 gold hearts, 1 hourglass

19:40 PM – Discussion about the party – Jumin, Jaehee
I have a lot on my mind after today.
Did something happen?
Why would Jaehee be against it?
I see that you two are pretty close.
I plan to do my best.
I don’t think that’s between business hours…
Bye, Mr. Han.
3 gold hearts.

21:50 PM – Zen’s expectation – Zen
Zen, you’re not sleeping yet?
I tend to.
I’m a bit lost.
Is V that important?
Is V his real name?
I’ll go to bed soon.
3 gold hearts


Zen calls 4:23 AM
Uhm… the apartment…
What kind of person is Yoosung?
What kind of person is Seven?
And Jaehee?
And Jumin….?
What kind of person do you think you are, Zen?


22:30 PM – Excited Yoosung – Yoosung
Yoosung, what are you up to?
Aren’t you expecting too much from me?
I feel a bit strange.
I’m going to do whatever i want.
We’ll see.
2 gold hearts.

23:15 PM – Jaehee’s favor – Jaehee
I’m sleepy…
Just cuz…
I plan to try my best.
I am curious of 707.
You’re fun too.
Sleep tight.
3 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Jaehee Kang : I’ve explained a couple things about the party today…. but I don’t know if it was enough.
I think I understand better thanks to you 🙂
1 gold heart.

Yoosung : I wasn’t trying to, but I hope I didn’t pressure you or anything T_T Just know that I only want the party to be good! T_T
Rika does bother me a bit… but I’ll try.



00:30 AM – We are having a party again! – Yoosung, 707
Seven, what are (you) doing up?
I agree, lol. I feel like you’re playing games too much.
Hmm…. the party date?
110-000-110 & 111-000-111 (It means 606 & 707 by the way, lol.)
I love twisted love. OH YEAH.
Seven, just let me know if there’s anything I can do~
I see a huge contradiction in your messages, but have fun;;;
thx thx
Okay, haha. Don’t strain yourself.
7 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Yoosung : but I meant what I said about feeling excited!
I can’t believe you…


02:11 AM – Expressing emotion – Jumin
Hello, Jumin.
What’s wrong about getting excited? lol
Then I guess not showing your emotions is resting for you?
Kind of.
I guess it must be hard for her since you’re busy with her.
You want to use Jaehee as a model?

I’ll take care of it myself.
Wow, an organization that protects street cats? That’s a good diea (idea)!
Hope today’s a good day for you!
3 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Jumin : I can’t ever leave her when she’s so adorable like this, so I often have to postpone leaving for work.
You must have rubbed catnip all over your leg!


6:10 AM


[Visual Novel]


-30 HGs to open next 24 hrs.


06:55 AM – Cat Business – Jaehee, Zen
Did you sleep well, Jaehee?
I pulled an all-nighter.
I agree! Your face must be protected no matter what, Zen!
Good luck, Jaehee! I’ll be hoping for that too!
I think that’s a good idea. More and more people are allergic these days. Tell him to contact me.
It’s awkward for me too.
I’m getting sleepy again.
Good bye.
5 gold hearts.


6:21 AM


9:22 AM – Answer me! – 707
What’s up meow? Over.
Why do you ask?
I’ve led a honest life so far.
Thanks, Seven. ^^
Don’t you have any photos of you?
Show me more! I want to know!
Just adopt one!
Your maid is very fierce;;
So awesome!!
Good!! Two birds with one stone!
Kneel!! Meow!
Don’t go T_T
10 gold hearts.


Zen calls 6:29 AM
I tend to take some time in getting closer to people.
You know, I’m actually older than you.
I just stay at home.
I don’t really drink.
I hope I’m more of a heavyweight than you. (LMAO!! wtf)


11:50 AM – Rich People – Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin
Yoosung, did you have lunch?
The sidedishes don’t look so good.
Well, that would basically be like having a mom.
Cheer up, Jaehee!
I trust Seven about that.
I’m a bit nervous to be honest, since I don’t know V at all.
So Seven works for RFA and as a hacker too.
Perhaps they are being careful to make sure everyone is safe?
Mary Vanderwood 3rd?
I’m worried he’s working on some dangerous things.
Oooh. Just like a movie lol
Jaehee, it must be so hard to do this job.
I don’t think you can just open up banks like you do with shops.;;
I think it’s a good idea. Tell them to contact me.
Jaehee, talk to you later!
13 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Zen : Have you met someone… who makes your heart race?
My heart races when I see Seven.
+1 707 heart.


14:12 PM – How’s my life? – 707
Heya Seven.
Wow, I want to know! How?
You feel happy just by watching your cars?
Guess you really love cars >.<
Wow so cute! Seven’s cute!
Always be careful meow
Feelings getting hurt…? Why do you have to worry about that?
You must be starving T_T Go get something to eat
5 gold hearts.


Jumin calls 6:49 AM
Did you eat?
You don’t like science fiction?
Input complete.


Text Messages :


707 : It’s super fun talking to u. No matter what the subject is, I don’t get sick of it!!
I can be fun no matter what the subject is.
+1 707 heart.


15:58 PM – Bickering – Jaehee, Zen
Zen~ How is your day so far?
Do you think Ms. Vanderwood is important to Seven?
lolololol. This is so good lol
It’s Jumin Han!! The handsome man in a suit!!!
You didn’t know?
It’s good to be honest, but I think Jaehee will be upset if you say it in front of her….
I didn’t even get to say goodbye.;;;
I don’t think Jumin will treat anyone emotionally, so I don’t think she has to be that careful around him. ^^;
If you just keep (take) a closer look… I think you’d know why.
Uhm… Do you guys want a moment? Should I leave?
lololololol Jumin’s so funny.
Thank you for caring.
OMGOMG Make sure you send me a selfie!!
13 gold hearts.


Yoosung calls 7:00 AM
Why are those the only options? I’m neither a student nor an office worker.
Aren’t you still popular? You’re so cute.
I like being natural too.


18:10 PM – Tsk tsk – Yoosung
It was a bit funny to watch actually, haha.
Apparently, that’s what statistics say. I guess you know women well.
You’ve never had a girlfriend before?
Did you reject those love letters?
lol. And you haven’t joined it yet?
I’ll consider it. Tell them to reach me.~
Good bye.
3 gold hearts.


707 calls 7:08 AM
No! No! Bring 707!
It’s fine. Thanks for caring.


Text Messages :


Jumin : Don’t you have any good ideas?
I think you just need to keep quiet.
-1 Jumin heart


19:56 PM – Be honest! – 707, Jumin
Cheer up Seven O Seven! Sevenny! Sevv! Lovely Seven!
Someone’s here.
Nah. We were just joking around.
Evading the question?
No… No way!
So you are a forever-alone, or not?
But what’s wrong with being a forever-alone?
I’m an open-minded person, so feel free to come out. I appreciate all types of people.
I’m still having fun lol
He ran away.
Don’t go T_T
10 gold hearts, 1 hourglass


Text Messages :


707 : We have to make Jumin spill!!!!
We’re official allies! Let’s do this, Captain Seven!!
+1 707 heart


Jaehee calls 7:20 AM
I was just about to go to bed…
No, I’m awake now, so go ahead.
Please tell me about the previous parties.
What was Rika like then?


22:00 PM – Romance Expert – Zen
Well I guess Jumin has his own aura.
You smell like a man, lovely Zen!
Motorcycle gangs?
Lamb Kebab?
I think it’s a good idea. Tell him to email me. ^^
I should take a shower too!
4 gold hearts.

23:22 PM – Jumin… Are you… – Yoosung, Jaehee
Jahee (Jaehee), Yoosung! Hi!
Yoosung, you were never in a motorcycle gang right?
I’m not interested either lol
I think it’ll be hard since he’s so unapproachable.
Still, he’s so charismatic to make them sign contracts. I feel like dating won’t be so hard for him.
So that’s the case…
It’d be nice to have Seven here right now.
Don’t spend too much time on the game….
He just left.
Does Seven date women?
That damn cat;
Good bye.
6 gold hearts.




00:00 AM – Stop playing games – Yoosung, Zen
Zen, hello.
Stop playing that game.
Games are meant to be played at night!
Cheer up, it will be over soon.
Why are you trying to save them so much?
I heard that a lot of guys living alone love to cook~
I find short guys attractive too. ^^
So jealous of Zen.
Uhm;; Please don’t say things like that.
Yoosung, do you exercise?
Don’t be so harsh on Yoosung~ He’ll take care of himself, haha.
You just sound like you’re making excuses.
lololol So cute!
Zen, you’re so cute! OMG!
I just thought you were bragging about yourself;;;
You don’t have anything to do tomorrow? You should go to bed.
Won’t V take care of everything? You said he’s the leader.
Is V trustworthy?
Hmm… Let’s try not to get so heated up.
lolol You’re very persistent.
;;; Is this really a poster for a musical?
Uhm;; wtf
Oh! Good idea! lol
Good night!
ERHMAHGERD Save Zen’s photo! Save and save again just in case!
You really sound like a game addict lol
Don’t play it too much and go to sleep.
18 gold hearts


9:02 AM


02:59 AM – Zorro Poster – Jaehee, Jumin
Hi, Jaehee! How about (are) you?
OMGOMG >0< Zen Zen Zen!! My lovely Zen!
The photooooooo!!!!!
Wow. Do you have one? I want one too. T_T
I think Jumin’s logged in right now. No?
I’d love to see it in person +_+ Will there be more shows?
That’s a good idea!
Lunch with the company chairman! It must be a super fancy lunch, hahaha! (-1 Jumin heart)
So sorry Jaehee T_T
How short they last…?
… Again?
Put on a face mask if you’re going to meet your father. you have to look nice, haha. Isn’t he your best asset? (-1 Jumin heart)
I guess you never get any breaks, Jaehee.
Good night.
9 gold hearts.

8:40 AM called 707successful (called right after 02:59 AM chat though)
Seven, you’re an energizer!! Cheer up!
It’ll be boring talking by myself but I’ll try for you.


7:46 AM – Stayed overnight T_T – 707
Are you ok?
Feel like people trust others less and less these days T_T Such a cruel world!!
Seems like you two talk often. He must really trust you.
Thanks for saying that, but everyone’s waiting for the party, so we can’t let them down, haha.
But don’t you already know everything about me?
Oooh so cool! lol You’re so on point!
I wanna have Honey Buddha Chips and Doctor Pepper for breakfast too! lol
Really? Wow, so jelly!
Sleep tight ^^
8 gold hearts.


Zen calls 8:50 AM
Cucumber tastes best when you’re hiking the mountains.
I like cherries more than strawberries. I can tie the stem with my tongue.


Text Messages :


707 : What should I do?
God wants us to talk more. (Sorry, not sure if this gave out hearts, lol.)


-30 HGs to open next 24 hrs.


6:58 PM called 707 successful “What were you doing just now (nyao)! Why are you calling me now (nyao)~~~
Uhm… Are you still a cat?
But won’t you get in trouble if you can’t work…? You can’t type on keyboards with a cat paw.


Text Messages :


Yoosung : But I didn’t want to follow the instructions on the packet… It tastes boring. Do you know any new recipes?
You should search online.

Jaehee : I just have some time to kill at the moment.
I love it! Text me more often!
(+1 Jaehee heart)


09:58 AM – Love Records of RFA – Jaehee
Hiya! >_< Wachu up to?
Hope Seven’s health doesn’t get any worse… T_T
Oh~ Congrats ^^
The conservative father vs. the liberal son type of thing?
Having to organize them into a list?;; I feel like that would be so irritating.
Jumin should just relax and enjoy it. lol Time to partayyy!
Haha…;; Oops, sorry lol. I won’t laugh lol
lolol Well, that was obvious.
I think it’s a good idea.
Just eat whatever and finish the work you have left. lol
6 gold hearts. (OMG I’M SORRY JAEHEE LOL! The answers I chose are making MC-chan sound like a total nutcase, LOL!)

12:02 PM – Lunch – 707, Jumin
Seven ^^ Good to see you! I had a light lunch.
lololol Slice Honey Buddha Chips with me one day.
Give Jumin Honey Buddha Chips!!!
What is this? lolololol A brick? lolol
lololol Such a gap moe.
Master Seven!
Just like you cherishing your babies, Seven? lololol
You should munch down that delicious steak!!!
Only what I like.
I know! My love Grandpa Lamsay!
Jumin, it’s not funny. Please stop.
Gosh~ I want to eat a perfectly grilled steak too.
Let’s invite him to the party!!
lololololol Melanin.
Never get sick of those chips lol But it’s not good to eat chips all the time~
There’s also the Law of Melt and Chew.
Melt it and then chew it. lol
Wouldn’t it be polite to turn your phone off now?
You don’t think… No way….
If you aren’t, say so clearly +_+
Bye bye to your money source….
Seven, what if you pass out living like that. I’d be so sad T_T
Good night then. Dream about me.
19 gold hearts.

13:59 PM – Honey Buddha Chips – Yoosung, Jaehee
Hiya, Yoosung.
Isn’t kind of cute though, that Jumin takes really bad photos….?
I wish he’d take care of himself… I guess he gets stressed out a lot.
What is?
Maybe he’s a regular at his local convenience store.
I don’t know why anyone would bother to create an image like that.
I want one too +_+
Maybe he hacked somewhere to get it?
lolol Save one for me too~
Hmm. I think that’s just a prejudice.
I’m sure Jumin has his own struggles.
Jelly seconded.
Isn’t it a bit unfair to draw the line like that just because he was born in a different environment….?
Just go.
But aren’t you going to school?
I can’t believe that I’m talking about the Director of one of the largest companies in this country.
Good bye.
14 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Jumin : If you know something other than the sweet and salty rule, then please let me know.
Jumin Han is a bore rule.


15:15 PM – Their life – Zen, Jumin
No T_T
I guess men who live by themselves can’t help it….
Ya. That’s the one they should try to copy.
Jumin, do you eat properly?
What do you mean?
Am I the only one who thinks that’s just an excuse?
Can’t believe that. lol
What’s that?
Can I have one? Hahaha….
I’d feel like I’d always be nervous about losing a pen like that;;
Jumin, aren’t you being too square? lol
;;;;; You’re kidding?
Not really interested.
So jealous~ I want to have the sweet life and have everything I want too.
… Really? Well, sorry to hear that.
Good bye.
I feel like Jumin will have his own problems just like everyone else.
You’re so awesome, Zen… I can almost feel your passion.
Good bye.
13 gold hearts.

17:00 PM – Tell me, Seven! – Yoosung, 707
Seven~ Calm down.
It must have been tough. T_T
Tsk tsk. Not everyone can do that, you know.
Let’s sell her autographs and make money!!
Who’s Tom? Is he your friend?
I think you’ll have a better chance of finding her contacts by hacking lol
I’m just keeping my faith in V.
Yoosung, let’s just wait a bit more~
Yoosung, first calm down~
I’m sure V and everyone else will take care of it.
What, Yoosung… Is that what this was about?
I agree.
You were nice and Santa brought it to you?
A story leads to another story and that leads to another…
It must be an emergency!! Everyone evacuate!
Ya… he just ran off.
Okay.. Don’t worry. The party will happen for sure.
It’s not good to spend so much time playing games.
13 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


707 : I’m a man with many secrets…
I’m a woman with many secrets too!
(+1 707 heart)


18:59 PM – Mission Honey Buddha – Zen, 707
I did. How about you, Seven?
Have you been exploited before?
I want to know! god Seven!
Black market? That’s horrible!
The.. the silhouette! A criminal!
god Seven, defender of justice!!
So… What did you do?
More money!!! Hell yes!!!
OMG So awesome~! You’re so great, Seven!
So cool!
Wow. How?
Good for you!! You didn’t get a dime for it but at least you got Honey Buddha Chips!!!
Ooooh stock market genius! That’s a good idea.
Bye, Zen.
Are you going to get something warm?
Take care of your health~ I’ll be sad if you get sick T_T
Enjoy it! And take care of yourself~
15 gold hearts.

20:01 PM – About the Party – V, Jumin
Hello, V!
I’m sure he’ll take care of it. Seven seems to be working hard too.
You only talk to Seven.
To be honest, I love talking to Seven!
You must know each other’s families too.
I think it’s okay to be interested. Maybe she might be a good person.
Please don’t draw the line like that.
Thank you for caring about the party! I’ll work hard too.
I think it’s a good idea! Let’s invite her.
It was fun talking to you. Good bye. ^^
You don’t meet with V often?
Okay. Good night.
5 gold hearts.


707 calls 8:35 PM
No. I was bored anyways. I like talking with you.
So many questions. Ask me slowly one by one.
I like traditional old lady snacks.


-30 HGs to open next 24 hrs.


22:14 PM – Something in common – 707
Hey hey hey!
You’ll get the chance to talk with him!
Yoosung did make a bit of a fuss.
I do.
I do… but we’re not close anymore.
Should I start nagging you like a childhood friend, Seven? lol
You don’t have any childhood friends?
Yes… Maybe that person is already nearby (near) you///
What’s wrong? Emergency?
Yup! Start taking care of yourself from now on~! I’d like to take care of you myself. lol
I guess you two are close? lol
T_T Don’t go T_T
8 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


707 : So bored~ super duper bored~ What can I do to pass the time?
Fold a thousand cat origamis!
(+1 707 heart)




00:01 AM – Stay healthy! – Yoosung
Did you read what Seven said?
I think he just wanted to mess with you lol
Wow! You’re smart, Yoosung. He can get rich by selling it. lol
Are you showing off that you were a hermit? (-1 Yoosung heart)
;;;;;;You know really well;;
lololololol I don’t think you can compare the two. Nothing beats Honey Buddha.
Stop thinking about the chips so much and help with the party.
How can it get anymore fresh for you?;;; (-1 Yoosung heart)
He is!! Let’s invite him!
I’m gonna go to bed now. Bye.
3 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Zen : Will I become the man who changes legends?
Are you drunk, Zen?
(+1 Zen heart)


02:22 AM – Real Master – 707
Huh? Seven! You’re still up?
Wow! You must be ranked #1 or something!
If Yoosung’s #2, then he must be pretty good!
So awesome meow! I want her too meow!
Have fun! Rule the LOLOL world!
5 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


707 : Ranked #1 Hacker god! lolol How do you like my username?
It really suits you!
(+1 707 heart)


08:45 AM – Gossip Article – Jaehee, Zen
Good morning, Jaehee.
Think LOLOL is making people crazy everywhere.
Jaehee, did you go to work?
Oh~ Nice! Feel like his family lives on a different planet.
Zen, you read articles like this?
Well, since it is the chairman of a huge corporate (corporation), I guess that’s possible.
I don’t think that’s for Jumin’s assistant to do, though. (-1 Jaehee heart)
I want Seven to be my butler.
Hmm. That’s true. Shouldn’t he be banned from having an outsider in his home?
Seven’s good at messing around with people?
What are you going to do today, Zen?
I haven’t yet, but I’m getting kind of hungry.
You should focus on your work instead of this messenger lol. Hurry.
Jaehee must be really busy with work…
Is gender important? I’m so jealous T_T
Good bye.
9 gold hearts.


10:56 Jumin calls – It’s me. I hope you’ve eaten already.
What happened?
I like plants. They are quiet.
I’m quite knowledgeable in wine as well.


11:45 AM – Unknown fact – Yoosung, Jumin
Hiya Yoosung.
Go add him as a friend. Hurry lol
My Seven is just really good at everything ^^
lololol Jumin’s funny
Yoosung, you have to try harder!
I think Zen just wants to know whether she’s actually a woman or not.
That’s a bit cold, Jumin. T_T
Still, you should at least know who she is…
Jumin, don’t you get lonely if you only meet people for work?
I understand that Elizabeth 3rd is important to you, but I think it’ll be nice if you get to know others too.
Everyone is special.
Jumin, do you know anything about Seven?
How many names do you think he hames (has)?
Prayers on her payday…. lololol
I think he does?
Yoosung, have you thought about getting a religion?
What was Rika’s religion?
Maybe something sophisticated? Like sophisticated Choi?
You’re not going to school?
Elizabeth the 3rd will be lonely if you go. Have a good trip.
Don’t you think the name Elizabeth the 3rd’s pretty lame? (-1 Jumin heart)
13-17 gold hearts. (Sorry, lost track. lol)


Zen calls 1:50 AM – It’s me! Zen.. hang out with me a bit.
I’m sure one of them is Jumin.
I’m tired. Totally exhausted.


12:38 AM


Text Messages :


707 : Weren’t you lonely without me?
I almost turned into a binary number because I wanted to hang out with you so bad!
(+1 707 heart)

Jumin : What do you think about accepting Elizabeth 3rd as an official member of the RFA?
I think it’s a bit ridiculous;


13:10 AM – Religion – Jaehee, 707
Hungry!!! Hunkie!!! Hunchy!!!
I want to lick it.
Well, who cares if it tastes good?
god Seven!! god Seven!!
lolololol sin7 cos7 tan7
I was going to ask you through moss codes when we’re alone.
Seven awesome!
You’ve been messing around the whole time.;; Of course she’s mad.
Why doesn’t he just leave his cat with Seven?
Maybe Seven has his own way of loving… ^ ^
It must be so tough for you… Well, I guess it’s all for the company T_T
Seven, you can give him ideas!
I guess Seven can empathize since he has a job too? T_T
That’s such a cool car! Jahee (Jaehee), did you like it?
God bless you!
But you’re always with God inside your heart?
I can’t! I want to stay here with you, Seven!
I think it’s okay. The cat’s cute.
You’re amazing… I hope you don’t get any more work.
You must really like them.
Good luck, meow!
21 gold hearts, 3 hourglasses


2:32 AM called 707successful Ah, ah, ah, mic test one-two!
Bravo! I’m clapping!


15:15 PM – Zen’s imagination – Zen
Hey Zen~ ^ ^
It’s because you’re so good looking…..
Stop taking selfies;;
Good idea!
I’m more curious of Seven’s real name. He keeps hiding it and I want to find out. lol
Yeah. He always jokes around, but he might have a sad story he’s hiding.
Seven must have his own story.~
Yeah, and he’s still really young.
Good bye.
6 gold hearts.


Jumin Han calls 2:39 AM


02:41 AM


17:07 PM – Hacker is dangerous – 707
You’re more of the mysterious types (type), so you can’t post selfies as often. lol
Should I cut your hair? lol I want to.
lololol So no one press for answers meow!
Don’t pierce through my heart! >_<
Seven… You’re too popular T_T
Are you going to get back at them? +_+
Sounds fun lolol
What a lovely way to put it.
Cheer up, Seven!
10 gold hearts


Text Messages :


707 : What hairstyle do you think would suit me? Broccoli hair? Bald?
I like you with curly hair. Looks cute~
(+1 707 heart)


18:30 PM – Yoosung’s life mission – Yoosung, Jaehee
He’ll be fine ^ ^ We’re talking about Seven here.
… Why?
Just care about school first;;
That looks very different from Zen’s selfie.
That’s reality boy.
Wow, you joined a club like that? Yoosung, you’re so cute~
Yoosung, Jaehee was just thinking of what’s good for you. You were too harsh.
When do you go home….?
I could have taken Elizabeth. lol
Please say hello to Elizabeth for me!
I think it’ll creepy me out if all he thinks about is me.
I hope you stop at one round.
7 gold hearts, 1 hourglass


3:05 AM Seven calls – I’m awake. Good morning… I mean, good evening!
It’s because you work so much. Take a break here and there.
Who is your other half?


Text Messages :


Jaehee : I feel like the whole RFA is distancing itself from dating, consdiering the new strange club Yoosung joined this time.
I hope Seven doesn’t think that way T_T
(+1 707 heart)

Yoosung : Superman Yoosung is being held back~
Don’t you have a username that’s cooler?
(-1 Yoosung heart)


20:02 PM – Been to the grape farm – 707, Jumin
I missed you Seven! >_<
Maybe they gave it to you since you’re such an elite? lol
How was your business trip?
I wanna take a photo of Jumin picking grapes. lolol
People can do it for fun lol It’s fun to be dramatic.
lololol I should get my farm hat on! lol
Yes, women who love to climb mountains and stay close to nature!
I don’t drink alcohol.
I want to see Elly too.
I suddenly feel really sorry to Jaehee;;
You must really like cats too, Seven.
Maybe you can just tell Seven how he should play with your cat?
I agree!
Seven~ Good luck.
I’m sure Seven means well though ^^; I think;;
I think Seven will get through it though. lol Bye~
13 gold hearts.


Yoosung calls 03:19 AM
Yes, of course. What’s up?
You must be punished for not knowing that.


21:21 PM – Good cat business – Jumin, Zen
…. Guess Jaehee has more work now.
OMG so cute! >_<!!!
I think this project is getting way too big?;;
Hey, Zen.
What happened then?
Yeah;; All this talk about cats is kind of tiring now.
I’m against it. You do talk too much about cats, Jumin.
Can’t you two just be nice to each other?
I think your narcissism is also not normal. I mean, God’s mistake…? (-1 Zen heart)
So cold;;; Cheer up, Zen!
There is definitely a problem..;;
Bye! Put a photo of Elizabeth the 3rd on the running machine so you can get used to cats!
9 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


707 : Awww
(+1 707 heart)

Jumin : I’ll have to think about how to stop him. I hope he doesn’t try to kidnap Elizabeth 3rd while I’m busy.
Get a lot more security guards! Maybe ten!


23:15 PM – Party date – 707
Hey, Seven! Working till (’til) late? T_T
Nice comparison lolol
The screen sensor will have to work with cat paws.
Wow… Seven, are you a wizard??
Wow…! When is it?
It’s too soon;;;
I’m sure you made the best decision, V.
Seven’s been helping me a lot!
Thank you for thinking of everyone.
Seven and Jumin? Why?
I’m having fun and enjoying myself! I’m glad for this opportunity~
You put in a bug detector because you were bored? Wow! So fun…
Okay~ See you then.
Yes, we should ^ ^ I think everything will be fine with you here!
Yup lolol. I’ll listen and go to bed.
[Unknown hacks chatroom as soon as 707 leaves.]
11 gold hearts.


[Game branches off here]




[707’s photo should appear on Day 5 and onwards.]

00:18 AM – Strange Alarm – Yoosung
No I have’t (haven’t).
I’ll leave him a word for you ^ ^
Yoosung, turn off that computer and go to bed.
1 gold heart.


[707 Visual Novel]


01:48 AM – Messenger Bug – Jaehee, 707
Jaehee, didn’t you see any weird messages in the chatroom?
I hope it’s not anything serious…
You mean what he said about marrying me at a space station?
Seven!! Run for your life!!
It seems he cannot speak human.
god Seven, where are you? Please save the world from all the bugs!!
Everyone, move over!!
Hacker?? But you’re the hacker.
Don’t tell me… that alarm and messages were sent by a hacker?
Don’t tell me someone’s reading all our messages T_T
Do you think.. the person has something to do with “Unknown”?
Yup. Let’s not be depressed and try to have a positive outlook on solving this.
Show them what team play is all about!!
I… will have Seven’s blessing!!
Yay!!! god Seven!!
I feel like you spend too much time with Ms. Vanderwood, Seven. T_T
I’ll be waiting for you *~
I’m a bit doubtful (curious) myself T_T I guess she’s not just any other maid.
Go ahead!
16 gold hearts.


4:15 AM


Text Messages :


707 : Do you want to leave on this adventure with me?
Mental recovery abracadabra!
(+1 707 heart)


04:17 AM called 707successful Meow~~~~?
Meow meow meow?
Woof woof woof woof!


-50 HGs to open next 24 hrs.


08:40 AM – What you two have in – Jumin, Zen
Did you both have breakfast?
god Seven…! I miss him… I guess he’s busy with work right? >.<
No way…
I trust god Seven will protect me. lol
Ms. Vanderwood…. I wonder who she is.
Why not? So what if he has a friend.
If you have a thing for maids, then just say so.
Please send over god Seven to me.
They seem nice. Since everyone has headaches!
Good luck on the meeting~!
I’d like to protect you T_T
Perhaps because your looks are timeless?
9 gold hearts, 1 hourglass


04:38 AM 707 called – It’s me… I, uhm… I’m sorry.
You went to college! I didn’t know that.
I’ll trust you and wait.
Muah Muah?


10:20 AM – 2.35 seconds – Jaehee, 707
Did you get to the office fine?
Wow! I’m sure that has nothing to do with the cat project…. You just want to be prepared for the fluctuating oil prices?
I guess you’re still caught up with the agency T_T Cheer up!
I knew it! I felt as if you were looking at me every 2.35 seconds!!!
It’d be so great if you could come!
I love all robots <3
Spitting fire balls of love… Cupid’s fire!!!
god Seven, you’re way cuter ^ ^
Yes mte
Then just take a walk~! You should clear your head.
I’ll be waiting for you! Cheer up!
I love genius people!
I will! You be carefull too, Jaehee!
14 gold hearts.


Jumin Han called 04:55 AM – It’s me.
But you seem way more stiff than them.
Meow meow. I don’t know meow.


Text Messages :


Zen : I feel like he doesn’t tell us anything but ever since you came, he’s been mentioning this and that about himself.
I hope Seven talks about himself more!
(+1 707 heart)


05:01 AM called 707successful Hello? Oh, wait! Wait!
Is that how you want it to be?


12:30 PM – Men with black suits – Yoosung
Did you get to school safe?
Yoosung… Your last name is Kim? I never knew lol (-1 Yoosung heart)
So jealous… NO one can come to me because of secuirty reasons.. T_T … I wish at least Seven could come.
Little boy, you dream of such nonsense.
I would want one if only it didn’t spit fire lolol Seven is so cute!
He’d work so well if only I could go to his house!!
Have fun in class!
5 gold hearts.


707 calls 5:10 AM – Time. Shh…
I don’t know. You’re the one who called.
Hmm… I was just thinking about you? So thank you for calling?
Do you want me to put on a special show for you?
Shaking my legs…


14:21 PM – Distract your attention – Jumin, Jaehee
You did well too, Jaehee!
Oil prices are effecting (affecting) the currency too… The global economy is always hard to figure out.
Oil Prince.
Mr. Luciel is always open to financial cooperation.
There’s not much time left!!
Hurry and write that email.
I want to work at your company too! Climbing up that promotion ladder~!
You’re leaving tomorrow, right? Hope you get ready without much trouble!
8 gold hearts.

16:41 PM – Jumin…!! – Zen
Who is that man? I’m scared T_T
I wish I could bring Seven goldfish-shaped bread since he’s working so hard…
What kind of thoughts?
Sounds fantastic!
Maybe there’s a tripter bot that spreads your photo nonstop? lol
Try thinking it out while jogging. Bye.
3 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Jaehee : I was barely able to distract him with this upcoming trip but…
Seven loves cats too!


18:11 PM – It’s been bugging me – Yoosung, 707
How was school?
It is god Seven’s doing. god Seven!! Please enlighten us with your presence!
It’s okay… haha. But what were you talking about?
Then come see me~!
To be honest… I want one ^ ^
What matters is the intention~! I would love for you to give it to me.
Seven…. You dont…!?
I think taking action is more important than listening to a boy who’s never dated girls before. I’m ready!
Creating itself with the blessing of god Seven… This is almost a myth.
Romantic… That sounds nice! I want to experience what that’s like~ *
Don’t!! Someday you’ll use it for something!!
The tripter bot??
You’ve been doing something good for Zen~!
Like— the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing!
Right you are~!
I feel like he’s trying to avoid talking about his feelings.
I hope that’s the case, haha.
Aren’t you gaming too much…?
16 gold hearts, 1 hourglass


5:43 AM 707 called – Babababam! Baam! Seven Zero Seven safety check system activated.
No, captain!
I saw a bird fall down through the window this morning. It was scary.


5:49 AM called 707successful Hello?
Is it the ocean first or the river first?
I thought you weren’t a buddhist?


19:50 PM – Seven’s true feelings – Jaehee, Zen
Hey Jaehee~ Did you get off work?
I think Seven is so talented at everything lol
I think he said something similar yesterday.
Anyways, shouldn’t he be appreciated since it ultimately helped Zen?
But Seven denied that he has feelings for me…
Maybe he needs time?
Go and rest~! It must have been a rough day.
But you were busy!
Hope you find that bot!
9 gold hearts.


Yoosung calls 5:58 AM
Where did you get that number?
Oh my! I feel the love.
I wish Seven could create a time machine.

06:03 AM called 707successful – Gahhhh.. You called.. I think my brain’s broken… Do you know that I can’t really take all the calls I get? There’s a risk it’s bugged…
Then should I hang up?
I’ll give you three million more.
I was just wondering if you’re okay.


21:20 PM – Bus Driver Yoosung – Yoosung, Jumin
Did you get a job as the bus driver?
Yoosung…. aren’t you too addicted to games?
What do you think Seven is doing right now?
He said something similar yesterday, and I coul dunderstand it… if you consider Seven’s career.
I feel bad that Seven’s job has so many restrictions…
Really!? You?? Study?!
What’s up with you, haha?
Maybe he wants to do something for you?
But shouldn’t you still try to maintain a regular lifestyle?
Don’t game too much though ^ ^
8 gold hearts.

23:47 PM – Perhaps my head is broken – 707
god Seven!! How’s work going!?
You shouldn’t have made that robot then;;
How is he different?
Did you run away from home?
Why~? I want to know more about you, Seven.
Why areyou being so sad…? Seven, you can have anything you want!
Just let everything go… Be yourself.
Let’s go to the moon together someday, haha.
That damn hacker!!
Yeah! I guess you’ll feel better if they come?
Thank you… I can feel god Seven’s good graces protecting me ^ ^
If it gets too tough, just think of me and feel better!
11 gold hearts, 1 hourglass


[Visual Novel]




(I did not pay 50 hourglasses to open up this day because I went to bed and let the chatrooms open by themselves.)

01:33 AM – Mysterious e-mail – Jaehee
Did you find the Tripter bot that Seven made?
Is something up?
I don’t feel good about it…
Yes… I don’t feel good about it. You should ask Seven.
I’m kind of worried about Seven. He doesn’t seem very well.
I’ll try talking to him…
If you have any good photos, share them with me! Good night!
6 gold hearts.


3:17 AM – I got it too!? – Zen
Hello, Zen… What about the email?
I think Seven would say that it’s just a spam message.
I’m quite worried…
I think so too…
I wish nothing like that ever happens to Seven.
I do think that none of us know much about Seven… I want to know more about him.
Just thinking about it makes me sad…
Why are you suddenly talking about relationship? haha
Just starve. Look at the time;;
I want to dream about Seven.
8 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Jaehee : I wish I could bring him the plant of eternal youth so that his beauty never changes.
Seven can use it!
(+1 707 heart)


7:33 AM called 707successful – Hello? I’m glad you called! Look up at the sky.
Star three, you three.
I just want to give them all to you, Seven.


11:42 PM


Text Messages :


Jumin : It can spit fire and other fancy things. We can even have it twirl three times midair.
Can you even say that considering Seven’s current state?
(+1 707 heart)


8:35 AM – I’m recovered – 707
Are you feeling better now? ^ ^
I wish god Seven would cheer up soon!!
Ooh!! Seven you look so handsome!
Next-to-be Chairman’s gap moe has increased by 2.
Wow! I’m amazed at your knowledge!
Seven, are you gap moe?
I didn’t receive it.
But.. Seven, don’t you have enough work already?
Good thinking ^ ^
T_T… You just said you’re ready to sacrifice yourself… You’re not coming to save me?
Alright… go.
Yes, I’m glad he seems to have cheered up.
Good! Oil is an important energy source!
A cat wouldn’t know things like that… lol (-1 Jumin heart)
You’re right. I think Yoosung also needs some help form his family…
Good bye.
11 gold hearts, 2 hourglasses


[Visual Novel – 707]


11:52 PM called 707successful – Shh! Just three seconds.. Okay, good. Go ahead.
What’s going on?
Maybe because you’re too tired? Rest from time to time.


10:22 AM – Spotlighted life isn’t bad at all – Yoosung
I always starve.
So jealous~ You must feel like a celebrity, haha.
Aren’t you spending too much time gaming? I’m a bit worried.
Maybe he’s calling th egame addiction prevention center?
Oh, right. Yoosung, you didn’t receive any strange emails?
Omg… Bahoo lololol So old-school;;;
Let’s do that!
Make a suggestion to the company lolol
3 gold hearts.


12:01 AM called 707successful – Oh? You saw that I called?
I’m super duper ready to listen to anything!
That’s sad… (OMG NOOO!!! *gives 7 a hug* T.T)


13:01 PM – Jaehee enjoying freedom – Jaehee, Zen
Hello, Jaehee
I had lunch too.
lolololol Congratulations, Jaehee.
Didn’t you say you saw Zen’s DVD again last night? I’d like to hear your thoughts.
It feels more suspicious since that whole hacker thing just happened a couple days ago…
I miss Seven… I wanna joke around.
You must still have a lot of work, but I’m happy you seem more relaxed today. Good luck!
I think it’s a bit serious… Don’t you think he needs help?
I pay my respects to your diligence, Zen.
Bye, lovely Zen!
8 gold hearts.

14:39 PM – JUMIN!!!!!T_T – Yoosung
What’s going on?
What did Jumin tell your mom?
Oh! They seem like a nice group. Can we invite them to the party?
I don’t think Jumin will listen. He’s in a plane. ^ ^
lolol Finally you’re cleaning your room. Bye~!
4 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Yoosung : What in the world is this… I’m going to consider him my enemy now.
We should call his parents!
(+1 Yoosung heart)


16:04 PM – The sender of the email – 707, Zen
Heya god Seven
Jumin… What in the world did he do?;;
Hahaha, well whatever happens, I’m having fun ^ ^ I want some popcorn.
Let’s not be too harsh on him haha
Wow you managd to find it so fast! You’er such a genius god Seven!
So you mean the hacker sent us that email!?
Please let us know what you know, Seven.
Seven, aren’t you without a bodyguard too? Are you okay?
Let’s go out for some fresh air together once this ends ^ ^
Won’t it be too dangerous?
I’ll go with you!! You can’t go there alone!
Don’t strain yourself, Seven… Bye.
I think so too. Everything will work out if we work together…
I wish he’d just tell me everything… I’m worried about him too.
15 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel – 707]


12:25 AM called 707successful – …Hi, it’s you. It’s already night. I had no idea it was getting so late. Well, sometimes I even forget the days passing. I haven’t been sleeping the past few days. Work is just never ending…
Alright. I’ll exercise and go stretch under the moon!
Of course. I’d love to sit besides you and go for a drive.


17:55 PM – Unexpected fact – Jaehee
Jaehee… Hello!
Probably exactly what’s going on? haha
Why not!? Try it. I want to watch and eat popcorn.
I’m more worried about Seven. I think he wants to take care of everything by himself…
Yes, please let Jumin know of the gravity of the situation.
4 gold hearts.

19:19 PM – Family reunion – Yoosung
Just be a man.
What? Omg, I need to bring my popcorn.
I guess you didn’t….
Wouldn’t it be better for me to go…? It could be dangerous.
A month….?
Cinederalla Yoosung lolol
… Just do your best studying.
3 gold hearts.

21:00 PM – It was for Yoosung – Jumin
I’m not worried… What happened with you calling Mrs. Kim?
Heya Zen…
Why the hell did you call Yoosung’s mom?
The two don’t go together at all haha
I admit that your intentions are good, Jumin!
I can almost hear Jaehee yelling at us to change the subject.
I think you should talk to Yoosung soon, Jumin~
Jumin, do you know anything about that?
If it’s the same group… then they really are after the information.
It really is. He has to know about this asap…
He hurt his eyes?
Then why don’t we invite them tot he party?
Are you there for work or for pleasure?
Yup, a bit;;
Hurry and check, haha. Don’t worry to (too) much though. I’m sure they are all nice photos.
9 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel – 707]


22:59 PM – Actually, I… – 707
Yes! Seven, I was waiting for you~
I’m fine. I’m sure you have no choice. Did you talk to V yet…?
You’re trying this hard. There’s no way that the members will be harmed. Don’t worry.
Something bad? I hope that never happens.
That’s… that’s so sad. We can (can’t) even be friends?
Seven, think about yourself too, not just me. The more dangerous things are let’s stop being so sad.
I don’t regret getting to know you, Seven! Even if you do dangerous things!
Seven… you’re talking about the agency, right? Are you really okay… working there?
Okay, don’t worry. I’ll be fine.
Don’t feel so much pressure, and just take care of everything one by one! Be careful, Seven. Thank you for protecting me.
10 gold hearts.


-50 HGs to open next 24 hrs.




01:10 AM – Seven is depressed? – Yoosung, Jaehee
Hello, Jaehee.
Yes… I feel really sad.
If that’s really the case, shouldn’t we go rescue him?
Perhaps that’s why he was so crestfallen and described it that way.
Why don’t we bring him Honey Buddha Chips?
I do think he is overly worried about me.
What do you think he meant by that?
You’re not playing games right now, right? lolol Good boy.
You could try to stop yoursel fwhen your mother’s there with you;;
lolololololol Make soap! So I can give them to Seven.
He seems to have lost his confidence. I hopes (hope) he gets it back soon.
If he has a dangerous job, I’d like to stop him…
Good night.
12 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Jaehee : But.. I think whichever way, Seven will just refuse.
I think he’s trying to take all the burden himself…
(+1 707 heart)


01:17 AM called 707successful – Did you call me because you got worried? Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. But wait. The time… What are you doing up? I told you I’m fine.
That’s not it.. I just wanted to hear your voice.


02:30 AM – Tripter Bot – Zen
Zen, what were you doing so late at night? ^ ^
You’re really puffy;;;
Did you find it?
Yeah, good job ^ ^ Our proud god Seven!
He’s a genius. What can’t he do? lol
Give something back if you’re so thankful lolol
Good idea!
I agree with that.
Yeah… I want Seven to just honestly express his feelings for me…!
No smoking! It’s bad for your skin and your lungs.
I’m going to do something before I go to bed. ^ ^
11 gold hearts.

09:32 AM – Sentimental Morning – 707, Jumin
Hello, Seven… Are you okay?
Jumin! How’s the middle east?
Seven… is everything you said last night true?
Something bad? Tell us.
Oh! I know what that is lolol
…. I want Seven to live a long life.
Ya. Gimme gimme.
So pretty….
Yes… Let’s make a spaceship so that we can go to the moon some day.
Let’s go somewhere together, Seven ^ ^
I think you have too much work, Seven. Is there any way we can help you?
Why is V so hard to reach?
HB Chips are good but it’ll ruin your health~!
You can’t focus because of me lol
I think Zen will be more helpful, Seven~
Good! Let’s invite him.
Take care~
Is it Ms. Vanderwood?
Go. And good luck!
18 gold hearts.


01:47 AM called 707successful – Aargh! I took it! I took the call… I was going to ignore it.. Why! Why did you call me!? I might seriously end up in the emergency room like this. No, maybe I’ll just get dragged to the agency.
Oh… Sh-should I?


10:40 AM – We are moving – Yoosung, Jaehee, Zen
Hello, Yoosung~
Hey, Jaehee.
I’m fine. Seven’s protecting me ^ ^
Why are you sleepy?
I agree with Jaehee….
Hello, my rainbow unicorn.
Shouldn’t Yoosung be free?
Are you okay?
Life is short.
Maybe she smokes too?
To be honest, I don’t like that he told Seven to just get rid of his emotions.
I can’t get rid of my emotions.
Yeah, it’s a good cause! Let’s invite them.
Good bye.
He might have a problem controlling his emotions. But isn’t the fact that he’s in a difficult situation what’s really getting to him?
It would have been good if you slept early lolol
Don’t fall asleep.
Yes, I think Seven did a very good job.
I think that’s likely lol
Good bye.. Good luck! ^ ^
11 gold hearts, 1 hourglass


[Visual Novel]


02:07 AM – Seven calls – Hello? Is everything okay?
Everything seems fine.


12:27 PM – New business idea – Jumin
Not yet.
In the desert? ;;;
You want to build golf courses on desert too?
Good! Let’s invite them.
Win the game ^ ^
2 gold hearts, 1 hourglass


[Visual Novel – 707]


02:17 AM – Seven calls – Hello? Thank God you picked up. Just stay there.


13:36 AM – Do not move – 707
Yes? Why? Is something wrong?
You’re coming here?
Seven, wait!
3 gold hearts.


02:20 AM – Jumin calls – Hello? Are you okay?
Are you coming here too?


14:58 PM – Unbelievable! – Yoosung, 707
I don’t know… It sounds really urgent…
I’m not sure, but I can tell that he’s super conscious of Ms. Vanderwood being there.
Seven! What were you talking about just before? Please explain.
Seven’s coming here right now?
I think he doesn’t have any other choice right now. I should just listen to him and wait.
Is he famous? Can I have his contact information?
I’m fine. Hurry, Yoosung!
6 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Yoosung : I couldn’t reach Jumin so I talked to Jaehee instead.
He said he’d come and get me, but there must be something wrong… ;;
(+1 707 heart)


02:30 AM – Seven calls – Hello? Thank God you picked up…
Yes, I’m fine. Are you okay, Seven?
Why can’t you bring the car to the building?


16:12 PM – What is the special security system? – 707
Seven! Are you on your way?
No… I’m fine ^ ^
Jaehee… Hi~!
This is really nerve-racking.. but I’m a bit happy that he’s coming to protect me.
I do feel that too… but I hope he doesn’t get hurt trying to hurry.
Okay, please let him know what’s going on, Jaehee!
5 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel Mode]


17:06 PM – What Yoosung and Jumin… – Yoosung, Jumin
Yoosung, do you think Seven is safe right now? I’m worried.
Jumin! The special security system.. did you get the chance to talk to V about it?
I feel like you really would be able to, so I don’t wanna say anything;;;
Wouldn’t it probably be a system that protects the apartment?
then someone must have hacked in to take our guest information…
So that’s why Seven is hurrying to see me…
I feel bad that your schedule’s messed up now.. Anyways, be careful…
You feel bad that he’s leaving?
Have fun peeling onions.. Adios.
8 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel]

The hacker!?

What are you talking about? I’m not going anywhere!
I’m not going anywhere!! Seven!! Help me!!
Seven!!!! Save me!!!!
Seven, do you know him?
Seven!!!! I love you!!! (Okay, I know it seems ridiculous that I chose this option. However, I don’t think saying “Let me go!!!” will make Unknown have a change of heart and let you go. So, I decided on choosing the former as I didn’t know what was going to happen back then. So at least he knows how she feels if ever.
Anyway, it’s totally up to you. I never tried choosing the other one but this one gave a heart from 707. I don’t know if “Let me go!!!” gives you a red heart. I can’t confirm that, sorry.)
(Bite the man’s arm)
Seven… are you okay?
That man… how do you know him?
Alright. I’ll trust you, Seven.
7 gold hearts.


03:26 AM called 707successful – … What is it? Why did you call?
It’s just.. you’re not looking at me.. I could at least talk to you over the phone..
What about my clothes? (GDI TOO CUTE!!! LOL!)


20:58 PM – The system is back on – 707, Zen
Isn’t it fun being here when we’re in the same apartment? (I think I chose the other option when I first played this route so I just wanted to see what he’d say here.)
Seven, but what about your work for the agency? Can you be here?
I’m fine, thanks to Seven.
Seven, how long do you plan to stay here?
I think it was one person who did everything…
Yes, I can’t talk about it now, but I think it’s someone else.
I don’t think that’s a good idea…
I trust Seven ^ ^ He’ll protect me.
Thank you for everything, Seven ^ ^
Yes…. why?
Nothing like that will happen ^ ^;;;; I trust Seven.
Haha, nothing will happen, so don’t worry and go.
12 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel – 707]
I’m not uncomfortable at all. Just make yourself at home.
Still, you’re more reliable than a CCTV.
The agency… are you really okay with them? Are you being chased?
But… you’ll be uncomfortable in that corner.
Don’t you have anything you want to tell me… about your brother?
Are you really going to be like this to me?
6 gold hearts.


22:24 PM – The only hope – Jaehee
Yes… I’m safe thanks to Seven.
I do feel safe with Seven here.
No need to worry ^ ^ I feel safe with Seven here too.
You know what to do…
Thanks for worrying Jaehee. You cheer up too.
5 gold hearts.


4:00 AM called Sevensuccessful … Why do you like calling me so much? You can just talk to me directly… (OMG stop being a meanie poop T T – I need to collect your damn phone calls ‘kay?! T T)
You just didnt’ seem to want to talk to me…
This… I want to drink coffee…
I’ll sleep if you sing me a lullaby.




1:05 AM – What is V doing? – Zen, Jaehee
Don’t worry ^ ^;; Steven’s (Steven?! the fuck lol Seven!) on our side.
Well…. anyways, thanks for the advice lol.
I was just having a lovely chat with Zen ^ ^
I think Jumin would still care…
We would have been in big trouble if it weren’t for Seven.
Let’s wait a bit for him to reach us.
Jaehee, it’s late so please be careful and good luck!
I’m sure that if V knew what was happening, he would have taken care of it.
He seems a bit busy, but he’s nice.
Good bye.
7 gold hearts.

03:12 AM – Jumin’s suggestion – Jumin
I think we should discuss that issue with Seven.
But first, aren’t you tired from the trip?
I guess you meet your father often.
That is a very nice idea.
I plan to stay up a bit more.
4 gold hearts.


-50 HGs to open next 24 hrs.


08:00 AM – Good time with Mom – Yoosung, Zen
Yoosung, I hope you’re having fun with your mom ^ ^
To make Kimchi?
Hello, Zen~
lololol Don’t worry. I’m doing fine with Seven.
Give me some of the kimchi when you’re finished, haha.
Still Yoosung, you have a better daily routine now ^ ^;
I agree with Zen. lol
Hmm… Seven is very busy with work, and I have to keep the secrecy.
Trust me~
Save a batch for me ^ ^
He pretends he hates it, but it’s nice to see him go along with it.
I feel like there’s a bomb here…
I’m just going to read so that I don’t bother Seven.
12 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Jumin : Whatever they see, whatever they hear, it will never get out.
Hmm.. I’m just going to follow Seven.
(+1 707 heart)

Yoosung : Nurie… How can I get my revenge..? hahaha
Get him to experience life! Make him make kimchi.
(+1 Jumin heart)


5:19 AM Jaehee calls – Good morning. It’s me.
I ate a good meal~
He told me not to bother him…
Is Luciel usually this quiet?


9:55 AM – The truth of the special security – Jumin, 707
What is?
Oh! Can we invite that association to our party?
Seven, how is work going?
What do you think, Seven?
I’ll believe in you, Seven.
Me in danger because of you…? Don’t even say that.
I don’t know…. Can you reveal the secret?
… I trust Seven will find a way to solve all this.
I think I have to go. Let me talk over this (talk this over) with Seven.
8 gold hearts.


05:31 AM called 707successful – Again? You don’t give up do you?
Cockroach, cockroach! Save me.
I wanted to tell you before… but I didn’t want to bother you…
Can’t you hold my hand? It’s shaking.
(Quietly reaches out)


[Visual Novel – 707]
How do you think your brother broke through the glass?
I’m not scared at all with you here!
If it weren’t for you, I would have been kidnapped then. But thanks to you, I’m fine.
Seven, why the headphones? Are you avoiding me?
4 gold hearts.


05:39 AM Yoosung calls – Hello? I was so shocked by the messages I had to call.
I think the same.
I’m fine… Seven’s with me too.


11:48 AM – I cannot believe Rika did that – Yoosung
Yes, of course.
I never thought Rika would be someone to request a bomb….
There must be a reason….?
I don’t know about that.. But Seven will let us know what we need to know.
Have fun with your mom…
3 gold hearts.

13:27 PM – Two different reaction – Jumin, Jaehee, Zen
Hello, Jumin. I think Seven’s busy.
What good thing?
Why are you suddenly talking about your father….?
Jaehee! Hello….
Hello, Zen
That won’t happen since Seven’s here.
I’m sure they had their own reasons…
Then what about the party?
I think so too, since Seven is very thoughtful.
I wouldn’t have been fine if Seven weren’t here. At least that’s good.
Zen… be careful.
Jumin, you seem to trust Rika. Were you two close?
Yes, I want to trust Seven.
Thank you for all your efforts…
12 gold hearts.


Text Messages :


Jumin : What we have to look at right now is reality. I was shocked as well, but we need to focus and try to improve that reality.
I can’t really empathize with you Jumin.
(+1 707 heart)


[Visual Novel – 707] 


15:04 PM – What I can do – 707
I came here because I wanted to talk to you in the messenger. How is work going?
I’m fine. I’m sure it’s harder for you since everything’s on your shoulders.
I don’t know very well… but I’m sure Rika didn’t have bad intentions.
You’re with me.
This isn’t your fault. No one knew this was going to happen.
Seven, are you really okay… after all that’s happened? You don’t have anything you want to say to me?
Will you take me there?
I hope you get in touch with him soon.
I’m really fine, Seven.
You did nothing wrong, Seven. You just kept the secret as V told you and did your best…
I’m sure RFA isn’t disappointed with you. Everyone is just worried.
Okay, go ahead. ^ ^
12 gold hearts.


6:13 AM – Zen calls – Hello? It’s me… I feel so frustrated right now.
No. You shouldn’t ride a motorcycle when you’re feeling angry.
If you’re sorry, sing the cutie pie song for me.


17:31 PM – The secrets that Seven has – Yoosung
I don’t think this situation is Seven’s fault.
Zen, do you feel better?
That’s a good idea. Did you read what Seven said?
Seven didn’t put me in danger on purpose.. So I’d like to be understanding.
I wish there weren’t any secrets in the first place…
I feel how sincere Seven is in trying to help me, so I want to trust him rather than get angry.
Seven doesn’t seem to be complaining against V.. Why do you think that is?
I’m sure that Seven is feeling a lot of pressure even if he pretends not to be.
It must have been tough for your mom…
Okay~ Take good care of her~
It’s nice to see him like that.
Alright, I will ^ ^
I think he’ll open his heart someday ^ ^
Bye, Zen ^ ^
14 gold hearts, 1 hourglass


06:22 AM called Sevensuccessful – Hello?
Then I want to sit beside you.
You don’t even have time to talk to me?
Woof woof~!


[Visual Novel – 707]
Seven~ Are you really okay not eating anything?
(Reaches hand to look at the book Seven brought.)
Huh? What is this? Do I put it in the computer…?
I just want to get close to you.. is that wrong?
You’re not even giving me a chance to become close to you…? I feel hurt…
4 gold hearts.


19:29 PM – Inefficient way – Jaehee
Seven is working hard as usual.
Do you think so?
Jaehee, don’t despair! He’ll be back in touch! Soon!
It means that he trusts you, so be positive ^ ^; Of course I’m sure it’s tough…
Should we invite them to the party?
Hang in there ^ ^;; Accio phone call!
4 gold hearts.


06:33 AMYoosung calls – It’s me. I’m calling everyone in my life right now.
Good thinking. I’m sure she’s happy.
I hope Seven is happy too…


21:13 PM – I miss my mom – Yoosung
Who knows? He might call~
I guess you already miss your mom…
Your mom must think about you alot.
You can be a better son from now on~
Oh, that’s nice~ Let’s invite them.
Yup! Let’s do that. Let’s trust Seven.
Thank you. Bye, Yoosung.
5 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel – Jaehee]


23:30 PM – Is that what you have to say? – V, 707
V! What’s going on!? Why are you coming so late?
Seven! V’s finally here.
Did you hear about the special security system?
So the phone was bugged?
… What do you think Seven?
Are you doubting Seven?
V, I think you made a mistake talking about the letters.
V… You’re being suspicious. Are you nervous that Seven is here?
V, you really don’t know about Saeran?
… Do you think he really lost service?
Seven.. are you okay?
9 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel – 707]
That robot… you made it then.
Meowy, let’s stay quiet for now~
Things didn’t seem to go well with V.. Are you okay?
Why don’t you open the drawers?
Seven… is there really nothing I can do to help?
I can’t help but think that there’s something in there about Saeran.
Why are you deciding my future?
You’re being too one sided. Then what do I do about my feelings for you?
Seven, I know that you’re worried about me… ! So don’t avoid me, please?
9 gold hearts.




01:12 AM – Shaking Faith – Jaehee
I think this is really difficult for him.
You barely missed V…
I feel so bad…
I’m sure there’s a secret he wants to keep hidden. Don’t you think he should open the drawer?
Still, we didn’t hear his explanation yet, so we shouldn’t just assume that he did all bad…
Calm down. It might be difficult to be objective here because you have personal feeling towards, him, Yoosung.
…. I’m sure Seven doesn’t want RFA to split up.
Try to rest and calm down a bit for now, Yoosung.
But.. what gets me more is that V was flustered to hear the name Saeran.
It’s late, so go and get some rest.
10 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel – 707]


02:46 AM – Confession – 707
I was thinking about what you said to me earlier…
Shouldn’t you explain to the RFA members about Saeran now?
So V was your saviour at the time.
I remember.. how you looked when you found out about it.
Now I can understand why you can’t trust V.
I’m sure that Saeran is first now…
Okay, I think that is the best option for you.
I will. Don’t work too hard and please take a break.
8 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel – 707]


5:45 PM


Text Messages :


Yoosung : He’s the one who added the start to my username… and he was devoted to the RFA enough to give each of us our own emojis…
He’s lying because we mean so much to him.
(+1 707 heart)


07:55 AM – Brother of Seven? – Zen, Jumin
Zen… I’m sure the last conversation is difficult to take in;;
I’m sure you’re socked at Seven’s story too…
What do you think his family history is to have parted with his twin brother?
Yeah… I would feel so betrayed.
I think we’ll sovle this issue by researching about the hacker’s organization rather than family.
Yeah. I worked hard for it. The party must go on!
Yeah… that’ll be better than sitting around doing nothing.
It’ll be better to have the party if I think about that.
Good luck…
True, but I can’t imagine a Jumin who talks nicely haha
Go and calm yourself down again ^ ^;;
Be careful~
12 gold hearts.


10:01 AM – It has nothing to do with you – 707
Hi… How’s work going?
Yoosung, you understand how Seven feels, right?
Still, don’t you think there will be something he can help with?
I don’t think that’s a good idea…
Seven, are you serious?
Why did you suddenly decide that…?
That’s too harsh…
So my feelings mean nothing to you, Seven…?
Yoosung.. are you okay?
9 gold hearts.


[Game branches off here]


[Visual Novel – 707]
You broke it! Why did you do it… Can we fix it…?
Why are you protecting me if you’re going to leave soon…? You can just leave right now.
Then if I keep being in danger, will you stay with me?
I just want to be with you, because I like you!
Then please let me understand the person in front of me…!
I like the Seven that’s in front of my eyes. Regardless of how complicated your life is, I want to know.
There is no reason, I just like you. That’s how I feel…!
I’m okay with that… I don’t regret my feelings towards you.
There’s no way I’ll regret being with the person I like.
First, take some time and think about accepting me.
Then I’ll wait.
9 gold hearts.


11:33 AM – He did not mean that – Zen, Jaehee
I feel bad that Seven and Yoosung fought.
That’s true… but I think things are very complicated for Seven right now.
I can’t say that’s a lie, but I also think that hte cheerful Seven we knew is real too.
He worked harder than any of us for the RFA…
I’ll try my best..
It’s okay. My feelings toward Seven are strong.
You seem quite attached to Seven, Jaehee.
We worked so hard for the party. It’d be a shame to put all that to waste~
Cheer up, Jaehee.
Calm down, Zen. Why don’t you try reading your script?
8 gold hearts.

13:28 PM – Keep it cool – Jumin, Jaehee
Thanks for worrying. I’m fine. I’m only worried about Seven.
That’s true… but I’m sure it was difficult for Seven to control his emotions in that situation.
Well.. Okay, tell him to send me an email.
Thank you for everything. Please take good care of the party, Jumin.
3 gold hearts.

15:27 PM – Jaehee’s consolation – Jaehee
He just keeps on working. He’s not saying anything but I think he’s sorting out his emotions.
Yeah… Jumin’s very strange.
You know that it’s not your fault that Seven is acting that way.
I’m sure he will appreciate you feeling that way.
Okay! Seven will change. I’ll do my best.
4 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel – 707]
Seven, what are you doing right now?
Can’t you fix it while talking to me? I want to talk to you.
I was just being honest because I like you, Seven.
I genuinely like you Seven. I don’t say this to others.
Then… tell me about the hacker, your brother…
You two look so similar.
I honestly can’t believe that you grew up in such a household.
I feel so bad that you had to go through all that…
They say that talking about things make you feel better. Thanks for talking to me.
Of course.
10 gold hearts.


08:17 PM called 707successful I know that it’s you calling but I almost pretended not to know. I was.. actually waiting for you to call.
Yes, but come up here.
What’s wrong about coming up on the bed? (holy shit this was SOOO cute! i’m dying!)


17:45 PM – Sorry Yoosung – 707, Yoosung
That’s a very sudden change. ^ ^;
An apology?
Yoosung;; Nice timing!
Seven… sincerely apologize! (We all know who’s going to be the dominant one in this relationship, LMAO!)
Yup. Yoosung’s completely right.
Do you miss your mom…?
Congrats, Seven.
I’ll support you, Seven! ^ ^
I don’t think I did anything…
Seven, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.
I’m really glad that you two made up.
Kimchi and ramen?
11 gold hearts, 1 hourglass


08:34 PM called 707successful – Hello…. hahahaha…
Why are you laughing?
It feels like talking on the phone if we can’t see each other…
Then there won’t be any point in me hiding.
Haha, so romantic!
I’m so happy too! We’ll be the happiest couple on the universe!


19:19 PM – What a relief – Zen, Jumin
It’s really nice, isn’t it Zen?
You gave Seven advice earlier. lol
Wow ^ ^
I wish anyone would suggest some guests~~
That sounds like a nice organization! Tell them to reach me~
The party has to happen if RFA wants to continue.
It’s very hard becoming an adult. Did you go through something difficult, Zen?
You be careful too!
5 gold hearts.


4:28 AM called 707 successful – Hello?
This is so fun.
I like that song. The familiar ring that wakes me up in the morning~


[Visual Novel – 707]

Yes, break it with a hammer!
The logo.. from that email…
Do you think Rika was a part of Mint Eye?
We’ll have to go together, Seven!
3 gold hearts.


04:34 AM – Yoosung called Hi.. It’s me Yoosung. Is Seven okay…? I’m sure you’re a huge reason why he said sorry.
I’m glad to see Seven change too.
Thank you! We’ll be great.


21:16 PM – Mint Eye and Rika – Jaehee, 707
Oh! Then can I say something embarrasing here? lolol
We were gonna play by ourselves~ lolol
You’re going to mention what you discovered earlier, right?
I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it.
We don’t know… We can only assume that Rika had a secret.
I will.
Seven’s already thought enough about this. Please trust him when he says it’s time to act.
I’m glad to hear you say that, Seven.
We’re off!
7 gold hearts.


23:34 PM – I can’t sleep – Yoosung
The materials in Rika’s drawer… It’s very shocking, isn’t it?
I’m shocked too. It must be more so for you.
But.. it was Rika who requested for the bomb and the materials were found in her apartment… (-1 Yoosung heart)
I don’t know.. But even so, it looks as if she was a crucial part in building that organization.
Calm yourself down first… we don’t know what went on yet.
Yes, that’ll be better than this. Go ahead.
I’m sure you’re very surprised too, Jumin.
Feel better, Jumin.
3 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel – 707]

Seven, are you okay?
1 gold heart.


DAY 10


01:45 AM – Everything I believed… – Zen
Zen, you can’t sleep either right?
We do know for sure now that V lied about that drawer.
I don’t think Seven will be able to sleep tonight either.
I will. Don’t worry too much and try to get some rest.
4 gold hearts.

04:14 AM – Betrayal – Yoosung
god.. I’m so worried that everyone seems so shocked.
I don’t know a lot about her.. but I think that’s possible.
Yes.. He’s checking every corner.
I couldn’t fall asleep either thinking about what was in Rika’s drawer.
ME.. Mint Eye?
Then.. Mint Eye may have been exploiting Saeran too…
I’ll be with you until the truth is revealed, Seven.
When will we leave for Mint Eye?
We’ll have to miss the party, but we’ll definitely find the truth.
I’ll trust your decision, Seven.
Okay, make sure to grab your jacket so you’re not cold ^ ^
Thank you. I’ll go get ready now. ^ ^
11 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel – 707]
I can go anywhere if you’re there with me. That won’t change.
Wow! The robot cat! You.. fixed it?
Yes, let’s go find the truth and come back safe.
Yes, let’s go together!
4 gold hearts.


-50 HGs to open next 24 hrs.


08:18 AM – We miss you guys – Jumin, Jaehee
Yes, we’re on our way.
Jumin, you didn’t sleep very well last night?
Jaehee, didyou watch Zen’s DVD last night because you couldn’t sleep?
How long was it on average?
Yes, let’s go back to that, Jumin…
I’m not, since I’m with someone I trust.
Jumin, why are you so obsessed with the party?
I guess I won’t have to worry about the party now ^ ^
Thank you… We won’t be able to attend, but please take good care of it.
Seven promised that he’d protect me. Don’t worry!
Do you want me to, is that it? ^ ^
Yes, go ahead.
I’ll let him know.
Okay, good bye.
12 gold hearts, 1 hourglass


05:21 AM – Jumin calls “It’s me.. Thank you for taking my call.”
Thank you, I will.
10:22 AM – I can’t get over this – Yoosung
We’re still on the road. It’s far…
Well… I think we saw flying squirrels that looked like dessert cats lol
Yes, you must still be in shock. Rest up.
I’m sorry I can’t go. Please take care of the party for me. ^ ^
That day will come.. Trust us.
I understand that you’re nervous, but please have more faith in Seven.
Cheer up~!
Lead the way and have everyone cheer up Zen!
Okay, I will.
8 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel – 707]
I’m fine. Are we here?
I won’t…! Let’s do this and go back home!
2 gold hearts.


12:07 PM – Please remember – 707
Yeah, I guess everyone’s busy because of the party.
We look like a cute couple.
I don’t think we’ll run into any enemies if we just follow your plan.
Don’t think that. We’ll come back safe!
Yes, please let everyone know here.
Of course.
6 gold hearts.


[Game branches off here]


[Visual Novel – 707]
Do you think Saeran hacked into our system here?
First.. if Saeran really used this computer, we’d better start transferring the materials.
Seven, are you transferring the information already? You’re so fast.
Seven, should’nt we run?
Saeran.. still please listen. Nothing will change just by you listening.
Saeran, I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding. Please listen to what Seven has to say.
And last time when he saw you… that’s when he realized that V didn’t keep his promise.
Saeran, what really happened?
(Inserts floppy disc into the computer.)
Seven.. should we run after him?
12 gold hearts.


13:41 PM – Calm down – Jumin
Did he take it?
I guess he’s not picking up on purpose.
Jumin… Seven and I are locked in right now.
Please explain the situation to Jumin.
We will! Don’t lose faith.
Won’t someone else come attack us?
You can do it, Seven..!
Everything will be fine, Jumin. I’ll get going too.
6 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel]


15:28 PM – We are on our way – Zen
Yes.. we had a moment to spare.
We’re safe. We are still locked in..
Seven will be here soon.
We can’t leave until we find Saeran and the truth.
We’ll be in touch again!
6 gold hearts.


[Visual Novel]


17:53 PM – Don’t worry about the party – Jaehee, Jumin
We’re currently leaving the building through blind spots.
Did you guys hear from V yet?
I should go back to Seven now. Cheer up both of you!
1 gold heart.


[Visual Novel – 707]
I think we missed Saeran…
Someone must have drive off quickly… It’s not Saeran’s car, is it…?
V, you’re blind? You don’t seem that way.
Seven! Have you ever lent anyone your car?
I thought Vanderwood was your maid?
3 gold hearts.


20:11 PM – Goodbye greetings – V


[Visual Novel]


21:34 PM – Disapppointment – Yoosung, Jaehee, Zen
Yes… we’re moving to a safe location.
He met us. We didn’t even tell him the address but he showed up.
Jaehee… We met V here. I’m so shocked.
I suppose he has too many secrets to do that.
Jaehee, I think something’s wrong with Jumin. Shouldn’t you give him a call?
I think Seven is just as shocked.
That’s a good idea. You guys can comfort each other.
Don’t worry about us and Yoosung! Hurry to Zen’s house.
I’m just worried that Seven really seems hurt.
I should get going too. I should at least try to comfort Seven.
7 gold hearts.


23:41 PM – Our plan – 707
Seven, aren’t you tired of driving?
It’s fine.
Yes, I think my heart is still racing.
You were working on your computer earlier. What were you doing?
I’m feel bad for Saeran.
I’ll be with you until the end.
… Is it…
Yes.. I won’t be able to attend, but I hope it goes well.
I’ll be hoping for everything to work out.
3 gold hearts.


06:32 AM called 707successful – Where are you? You were sitting still beside me just now.
Maybe it’s too dark for you to see me. I’m here.
It’s cool. I feel like we’re in a movie.
Then express your feelings towards me.
Stupid. We’re going to spend the rest of our lives together and die. I’m never gonna leave you alone.
I love you.


[Visual Novel]


Zen calls 06:44 AM – Is everything okay? I’m with Yoosung! Tomorrows the party but he’s drinking like crazy.
It’s nice to hear your voice. I feel like I’m there.
Of course. I have my man with me. (“Okay, that’s good then.. I could have made you happy too.” OMG ZEN NOOOO T.T.. so sad.)

06:49 AM called Zensuccessful – First.. I’m so happy you two are safe. Thank god.
I was shocked too. Everyone else must be more so.
You want to see what I look like too, right?

06:51 AM called Juminsuccessful – Finally you called. I waited for you.
I’m sure you were worried.
Jumin.. It must have hurt so bad…
Is love first or friendship first to you? (Seriously? I don’t know how I can ever pick “I guess he didn’t think of you as a friend.” I’m not THAT evil! lol)
I feel so bad to see you so hurt… Will wine help you cope with this? (“When things are tough, just drink until you pass out…!” SERIOUSLY?! LMAO who the hell is coming up with these options! HAHAHA!)

05:27 AM called 707successful – I didn’t set the alarm to ring at this hour. Why is it going off?
Seven, I heard you talk to yourself. So cute!


DAY 11


06:58 AM called 707successful – You called again, princess. Are you gonna keep messing with me? Stop and come here. If you keep doing that I’m really gonna go get you.
Oh my! I don’t know what that is. But I feel kind of embarrassed… 


08:00 AM – Make a place for them to return to – Zen, Jaehee, Yoosung, Jumin


07:05 AM Seven called – It’s me~ Why are you outside?
We’ll go back and say hello. And we’ll take Saeran with us.
Are you going to feed me again?
Since when have you become so bold?


[12:00 PM Party Start]