Kousen Koi Yuami Jigoku Onsen Gensenkake Nagashi Ranmaru Translation
黄泉戀湯浴み 地獄温泉~源泉かけ流し~ 参の湯 蘭丸
Seiyuu : 木村良平 – Kimura Ryohei
Release Date : June 22, 2016
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Overview : Another translation for the Jigoku Onsen series! This time it’s Ranmaru. He is voiced by Ryohei Kimura. This guy’s range is just amazing and I just love how he always captures the character’s personality really well. Even if I don’t end up liking the character, I don’t really remember a time that he didn’t do a Drama CD character justice. Granted, it’s not like I listened to over 20 of his Drama CDs yet but I’ve been quite impressed with him so far.

This Drama CD’s plot is totally different from Kira’s. This time, the heroine was not sent by Enma to check anything out. Ranmaru sent out an invitation to the princess himself and she visited the bathhouse at his request. He has an ulterior motive, I wonder what it is?

Oh man, I’m normally not that crazy about shota (young boy type) characters but I think this was actually quite cute! Normally I am alright with them if they’re a bit pushy or slightly pervy so this was something I didn’t mind listening to, lmao. I liked this. I found it slightly weaker than Kira’s, but I suppose it’s a matter of preference. This is totally still worth listening to though and it’s a totally different set of issues that the characters in this CD face. Happy listening!~

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Track 1


Ah!….. Found you!

Mm… You’re the daughter of King Enma, right?

You came! Great!

Welcome to San-no-yu! [1]

Huh? No, you can’t let go. Hehehe, I’m so happy!

Mmwa! That’s a sign of my affections.

Huh? You’re frozen stiff from just a kiss on the cheek?

Oyyyy… can you hear me? Haha, you’re back!

Ah, the invitation. You came after seeing this, right?

I am the one who sent it, Ranmaru.

I am the caretaker of San-no-yu and the idol of Jigoku Onsen.

I’m pleased to meet you!

You came as you promised, I’m so happy!

I need to shower you with my hospitality.




So… it’s time to show you my hospitality. Hehe.

Hey, do you like banquets? You do, right?

I’ll give you loads of entertainment now.

I prepared a banquet just for you! Look forward to it.

Now now, let’s go!

The banquet room is this way, it’s close by.

Come on, over here! Hehe…




Okay, we’re here!

This is Jigoku Onsen’s biggest banquet hall, Momozono-no-ma.

I’m also the manager here, so I’m in charge of most banquets at Jigoku Onsen.

Okay, everyone! I’ve brought over today’s VIP!

These people are… basically like my fans, including my loyal customers and staff.

If I call on them, they all gather immediately for me.

They have such big hearts; they forgive me no matter how selfish or unreasonable I am being, hehe.

Today’s banquet is for you, so let’s make this really festive and lively!

You are King Enma’s daughter after all!

It’s natural for the whole bathhouse to welcome you.

I’ll introduce you to everyone.

Make sure you smile!




Everyone! This is the daughter of King Enma.

Give her a round of applause!

See? Everyone’s so happy to see you.

Now, come in. Come in. I’ll show you to your seat.

Okay, sit here. It’s the best seat of honour.




Enjoy my singing and dancing to your heart’s content.

I won’t let you take your eyes off me, hehe.

Everyone, thanks for waiting!

Now, we will start the banquet to welcome our princess!

Let’s start the first song right away!

Here we go! Clap for me!




Hehe. Thank you!

Thanks to you all, I managed to sing with all my heart.

But I sang so hard, I’m tired.

I need a little break.

Can everyone have a chat amongst yourselves and wait for me?

Hehe, I’m back!




Hey princess, how was it? My singing?

Right? Right? I sang it for you! A song filled with so much love!

Also, I was looking at you the whole time.

You were the only one in my eyes. Did you notice?

Huh? Your hand is warmer than mine.

Could it be that I made you nervous when I was gazing at you?

Haha, you’re embarrassed!

How cute! I’m really happy.

Huh? You shouldn’t mind it.

All it means is that you might have drawn some envy with my passionate gaze all to yourself.

Why don’t you just say “it’s fine” and leave it at that?




You really are special to me.

I’m an idol, so I’m always the one being invited.

So it’s really out of the ordinary that I would send an invitation myself, you know?

… You might even be the first and last.

Now… talking to you has given me energy.

Why don’t I go and dance with all my might?

Come with me. Let’s dance together.

Don’t worry, I will teach you exactly how it’s done.




The guest of honour… is generally required to give her greetings, but not at my banquets! I don’t like so much formality.

So instead, I’m asking you, the guest of honour to dance with me.

Right? No? You’ll definitely have fun if you dance with me. I promise… so… yeah?

Haha, yes!! Thank you!

Let’s go right away…

See? Everyone’s happy to see you with me.

Don’t worry, just relax.

I’ll make sure everything goes smoothly.

Oh, you can’t climb something this high, can you?




Just a moment… There!

Give me your hand, I’ll pull you up.

It’ll be fine! I might look like this, but I’m really strong.

I am the bathhouse caretaker after all. It’s quite hard work, you know?

So don’t worry and jump into my arms.

Yes, just like that.

Hold my hand tight. 3…and…!

See? It was quite easy, right?

Haha! Oops, they might be getting jealous again… since I don’t do this for other girls.

Everyone! Today’s a special day!

The princess has agreed to dance with me!

My specialty : Ranmaru’s Flower Dance!

You all love it too, right?




Do you know the Flower Dance?

It’s a dance in which I portray cherry blossom petals flying in the wind…

Oh, by the way, are you good at dancing?

I see, then just leave it to me. All you need to do is copy me.

Open this fan and hold it.

Then pose like this.

Mm! Very good!

Now since we are petals on the same flower, we need to stick together…

Hey hey, don’t move! This part is important.




You see, the petals we will portray are on a flower initially blooming quietly on a tree branch.

So we need to stick closely to the cherry blossom tree, like this.

Do you understand?

You’re embarrassed with this?

How nice… you’re so innocent.

Be a good girl and keep your pose, just like that. Okay, we’re starting.

“To bloom and to scatter is the destiny of cherry blossoms.

To be blown by the wind and to burn up its transient life is its most cherished desire.

Be that as it may, if it may be permitted, that it has feelings which desire to linger forever.”




Now, we sway our bodies slowly according to the beat.

Copy my movements and sway your body left and right.

Your legs should be like this… 1…2… that’s right!

Hm! You’re not bad! It’s good that you don’t hesitate, and have the courage to be on stage.

I want to be like this forever, but I need to part with you.

Cherry blossom petals have to scatter in the wind, unfortunately.

You just need to repeat your movements, and then be charmed by my dance.




Woo!… the banquet is ending now.

How was it? Was it fun?

Mm! Great! If you’re happy, that’s the best. …but I’m quite tired..

Huh? No, I’m okay!

I sang and danced a lot, so I’m a little tired, but everyone was really lively so I’m lucky as an idol.

At any rate, I’m all sweaty.

You too, perhaps? I thought so.

In the end, I made you dance so much too, hehe.

But… I’m so happy you got the hang of it so easily.




You said you’re bad at dancing but that wasn’t the case after all!

Really? Great! It’s of utmost importance that you had fun! I’m so happy.

Of course I haven’t forgotten my job as bathhouse caretaker.

Hey, let’s go to San-no-yu and wash off our sweat. It will be refreshing.

…I will make you clean.

It’s the caretaker’s job to serve our bathhouse guests.

I will show extra hospitality to special guests like you, hehe.

It’s this way. Let’s go.


Track 2


Ah, did you change clothes? A yukatabira is rare, isn’t it?

At Jigoku Onsen, you can enter the water while you still have it on.

But it’s unfortunate that you declined my offer to help you change!

Ah well… I suppose I got to rest…

I am seriously tired.

Huh? Haha… It’s nothing!

Well then, sit down on this stool.

First, I’ll pour hot water on you to wash off the sweat.

I’ll pour it all over your shoulders, okay?




Let’s wash the sweat off you at once.

Okay, here I go!

Huh? This water?

It has an interesting colour, doesn’t it?

I’ll tell you the reason later.

Let me pour some more.

Okay, this will be the last one.

After washing off your sweat, we’ll move to the bath tub.

Give me your hand. This way!

See? It’s amazing, right?

San-no-yu is a unique bathhouse.

Haha, yes! You were surprised back there too.

Who wouldn’t be, with the water so red?




But it’s really good for your body. Just try it!

I guarantee you it’ll feel great.

Now, please be my guest.

Hey, how is it? How is it?

Right? Everyone is initially surprised by its colour, but once they actually get in, they’re surprised again because it feels so good! It warms you up to the core.

The reason for the water’s redness is that it contains iron.

The water is called Gantetsusen.

The water is transparent when it first emerges, but turns red like this when it touches air and becomes oxidized.

It’s basically the same as how iron becomes red by rusting.

This much knowledge is nothing!

I am San-no-yu’s caretaker after all!




Apparently the contrast between my image as an idol and how I am now makes me cute!

All my customers love entering this bath.

Of course, my loyal, important guests as well.

I guess. I’m boasting now, but my popularity is extraordinary.

There are 5 hot springs at Jigoku Onsen, but I think San-no-yu is the most popular.

There are many loyal customers who wish to be served by me!

So I dance and sing my very best for my loyal customers, but also do my work properly as caretaker.




Hey, let me do more work as your caretaker.

I want to serve you more.

Oh yes! Let me wash your back.

In my hands, you will feel heavenly even if you’re in hell!

Don’t you want to try?

Hehe! Now you’re talking! It’s this way.

Sit down again on this stool.

You have a beautiful back… I can tell because your yukatabira is wet and clinging to your skin.

You really are beautiful…

Hey, can I hug you? Really tight?

Hehe, just for a little while?

You’re just so beautiful.

You feel really good… so warm… and your skin is so smooth.

You also smell good…

I feel like I could fall sleep like this… Hmm…

Huh? Haha! Of course not, I’m awake!

I was just savouring your skin.

It just shows how charming you are.

Princesses are definitely special…

Well then, shall I wash your back?

Give me a moment. The soap doesn’t lather easily in this water.




Augh… I’m really going to fall asleep like this.

But I need to serve her no matter what.

I would be more energetic if I could eat some konpeito…

No… it would be strange if I eat something here.

Yes, I can persevere for a while longer, since that person is always with me.

Huh? Sorry! Just wait a little longer.

You need some techniques for this…




All done! I’ll wash you now.

Hmm… it’s really fun to wash a delicate and beautiful back.

How about you? Do you feel good?

Right? My customers really like this.

They say I put in just the right amount of force.

I think I’m really good with jobs that involve serving customers like this.

I’m also used to serving people…

It’s nice isn’t it, to serve someone? It really makes me happy…




Phew, hey. Do you want me to wash any particular places?

I’ll wash wherever you want me to…

Really? No need to be polite.

Isn’t there anywhere you want me to wash other than your back?

Hahaha. You’re panicking, it’s so cute!

You’re so cute that you make me want to give you special services…

But before that, we need to wash off the soap from your back.




Okay! That should be fine.

Phew… what should I do…

I think my exhaustion is reaching its limit…

Maybe I need to eat konpeito after all.

But… I need to work hard today no matter what.

Okay! Serve, serve!

Hey, I’m going to touch your shoulder for a bit.

Ah, I knew it! You’re quite tired!

See? Your shoulders are stiff!

You were holding the fan and was dancing for a long time, right?

It tires the shoulders and back more than one would think… but…if you massage it carefully like this, it gets a little better.




Hmm… doing this…I feel like I’m going to be tempted by your beautiful neck.

Can I give it a short kiss?

Haha, panicking again. You’re so cute!

There! I’ve finished massaging.

I think you feel quite relaxed now?

Hehe. I’m glad you liked it…was I of some use to you?

Really?…Then can I talk to you about something?

I need to consult you… I mean, I have a request.




You’re… King Enma’s daughter right?

Then you must know how people sent to hell are punished, and where they go, right?

I want you to tell me… what happened to Nobunaga-sama.

He’s my lord. Do you not know him?

He’s a really famous military general.

I had been serving Nobunaga-sama as a servant for a long time.

I devoted myself to him with my mind and body. Truly… until the final moment.

We died at the same place, but we’ve since been separated.

That person was so happy when I was by his side.

I need to know how he is right now!




So please tell me how he’s being treated! Where he is?!

You’re kidding! How could you not know?

Don’t say that… please tell me!

I’ve done all this for you.

Perhaps… there’s a reason why you can’t tell me?

I mean, of course you might not be able to tell me his whereabouts so easily because Nobunaga-sama is such an exalted person…

Hey…? Don’t you want to listen to more of my singing?

How about my dances?

I’ll do anything for you in my power…you still won’t tell me?




Sheesh, you’re a stubborn princess!

Don’t people call you stubborn too?

Ehh! Even if you knew, you wouldn’t tell me?

That sounds like you’re making excuses!

I got it. That means you don’t want to tell me yet, right?

Fine then! I see…

Ah! Oops, I forgot something. The soap.

No, not the one we just used.

It’s special soap that I prepared for you.

It’s soap made of anzu-yu [1], and it’s really good for your hair.

I’ll go get it, so soak yourself in the tub and wait for me.

I’ll be back right away!




Humph… she’s unexpectedly stubborn!

I don’t like things being troublesome.

I thought she was quite easy going, and that it was going well, but… darn.

She still won’t tell me after I served her so much!

What’s with her?!

My loyal customers and staff would oblige to any of my requests!

I guess it can’t be helped…

I have to work hard for Nobunaga-sama…

Nobunaga-sama… I haven’t forgotten this konpeito you gave me.

This will give me the power I need.

Mm… I’lll be okay!

Nobunaga-sama is with me!

Now that it has come to this, I may as well do whatever I can to serve her!

Right… first I need to get that soap.


Note :

[1] Anzu-yu is Apricot water. Apricot is a type of sweet fruit with a fuzzy skin. 


Track 3


Mm! Today is especially lively.

The guests who came to the banquet are all staying over too.

San-no-yu is prospering thanks to my popularity!

Ah, did you think I was boasting?

It’s not boasting if it’s true. And it’s the truth!

Hehe. Dancing, singing, and making people totally absorbed!

That’s an idol’s job. It’s my job to make whoever likes me happy.

Yea, today we didn’t allocate the annex to any customers.

That’s why it’s so quiet around here.

You can relax more this way, right?… It’s also convenient this way, too…



Ah! It’s nothing. I’m just talking to myself.

Here, this is your room, hehe.

It’s great, isn’t it?

It’s the most luxurious room in San-no-yu.

I prepared this room for you, because you are an important guest.

There’s nobody else here.

It’s just me and you.

Hehe, your body is so warm…

I wonder if it’s because you had a nice long soak in the water.

Hey… I’m sure your bath felt good too, but… let’s do something even better…

I’ll let you enjoy it until you’re dizzy.




Resisting won’t help…

I won’t let you go.

You don’t need to be so cautious of me.

The night is long…

Let’s take our time and enjoy this.

Let’s see…

How about starting with some ‘ozashiki asobi’?

Eh? Could it be that you don’t know ‘ozashiki asobi’?

Like ‘konpira-fune-fune’ and ‘toraken’?

You’ve never played games in these kind of places!

Wow… I see.

I guess we can’t help it.




So, ‘ozashiki asobi’ is like an easy game.

You play a game, and usually the loser is made to drink some alcohol…

But… this time, how about the loser has to obey whatever the winner says?

Hey, it’s not that hard!

If you don’t know something, I’ll teach you.

Or.. should we do something easier?

Like ‘turn this way’?


Great, then let’s play!

Here we go!

Stone, paper, scissors!

Ah, I lost! Urgh…. this way!

Ah! No way…I got tricked!

I needed to win no matter what so she would listen to my request…




Hey, that was actually…

I just happened to be unlucky this one time!

Let’s do toraken instead!

I’ll teach you how to do it.

Toraken is like stone, paper, scissors, and… huh?


Wait a minute!

You still won’t tell me after being served so much?

Please do something about it!

I mean, rules are meant to be broken, right?!

Impossible or whatever, just tell me! Please!

Humph… you can’t tell me, no matter what?

Or perhaps… you think it’s a waste to tell me so early?




If that’s the case, I’ll serve you more… like this!

No, no. With your strength, you won’t be able to escape even if you resist.

Being pushed down like this… you basically have no freedom.

You’re completely under my control.

Now…I’ll make you feel really good…

So good that you’ll want to grant all my wishes…

It’ll feel like you’re in a dream…




I won’t let you go even if you resist.

Now… what should I do?

First, I should kiss you all over the place.

Your hair…your nape… your collarbone… and of course your lips…

Or will you not be satisfied with kisses?

Fine… I’ll give you everything you want.

Huh? You’re turning away?

Then how about…

I bite your ear…

Hehe, it looks so soft and delicious…




I won’t hurt you, so don’t be afraid…

I just want you to melt…

Prepare yourself… I’m going to eat you up.

You’re really warm… you feel too good…

I… will make you feel good… so…

No… I won’t let you go…I… need you to listen to…my request…



Track 4



I pray that Nobunaga-sama’s soul will rest peacefully, and that Nobunaga-sama will once again…

Ah! You scared me, it’s you! You’re awake.

By the way, I fell completely asleep last night. I’m sorry.

Just now?

I was praying for Nobunaga-sama’s soul.

It’s my daily routine.

I pray towards the sky every morning, for that person somewhere in hell.




You think it’s strange to say that I’m praying for his soul?

But I think that his soul hasn’t been healed yet, because Nobunaga-sama was betrayed by a subordinate general and was forced to commit suicide in the flames.

I think he suffered a lot.

I was near him, but I couldn’t save him.

That’s why I keep praying everyday, that his soul would be freed from suffering.

And if possible, that his wish would come true.




Nobunaga-sama only had one wish.

He was aiming to unify the country and become the ruler of a troubled world.

But… he had to die without fulfilling his dream and aspiration.

When I think about how regretful he must have felt… I…

Yea, since the day I started to serve him, there wasn’t a day when I wouldn’t think about him.

My life was always dedicated to Nobunaga-sama, only serving him.




What was he like?

I won’t be able to describe Nobunaga-sama in a sentence.

But he was first and foremost full of energy.

He had a strong dream, and he would push towards it.

Sometimes he would laugh innocently like a child, but at war, he was as brave as a god and very strict.

He was a temperamental person, but that’s why he was so fascinating.

When he praised me, he would praise me without restraint, to the point where I would feel embarrassed!

I was so happy… he’s so dear to me that I could die for him.

If his wish can be granted, I don’t mind what happens to me.




Why? Is it strange?

I’m determined to die anytime if it’s for Nobunaga-sama.

Although with the body that I have now, I can no longer die.

Why are you upset?

It’s got nothing to do with you… although I don’t feel bad that you are concerned for me.

Nobunaga-sama is my problem.

It’s up to the person what he does with his own life, right?

You’re concerned that much?

Haha, you must really like me! … Just kidding!




Don’t be so gloomy!

Humph… I guess it can’t be helped.

I’ll give you my best…

Here, give me your hand.

Try eating this… it’s konpeito.

If you eat this, you will be happy again.

It’s fine! I don’t like looking at sad faces. Come on! Eat up.

Right? It’s sweet and really delicious, right?

Konpeito has been my source of energy ever since Nobunaga-sama gave them to me.

That would be right after I started serving him.

Nobunaga-sama gave me some work, and although I was nervous about doing it well, I managed to succeed.




As a reward, Nobunaga-sama gave me konpeito… and praised my success from his heart.

The sweetness of the konpeito spread throughout my body, which was tired from work.

It’s a memory I would never forget, together with Nobunaga-sama’s smile.

Don’t worry about thanking me!

I gave it to you because I wanted to.

Hey… it’s fine! Lift your head!

You surprise me, thanking me so politely in the morning!

But… yes… you understand people’s feelings, huh?




I’m so happy you understand what is important to me.

Especially because there are a lot of people who speak badly of Nobunaga-sama.

Hmm… And?

Now do you feel like telling me about Nobunaga-sama’s treatment?

Not yet?

Hey… don’t say that!

You should have realized how important he is to me.

You’re so mean.

Is it that fun to play around with me?


I think I’m sufficiently being played around with.

You make it sound like I’m the one bullying you!

It’s not my intention, you know…




You’re kind, but stubborn in a strange way…

You really trouble me…

Huh? Someone’s coming.

Hey, what is it?

I thought I said don’t come to the annex unless it’s something very serious.

A banquet? Now? No way, I’m tired.

I was especially busy yesterday.

Huh, what? Why didn’t you say that earlier?!

I’ll get ready now, so you go say something to them so they’ll wait. Okay?

We’ll continue our conversation after the banquet.

For sure, okay?

But… maybe it’s perfect timing that their banquet is going to be held while you’re here.




Ah, they are loyal customers.

They favor me and have loads of fun during their banquet.

They don’t seem to be a particularly distinguished rebel army, but they have a lot of information on Nobunaga-sama.

They have so far told me many things about how Nobunaga-sama could be revived.

That’s why I prioritize serving at their banquet.

That’s right. If only you would tell me where Nobunaga-sama is, he can be revived!

Then, he would definitely become the ruler of this world.

Nobunaga-sama’s long-held dream will finally be realised.

This really is the best opportunity… just a little longer until his dream will be fulfilled!

Oh, I need to hurry. I’m sorry, but I need to go now.

Why don’t you take a leisurely tour around the bathhouse? Well, see you later!


Track 5


Hello! Thank you for always favoring me.

Please, have a drink.

And… regarding that

Do you have any new information?

Of course! If you will give me information, I will prepare anything you like.


Just wait a minute… do you really think we have so much treasure here?

There’s nobody that could have so much treasure.

Even King Enma won’t be able to prepare so much treasure.

Do you mean to tell me that you weren’t intending to tell me anything?




I see… I’ll ask you in case, but it’s not like you actually don’t know how to perform the reviving ritual, is it?

Why are you stammering?

If you insist on treasure, then show me evidence.

I won’t trust you unless you can show me evidence that the ritual can be performed.

So…? Speak clearly!

If you’re lying, I won’t stay silent.

So it is a lie! You deceived me!

Now that I’ve found out, you’re going to try and silence me?

You are seriously dirty in your ways…

So I was just being manipulated…

This is the worst…




You must have found it truly entertaining to see me happily believing you…

Seriously… what a joke…

What did you say? Say that again!

I’m the idiot for believing something impossible?

Is that what you want to say?!

What’s wrong with believing in his revival!

I… I…just wanted Nobunaga-sama to achieve his earnest wish!

I didn’t need anything else! Absolutely nothing else!

How could people like you ever understand how I feel?!




I won’t let such bastards take my life!

Give me that katana!

You… will learn the seriousness of what you’ve done.

Saying despicable lies… deceiving…trampling on my feelings…

You betrayed me, took all my dreams and hopes from me!

I won’t forgive you… I won’t forgive you,  ever!




I hope you’ve fully realised that… those who trick and deceive me… will die!

And to plot against Nobunaga-sama… is too outrageous to express in words.

You don’t even deserve to live.

Huh? You… can still move?

Those who do wrong to Nobunaga-sama should all die!

Ah! Who is it? If you get in my way, you’ll also…!




Oh… it’s you. Why are you here?

Get out of my way.

Do you want to be killed?

What do you understand?

Traitors should atone themselves with death!

I won’t forgive… I will kill anyone who insults Nobunaga-sama.

Let go of my hand.

Tsk! Then do as you like!

It’s over now. Nobunaga-sama, I will protect you, no matter what happens.


Track 6


Ah! I’m locked up. I suppose it means I need to stay in this bedquilt room until orders are given.

I’m not injured. Well, I might have some scratches…

You got pulled into this because you were with me. I’m sorry.

They favoured me? They didn’t favour me, they just used me to do whatever they wanted.

I told you a little bit about it too, right? About Nobunaga-sama’s revival.




They told me that there’s a special ritual to revive the soul, and I kept serving them because they promised me that they’d tell me how it’s performed.

That’s why they were being so pretentious and arrogant at San-no-yu and Momozono-no-ma.

Of course I didn’t feel good about it, but I allowed them because it was for Nobunaga-sama.

They said that if they knew where Nobunaga-sama was, they could perform the revival ritual.

But, once I was close to finding out, they started behaving strangely.

They told me to give them treasure beyond what could reasonably be prepared.

Then, I realised that something was wrong.




When I questioned them, I think they realised that they couldn’t hide the truth any longer.

They told me it was a lie, and then tried to silence me.

They all attacked me with their swords at once.

I guess you could call it self-defence, but it’ wasn’t really.

I wasn’t intending to protect myself at all.

I didn’t care about myself, I just couldn’t forgive them for looking down on Nobunaga-sama.

Moreover, they said that in order to revive Nobunaga-sama, they would need another person’s soul.

That’s why I was going to sacrifice my own soul for the ritual.




If the ritual were to be performed like they promised initially, I would probably disappear.

Demons don’t die, but I don’t know what happens when their soul is taken away from them.

If that person could be revived, I really don’t care about myself at all.

I’ve always felt this way, and my feelings haven’t changed.

But they said that I was the idiot for believing that a dead person could be revived!

Haha…maybe that’s true if you use common sense. But I… believed it.

I’m probably done for.

You say that it was for self defense, but I killed so many of them.

I’m sure I’ll be banished from the bathhouse too.




Well, I don’t care anymore.

I only took the job of caretaker because of King Enma’s directions.

I only worked as a caretaker and idol because I believed it was for Nobunaga-sama.

I was told, “Because you mislead the hearts of people, you are unfit to be in hell.

Instead, you must become the caretaker of San-no-yu and serve people for eternity.”

Haha, thinking about it now, maybe they knew that I was trying to revive Nobunaga-sama.

They would have no idea what I would do in hell in order to revive him, like what I did just then.

Anyway, I came to San-no-yu as ordered, and became the caretaker.

When I realised it, I was admired as an idol.

But I had no interest in becoming a caretaker or idol.




Yea, I worked hard because both jobs were useful for Nobunaga-sama’s revival.

I invited you here in order to revive Nobunaga-sama too.

I thought the daughter of King Enma would know where he is… so I thought I’d send you an invitation and humour you.

I… tried to use you.

I’m a horrible man, right?

What do you mean, you understand?

Yes… ‘important’ isn’t a sufficient word to express how dear Nobunaga-sama was to me.




I respected him. But… I may as well get banished from here quickly.

There’s no reason for me to be here anymore.

I don’t know how harsh my punishment will be, but if I need to part from this bathhouse, that’s fine with me.

Working here without a purpose would be impossible for me.

Well, of course I feel like just giving up. I caused such an incident, and I’ve receded a step further from reviving Nobunaga-sama.

I said it doesn’t matter! It would be troublesome to vindicate myself, and anyway, I can’t die.

It’s doubtful whether self-defence will work.

What’s that? Value myself?

That’s something I care about even less.




Those idealistic words won’t move me right now.

Hehe. You’re so kind. You’re kind and naive.

You’ve never lost something truly important to you, have you?

That’s why you can say such things so easily.

Everyone has something they treasure more than themselves.

You just haven’t realised it yet.

Once you realise it, you won’t be able to say such things.

Hey, you just happened to be here with me, so you can go home, you know?




After all, it’s me who caused all this trouble. It’s none of your business.

They’ll believe what King Enma’s daughter says, so just do as you like.

Unlike me, you have a father who adores you.

You should just hurry and go home and be spoiled.

I’m tired… I’ll sleep for a bit. At least we have plenty of bedquilts!

Good night!




Hey… could you perhaps… sleep with me?

I don’t know what it is… but my chest feels… empty.

Like I’ve been emptied out.

Even though it’s not cold, I feel like my body has frozen all over.

I don’t think I can sleep…so… please?

Thank you. Come here then. Next to me.




Ah… human warmth makes me feel so calm.

You can see how uncool I am, right?

There’ s no need to be polite. I know it myself.

I told you to hurry and go home, but I feel so relieved just by being with you.

Hey…? I’m not entirely sure, but I think I feel relieved because it’s you by my side.

Yea, I want you to be here.




Hey, can I ask you for a favour?

You might laugh at me for being childish.

Thank you.

Can you hug me tightly?

You’re so warm…

Hey, you saw what I did at Momozono-no-ma, right?

Aren’t you scared of me?

You should still be able to smell the blood now. Most people would hate it.




I see…! You’re not as lady-like as I thought.

Even back then, you came to me even when I was covered in blood.

Perhaps… not many things scare you?

Yea, that’s right. Because of you, I might be able to sleep peacefully.

Huh? Oh right, I’m hungry! I didn’t even notice.

Maybe this is the reason I couldn’t sleep.




Stop laughing! You can’t sleep when you’re too hungry, right?

That just now wasn’t me. Haha, you’re the same as me!

After all, we both missed breakfast…

Ah! The konpeito… ah, I don’t have any.

I guess I must have left it in the room because I was in a hurry to prepare for the banquet. If only I had them…

I guess we’ll just have to sleep and forget about our stomachs.

Come on, come closer.




Huh? Are you not coming? What’s wrong?

What is that paper package?

Ah! It’s konpeito!

I see, its the leftover konpeito from this morning.

Why? You eat it.

It’s fine! I gave them to you already, so they’re yours.

You’re hungry, right? Hurry and eat up!

Why do you want me to eat them?

Well… konpeito is always my source of energy…




You don’t need any for yourself?

What do you mean?

I never said I don’t care about myself…. ah…

Maybe I did say so.

I guess you’re right, I said that as long as that person is happy…

You’re not saying that it’s the same thing, are you?

You’re unbelievable! To say such a thing to me, a person you only just met.

You’re too kind…thank you.




Then… I have a request.

I keep depending on you… but could you feed me using your hands?

Haha, it’s delicious… it’s spreading through me.

I feel so much of your kindness spread through me as well.

Come closer to me, and let me hug you tight. Okay?

Thank you, I’m so happy.




You really spoil me… why?

Huh? I am being spoilt!

I keep making requests and you just smile and give me what I want.

Ah, regarding Nobunaga-sama, I’m sure King Enma’s family have their reasons…

Now I know you better.

You’re steadfast, kind… and… you accept all of me.

Because you’re like this, I keep depending on you… like this.




It’s the same? What do you mean?

You allow it because it’s me…?

Haha, that makes me feel so good.

If you say that, I’m going to get carried away you know?

Haha, if we weren’t in such a situation, I would do more naughty things to you… how unfortunate.

Haha. Okay, good night!


Track 7


Humph… this is annoying. I wonder how long they’re going to keep us in here.

I can’t see outside so I don’t know, but I think the night is about to pass.

I don’t care how serious my punishment is, but I wish they’d just hurry and decide!

Vindication, that’s all you talk about!

I told you, banishment or whatever, I don’t mind.

Anyway, I really don’t think they’d understand even if I explain myself.

You have so much confidence, but will King Enma really listen to our explanations?




Isn’t that because you’re his daughter?

He’s just biased towards you because you’re his family, right?

Wow, you’re really confident.

Fine! I’ll believe what you say.

What… oh, it’s food.

That means we still need to be here! Augh…

Oh well, we’re hungry so I suppose it’s good timing.




Two rice balls, pickles and hot water…

I’m a sinner so it’s different, but not only is this none of your business, you’re also the daughter of King Enma!

They should give you better food…

I guess so, maybe we should be glad they at least gave us food.

You can have the pickles.

No, you should have them.

You… gave me konpeito right?

I was really happy, so it’s my turn. Otherwise I won’t be satisfied.

I ask this as a favour, okay?




Hehe, I’m being sly, you say?

I don’t know why, but I just want to act childish to you.

Come on, eat. it.

Here, say aah.

How does it taste?

Maybe anything will taste good because you’re so hungry…

I’m glad.

I like your happy face, you look really nice.

Hehe, well, I’ll eat too! Thank you for this food.





What’s happening?


What is it? Can you breathe?

You’re sweating so much!

And your body is suddenly so cold…

And you’re really pale…!

Don’t tell me…

I knew it! They put poison on them… a neurotoxin.

Must be from a type of mushroom. Then…!

Hey, can you hear me?

Stay with me!

This is bad, she’s losing consciousness.

Wait, I’ll help you now.

It’s still stitched onto my collar, right?

I didn’t take it off or anything, right?




Found it, it’s this!

As long as we have this antidote…

First, dissolve it in hot water…

Hold on! I’m almost done, so please hang on!

Okay, this is fine.

I’m going to sit you up.

Here, it’s the antidote.

You’ll be okay once you drink this, so open your mouth.

Hey, get a hold of yourself!

If you don’t drink this, you’re going to…!




It’s not working…

Then I’ll have to…

If I’m going to kiss you, I want to do it properly… but…

She drank it!

The medicine should work right away…

Hey, can you hear me?

Open your eyes, please!

You only had a little bit of that poison… so why…?

Her cheeks are so cold… her temperature should be rising already!




No, I don’t want this!

Hey, wake up!

Please… please smile at me again, I beg you.

Ah! You’re awake!

I really… didn’t know what to do.

How do you feel? Do you feel sick?

Are you hurting anywhere?

Really? Show me your face.

The color is returning to your face.

Do your hands or feet feel numb?

Then you’re fine now…




They put poison on this, but you only took one bite, and you took the antidote immediately…

No, there’s no need to thank me.

I never thought the antidote I had for Nobunaga-sama would come in handy in hell.

At any rate… I wonder who did this…

Ah! I see… maybe…

I thought I had killed all of them at the banquet, but to be honest I don’t really remember.

Maybe at least one of them escaped…

Or there is a possibility that someone at San-no-yu is assisting them.




We are a nuisance to them because we know the truth, but all they need to do is silence us.

Demons can’t die, but a neurotoxin could make us numb.

They can also take us far away so that we can never come back here.

Then… they would just make up a story that I went mad and started killing indiscriminately at the banquet.

As long as we don’t speak the truth, the rebel troop will only be seen as pitiful victims.

They won’t be the guilty party.

See? If we think this way, everything makes sense.

You were targeted because you just happened to know everything.




I’ve put you in a terrible situation, I’m really sorry.

No, no matter how much I apologise, I shouldn’t be forgiven.

What? What do you mean you’re glad it was you?

What are you saying?

Nobody would be happy after being poisoned!

Normally, people won’t be able to do anything about it, okay?

It’s rare for people to have antidotes with them.

I only had it for Nobunaga-sama, since he was always at the risk of being assassinated.

This is before we died, but I was taught many ways to protect his life.

That’s why I always brought the antidote with me, no matter what happened.

Because I always want to save the one who is important to me.




It’s nothing, I’m just saying ‘being prepared is preventing’, or whatever that idiom was.

Anyway, we should rest now. Okay?

Come on, go into the quilt.

If you sleep even for a short time, you should feel a bit better.

Mm… a little closer…come into my arms.

I’m glad, your body’s getting warmer.

Hey, don’t ever say what you said back then again, even as a joke.

All the more if you’re serious.

You said that you were glad that it was you who got poisoned.

Do you have any idea how worried I was?

If you did, you wouldn’t be able to say such things.




I haven’t been that worried since I was with Nobunaga-sama.

Well… if you’re concerned for me, then please rest your body.

Hehe. I know I’m causing you trouble, but you’re quite troublesome yourself.

But… I like that about you.

Good night, troublesome princess.



Track 8


Ah, sorry. I woke you up.

How are you feeling?

Really? Show me.

You don’t look pale anymore, and your pulse is fine.

Hey… I want to talk to you about something.

Like I said before, you should go back to the castle as quickly as possible.

There’s no mistake that your life is in danger because of me.

I can’t let you be in such a dangerous situation anymore.

Just now, I was looking around this room to find a way out.

I was trying to look around without making noise, but I couldn’t remove the lock at the entrance no matter how I tried.




Even if you manage to get out, there are probably guards outside who will spot you immediately.

That’s why I will find another way out, no matter what it takes.

And I’ll help you escape safely from here.

I want you to let me make it up to you for involving you.

Yeah, I’m staying here.

There’s no need for you to be involved in this anymore.

Moreover, I will be punished for escaping if I leave this bathhouse.

It’ll be even more troublesome if I go with you and they accuse you of helping me escape.

I don’t want to keep involving you in my troubles.

Well, I’ll look around the room a bit more.




Augh, these bedquilts are heavy!

And just how many are there?!

I can’t believe it!

What are you saying?

Not only are you a girl, you were sick a while ago.

I can’t let you lift such heavy things.

Anyway, you should have realised at the welcome banquet that I’m stronger than I look.

You know, when I pulled you up onto the stage, I actually thought you were unexpectedly heavy!

Hehehe. I like how you laughed before I said that I was joking!

I was a little worried that I would make you angry! Hahaha.




Hehe, it’s really great.

When you smile, I feel so peaceful.

Well, anyway, you just stay where you are and rest!

Okay, let’s examine the floor here too…

Huh? This floor board sounds different. Under this…

I knew it!

The floorboards move only here! It must be a hidden door…

Like this….

It opened! Wow, hey, come over here!




Look, it’s a secret passage, and it’s quite deep.

It probably leads outside.

Come to think of it, I remember hearing about a person who escaped from this bathhouse.

They don’t know how he did it, but he successfully escaped.

That rumor quickly stopped, so I thought it was made up. He must have used this.

It’s possible… but it’s so deep… and dark!

Without any light, I can’t see ahead at all!

I guess it would be too difficult alone.




I’ve decided. I’ll go with you after all.

I’m saying that I’ll stay with you so we can go to the castle together.

Yea, I can’t imagine how harsh my punishment will be for killing the troop and escaping, but I thought we could just explain what happened to King Enma.

Of course there will be punishment, but I should explain myself clearly, and then accept whatever judgement he makes.

That’s what you were saying right?

So if you’re accused of helping me escape, you just need to explain yourself properly.

Haha, did you realise?

I kept thinking about what you said earlier, and changed my mind.




When I realised that I was being tricked all along,

I was shocked and wanted to give up.

But you told me repeatedly to vindicate myself, that King Enma will understand.

Actually… I was just scared of talking to someone seriously.

There was a time when I asked around for information because I wanted to achieve my dream of reviving Nobunaga-sama no matter what.

Because it was such an absurd thing to believe in, even though I was serious, everyone would either laugh or be disgusted at me.

At worst, they would be really shocked at me.

Of course, I was hurt. I thought that nobody would understand me.




But that’s when the troop came and listened to me carefully, and even told me that they’d tell me about the ritual.

I was so happy when I thought that someone understood me, even though they only approached me for their self-interest.

That’s why I felt so depressed when I was betrayed this time.

Hehe, don’t make such a face. Thanks to you, I was able to change the way I think.




That’s right. Even though I approached you to take advantage of you, you still listened to me.

You even told me that you understood how I felt.

Moreover, you were put in such a terrible situation and was poisoned because of me…and yet you didn’t blame me.

You were just concerned for me.

That’s why I need to respond to your kindness.

No, I want to respond to your kindness.

I don’t want to lose you.

I don’t want to lose something important to me again.

When you were poisoned and became colder and your breathing became more rapid, I was really scared.

I don’t want to feel that way again.




If you’re alone, there’s a limit to how much you can protect yourself.

You won’t even know who are your friends and foes in this bathhouse.

But King Enma can definitely be trusted, so I’ll take you to the castle no matter what.

I’ll show you that I can protect you.

I’m happy… that you’re accepting my request. Thank you.

Well, let’s hurry and get ready!

Some light… and we also need to get a horse somewhere.

What’s wrong? Are you scared of escaping?

Don’t worry, trust me.




Haha, you already decided to trust me since a while back?

That’s such a sly thing to say… such a killer romantic line.

Let me hug you… just for a while.

Let me savor your warmth…

You really are amazing…

And more than anything else, your smile is unbeatable!



Track 9 


Hey, how long until we reach the castle?

Got it. With less than 2.5 miles to go, we’ll be there in no time.

Let’s hurry! We must get to the castle!

Ah! Is someone pursuing us?

They’ve finally caught up.

There are more of them than I expected.

I guess this means they want to kill us using any means, but we’ve been quite lucky.

It’s a miracle we managed to escape this far.

It was obvious they’d catch us up with two of us on this horse.


There, there, there…




I wanted to take you all the way to the castle, but I guess it’s not possible now.

You can go to the castle by yourself from here, yes?

Go to the castle while I stop these guys.

There’s no need to worry!

You should know that I’m strong by now.

It’ll definitely be alright.

If you trust me, then go! Hurry!

Well then… huh?

Oh, right. There’s no more konpeito.




Ah well… I’m okay now.

Right, Nobunaga-sama?

You were a really strong person.

You were a strong, kind, and amazing person.

I was always happy to fight for you.

There’s nobody else like you.




That’s what I thought… but… Nobunaga-sama…

You won’t criticize me for pursuing another goal, right?

I… want to move towards a new direction now.

Until now, I’ve got so much power from your konpeito, which was full of my memories with you.

But from now on, her smile is the source of my energy. And that’s why…

I’m the one you want, right?

I won’t escape or hide.

I don’t care how many of you attack me!

I will definitely win, and this time, I will protect her!


Track 10


Ah, as expected of San-no-ya’s gantetsusen.

It feels great to soak in it every time!

Huh? You’re back early!

Sorry, sorry.

Thank you for bringing the cleaning equipment.

I just… thought you would take more time.

No! It’s not like I’m skipping work!

I’m just checking the water temperature.

I mean, the water feels so good!

Hey, why don’t you join me?

Hahaha! Now you’re equally guilty!




Here… the water feels great right?

All the more if I’m in here with you.

Speaking of which…

I never thought I could work at San-no-yu again… and the two of us together at that!

At that time, I somehow managed to defeat our pursuers and reached the castle…

As you said, King Enma listened to our explanation. I was so happy.

The worst scenario I had in mind was me getting the worst punishment.

San-no-yu closing down…and I had no idea what punishment you would get, but…




He just told me to work hard, then told you to become a caretaker of San-no-yu with me!

Haha, of course I’m grateful to him, but isn’t he a little too soft on you?


Ah, yes. King Enma can see through lies.

That’s why I told him everything I knew without lying.

Ah, right. If you explain yourself sincerely, he understands.

The feelings I had towards Nobunaga-sama’s revival was sincere too, of course.




Yea, for now, I’ve sealed away my thoughts of reviving Nobunaga-sama.

I’ve decided to walk down a new path, after all.

Of course I still want him to be revived, and I will do my best to make it happen when the time comes.

But for that, I think I need to learn more.

I also need to find out whether his revival itself is possible.

Moreover, I don’t want to go through that again.

I think that was a punishment for me because I kept believing blindly in what people said.

Being pampered as an idol, some part of me thought that someone would always do everything for me if I left it up to them.




It’s going to be different from this point forward.

I’ve found what I want to do and I will do my best from now on.

I’ve also found my new lord too.

What do you mean, who?

Of course… it’s you!

Huh? Why are you so surprised?

You don’t want to be my lord?

Haha, you’re more suited to be a lord than you think.

You’re King Enma’s daughter and a princess.

Moreover, you’re the person I want to protect.

I used to think that I wasn’t allowed to be happy until Nobunaga-sama revives.

He died regretfully without fulfilling his aspirations and I couldn’t protect him.




I just couldn’t get away from that feeling of regret.

But…when I’m with you, I’m really happy.

I kept thinking that I wasn’t supposed to have these warm feelings, but I can’t help feeling happy.

That’s why I asked Nobunaga-sama in my heart, “Am I allowed to be happy?”

And then, he was smiling… like the sun!

Yes. That’s why I’ve decided… I’m going to be happy with you.

Hey! Don’t run away.

If I hug you like this, you won’t be able to escape.

I won’t let you escape…

You are so precious to me.

You’ll be my lord, right?

Haha! You said okay! Thank you.

Can I… assume that you said yes because you like me?

I’m so glad. I feel the same way.

Then, can I … do it again?

I want to kiss you over and over again.

I want to always be with you.

How about you…? Do you want to be with me?

That’s great!

Then, as a sign of our love for each other, let’s kiss one more time…

Hey… did you know? When I hug you, you look so happy.

Hehe, it’s probably the same for me too.

Now and forever, I want to feel this happiness with you.

That’s okay, right?

My precious lord…




FREE TALK with Ryohei Kimura


Hello, everyone!

I’m Ryohei Kimura, acting as Ranmaru of Jigoku Onsen Gensenkake Nagashi.

Thank you for listening!

We just finished our recording for the two CDs.

Ah, I’m so tired!

So many things happened in the past few hours.

It was hard work!

My life was in danger not only once, but two times!

Seriously, I’m really fatigued!

It was really interesting.

How was Ranmaru-kun?

He’s quite a cute guy, isn’t he?

At first, you’d think he’s a bit of a playboy, but at the end he was a child wanting to be pampered.

Hahaha. At any rate, as expected of King Enma’s daughter, the heroine’s got a lot of guts.

The two of them are really strong.




Makes me want to go to hot springs and stay at ryokan hotels.

Hm? As the story was based on a hot spring, could you tell us something that you recently did, in relation to hot springs?

What… hot springs?

Ah, this is a while back, but I went with my friends to a nearby hot spring.

I didn’t initially like big bathing rooms, because I didn’t see the point of taking a bath with people I don’t know.

But the hot spring had many types of water, so we went here and there, and even outside!

I found it rather fun.

Recently I’ve even started to think that hot springs aren’t that bad!




How about you?

Do you like hot springs?

What else…?

You acted as Ranmaru-kun, who’s source of energy was konpeito.

Yes, it’s delicious!

What is the source of energy for you?

… Hmmm, are you talking about alcohol?

And if you could talk about an instance in your life related to that…?

An instance…

Hmm… I have plenty.

Alcohol is good, right?

I’ve always liked whisky.

When you have food, there’s a certain drink that goes well with it, right?

When I’m outside, I drink all kinds of alcoholic drinks, but I don’t actually drink that much when I’m at home.

I’m talking about drinks aside from whisky here…

But I would have a can of beer and then a little whisky after my meal.

These days, I’ve started to drink wine at home.

I buy ones I like, and then drink them at home.




There have been some changes recently…

I hope our products like these CDs are a source of energy for you, too.

It’s been a very long ride, so thank you for being with us.

If you like the San-no-yu bathhouse, please visit the other jigoku onsens too!

Let’s meet again.